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  • Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Houston Rockets held off the Oklahoma City Thunder 99-98 Sunday night. — “Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98 - NBA - Wire”,
  • HOUSTON (AP) — Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Houston Rockets held off the Oklahoma City Thunder 99-98 Sunday night. — “Martin scores 23 points, Battier hits 4 3-pointers to help”, sun-
  • It helps you learn how to build rockets and get the most out of your rocketry projects (pdf format) In Issue 274: Want to know the secret of memorable rockets?. — “Apogee Rockets”,
  • Pre-Game: Rockets Head Coach Rick Adelman is available 70 minutes before home games, and approximately 90 minutes before games on the Raptors Take Air Out of Rockets. Nov. 19, 2010 at Air Canada Centre – The Raptors used a 31-point fourth. — “Houston Rockets ( 3-10 ) vs. Golden State Warriors ( 7-7 )”,
  • Yao Ming made his return to the floor this year for the Houston Rockets, but it was short-lived. Yao left early in the season with a bone bruise and is just now getting back towards being back on the floor for the Rockets. — “Yao Ming: Should the Houston Rockets Give Up on the Always”,
  • Houston Rockets scores, news, schedule, players, stats, photos, rumors, and highlights on . — “Houston Rockets Basketball Clubhouse - ESPN”,
  • Rockets, in military and recreational uses, date back to at least the 13th century.[2] Significant scientific, interplanetary and industrial use did not occur until the 20th century, when rocketry was the enabling technology of the Space Age, including setting foot on the moon. — “Rocket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Houston Rockets held off the Oklahoma City Thunder 99-98 Sunday night. — “Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98 - National”,
  • Kevin Martin, Shane Battier help Houston Rockets edge Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Martin, Shane Battier help Houston Rockets edge Oklahoma City Thunder. — “Kevin Martin, Shane Battier help Houston Rockets edge”,
  • Your best source for quality Houston Rockets news, rumors, ***ysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective. — “The Dream Shake - For Houston Rockets Fans”,
  • The Houston Rockets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder at their own game. — “Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98 - NBA- NBC Sports”,
  • Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Houston Rockets held off the Oklahoma City Thunder 99-98 Sunday night. — “Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98 | NBA - The”,
  • Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Houston Rockets held off the Oklahoma City Thunder 99-98 Sunday night. — “Ledger- | 11/28/2010 | Martin, Battier lead”, ledger-
  • HOUSTON (AP) — Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Houston Rockets held off the Oklahoma City Thunder 99-98 Sunday night. , | KRIV FOX 26. — “Rockets Beat Thunder 99-98”,
  • Martin Scores 23 Points, Battier Hits 4 3-pointers To Help Rockets Top Thunder 99-98. — “Martin, Battier Lead Rockets Over Thunder 99-98 - CBS News”,
  • Complete news coverage of the Houston Rockets basketball team, with schedules, scores, stats and Houston Chronicle columnists and bloggers. — “Rockets top Thunder 99-98 as Durant misses at buzzer | NBA”,
  • The Houston Rockets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder at their own game. Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Rockets held off a late surge from the Thunder for a 99-98 victory Sunday night. The. — “Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98 - NBA”,
  • Kevin Martin scored 23 points, Shane Battier hit 4 of 6 attempts from 3-point range and the Houston Rockets held off the Oklahoma City Thunder 99-98 Sunday night. — “Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98”,
  • Sports news and headlines, including full coverage on Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Evergreen State College, Saint Martin's University, Seahawks, Mariners and Washington State Sports Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98. — “Martin, Battier lead Rockets over Thunder 99-98 - Basketball”,
  • Official site of the Houston Rockets, featuring news, schedule and scores, players, stats, ticket information, and more. — “Houston Rockets”,
  • CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Rockets lost to the Charlotte Bobcats. Chase Budinger scored 19 points off the bench and Kevin Martin added 16, but they combined to shoot 12 of 32 from the field for the Rockets, who lost for the fifth time in six games as they play without the injured Yao Ming and Aaron Brooks. — “Rockets Fade Against Bobcats - Houston Sports News Story”, click2

