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  • WISP-Router, Inc "Your Full Time Professionals" WISP-Router, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that strives to bring you the most cost-effective wireless solutions for your wireless networking needs. At WISP-Router, Inc we pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer. — “WISP-Router, Inc Your One Stop Wireless Shop: News”, wisp-
  • Research, compare, and shop for Router. Save on Router and more at — “Find Router at”,
  • With networks, everything starts with the router. If you want smooth streaming video and flawless VoIP calls, you may need to tweak your router. Here's how to do it, and what to replace if older equipment isn't up to the task. — “How to Optimize Your Router for VoIP and Video - PCWorld”,
  • Picking a router is not always easy but as we have more and more technology in our homes it is something worth knowing. — “How to Pick the Right Router - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • router n. One that routs, especially a machine tool that mills out the surface of metal or wood. router n. — “router: Definition from ”,
  • Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced the results of the latest Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) testing, marking the first-ever software upgrade of an Internet Protocol (IP) router aboard a commercial satellite while in orbit. In addition, Cisco. — “Cisco's Space Router to Transform Satellite Communications”,
  • This article is intended for intermediate and advanced users who would like to set up an Ubuntu installation acting as a router at home or in their office. The end result is a powerful router that can provide functionality similar to popular products (for example, the Linksys WRT54G). 1.2. — “Router - Community Ubuntu Documentation”,
  • Find Belkin N+ Modem Router for BT in Computing, Networking , Wireless Networking , Wireless Routers category on . — “Belkin N+ Modem Router for BT on eBay (end time 08-Dec-10 23”,
  • If you want to grace a large area with wireless coverage and you're concerned about range, Belkin's new MIMO-enabled router is a good alternative to a router/re. — “Belkin Wireless Pre-N Review - Routers - CNET Reviews”,
  • Learn Set Up a Cable/DSL Router With Wireless from Online Computer Tips. Free Computer Help and more. — “Setting Up a Cable/DSL Router With Wireless - Networking”,
  • D-Link - Wireless-N 150 Router with 4-Port Ethernet Switch Linksys - Wireless-G Broadband Router with 4-Port Ethernet Switch. Model: WRT54GL | SKU: 9602713. From our expanded online assortment; allows you to. — “wireless router - BestBuy”,
  • Router - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Router”,
  • - Your One Stop Router Store. — “ Your One Stop Router Store”,
  • The 3rd in the line of Sonic Router podcasts for went live yesterday Standing as the only outfit to ever submit two seperate versions of a Sonic Router mix, the Doncaster affiliated trio Mista Men, have been lighting up radio playlists with their own take on UK club music of late. — “Sonic Router”,
  • Compare prices and deals on router Broadband Routers among retailers, read user and expert reviews and use our easy price comparison to help you find the best deal online at PriceRunner. — “Compare router Broadband Routers Prices - PriceRunner United”,
  • Specialises in networking components; includes component features and information. — “Linksys (SEA) Pte Ltd”, .sg
  • Shop for router at Target. Find products like wireless router, modem and more. Choose from D-Link Wireless N 150 Home Router - Black (DIR-601), Cisco - Linksys Wireless-N Home Router - Black (WRT120N) and other products. — “router : Target Search Results”,
  • HP Router takes the URLs of the core of Joomla! and removes the IDs from the non-menu parts. You can now create URLs without disturbing numbers in them and it even helps with duplicate content in some special cases. It implements some. — “HP Router - Joomla! Extensions Directory”,
  • Optimize Your Router for VoIP and Video ( Telecommunication Networking ) We're at an awkward stage as the age of network-streamed multimedia matures. Broadband and cell providers have only recently realized the public's enormous appetite for. — “Optimize Your Router for VoIP and Video ( - Telecommunication”,
  • Definition, overview, and major manufacturers of routers. A router is an electronic device that intercepts signals on a computer network. — “Router - Wikipedia”,
  • A community about n router. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with n router experts. — “: n router”,
  • RouterPassView Recovers Lost Router Passwords. Windows only: RouterPassView is a freeware application that taps into a router's configuration file, allowing you to recover important data like router login information, wireless network keys, and. — “router - Lifehacker”,

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  • Switches, and Routers, and Hubs! Oh my! In this short video, Keith Barker walks you through the difference between hubs, switches and routers.
