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  • Welcome to CoolROM - Your First Choice For Emulation. We offer emulator downloads, as well as SNES ROMs, NES ROMs, Neo Geo ROMs, Genesis ROMs, N64 ROMs, MAME ROMs, GBA ROMs, NDS ROMs and more. Home | Forums | FAQ | Emulators | ROM Files | Queue | Contact. — “ - Super Nintendo / SNES ROMs - A”,
  • Read-only memory (ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. In its strictest sense, ROM refers only to mask ROM (the oldest type of solid state ROM), which is fabricated with the desired data permanently stored in it, and thus can never be modified. — “Read-only memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Official site of the Registry of Marriages (ROM) in Singapore. Online services include filing a notice of marriage, changing solemnisation details, and popular marriage dates. — “Registry of Marriages”,
  • This page describes the term ROM and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is ROM? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer”,
  • Therefore, any website hosting or selling a patched Der Langrisser ROM became open to DMCA takedowns from both our team and Extreme Co., Ltd. All documents, whether written by the authors of this website or by participants of the ROM hacking community are assumed to be 'public domain. — “ - Home”,
  • Contains collections in earth and life sciences, decorative arts, and archaeology; also features activities for children and an identification clinic online. — “Royal Ontario Museum”,
  • Definition of Rom in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Rom. Pronunciation of Rom. Translations of Rom. Rom synonyms, Rom antonyms. Information about Rom in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Rom - definition of Rom by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • ROM n. Computer Science Memory hardware that allows fast access to permanently stored data but prevents addition to or modification of the data. — “ROM: Definition from ”,
  • What does ROM stand for? Definition of ROM in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “ROM - What does ROM stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by”,
  • Learn about Rom on . Find info and videos including: How to Choose Between CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Drives, How to Transfer DVD-ROM Software Into CD-ROM Software, What Is ROM? and much more. — “Rom - ”,
  • Dance label offering a limited selection of DVD Plus mix compilations. Audio and video samples. [Flash required]. — “D-ROM”, d-
  • Read-Only Memory or ROM is an integrated-circuit memory chip that contains configuration data. ROM is commonly called firmware because its programming is fully embedded into the ROM chip. As such,. — “ROM”, tech-
  • Read-only memory is essential to your computer. You'll also find ROM in video games, cell phones and microwaves. Learn about the different types of ROM and how they're used. — “HowStuffWorks "How ROM Works"”,
  • From Romani Rom. [edit] Proper noun. Rom m. sg. ( pl.: Roms, Roma) A male member of the Romani people, who is married and plural. nominative. Rom. Romi. genitive. Roma. Roma. dative. Romu. Romima. accusative. Roma. Rome. vocative. Rome. Romi. locative. Romu. — “Rom - Wiktionary”,
  • Submitted by anile8 on 09.17.10 at 10:56 am (comments) Yesterday, September 16th, 2010, a As a result, Google flagged our site as potentially hazardous. A number of other major. — “ Roms and Emulators SNES Roms MAME Roms N64 roms”,
  • ROM AG | rue de l Industrie 38 | B-4800 Eupen | email:[email protected]“ROM”,
  • Details for file extension: ROM - Read Only Memory Image - Various emulators and hardware upgrades use this extension. You need a flash program that is usually available from your motherboard manufacturer's Website. Do not flash a BIOS unless you. — “File Extension .ROM Details”,
  • Rom was the son of Keldar and Ishka, younger brother of Quark, and father of Nog. Quark was the worst, telling everyone that Rom was adopted. — “Rom - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki”, memory-
  • Rom Size: 4MB. Save Type: None. Read more. ***x - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 - Shinigami Rom Number: ***x. Game Full Name: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 - Shinigami Suraidaku. — “: All nds and gba games information”,
  • Medical technology and hospital beds from Hill-Rom. As an innovator in the medical technology space, our focus is around hospital bed design, hospital equipment solutions and medical devices for your patients. Trust Hill-Rom for your medical. — “Medical Devices | Hospital Beds, Medical Technology & Medical”, hill-
  • The entire GBA rom set has been added to Rom Hustler today. However I would first have to upgrade the current rom server since it doesn't have enough empty space to accommodate it. — “Rom Hustler - Download Snes roms Mame roms N64 roms GBA roms”,
  • Download thousands of free MAME ROMS, SNES ROMS, N64 ROMs, Sega Genesis ROMS, NeoGeo ROMS, NES ROMS, Nintendo ROMS, Gameboy ROMS, GBA ROMS, Nintendo 64, Sega Master System, MSX, Game Gear, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 78, Atari Lynx,. — “MAME roms, SNES roms, N64 roms, Sega Roms - ROM-”, rom-

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  • [Eng/Rom] Kara Lupin MV HD Kara - Lupin English + Roman Sub Follow me on twitter : I love Seungyeon !!!!! *Guys, seriously.. please stop posting hateful comments to the girls. *Credit to monmonsnowhd for the video. Enjoy & Respect ^^
  • MIUI ROM for Original Motorola DROID www.droid- - The MIUI ROM that has been ported to the Motorola DROID. Full install instructions at our site!
