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  • Rotonics - Rotationally Molded Refuse Carts. Solid Waste/Recycling Consultants. Construction And Other Solid Waste/Recycling Phone: 800-700-5245. . KRW Consulting, Inc. Environmental Engineering & Land Surveying Services. — “Colorado SWANA - Advertising”,
  • New products in bridal equipment market offer style and function While wood wows at B & C Mortensen, Brownwood, Texas-based Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. specializes in creating bridal equipment made from durable polyethylene, including chuppahs, balustrades and floral urns. — “New products in bridal equipment market offer style and function”,
  • Company Profile on Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. located in Gardena CA | Mfr of Plastic Products Utilizing Rotational Molding Process for Industrial, Agricultural, Refuse & Recreational Applications, Commercial, Retail, Healthcare, Marine, Medical. — “Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. | Gardena CA | company, profile”,
  • Like ROTONICS Bulkitank Bulk Container , ROTONICS Versa-Bin Containers , ROTONICS Automatic Mobile Waste Containers , ROTONICS Universal Mobile Waste Containers , ROTONICS 4-Wheel Mobile Waste Carts , ROTONICS Mobile. — “Rotonics”,
  • Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. has been a custom rotomolder for 35 years. Integrated Quality Control Technicians – Rotonics has a formal quality assurance program using gauges,. — “Rotonics Manufacturing, Inc. | Rotomolding Manufacturers”,
  • Rotonics Technologies Private Limited , a Private Limited Company has started in 2007 at Rotonics was founded by Mr.Khadar Khan in 2007, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, covers. — “Advertisements Bharat”,
  • serves four principal business segments: Aerospace, Industrial, Commercial Applications By having manufacturing operations in Mexico, Rotronics, Inc. presents an affordable. — “ * STATOR, WINDING, TOROID, ROTOR, MOLDED”,
  • Commitment to quality and service. - Welcome to Rotonics Molding, located in Bensenville, IL. Our mission is to become your #1 provider for all your. — “Rotonics Manufacturing Inc.'IL | Bensenville, IL | ™”,
  • Rotonics Bulk Containers are offered with a smooth bottom (with attachable legs) or with Rotonics Bulk Containers are ideal for the food processing, agricultural, metal fabrication, automotive, pharmaceutical and. — “Stratis Plastic Pallets”,
  • 175 Gallon Rotonics Vertical Bulk Storage Tank (1.9 s.g.) Chem-Tainer 200 Gallon Vertical Water Tank. 200 Rotonics 310 Gallon Green Vertical Water Tank. 310 Gallon Snyder Vertical Water Storage. — “Rain Tank Depot - Site Map”,
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  • Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. is the only company in the United States to offer a complete Rotonics is one of the largest rotational molding companies in the United States. — “Roto Industries Inc. - Solutions For Solid Waste & Recycling”,
  • "Systematica has been a very good partner to Rotonics as we implement Microsoft Dynamics GP. Rotonics Manufacturing "Tricia has been very helpful. She will always find time to walk you thru the steps or explain the process. It's great too when you call her, you get her versus voicemail and when it's. — “Systematica | Partners in Technology”,
  • Directory for Rotonics Manufacturing Inc., USA plastics manufacturer molding a diverse selection of plastic products; tanks, – refuse – medical waste containers, buoys, pipe floats, livestock & agriculture, 4 divisions nationwide. — “Rotocast International, Inc”,
  • Refuse containers and liquid storage tanks. Tanks/Chemical Storage, Tanks/Wastewater, Water Recycling/Reuse. — “Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. (RMI) Profile on Environmental Expert”, environmental-
  • ISO certified Rotonics Technologies providing affordable Website Designing, Web Development, SEO, Software Application development and other expert IT outsourcing services. — “Web Designing | Web Development | SEO | Software Development”,
  • Rotonics is more than merely a molder. We engineer each container design, often in In fact, Rotonics designed most of its plastic drums, tanks, totes,. — “Rotonics Containers”,
  • Rotonics Manufacturing - RMI Pickup Truck Water Tanks - Pick Up Truck American Tank Company's poly tanks are UV stabilized and will not breakdown under harsh outdoor weather conditions. — “Rotonics Manufacturing - RMI Pickup Truck Water Tanks - Pick”,
  • Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. Contact Information Rotonics Manufacturing Inc. 6770 Brighton Blvd. Commerce City, CO 80022 CO Tel Rotonics researches, designs, engineers, and makes plastic products using a molding technique (rotomolding) in which heated plastic resin is. — “RMI: Information from ”,

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  • Condor Wayne Curbtender MC7280 Covering the Alleys Here we have MC7280, a truck thats fairly fast but cant pack even if its life depended on it. Also there is something really odd about this truck too.
