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  • Riffled Index returns the corresponding index in X for each element in Riffled {X} Riffled Index returns the corresponding index in X for each element in Riffled {X}. — “Riffle VI - NI LabVIEW 8.6 Help”,
  • Garrett's Sifter offers patented, 90° riffled design that ensures rapid gold recovery. It's lightweight, green and virtually indestructible. — “Garrett 14 inch Sifter/Classifier Metal Detectors For Less”,
  • Physics Products India, Physics Products Exporters, Physics Products Manufacturers, Physics Products Suppliers, Physics Products, International Biological Laboratories Interlabs, Ambala Cantt, India on one side and stop-*** with riffled nozzle on the other side. — “Physics Products Manufacturers, Physics Products Suppliers”,
  • Definition of riffled in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of riffled. Pronunciation of riffled. Translations of riffled. riffled synonyms, riffled antonyms. Information about riffled in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “riffled - definition of riffled by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Riffled definition, to turn hastily; flutter and shift: See more. — “Riffled | Define Riffled at ”,
  • Mossberg, yes Mossberg, makes some very nice barrels for the Remington 870. I have the #92356 barrel for my 870 Express. It's a 24", ported, fully rifled, cantilever scope mount barrel with a Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x32 scope already mounted and. — “riffled barral? I am getting a riffled barral for my”,
  • He was always the one who turned heads when we were slogging across campus, bleary-eyed and late for an eight o'clock class. There he went, tall and strong, his blond hair riffled by the morning breeze, utterly handsome. — “The nearly perfect Lexus hybrid / The 2007 GS450h is very”,
  • Look through a book or other written material "He riffled through the report"; - flick, flip, thumb, leaf, riff. Stir up (water) Derived forms: riffled, riffles, riffling. Type of: displace, flow, flux, make, mix, move, moving ridge, peruse, ruffle, shuffle,. — “riffle, riffled, riffles, riffling- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Riffled floor board set SIP Vespa PK/S/XL/XL2/FL/automatic 3 pieces, aluminium (remove plastic with XL2!) Riffeled Aluminium Floorboards now also available in black pow. — “Riffled floor board set SIP”, sip-
  • I riffled though CONSUMED: Rethinking Business in the Era of Mindful Spending today. Even though I riffled through the book, this tasty quote from British philosopher G.K. Chesterton made a lasting impression with me. — “Brand Autopsy: Interesting Ideas”,
  • Riffled independence model: As before, draw ranking from full Riffled. Independence. Conditional. Independence. Can we exploit riffled independence in. — “Riffled Independence for Ranked Data”, cs.cmu.edu
  • Encyclopedia article about riffled. Information about riffled in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “riffled definition of riffled in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • [edit] Verb. riffled. Simple past tense and past participle of riffle. /wiki/riffled" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “riffled - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Examples of RIFFLE. He riffled the pages of the magazine. — “Riffled - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of riffled from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of riffled. Pronunciation of riffled. Definition of the word riffled. Origin of the word riffled. — “riffled - Definition of riffled at ”,
  • LaunchTek - Parts Plans Launchers Gift Certificates Custom Misc Potato Gun,Spudgun, Spud Gun, Gun, Cannon, Launcher, Riffled, Air Cannon, Tekrome. — “LaunchTek, Tekrome™ Simulated Chrome Launchers and Spud Guns”, launch-
  • These Riffled areas are, noted by their irregular, rough, broken and much faster surface flows. The Riffled area of a stream or river is, natures way of cleaning house. — “Maine Fly Fishing Hatches”,
  • Internally riffled boiler tubes are used to evaporate water into steam inside boilers of Because of their internally riffled shape, they are more efficient. — “Internally riffled boiler tubes - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Tube Bow Manufacturers & Tube Bow Suppliers Directory - Find a Tube Bow Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Tube Bow Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . - Page 5 applications: pvc pipes pipe planks large-bow bellows large-bow riffled tubes. — “Tube Bow-Tube Bow Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Bottom Palming - When the Cards are Riffled - Alt. How to Bottom Palm - with riffled cards. To palm, grip the bottom cards with the left third finger at first joint, and press firmly against right thumb; raise whole deck slightly, swinging finger. — “Bottom Palm from Riffle Alternative Method - Card Sleight”,

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  • Tribute to the Rock of 70's ( Part 1 ) This is my tribute to the rock of 70's ...In this video you will see 9 songs with 1 minute or less of classics of rock of 70's ...In the background , I put some logos or images of the band in which I will be doing the cover ... All the songs are covers , and all the guitars are made by me ... Watch the second part too : Tribute to the rock of 80's : Tribute to the rock of 90's : Hope you enjoy ... THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 & 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.
