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  • Finite projective geometry explains why certain graphic designs retain symmetry under a group of 322,560 transformations. The Fano Plane Revisualized,. — “The Diamond Theorem”,
  • Cs_poltergeist2 is essentially a "revisualized" version of its predecessor, cs_poltergeist. In my opinion, Poltergeist 2 is one of the most chilling maps out there, but that could just be because I made it. Decide for yourself. And props to. — “cs_poltergeist2 addon - Mod DB”,
  • Book title: VISIONS OF MONA, By: STEPHEN BESKID, Category: Fine Art, Book Description: Look at one of history's most famous paintings, revisualized in a whole lot of new ways., Mona Lisa, Leonardo Davinci, art, painting, Beskid, illustration. — “VISIONS OF MONA | By STEPHEN BESKID | Category: Fine Art | Blurb”,
  • For about a year, I shot with the Mamiya 7II, a medium format system combines the lightweight of a rangefinder camera, excellent lens (it's oft said that the 80mm lens is. — “Revisualized in Panoramic " 5PM Light”, 5
  • Send V-Gift. a revisualized life. Created on 2004-11-18 19:49:16 (#5189911), last updated 2009-08-20. 392 comments received, 561 [email protected] www: . dA: [email protected] modblog: [email protected]“revisualize - User Profile”,
  • Portfolio of Freelance Web Developer and Graphic Designer Brandon Tutmarc He worked quickly, charged reasonable rates, and most importantly, took my art and revisualized it just like how I would if I actually understood anything about web. — “BRANDON TUTMARC | Seattle-based Freelance Web and Graphic”,
  • Sierra's Battlestar Galactica is a game with a clear vision: to be a simple, fun arcade-style shooter you can play alone or with friends. While it draws storyline, visual and musical assets from the popular revisualized television series, BSG on. — “Review: Battlestar Galactica (XBLA) | The Bitbag”,
  • Logo design by experienced logo design professionals - Logoworks. Modifications can be made, logos can be revisualized, new graphics can be employed to ensure greater effectiveness - without changing the basic. — “Logo Design - The Role of the Logo in Strategic Planning”,
  • The document camera with/light provides a way to present a variety of images and information to older students - without having to buy a class set of books! My 4th-6th grade students need a high quality document camera with a light to use in Picture Books - ReVisualized!. — “Picture Books - ReVisualized! (Classroom Project at”,
  • Because glamour is forever, Hotel Washington's art, music, design, fashion and culture is redefined and revisualized by W Washington D.C. — “W Washington D.C. History”,
  • revisualized. Uploaded: Sunday, November 15, 2009 09:13.00pm. [email protected] we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. — “”,
  • To concentrate better Paula read into the camera Nico Haupt's latest work. If there is interest in this format she will continue (past May 2002)Future Combat Sy Nico Haupt's REVISUALIZED (plus Videos) History of DEW. — “Nico Haupt's REVISUALIZED (plus Videos) History of DEW”,
  • XIAN, CHINA - AUGUST 19: An iron sculpture on display at the 'China Revisualized & The Banner Of Urban Culture'--Xian Qujiang International Contemporary Art Festival on August 19, 2009 in Xian of Shaanxi Province, China. The festival is the. — “Photo from Getty Images”,
  • I gained a few pounds back but have now got them back off (which is harder to do the second time) and have revisualized my goals. I gained a few pounds back but have now got them back off (which is harder to do the second time) and have revisualized my goals. — “BARBABE27's SparkPage - Bartender on a Mission”,
  • The Fano Plane Revisualized: Fig. 1. or, The Eightfold Cube. by Steven Here is the usual model of the seven points and seven lines (including the circle) of the. — “The Fano Plane Revisualized”,
  • The extreme reduction of scale - to about one fifth - dictated that, if the shorter work were to have its own integrity and literary effect, the material would have to be revisualized and rewritten. Except for the account of Washington's death, the text is almost altogether new." ( viii). — “: Sam Adams' review of Washington: The”,
  • Explore the updated online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of articles, biographies, videos, images, and web sites. Rwanda Revisualized: Genocide, Photography, and the Era of the Witness Frank M?ller* Engaging with the literature on visual representations of human. — “Rwanda Revisualized: Genocide, Photography, and the Era of”,
  • News: Arts Events: Hermes Festival in New Orleans; THE CIRCUS REVISUALIZED at the Richmond Art Center; CHEYENNE FRONTIER DAYS. — “News: Arts Events: Hermes Festival in New Orleans; THE CIRCUS”,
  • The series was very popular ranking #1 on Saturday Mornings during its first season and ran for an additional season. ( An earlier concept would have featured an adult Holly Marshall as the "mystery girl" along with Cha-Ka but due to casting the characters were revisualized as Christa and Stink). — “Land of the Lost (1991 TV series) - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Corporate Environments sells new and used office furniture, education furniture and healthcare furniture to the Lehigh Valley, Berks County and Bucks County areas. His study of offices found "it is our buildings, furnishings, and services that have to be revisualized and revitalized. — “Corporate Environments sells new and used office furniture”, ceg-
  • Home > Videos > 25,000 Barrels Of Oil A Day: Revisualized From YouTube user Elude87: Mass physics demonstration I rendered in the UDK (Unreal Development Kit), simulating 25,000 barrels stacked around a pillar 15,000 feet high, and then group by group falling to the ground. Via. — “The High Definite " 25,000 Barrels Of Oil A Day: Revisualized”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. The whole play has to be revisualized.'' At a rehearsal shortly before opening night, Wager stood in the center of the theater in. — “`On the Town' Gets a Brand New Look. Washington's Arena Stage”,
  • Office furniture provider offers interior design services, credenza, office furnishing, chair ergonomics and office ergonomics, desks, storage, office furniture. Offices in Illinois: Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Champaign, Urbana. and services that have to be revisualized and revitalized. — “Office Ergonomics, Chair Ergonomics, Widmer Interiors, Peoria”,
  • Description: I took Richard Siken's poem "Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out" and revisualized it through the word "you. I took Richard Siken's poem "Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out" and revisualized it through the word "you. — “Many Eyes : YOU by Richard Siken...rewritten poetry”, www-958

