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  • Ridiculous - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Ridiculous”,
  • Ridiculous album by Norm MacDonald including album title, track listings, release dates, guest artists, record label info and user reviews on AOL Music. — “Ridiculous - Norm MacDonald”,
  • His band mates take the stage in ridiculous elf costumes—black tights, pointy felt hats. I also poked fun at those ridiculous fins on the '59 Cadillac. — “Ridiculous - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Ridiculous is a 1995 album by the British New Wave group Squeeze. It is the band's eleventh studio album, and it introduces new drummer Kevin Wilkinson (no relation to bassist Keith Wilkinson). As on the previous album, Some Fantastic Place,. — “Ridiculous - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Welcome to Ridiculous Software! Sidekick news. Land of Legends is now available on the Sidekick! If you've got a T-Mobile Sidekick, you can pick up the base game for free in your Sidekick's Download Catalog. iPhone news. Check out the new sampler/demo of the Business Traveler's Passport series. — “Ridiculous Software”,
  • You are about to experience so many answered prayers that your friends will insist that YOU have ridiculous faith! "Ridiculous Faith" is on time and in season for where we all presently live. — “Ridiculous Faith”,
  • something that is unbelievable in some way shape or form, an event worthy of memory Originally said by rapper Blasfemus, this pronounciation of the word ridiculous describes something that is at the top level of greatness,. — “Urban Dictionary: ridiculous”,
  • ridiculous use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with ridiculous. ridiculous in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “ridiculous - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Blog. Hex Fiend. Angband. cdecl. — “ridiculous_fish”,
  • Definition of ridiculous from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of ridiculous. Pronunciation of ridiculous. Definition of the word ridiculous. Origin of the word ridiculous. — “ridiculous - Definition of ridiculous at ”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define ridiculous as NRidiculous \Ri*dic'u*lous\, a. [L. ridiculosus, ridiculus, fr.ridere to laigh. 98 Moby Thesaurus words for "ridiculous": a bit thick, a bit thin, absurd, amusing, antic, barred, beyond belief, bizarre, closed-out, ***amamie, comic, comical,. — “Definition of Ridiculous from ”,
  • Definition of ridicules in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ridicules. Pronunciation of ridicules. Translations of ridicules. ridicules synonyms, ridicules antonyms. Information about ridicules in the free online English dictionary and. — “ridicules - definition of ridicules by the Free Online”,
  • ridiculous adj. Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly. See synonyms at foolish However ridiculous fashion may be, it is far less ridiculous to follow it than to set it at defiance. — “ridiculous: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • : The A to Z of word synonyms, thesaurus and antonyms on the Net! Synonyms: absurd, anomalous, ill-considered, ludicrous, ridiculous, chimerical, ill-judged, mistaken, senseless, erroneous,. — “ridiculous Synonym”,
  • Ridiculous definition, causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable: See more. — “Ridiculous | Define Ridiculous at ”,
  • The fact is: every day thousands of people misspell the word ridiculous on message boards, forums, blogs, chats, email and anywhere else on the web that people happen to find themselves with a blinking cursor and a desire to use a word meaning "that situation is absurd!. — “How-To-Spell- - How to Spell Ridiculous”, how-to-spell-
  • 31 December 2008 194 quotes that include the word "Ridiculous". Recent quotes. View the latest Ridiculous quotations qualities to others out of fear of appearing naive or ridiculous by not being aware of them Gerald Brenan. — “Ridiculous Quotes - ”,
  • ridiculous (comparative more ridiculous, superlative most ridiculous) Deserving of ridicule; foolish; absurd. ridiculous in The Century Dictionary, The Century Co., New York, 1911. — “ridiculous - Wiktionary”,
  • Ridiculous Radio. — “Take Note America”,
  • We found 36 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word ridiculous: ridiculous: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] ridiculous: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of ridiculous - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (1981) aka "La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo" - Italy (original title) aka "La historia de un hombre Episode Title Search for "ridiculous". There may be additional matches in special interest areas that are only available to users. — “IMDb Title Search”,
  • t seems like only yesterday we were looking at nominee #3 for this year's C-SM "Most Ridiculous" award (actually, it was Tuesday), and here we are again so soon with #4 - a second nominated article from the nearly always ridiculous Gary Kamiya of Salon. — “Cheat Seeking Missiles " Ridiculous”,

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  • Mortal Kombat II - Shao Kahn Ridicule Dump Revised collection of taunts and ridicules from Mortal Kombat 2.
