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  • For these fruits—bananas, apples, tomatoes, red berries, cherries—color change is an excellent indication of ripeness. softer and softer, so a gentle squeeze is a good test for ripeness. — “Choosing Fruit That's Truly Ripe - Fine Cooking Recipes”,
  • How to determine melon ripeness (8 replies, updated August 17, 2006) How to determine pineapple ripeness [split from melon ripeness thread]. — “Ripeness - CHOW”,
  • Definition of ripeness in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ripeness. Pronunciation of ripeness. Translations of ripeness. ripeness synonyms, ripeness antonyms. Information about ripeness in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “ripeness - definition of ripeness by the Free Online”,
  • To determine ripeness of apples in order to pick them from the tree, the following indices of maturity are known: Apples soften as they mature, so the force which results in flesh yielding is a worthy criterion for ripeness (pressure tester). — “Fruit Selection - Ripeness of fruits”,
  • Learn about Ripeness on . Find info and videos including: How to Buy a Ripe Papaya, How to Use Ripe Bananas, How to Pick a Ripe Avocado and much more. — “Ripeness - ”,
  • Today overall ripeness involves much more than acid/sugar ratio, Brix levels, pH, titratable acidity and the "numbers" But when opting for more than just sugar ripeness, at what point does the winemaker find optimal balance between pure sweetness and maturity of. — “Ripeness”,
  • The term ripeness in viticulture can mean different things to different viticulturists and winemakers. But what exactly constitute ripeness will vary depending on what style of wine is being produced (sparkling, still, fortified, rosé, dessert wine,. — “Ripeness in Viticulture”,
  • These ripeness categories are determined by the sugar content in the grapes, which is measured in degree Oechsle. The higher the ripeness of the grapes used for the wine, the higher up in the pyramid the wine will be categorized. — “Pyramid of Ripeness Categories - Wines of Germany”,
  • , Learn when it's time to harvest specific vegetables with our ripeness guide. The Old Farmer's Almanac presents a picking guide for vegetables. — “ripeness guide when to harvest pick”,
  • Buy ripeness at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “ripeness - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Ripeness concerns whether, at the time a lawsuit is brought, the facts have developed sufficiently such Gibson, 22 S.W.3d at 852. By focusing on the concreteness of injury, the ripeness doctrine. — “law-ripeness-doctrine”, houston-
  • Ripeness definition, having arrived at such a stage of growth or development as to be ready for reaping, gathering, eating, or use, as grain or fruit; completely See more. — “Ripeness | Define Ripeness at ”,
  • In United States law, ripeness refers to the readiness of a case for litigation; "a claim Ripeness represents the other side of the coin of standing, and deals. — “Ripeness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Red wines that do not possess phenolic ripeness are typified by astringent flavors of green wood, seeds and stems. Red wines that do possess phenolic ripeness may be quite tannic, but the tannins are more comparable to fruit skins, nuts and good black teas. — “Gang of Pour - Putnam At-Large”,
  • Ripeness. Grapes are for the birds. In their natural habitat grapevines are climbing plants, designed to grow rapidly up trees and reach sunlight through gaps in the canopy. It's a freeloading sort of existence, taking advantage of the trees'. — “Ripeness in wine”,
  • Ripe·ness n. [AS. rīpness .] The state or quality of being ripe; maturity;; completeness; perfection; as, the ripeness of grain; ripeness Ripeness is a major consideration when parties seek injunctive or declarative relief before a statute or regulation has been applied. — “Ripeness: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • The ripeness doctrine of the Taking Clause is the most important legal principle in federal land use litigation. The effect of the ripeness doctrine is to "close the federal court. — “RIPENESS DOCTRINE”,
  • Definition of ripeness from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of ripeness. Pronunciation of ripeness. Definition of the word ripeness. Origin of the word ripeness. — “ripeness - Definition of ripeness at ”,
  • In United States law, 'ripeness' refers to the readiness of a case Ripeness represents the other side of the coin of standing, and deals with whether the defendant in a case has gone so far in his/her abusive behavior that the court has a right to hear the case. — “Ripeness | ”,
  • Also contributing to "ripeness" is an impending, past, or recently Rubin argues that although the concepts of "timing" and "ripeness" are crucial to the successful de-escalation of international. — “Ripeness”,
  • Definition of ripeness in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is ripeness? Meaning of ripeness as a legal term. What does ripeness mean in law?. — “ripeness legal definition of ripeness. ripeness synonyms by”, legal-
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Ripeness. Wikipedia [edit] Noun. ripeness (plural ripenesses) The characteristic of being ripe. [edit] /wiki/ripeness" Category: English nouns. Personal tools. Log in / create account. Namespaces. — “ripeness - Wiktionary”,