  • Tutoriales Basicos 1 - Rom infinit This video shows how make the ROM
  • Detailed demo of MIUI ROM v10.29 running on HTC Desire A demo of MIUI v10.29 running on a HTC Desire. It's an Android ROM by a team of Chinese developers, providing a webOS and iOS inspired look that is unique for Android. The video highlights all the major features of MIUI ROM, such as the redesigned menus, settings, icons, notification bar (window shade), launcher et cetera. It also shows what the homescreen replacement LauncherPro looks like when used on MIUI. For more info about MIUI ROM, check out: Sorry if the aspect ratio looks messed up, by the way. Thanks to for the free music loop (the first of the two songs), and Kevin MacLeod for the second piece of background music.
  • Izer NaPalmě - Rom na pracáku :D
  • Hero ROM Update Demo
  • HTC Sense on the Nexus One (Desire ROM) A special thank you to @carlosgraves from for all his help. MoDaCo ROM Instructions: WARNING: This will void your warranty TechnoBuffalo: Follow me on twitter: InsideJonsMind:
  • Pokemon Emerald Rom download that 100% working! Mirros: Megaupload Rapidshare This is a rom! Which is a game you can only play in emulator! To fix internal Battery problem Go to Option, Emulator, Tick Real Time clock Then restart VBA the problem should be fixed
  • Motorola Droid - Easy installation of Custom Roms, Rom Manager! Guys this is HANDS DOWN the easiest way to install and keep track of all the most popular roms out there. This program will allow you to keep updating current and newer roms using ONE tool and never have to connect to a PC again. Rom Manager is the tool that is used, and can be downloaded in the market for a minimal fee. Please watch the video for easy instructions as honestly its a very brainless approach to installing custom roms. Please remember you MUST BE ROOTED before trying this, and as always make sure to complete backups before doing any sort of tampering with new ROM's. Check out these sites for more info and give thanks to the Developers of ROM Manager! Give it up for KOUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -DroidReview
  • Flashing a custom HTC HD2 (Leo) rom using Active Sync (Using HSPL) [Disclaimer: I am not resopnsible for any problems that happen to your device] _____________________________________________ [Please make sure your phone has at least 50% battery life, but the more the better. Also its always a good idea to remove your SIM card before doing this kind of thing] [Custom Ruu] forum.xda- [Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1] [mskip's Tutorial] forum.xda- [HSPL Official Thread] forum.xda- [What it says at the start as its hard to read] Does HSPL void my warranty? The first thing htc check when they service your phone is the spl, if hspl is on there, then yes. But you CAN reinstall a stock SPL after flashing if you want too, so they would never know. Can I recover my device If I brick it? yes you can, thats the difference between sspl and hspl, hspl is on your device permanently, so you can reflash just reflash your device if you brick it. How easy is flashing with HSPL? very easy thanks too bepe and cotulla and the xda forums Things to do --Make sure your phone has HSPL on (turn on device with the voldown held down to enter bootloader) --Make sure it says SPL-1.42 HSPL, to exit, pull out battery) --Make sure your phone has atleast 50% battery (settings tab/about phone/battery) --Remove your sim card and memory card, this is just a precaution, but it cant hurt right? better safe than sorry :D
  • [ENG + ROM SUB] 사랑 빛 (Love Light) - CNBLUE Composed and written by Jung Yonghwa. From their 2nd Mini Album, BlueLove. My own translations. Please turn on CC and choose "English Sub" or "Romanization". I was more flexible with my romanizations in some parts for easier pronunciation for those who can't read hangeul. For those who can't read hangeul: "eo" is pronounced like "or" without the "r" twist and opening your mouth wider vertically. If you can't, then just pronounce as "oh", but not so accurate. For "eu", say "oo" with your jaws clenched, then widen your mouth horizontally. This song is so sweet. And he wrote in the line "I'm Genie for you Girl"! Inspired by Seohyun? :DI heart this song so much. Couldn't find a HQ pic of the album cover pic, so Yonghwa graces this video alone!
