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  • revoke - definition of revoke - To cancel or annul. — “revoke Definition”,
  • Definition of revoke from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of revoke. Pronunciation of revoke. Definition of the word revoke. Origin of the word revoke. — “revoke - Definition of revoke at ”,
  • Learn about Revoke on . Find info and videos including: How to Revoke a Will, How to Revoke a POA, How to Revoke Probation and much more. — “Revoke - ”,
  • If the privilege or the grant option held by the first user is being revoked and dependent privileges exist, those dependent privileges are also revoked if CASCADE is specified; if it is not, the revoke action will fail. of an object attempts to REVOKE privileges on the object, the command. — “man page revoke section 7”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Their privileges were revoked after they misbehaved. — “Revoke - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Revoke definition, to take back or withdraw; annul, cancel, or reverse; rescind or repeal: See more. — “Revoke | Define Revoke at ”,
  • Revoke CONNECT, DBA, INSTALL, MONITOR, or RESOURCE authority. Revoke SECTIONSPACE or TABLESPACE authority for a DBEFileSet. For detailed information about security schemes, refer to the "DBEnvironment Configuration and Security" chapter of the ALLBASE/SQL Database Administration Guide. Scope. — “REVOKE”,
  • Definition of revoke in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is revoke? Meaning of revoke as a legal term. What does revoke mean in law?. — “revoke legal definition of revoke. revoke synonyms by the”, legal-
  • revoke ( ) v. , -voked , -voking , -vokes . To void or annul by recalling, withdrawing, or reversing: Her license was revoked A revoke is a violation ranked in seriousness somewhat below overt cheating, with the status of a more minor offense only because, when it happens, it is usually. — “revoke: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • A revoke is a violation ranked in seriousness somewhat below overt cheating, with the status of a more minor offense only because, when it happens, it is usually accidental. Trick-taking games normally have several rules regarding which cards may and may not be played to a trick. — “Revoke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • REVOKE priv_type [(column_list)] [, priv_type [(column_list)]] ON [object_type] To use the first REVOKE syntax, you must have the GRANT OPTION. — “MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: REVOKE Syntax”,
  • to revoke (third-person singular simple present revokes, present participle revoking, simple past and past participle revoked) The act of revoking in a game of cards. A renege; a violation of. — “revoke - Wiktionary”,
  • REVOKE Defined Using a Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Search Engine. — “revoke - Definition of revoke at Dictionary and”,
  • To revoke a system privilege, you must have been granted the privilege with the ADMIN OPTION. You can revoke any role if you have the GRANT ANY ROLE system privilege. — “REVOKE”,
  • Revoke object privileges for an object to users, roles, or PUBLIC. nbspTo revoke a role, must have either been granted the role with the WITH ADMIN OPTION or the GRANT. — “REVOKE”,
  • Definition of revoke in the Dictionary. Meaning of revoke. What does revoke mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word revoke. Information about revoke in the dictionary,. — “What does revoke mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • Use the REVOKE statement to remove privileges from a specific user or role, or from all users, to perform actions on database objects. You can also use the REVOKE statement to revoke a role from a user, from PUBLIC, or from another role. — “REVOKE statement”,
  • Definition of revoke in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of revoke. Pronunciation of revoke. Translations of revoke. revoke synonyms, revoke antonyms. Information about revoke in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “revoke - definition of revoke by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • TornadoMay: Sign Petition @change: Tell the S.C. Legislature to Revoke Hunting Dog Exception to Animal Cruelty Law warbucks11: @crissypoohx lmao word & I made a mistake they won't suspended there gonna Revoke it smh. — “Revoke - Define Revoke at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Wear Revoke 8 gear. Check our Blog to see where you can join us. Write a letter or make a video - answer this We can and will sustain this fight until we revoke Prop 8. To demonstrate our commitment to this cause, we will march from West Hollywood to San. — “Home Page”,