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  • Dujac Checking Ripeness Dujac hits the vineyard to test our grapes...
  • Silverskin on Green Coffee - Indicator of Cherry Ripeness? This is a simple test with just one green coffee, based on an idea George Howell put forth in Oslo. He asked the question, could the presence in a wet-processed coffee of green beans completely covered in silverskin (the fine layer that becomes chaff in roasting) indicate unripe coffee, or perhaps half-ripe at least? I will do some further separations of more coffees, but this test with Guatemala La Maravilla seemed to indicate isolating full silverskin beans will include potential under-ripes as well.
  • determining seed ripeness Joe demonstrates how to determine if the Opportunity Nevada bluegrass (Poa secunda) seed is ripe and ready for harvest. For more information on Poa secunda visit or contact Jim ([email protected]).
  • Checking grapes for ripeness Here Stephen is checking the grapes for ripeness using a refractometer. This tool is used by winemakers to see the potential alcohol based on the sugar in the grapes.
  • Tasting Mariflor Malbec with Thierry Haberer: Montesquieu Winery On How to Determine Ripeness Our Montesquieu Winery team walking the Mariflor Vineyard with Tierry Haberer, winemaker for Michel Rolland at Mariflor, as well as Le Bon Pasteur in St. Emilion and more. We discovered there are differences row to row from exposure, and also whether or not the vines have rootstock or not.
  • Were Only Human: Primed for Ripeness Fresh. Young. Ripe. What do those words bring to mind? For most people, the image is a pleasant one. New psychological research argues that we have an innate preference for living things in their peak, and the reason extends as far back as our earliest ancestors. For more insight into the quirks of human nature, visit Were Only Human at /onlyhuman. Were Only Human is written by Wray Herbert and brought to you by the Association for Psychological Science. Song Credit: Tempted by Squeeze
  • Pineapple: Telltale signs of ripeness Learn simple techniques (sight, scent) to look for when selecting a ripe, juicy pineapple.
  • Miranda Kerr poses for a ***Y Bikini Ripeness photo shoot on the BEACH (Uncensored) Visit and you can have access to watch 'Miranda Kerr poses for a ***Y Bikini Ripeness photo shoot on the BEACH (Uncensored)' with free Miranda Kerr poses for a ***Y Bikini Ripeness photo shoot on the BEACH Uncensored
  • UC Davis Newswatch: Grape ripeness Short news and general interest stories from UC Davis. Series: "UC Davis Newswatch" [Science] [Show ID: 51812]
  • How to Harvest and Store Apples
  • Update from The Sweet Heart Grove 2010 Update from the Sweet Heart Lychee Grove 2010 - Bill Mee takes you on a tour of the grove and shows you the difference between the Sweet Heart and Mauritius lychee fruit and how to determine optimum ripeness
  • How To Pick The Perfect Melon Learn how to determine if your melons are ready for harvest, and how to pick the perfect melon at the grocery store. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series.
  • Artisan Wines - Ripeness Control Taking samples of Sauvignon Blanc grape in vineyard Lehendorf/Halbturn at Artisan Wines. Measuring sugar content, pH and acidity of juicy to determine the harvest date.
  • IPv6 Ripeness - January 2004 to May 2010 This clip shows the IPv6 ripeness ratings of most countries in the RIPE NCC service region (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia) from January 2004 to May 2010. You can see it increasing over time. Please see 'IPv6 Ripeness - First Steps' for a description of the methodology at RIPE Labs:
  • Instron Food Testing An Instron electromechanical system performing a puncture test on an apple. Testing food products for texture-related qualities enables the food industry to develop new products and improve upon existing ones. Food technologists worldwide are using precision equipment to measure texture properties of food, including ripeness, chewiness, gumminess, brittleness, viscoelasticity, and tenderness. For more information on food testing visit us at
  • The Winemakers, V1-E5: Ripeness and Picking Decisions Nick discusses the vineyard time line from vine flowering to berry harvest in terms of acid, sugar, flavor and tannin. Nick compares the Bordeaux time line to the California Alexander Valley time line.
  • Spices and Ripeness Experience Each level of mango ripeness imparts a unique flavor and texture value. Here, Chef Allen walks you through a Spices & Ripeness Experience where you'll discover exciting spice pairings to enhance your mango's flavor.
  • Artisan Wines - Reifekontrolle Taking berry samples for ripeness control in Sauvignon Blanc vineyard of Artisan Wines. Further measuring pH, acidity and sugar level in grape juicy.
  • Making Homemade Wine | Home Winemaking Supplies | MsGoodInfo --Wine Making Making Homemade Wine To learn how to make homemade wine and how to get the best, most delectably prime wine fruits to make your own wine with, is a wise decision. Any wine fruits to be made into good wine should be at the absolutely peak of ripeness. You can make your own wine from juice concentrate, though it is a bit different, as this is made from much ripe stock, mainly from supermarket. The natural sugar content of these ripeness wine are at their highest. So, it can properly feed the wine fermentation yeast to produce the proper alcohol content. To make homemade wines with the recipes, you will need simply a gallon-size glass bottle, a saucepan and a polyethylene pail. Make certain to use polyethylene, do not use aluminum, copper, or enamel vessels to make your homemade wine with. Sterilization is a must for all utensils, bottles and corks, especially the latest. For more detailed information about Making Homemade Wine, please visit our website:
  • Britrney Spears If U Seek Amy Sansonic! Ripeness Mix
  • Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams: Watermelon Ripeness Evaluator 2005 West Salem HS InvenTeam (West Salem, OR) demonstrates their invention: a watermelon ripeness evaluator
  • Fox Run Vineyards Harvest 2009-Checking for Ripeness Traversing the vineyards with Winemaker Peter Bell & Assistant Winemaker Tricia Renshaw in cell bloque to check the grapes for ripeness. Exciting time at Fox Run Vineyards. Harvest 2009 looks good!
  • Hass Avocado Ripeness Guide We select the highest quality avocados and care for them with meticulous food safety procedures. We carefully move them from selection and harvest to our packing house.
  • 04)Full Ripeness Tomato(3.84 Adventure Remix) /MASAHIRO 3.84 Album"Nature" 2009 10.1 iTunes Music Store ,KING BEAT OUT!! 04)Full Ripeness Tomato(3.84 Adventure Remix) /MASAHIRO 3.84 Album"Nature"
  • Buckley vs Ginsberg - WALES VISITATION (Full Recitation) Feeling the ripeness of the moment, Allen Ginsberg (beat poet) requests his host William F. Buckley, Jr on Firing Line to allow him to read a poem. When Bill acquiesces, Ginsberg unleashes 'Wales Visitation' - a free verse composition he penned under the influence of LSD in Wales, UK Text of Wales Visitation :
  • Ripeness of Grapes, Seeds and Stems Stuart Ake of Crushpad discussing with the Just Grapes Barrel Project 2008 Crew the the importance of ripeness of seeds and stems in addition to the grapes. Sees and stems provide tannin. Stuart demonstrates the difference in look and size of grapes like Pinot Noir, Merlot and more.
  • How do winemakers judge ripeness in the vineyard? Fred Scherrer answers. Winemaker Fred Scherrer discusses how he determines when grapes are ripe and ready to pick in response to a question posed by Jessica Bell of the Midwest Wine School. Fred makes wine in California's Russian River Valley. Ask a Winemaker is a project of Candid Wines. . / .
  • How to Determine Peach Ripeness - Everything About Peaches Welcome back to Everything About Peaches! Our second episode is "How To Determine Peach Ripeness." Few things are more satisfying than biting into a delicious, juicy, tree-ripened peach. However, as a grower, how can you be sure to pick fruit at the optimal stage of ripeness for your market? Today, we will give you some information to ensure that you meet that goal. As peaches ripen on the tree, several changes occur that can be visibly seen or easily measured using some simple tools. This can help to ensure that you "get it right" at harvest time. One change is in skin coloration. Unripe fruits have green skin. Skin coloration has two different aspects. One is called background color and the other is called blush. Background color will typically change from green to yellow or orange as fruits ripen. Blush is the red coloration that occurs in response to sunlight. Many traditional "southern" peaches will be yellow with a red blush when ready to be picked. However, some newer, solid-red cultivars will be completely red before they are at optimal maturity -- so, for them, other measures are necessary to ensure accurate harvest timing. A second change is in size or diameter. During the last two weeks prior to harvest, peaches go through a "final swell" stage where individual cells in the fruit expand as they are filled with water, sugars, and acids. Diameter can be easily measured using a hand caliper in inches. Diameter can be affected by the crop load on the tree, how ...
  • Mangos are What's in Store Today Mangos are the most popular fruit in the entire world, beating both apples and bananas, and the highest selling tropical fruit in the US Although the mango is tropical in origin, it's eaten by people on every continent. High volume stores with a significant Hispanic or Asian customer base can build sales by carrying multiple varieties and sizes of mangos. In the produce aisle, mangos should be grouped by ripeness. Employees can help customers choose which mangos are perfect for eating the day of purchase and which ones will be ripe within several days. Encourage customers to determine ripeness not by color, but by gently squeezing the mangos. Ripe mangos will give slightly, while firmer mangos are ideal for eating in a few days. It's helpful to remind customers that ripe mangos should be stored in the refrigerator at home; they'll last longer. With Hispanic and Asian shoppers in the US expected to spend upwards of 950 billion dollars at supermarkets this year, it's important to know the best handling and merchandising practices.
  • Reverberation performs "Show of Strength" & "Ripeness" Daddy's Beach Club-- Hull MA-- Jan 22, 2011
  • Poetry Fix - Episode 18 - Milosz - Late Ripeness Mary Karr and Christopher Robinson discuss Czeslaw Milosz's poem "Late Ripeness."
  • Law of Ripeness: Wisie Inspirational Video for Self Improvement presents The Law of Ripeness: Wisie for Success Inspirational Video for Self Improvement This Wisie for Success video inspires you to understand how to let go. When you find yourself struggling to force something to happen, let go. Allow more time for ripening. Resistance is a sign that the breakthrough you seek is not yet ripe. Watch the Wisie for Success Inspirational Videos delivered daily to your inbox Monday-Friday. • Be more successful and financially secure. • Stay motivated with dynamic inspirational messages. • Start creating your greatest opportunities. • Overcome discouragement and live your dream. Take your 15-Day FREE Membership Trial Now:
  • Verde: greening of electrons a video poam about the first three lines Frederico Garcia Lorca's "Somnambule Ballad" and the role of green in a longterm romance. Made for Valentine's Day and is a companion to "Verde," a prose piece available at . The text may be read at ( Celebrates love of a long time, love that loves long time --amor del tiempo largo-- the enduring power of Lorca, a thoroughly nourishing poetry. The photo is by strexx of (). Script of "verde greeingof electrons': "The green me, avocado cream on my face to maintain suppleness I've kept longer than most women my age, just so he can say to me in the middle of the night verde que te quiero verde, so I am green in soft green light from a bulb the size of insects in the green, green forest of the Amazon. Bedside numbers flash green time, green silk sleep bonnet covers my rollers with match for the gown slit from thigh to hem like a melon splitting the moment the knife approaches, blade green with reflection so that ripeness cuts into ripeness as only diamond cuts diamond, hundreds of green facets and dimensions. We night-dance, as if in a bowl of avocado soup, our movements those of green aurora, this one silk and avocado, electrified like borealis, like australis, effect of the interaction of charged particles for thirty-five years. The greening of electrons, my teeth green when my smile catches fractions of green time in which the night became as intimate as ...
  • Bordeaux 2009 En Primeur : Francois Mitjavile, Tertre Roteboeuf.wmv Anybody who has tasted Francois Mitjavile's sumptously individual and esoteric wines might well be forgiven for wondering just how he achieves the sublime balance between ripeness, precision and aromatic complexity that so sets his wines apart from others in Bordeaux. He is a man with a visionary quality, based on firm philosophical beliefs about the nature of true ripeness. In our interview the question is put to him as to how he achieves this balance and such ripeness without losing any of his purity. The answer is enlightening. (Added to this, off camera, he rather modestly remarked that the praise or criticism he receives for his wines were really neither here nor there, his being a mere conduit through which vineyard might express itself most naturally.)
  • Picking decisions and determining ripeness Our winemaker Ross Cobb and David Hirsch discuss when to pick Block 23, and David talks about "seeing the flavors" in the canopy of the vine.
  • HalynaMyroslava"Ripeness"/ГалинаМирослава"Зрілість" Fedir Krychevsky (Ukrainian: Федір Кричевський; May 22, 1879 in Lebedyn, in the Kharkov Governorate of the Russian Empire,now Sumy Region- d. July 30, 1947 in Irpin, in Kyiv Region, Ukraine) was an influential Ukrainian early modernist painter. He was the brother of graphic designer Vasyl Krychevsky. Krychevsky was born in Lebedyn to the family of a Jewish country doctor who converted to Orthodox Chritianity and married a Ukrainian woman. He graduated from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in [901 and the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1910. He traveled in Western Europe for a year, and studied briefly with Gustav Klimt in Vienna. He moved to Kiev, where he served as professor and director at the Kiev Art School from 1914--18. In 1917, he was one of the founders and a rector (from 1920--22) of the Ukrainian State Academy of Arts. When the academy was abolished, he worked as a professor at the Kiev State Art Institute, eventually becoming its rector. He remained in Kiev at the onset of the Second World War, and kept his position at the Institute, trying to save it in difficult conditions during the German occupation of Kiev. He served as the chairman of the Union of Ukrainian Artists that tried to improve the conditions of artists during the occupation. He was extremely popular among the artist-colleagues, faculty at the institute and the students, and no one betrayed his Jewish origins to the German authorities, saving him from the Babi Yar ...
  • Winemaker Video Blog #3- Testing Grape Ripeness Winemaker John Hawley takes us through the process of determining grape ripeness and testing sugar
  • Ripeness|Percussion Ensemble Kevin Sanchez Daniel Klebe Jacob Lambeck Jeremy Herskovic Rachel Klebe
  • Autumn in the HRG (Hanging Roof Garden) of Gaetano Bruno & Natalya Mykhaylyshyn ......when in this gracious HRG on the roof of a six story building, in the center of Turin, Italy, the dazzling summer colours turn into deeper reds, greens, yellows, beiges, browns. It is also when the fruits of some plants reach their full ripeness. Of those, wine grapes are the most noticeable. The ripe berries are an attraction for many creatures but especially for Gaetano & Natalya. They are about to repeat an ancient, pagan, almos magical ritual. With joy they will pick the fragrant clusters and separate the berries that, squeezed, will release their nectar. The laborious vintage process will terminate when the sweet must starts to ferment turning into a delicious wine G & N have called "Le Terrazze".
  • SIMPLE FOOLPROOF TEST: The Clyde Snell Method of Watermelon Selection on St. George Island Part 2 of the TDC atonement series: Real Tribes, Real Beaches, Real Rituals. The Apalachicola Riverkeeper, Dan, relates a tried and true method for gourmet watermelon ripeness selection which was passed down to him from an old family friend in Idaho. (Do they have watermelon in Idaho? I mean, they DON'T have GULF OF MEXICO BEACHES!) In this video, Dan demonstrates that Snell's simple secret test works, even on THE NATION'S NO. 6 Ranked Beach, where NO QUESTION, the watermelon is GOURMET and tastes WAY BETTER on Memorial Day weekend, than anywhere else in the world!