  • How To Hack Pokemon Roms pt. #1 :) hope you liked the video :) Link To Hack Tools- Link To Pokemon Roms- Pokémon Games (GBA).zip
  • How To Install Gameboy Color Games & Roms On iPhone, iPod Touch, Or iPad - Gameboy4iphone READ BELOW This video Will Show All iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad Users How To Install A Gameboy Color And Original Gameboy Emulator Along With Roms On Your Device. This Is A Very Easy To Do Guide. Remeber! Only download Games That You Own!!! You Will Need: A Jailbroken Device - To Know How To SSH - Winrar - 1. Open Cydia , Search And Install Gameboy4iphone 2. Go To And Download Any GB Or GBC Game And Extract the .gb Or .gbc File To Your Desktop 3. SSH Into Your iPhone And Go To Var/Mobile/Media/Roms/Gameboy And Drag In The Rom File 4. Restart And Open gameboy4iphone And Enjoy! 5. Thanks For Subscribing Works On Any iPhone 4, 3Gs, 3G, 2G, iPod Touch 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st Gen
  • Windows Mobile ROM Showcase: ChuckyROM HD2 Here's another ROM Showase, this time with the super elegant ChuckyROM from XDA. See more here:
  • How To Get A N64 Emulator & Roms (Full Guide) I was so sick of not being able to find a useful tutorial to guide me through Emulation completely, so after the long and grueling process of visiting tutorial after tutorial and finally learning what I needed to know about it, I decided to make this video to help anyone who needs help with this stuff, assuming you don't know anything about emulation and where to start. This is a COMPLETE step by step tutorial video on How to get a fully functional Nintendo 64 Emulator and the ROMs for it. I am going to use Project64, one of the best N64 Emulators out there. NOTE: In this video, I am running Windows Vista Home Premium, if you have a different OS, there may be some issues you may encounter that I can not help you with. PRIMARY LINKS Emulator: Project64 (The program that acts like the game console) - ROMs (The games) - WinRAR (Not particularly needed, but I used it to extract or "unzip" files) - (After a time, WinRAR will tell you that you need to purchase it to continue using it, this is not true, if you get that message, simply close it out, WinRAR is a free program) SECONDARY LINKS Plugins (The "drivers" that make the Emulator actually run, there are already plugins built in the Emulator, but if you wish to use different plugins, follow these links) In some cases, your computer's hardware, setting, etc., will not be able to run the plugins already built into the Emulator, if this is the case, use this link and try some ...
  • [Rom + Eng SUBBED] UKISS - Man Man Ha Ni [HQ] Title: Man Man Hani Artist: UKISS This video is a promise to all our subscribers as well as the 10+ people who joined mafialive, sincerely thank you guys for supporting us! To those who havent, we are here again to ask a buttakhae, cause we want people to TALK to us, and play at the same time. I added eng subtitles because someone requested for it, and the reason is also because i enjoyed this song :) ------------------------------------------------ This is aproduction of RomajiChannel, please do full credits if hotlinking. Videos are only meant for sharing the love for korean music, no copyright infringement intended Support us @ our community , You can go there often to know what mv we will be uploading soon. Subscribe & Show us love! rate and comment please~
  • Motorola Droid - How to install custom ROM's - The EASY way! PLEASE READ - PLEASE READ - PLEASE READ - PLEASE READ ****YOU MUST BE ROOTED**** *** New update at the bottom of the description 2-10-10*** Step 1 DOWNLOAD THIS FILE download510 Save to desktop Step 2 Take the smoked glass zip file and extract it to the desktop, you may rename the folder to what you want, but DO NOT tamper with the files inside! Step 3 Drag the folder that you just extracted (smoked glass v4) to your sdcard- YOU MUST PLACE IT IN THE "nandroid" folder, no other location, no other subfolders. Step 4 Reeboot in recovery mode - Power on by pushing power button and holding X at the same time. Step 5 Go to advanced nandroid restore, click on choose backup, find the ROM you want, in this case, smoked glass v4, then hit the enter button, then leave the default options checked, hit perform restore, then back out by pushing the power button, then hit reboot, and your done! I would like to thank AdamZ for making this ROM, he did an awesome job! Feel free to thank him at this website, he is always tweaking it and refining it. Adam is always making new versions of this ROM almost daily, Please go here to download the latest ROM, and just repeat all the steps above =) Please remember to visit these sites for any and all DROID info:
  • SNSD Seoul Song MV sub [Rom + Eng + Hangul karoke] Suju super generation (The link above) is the updated subs Seoul song 서울 - Super Generation Subbed English translation + romanization + hangul + simple karaoke Original video Copyright of SM Entertainment This vid = under fair usage for education purpose ^^ translation,romanization, hangul, SUBTITLE by supersoojoo im sorry for the poor translation... it had many grammatically error.. oh well...
