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  • The American independence war was the first in which rifles were used to any significant effect and, although both sides possessed rifles, the combination of the American long rifles and their users' sniping tactics had repeated and devastating effects on the battlefield. — “rifle: Definition from ”,
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  • Definition of riffles in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of riffles. Pronunciation of riffles. Translations of riffles. riffles synonyms, riffles antonyms. Information about riffles in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “riffles - definition of riffles by the Free Online Dictionary”,
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  • Rifles are long guns designed to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel that has a helical groove or pattern of grooves ("rifling") cut into the barrel walls. The mainstays of armed combat and hunting, rifles are characterized by. — “Rifles - Zombie Wiki - Zombies, Undead, Survival Guide”,
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  • Rifles are used in warfare, competitive target shooting, hunting, and sport shooting. Later the Winchester 1866, 1873, 1894, and 1895 rifles appeared, the latter two designed by John Browning,. — “Rifle - New World Encyclopedia”,
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  • Formerly, rifles only fired a single projectile with each squeeze of Modern assault rifles are capable of firing more than one round per trigger squeeze; some. — “Rifle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • Sluicing with my custom made drop riffle sluice in Western NC On the 2nd broad river in Western NC, sluicing with my custom drop riffle sluice. Can read more about the sluice here: It worked great, caught a couple pickers and lots of fine gold, as fine as 40 to 80 mesh. I am going to do away with the 2nd lower profile inspection mat and put a couple riffles there, its not needed.
  • Tap Dance: EP22 Speed Step - Riffles & more This speed step features riffles, heels, and shuffles to form a cool rhythm that sounds good at either a slow or a fast tempo. This lesson is from Season 1 of a Tap Dance Made Easy video podclass created and hosted by highly-regarded tap instructor, Eli Newsom. Eli releases two new podclass episodes (roughly 30 minutes each) each month to his subscriber base. Eli also has a series of instructional Tap Dancing DVDs. For information on annual or archived subscriptions to Eli's podclasses or availability of his DVDs, check out . Eli Newsom has taught tap dance classes in San Francisco and New York City, where he currently resides. He has studied with some of the best tap instructors in the United States, and specializes in teaching tap to beginners with no previous experience, and to dancers/performers with previous experience who want to improve their rhythms and technique. Eli releases two new podclass episodes (roughly 30 minutes each) each month to his subscriber base. Eli also has a series of instructional Tap Dancing DVDs. For information on annual or archived subscriptions to Eli's podclasses or availability of his DVDs, check out .
  • paper intervention bolt action riffle first one on youtube also this gun is on modern warfare 2 took one day to make i will paint this gun then make on update comment if you want this gun to black or forest camo or silver and black or plain gold or other types of camos like red or blue tiger camo or digitol camo or fall camo or desert camo or artic camo you guys decide in the comment section ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Call of Duty Black Ops Montage (Sniper, Aussault riffles) Its my second Call of Duty Black Ops Montage. In this video i played the most time sniper. a little bit with assault riffles :D. I hope you enjoy the Video. Pls comment at the end of the video. it takes not longer then 5 sek :D and not forget to subscribe :) Song: Sum 41 - Noots Ignore...
  • Tap Dancing Time Steps : Tap Dancing: Riffle & Scuffle Combo Warm up the ankles and add a scuffle to the riffle steps. Learn about riffle and scuffle combo time steps from a dance teacher in this free video on intermediate tap dancing. Expert: Emily Larew Bio: Emily Larew is a professional dancer and dance instructor. Emily teaches at Vanderbilt University, Columbia State, and top studios in the Nashville area. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Top 5 Assault Riffles When i made this video,i picked the guns based on their status,new video coming soon
  • World's Best Top 10 Assualt Riffles The tittle says it all the songs is fortune son
  • Riffle's 3rd BASE jump! Twin Falls, ID Twin Falls, ID -- Sept. 19/2009 -- hand-held pilot chute... opened left! Turned right with the toggle to get back to the field. So FuN!
