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  • something that restricts: as a : a regulation that restricts or restrains b : a limitation on the use or enjoyment of property or a facility. 2 : an act of restricting : the condition of being restricted. Examples of RESTRICTION. — “Restrictions - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Shop the official site - Abercrombie & Fitch is the original apparel and lifestyle brand with a history rooted in the great outdoors and East Coast Ivy League heritage. Other restrictions may apply. — “Abercrombie & Fitch”,
  • Sanctions program and country summaries as well as sanctions/regulations pertaining to Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction Nonprolifereation, Narcotics Trafficking, and Diamond Trading - Office of Foreign Assets Control. — “U.S. Treasury - Sanctions Program Summaries”,
  • A listing of current restrictions on carry-on luggage for domestic and international travel to and from the US. — “Airline Carry-on Restrictions with special attention to”,
  • Definition of Restrictions in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Restrictions? Meaning of Restrictions as a legal term. What does Restrictions mean in law?. — “Restrictions legal definition of Restrictions. Restrictions”, legal-
  • Restrictions quotes and quotations from brainyquote For one cause or another, it has become necessary to impose restrictions upon the use of many commodities, including not a few of the necessities of. — “Restrictions Quotes”,
  • We try our best to accommodate all baggage needs; however, bags that do not meet our size and weight restrictions require special handling and additional fees. Note that you will incur separate fees for exceeding our size, weight, and quantity limitations. — “Excess Baggage”,
  • restrictions - definition of restrictions from : Limitations which cannot be exceeded or rules which cannot be broken. These can be either explicit or implicit. For example, a company may have restrictions on employees from. — “restrictions definition”,
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) protects the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. TSA's regulations, restrictions, and job openings are listed here. — “TSA | Transportation Security Administration | U.S”,
  • Restrictions apply to all water sources, including private wells and pumps, ground or surface water, and water from public and private utilities. Enforcement of watering restrictions. For unincorporated areas and the county's 15,000 water customers, fines will be $50 for. — “Watering restrictions/conservation tips”,
  • restriction synonyms, restriction antonyms. Information about restriction in the free online English restriction - a principle that limits the extent of something; "I am willing to accept certain restrictions on my movements". — “restriction - definition of restriction by the Free Online”,
  • Hillsborough County complies with water restrictions set by the Southwest Florida Water The restrictions are for a variety of outdoor water uses, including lawn irrigation,. — “Hillsborough County Government Online - Water Resource”,
  • Leaders of the National Council of Churches and Church World Service are urging the president to lift the restrictions on religious travel to Cuba, calling the current U.S. policy toward Cuba "ineffective and counter-productive. — “Obama Urged to Lift U.S. Restrictions on Religious Travel to”,
  • There are two categories of legal restrictions on the distribution of MMRRC stocks: patents and donor's restriction to limit distribution to non-profit and academic research institutions. This is the only restriction the MMRRC allows donors to place on the. — “Legal Restrictions on Distribution”,
  • Restrictions Similar Albums: Allman Brothers Band , School Punks , Double Trouble Live , Tres Hombres , Cactus , Jim Dandy , Live in '99 , Best Pub. — “Restrictions: Information from ”,
  • As of July 2007 some areas and towns have no water restrictions, including the Northern Territory, Regional Tasmania, Newcastle, Bathurst and Dubbo. There are also a few parts of Australia where the water storage levels are at or close to 100%, such as Taree. — “Water restrictions in Australia - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Blood donation restrictions must be followed as it directly deals with lives of blood recipients. Read on to find out about various blood donation restrictions Blood Donation Restrictions. — “Blood Donation Restrictions”,
  • Costs and restrictions. Costs. A cost is usually a change to the state or stats of a card, player or other game entity. A cost must fully occur, or be "paid," for effects of an action or trait to happen, or for a card with a cost to enter play. — “CE Costs and restrictions - Legend of the Five Rings Rules”, rules.l5
  • New tobacco restrictions: no more "light" or "mild" cigarettes The new federal standards place new restrictions on the sale of tobacco products in vending machines, too, but Mapes says there are very few. — “New tobacco restrictions: no more "light" or "mild" cigarettes”,
  • Shop the official site - Hollister is the original Southern California lifestyle brand, laidback and effortlessly cool, Hollister brings Southern California to the world! Other restrictions may apply. Flannel Promotion. Offer valid on select Flannel Shirts offered for sale in select Hollister stores. — “Hollister Co”,
  • Get all the latest news, stories and web pages tagged with restrictions on Zee News. — “restrictions : Zee News”,
  • Luggage Forward provides a door-to-door luggage delivery solution to new carry-on baggage restrictions. — “Luggage Forward - Airline Baggage Restrictions”,
  • Learn about Restrictions on . Find info and videos including: What Are the Restrictions for the Airlines?, Roth Restrictions, How to De-Restrict a Vespa and much more. — “Restrictions - ”,

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  • Father Of 9 Year Old Murder Victim In Tucson Does Not Want Restrictions Of Freedoms! Airing Date Jan.09, 2011 Father Of 9 Year Old Murder Victim In Tucson Does Not Want Restrictions Of Freedoms Because Of Incident.