  • BJP ridicules Congress support to rvots: Prakash Javadekar TV5 MetroNews @ 08AM 27th September 2009
  • Tim Pawlenty Ridicules Wife With *** Joke! Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty ridicules his wife with a tasteless joke about how she won't have *** with him: "I have a wife who genuinely loves to fish. I mean, she'd take the lead ask me to go out fishing. Uh, joyfully comes here. She loves football. She'll go to hockey games. And I jokingly say now if I could only get her to have *** with me I'd really have it made." Gov. Pawlenty made the joke while at the Minnesota fishing opener on 5/11/08 at Big Pelican Lake in Breezy Point, MN. T-Paw was a guest on Mike Max's radio show on WCCO-AM radio. Pawlenty's wife, Mary, who was fishing with the Governor at the time said she got a few bites, but nothing in the boat. Read More At Follow Dusty On Twitter: @DustyTrice
  • Lori Rothman Waves A Gold Coin At Peter Schiff's Face and Ridicules Him 'Peter's Schtick!' Well, you've got to hand it to the female anchors at FoxBusiness - they may not know much but they know enough to realize that Peter Schiff is a big joke and take turns laughing into his face and ridiculing him every time he comes on. Of course, this is after CNBC has had enough fun making fun of him and ridiculing him like an ignorant class clown for years. Of course, when he parrots the nonsense he has been parroting for years (and again defames Chairman Bernanke), he is just inviting people to come and make a joke out of him. The really funny part is that he doesn't actually realize hes the biggest joke in financial news and that all the anchors interviewing him think hes a loony. Haha. Two thumbs up, Lori.
  • Belgium's 'Place Frites' ridicules #NoGov world record Students of Belgian Universities again took to the streets this week, sequestering a popular Brussels square, and dubbing it 'Place Frites' on the day Belguim officially replaced Iraq as the longest standing country without a government. The reference to frites, or 'chips' in English is a double edged one, it seeks to show the ridiculousness of the political situation, while at the same time displaying a Belgian national icon, which is said to be universally loved, no matter what side of Belgium you come from.
  • Howard Stern ridicules religious kooks. Pt2 Howard was on fire today. Great radio keeps ***ing with organized religion once again :)
  • Iranian President Ahmadinejad Ridicules UN Sanctions http
  • Steve Wynn Ridicules and Mocks Obama Administration and Congress
  • Margarito ridicules Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach and pretends to wrap steel to his hands Margarito ridicules Freddie Roach and tapes steel to his hands. Check it out at and tell us if he was only joking.
  • Mike Arrington is wrong: Chrome OS won't matter. Michael Arrington thinks that Chrome OS will destroy Windows. I think he's a fool who's flat wrong.
  • John Gibson Ridicules Blue Blog Reaction to Randi Rhodes! On his radio program tonight, John Gibson went after Air America for broadcasting a phony report about Randi Rhodes being mugged, and had fun with the blue blogs who pinned it all on the evil right wing.
  • McCain ridicules Obama for suggesting proper tire inflation Obama suggested that one way to help save gasoline is to have your tires properly inflated and your car tuned. McCain ridicules that.
  • Nassralah Ridicules Olmert's Handling of Captives With the Winograd Commission slowly releasing its finds on the failures of the Lebanon War, Hassan Nasrallah wasted no time in mocking Olmert: his management of the war, his handling of the captives and also his plummeting popularity in Israel. But should his claims that the abducted soldiers are alive be taken seriously, or is he simply exploiting Israel's sensitivies?   
  • Mike Jungbauer Ridicules Tornado Victims Sen. Mike Jungbauer recently said he was called by God to run for Governor of Minnesota. I figure I should mention this fact because after you see this exclusive video I doubt Mike Jungbauer will be running for Governor for very much longer. It would appear that not only is Jungbauer a notorious climate change denier, hes also a fan of tasteless jokes. I cant imagine that many people are taking his candidacy seriously. I mean, were talking about a guy whos making jokes about cow farts in front of GOP delegates. And I highly doubt that your average Minnesotan is going to be very impressed by a candidate that makes fun of the victims of a recent natural disaster, even now while theyre still cleaning up the debris. Absolutely shameless and completely tasteless. In my opinion Mike Jungbauers campaign is as good as over. Read more at Follow Dusty on Twitter: @DustyTrice
  • Asaram ridicules eunuch mayor
  • foot-plongeon-ridicule-surface
  • Fox Ridicules Homestar program The Homestar program being proposed by the Obama administration is designed to save homeowners money, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and help the environment. But on Your World it was ridiculed and called a "piece of crap."