  • HTC Desire with Desire HD (ACE) ROM Part 1 Showing the new features with the new sense ui on a rooted HTC Desire Rooting your HTC Desire, check this: forum.xda-
  • How To: Rom'ogg Bonecrusher - Heroic Blackrock Caverns A guide to Rom'ogg Bonecrusher, the first boss of the Heroic Blackrock Caverns 5-man instance in Cataclysm.
  • Laura Mam of The Like Me's in Sva Rom Monkiss After 3 months of planning, creating, networking, shopping (lots of shopping), story-boarding, daydreaming and then MORE re-planning...its finally here!!! I have finally consolidated all my music--English and Khmer--with my band and will be making music with The Like Mes. This is our rendition of the infamous Pan Rons Sva Rom Monkiss. We hope that this story speaks to ending the silence between the young and old Cambodian generations. In my belief, it is about time that we make that small but necessary effort to understand ourselves by understanding each other. This is dedicated to the incredible Cambodian musicians of the 60s, may their spirit live on in all of us and may they bless us with the ability to express ourselves once again. A HUGE THANK YOU to every single person that contributed to making this video. It is this communitys heart and soul that you are witnessing, so please share in the love. Credits: Executive Producer Laura Tevary Mam Producer Helena Duong Chan Kanya Hong Director Marco Bercasio Cinematographer & Editor Marco Bercasio Performed by The Like Mes Credit Correction: Jimmy Ma
  • HTC Desire HD ROM Walkthrough How to get it: The Desire HD ROM has been leaked, and it's now available for those of you that rock an HTC HD2 (and it's working quite well with phone support, WiFi support, and more). Soon it'll be available for other Android devices (once the developers of the world get their hands dirty). And with the Desire HD ROM, we get to see the many changes that HTC has made to its proprietary Sense interface. First, we cover skins, which is an addition to Sense that HTC didn't mention at its press event. You can finally change the look and feel of Sense through a variety of themes, such as slate or wood. The skin-choosing interface has a nice 3D design, which HTC is now using for many of its option screens. When you dial into the Scenes picker, you get the same 3D interface. The skins are pretty neat, and it seems that once launches, you'll get to choose even more skins.
  • [Eng/Rom] Big Bang - Hands Up (Full Mp3 + Download Link) Watch Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover Eng/Rom here : ------------------------------------------------ Turn on CC to View Sub. Still support Big Bang and buy their Tell Me Goodbye Album :D --------------------------------------------------------- This is second track. Download Link :
  • Good ROM sites WATCH THE WAY BETTER UPDATED VERSION HERE : SITES : http http www.rom- http other great sites! http http http www.rom- http - nds and finally some psp ISO'S! - more psp iso's! Update! thanks to Redlink321! Visit His awesome website (Zelda fans will love it!) Anyway here are the sites thanks to him : - only use if you use megaupload! http - you must sign up 4 this, but it is really safe. - many nds stuff http - many gc titles! http - Best ROM site for older systems such as atari, NES and Virtual Boy. This site is found by soylentgreen666. www.rom- (see underneath for more info over this site) hope i helped, please leave a comment! PS, http has been removed cuz it has lot's of pop-ups and things that arent really safe, but it hasn't got virusses, only visit if you want ps2 isos or gamecube or something. www.nds-, http and are removed. Because they closed their websites. I downloaded many games from those three sites and i have too say it is really sad that they are gone now.