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  • Houston Rockets VS Lakers:Fisher Flagrant Foul on Luis Scola Kobe Elbow to Artest Game 2 of the western conference semifinal: Houston Rockets VS LA Lakers in 5/06/2009. Lot of T-fouls.Kobe Bryant Elbow To Ron Artest Throat
  • NASA's canceled spacecraft and rockets, Orion and Ares 1-X NASA has been busy planning for a new spacecraft, the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), to be able to rendezvous with the ISS and then to take a crew back to the moon in conjunction with the Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM). A Crew Launch Vehicle, named Ares I, derived from the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) will deliver the CEV to low Earth Orbit (LEO) while a larger rocket, Ares 5, will deliver ISS cargo of the LSAM to LEO. Once in LEO, the CEV and LSAM will dock and a J-2X Earth Departure Stage (EDS) will deliver the CEV/LSAM to Low Lunar Orbit (LLO) at 100 km. The EDS is discarded and CEV/LSAM temporarily decouple. The LSAM then performs the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) to deliver the LSAM to the lunar surface will all 4 astronauts onboard. After some amount of time on the surface, an ascent stage from the LSAM boosts the crew back to LLO and the ascent stage docks with the unattended CEV. The ascent stage is discarded and the service module section of the CEV boosts the crew module (with crew) towards Earth reentry, and the service module is then discarded. The crew module reenters the upper atmosphere and an ablative heat shield slows the craft to a point where it is captured by the Earth. Parachutes then slow the crew module for a land (or sea in emergencies) landing. Whew, safe at last from solar storms! Ares V will be able to launch 130 metric tons LEO inclined at 28.5 degrees or it can deliver 55 metric tons to trans-lunar orbit. By comparison, the ...
  • Rockets - Space rock - An instrumental track inspired by discomusic rhytms and taken from their 2nd album studio,On The Road Again (1978).
  • Rockets - On the road again (extended) Very best song. extended version
  • Kate Bush - Rocket's Tail A great song from her 1989 album "The Sensual World". The song features The Trio Bulgarka on backing vocals and David Gilmour on guitar. It's named after Kate's cat Rocket. Lyrics: That November night, looking up into the sky, You said, "Hey, wish that was me up there-- It's the biggest rocket I could find, And it's holding the night in its arms If only for a moment. I can't see the look in its eyes, But I'm sure it must be laughing." But it seemed to me the saddest thing I'd ever seen, And I thought you were crazy, wishing such a thing. I saw only a stick on fire, Alone on its journey Home to the quickening ground, With no one there to catch it. I put on my pointed hat And my black and silver suit, And I check my gunpowder pack And I strap the stick on my back. And, dressed as a rocket on Waterloo Bridge-- Nobody seems to see me. Then, with the fuse in my hand, And now shooting into the night And still as a rocket, I land in the river. Was it me said you were crazy? I put on my cloudiest suit, Size 5 lightning boots, too. 'Cause I am a rocket On fire. Look at me go, with my tail on fire, With my tail on fire, On fire. Hey, look at me go, look at me...
  • ROCKETS - Electric Delight Electric Delight. Song performed by Rockets at Italian TV Variety "DISCORING", April 1979.
  • Angels & Airwaves Love like Rockets the new full studio version of love like rockets
  • Nuclear Rockets with James Dewar - Live Show 3.25 Author of "The Nuclear Rocket", James Dewar joins us to discuss why we should consider moving away from chemical rockets and re-start development of nuclear rockets. Think radiation would be a huge issue? Think again! This is a completely different way of looking at space travel and a very fascinating interview. ;If you want even MORE technical information, pick up both of James' books at and check out our post-show interview that continued for another hour! Post shows are made available exclusively on Spacevidcast epic!
  • William Shatner-Rocketman William Shatner sings rocketman at 1978 Sci-Fi Awards show.
  • Saturn V scale model rocket launch 480p This is a video of a Saturn V scale model rocket launch in Price, MD. The rocket was built by Steve Eves. All questions can be answered here: The music is "Also sprach Zarathustra", composed by Richard Strauss, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted by André Previn.
