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  • - Promote Your MySpace page Successfully. Get More Fans And Sell More Cds, Downloads. Targeted Music Promotion. Get Maximum Exposure For Your Music!. — “riffed - NumberOneMusic - Get Maximum Exposure For Your Music!”,
  • Definition of riffed from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of riffed. Pronunciation of riffed. Definition of the word riffed. Origin of the word riffed. — “riffed - Definition of riffed at ”,
  • Originally the term layoff referred exclusively to a temporary interruption in work, as when factory work cyclically falls off. Often pronounced like the word riff rather than spelled out. — “Layoff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In an essay published in CREEM magazine, poet and rocker Patti Smith riffed on the legacy of musicians who die young--Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, even Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, whom Smith calls. — “Patti Smith: The Genre-bending Gender-bender- ”,
  • Play riffs. Make comment on. Sounds like: ribboned, riband. Type of: peruse, play, spiel Riff. riff. riffed. Riffian. riffle. riffler. riffraff. rifle. rifle ball. — “riffed, riff- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Your entertainment source for the latest celebrity, models, reality television, athletes, news, gossips, photos, videos, dirt, breaking news. — “Riffed Videos, Riffed Clips, and Riffed Quotes”,
  • Encyclopedia article about riffed. Information about riffed in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “riffed definition of riffed in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Cinester Theater, Aaron J. Bossig, Quiptracks, and Ice-On-Mars invite you to boldly go where Ice-On-Mars has sort of already good riff. Submitted by redbaron1946 on 25 July 2010 - 6:49pm. Cinester Theater did a good job riffing this Star trek voyager episode. I will likely get more riffs from. — “Cinester Theater Presents: Star Trek Voyager - Phage | RiffTrax”,
  • RIFFED The meaning of RIFFED. What RIFFED stands for. The definition of RIFFED. — “What does RIFFED stand for? RIFFED meaning and definition”,
  • Definition of riffed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of riffed. Pronunciation of riffed. Translations of riffed. riffed synonyms, riffed antonyms. Information about riffed in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “riffed - definition of riffed by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • It is now starting to get bad sorry anyway it continues includes two funny commercial at the beginning remember not for the kids! queue The Rescuers Get Riffed(Part 3)193 viewsmediajunkie2007. — “YouTube - The rescuers Get riffed part 2”,
  • MySpace Music profile for Riffed. Download Riffed Classic Rock / / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Riffed's blog. — “Riffed on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Riffed- clip. — “Riffed”,
  • Fangoria is America's Horror Magazine, your best source for horror movies, horror news, horror reviews, horror previews, horror interviews and more. — “Freddy Got Face Riffed”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable riffed gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite riffed gift from thousands of available products. — “Riffed T-Shirts, Riffed Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
  • Live Music Band/Artist: Riffed, Genre: Rock, Current Gigs: 1 (playing in Tenbury Wells), Section: Gigs. — “Riffed : Gigs - Lemonrock live music gig guide”,
  • RIFfed. Just after HP's first-ever [1] mass layoffs, I tried to write down some of my thoughts and feelings about the personality change of the company that has employed me for 19 years. The picture was considerably confused by the announced merger/buyout of Compaq in early September. — “RIFfed”,
  • Riffed definition, to discharge (a person) from military or civil service, esp. as part of an economy program. See more. — “Riffed | Define Riffed at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Riffed - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • A song that has been Riffed has been covered in a louder, ballsier way. — “Urban Dictionary: Riffed”,
  • RIFFED. icons by comically_so *LOOK HERE* 1. Credit isn't required, comically_so — picspam: star trek - dr. leonard mccoy is grumpy [+30] comically_so — Kirk. — “RIFFED”,

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  • blocking highways with mid riffed lebanese girls dishing out beklewa wou mlabbas wou champagna to mark the glorious day after all it s the lebanese way of celebrating politics
  • were how their careers were shaped by childhood experiences with nature and by being traumatized by destructive land development Myself I riffed on green building and ethics The panel from left to right as shown in the image
  • In fact i riffed off his 4 horsemen idea for my one I just wanted to try doing something a bit different Thanks for a wonderful year folks
