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  • Rifting between Australia and Antarctic began as early as 140 of applying depth-dependent rifting models recently developed for. the well-studied Iberian-Newfoundland conjugate margins to the. — “Australian-Antarctic rifting”,
  • The highlands that surround the rift basin have high rainfall, fertile volcanic soils, and as a consequece they are densly populated. In North-East Africa, rifting has already seperated Saudi Arabia from the rest of the African continent, forming the Red Sea, which will continue to. — “African Continental Rifting”, geo.arizona.edu
  • Rifting at Earth's mid-ocean ridges is a good ***ogy for Europan band formation: Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD) educational on-line space science magazine. — “PSRD: Bands on Europa”, psrd.hawaii.edu
  • Typical rift features are a central linear downfaulted segment, called a graben, with parallel normal faulting and rift-flank uplifts on either side forming a rift valley, where the rift remains above sea level. Major rifts occur along the central axis of mid-ocean ridges, where. — “Wikipedia:Rifting - Global Warming Art”,
  • long narrow rift zones, producing a regular along- axis rift segmentation that is Ocean birth through rifting and rupture. Fig. 5. View north-northwest from the central. — “Ocean birth through rifting and rupture”,
  • Encyclopedia article about rifting. Information about rifting in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “rifting definition of rifting in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • The basic idea in the Wilson cycle is that rifting tends to occur along old orogenic axis, so that these become the edges of the rifted continental fragments, which eventually collide to form mountain belts, which are preferential weakness zones, setting up the axis for the next rifting episode. — “Continental Rifting”, maps.unomaha.edu
  • passive margin ( ′pasiv ′märjən ) ( geology ) A continental margin formed by rifting during continental. — “Passive margin: Definition from ”,
  • up of Pangaea and the transition from amagmatic to magmatic rifting. such as those on the East African rift and Red Sea rift have the. advantage of real-time measurements and observations, while studies. of the past rifting events have the advantage of a completed timeline. — “Magmatic rifting of Pangaea linked to onset of South American”,
  • Rifting definition, an opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc.; fissure; cleft; chink. See more. — “Rifting | Define Rifting at ”,
  • Over the last three decades a host of information on rifting process relating to the geological and thermal structure, long-time Although part of the post-rifting deformation could be due to viscous relaxation, the. high opening rate in. — “Numerical modelling of quaternary deformation and post-rifting”, gps.caltech.edu
  • Rift basins have been increasingly the focus of research in tectonics, structural geology, The reasons for this interest include: (1) Rift basins are found on all passive (Atlantic. — “Rift Basin Architecture & Evolution”, ldeo.columbia.edu
  • Rifting is modelled by externally prescribing a constant rate of This effect of melting induced by dynamic rifting has been numerically modelled for the. — “Dynamic models of continental rifting with melt generation”, geophysik.uni-
  • In the past 600 million years the eastern seaboard of North America has experienced two rifting events; that is, the opening of two ocean basins: the Proto-Atlantic (Stage C) and the Atlantic (Stage L). Prior to this there were probably other rifting events. — “Geological Rift Models”, csmres.jmu.edu
  • Rift. In geology, a rift or chasm is a place where the Earth's crust and lithosphere are being pulled apart and is an example of extensional tectonics. Failed rifts are where continental rifting began, but then failed to continue to the point of break-up. — “Rifting”,
  • We found 12 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word rifting: sun shone through a rift in the clouds") noun: a personal or social. — “Definitions of rifting - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • These landscapes are a result of continental rifting, or places where the continental crust is extending and thinning. Continental rifting processes are showcased in the steep fault escarpments and active volcanoes that characterize the western United States. — “Continental Rifting | Volcano World | Oregon State University”, volcano.oregonstate.edu
  • Definition of rifting in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of rifting. Pronunciation of rifting. Translations of rifting. rifting synonyms, rifting antonyms. Information about rifting in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “rifting - definition of rifting by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Typical rift features are a central linear downfaulted segment, called a graben, with parallel normal faulting and rift-flank uplifts on either side forming a rift valley, where the rift remains above sea level. Major rifts occur along the central axis of mid-ocean ridges, where. — “Rift - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Some have ascribed rifting to up-doming of the crust over a hot-spot; certainly parts of the E African rift system are very elevated, compared with other sectors, suggesting that the doming reflects an underlying hot low-density mantle plume. — “PLATE TECTONICS: Lecture 2”,