  • Tank Depot- World Leader in Plastic Tanks http://www.tank- Tank Depot is the World Leader in Plastic tanks! Tanks by Ace Roto Mold, Snyder Industries, Chem-Tainer Industries, Norwesco, Rotonics, UltraTech, Ronco, PolyLok, Trionic and more. www.tank-
  • Most beautiful RR you'll ever see!! part 1 Found this truck quite a bit earlier than I thought I would, doing resid. recycling here. Don't know if you guys have seen 209 before, but she sure didn't look quite like this before she was repainted! You HAVE seen this lucky driver though, he used to do manual greens (truck 51 and 47, there's a clip I've uploaded of that--also threw it in this video). Be sure and keep your volume up as this truck also has a pretty nice sound! Hope you'll enjoy the vid, please do comment and rate.
  • EDCO #M437 (Bridgeport ASL+EDI trash) Just a bit more of M437 in a different area doing the Escondido Rotos, this seems to be the usual truck for this neighborhood. Be sure to check out my video of a different Bridgeport ASL flipping EDI Roto lids if you haven't already seen it; that video was taken on the same day as this.
  • Commercial Recycling Carts in Escondido So many of you have asked about those Otto carts in the background of some of my FL videos taken of EDI trucks, I here have compiled a video of all my footage of them being collected. Back in the day, most of these were done by EDI's recyclers made by a little-known company called ADR. They had some with buckets and others with tippers only, and these were gotten rid of only about 3 years ago. Sadly I never was able to catch one on film, although you can see a rare pic of one here: Sorry for being an idiot and forgetting to put that pic into this video. Thanks for watching!!
  • Consolidated amrep ASL and whittier RR its annoying how the drivers slow down and stop flippin lids because your filming them....oh well. first bit of the amrep footage. there are several amreps featured. there is also a freightliner rapid rail (300 gal compatible) because the city of whittier collects there own trash. Skizmog has footage of there CCC mcneilus RL collecting and hauling off a dumpster aswell. and as youll notice my camera didnt like the weather conditions lol it couldnt focus :[ the carts featured in this vid are ssi schaefer, roto, el monte plastics, RMI, kirk, and toter. there are also rotonics carts but i dont believe i got any on film this time.
  • #212 from the EDI yard, doing garbage pt. 2 These videos turned out extremely well in my opinion, the trash driver had one of the EDCO ASLs that are always in the EDI yard to do his route this day. I filmed most of the series using a mini tripod that can grip onto things, so most angles are real steady and often a bit enjoy!
  • Australian garbage truck in California!?! pt 2 Love the sound!!
  • American LaFrance Condor Wayne Curbtender Some very short footage. I had no clue that my driver left my hood right after the section of my street and a few others. Oh well, goes to show what surprise is! And he finished an hour earlier than im used to. A special thank you to my wonderful trash driver!
  • My Collection Of Bins here you go! 13 manual bins, 2 recycling crates, 2 65 gal. Rotos, and 3 nursery buckets!! You'll also see an exclusive view on how to remove a Roto bin lid :D Enjoy, and please give me your comments, rates, etc.!