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  • nomedianomvmt Creditland News: No Media, No Movement February 7, 2009 Publisher's () News Spot Ref. "The Case to Rebuild the Media" authored by Tobin at Barack Obama has failed to transition the progressive movement that got him elected into a progressive movement to change this country. In order that a progressive political agenda to be achieved, Americans cannot continue to be invisible to one another. As long as the story of all of us remains untold, there will only remain a focus on Barack, the individual, not the community of individuals who create America. If the progressive movement that got Barack elected, had been returned to the people with a mandate that we MUST get to know one another, that we MUST cease to be invisible to one another, that we MUST create media which reflects neither the easy assumptions of the right or the corporate interests of the mainstream - if that mandate had been handed back to the movement to elect Barack Obama - then the greatest community organizing tool in the US would now be in the hands of progressive politics. Passive media, dominated by the right and mainstream media outlets, reaches not only the 2 million active progressives organizing online, but the 298 million passive consumers of media. Because Barack has not made the recapture of PASSIVE media for the progressive movement a continuation of the movement to get him elected, this organizing tool will remain dominated by the right ...
  • Request to review a document I wrote. I'm asking for people to give me input about a document I wrote: Thank you. I'm taking this video down in a few days.
  • 2010-03-16 Desk Show & Tell Just doing a little Show & Tell of my desk area. And my bookshelf. List of things to check out. First off: iTunesU is Amazing from free knowledge. Things I mentioned: The Security Catalyst Forensic 4cast CyberCrime 101 Pauldotcom Exotic Liability Securabit Social- - UNSW COMP1917 - Richard Buckland - David Malan - IT Idiots Run Your Own Server - Mr. Fords Guide to the A+ Certification Exam
  • Hang em High v6 on Sandbox Halo 3 This is my revisualization of Hang em High if you will for Halo 3's new Mythic Map Pack "Sandbox" Using the Crypt. It is set up for Team Slayer, Slayer, and CTF. Hope you all enjoy. Steel PS. Dont send friend requests please.
  • Sliders Re-Visualized Season 4 No1 Introduction Video An introduction video I did for my in progress Sliders fan fiction. This one appears only for episode 1.
  • Sliders Re-Visualized Season 4 No3 Introduction Video No3 of 4 of Season 4 introduction videos created for my in progress fan fiction. Introduces a new character and information on his project can be found at
  • Midway Fan Fiction Trailer A fan fiction I have on the backburner and this is the trailer I made for it. The entire project is a revisualized version of the RPG I have running on my website.
  • Some things I've put together and Channel Shoutouts. ShoutOuts: ***yticalSurvival beast12101 BugOutVehicles BushcraftOnFire CaptainBerz condor5x5 Cr0cket20 cutlerylover eastcoastpatriot EastCoastPrepper engineer775 Hiberniason ITStactical lambdog76 mikebarter387 nutnfancy operationsmedia parlusk pdlumina Rawdoglet SGTBull07 southernprepper1 SurvivalMedicine‬‏ survivalpodcasting‬‏ / TheLateBoyScout TheModernHomesteader ThePatriotNurse‬‏ USNERDoc wildernessoutfitters wranglerstar‬‏ YankeePrepper ZombieTactics‬‏
  • Tactical Question about WROL threat engagements. Sorry for the coughing and sniffles. I shot this video 4 times and this was the best. I have a question about these tactical run and gun videos and threat engagements. When do you engage?
  • Food Dehydration - Thoughts about the purchase and process A mini-discussion`ish about the purchase of a food dehydrator and the costs involved. And yes, I learned a lot from this process and I have REALLY made different choices about purchases I've made in the future.
  • Bumping Lake rained on by revisualize hammock setup rain Bumping Lake, WA
  • Spyderco Tenacious Zip Tie Mod A quick little Spyderco Tenacious Zip Tie Modification to aid in quick deployment. Items needed: Spyderco Tenacious or Similar folding pocket with a hole to assist with opening. An alternative sharp object. ie. teeth or razor (Don't cut yourself.) Optional: A lighter or small flame