  • Accordingly, the primary goal of the research is determining the constitutive relations and rheologic properties governing rifting. implies that the process of rifting at mid-ocean ridges is episodic. — “B”, geology.wisc.edu
  • The continued pressure will eventually create a rift zone, and a new ocean basin is born. These rift zones are characterized by volcanism and are inundated with transverse faults. The record of magnetic anomalies on the Atlantic Ocean floor record the direction of propagation of the rifts. — “Rift Zones”, emporia.edu

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  • Aion Rifting - Smashing Bots in Beluslan Some of my legionnaires were having lots of fun killing bots in Beluslan so when a new rift opened, I hopped staight in to join them. I unfortunately hit the tail end of the bot massacre but it was still fun. At one point I managed to witness a train of dead bots trying to make it back to their grinding grounds. The vid opens with a helpless struggle against a cleric five levels higher than me. Not riveting PvP (not even really PvP at all) but still should be interesting none the less ^^ Server: Nezekan
  • Aion PvP - Sorcerer Solo Rifting - Part 1 I wandered into a rift on my own for the first time -- I usually go in with a group. I tassled mostly with bots but I got plenty of actual 1v1 PvP footage (and a 1v2). I caved... this is my first two parter :P. Enjoy :D Part 2 here. I know my Aether Flame timing sucks -- when I caught this session, I was running at 600 ping. My hard drive had a spaz the previous day and deleted my proxy settings without telling me... much swearing was to be had when I found out why my gathers were failing and I couldn't Aether flame for *** :P Server: Nezekan
  • Aion PvP - Sorcerer Solo Rifting - Part 2 I wandered into a rift on my own for the first time -- I usually go in with a group. I tassled mostly with bots but I got plenty of actual 1v1 PvP footage (and a 1v2). I caved... this is my first two parter :P. Enjoy :D I know my Aether Flame timing sucks -- when I caught this session, I was running at 600 ping. My hard drive had a spaz the previous day and deleted my proxy settings without telling me... much swearing was to be had when I found out why my gathers were failing and I couldn't Aether flame for *** :P Server: Nezekan
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  • Chanter Rifting 1 Lvl 42 Chanter rifting in Heiron Most of the Vid is x2 Speed Is my first Vid so: Yeah Quality isn't that great, would appreciate some Tips for Record Software/Video Cutting Program Part 2: Part 3:
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  • AION Elyos Cleric PoV Rifting PvP: Morheim PART 2 [HD] Lard(me)cleric-PoV)lvl32 and Vena(sorcerer)lvl34 decided to go to Morheim to Rift PvP, and you will see we are very outnumbered throughout the entire video. Meslamtaeda US EAST Before any of you nerd rage post saying they are all low levels that is false. In this video you will see black cloud wings which entitle the player to be 30+ and rank 5-6's, our mission wasn't to go killing rank 9's it was to get all the higher levels out. Rifting is a part of the game deal with it. Players at the end were rank 4's level 40+.
  • Virin 42 Chanter Rifting Part 2
  • Virin 48 Chanter Rifting Since people think these guys are low level: 46 sin was Silva - Conspiracy Aion™ Online :: Character & Legion He has a 15% atk speed crafted dagger that is +3'd 50 Cleric #1 Zephyram - 7960 hp Aion™ Online :: Character & Legion 50 Cleric #2 Widgette - 7299 hp Aion™ Online :: Character & Legion 45 Cleric who died to Moonflower Aeyrin Aion™ Online :: Character & Legion
  • Aion Gameplay: Rifting Fail 2.0 Assault on Balaurea Patch On my way to Fire Temple instance I ran into a rift. In the 2.0 (Assault on Baluara) update rifting was nerfed to make the rifter weak and the rifted strong, which destroyed the old rifting game style; making it not fun to rift and destroying the little PVP they have left. NC SOFT PLEASE GIVE MORE PVP OPTIONS!!!!! such as random arenas with 2v2, 3v3, and full team that let you gain EXP and AP (not that inner city arena crap). ANYONE LOOKING TO PLAY THE TRIAL, SUBSCRIBE AND SEND ME A MSG WITH YOUR EMAIL!!! Thanks to everyone for 1k views!, lets see if we can keep it rising!
  • Virindok 39 Assassin Rifting on Triniel Me on my 39 Assassin alt rifting on Triniel server.
  • Rifter - 2 The sequel to rifter. Rifters are people with in credible speed and can go so fast that they can disappear .two co-workers with incredible speed but who are not aware of each others gift . Rifter
  • aion Rifting Vs Glad 42, Templar 42.avi
  • Aion PvP - PirateLords Rifting (Trojan Andre) An Alliance of PirateLords rifting into Elyos territory (Eltnen). We spent a few hours over there, but this is a clip when we stumbled upon the corpse of a giant elite mob named Andre that we used as our Trojan Horse, which was after we were reduced down to two groups as people logged off. The first song is Mastodon's "Blood and Thunder", the second is Genghis Tron's "Arms".