  • Spring Break 2011: A New, Beautiful Heil Rapid Rail from Republic Services I went bananas when I spotted this beauty parked in a small neighborhood in Cypress's Monday routes. A brand new Heil Rapid Rail mounted on a CNG Autocar ACX chassis & cab. The driver said it's been in service for about 4 months. Very nice guy indeed. He's seen many of our videos here on YouTube. Even told me of "some guy" that would post little 30 second videos of the trucks in Cypress. That's when my mind said "Must be shadofax96". FINALLY I was able to get footage of the recycling collection in Cypress. Something I've been trying to do for over 2 years now. I feel like I got a sufficient amount of action for y'all. These were his last few streets before offloading the load. You'll see many carts here too. Including Roto, Rotonics, Toter, and Otto Edge. I think Republic's staying with Otto Edge because I saw a peach one, and a dark tan one in this particular neighborhood. Both with 12 inch spoked wheels. Enjoy the show. Feel free to comment, give ratings, whatever. Just don't steal this video :) Filming date: 18th April, 2011 Filming location: South of Katella, Cypress, CA. Camera used: Sony DCR-SX40 © 2011 RainbowDisposal Productions
  • 56 Busting Thru the Trash Route This is my normal trash driver in a different neighborhood; of EDI's crew he is probably one of the fastest ASL drivers. There's a bunch of cul-de-sacs he flies right through in this vid, making it pretty interesting I think. His normal truck is 61, but it was getting repainted this week (or having its new engine installed!) so he had 56 instead. Enjoy the footage of this good Heil, she's a hard worker. Rate/comment
  • Older Bridgeports doing recycling!! A couple different Bridgeport Ranger ASLs on recycling in this post (which is rare for me to see), and they have the older Autocar WX64 chassis rather than the newer ones with black grilles. I really like these trucks, which are as far as I know are the 2nd generation Rangers, one other kind was made before the ones featured in this video. You'll also see: a MSL broken down, a newer 2007 Autocar 3rd Gen. Bridgeport that was around for trash and he made his way into the video, and one other unusual find. Rate and comment please--pics of the recycle ASL will be uploaded here:
  • American LaFrance Condor Wayne Curbtender on Trash Route 300s & Residential For my 75th video, here is some more Wayne Curbtender footage. My trash driver returned! It was great seeing him again! His truck looks really beat up in the hopper lol. This would have to be my favorite Wayne Curbtender video I put together. A VERY Special thank you to my awesome Trash Driver!
  • Red Rotonics cart in Texas According to the phone number on the cart this is owned by Comanche Utilities Service Inc in Blanket, TX. I wanted to post this for all the Rotonics fans. This appears to be a red Rotonics cart, not sure if any of you have seen one this color before. As you can see I barely got this video of it, and on the way back by I got a pic that's a little more clear. Eventually the pic will be on Flickr
  • Rotonics at Waste Expo 2010 - Atlanta, GA - Booth # 3561 Fully and Semi Automated trash containers, 300 gal trash container, Progressive Litter Receptical - PLR, Medical Waste Containers, Private Green - Portable Unit
  • Sterling Heil Starr i brought i bunch of cardboard from my house and since they didnt put it out for a few weeks, it was REALLY full! this was at my grandparent's house yesterday. luckily, i was in the kitchen (i put my camera on the kitchen windowsill) and heard him coming down the street. their's was the only one out. and i now know to keep filming, no matter what! i went out and picked up everything that you saw fall out. got everything in, perfect score! (unlike my recycle driver :( hahaha)
  • EDI's Newest Automated Side Loader! The Bridgeport!! I believe this truck's a 2008 or thereabouts, very much like the 3-4 EDCO versions of this truck that do unincorporated regions just outside Escondido ("county" routes). I've seen it a few times on the road since they got it, but this was the first chance I got to film the truck for a decent amount of time; I know some of you have been crazy about seeing this truck! So here you go, and if you liked this be sure to stop by my photostream on Flickr and view/download more of the photos I took of it! Here's the link for ya:
  • RMI (Rotonics) Dumpster Lids Found these in a parking lot. Looks like 2 different styles on 1 dumpster. I have never seen Rotonics dumpster lids in person before. They are strong. Very unique. Maybe I'll order a few. It would be cool to hang on my wall. Enjoy!
