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  • In 2008 a DigitalHunter DayNight Riflescope that uses infrared light captured by the CCD to enhance low light capabilities became available. It is The reticle used in the Romanian I.O.R. LPS 4x6° TIP2 4x24 rifle scope is calibrated for ranging a 1.7 m tall target from 200 m. — “Telescopic sight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Premium Riflescope Bargain Cave. Select items Burris Fullfield II 4.5-14x42 Riflescope Landmark Spotting Scope Combo. — “Riflescopes, Optics, Hunting : ”,
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  • A good rifle scope can mean the difference between success or failurea at your next trip to the range or hunting trip. This content will help you decide on which rifle scope is best for your rifle. — “Rifle Scopes, Sights, Red Dot Sight, Scope Mount, Gun”, rifle-scope-
  • If you have trouble finding the Rifle Scope that you're looking for, use our on-line web chat and speak with our customer service experts. Once you've mounted your Rifle Scope, save time and ammunition by bore sighting with one of our Bore Sighting Systems. — “Rifle Scopes, Binoculars, and Spotting Scopes Free Shipping”,
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  • One of the main uses of a riflescope is that it magnifies your target, giving you a clearer sight picture than with the *** eye. Barska's New 4-16x50 IR Green Mil-dot Sniper Riflescope features quick targeting exterior windage and elevation adjustments, military standard. — “Rifle Scopes BARSKA Hunting Tactical Riflescopes and Rings”,
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  • Rifle Scope 's are used for hunting to increase the view of an object. Like binoculars, the power of a rifle scope is described by two numbers that indicate its magnifying ability and the size of the lens. — “Rifle Scope for your best rifle scope site of scopes”, rifle-
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  • If you do not find a particular rifle scope listed then its review was most likely not favorable, and thus not worthy of your consideration. We do not carry all the rifle scopes made by the companies listed below, only the riflescopes which review well for quality and value are represented!. — “Rifle Scope Reviews Rifle Scopes”,

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  • Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4x24 30mm Riflescope Our first look at the AccuPoint 1-4x24 30mm Riflescope from Trijicon A high quality optical scope with illuminated aiming point using fiber optics and tritium Optics Buyers Guide Another video review by Read our Gun Websites Blog; http Chat with us at Gun Websites on Facebook; Gun Websites on Twitter:
  • Bushnell Rifle Scopes - Elite 3200, 4200, DOA, Tactical.wmv - Here are Bushnell Rifle Scopes under review If you are searching for the very best value in Bushnell rifle scopes, you will be hard-pressed to make a better choice than the Bushnell Elite series 3200,4200 or any Tactical model. The Bushnell Elite 3200 or 4200 is simply the greatest Bushnell doa scope I have ever came acrossed. They are intended to work no matter what the weather conditions or temps may be.
  • Tasco rifle scope part 1 Part 1 of 2 This is a 3-9x50mm Tasco target scope that i bought at Wal-Mart for only $34.95 They had the same power of a scope made by Leopold for 199$
  • Sighting in an Air Rifle Scope.mov Watch as a Scope is sighted in on an air rifle. Air Rifle scopes like those by RWS and Walther have ASR or Airgun Shock Reinforcement. This means their lenses are cushioned at either side. This is because air rifles kick twice, once forward and once backward, as opposed to a firearm which only kicks once. Video directed by Umarex USA. For more info, see Filmed and edited by 5-Star Productions.
  • The Easy Way to Sight-In an Air Rifle Scope Sight-in your scope-fitted air rifle in only two or three shots by following Stephen Archer's simple instructions shown here. You "see through the scope" for a clear understanding of the steps.
  • How to Zero a Rifle Scope - With 1 Shot! An explanation of how to zero a rifle scope with one shot. It's very important not to move your rifle once you start adjusting your windage and elevation.