  • My Range Bag, Emergency Ammo Grab and Go Bag. Re: SoCalPreppers
  • Six Pianos, Steve Reich Minimal Piano collection X-XX, Volume XVI Jeroen van Veen
  • Barack Obama x Z-Trip x Shepard Fairey x Fresh Pressed Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" speech remixed and re-visualized using Z-Trip's mix, Shepard Fairey's "Hope" pasting at Fresh Pressed in Los Angeles, and Lenny Mesina's editing. (Be sure to stay through the end credits for a special message!) Art Direction + Design-Shepard Fairey Music-Z-Trip Installation Team-Nick + Z Editor-Lenny Mesina Location-Fresh Pressed Photography-Nick Toga + Mike Adler Producer-Jonathan Sample Production Assistant-Meara McDonald
  • Every Day Carry (EDC) Video 2011MAR04 What can I say, it's just another Every Day Carry (EDC) video. Yes, I know... I carry too much stuff.
  • Bug out / Emergency Kit Detail part 2 .. Main Pack Items. Sorry for the 25min video. Please Reference and to understand this video a little better. This part of the kit is more of my main pack.
  • Response: Survivalist2012 1000 subscribers Congrats on the 1100+ subscribers. Short video need to get my Cisco 2 work done. Spyderco Tenacious Kershaw Chill POS Multitool
  • 5 Unusual Things Every Prepper Should Have I wasn't tagged but, I thought I'd throw in my half a cent. Whatever it is worth. 5 overlooked/unusual/uncommon things that every prepper should have. 1. IT Assault Kit. PDF documents on a CD or preferred USB Drive - Linux LiveCD. Examples: openSUSE, Ubuntu, Slackware - PDF Documents about prepping. 2. Rock climbing gear. Learn knots and how to use some basic rock climbing gear. 3. Chess set 4. Black sheets, lots of them. 5. The drive to not make prepping a fad.
  • Re: GTVAlfaMan via PrepperJenks video. Emergency Heater DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
  • Revisualizations Vol. 1 This is a presentation of revisualized photos using Photoshop to achieve the finished look. This does contain a few adult images so please be aware of that before watching. Several works have been printed and framed for what I hope will be an upcomming gallery show in Portland Oregon. If anyone out there would like to show my work in their gallery I'd love to talk with you.
  • My xmas gift So, I asked that people, "not get me ANYTHING for Christmas. And to take the same amount of money you would spend on a gift and buy YOURSELF long term storage food." Well, I did the same.
  • I have to Go away One of the Original Choji Moji songs from early 2000. Re-visualized useing our newly developed puppet creation engine.
  • My Bugout Kit / System / Circus. Re: poormansbushcraft contest Here's my circus sideshow of my bugout system / kit whatever you want to call it.
  • Shooting a Barrett 82A1 50BMG Semi Auto Rifle Me shooting a Barrett 82A1 50BMG Semi Auto Rifle with a Nightforce scope. Note: This is not my rifle. Nor would I buy one. But, it sure was fun to squeeze off a few rounds.
  • Preparations for Heating Re: CopingWithTheTimes Sadly, no electicity preparations. Re:
  • Bumping Lake tarp setup by revisualize Bumping Lake, WA tarp hammock setup
  • Star Control 2 ending - fan art - animatic ver.2a2 FAN ART revisualizing of Star Control 2 ending. This animatic is over seven years old. Re-creating the Star Control 2 ending into 3D has been a goal I had ever since I completed playing the game. This version is a slightly embellished version with scenes not in the original ending. Ultimately my goal is a greatly embellished version of the ending with Kzerza, KohrAh, Dynarri, Fwiffo, and Shofixtis involved, but that animatic hasn't been made yet. Thanks to finally getting a working video editor, I have taken the silent animatic and added temporary sound FX and music and dialogue from the original game.
  • Superfeesten TV Matrixx at the park Every year with the traditional 'vierdaagse' The Matrixx blows the roof of Nijmegen for 6 days. We were asked to revisualize this. Check it out!