  • ROM: Spaceknight Few people realize that the Marvel character ROM: Spaceknight was originally a toy released by Parker Bros. They asked for Marvel to create a story and tie-in comic, which actually out-ran the selling of the toys by several years. This is the only video ad for the toy (which debuted at the 1979 Toy Fair); by the time of the toy's actual release, the green LED eyes were replaced by red LED's for cost purposes. This is what the future looks like.
  • After School - WHEN I FALL ( Rom + Eng lyrics on screen) Enjoy! DL:
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  • Installing a Custom ROM in SPRecovery with No Root www.droid- - Motorola Droid.
  • The New FASTEST ROM EVER for your G1/Mytouch3G: SuperCSDIv4 (Review) Make your G1or Mytouch 3G feel like a Nexus One! Okay... Maybe that was going too far. LOL But this WILL make your G1 feel BETTER than new. As always, you will need root in order to flash custom ROMs. ESPECIALLY custom Spanish ones =p Now, I didn't believe the hype surrounding this ROM. I too was an unbeliever. You always hear of new developers touting their ROMs as the fastest or how some kid made a ROM that can cook you a hotpocket in 30 seconds flat. Well, I am pleased to say that I was wrong with this ROM. This ROM comes to you courtesy of Spain and well known developer [email protected] from HTCMania. I don't know what that guy put in his bowl of "Kernel Flakes" but this really is the fastest ROM I have yet to experience. Being a flash junkie myself, I have been around the ROM block and can honestly say this is not placebo. Linpack alone can support my claim and even when it doesn't, this ROM is still faster than even those with JIT Hacks, RAM Hacks and flap jacks. This ROM has NO RAM hack which makes it GREAT for 3D gaming. =) My only comlaint is that I wish some devs and themers would give this ROM a little bit of love. Its definitely an eyesore and it would be nice to see this packed up with a reboot option and some new features/apps. Also, a stock Eclair 2.1 theme wouldn't hurt either. *****UPDATE******** MLIGN gave this some love and fixed all the broken stuff!!!!! (Correct APN settings with Data, 3G, MMS. English keyboard as well) Download: www.4 If you want ...
  • Kyu Hyun - Dahl Paeng Ee ( Snail ) ROM. & ENG. LYRICS Kyu Hyun's version :) mp3 HERE: Kyuhyun's version credits: *washweshnney for the video *to everyone who hepled me find the right lyrics tnx... :) frostedsnow/eebyul briat1020 VERSIONS:: original by PANIC ( Music Video ) Panic - Live performance YOunha - Live Performance Jang Na Ra Since A lot are still asking for the lyrics, & also still w/ some corrections here you go :) dahl paeng ee romanization by: frostedsnow (also credit: ) jibeh oh neun kileun ddae ron neo moo kil reo na neun deo ook deo ji chi kot hae moon eul yeol ja ma ja cham ee deul reot ta ga ggae myon ah moo doh eop seo jop eun yok joh sok geh mom eul nwi eot seul ddae jak geun tal paeng ee han ma ri ga nae geh roh ta ga wa jak geun mok soh ri roh sok sak yeo chweot seo *eon jehn ga meon heut nal reh cheo neol go geo chil eun se sang ggeut ba da roh kal keo ra go ah moo doh mot bwat ji man ki yok sok geot din ga deul ri neun pa doh soh ri dda ra seo na neun yong weon hi kal rae moh doo eo din ka roh cha reul tal ri neun kil na neun moh toong ee ka geh eh seo tam bae han kae bi wa nok neun ah ee seu keu rim deul go kil roh na seot seo hae neun nop ee deo seo na reul jji reu neun deh jak geun tal paeng ee han ma ri ga eo neu sae ta ga wa nae geh in sa ha go noh rael heung eol keo ryeot seo *repeat nae moh deun keol ba chyeot ji man ee jehn moh doo poo reun yeon gi cheo reom san san ee heut teo ji go nae ...