  • An Introduction to Rifle Scope Rings and Bases This video provides a basic introduction to the most popular styles of scope rings and bases. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains the design and function of Weaver, Redfield, and Leupold Quick Detachable style scope mounting systems. The introduction begins with the Weaver style mounting system. This system, featuring both one and two piece bases, uses a large dovetail with a slot machined across the base. The ring contains a crossbolt which rests inside this slot when the ring is clamped on, preventing any forward or backward movement. The second system discussed is the Redfield, or standard, type mounting system. This system features a dovetail on the front ring that seats in a corresponding recess in the front base. The rear base features windage screws which allow the user to make windage corrections by adjusting the mounting system, rather than using the adjustments on the scope. The Redfield, or standard, scope mounting system is produced by most ring and base manufacturers. These include Redfield, Burris, Leupold, Millett, and Weaver. The final system examined in this video is the Leupold Quick Detachable mounting system. This system, popular for dangerous game guns, allows the shooter to remove and reattach the scope to the rifle without a change in zero. The rings feature a post that nestles into the base and is locked in place using the attached lever. This video will give you the information you need to make an informed decision regarding ...
  • Leupold Riflescope Factory Tour - Part 2 Meet some of the Leupold team as they show how every Leupold scope is designed, manufactured and assembled in the Leupold factory just outside of Portland, Oregon.
  • Carl Zeiss Showcase the Duralyt Rifle Scope at IWA 2010 Carl Zeiss Showcase the Duralyt Rifle Scope at IWA 2010. Carl Zeiss talk about the Duralyt Rifle Scope.
  • Leupold Mark4 LRT Rifle Scope - Rugged Optics The Leupold Mark 4 LRT rifle scope has excellent, rugged optics.
  • Nikon Rifle Scope Preview for OpticsPlanet preview version
  • bushnell rifle scope bushnell rifle scope and other riflescope band new hot sale free shipping. ^^ that's realy our rifle scope as you see welcome to get it which free shipping !
  • Hawke SideWinder 30 Tactical Riflescope Following on from the successful Hawke Sidewinder 30 IR range of riflescopes Hawke Optics is proud to announce a new Tactical range.
  • Gunsmith - Lapping riflescope rings to improve holding power While today's scope rings are of the best quality they have ever been, many can still be improved using a simple process called lapping. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains this process using the Wheeler Engineering Scope Lapping Kit. This kit includes a steel bar that when coated with 220 grit lapping compound is worked back and forth inside the assembled rings. This smoothes out any high spots and increases the surface contact between the rings and the scope body. This prevents damage to the scope body, which more rigidly holding the scope to prevent any shifts in point of impact that can result from continuous use.
  • Level Level Level Rifle Scope Crosshairs Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, shows the viewer how to properly level crosshairs using the Wheeler Engineering Level Level Level. This tool, combined with proper technique, will guarantee your crosshairs are perfectly level every time. This system uses a pair of precision levels that allows the user to level the crosshairs of a rifle scope in relation to the raceways of the action. This system is quick, precise, and eliminates the problem of canted crosshairs completely. When used in conjunction with the Wheeler Engineering FAT wrench, screwdriver set, and ring lapping kit, anyone can professionally install and level a rifle scope.
  • Premier Heritage 5-25x56mm Tactical Rifle Scope presents a product review of the Premier Heritage Reticles 5-25x56mm Tactical Rifle Scope. Owner Mike Cecil covers the turret, the housing, the reticle, the illumination, and more...
  • How to Choose the Right Variable Power Riflescope Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, provides an informative introduction to variable power riflescopes and their uses. This video provides the information necessary to make the right decision when choosing your next riflescope. The entire spectrum of scope powers is covered include low, medium, and high power variables. This information can be applied to scopes manufactured by all firms, including Leupold, Burris, Weaver, Nikon, Millett, Bushnell, Zeiss, Swarovski, Kahles, Tasco, and others.
  • Boresighting a Rifle Scope the Old Fashion Way Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, shows how to bore sight a scope on a bolt action rifle without the use of a boresighter or other expensive tools. In a process that takes only minutes, you can easily adjust your scope so your first shots at the range are on target. The process is quick, easy, and it saves ammo as well! This process begins by taping a Caldwell target on the wall approximately 20 feet away from the muzzle. With the rifle in a Tipton Best Gun vise and the bolt removed, you are then able to line up the target with the bore by adjusting the vise. Once the target is centered in the bore, the crosshairs are adjusted until they are also zeroed on the target. The rifle is now ready to take to the range.
  • Sighting In Your Rifle Scope In 4 shots or Less! Video describes how to use AccuScope to sight in your scope on a rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, or pistol in 4 shots or less.
  • Leupold Riflescope Factory Tour - Part 1 Meet some of the Leupold team as they show how every Leupold scope is designed, manufactured and assembled in the Leupold factory just outside of Portland, Oregon.