  • What am I doing. Should you be doing this as well? What am I doing. Should you be doing this as well? The bags from bottom Right counter-clockwise to the left... Green: Supplemental Items for the main pack. Really this is because the main pack is used for camping and may have stuff pulled out of it. Black: Just an overflow of my dry packed bulk goods. Some canned goods in the bottom. This is packed into a bag for ease of moving. Blue: This is my main pack. Basically a 3 day backpacking/hiking/camping bag. Green w/ blue ropes: Has 1 gallon of water some rice beans and a few canned goods Little Black: is my Every day bag. Green w/ red: This is just a very large basic first aid kit. Black with rock shoes: Just a bag with Rope, harness and calk for rock/tree climbing. Video links: Bug out / Emergency Kit Detail part 1 .. Supplemental Items. Bug out / Emergency Kit Detail part 2 .. Main Pack Items. Every Day Carry (EDC) Video 2011MAR04
  • Bumping Lake camp setup by revisualize My little hammock / tarp setup.
  • Drinking Water Prepping Contest Entry Prepperjenks 115 subs contest how to store and find water for drinking. My water is stored in 5 gallon containers. Back up sources of water will be rain barrels and a shallow well with off the grid hand pump. Also know where local springs and ponds are located. Filter water from the roof because of lead from roof boots. Don't boil because it will concentrate the chemical running off of your roof. One gallon per day per person, then allotted one extra gallon a day for my family. preeperjenks /user/prepperjenks pastordowell /user/pastordowell survien2 /user/surviven2 E tags: water h2o prepping prepper storeage 5 ga gallon pastor dowell surviven2 filter boil boiling survival no trace lds off the grid 72 hour kit Brooklyn east coast Natural disaster bug out bugout bailout get home fema plan hurricane earth quake tornado tsunami typhoon tidal wave nuclear radiation Straight way truth revisualize EastTennesseePrepper BLACKHEARTSE7EN
  • Electric Counterpoint - Steve Reich (Revisualization) for Zambos :)
  • Bug out / Emergency Kit Detail part 1 .. Supplemental Items. Sorry for the 20min video. Please Reference to kind of understand this video a little better. This kit layout is all my extra supplemental items to round out everything a little better.
  • Sliders Re-Visualized Season 4 No2 Introduction Video The second of four season 4 introduction videos for my Sliders fan fiction.
  • Half Empty My first Advanced Scene Study project. A scene from "Ghost World" written by Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff, re-visualized into a different scenario. Shot on HD video. Two best friends, Ryan and Amy, question their relationship to each other in the presence of Ryan's passed out girlfriend. Directed by: Matt Gossen Based on the script 'Ghost World' by: Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff Starring: Andrew Nowak Maria Hewett Ti Mikkel Director of Photography: Megan Boundy Including music by 'The Lawrence Arms'. (February 2009)
  • Star Control 2 ending Fan Art- animatic v1b with sfx FAN ART revisualizing of Star Control 2 ending. This animatic is over seven years old. Re-creating the Star Control 2 ending into 3D has been a goal I had ever since I completed playing the game. This version is fairly faithful to the original version. I also have a slightly embellished version with more scenes not in the original. Thanks to finally getting a working video editor, I have taken the silent animatic and added temporary sound FX and music and dialogue from the original game.
  • Re: City Survivalist lets you pick his next Prepping Purchase! My list: Generator Pressure Canner Mylar Bags HAM Radio Welder
  • 1113#39 Siraya Create Cultural Products During the past few years, the Siraya have been striving to reclaim their indigenous identity. Back in many Siraya communities, however, the people have launched a Romanized Siraya dictionary and composed many Siraya songs. They are also using traditional patterns on cultural products. The Siraya are revisualizing their culture.
  • Hung up some xmas lights by revisualize
  • Dance Pe Chance Revisualized By Raj Gamer I Really Worked Hard On This But Adobe Preimer ***ed Upp All My Work Thanks For Liking The Content Only For (Srk The King Khan)
  • My new addition to food storage. LDS Cannery stop off. I stopped off at the LDS Cannery today and picked up several new bulk food items to add to my storage.