  • Dreamsdwell StoriesGame Screenshots Screen shots Click images to enlarge
  • a riff on a very familiar sounding na na na na na na na na theme it s Steed to the aid by walloping Packer with a few well chosen comic book panels from the pile Stanton brought along BAM Take that Grant Morrison decades before you riffed on the same artwork as sound effect device in Batman 656 to paraphrase South Park s General Disarray Avengers already did
  • Maggie Mahar s superb ***ysis and insight has provided me with so much rich and nutritious food for thought She riffed off a post by Buckeye Surgeon who is flailing at a
  • This is some pretty cool stuff Back in the day somebody riffed on the AGD motto of Quality always shoots straight by making fun of the carbon fiber frame of the Automag by saying
  • ass out of town He s an approximate artist used to work with Andy Warhol and is from cajun descent You can see he riffed on his katrina cross painted by the texas guard on his own home So here s our latest little neighborhood controversy welcome to our battle against the Grey Ghost The Grey Ghost has decided to eliminate all of these art forms in the surrounding
  • screen shoots Click here to download game Kitten Sanctuary More Resouces
  • Just across the street is a Haircut and Tattoo sign that looked a little familiar for some reason I couldn t figure out I guess you could get your tattoo while you cut your hair too Then just the other day I realized it s Sam Sambath Hy from the Lowell MA Khmer Hip Hop group SEASIA which has a CD available here The shop just riffed on the
  • Blaise Productions Mona Yousefi presented the Mayhem Makers comedy troupe and Cimeon Ellerton riffed on the London Breakbeat Orchestra
  • Roubini Rugs has just launched a collection of 26 rugs riffed off of the work of Milanese painter sculptor interior decorator and engraver Piero Fornasetti naturally called the Fornasetti
  • vinegar and lecithin and be aerated Add a few lightly dressed leaves of parsley and we have a dish that has all of the flavors of the classic but in more functional and interactive forms While we have all likely riffed on classic dishes my aim is to do so in a way that is distinctly modern while remaining true to the identity of the inspiration to provide the opportunity to
  • HEAVENLY BODIES| GAME SYNOPSIS Heavenly Bodies a massive multiplayer role playing game bringing a very new dimension to the adult gamming ± Nest Egg Studios Team Heavenly Bodies Riffed
  • 1 First a Pretty Please Request to Sandra Hanchard at Hitwise Sandra I riffed the above on twitter and would be very interested in your thoughts data charts explanation I m thinking really finite such as certain celebrities politicians joining
  • Fab FashionGame Screenshots Screen shots Click images to enlarge System Requirements
  • next His fingers slid and riffed down her neck as he swayed and cradled her in his lap his other hand bending and strumming his rhythms over her belly
  • Matt Armendariz Okay he didn t exactly use the Pages interface Because he s an uber talented designer he riffed on the American Express ad and made an About page that is really a giant
  • Oct 27 2007 12 30 AM Hope you are well Justin Nothing to do tonight Come on down it ll be good to see you
  • Mean Girls Screenshots
  • None of the pictures were taken with zoom Floating in a feathery fiery lightness riffed by gentle ripples of cold water I silently vowed to bring a wetsuit next year
  • Siebren I struggle with the idea of muscles or vessels the brain metaphors I mean Sponge = vessel Katie I see the sponge Again own nothing have everything Siebren Right Katie Ok so the film Siebren Yes it is riffed from Chris Marker s La Jetée The soundtrack is taken directly from that film The images it rolls through are live and randomly pulled
  • the consistent visual tone it s evident that the artists riffed on each other These four work really well together synchronized into a truly beautiful truly chilling singular vision I don t know that comics can match film for the complete horror experience Audio and pacing play a major role in developing atmosphere and while you can direct pacing in some way through
  • Radar Magazine in its 2005 incarnation asked us to create an
  • I was in July Despite the fact I m contempt to watch the film by itself yesterday I decided to shake things up by using the riff track for The Dark Knight available from rifftrax com For those of you who aren t familiar with Rifftrax its a great way to watch movies from the people who gave us Mystery Science Theater 3000 They record a commentary of themselves cracking
  • n the first LCD Soundsystem 12 James Murphy riffed off the idea that the kids were coming up from behind and the better looking people with better ideas and more talent were going to
  • Insider Tales Stolen Venus Screenshots
  • her musicians she departed from the set list at one point to lead an extended mostly acoustic flamenco jam Assala improvised lines while her guitarist riffed like a native of Seville Musicians continue to arrive The program continues to adjust The complexity of this event in terms of cultural and stylistic contrasts and potential ego clashes is rather mind boggling