  • Leupold CQBSS 1.1-8x24 mm Rifle Scope Second look at the Leupold Tactical Optics; CQBSS 1.1-8x24 mm Riflescope at SHOT Show 2010 Leupold Tactical Optics More 2010 Shot Show Coverage at http Scope Buyers Another video review by Read our Gun Websites Blog; http Chat with us at Gun Websites on Facebook; Gun Websites on Twitter:
  • New M-223 Nikon Riflescope The M-223 line offers five new riflescopes for AR rifles, all engineered for shooting the 223 Rem./5.56mm NATO round with 55-grain polymer tipped bullet at 3240 fps. With Nikons latest reticle and adjustment technologies, the M-223 integrates the same level of quality as the flagship Monarch® riflescopes.
  • Tactical Rifle Scope 3-9x42 Blue Mil Dot Red Laser Link To our Store: Custom Gun Services Web Site $164.00 Free Shipping in the US. It has super clear optics and a good Quality feel !! Rubber Armored Mark III Tactical Scope with Built in Red Laser & Blue (MIL DOT) Illuminated Reticle Flip Up see thru lens covers Mil Dot Reticle Illuminated Blue Free Cleaning cloth included Free Spare Battery included Red laser dot on side perfect hip shootin CQB Rubber Armored for protection 3-9 adjustable magnification Bullet Drop Compensator for 223 caliber in a 55 grain bullet And MORE !! The All New Rubber Armored Mark III Tactical Series gives you all the great features of the Original Mark III Tactical Series such as the Weaver Style Quick Release System and Built-in Sunshade, but with the added protection of Rubber Armoring AND a Fully Adjustable Red Laser. PLUS, the New Rubber Armored Mark III Tactical Series features our Blue Illuminated Reticle, a first for NcSTAR. This series is offered in a variable power 3-9x42, and a fixed power 4x32 with 3 reticle options of Mil-Dot, P4 Sniper, and Rangefinder. This Scope Series offers Rock Solid Dependability at an Unmatched Value!
  • US Military Rifle Scopes Inscribed With Bible Verses Janauary 18, 2010 on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow - Original report from ABC News: bit.ly - via
  • Fitting camera to rifle scope Detailed instructions on how I fitted a camera to rifle scopes.
  • ATN Aries MK350 Night vision Riflescope
  • A Basic Introduction to Rifle Scope Reticles and their Uses This video gives the viewer a basic understanding of rifle scope reticles and their use. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains not only what a reticle is, but also the differences in reticles and their uses. The reticle, or crosshairs, is the aiming device used inside most popular rifle scopes. While the use of crosshairs is now over a hundred years old, many improvements have been made in recent years. Changes such as the stepping of a wider crosshair down to a thinner wire for aiming, allows the shooter to more easily see the crosshairs in low light situations or while aiming during a hurried string of fire. This type of reticle is known as a duplex reticle. Another reticle examined in this video is the dot reticle. This reticle uses very thin crosshairs with a small dot at their point of intersection. This reticle is typically used for long distance target or varmint shooting. This information can be applied to scopes manufactured by all firms, including Leupold, Burris, Weaver, Millett, Bushnell, Zeiss, Swarovski, Nikon, Kahles, Tasco, and others.
  • Nikon Monarch Rifle Scopes - A Great Value! The new Nikon Monarch rifle scopes have changed the game. Modern features at a very reasobable price make the Nikon Monarch scopes a Best Value.
  • Barska 6-24x60 Rifle Scope Review BARSKA 6-24x60 IR SWAT Extreme Tactical 30mm Riflescope Review. Deals and HD still pictures review at
  • ATN ThOR Thermal imaging rifle scope ATN Shot show 2011 ThOR Thermal imaging rifle scope presentation
  • Leupold VX II Rifle Scope The Leupold VX II rifle scope is the most popular scope Leupold makes. High-performance features such as 1/4 in MOA windage adjustments and a moderate price make the VX II Leupold's most popular rifle scope.
  • Hawke vs Leupold Rifle Scopes A comparison between the Hawke Endurance riflescope and the Leupold Vari-X II riflescopes. The Hawke Endurance riflescope is a reasonably priced scope with surprisingly nice features, especially when compared to the much more expensive Leupold Vari-X II riflescope. Both scopes are 3-9x40mm variable power.