  • How To Hook Up a Wireless Router Please "Like" this video if you found it useful. This video was actually just for my family and it has since caught on. The title was sort of an inside joke directed at specific people and is not meant to be taken seriously. The Video's intent is to show you the basics of how to hookup your wireless router to your cable modem. we also additionally show you how to hardwire a desktop connection as well as a printer to be used wirelessly. Use as much or as little information as you need. thanks. If you have any other ideas for help videos please make suggestions.
  • Home-made router lift Finishing up my router table. I built a router lift from a plan in Shop Notes magazine, issue 121.
  • Router Joinery Basics: Dado Dadoes are one of the simplest forms of router joinery, and they create sturdy connections for casework construction. Bill Hylton demonstrates several methods for routing dadoes, including using an adjustable shop-made jig that provides foolproof results. Learn more about Dado joinery on a router at This is the first supporting video in a series of Skill Builder articles found in Woodworker's Journal magazine. Learn more about Woodworker's Journal at their website:
  • Router Bits Steve talks about three different types of router bits.
  • linksys wireless router wrt110 setup part 2 This video shows how to set up a Linksys wireless router. I'm using a model wrt110, but all Linksys routers are amazingly similar. Even if you don't have a Linksys router, you may learn enough to configure your own wireless router. I show the many options that Linksys routers can do such as NAT, DHCP, Port forwarding, DMZ, MAC filtration, etc. Mostly, I show you how to set it up and secure it. I ahow how to setup with with DSL and Cable. Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • Shop Made Router Table Simple shop made router table. Stuff I forgot to address in the video: -No power switch yet, so I still have to reach under the table for that -No miter slot. I made one two router tables ago and found it just collects shavings. I can make a coping sled that does not rely on a slot if need be -The tall fence is primarily to allow room for clamping feather boards, but the occasional vertical board will benefit too. -The fence is unfinished, but I'll get to it. -The color difference in the 1/4" and 3/4" is not due to the finish, they are just different colors.
  • 130 - Halloween Router Bowl When most of us think of a wooden bowl, we think of the lathe. But you can also make bowls using the router! All you need is a template for the desired shape and a pattern bit to remove the stock. And fortunately Eagle America has holiday-themed kits for making some incredibly cool bowls. These make great gifts and they are super easy to make. The video shows you not only how to make a router bowl, but also how to deal with really wide stock. You've heard me discuss my "hybrid" approach to woodworking (using both and and power tools)? Well this is an excellent example. Frequently, when I have stock that is too wide for my jointer, I use a hand plane to mostly-flatten one side. Once the piece sits stable on a flat surface, I can let my power planer do the rest of the work. Its a great technique and doesn't require excessive time and effort with the hand tools. Buying products through these links will help support the show Bowl Tempates - Contoured Sanding Pads - Glue Roller - For even more great woodworking education and entertainment, check out
  • The Day The Routers Died... The Day The Routers Died... a song performed by the secret-wg in the closing plenary of the RIPE 55 conference a long long time ago i can still remember when my laptop could connect elsewhere and i tell you all there was a day the network card i threw away had a purpose - and worked for you and me.... But 18 years completely wasted with each address we've aggregated the tables overflowing the traffic just stopped flowing.... And now we're bearing all the scars and all my traceroutes showing stars... the packets would travel faster in cars... the day....the routers died Chorus (ALL!!!!!) So bye bye, folks at RIPE 55 Be persuaded to upgrade it or your network will die IPv6 just makes me let out a sigh But I spose we'd better give it a try I suppose we'd better give it a try Now did you write an RFC That dictated how we all should be Did we listen like we should that day Now were you back at RIPE fifty-four Where we heard the same things months before And the people knew they'd have to change their ways.... And we - knew that all the ISPs Could be - future proof for centuries But that was then not now Spent too much time playing WoW ooh there was time we sat on IRC Making jokes on how this day would be Now there's no more use for TCP The day the routers died... Chorus (chime in now) So bye bye, folks at RIPE 55 Be persuaded to upgrade it or your network will die IPv6 just makes me let out a sigh But I spose we'd better give it a try I suppose we'd better give it a try I ...