  • PS this ir riffed loosely from UcHobby s RS232 article
  • XKCD comic has been riffed on by Bart of Moves on Rails The new programmers excuse for slacking of no I m not doings a Zed now please excuse us while we hide from the ruby rails
  • I tested it out and riffed a bit I like the character of this pickup it s got a little more balls and girth than the 85 in the neck Almost bluesy for metal
  • Sirius XM showed a sneak peak of its iPhone app at its annual shareholder meeting and riffed a bit on social networking as the company pivots its strategy to gain subscribers via viral means
  • email this item available colors
  • program the image has been the victim of two previous attacks Once the words big lie were scrawled across the shape the second time someone riffed on Edvard Munch s The Scream In the past the city has scrubbed away the paint but not this time so they just used one of the classic methods of graffiti abatement a rectilinear paint over
  • Fashion fun for everyone Fab FashionGame Screenshots Screen shots Click images to enlarge
  • 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization and his effort was further riffed on by folks like Jeremiah Owyang and Lee Odden With nearly 2 weeks now passed sorry Rohit I would not try to add further value in the form of additional rules to consider for Social Media Optimization I d be out of my depth
  • Uncover the deadly mystery Mystery Legends Sleepy Hollow Screenshots Screen shots Click images to enlarge
  • Ella gant interpretations Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald memorably riffed on tunes made popular by Astaire As I suspect is true of many jazz fans I m an old movie hound It seems like
  • the idea of a spaceship tearing through space to create an image of a guitar once I started thinking RIFF and RIFT So that s the reason for the double image I hope you dig it Closer View
  • of the Red Camera on a Cunnie Williams music video The video riffed on 60 s TV shows especially Playboy After Dark We shot with a real Red and I thought it rocked 3 18 2008 THELMA WINS PARIS TOUT COURT

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  • The rescuers Get riffed part 2 It is now starting to get bad... sorry anyway it continues includes two funny commercial at the beginning remember not for the kids!!!
  • Strikebreakers! (riffed version) When "radical elements" rear their ugly head in the form of oppressive unions and strikes by lazy, ungrateful workers, we can all feel safer knowing that courageous STRIKEBREAKERS will snap into action to protect the wealth of our beloved upper classes and by extension, our LIBERTY! At least that's the way it use to be. Back in the day before oppressive and coercive labor protections laws. Take a glimpse at those "glory days" of the anti-labor movement, in this 1930s short. Along with some "hilarious" MST3k style riffing by ME! I The audio is inconsistent, I know. But it's my first completed riff. The next one WILL be better. The first paragraph expresses the opposite of Brooklyn83's views. It was actually written by Freemarketfanboy.
  • The rescuers get riffed!!!!!(part 1) Hi the media junkie has concocted his best stuff yet or so he thinks This is walt disneys "the rescuers" riffed for your pleasure I do ap***se for the pops on the mike just got this damn thing! THIS VERSION IS NOT FOR THE KIDDIES BE FOREWARNED!!
  • RiffTrax w/ Mike Nelson - Firewall Part 1 Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy riff on Harrison Ford's grumbling in Firewall!
  • Lord of the Rings - Fellowship - riffed - sample The creators of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 are back, making audio commentaries of the big budget movies now. Here's a sample from the first Lord of the Rings film. Visit their website:
  • The Rescuers Get Riffed(Part 3) more of the same madness Plus a salute to the LeBron Haters of Clevland did we metion this was not for the kids? i noticed some youtubers have a pedal pumping *** so medusa doing some is in this part youre welcome! The pps and the lebron people came out in full force 100 views in a day THANKS!I encourage you to check the other parts they are funny i promise you!
  • The Great Binary Sunset Riffed Binary Sunset rifftrax style
  • TUAW Interviews Merlin Mann Productivity dude, Mac user and all-around witty guy Merlin Mann gave us a little time and mindspace to talk Macworld 2008. Watch the fun!
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Riffed! Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban Rifftrax
  • The Grudge: Riffed! "Ow, you injured my sensitive Bill Pullman elbow!" Rifftrax compilation of The Grudge
  • Vlog Riffed by MST3K My friends' 2006 video blog gets the Rifftrax treatment (sort of). Riffers appear courtesy of MST3K, Rifftrax, and Cuts. Apologies in advance. I fear revenge.... Original title: Living Journal: Providence - Riffed!