  • Julia Nunes - Balloons (Cover) Here's another artist I've slept with in the past four weeks. And by slept with I mean gone to bed with. And by gone to bed with I mean I listened to her songs while trying to get some sleep. There is one song in particular that really got my attention. I mentioned it over at my blog already but I forgot to tell you guys that it is on her album "Left Right Wrong". I started out with a riff that I carried with me for at least two years. Now I finally have use for it. :-) One riff led to another and, well, there you go. Another overly emotional coverversion for you guys. (Sorry it took so long to be finished)
  • MasterThatRiff! 52 - Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" MasterThatRiff! 52 - Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" Check out the TAB @ Recorded with Suhr Pro Series S3 through Carvin Legacy into with Guitar Rig 3 acting as speaker emulator. http Subscribe to Mark's personal youtube channel at
  • Riffled Cascade Falls so many falls, and every one was uniquely amazing Bells Canyon, Utah
  • Black Dog Riff Led Zeppelin This is just me messing around with my uncles iPhone... and my sister had to get in the way. well enjoy.
  • china horse shooting me and my dad messing about with china horses and his air riffle :D
  • The Bass Riff Of The Week 1 - Classic Rock n Roll Riff (Led Zeppelin Style) My band already has 2 singles up, FREE on: BACKING TRACKS AND TABLATURES COMING! - Free Guitar Backing Tracks, Lessons and Resources! This is the first "Riff Of The Week" guys, and it is pretty obvious, i wiil make one cool riff every week. This is a hard riffing rock n roll exercise, and it is based on Led Zeppelin, a lot of people request led zep based tutorials! Let's be friends, add me on facebook! http
  • Rock Riff #3 ( hard rock...ACDC, JET....ect) EASY An easy ACDC inspired "hard rock" riff. This is a sample lesson from
  • black dog riff- led zeppelin
  • MAGIC CARTOON DECK by MAGIC MAKERS MAGIC CARTOON DECK - PRO BRAND POKER SIZE - One Dozen Decks (Each Deck Is Individually Packaged With Complete Instructions Ready For Retail) Spectator freely selects a card. The cards are then riffled. The full figured Magician comes to life as he takes off his hat, places it on the table, performs some magic with his wand, and pulls out one card... The Chosen Card! A bonus ending is included... the Magician puts the card back in his hat and...HE VANISHES! Comes with step-by-step directions and tips and free demo video upon purchase. Designed by Rob Stiff Magic Makers, Inc. - further crediting is in the teaching video. Based on an original effect in the same playing card flip book format with an animated magic top hat and dove flying out from 1954 & 1959 by Educards of Canada
  • Riff Of The Week 1 - Classic Rock n Roll Riff (Led Zeppelin Style) My band already has 2 singles up, FREE on: Backing Tracks, Guitar Rig Preset and tablatures: - Free Guitar Backing Tracks, Lessons and Resources! This is the first "Riff Of The Week" guys, and it is pretty obvious, i wiil make one cool riff every week. This is a hard riffing rock n roll exercise, and it is based on Led Zeppelin, a lot of people request led zep based tutorials! Let's be friends, add me on facebook! http And follow me on twitter:
  • Let's Play Gran Turismo 1 Part XXVI: Arcade needs to be riffled off sooner or later... So expect a few of these semi-filler episodes in between the next few championships because i'm going to show at least sped up races in arcade but still want the GT World Cup and Grand Valley 300km to be the last parts of the LP. Just a bunch of races with some random commentary. Guess you could say that for all my videos actually.
  • Muse - The Small Print (cover by AliAs) Cover is mainly influnced by the Earl's Court 2004 performance (there is also a little bit wich is inspired by the Montreux 2002 gig :) ). That was also the last performance of the song by Muse to date. Outro riff is 'Who knows who' (Muse & The Streets) and is usually played after the song Map of problematique. GEAR: Riff guitar: Ibanez SZ520QM Vocal guitar: Yamaha Pacifica 812v Effects: ZOOM G7.1ut Amp: Ibanez TB50r Backtrack exported from GuitarPro with RSE technology. Audio recorded and mixed with Adobe Audition, video edited with Sony Vegas.