  • What's a Router & What's a Modem Explained in Plain English This lesson answers the questions what is a router and what is a broadband modem in Plain English, while also showing you the steps to hook your router up to your cable or DSL modem so you can get your desktop or laptop computer on the Internet.
  • Flush Trim Routing from Award winning home improvement expert Steve Maxwell gives tips and demonstrations on successful flush trim routing, focusing in on three particular router bits. More information available at
  • Hak5 - Stolen Laptop Recovery and Homebrew Router Part 2 This week Darren is joined in San Francisco by his wonderful co-host Shannon! I know, right? We're talking about open source software that will save the day if your laptop is ever stolen, following up on your password tips, and finishing up the homebrew router build with Untangle!
  • Building a Tablesaw Stand with Router Extention To see the stand in more detail see this link: This time I build a very simple, quite crude, mobile tablesaw stand for the new extention I have build. To the new extention I intergrated my router table to save space in the workshop. The design allows for a set of very crude draws for storage and bellow the saw itself a bucket to collect any falling dust from the saw adding to the stands dust collection. The tablesaw dust collection will later have a dust hood connected to a dust extraction system but for now it is much simpler. thiswoodwork alex harris woodworking woodworker woodwork how to projects project ***woodworker
  • Position-Correcting Router This video accompanies the SIGGRAPH 2012 paper Position-Correcting Tools for 2D Digital Fabrication, by Alec Rivers, Ilan E. Moyer and Fredo Durand. The paper is available here: That site also includes a mailing list where you can sign up to stay informed about a forthcoming commercial version of the position-correcting router. If you are unable to view the video due to the audio track being protected, there is a version without audio here:
  • Apple Airport Extreme Wired/Wireless Router (Review) The Airport Extreme features simultaneous dual bands in the 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum. Also features tight integration with MobileMe. This is also a follow up to my Linksys WRT610n review. MSRP $179
  • Linksys New AC Router Products - EPIC Surprise at the End - Linus Tech Tips CES 2013 Linksys has a refreshed line up of wireless AC products. all of them have at least Wireless N 300, gigabit ethernet, and a three antenna design for Wireless AC on the 5GHz band. Day 5 - video 8
  • Understanding SOHO Routers Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: July 13, 2010 Length of Class: 52 Minutes Tracks Networking Prerequisites Introduction to Networking Purpose of Class This class discusses the uses and functionality of SOHO routers. Topics Covered Types of Routers External IP Addresses DHCP Server Port Forwarding Firewalls Port Triggering Examples of Multiple Router Configurations Class Notes SOHO Routers are better than residential routers, and easier to use then Enterprise routers Always buy a static IP address if servers on the LAN will provide services to the Internet DHCP is provided by most SOHO routers. Create a DHCP scope that does not include the static IP addresses used by other servers on the network. The DHCP server on a SOHO router can trigger other DHCP servers to turn off Port Forwarding allows you to forward specific types on Internet traffic to specific servers on the LAN Firewalls block ports which can prevent hacking, but can also cause problems for legitimate users
  • Tekzilla - Vacuum Your Router, Fix iTunes, Plex Nine DIY Media Center, Drobo FS, Anonymous Browsing Mailinator Stops Spam. Drobo FS: perfect home server or overpriced NAS substitute? Fix iTunes, Speed Up Your WiFI, Hard Drive vs. .308, Plex/Nine: The prettiest DIY Media Player evah!
  • Which Wireless Router to Buy? Product Info: Which Wireless Router to Buy? - a great guide to choosing the best type of wireless router for your home.