  • Wifi Battle #5 vs BlaziTeam No Restrictions AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I haven't put up a vid in soooooo long! Jeez. Well, anyway. Here I have a battle against my friend BlaziTeam. It was, a half decent battle considering that when we were setting this up, we forgot to do the Flat Battle Rules so. GIGALITH! Wow. What item was he holding? Like a bright powder? That gave me some trouble. Emjoy! Comment. Like. Subscribe!
  • Weekend Project: How to Make Iodine Bob Thompson bypasses the DEA restrictions and shows you how to make iodine with Phil Torrone
  • ***s Support Checkpoints and Senator Tommy Williams Austin Activists distributed tyranny awards at the State Capital for those bills sponsored by the Senate that enforce the police state. Music: Amerika by Rammstein Ohne Dich by Wumpscut
  • ROYAL RESTRICTIONS: Big changes ahead of Kate Middleton /take6 New business trend Don't miss out on NON-STOP $200 Walmart gift cards and $100 checks
  • A Different Spin - Restrictions New funny promo video from Mark Hoppus' TV show on FUSE. (For more "A Different Spin" videos check out my channel.)
  • Men at Work - No Restrictions (Rockpalast, Germany 1982) Men at Work Cargo live on Rockpalast 12/2/82 Performance on the German TV series Rockpalast on December 2nd, 1982. Tracklist: No restrictions I can see it in your eyes People just love to play with words Overkill Touching the untouchables Catch a star Underground Helpless automation High Wire Down under F-19 Shintaro Who can it be now? Mr. Entertainer It's a mistake I like to Be good Johnny Upstairs in my house Keypunch operator Running time 90 minutes
  • BT Tactical Series Gun Restrictions An overview of the weapons allowed at the BT Tactical Series. This year the Series will be going back to tactical markers only. This video discusses the guns allowed, rates of fire, BPS limits, and other details. For complete info please check out-
  • Gulf Oil Spill: Transparency Anderson Cooper discusses the new laws in place that essentially block media access to viewing the environmental and wildlife impacts the oil is causing on the coast. The full podcast from July 1, 2010 can be viewed here:
  • Documentary: "The Rooftops of Hebron" - Restrictions on movement In 2000, the army closed Shohada Street , in Hebron , to Palestinians and sealed the entrances to the houses on the street. To leave her home, Malka Kafisha had to climb up through the roofs of neighboring houses. B'Tselem is an Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
  • Visit to the Mothership, Stupid Gun Laws, Part One I take a trip to Cabela's in Reno, Nevada to show how easy it is for criminals to ILLEGALLY circumvent California's magazine capacity restrictions ... and to demonstrate how new ammunition sales restrictions can be LEGALLY circumvented by anyone. These kinds of supposed "common sense" laws are anything but sensible, help no one, don't prevent crimes or save lives, and are a complete waste of time. They accomplish NOTHING but hassling law-abiding citizens, who are doing nothing harmful or illegal. Original Music by: ZombieTactics
  • Web Alert: New law may restrict online file sharing Restrictions being negotiated almost entirely in secret could place restrictions on internet service providers even leading to the cancellation of Internet privileges for repeat offenders. Dina Gusovsky talks to Shelly Roche of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance about the potential restrictions and what they mean for ordinary Internet users.
  • firework restrictions provo firework restrictions 2009
  • Cubans in an American Mood - USA August 2009 Since Obama eased the travel restrictions imposed by the Bush administration, Cuban-Americans have been enjoying the chance to visit their Cuban relatives. Could this be a fresh start for America and Cuba? I am not just interested in talking for the sake of it. I believe that we can take US - Cuban relations to a new direction. President Obama has fulfilled a key campaign promise by lifting restrictions on Cuban-Americans to visit their homeland and send money back to family members. The ban has been here for 50 years. The Cuban regime is still there and people starve, tells Lazaro Leon. The only thing our members can do is to bring them as much as we can. But in the traditional Cuban district of Miami, known as Little Havana, opinions over Obama still differ greatly. Whilst some believe he will finally bring freedom to Cuba, others are worried that Obama is too weak for Cubas rulers.
  • Cannot Undo Restriction - Not Allowed - Solution If you have the correct unlock code for your Nokia phone, but the phone displays 'Cannot Undo Restriction' or 'Not Allowed' when you enter the code, this solutionis for you. Many people have purchased unlock codes for Nokia phones only to see the dreaded 'Cannot Undo Restriction' or 'Not Allowed' error and this usually means the phone can't be unlocked by code because the phone has already been subjected to it's maximum allowed number of unlock code entry attempts. Normally you would have to take the phone to a phone store for unlocking, however now, using this method, you can unlock your Nokia phone with the correct code no matter how many codes have been entered and no matter how many times your phone has displayed 'Cannot Undo Restriction' or 'Not Allowed'. Go to for full instructions!