  • How to do Card Tricks : How to Do the Riffle Shuffle with Playing Cards Learn the riffle shuffle with a deck of playing cards before you deal a hand in this free magic trick video. Expert: Chris McKay Contact: Bio: Chris McKay is a professional magician who specializes in cards and close-up magic, currently working the Cleveland and Los Angeles areas. Filmmaker: Christopher Lesinski
  • 2 - Modern Man - Solemn Servant - The Story Of David - Free MP3 !!! - FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD - !!! @ Recorded @ Solyma Records, Dallas Mixed by Jason Thompson @ 4141 Studios, Dallas Mastered by Dave Collins @ Dave Collins Mastering, Los Angeles LYRICS (Copyright 2010 - Cross Members Entertainment and Solyma Records): Chorus: Am I making people nervous, when I go below the surface the purpose of the Solem service is to get you thinking off these verses Rain forms when I brain storm I let the Son in to keep the gam warm and Ima say it till you aim for Him new day nothing changed its the same warning Verse 1: My style's insubordinate to the norm, abort the orthodox form, plot coordinates, swarm the continents, warm the climate, warn your conscience, expose the contents, my thoughts are constant, pray like a convent, light the world like a comet, salt like a condiment, dodge venom, take a hit, send in full fledge recon, attack in sequence, rendered defenseless, these worldly kingdoms crash to pieces its a deadly season, only to Jesus do we pledge allegiance, He's entitled, hit the front lines, all disciples, don't be stiffled, pump the lungs, 12 gauge tongues, heads get riffled, the born agains, rush sin like a lion's den, we spit until we go hoarse, with the gale force of course, storm surge word you heard, you been warned, the beginning of the end is born, the eye is formed, you cant stand on the shore when the hurricaine lands and not get smashed by the outer bands, the increase of sin, calls for maximum sustained ...
  • Mystery Islands - Long Way Back Home (Original Mix) [Unearthed Red] Back once again at Unearthed Records is Finnish producer Jani Kervinen, better known as Mystery Islands. This time Jani has produced an amazing EP for us with a duet of intense trance tracks. The first track on the EP is entitled Last Decade which is driven by an amazing chord lead, backed by delicate plucks and arpeggios. Mysterious Movement once again has stepped up to the place for Unearthed and brings us his interpretation of Last Decade. Pumping beats, grizzly basslines and smooth uplifting riffs this is a more clubby alternative to the original. The second original of the EP is Long Way Back Home. Here Jani has once again worked his magic with a classic riff led piece of trance, accompanied by some superb beats and percussion. Completing the release is Tom Marshall's remix of Long Way Back Home. Tom has slowed the tempo down and brought the groove to the forefront with his more progressive adaptation.
  • Icelandic salmon takes the riffled hitch Icelandic salmon takes the riffled hitch on Laxa in Kjos Fly Fish Iceland Ltd video.....
  • A Card Trick, a random card is selected, then put at the front of the deck, the cards are then riffled through to reveal all cards have turned into that one selected card, then they are miraculously changed back. as always, send me a message and i'll reveal the secret to you
  • Microvolts 2011-04-14 03-55-28-68.avi WARNING TURN YOUR SOUND DOWN!! my mic is overly sensitive so even low the sound is like hellisously loud.. sorry From Fraps a Microvolts MAtch with a Decent Melee and Sniper Riffle :D PewPEW!!
  • smartparts sp1 shooting im testing my smartparts sp1 with my new stock that i got yesterday, trinity car stock and bangstixx hammerhead riffled inside and one of the worlds best barrels! of course i have a crazy cat
  • The new-generation Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro The new Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro includes new innovative features such as its Close-Grip Technology, engineered to remove even shorter hairs than previously, even as small as a grain of sand for long lasting smooth skin. This removes the necessary re-growth stage that you experience between waxes which means there are no more in-between days! Features & Benefits New Close-Grip Technology - tweezer grip timing: has changed from 36º to 26º so that 40 uniquely distributed and individually controlled tweezers grip the hair closer to the skin at the optimal angle and can more effectively remove hairs in particular shorter hairs. Specifically designed for use in both wet and dry environments for Brauns gentlest ever epilation. 10% speed increase - overall efficiency improvement: a 10% speed increase to 2035 rounds per minute (in speed setting two) means that there are 81400 plucking moments per minute so every tweezer is at the skin more frequently to remove hairs more quickly. The new Efficiency Pro Cap: the new riffled surface has improved wet usage and ensures perfect gliding on damp or wet skin. The feeding comb lifts the hairs and direct them to the tweezers for more effective hair removal. New massaging rollers - High Frequency Massage system that works better against pain than previously: an increase in massage frequency with the Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Promeans that the massage effect is amplified to provide an even gentler epilation experience. SmartLight ...