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  • LGE: We will revoke DO Penang state government indicated that if Nusmetro proceeds with the eviction and demolition of Kampung Buah Pala on the 3rd August, the state will revoke the development order.
  • CAIR Video: Illinois State Police Revoke Muslim Cleric's Chaplaincy The Illinois State Police have rescinded its offer to a prominent Muslim imam who was to be the department's first-ever Muslim chaplain. In statement, the state police officials say the appointment of Sheikh Kifah Mustapha as a volunteer chaplain is "being denied" following a background investigation. Last December Illinois State Police made history by naming Mustapha the department's first and only Muslim chaplain. Sheikh Mustapha was one of seven ministers who went through chaplain orientation training in Springfield. At the end of the training that Mustapha paid for himself, he and the other ministers all received their Illinois State Police ID cards, and bulletproof vests they are required to wear on ride-alongs and at crime scenes where they tend to victims and police needs. At the Mosque Foundation of Chicago, where Mustapha is the top religious leader known as imam, his appointment as a state police chaplain was considered a triumph. Early this year the website of a self-styled national security expert criticized Mustapha's police appointment saying he was committed to violent jihad and once was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a large terrorism case. On Wednesday morning, the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations will hold a news conference calling it shameful that the state police revoked Mustapha's chaplaincy. Other Muslim groups will announce they are suing the website operator.
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  • Reebok Revoke 9000 Goalie Leg Pads The Reebok Revoke 9000 Leg Pads provide elite protection and performance for the butterfly style goalie. Available @
  • Will FDA Revoke Avastin Approval? Breast cancer drug in crosshairs
  • Should India revoke privileges given to US diplomats at airports? Days after the news that India's envoy to Washington, Meera Shankar, was patted down for wearing a sari, comes the news that India's envoy to the UN, Hardeep Puri, was also pulled out at an American airport, because of his turban. On the show, we discuss whether India should revoke privileges given to US diplomats at airports?
  • Reebok Revoke 7000 Goalie Leg Pad The Reebok Revoke 7000 Leg Pads offer a great butterfly style design for advanced roller goalies or intermediate level ice goalies. Available @
  • Reebok Revoke Leg Pads Video Describes some of the differences and features of the full line of Reebok Revoke leg pads including Pro Zone, Pro, 9000 and 7000.
  • Reebok Revoke 9000 Goalie Catcher The Reebok Revoke 9000 Catcher offers advanced level protection making it perfect for almost any elite goalie. Available @
  • Updating, Terminating or Revoking a Work Permit 2009 - Bureau of Child Labor. In some instances, it may be necessary to update, terminate or even revoke a minor's work permit. This video explains how this is done using the Online Work Permit System.
  • Tax Tips & Information : How to Revoke a Child Tax Deduction Revoke a child tax deduction because of a change in status of the dependent child by filing an amended tax return with the correct information. Make sure to send the amended tax return to the correct address with advice from atax consultant in this free video on taxes. Expert: Ken Lewellyn Contact: Bio: Ken Lewellyn is co-founder of Tennessee Business Service, Inc. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Rep. Todd Tiahrt Works to Revoke ACORN's Tax Exempt Status
  • GCTexas Passes Resolution to Revoke Tax Exempt Status of CoS OFFICIAL RELEASE A resolution was submitted for a vote at the Galveston County Republican Party Convention calling for the removal of the Religious Tex Exempt status of the church of scientology because it should be regarded as a business and not as a religion.
  • Margarito and Trainer,Capetillo Licenses Revoked by Ca State Athletic Commission "I committed a big mistake," Capetillo said. "I don't want this young man [Margarito] to have problems. I'm here to cover any responsibility. I take full responsibility. I committed this innocent mistake."Capetillo explained he accidentally pulled the insert from his training bag and placed it in Margarito's knuckle wraps on Jan. 24, just before Margarito's fight with Mosley.
  • reebok revoke goalie pads
  • Reebok Revoke 7000 - Review This is a review of my new goalie pads . (reebok revoke 7000)
  • "Reebok Revoke PZ" Glove, and Blocker. My new, "Reebok Revoke ProZone" glove and blocker. Colours: White and red weave.
  • March to Revoke Prop 8 Californians answer the question, "What would you say to the Supreme Court?" when asked by Valerie Paget and Tracie Jones as they march from Los Angeles to San Francisco to protest the results of Proposition 8 at the California Supreme Court.
  • OLPA Short: Walk to Revoke Prop. 8 Arrives in Santa Barbara Video by David Pritchett as a short-leash subject of Off-Leash Public Affairs. This video story pairs with the article at Santa Barbara Independent website () by Cathy Murillo about the same civil rights walkers on their way from Los Angeles to San Francisco to send a message to California Supreme Court about equal rights under the California Constitution. Pritchett interviews Tracie Jones and Valerie Paget about the recently successful Proposition 8 on the California ballot 3 weeks prior, and what they and the people they are meeting on the way would tell California Supreme Court about marriage equality for same-gender couples, a civil right eliminated by Prop. 8. Their effort walking from Los Angeles to San Francisco has a website ( with a blog of their daily activities and people they meet. Santa Barbara is Day 8 on their journey Tracie Jones and Valerie Paget arrive in Santa Barbara on 25 November 2008. Proposition 8, California, Ballot Proposition, California Supreme Court. www.Revoke8