  • John Gibson Ridicules CNN's Rick Sanchez! On his radio program this evening, Gibby took Sanchez to task for his coverage of John McCain getting asked the "***" question. The gloves were off.
  • Glenn Beck Mocks and Ridicules Keith Olbermann! From today's Glenn Beck radio show.
  • Arnie Puts Muscle Behind McCain - Ridicules 'Skinny' Obama With just days to go until America chooses its next president, John McCain says he feels the momentum is turning his way. But the latest "poll of polls" shows Barack Obama holding onto a strong lead over his Republican rival. Senator McCain hopes Hollywood stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger will help persuade undecided voters to back him. The California governor joined him in the swing state of Ohio, calling McCain the "real action hero". Sky's Robert Nisbet reports.
  • Asterix ridicules Vinz Russian roulette trick, Vinz responds aggressively
  • Michael Savage Ridicules and Imitates George Soros (Dr. Evil) The Savage Nation. Aired October 11, 2010.
  • Government ridicules new LNP leaders in Parliament The Queensland Government lambasted the Opposition frontbench in Parliament led by 'interim' LNP leader Jeff Seeney, as Brisbane's Lord Mayor Campbell Newman campaigned on the outside.
  • Fat Pie's David Firth ridicules 2009's music scene - BBC Comedy Extra Fat Pie's David Firth ridicules 2009's music scene
  • Beyene Petros of Medrek Ridicules Current Fake Federalism by Zenawi - Part Two - Medrek's new Chairman, Dr. Beyene Petros, presents Medrek's stance on federalism in Ethiopia. The current federal system is only "federalism" in names, but not in practice.
  • Howard Stern ridicules religious kooks. Pt1 Howard was on fire today. Great radio keeps ***ing with organized religion once again :)
  • NH: Senator ridicules supporters of pot decrim bill Sponsor: - Here what New Hampshire state senator Jack Barnes has to say about the folks who are trying to pass a marijuana decriminalization bill. Whatever his faults...he's one politician you can't accuse of candy coating his opinion. Note that I ask Senator Peter Bragdon the same question and he refuses to go on camera....after expressing disapproval of the decrim idea. Other keywords New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, legislature
  • President Obama Ridicules God How does America's new president feel about the relevance of God's instructions for life (the Bible) in today's society? We'll examine that and more, right here, right now...
  • CEO Ridicules Oracle "Zen" Cloud Strategy techpulse360.com Benioff will always be Benioff, even sick like he was today at GigaOMs Structure 09 conference. Asked by Om Malik about Oracles CEO flip-flop cloud computing strategy, the CEO and co-founder just couldnt help ridicule his former mentor, Larry Ellison. 6 months ago he said its ridiculous and made some very caustic remarks which is not very much like him and then he said something very Zen in a kind of very spiritual or mentor way the key to cloud computing, the key grasshopper to on-demand is on premise. And the key to on-premise is on-demand. And you can not have on-demand without on-premise, and you can not have on-premise without on-demand. It was very Zen. It was like hitting a new level of enlightenment when I heard of it. This guys got it. On-demand is on-premise and yet on-premise is on-demand. And if you can understand that then youll know why cloud computing is what it is. So here it go. The secret of cloud computing. Now study that grasshopper And for your amusement, heres the video clip where Benioff explained Oracles cloud vision!
  • Lebanese Impersonator Ridicules Gaddafi (Mosaic Video Alert: February 24, 2011) New TV reports that in Beirut, many Lebanese youths were disappointed at the poor attendance at an anti-Libyan regime rally which was organized on Facebook. While many expressed enthusiasm for the rally online, only a small number of people actually attended. However, their deprecation and ridicule of the Libyan leader and regime was made evident by a Gaddafi impersonator. Watch more Mosaic News at
  • Imran Khan Ridicules Minister's Comment - Imran Khan Ridicules Minister's Comment , Pakistan Criketer Imran Khan Ridicules Minister's Comment, Criketer Imran Khan Ridicules Minister's Comment, Ex Pakistan Criketer Imran Khan Ridicules Minister's Comment
  • Gordon Brown ridicules Conservative Party change claims Gordon Brown addresses the Welsh Labour conference and ridicules Conservative Party claims that they are the Party of change.
  • Iranian ridicules pro-government rally on Ghods Day - Iran Tehran 3 Sept. 2010 Ghods Day (Rooze Ghods) was established by Khomeini and is the last Friday of every Ramadan, where demonstrations are organized for the "Palestinian Cause." Man in the speaker is shouting: "Death to Israel" and "Death to America", the man behind the camera calls the protesters modern sheeps and says: "Death to Khamenei"....