  • Miss Officer Dual Comm | Sniper riffles wha? Hey guys. This commentary was done a bit ago, but I hope you still enjoy :] Sub to Miss Officer, she's epic at life. Her channel always has great HD stuff on it! Check out my no scope collateral!!! If you want to talk to me or any of the members from OpTic, check out: twitter http I do it for teh lulz [email protected] I'm not begging for money, but people ask me for my paypal all the time so I'm putting it in the description.
  • How To Make A Set Of Riffles For Fine Gold Recovery How I make a set of riffles for a 12 x 36 inch wide sluice box, 3/8" profile angles riffles from 20 gauge steel, mig welded .......
  • Riffles and Bits Uploaded using PS3(TM) EEEYYYAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
  • Salmon & Steelhead Fishing: Confluences, Riffles, Pools Favorite holds for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout. Annotations add detail to reading water and how to drift fish each hold using Corkies, Flies, Baits, Spinners, and Jigs. Of course it also includes baits (eggs, worms, leeches, and Scent Laden yarn) making this How-to fishing video an ideal learning tool to increase hookups.
  • Camilla inspects 4 Riffles in Salisbury Wiltshire England. After the revelation made be Prince Charles on US television that Camilla could become Queen, Calyx TV watched as she inspected the 4 Riffles in Salisbury. 4 Riffles march in Double Time and they seemed to impress"Queen Camilla".
  • The Eton Riffles Not everyone can be a leader
  • Riffles Riffles and flourishes for Mitt Romney
  • Boss Series II-Riffles Part 2 Part II of the Riffle Battle.
  • RWFF Nelson Spring Creek Riffles Again this is a virtual flyfishing scene created for RWFF simulator by Yellowstone7 based on a Nelson Spring Creek riffle. The fishing logic and the images are very lifelike. This shot was made in " Beginner" mode and the fish were fairly easy to catch. However, in "Expert" mode the fishing will be a lot more difficult. Much like the real action found on the actual spring creek. Only perfectly chosen and presented flies will be accepted by the fish. RWFF is an awesome simulator.
  • Weapons of Choice CPD Carbine Riffle Program Channel 5's Anna Devlantes interviews Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis about the deployment of the new Carbine riffles to the Police Officers working the streets.
  • Call of Duty: BO - Weapon review part 1 (Assault riffles) This is a video about Call of duty Black ops and the weapons of the game. Soap will test the weapons and tell abit while H will tell you facts and bit infomation about the weapon. This is a Part of a series that will go through every weapon in the game.
  • gerry's riffle design.wmv just a design the Gerry from Alaska wanted me to try out and see how they worked
  • skenco and promethius pellet test (riffles).wmv both riffles from factory rated 800fps, board test is 3/4" pine
  • Tap Dancing Time Steps : Tap Dancing: Riffle Bombershay Time Steps Finish the last riffle sound by switching the foot over. Learn about riffle bombershay time steps from a dance teacher in this free video on intermediate tap dancing. Expert: Emily Larew Bio: Emily Larew is a professional dancer and dance instructor. Emily teaches at Vanderbilt University, Columbia State, and top studios in the Nashville area. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
  • Riffle's First BASE jump from a regular camera - 9/19/2009 My first BASE jump at TwinFalls using a pilot-chute-assist technique.
  • Riffle's BASE jump #2 - Pilot Chute Assist from Kate - Twin Falls, ID Sep 2009 My 2nd BASE jump off the Perrine bridge! Went kind of far down the river before turning back.
  • Riffle's rear-float BASE jump Perrine Bridge Twin Falls Idaho Snake River Canyon 9/2009 Stepped off backwards for a rear float. 2 second delay I think. Apex dual pin rig with a Flik 240. Was fun to see the bridge steel going by. Prayed to Jesus for sure.
  • Pirates of the Riffles; Bush vs Ladden Part 3 The adventures of two enemies : Captain Ladden and the Commodore Bush. Who will be the winner of this big battle?