  • Magic Card Trick Reveal Ace of Spades to Find Randomly Selected Card A deck is introduced and shuffled, riffled, and cut. A spectator chooses a card randomly. The deck is shuffled, the specatator deciding again when where to insert the selected card. The card is lost, when a Magical Ace of Spades is summomed in order to help the magician ( the magic card, not his personal favorite). the Ace worked and did what it was summoned for, like a charm, and finds the spectator's selected card. - Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv
  • Beeman P-17 (7 of 7) wood and soup can shoot, chrony, ballistics data Beeman P-17, one of the best air pistol buys under $50.00, riffled deep grove barrel, Glock like strong plastic, 400 fps, accurate, white lithium grease is a must for the compression piston and pell gun oil is better for the other internal O rings. have had P-17 for ten years, and with attention to a little lube maintenance it is less likely to leak. the piston O ring should never compress dry because friction tears at it. the light film of lithium grease helps the single O ring as a helper in compression. O rings and lithium grease are common in machinery and hydrolic stuff in the industry. 7.0 grain pellets stay at 400 fps even after many years of ouning this gun. the gun is difficult to break unless you are super careless, or purposely destroy it. for parts its better to buy two of them, and its very rare to need parts, but maybe a good wide variety of O rings to do your oun repairs, or follow my repair videos.
  • Riffled 7's tutorial Tutorial for the magc trick rifled 7's also know as elevator I DONT OWN THE MUSIC RIGHTS THE WOMBATS DO!!!!!!
  • Amazing pistol Shot.AVI Me shooting a dog's run "leash" or cord from 25-30 feet with a H&K BB Gun on the first shot with a cold/non-riffled barrel. (Non riffled barrels like those used in bb or pellets guns "push" the projectile out (same principle basically of a an old musket) of the barrel rather than a rifled barrel with lans and grooves called "riffling" (hence the name ""Rifle"") which increases the accuracy of the projectile by putting a "spin" on it and keeping it straight. Think of it as a football; If i am a quarterback and want an effective/accurate pass; I throw a "spiral" rather than just pushing it out there. So the fact that the barrel is non rifled and the projectile is co2 powered rather than having the benefit of gun powder used in regular guns, makes this shot all the harder... The blue cord in the field of view is the dog run; watch it sway after I'm done talking...
  • Beeman P-17 (6 of 7) piston pump seal O ring also see (7 of 7) for other seals, this solves leaking issues with P-17, even in ouners manual it says lithium grease, the O ring gets dry, it will begin to wear from friction. also hot weather you will have to lube more. if you lube, take it apart and you will see it is easy to maintain. i have had one for 10 years and have no problems as long as i do like i show you in the video. P-17 is the best airgun on the market for under 50 bucks $$$. the riffled barrel cuts nice groves in pellet, to make it accurate even out to 50 yards.
  • Whole Lotta Love Riff - Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin Riff
  • Rush - Spirit Of The Radio Spirit of the radio by rush, awsome song with a really cool guitar riff Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Frank Zappa, Rush, Alice Cooper, bob marley, David Gilmour, Black Sabbath, Cheech and Chong, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Cream, Steve Vai, The Who, Yngwie Malms***, BB King, Deep Purple, Supertramp, Boston, Kansas, Kiss, Cars, The police, Santana, Jethro Tull, The Doors, BTO, David Bowie, The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Lynard Skynard, Neil Young, Twisted Sister, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby/Stills/Nash/Young, Nitro, Joe Satriani, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Muddy Waters, Inner Circle, Stevie Ray Vaughn, April Wine, The Who, The Guess Who, Genesis, Elton John, Rainbow, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winters, Paul Gilbert, Joe ***er, Grand Funk Railroad, Roy Buchanan, Paul Kossoff, Free, Prism, Focus, Soul Syndicate, Marty Friedman, Guns And Roses, Motorhead, Def Lepard
  • covered backslip force by aaron fisher hA versatile card force taught in detail by Aaron Fisher. The cards are riffled and a spectator calls "stop." The pack is cut and the selected card is given to the spectator. By the time it touches their hands, your work is already done. Includes discussion regarding the pitfalls of the backslip force and how to avoid them. www.theory11.com
  • "Thank You" riff [Led Zeppelin] - Alice Mayne Just messing around really. Warm-down to a tiring practice session.