  • TV anchor ridicules Ahmadinejad monorail project TV anchor ridicules Ahmadinejad monorail project, so funny! :))) During his tenure as mayor of Tehran, Ahmadinejad insisted to set up monorail in Tehran. But the project was so ambitious and inadvisable and after wasting about 5000000 dollars he left it uncompleted.
  • Husband ridicules mother in law - Char Divas Premache
  • British MEP Farage ridicules EU President Rompuy of Belgium. Peter Dow agrees. Peter Dow's website - scot.tk For Freedom Forums - http Rice for President - BBC: Tirade against 'damp rag' EU president shocks MEPs A British Eurosceptic MEP has unleashed a volley of insults against the President of the European Council. Nigel Farage, who leads UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEPS in the European parliament, said Herman van Rompuy had "the charisma of a damp rag". He compared the former Belgian prime minister to a "low-grade bank clerk" and said he came from a "non-country". The attack, which stunned the chamber, came as Mr Von Rompuy made his maiden appearance in parliament in Brussels. "I don't want to be rude," Mr Farage began, before launching into a personal attack lasting several minutes. "Who are you? I'd never heard of you, nobody in Europe had ever heard of you," Mr Farage thundered, as noisy disapproval at his intervention in the chamber rose. 'Competent and dangerous' "Oh, I know democracy is not popular with you lot," he said, addressing the members of parliament as they voiced their surprise. Mr Farage - known for his outspoken interventions - did, however, admit that he thought Mr Van Rompuy was "competent and capable", adding that this made him "dangerous". "I have no doubt that your intention is to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and of European nation states," he said. Mr Farage's party, UKIP, campaigns for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. It has 13 representatives in the ...
  • KFC adds, Raciest or Ridicules Comedian David Burke looks at the latest series of KFC adds one of which has been branded as raciest. Have a look and see what you think yourself. Find more at:
  • Marc Lamont Hill Ridicules Peter Schiff For His Asinine Proposal To Cut 'Everything' The fundamental issue here is that Peter Schiff doesn't even understand that under the current monetary system, the US government does not need to borrow money to run the country. Basically, this is an archaic channel of funding that is largely irrelevant. What the US government has the ability to do is issue money / funding to cover its annual expenses. The only issue here is the confidence external trading partners have with your currency, underlying 'assets' and whether you stretch these too far. From this perspective, the Chinese are not 'loaning' the US any money at all when buying bonds - in fact, they are investing in the US as a sign of confidence and continued trade commitment - and to get a stable yield from this investment. Now, this moron Schiff wants to further deteriorate the quality of life (into 3rd world standards) for ordinary Americans by slashing all their services dramatically, for irrelevant purposes eg servicing 'debt' that is in reality 'investment'. Is there waste in the system? Sure, lots of it. The agenda should be to force the government to restructure its organization and programs in such a way as to reduce the waste, not eliminate services for its citizens (who incidentally are paying for these services via taxes). I hope the Peter Schiff cult followers reading this understand that under his proposal, peasants like yourself will be the hardest hit. However, based on a cursory glance at the type of comments I receive on this channel, I have ...
  • wahabi ridicules swalath watch wahabi enmity towards prophet
  • Crazy Preacher Ridicules Breast Exams This TV evangelist is not only a nut, he's dangerous. I wonder what he would do if his wife found a lump in her breast?
  • Glenn Beck Ridicules Keith Olbermann! From his radio show today. And there's even a reference to "for this relief, much thanks". The true Olby scholars will know exactly what that refers to. Karma knows.
  • Barack Obama,DENOUNCES & Ridicules Reverend White To describe this in boxing terms Barack gave him a whopping before he knocked him out.

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  • “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md. ridiculed on Thursday an effort pushed by Republicans to allow lawmakers more time to read legislation”
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  • “Facebook Group That Ridicules Blog Trolls. Name: Troll Hunter Killers. Type: Sports & Recreation - Professional Sports. A HQ for fellow hunters of the low lifes that are internet trolls. Have a group or forum under attack? You have come to the right place :”
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  • “Industry watchdog PaidContent says BusinessWeek's Sarah Lacy is just a lightweight sycophant poseur and pronounces Slide's $500 million valuation preposterous”
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  • “Cyprus: Crazy Cypriot ridicules Greek talent show!: Typical Cypriot mentality! :lol: :lol: :lol: [youtube]http:///watch?v=OJ3-D59tMQk&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]”
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