  • Raila: Revoke hawkers' licenses
  • Carter Condemnation & revoke his Passport for meeting Hamas White House criticizes Carter Hamas Mashaal Lieberman Knollenberg Olmert Kadima Jimmy Carter's Egypt Schalit Gaza Roy Barnes GHC Cartersville campus Cartersville Schools Superintendent Hinesley wins leadership award Cartersville School System announces pre-school registration Cartersville board approves school renovation bid specs, policy changes Carter, Hamas officials meet for second day Carter, Hamas Meet In Egypt Under Tight Security Carter, Hamas hug at 'warm reception' Carter to meet Hamas leadership in Cairo Carter Talking With Hamas in Cairo Carter set to meet with Hamas officials in Egypt Carter set to meet with Hamas officials in Egypt Carter not dissuaded from mission Carter meets with a leading member of Hamas Carter meets Hamas leaders from Gaza in Egypt Carter meets former Hamas cabinet minister Carter meeting with Hamas officials in Egypt Carter hugs Hamas leader Carter hug galls Israel Carter embraces Hamas official at West Bank meeting Carter embraces Hamas official at West Bank meeting Carter calls Gaza blockade a crime and atrocity Carter angers Israel during visit
  • Asst. Minister wants MD's appointment revoked Industrialization assistant minister Ndiritu Muriithi is asking the president to revoke the controversial appointment of Joseph Kosgei as managing director of the Kenya bureau of standards. Muriithi maintains that his minister violated the law in the appointment and overlooked recommendations by the KEBS board.
  • Revoke notice, reinstate Modi: Lawyer Lalit Modi's lawyer Mohd Abdi speaks about the reply sent by Modi to BCCI's showcause notice.
  • Constitutional Amendment Donna Edwards Revoking Supreme Court Ruling Democratic Congress member Donna Edwards of Maryland said shell introduce a constitutional amendment to revoke the Supreme Court ruling.
  • Reebok revoke Pads
  • Margarito's Boxing License revoked. The California Athletic Commission voted 7-0 to revoke Antonio Margarito's Boxing License
  • Revoking Casey Anthony's Bond Orlando Criminal Lawyer Richard Hornsby was featured as a guest ***yst on Central Florida News 13 and asked by Anchor Ybeth Bruzual to explain the ability of Bondsman Leonard Padilla to revoke Casey Anthony's bond.
  • Its just been revoked! A piece from the ending of Lethal Weapon 2.
  • Kenol Kobil Licence Revoked The high court has stopped a decision by the energy regulatory commission-ERC to revoke the business licences of Kenol-Kobil Oil Company. The industry regulator had cancelled the company's licences after failing to resolve a dispute over non-payment of processing fees with the Kenya petroleum oil refineries. The move had effectively locked out Kenol- Kobil from importing products for local use giving it leeway to import products to service its regional markets only. Wanjiru Gaitho has been keeping the trail on that story and has filed the following report
  • Reebok Revoke 9000 Goalie Blocker The Reebok Revoke 9000 Blocker offers great protection with stitched on logos and designs providing a pro look. Available @
  • Maqui Berry Benefits - Weight Loss - Revoke aging factors - Inhibit cancer - Increase metabolism - Experience the powerful detox effects of Ultimate Maqui Berry. 3 TIMES more powerful than the renowned Acai Berry - What is Maqui berry? Most people are not aware of the modern craze, so that ask about it. Maqui berry is an evergreen shrub located in the region of Patagonia in the South America (Chile and Argentina). Patagonia is famous for fresh leaves and free from any sort of pollution. Trees of Patagonia are evergreen in nature and convey powerful remedies to many diseases. Maquiberry is one of the evergreen leaves the tribes are using for centuries to gain strength. The scientific name of maqui berry is Aristotelia chilensis and a member of Elaeocarpaceae family. It grows quick, up to 3-5 meter high, tall shrub in nature. It generates purple-black berries as fruits; these fruits of the shrub are the source of herbal medicine. The alternative names of maqui are Chilean Wineberry, Maquei, Queldron, Ach, Koelon, and Clon. Maqui berry consists of several healthy components useful to cure many diseases and stretch the prevention system of the body. The tribes used the stems, leaves & small berries to cure several illness factors. Scientists claimed that Maqui berry conveys highest antioxidant properties among all natural sources of antioxidants. What is antioxidant and what are the impacts of antioxidant in human body? Antioxidants are the means to fight against free radicals and reduce the damaging factors caused by free radicals. Free ...
  • Law would Empower Hillary Clinton To revoke citizenship of whoever she deems terrorists
  • Revoke HILLARY'S license-DUI-Debating Under the Influence Missus clinton is drunk with power. "When liberty becomes license, dictatorship is near." (Will Durant)
  • WSKY-FM: TJ Hart Tapes Bondsman Cobra Staubs Taking Kristina Prevatt in to Revoke her Bond
  • Have Scientology's tax exempt status revoked now! WE MADE 9TH PLACE!! Hello, members of the American public. We are Anonymous. Over the year of 2008, we have been protesting the abuses of the Church of Scientology. This organization's abuses has gone under the radar of the United States government for far too long. The time has come to rise up and take a stand. The reign of United States president Barack Obama is about to begin, and during his presidency, he will be given a book of popular ideas originating from the site . Anonymous requests you to register with that site and vote to have Scientology's tax exempt status revoked. This issue has been swpt under the rug for far too long, and it is time for change. That time is now. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Search "Scientology" Register for the site. Then vote for the issue to revoke Scientology's tax exempt status. http Digg It Here:

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  • “By joining and using the NRF Blog, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules and guidelines set for this venue for communication. Please take a”
    — Retail's BIG Blog | Guidelines,

  • “The worsening BP p.l.c. oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a good reason to revoke the oil giant's court-ordered probation and plea agreement for a deadly Texas refinery explosion five years ago, lawyers for the refinery victims' families told a”
    — Judge Urged to Revoke BP Refinery Probation After Gulf Oil,

  • “Windows XP SP3: Once entered and saved, is there a way to revoke a computer from accessing a networked computer (ie you have to re-enter the ID/PW to get access to this network resource? I accessed a”
    — Once entered and saved, is there a way to revoke a computer,

  • “Another thing that bugs me about the Equifax service? Take a look at their Terms of Use. This is what Uh oh, I guess this blog post is in violation of their terms of use. Now they are going to revoke my "right" to link to them”
    — Truston Identity Theft Protection Blog – Equifax Will Revoke,

  • “The Free Legal Documents Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the free-legal- Web Site. Please subscribe here. How to Revoke a Power of Attorney. At any time you can revoke a power of attorney by completing and issuing this free legal form”
    — Legitimate Free Legal Blog. You be the judge and jury of the, free-legal-

  • “inventor or assignee can revoke power of attorney Your IP Blog Here. Search. Forums. Wiki. News. Jobs. Articles. News: We have added space for Blogging. Go to http:///ip_blogs/ for more information. Main Forum Page. Help. Search. Login. Register”
    — inventor or assignee can revoke power of attorney,

  • “When Did Christ Revoke His Church's Authority? This blog page was originally a series of blog posts made during the Week of you bring up in this first comment, but very briefly for the sake of our blog readers who are not privy to our correspondence:”
    — When Did Christ Revoke His Church's Authority? | St. Joseph's,

  • “the MGH Modern Marketing blog provides readers with an inside look at the in's and out's the mayorship of their establishment and revoke mayorships for users they deem to be”

  • “Application to revoke Jatu***'s bail dropped: prosecutors By The Nation The temporary release of Pheu Thai MP Jatu*** Promphan will remain in”
    — Application To Revoke Jatu***'s Bail Dropped: Thai,

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