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  • “We've been live now for just over a month and have accomplished so much. We now have more than 750 members, who have collectively written some 400 blog posts, started 31 discussion forums, added more than 1,000 comments and generated more than a”
    — How Can We Improve Haiti Rewired? - Haiti Rewired,

  • “Battlestar - Description Our Battlestar was inspired by the one seen in the revisualized TV series "Battlestar Galactica". From the perspective of the show this is an old design and was being turned into a tourist trap”
    — Battlestar - Description,

  • “This blog entry was prompted by a contemporary cartoon strip about book burning. One designer, Mikey Burton, revisualized a fascinating series of cover designs as a”
    — Thad McIlroy - Future Of Publishing,

  • “I like the revisualized picture of all that was held suddenly breaking loose. Political blog: Back around 1775(?) when the hardworking taxpayers in Boston were being”
    — Eggcorn Forum / "All held broke loose" for All Hell broke loose,

  • “Arizona and National Politics and Culture from a Progressive Perspective If you've seen McCain's "Danged fence" ad, which is so bad it's been laughed on Joe Scarborough's show, you should love this revisualized version”
    — Blog For Arizona: Arizona Congressional Races,

  • “--> digital intuition: where digital technology, people and business meet the NVTC and listen to new ideas of people pushing the edges of the web [Jeremy Epstein, FOJ Blog and Shawn Scott, Geekycyberdad]”
    — DigIn!: July 2008,

  • “News and updates from AddThis Using some of our more avatar movie elaborate internal ***ytics APIs, we revisualized the data specifically for the iPhone, so you can keep track of how your content is getting shared while you're on the go”
    — AddThis Blog " 2009 " December,

  • “This blog entry was prompted by a contemporary cartoon strip about book burning. One designer, Mikey Burton, revisualized a fascinating series of cover designs as a”
    — Book Burning,

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