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  • “The district court in DSC II applied the ripeness factors set forth by the Sixth Circuit in DCS I, which They observed that the two-part ripeness inquiry set forth (in a footnote) by the Supreme”
    — Sixth Circuit Wrestles with Ripeness Standard in Reviewing,

  • “Forum. Forum. Forum / Recipes / Is there a button? and How do you know when an avocado is a the best stage of and How do you know when an avocado is a the best stage of ripeness?”
    — Is there a button? and How do you know when an avocado is a, .au

  • “The Campaign Legal Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which works in the areas of campaign finance and elections, political communication and government ethics. We represent the public interest in enforcement of campaign and media”
    — Campaign Legal Center blog: Standing, Ripeness and the,

  • “More fun with Video! Meet Alyssa and Julianne, they are recent Virginia Tec grads who thought it would be fun to come and pick grapes with us! We'll see how they fell at the end Shot it in two parts,”
    — la gramiere: Ripeness check with Alyssa and Julianne,

  • “The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) is the only international forum of business CEOs and chairpersons pursuing a mission focused”
    — Issue Ripeness,

  • “Our wine blog includes an online archive of winery news, festival dates, state wine law Grape ripeness is an elusive concept for many people and sometimes an elusive achievement”
    — Oklahoma Wine News: How to Judge Wine Grape Ripeness Before,

  • “”
    — RSS Feed for Aged past ripeness. - Cannon Fodder - Forum ,

  • “An assistant professor at the University of Arizona has invented a sticker that indicates fruit ripeness. Picking out fruit is currently something of an art (or just plain potluck)”
    — Fruit Ripeness Sticker, diet-

  • “The word ripeness has been running across my mind lately. No doubt it has to do with the coming of my favorite eating season - SUMMER- full of rich, ripe, delicious home grown fruits and vegetables. Isn't this just the best time to eat? Soon Kathy started the forum topic La Bella Baskets”
    — | Kathy | Activity,

  • “News and Blog: Blog. Deciding which grapes to harvest next October 1st, 2008. To make high quality wine, the grapes must be Common indicators of ripeness are the grapes' sugar levels (measured in Brix) and acid levels (measured in pH”
    — Airfield Estates -,

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