  • Water Rocket Construction - Splicing Tutorial Air Command Water Rockets demonstrates how to splice two bottles together. For more information visit:
  • Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket: The Best Way My brother, dad, and I made this video to show how we make our rockets. We all agreed that this is the best method to do it. I realized that the thing I pointed to wasn't a Mentos, so disregard that part. (August 2006)
  • Mythbusters - Compact Compact Rocket Sled Adam and Jamie use rockets to find out if its possible to pancake a compact. Mythbusters DVDs
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor - Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls This is how i see that musical section. Enjoy while the rockets falls slowly and horribly... Part 2 is here: PS I don't hate scientist or science, I hate ***s and megalomaniacs. I should have choose my words wisely. maybe "I Hate Presidents" or I Hate Generals" could work better. :) Thanks For The Comments Everyone...
  • Space shuttle rocket booster test - Speed - BBC Jeremy Clarkson heads to Mississippi where NASA test their Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters. Consuming half a million gallons of fuel, they generate the thrust needed to propel astronauts into space. They're a tad noisy too! Great clip from the series 'Speed', presented by Jeremy Clarkson. Go to tosee a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear YouTube channel and don't forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews.
  • Scientific Tuesdays - Simple homemade Rockets! Get the shirts: Dylan's Facebook: .... As with this and all other Household hacker experiments. You should not attempt anything you see at home without the proper safety equipment and a supervising adult. For this Scientific Tuesday we will show you... How to make or build your own rockets and launch them in your backyard. This is very simple just take an empty bottle, some rubbing alcohol and a lighter. After you vaporize the rubbing alcohol just light the end of the bottle and it will ignite into a fantastic showing of flammable bliss!
  • NASA Backyard Rocket Secrets (4:3) New HQ Widescreen version here: Between 1986 to 1996 great advances in backyard rockets were achieved by two school friends. Witness the rockets advance in power as the years roll on, culminating in the K1 and K2 rockets. Definately a video for any backyard rocket scientist. Werner Von Braun and the work done with the terror weapon the V2 is directly linked to todays modern rockets, the Saturn 5 launch vehicle was his ultimate achievemnt in rocket science. But as you will see much smaller rocket programs have also existed, this video outlines one of them. Please enjoy the video. Web links :
  • WW II : RARE COLOR FILM : *** V2 ROCKET FACILITY SB 1.7.27 The Son of Drona Punished TEXT 27 TRANSLATION The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Know from Me that this is the act of the son of Drona. He has thrown the hymns of nuclear energy [brahmastra], and he does not know how to retract the glare. He has helplessly done this, being afraid of imminent death. PURPORT The brahmastra is similar to the modern nuclear weapon manipulated by atomic energy. The atomic energy works wholly on total combustibility, and so the brahmastra also acts. It creates an intolerable heat similar to atomic radiation, but the difference is that the atomic bomb is a gross type of nuclear weapon, whereas the brahmastra is a subtle type of weapon produced by chanting hymns. It is a different science, and in the days gone by such science was cultivated in the land of Bharata-varsa. The subtle science of chanting hymns is also material, but it has yet to be known by the modern material scientists. Subtle material science is not spiritual, but it has a direct relationship with the spiritual method, which is still subtler. A chanter of hymns knew how to apply the weapon as well as how to retract it. That was perfect knowledge. But the son of Dronacarya, who made use of this subtle science, did not know how to retract. He applied it, being afraid of his imminent death, and thus the practice was not only improper but also irreligious. As the son of a brahmana, he should not have made so many mistakes ...
  • 45000 Bottle Rockets Launching 45000 Bottle Rockets in 2 minutes.
  • The Rockets, "Oh Well" Detroit's own Rockets doing their arrangement of Peter Green's song "Oh, Well." This was a live performance in Burbank, CA in March, 1980. This particular line-up consisted of; Jim McCarty, Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, David Gilbert, Dennis Robbins, Donnie Backus, and Danny Keylon.
  • how to make a pvc rocket engine for ppl in australia i now sell kno3 1kg for $20.00 email me ur address and post code to [email protected] and ill get ua total price easy to make pvc rocket motor (powerful)
  • Titan rocket crashes Titan rockets exploding keep watching till the end
  • Greek Rocket War One island. Two villages. Fifty thousand handmade rockets.