  • Android Froyo 2.2 ROM on HTC HD2: Install (1) My Windows Mobile phone was a disappointment. I got it because I needed to run some things and a good Citrix client. Well, everything I need is now on Android. In this video, I attempt to load android Froyo on my HTC HD2. This is completely unrehersed. mattc 1.4
  • [Eng/Rom] 2NE1- It Hurts (아파) Live Oct 3, 2010 Live performance of 2NE1- 아파 (Slow) / It hurts / Apa. Eng subbed/Romanized on screen lyrics (Flipped to avoid take down) I really love this song off their new album. If yt and time permitted I would sub every live performance but I can't ;__; hopefully everyone enjoys this one though =) Credits: Translations: kimchi [email protected] Romanization/Subbing: [email protected]
  • Android 2.2 ROM on Motorola Droid Pt 1 www.droid- - Part 1 of our walkthrough on the new Android 2.2 (Froyo) ROM for the Motorola Droid.
  • Jaga Jazzist - Swedenborgske Rom (Live) Jaga Jazzist, Live at Cosmopolite. Originally aired on NRK2 in Norway.
  • Genesis - When in Rome 2007 / No son of Mine No son of Mine
  • Android MIUI ROM 4th Testing MIUI ROM is a custom Android 2.2 ROM, developers from Chinese. MIUI ROM is very fun and nice. It will start 4th testing on Nov 26. Support Google N1, HTC Desire, MOTO Milestone
  • Running the HTC Desire ROM on the Google Nexus One You like HTC's Sense UI, but you have a Google Nexus One. If only there were a way you could run a ROM on your Nexus One that made it look and feel like, say, an HTC Desire. Lucky for you, it's not as hard as it sounds! The HTC Desire, as it turns out, is almost identical to the Google Nexus One, and the ROMs are basically interchangeable. If you're interested, read my previous article about How to Root Your Nexus One, then substitute an HTC Desire ROM for the CyanogenMod ROM in step 7. See how it's done in this video.
  • Android 2.2 ROM MIUI for Desire and Nexus One A new UI for android 2.2 designed by
  • Custom ROM installation tutorial for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) Six Step Overview: 1) Download the following off the Android Marketplace: ROM Manager by ClockworkMod Titanium Backup * root by Joel Bourquard RyanZA's OCLF 2.0 by Kryptyx 2) Download a ROM. Sources: forum.xda- eb- 3) Root Device with One Click Lag Fix 4) Back up your current apps with their data, using Titanium Backup 5) Install clockwork recovery, then the ROM 6) Restore your old apps with Titanium I hope that you've found this tutorial helpful. I will address any issues you may have via the comments section. Also, you may view my review of the Axura ROM here: Also, be aware that with any mod, there is a possibility of bricking your device. If this happens, visit the XDA forums, as you can find tons of information on how to fix it. And... I'm not held responsible if anything does go hay wire. Finally, Master, Eugene, and all you other developers and great people out there that make these things possible, YOU ROCK !
  • Dschinghis Khan - Rom

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  • “ Blog @ Dope Roms . com Check back often for more blog updates. 8.30.08 - Database Cleanup. For anyone interested we are optimizing and repairing our database and rom integrity. We have had a few issues with some empty rom files showing up which is causing download errors”
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  • “The Republik of Mancunia forum was jam packed throughout the day yesterday until after the transfer window closed. As news about Dimitar Berbatov and Robinho”
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  • “This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to http:// 8,830. RoM Community & Guilds. Community, Fan Art, Fan Sites, Guilds & Groups, and Roleplaying. New RoM Players & General Community Discussion. Welcome to the Runes of Magic community, say "”
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  • “The Community Spotlight is a new feature for the official blog. In this feature, we will have our guild transfer over to RoM. We both played and learned the game inside out, did some forum moderation, then "Boom!" moved to California”
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  • “Rom-Blog - Tipps für Ihren Urlaub in Rom, das Wetter in Rom, der Stadtplan von Rom, nette Restaurants, Sehenswertes, Geschichte und nicht zu vergessen: leckere Rezepte der italienischen Küche: im Rom-Blog von O-Solemio werden Sie fündig”
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  • “Engage the ROM, Engage the World About the ROM's Blog. The Royal Ontario Museum is way more then just galleries and exhibitions. Come here to learn about the people, the work, and the latest news”
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  • “It was to have it all. Behind the scenes reports from curators. Advance notice of exclusive events. Insight into the Renaissance ROM project. Inside scoop on visiting exhibits. Kept up to date and written, not by a PR or a”
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