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  • Aion - Spiritmaster PvP, Raid, Ganking, Rifting and Abyss OBT Here is some footage of my lv. 27 Spiritmaster during the OBT. MEH Is currently in need of skilled clerics that are based in Europe, if interested go to www.meh-
  • Aion Rifting - Zikel 1/2 Aion Rifting on Zikel, Legion: Tutty Avengers. Part 2 :
  • AION PvP Duo Rifting 2 (Ranger & Sin) . Second duo rifting video from me (Infernal) and Luzifer. and like before we got an added bonus featuring: Neaphi Sadly during this video we mainly found bots and lower lvls :( But some lvl 50 were around though, so it was worth our time. Profile links: Infernal: Luzifer: Neaphi: Songs used in this video: Epica - Dance of Fate Tomboy - It's OK to be gay
  • Aion Shop Rifting - A Toxic Addiction AION Shop Rifting at its best. Video from the AION game. Fraps taken of dance sceens and rifting into enemy territory, where we kill people in the enemy shops. Great fun, and not easy to do.
  • Rifting in Indratu 1/1/10 #1 It was exp weekend so we decided to ruin some Elyos dudes' days. We had 2x 50 SM, 50 sorc, 50 cleric. In the video I don't do as much ccing as the other SM since I'm in charge of picking focus targets.
  • Virindok 41 Assassin Rifting PVP Virindok at levels 40-42 rifting in Eltnen. Opponents(in order): Malaleche - 44 SM Gorwin - 36 SM Brutuzz - 43 Gladiator ---- Meladee - 37 Cleric Blackthief - 37 Sin Halconperegrino - 36 Ranger Eirinn - 39 Sorc Raidenleonhart - 36 Templar ---- Eirinn - 39 Sorc Elewyn - 35 Sorc Rinoah - 35 Cleric Daeryn - 34 Templar Kanler - 35 SM Afrofink - 37 Glad
  • aion 31 glad 2's rifting with ranger. KILLING 50s ONLY title says all. between and zag/mrmeowmeow vs lvl 50s in morheim. just a quick video cuz i was bored. srry for the long temp battle but there fcking annoying. and that 31 ranger thought it necissary to join in on our fight to steal our ap. so yeah just for kicks
  • Havoc legion rifting, mass PvP. Havoc legion rifting on the retail EU server Perento, 8th Feb. Dushatar Assassin PoV.
  • Aion Rifting - Vaizel Alliance of Asmodians on Vaizel rifting over to Herion and having some fun. This video is intended to show the fun of rifting and isn't meant to be taken seriously. Enjoy! Music: Sonic Syndicate - Jack of Diamonds.
  • Aion solo/grp sorc 21 rifting This is my first Real video so go easy ;), All the footage was taken in 1 rift (Not exaclty a rift its a quest but same deal:) ) I recorded with xfire Not the most amazing thing but gets the job done, Windows movie maker was giving me issues so this isnt amazing :/ I could never find low lvl solo rifting vids if i did it was ganking lower levels:/ Enjoy!
  • Aion rifting pvp 1/2 Aion is said pvp is hard to find. but, there is a common practice for people in our server such as this movie. asmos always come soon because they also hunger for pvp especially on the ground. go for rift! next HD circle.zoome.jp circle.zoome.jp circle.zoome.jp circle.zoome.jp
  • Aion - Gladiator PVP RIFT part 1 Gladiator rifting with his faction. Part 2 is here :
  • Aion PvP - Rifting Shenanigans - 15 RoF Elyos versus 100 Asmodians Myself and 14 legionaires did the teleporter quest all at once for some fun and lulz killing Asmos in Morheim. Much ganking and fun was to be had. We carved our way down the mountain killing everything infront of us, making sure to stick together and disperse asmodians grouping behind us along the way. This is the highlight of the evening: getting pincered in between two massive asmodian groups, surviving for six minutes and amassing over 140 kills before falling. Server: Nezekan Legion: Rise of the Fallen Levels ranged from 20 to 29 edit: Typo in commentary, Softnsweet is a chanter xD Music is "Los" from Rammstein.
  • Level 45 Spiritmaster Rifting This is a video of me rifting in Heiron at level 45. Date is 17.01.2010. The fights that weren't included were the ones vs. bots/lowbies. Please rate and comment.

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