  • ExtReME MAgiC First: Look into the packet. Second:While the cards are being riffled look try to see a card. Third: Think of your card. Fourth: Watch the video to find out :-D Crazy magic - Dr. Illusionist
  • The Disappearing Two ~ Levi Sparkx ~ Day 9 of 365 I riffled threw the deck, stopped on the two of spades. DID EVEN SHUFFLE THE DECK. and flipped over every card and the two was no where to be found! Check it out...
  • back yard clean up sluice home made long tom style sluice to get all the gold out of concentrates. Made from riffled rubber matting inserted inside and under the tabs from a piece of spanline aluminium wall mount. This thing never misses any gold. Not even flour sized specs.
  • Muse Riffs Medley Some of the riffs Muse peforms live - Minimum - Agitated (Outro) - Stockholm Syndrome (Outro) - Maggie's Farm (RATM) - Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin) - Minimum
  • John Bonham Dazed & Confused Drum Riff Led Zeppelin THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME This is a closer look at the cool riff Bonham regularly played in live versions of Dazed & Confused. Die-hards will recognize it immediately.
  • Gamo P-23 (7 of 11) 375 fps 7.9gr (lead) & 480 fps 4.0gr (alloy) & (2.5 ft/lbs gun) for a short barrel the P-23 by Gamo is good power. i use it as a single shot and get 60 consistant shots with 375fps with 7.9gr pellets. is an awesome can plinker to and has riffled barrel.
  • Quantum Mechanics by Irving Quant and Dan & Dave Quantum Mechanics is a new DVD from Irving Quant revealing a selection of his finest card magic and an awesome new technique for controlling not just a single card, but multiple cards in a way you probably never imagined. He calls it the Distribution Technique, and in our opinion, unlocks a whole new level for card magicians. What is the Distribution Technique? The Distribution Technique is a utility move, like the Clip Shift, that can be applied to literally endless applications. On this DVD, Irving explains many of its possibilities with several of his favorite effects. Who is Irving Quant? Irving Quant is a practitioner of the technical and historical aspects of magic as well as a working professional. He is a student of the great René Lavand. Contents Shotgun Immediately after any four of a kind, let's say the Kings, are clearly shown on top, the pack is riffled causing them to vanish. The cards are then spread to show the Kings are now evenly distributed face-up throughout the deck. Katana Spread A mysterious production of four cards that visually appear face-up as the deck is spread across the table. Pure Slap The four Kings are face-up on top of the deck as the spectator places the four aces face-up throughout the deck. The cards are cleanly squared with nothing to see. With just a riffle of the cards, the Kings and Aces instantly transpose. The four Aces are now on on top and in the center are the four Kings. This is without a doubt the most direct handling of ...
  • Sluicing on the river at Vein Mtn Gold Camp, NC Me (astrobouncer) feeding classified material to my two sluices I made. This was at Carolina Emerald Mine & Vein Mtn Gold Camp ( ). One is a 5 foot long sluice with creek riffles + hungarian riffles, regular v matting, deep v matting, and riffled carpeting plus expanded metal, and the other is a custom sluice behind it with nothing but v matting and deep groove carpeting to catch any fines that get out of my first sluice.
  • Riffled airgun barrel ultimate closeup Beeman P-1, Gamo P-23 good riffling in these airguns, really important for long range and accuracy, some on the market have poor quality riffling.

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  • “have any of you guys shot the sst 12 gauge slugs? i am in a shotgun only zone and just picked up a fully riffled slug barrel for my 870. i am thinking about trying these slugs and i am looking for some feed back.thanks,mike”
    — Hornady SST 12 gauge slugs at ,

  • “Jennifer Korbin's Blog I was on location shooting this scene while my bag was being riffled thru back on set. What a day. Funny thing about Lacey and Marilyn .Denise Cobar (who plays Marilyn) is actually m best friend in "real life"”
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  • “to matter governed by atomic forces and quantum mechanics . Hard matter is generally not bag can, when ripped, produce a riffled structure with riffles of all sizes included”
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  • “The Masters is this week, and yesterday during the practice round the fans in attendance were witness to an amazing shot by Vijay Singh. Singh riffled a”
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