  • GENKI ROCKETS - Heavenly Star:YouTube LIVE TOKYO feat.iQ GENKI ROCKETS DJ LIVE Set at YouTube LIVE TOKYO feat.iQ
  • Bulls vs Rockets. Jordan 45pts Barkley 35 (Thrash talk game) January 18, 1998 "Charles is not Charles with his mouth shut. That's like me playing....with hair." -- Jordan. Rockets were playing without the injured Hakeem and Drexler. Pippen was playing only his 5th game after returning from his long injury. The stage was set for two old friends and they didn't disappoint. They were both 35 years old but their competitive fire was still young. Besides the great performances, there was lots of thrash talking, fun and mutual respect for one another. The only thing missing were the cracked asphalt and chain nets. Enjoy. Post game notes & quotes: ===================== CHICAGO -- They yapped, jawed and traded barbs. They crashed to the floor together after one under-the-basket collision. And after a timeout, they exchanged a lighthearted head butt. It wasn't the playground, just two highly paid NBA stars and two good friends, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, going at one another on national TV on a Sunday afternoon at Chicago. Maybe for one of the last times. "There was a lot of trash talking today, most done by me and Charles. It just adds to the game," Jordan said after scoring 45 points and leading the Chicago Bulls past Barkley and the Houston Rockets, 106-100. "Charles is not Charles with his mouth shut," Jordan said. "That's like me playing with hair." "You may see us jawing at each other every now and then. I think the fans get an understanding of the competitiveness between us and it's not done in a nasty way. It's done with a ...
  • V2 Rockets v2 rockets
  • Goldfrapp - Rocket Goldfrapp - Rocket Mute Records (P) 2010 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Mute Records Ltd
  • Elton John - Rocket Man My video for Rocket Man
  • Rocket Powered Matchbox Cars! Extreme rocket action! Watch them 'explode' into action. I'll show you how! See the test results! Check out my 'secret' classic videos: Laser Videos: Easy Projects: Pranks & Jokes: Hacks & Mods: Spy Gadgets & Devices: Explosions & Loud Things:
  • Oh Well-The Rockets From their 1979 album "Rockets (Turn Up the Radio," a smoking hot tune from the legendary Detroit band
  • Def Leppard - Rocket
  • 12 rocket stove mass heaters - efficient wood heat A compilation of 12 rocket mass heaters. 8 video clips of rocket mass heaters, 2 video clips of pocket rockets, 1 picture from the cover of the book on rocket mass heaters and one drawing from me making a feeble attempt to explain what a rocket mass heater looks like. And look! A peek at the author Ianto Evans!
  • Future Weapons: SMAW NE Explosive Rocket ------------------------------ To View in Higher Quality: Future Weapons: SMAW NE Explosive Rocket featured a rocket that is currently in service in the USMC. Copyright © 2009 Discovery Communications, LLC.
  • Early US rocket and space launch failures and explosion Rocket launching in the early days was, quit literally, a "hit-or-miss" affair. This 10 minute music video shows some of our early rocket failure, and a few successful launches, set to the music of Pomp And Circumstance. Thanks to
  • Chad Vader : Day Shift Manager - Rockets and Chaos (HD) The Marshmallow Bandito is in charge and that means three things: marshmallows, rocket powered grocery carts, and utter chaos. Special thanks to Written, Directed, and Edited by Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda Produced by Courtney Collins ...
  • Rockets - Galactica (1980) Rockets videos more on my channel.
  • Deftones - Rocket Skates (Video) © 2010 WMG Rocket Skates (Video)
  • The Redneck Rocket Launcher These crazy rednecks start drinking beer, then they decide to try and make a rocket launcher. They find an old gate and rig a fuse then proceed to load it with 8500 bottle rockets while drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. This contraption makes an awesome firestorm.
  • Bacon Rocket We made a bacon rocket! Rocket Science and Bacon Science, 2 disciplines at the pinnacle of human achievement, finally united! Get the mp3 on iTunes now! More stuff at
  • Rockets!: Disney's Man in Space Remix Follow Disney on Twitter: 3, 2, 1...Blast off! Enter Tomorrowland and join Walt Disney in space. This never-before-seen video remixes rare retro footage from Disney's revolutionary 1955 "Man in Space" TV program.
  • Benassi Bros. - Rocket In The Sky Rocket In The Sky music video by Benassi Bros. ft. Dhany

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