  • Rifle scopes choosing a rifle scope
  • Weaver 3x9 RV9 riflescope: Do-It-All .22 Scope The Weaver RV9 3x9 riflescope is one of my favorites for .22 rifles. For around $200 it provides a quality level equivalent to more expensive optics. Other upsides include a lightweight design (only 12 ounces), an extremely versatile adjustable objective (focusable down to 10 yds), matte black finish (gloss available too), short overall length, waterproof construction, and a lifetime warranty. As of 2009, the also excellent Leupold 3x9 VX-II (Model 58710) shares many of the same features and has excellent clarity but costs $100 more. And I recommend avoiding optics below $100 if you want good optic clarity, especially at higher magnifications. Also a well-designed scope should be lightweight, at least in this category, and the RV9 delivers. If mounted on a lightweight rifle, guess what: your rifle remains lightweight (but don't expect that will low priced optics, they're heavy). For indoor shooters, the RV9 is dream to use with its close focusing capabilities as well. And since it has an AO, it could also serve on centerfire rifles with equal excellence. Downsides are few but might include the lack of low profile target turrets (not missed in this POU really) and its scarcity (hard to find). But as of early 2009, the Weaver RV9 currently remains one of the best, most versatile high value scopes for your .22s (and other guns too!). /////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 10 of 10
  • Elcan DigitalHunter Rifle Scope bit.ly - Click on link to see the DigitalHunter being used in the new "Predators" movie. Now on special for only $800. Click on the following link for more info on the Elcan DigitalHunter: bit.ly . After taking the scope out 3 different times we have the following feedback: 1. Excellent and fun item for hunting but wouldn't recommend for competitive shooting. 2. Recommend not adjusting your windage in the ballistic software. Better off with a holdover shot. 3. Recommend Energizer AA Lithium batteries. Recommend removing batteries when not using the scope to conserve battery power (removing batteries will not reset your personalized settings).
  • Leatherwood Hi-Lux CMR 1-4X24mm Rifle Scope and Burris AR-PEPR Mount Double review of the Leatherwood Hi-Lux 1-4x24mm scope and the Burris PEPR Scope mount. Both of these were purchased at MidwayUSA. Scope was about $250 and the mount about $69. Fast shipping and good all around experience with them. Hope you enjoy the video, and if you feel so inclined, please subscribe. Spechs: Technical Information: Burris AR-PEPR Mount Material: Aluminum Ring Height: 1" (measured from top of base to bottom of scope tube) Technical Information Tube Diameter: 30mm Adjustment Click Value: 1/2 MOA Adjustment Type: Click Exposed Turrets: Yes Finger Adjustable Turrets: Yes Turrets Resettable to Zero: Yes Zero Stop: Yes Turret Height: Medium Fast Focus Eyepiece: Yes Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty Rings Included: No Sunshade Included: No Sunshade Length: No Lens Covers Included: Yes Power Variability: Variable Min power: 1x Max power: 4x Reticle Construction: Glass-etched Reticle: CMR Ballistic Reticle Illuminated Reticle: Yes Holdover reticle: Yes Reticle Focal Plane Location: 2nd Parallax Adjustment: No Finish: Matte Water/Fogproof: Yes Shockproof: Yes Airgun Rated: No Objective Bell Diameter: 30mm Ocular Bell Diameter: 39.6 Eye Relief: 3" Max Internal Adjustment: N/A Exit Pupil Diameter: 11.1-6mm Weight: 16.5 oz Field of View at 100 Yards: 94.8' @ 1x 26.2' @ 4x Dimensions, in inches unless otherwise stated: A: 10.2 B: 6.38 C: 3 D: 2.1 E: 3.82 F: N/A G: 30mm H: 39.6mm
  • Leupold CQBSS 1.1-8x24 mm Riflescope First look at the Leupold Tactical Optics; CQBSS 1.1-8x24 mm Riflescope at SHOT Show 2010 Leupold Tactical Optics More 2010 Shot Show Coverage at http Scope Buyers Another video review by Read our Gun Websites Blog; http Chat with us at Gun Websites on Facebook; Gun Websites on Twitter:
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  • “If you currently don't have a blog then a post about this contest in a forum, facebook, or twitter will do just fine. me using the contact page with the message "rifle scope contest" and include the link to your blog post, facebook, or twitter about the contest”
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