  • Rotonics Stain problems
  • Fastest EDCO ASL Yet! No Joke!! So, basically EDI's RRs suck when it comes to revving. But thank God EDCO has some older, quicker, BETTER trucks like this among its large fleet. #626 is definitely the fastest Heil Rapid Rail I've seen in person, and I'm very proud to share with you now! Enjoy!
  • #210 is back!! I wonder if any of you remember truck 210, a RR with a very neat sound I only barely managed to catch a while back, but ran out of battery. Well the only clip I had gotten before this can be seen at the very beginning of this video: Unfortunately he normally doesn't do that neighborhood, so I hadn't been able to find this truck again until now. But here he is, wasn't able to get the most of clips since the driver was uncomfortable about the filming...Thanks for watching--enjoy!!!
  • Re: Beat This, I Dare You I am quite aware I didnt beat the other users, its just simply a current update showing all my bins at one time. I just thought I'd be a little clever and put the min bins on top of the bins there made to replicate. I have 39 I believe shown, but I have 43 total as one red one is at Seans house aswell aswell as 3 others. And yes I said white when I meant to say yellow when talking about the otto wheelie bins wheels. I ALWAYS confuse those 2 colors names for some stupid reason.
  • Australian garbage truck in California!?! pt 1 This truck was amazing to follow! I had some spare time on a Wednesday afternoon back in January and came across #61 doing the trash with a new engine--without a doubt!! My driver told me some of EDI's trucks were getting new engines, but I didn't realize that meant the ASLs! Check this beauty out and see the difference in 61's engine sound!
  • Cloudy Curbtender Collection For CD8100 It's about time i get a longer curbtender video! We were expecting a temperature of 115 degrees and alot of humidity. It was not only a cloudy day but really hot. So my trash driver came a little bit later. This is not my usual trash driver or truck. You'll see first residential then the 300s. Enjoy!
  • Rotonics Large Refuse Containers Rotonics is proud to present its' Large Refuse Container line. 200, 300, and 450 gallon refuse containers are easily accessible and great for where large amounts of trash disposal is in demand. The new double wall split lids allow for ease in loading of trash and large bags. Containers have been redesigned to increase strength and durability. Please visit for further review of Rotonics Large Refuse Containers or call 310.3275401 to speak to a customer service representative.
  • More Lid Flipping Action--#58 (pt 1) Probably one of my best videos of this truck; we're back with 58 in a different neighborhood handling all the recycling and flipping lids in the process. Had some fun following him for a while on this July day last year, and I would say the video turned out pretty nicely. So enjoy, and be sure to watch both parts (although I always try to make part 1 have more of the better stuff)!
  • Epic Mini ASL + Manual Packing!!!! This has to be one of my favorite ASLs I've followed for a least a year, and I can't tell you how awesome it is to find a cool truck driven by a super friendly driver!! I really had a good time filming this MAJOR RARITY and its manual packing/full throttle, definitely something different that I'm glad I could catch on film. He filled up the truck most of the way through, you'll see a title at the point he came back with an empty body. PLEASE comment on this one and I hope most of you will like it enough to favorite/playlist it! Don't see how you could see this video's title/the thumbnail and not check it out, one of the very unusual trucks out there. More pics than those in the video are uploaded here:
  • Out With the Old Carts, In With the New Carts In October 2007, the city of Tustin, CA. ended their contract with Federal Disposal. They awarded CR&R with a contract for the city's waste removal. In 2008, CR&R delivered new garbage bins to Tustin residents, including: -One black cart for regular waste -One blue cart for recyclables -If applicable, one green cart for green waste The Schaefer carts in this tiny video were Federal Disposal's old carts.