  • Robin Williams On Dock Ellis's NO HITTER on LSD.avi Robin Williams new stand up Weapons of Self Destruction, describing Dock Ellis and his famous NO HITTER on LSD.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Riffed! (HQ) "Sweep you!" - Rifftrax of Pirates of the Caribbean - better quality From the guys of MST3K
  • The Rescuers Get Riffed(part 4) You might get offended with this part controversial things are here... 1)Mel gibsons racial rant is on here on the opening commercial 2)Numerous f bombs 3)The infamous "teet" shot! 4)Gay gators! Enjoy! Remember your kids can not watch this!!!
  • DAT Riffed Rifftrax for Day After Tomorrow -- "ah, what's the use?"
  • Down Under Men At Work Riffed Of By Larrikin music This is so sad for Australian music and for Men at Work.More importantly please Support Colin Hay and the band by writing or calling or emailing the larrikin music company to let them know what you, the public, think. info down below.Please please pass this on to as many as you can..thankyou Australia. A music company is trying to /riff them off.....DownUnderhanded..what a riff off....That is sad......larrikin owner copyright people should try making thier own money off some of thier own unique material.Men at Work. Did Larrikin music get permission to take the name Larrikin from the Kookaburra in the great australian classic the Magic Pudding?.....Wow...does this sound greedy?.....60% of all royalties...thats not Australian.... I think Australia should stand up and back Men at Work....I wonder what "Larrikin Music" would do if a lot of Aussies contacted them and said what they thought maybe it might help them see the light of day..........The judge also ruled that a Qantas advertisement which used a small similar section of the riff was not in breach of copyright laws. Lets help get rid of greed and get back into Love and Caring and Compassion...Colin Haye should be supported. He and his band gave Australia a huge lift back in the 80's. Did Larrikin ever write anything or did they just buy rights to a kookaburra song 10 years ago. C'mon AUSSIES C'MON.. Living in the Land DOWNUNDER....Larrikin.I think a lot of Aussies are gunna be real cranky with you...oops...the song ...
  • The Treatment: JL movie pilot riffed Here's minutes 45-55 of the movie with my rifs
  • Inception: Riffed "*** Fat Man Face." Rifftrax Compilation of Christopher Nolan's Inception
  • Respect - Erasure - Riffed Tim Holloway, Phil Greenhouse, Pete Meredith are "Riffed". Great night in this little pub just into Welsh border.
  • Riffed Up Shorts: Frank and his Dog Mystery Science Theater 3000-style riffing on a 1952 video pointing out the mortal dangers of ignoring your dog. Video courtesy of . Commentary by Scott Potter. This is my first upload and my first MST3K-style video I've ever attempted. I made this as a tribute to MST3K, Rifftrax, and Josh Way's Fun With Shorts. I apologize in advance for the accent that comes out at times. There's also a few areas where the mic angle negated the windscreen. Other than that, enjoy!
  • California Dreamin cover by Riffed Classic toon from Mamas & Papas.
  • @MARO_MOORE getting TATTED by COLUMBUS JOE and RIFFED by @iAMKREG http http http http http http
  • Fun With Shorts: Are You Popular? MST3K style commentary on this psychologically damaging short subject from 1947. Begs the question, are YOU popular? Commentary by Josh Way, footage from .
  • Steve Jobs Unveils iPad - RIFFED!! The iPad, now works with google's back end! Dragonich777: The best sideways experience you've ever seen!
  • Jaws -- Riffed! Compilation of Jaws Rifftrax -- "That's nice--please die."
  • 'At Your Fingertips' riffed by Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett - W00tstock2.8 Boston Pt.2 W00tstock 2.8 Boston Pt 2 - The short documentary 'At Your Fingertips' is riffed by Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. Check out their stuff at:
  • Roxanne - Police - Riffed GR8 night in Presteigne, Wales, May 2007
  • Something Weird Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World Muscleman Samson goes to China, saves a princess and fights Tartar rebels. In the breathtaking climax, Samson is buried alive in an underground vault and causes an earthquake in order to escape. Relentless sword and sandal action! - Something Weird
  • Chris Crocker RIFFED (MST3K-style) This time, I riff the "Leave Britney Alone" star as he tries to cook an egg. The original video is from 2009, and his look has improved (a lot!) since then. Still, I couldn't resist.... Original (unriffed) version here: Chris Crocker's channel: See more of my videos here: SUBSCRIBE for more literal versions, riff tracks, funny edits, theater blogs, music and more!