  • Shop Made Router Lift and Table Shop Built Router Lift and Table.
  • Configure Routing for Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 R2 can operate as a fully functional router. If you are planning to use Window Server 2008 R2 as a VPN server understanding the routing component will help you set up your server. Otherwise windows server 2008 can work as a router saving you the cost of having to purchase a router for your network.
  • How to use a router How to use a wood router
  • Woodworking - Router Table Basic Instructions Many woodworking projects can be created with nothing more than a router and router table. See how to correctly and safely use a router and turn out woodworking project of your own.
  • Router Joinery Basics: Loose Tenons The mortise-and-tenon joint is the true workhorse of solid wood woodworking. Loose or floating tenons are a remarkably useful variation on the traditional mortise-and-tenon. Learn more about the mortising block and the techniques used in this video at: This is the first supporting video in a series of Skill Builder articles found in Woodworker's Journal magazine. Learn more about Woodworker's Journal at their website:
  • Dovetail Joinery with a Router Accent your woodworking with a "French" dovetail: a sliding dovetail joint that's made completely on the router table, with essentially one setup. Bill Hylton takes you step-by-step through the cuts for a drawer assembly. Learn more about dovetail joinery with a router at This is the first supporting video in a series of Skill Builder articles found in Woodworker's Journal magazine. Learn more about Woodworker's Journal at their website:
  • Configure Inter-VLAN Routing on Cisco Routers and Switches In this video, Keith Barker covers a inter-vlan routing including configuring a network with access ports, trunk ports, routing protocols. To see all the videos in this playlist, you can go here
  • Woodworking - Making Shaker Doors Using a Router Table Making Shaker doors for cabinets and furniture is easy, fun and cost effective. Learn the simple steps of creating doors using commonly available wood, a router and router table, and the right bits.
  • Dovetail Routing A cracking little five min epic to help you with your practical work.
  • Woodworking - Pattern or Template Making with the Router Making duplicate parts or components is easy when you can make templates cut them out using a router fitted with a flush trim bit and router table.
  • D-Link DIR-865L Wireless 802.11AC Router Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips If you're looking for faster wireless, the AC standard is for you! CA: US:
  • Hak5 - Building a high performance home router Make your home network scream with a high performance router and firewall. Darren builds a custom network appliance using cheap parts, free and open source software and more power tools than he's typically allowed to touch. Plus, need an online backup solution? Fancy 50 gigs in the cloud for free? Shannon's got the hookup.
  • Asus RT-N56U Wireless Gaming Router Firmware Step by step on how to connect your router to the internet. Overview of the features of the firmware. Here is the link for the HardWare Review.
  • OSPF Router Protocol Movie This is our first attempt to make an educational movie about OSPF Router Protocol. We made this movie for our subject, Computer Communication & Networks at Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan Facebook Profile
  • 115 - Router-Based Inlay Inlay is a great way to adorn your woodworking projects. Even the simplest item can become incredibly compelling if it features a well-executed inlay. With the right materials and techniques, its just like painting with wood. Only non-artistic folks like myself can actually do it! For links to the tools and router bits you'll need for this project, check out our website:
  • Hexapod Robot CNC Router - Cutting 3D face This video demonstrates the hexapod router cutting a 3D face in high density foam. The video has been sped up in places to alleviate boredom :) More information can be found here:
  • DEFCON 18: How to Hack Millions of Routers 1/3 Speaker: Craig Heffner This talk will demonstrate how many consumer routers can be exploited via DNS rebinding to gain interactive access to the router's internal-facing administrative interface. Unlike other DNS rebinding techniques, this attack does not require prior knowledge of the target router or the router's configuration settings such as make, model, internal IP address, host name, etc, and does not rely on any anti-DNS pinning techniques, thus circumventing existing DNS rebinding protections. A tool release will accompany the presentation that completely automates the described attack and allows an external attacker to browse the Web-based interface of a victim's router in real time, just as if the attacker were sitting on the victim's LAN. This can be used to exploit vulnerabilities in the router, or to simply log in with the router's default credentials. A live demonstration will show how to pop a remote root shell on Verizon FIOS routers (ActionTec MI424-WR). Confirmed affected routers include models manufactured by Linksys, Belkin, ActionTec, Thompson, Asus and Dell, as well as those running third-party firmware such as OpenWRT, DD-WRT and PFSense. For presentations, whitepapers or audio version of the Defcon 18 presentations visit:
  • Deluxe Router Table..Improved This video shows what I feel are design improvements to the Deluxe Router table featured on the New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram. These design improvements are more practical for the normal woodworker in regards to cost and function. Enjoy. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe if you like what you see. Music by Kevin McLeod Copyright Starkey Woodwrights
  • Homebuilt Router Copier Lathe See this and more projects at Quick video showing my latest creation, a homebuilt router lathe or copier lathe. I combine a router with a woodturning lathe so I can use a template to reproduce copies of turnings time and time again. Also durning the video I show the making of a small bud vase using the setup as well as a great colourful dyed finish staining the wood a bright green. alex harris thiswoodwork ***woodworker how to build built woodworking woodwork project projects homemade wooden
  • Hacking - How to hack a WPA/WPA2 Router - For Beginners This is a very detailed video that explains how to hack a WPA/WPA2 encrypted wifi router. I am using a dictionary attack for this video. I am using Backtrack 5 however if you are still using backtrack 4, the commands will still work. Using a wordlist, dictionary, or password list does not guarantee that you will be able to successfully hack a WPA/WPA2. If the password is not in your "List" then its not going to work. This video is for beginners and for people who really want to understand how this works.
  • Flattening Workbenches and Wide Boards With A Router The traditional method for flattening a workbench is to use hand planes and winding sticks. While some folks truly relish this labor of love, others prefer to delegate this grunt work to power tools. The power tool method is very similar to the action of a CNC machine. A router is placed inside a sled that rides along two parallel rails that are attached to the sides of the bench. The router sled is very easy to make from scrap 3/4″ plywood. The rails can be made from 2×6 construction-grade lumber. Cheap and simple! The only tricky part of this process, if there is one, is making sure the two guide rails are not only parallel to one another but also roughly parallel with the top. Fortunately, there is a very cool trick you can employ using string or thin cable. Once the rails are in place, the router is dropped into the sled and the bit is plunged down. Ideally, you want to set the bit at the lowest part of the bench. One way to do this is to plunge the bit until it just touches the bench. Move the sled and router to various parts of the bench (with the power off) to see if the bit catches or slides freely. If it slides freely at any given point, you have just found a location that is lower than the original spot. Reset the router plunge depth at this new setting and continue to scan the bench. Once you have the bit set at the lowest point, bring the sled back to the end of the bench and start the routing process. Anything higher than that low ...

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  • “Hello, I have a linksys cisco router and it's driving me nuts..I'm not very computer literate so yeah. I have connected everything properly according to the installation CD and once I get to the last step, it says error 321: ethernet cable”
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  • “Forum discussion: ::: Please Add OpenSource Router Firmware. Following is why we need that! May I suggest add a Sub Forum "e;OpenSource Router"e; for Routers that can use DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT etc. I think it's a good idea to”
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  • “Magnate 2425 Shallow Flute Router Bits – 3/4′′ Flute Height; 1/4 Welcome to Router Bits Review Blog!! Magnate 6031 Multi-Beading Router Bits – 1/8”
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  • “router- is one of the top 100,000 sites in the world and is in the Router und Routing category”
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  • “Colorado Plastic Products is a full-service distributor of plastic sheet, rod, and tube. We sell to wholesale and retail customers, and we offer our materials cut-to-size. We are also a fabricator of plastic for all industries and market”
    Router | BLOG,

  • “Routing without a lift is a hassle. You'll find yourself using that router more if you have a lift! and you'll find that you have a lift at a great price if you build one yourself ;) We searched up and down the halls of the internet to bring”
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