  • Single Axle Heil Rapid Rail ASL!!! I was wondering what this truck was from a distance, only saw the back of it and actually couldn't figure out whether it was a MSL or ASL! I soon got closer and found it was a single axle RR!! I had been developing a plan for a trip out to find one of these for sometime later on, but I now see that won't be necessary...I love when you find stuff like this before you plan to!! Anyways it's a very quiet, old, and peculiar truck--it's got those Otto soft grip things on the grabbers (NEVER seen that on a RR before, only Amreps), and the tailgate also seems shorter and more square shaped than the regular Rapid Rails.. Driver never said a word, but I appreciate his willingness to let me film this rare truck! Do enjoy the video, ratings/comments/recognition always are welcomed!! More pics than those in the video are uploaded here:
  • Longest Recycling Collection Ever! Took him about 6 minutes to empty all of my carts! I got a lot of recycling this week. Each can was full to the top! I had my RMI Rotonics cart out. I don't think it has ever been dumped by a McNeilus. Got 3 lid flips too! Enjoy!
  • Double Wall Chemical Containment Tanks Learn about our chemical double containment tanks and double wall tanks. We have several chemical storage containers to choose from. Chemical double containment is the safe way to store chemical. Our tanks have a place to mount your chemical metering pump.
  • EDI LID FLIPPING RR!!! I'd say it's about time you guys get to see just the first look at that one truck that's been flipping the lids of blue bins in a handful of Escondido neighborhoods....It's been a while since you've even seen 58, but when's the last time you saw the truck (or any other RR) flipping lids; much less, ROTO LIDS??? Here we have a different driver for the recycling (routes got slightly switched around a while ago), thankfully he's super nice and has a talent for doing this (it actually does save some time!), and it's pretty fun to watch. So enjoy, and comment/rate/fav!
  • Xmas 2009 Recycling Collection (#58) Rather than waiting till practically next Christmas before uploading this, I decided I'd put it up today so it can be seen at least SOMETIME around when it was filmed. You'll see some noticeably larger loads of recycling set out due to all the boxes/wrapping paper/etc. produced around Christmas. Got some good shots of 58 collecting it mostly from an angle I think is the best for this type of truck (first seen at 3:14)...Funny thing is that the weeks before and after this, 56 has been coming with a different driver MUCH earlier in the morning (6:30), it isn't common to see ASLs working in the dark in my neighborhood. Anyways, enjoy the footage and pics (at beginning), if there are any of the pics you would like, let me know and I can email you them since I don't have plans to upload them to flickr. Thanks for watching!!
  • Poly Dumpster - Mini Video visit to view details about the 2 & 3 yard Poly Dumpster
  • MC8938, MC9104, and MC9277 Running Hard on a Late Trash Day 3 trucks in one hood. Hasnt happened in 3 years! 8938 cleaned out the alleys, didnt have a chance to film that. I hope you guys enjoy this awesome footage!
  • Whittier Carts Slideshow (For Kennystrucks) I was down in OC again. To see the brotha Mike. And we took a crazy ass trip to Whittier. This is just a slide show of the carts we found there! Please Rate Comment Fav
  • Waste Resources Autocar/Pendpac ASL Just A Pendpac Collecting Recycling Rotos In Gardena. :D Rate Comment Subscribe
  • Most beautiful RR you'll ever see!! part 2 Thanks for watching these! Comment/rate Also--if you want pics of this truck, they will be available at the CRT flickr page...I can also send them if you so request.
  • mini bin randomness mini bins from rotonics one of the best container manufacturers out there
  • Rapid Rails at my place collecting the Baby Cans So Jared brought his newest carts to my house to see them collected. My recycler was cool about it and took them for him. The first thing the driver said when he got here was Those as baby cans! LOL The first black one he collects is a 40 gallon Solution Series from Rotonics, then is the 30-40 gallon RMI. We got them from the yard in Clairmont. Neither one was even slightly phased after collection. The Solution popped right back into shape without even having a scratch. Roto Molding FTW. Then you see my 96 Otto Classic and my 64 Otto wheelie bin bieing collected. The green waste didnt take the Rehrig this week unfortunatly. Oh well after all it is purple and says RECYCLING on the side LOL
  • #212 from the EDI yard, doing garbage pt. 1 These videos turned out extremely well in my opinion, the trash driver had one of the EDCO ASLs that are always in the EDI yard to do his route this day. I filmed most of the series using a mini tripod that can grip onto things, so most angles are real steady and often a bit enjoy!

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