  • Interweb Theater 5000 - 105 Safety: In Danger Out Of Doors Episode five features the adventures of Guardiana, crossing guard and freelance architect, protecting children everywhere from their own stupidity. I dare you to find another educational short that features alien intervention. [Part of the Interweb Theater fan-MSTing series.]
  • Douche Quadbike Riffed by MST3K With a surprise ending!
  • MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) - Gumby Robot Rumpus MST3K-Gumby (shorts)
  • Riffed - Haverhill Battle of the Bands 2010 Promo film Riffed - Haverhill Battle of the Bands 2010 Promo film Made by CB9 Media Hub Clubbers Stills and Movies shot by the Hubclubbers at last year's Band competition. These were then edited together with effects, transitions, green-screen and text ideas from those attending the Hub Club at Haverhill Arts Centre on Wednesday afternoons. Credits: Words - Craig Kemp Greenscreen stars - Pete Conroy, Andy Smith Movie editing - Julian Salmon, Tom West, Pete Conroy, Lizzy Kirby Picture editing - Lizzy Kirby Pictures and Filming - Sophie Munroe, Lizzy Kirby Project facilitators: Michelle Brace, Janice Oliver, Gary Leach for CB9 MediaHub
  • The rescuers Get Riffed!(Part 5) The wacky calvacade of mocking continues with a new commercial with a certain car maker going though some rough times Then we meet evinrude Then we get rude! Enjoy!
  • Daniel Amos - Riffed Up N Rockin'
  • Pokemon Battle Revolution- Riffed Poison Team Comedy My poison team as babies that wasnt trained yet, this is the only video to remember them as they were before. They are now grown and fully trained. This video i made as a comedy video. Enjoy!
  • Lunchroom Manners (Riffed) Phil, Freddy and Alice explain the importance of not having any fun at lunch time with the help of an alcoholic puppet... or something like that. Anne M. wrote the script and performed the female voice-over. David Newberry wrote additional jokes, performed the male voice-over, and produced the video.
  • Pokemon Battle Revolution Riffed- (Turning Point Battle) Poison vs Normal A new wacky crazy team has showed up, yeah you know them from the last episode. Well they are back and stronger than ever. The torch is about to be passed. Croagunk has changed and the whole team is ready to kick booty. Here they will face my old team, the normal type team. This video will show how much EV training can do for you. Enjoy!
  • Superman Cartoon: The Pernicious Parasite Gets Riffed! Please Leave Feedback! Here are your childhood memories ripped to shreds, if you're an old *** that is! Enjoy!
  • Whose Line: Film Dub **Questions** Here's a great playing of Film Dub with some classic lines from Greg, Colin and Ryan. Greg has a great joke within this, and Colin goes full out random in this. Watch Drew's blooper in the begining, He introduces Let's Make A Date, when they've already played it! Enjoy! Questions: 1: What topic would you have like to have seen done for an Irish Drinking Song? 2: What would you like to see uploaded on this channel next? 3: Favorite Playing of Narrate? 4: Brad Sherwood or Jeff Davis? 5: If you could have a piece or Prop from the Whose Line set, what would it be?
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Riffed! "Good morning, Evil Grandma!" Rifftrax of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. From the guys of MST3K. (Seriously, this was the funniest rifftrax ever. I left out a LOT of really good jokes, so I suggest you buy the whole thing.)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Riffed "Death to Hagrid!" Rifftrax compilation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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  • “Before you go and raft a level five rapids during 'high water release' you may want to watch this video of me fracturing my L7 vertebrae.I got flipped out of”
    Riffed Rafting | Chris Teso,

  • “ the best place to be a digital artist and to become one. Riffed galaxy forum project: Voice Over (Podcasts) of HB LPCs (for fanbase) Voice Over ( Podcats) of Anime Project Characters(for fan base) NEW ACTION TEAM MEMBERS CUSTOM PAGES by Nythia)”
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  • “Jay Leno riffed last night durign his monologue (beginning at 8:22 on the video) on U.Va. Thank you for reading the blog and we encourage all users to interact with the blog by posting comments and feedback”
    — UVA Today News Blog " Leno Cites U.Va. Research,

  • “Comprehensive National Basketball Association news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more Ball Don't Lie is an NBA blog edited by Kelly Dwyer. Email him, and follow him on Twitter. Contributors: Trey Kerby, Dan Devine,”
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  • “Getting RIFfed So, as many of you know, all of the 1st – 4th year teachers in Lake American Idol Blog Book Bowling Casey James Crystal Bowersox Disney”
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