  • The best sniper riffles The best 3 sniper riffles on the world(for me)comment please
  • All Weapons Pack A Punched Assault Riffles these are all of the assault riffles pack a punched since i forgot the g11 im gonna do it during the special weapons episode and maybe just maybe next episode i will have a special guest on the show Tags Ignore these: All Weapons Pack Punched Assault Riffles black ops *** zombies card fallout nuke opening cards xbox ps3 wii pc the crossbow g11 m14 m16 galil commando aug special under barrel shotgun noob tube
  • How to Shuffle Cards : Straight Riffle Shuffling a Deck of Cards Learn techniques for shuffling a deck of cards, including the straight riffle in this free how-to video series on how to shuffle a deck of cards. Expert: Peter Perata Bio: Peter Perata is an English teacher in Northern California but his first love is card magic. He has been performing card tricks for over 20 years and delights in passing on his knowledge to others. Filmmaker: kris taylor
  • Bait Fishing: A63 Special Report To Fish For Catfish In Rive great tips to go bait fishing for channel catfish in rivers details here! visit our website to get your free fishing downloads today!
  • Sues Delight/Patsys Pitcher/Steelhead in the Riffles- by Libby McLaren ©® 2009, libbymac music Robin Flower and Libby McLaren Jan Martinelli, bass; Danny Carnahan, guitar and fiddle; Peter Maund, percussion. Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, CA CD Release Concert Twenty Years · Twenty Rivers Celtic/Americana
  • Fishing Slots, Drop-offs, Riffles, Seams, Pools, and Boulders Very Detailed: Reading water is the ability to figure out the surface to find holding fish. This HD video shows you how to read Slots, Riffles, Seams, Drop-offs, and Pools. Fish gravitate in all these holds and that means more fish for you.
  • Pirates of the Riffles; Bush vs Ladden Part 2 The adventures of two enemies : Captain Ladden and the Commodore Bush. Who will be the winner of this big battle?
  • Card Cascade Bridge Flourish with Riffle Shuffle A VERY DETAILED tutorial for learning that stylish cascade of cards when u done your nice riffle shuffle. This tutorial features both the Riffle Shuffle with the Bridge :D. Leave comments, i wanna see video responses on this one, i wanna know how u went with it. show me watcha got :D cheers.
  • UCC 2010 Springs, Spins Riffles, and Grins my entry for the united cardists competition. ther are a lot of credits starting with: huron low kevin ho daren yeow dan and dave buck tashfiq ambrose andrei jikh Garry jason sol the cuso jonas haglund chris hestnes MUSIC: Queens Of The Stone Age - Auto Pilot
  • Tap, Fall 08 ~ Riffles and Slurps For my tappers in my classes at the Patel Conservatory at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, I broke down how to do riffles and slurps.
  • Eastport Maine - Tidal Riffles Tidal Riffles on the coast of Eastport Maine. The high tides in this area make the water turbulent.
  • G.Riffles by Registered Maine Guide Dave Higgins Machias River Deercamp 2010
  • Highbanker Greywolf Angle iron Riffles Angle irontype riffles spaced at three times the distance verses hieght of size of riffles, this is about the perfect spacing
  • Flyfishing for Carp in River Riffles The poorman's bonefish or an undiscovered flyfishing resource? You be the judge.
  • Mokai Trip - Allegheny River - P7 Up River Through Some Riffles Mokai Kayak Trip On Allegheny River From Tidioute, Pa. Bonnie Brae Access To Rt. 62 Bridge At Buckaloons Recreational Area, Pa. Approximately a 13 mile one way trip. Beautiful scenic view trip. River was fast moving in general, surprisingly faster in several places. Video taken with Canon G10 camera and my very shaky handholding fixed as best as I could with VirtualDub. See: See: www.fs.fed.us
  • Pirates of the Riffles; Bush vs Ladden Part 1 The adventures of two enemies : Captain Ladden and the Commodore Bush. Who will be the winner of this big battle?

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