  • CORNADOOR - WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS (Debut Album Promotion Video).wmv A short mix of few songs giving you a first impression of rising German Reggae artist CORNADOOR and his debut album. The CD will be released on Friday 23rd of July, digitally you can already buy it here: www.mp3 Mix by Killa (HELP) Hille
  • KH2FM - Saix Data No Damage/More Restrictions (LV1 CM) This was another one I wanted to try since Apul did it. Along with his handicaps, I threw in some more of my own to make the vids a tad different. All it really did though was extend the battle for a minute or two more. Rules: No Damage No Magic No Drive No Limit No Item No Summons No using stat boosts No Glide No Armor No Accesories Kingdom Key only Only have any of the following abilities equipped: Guard Horizontal Slash/Air Side Slash Finisher Rise/Leap Flash Step Slide Dash Guard Break Explosion Aerial Spiral Aerial Sweep Aerial Dive Aerial Finish Counterguard High Jump LV3 Quick Run Lv3 Dodge Roll Lv3 Aerial Dodge LV3 Scan Combo Master Combo Plus (if you want) Finishing Plus (only can be obtained in FM at LV1) ---- The only thing Glide was useful for was dodging the Desperation Move (All shall be lost to you). Without it it complicates things more. Apul figured out how to dodge it with Quick Run, Guard, and Dodge Roll. So I loaded up my LV99 file and had some fun praticing dodging it. I must say, it's really really fun to dodge it this way. It's not so much fun when you're recording it though. For the first part of the DM, it seems guarding it doesn't ALWAYS work. You should be able to get the first hit to always connect, but the second one seems to sometimes not want to connect. Not sure why. You can start dodging the DM by luring him to the left or right and then Quick Running away, as I do twice in the video. As for his actual DM, it's rather easy to dodge with ...
  • Deep Tissue Massage - Freeing muscles from deep restrictions - Art Riggs How to freeing muscles from deep restrictions while practicing deep tissue massage. Learn more at
  • Access Denied: US Family Planning Restrictions in Zambia Access Denied details the impact of the Global Gag Rule on reproductive health programs in Zambia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. At a time when one in five adults is infected with HIV and nearly 70 percent of the population is under the age of 24, the gag rule has deprived Zambia's primary family planning agency of critical US assistance. To support Population Action International's mission of improving individual well-being and increasing global resources for population, family planning and reproductive health policies and programs, please visit us at /donateonline To learn more about Population Action International, please visit
  • KH2FM - Marluxia Data No Damage/More Restrictions (LV1 CM) Since I love the Marluxia fight, I'm tossing even more restrictions in. This time I don't use Glide. So that means you have to rely on Quick Run to dodge the thorn attack. It complicates the last form more. I don't Guard the last hit of his DM since it makes it more interesting. If you do guard it you'll probably loop him in DMs, I'm not sure. Either way, rules: No Damage No Magic/Reflect! No Drive No Limit No Item No Summons No using stat boosts No Armor No Glide! Kingdom Key only Only have any of the following abilities equipped: Guard Horizontal Slash/Air Side Slash Finisher Rise/Leap Flash Step Slide Dash Guard Break Explosion Aerial Spiral Aerial Sweep Aerial Dive Aerial Finish Counterguard High Jump LV3 Quick Run Lv3 Dodge Roll Lv3 Aerial Dodge LV3 Scan Combo Master Combo Plus (if you want) Reaction Up Finishing Plus (only can be obtained in FM at LV1) ---- Pretty tricky but I konw the fight very well, Marluxia doesn't really surprise you, the only way you'll really lose is bad Quick Runs, bad timed Guards, or bad Jumps from the red spots. Difficulty for normal LV1 win: ******* Difficulty for normal LV1 win (with restrictions): ******** Difficulty for LV1 no damage: ******** Difficulty for LV1 no damage (with restrictions): ********* I did have Accesories equipped. It was an accident, but it made me realize that if I didn't the fight would probably be over 10 minutes. So even though my Str is more than it was with DP, I still do less damage because I'm using Kingdom ...
  • Metallica - The Outlaw Torn [Unencumbered by Manufacturing Restrictions Version] The full uncut original version of The Outlaw Torn from The Memory Remains Single CD 2 The single would prove to be successful, hitting #28 on the Billboard Hot 100, #3 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and #13 on the UK Singles Chart. It would be Metallica's last appearance in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 until 2008's "The Day That Never Comes". CD Single (UK pt. 2) 1. The Memory Remains 2. The Outlaw Torn (Unencumbered by Manufacturing Restrictions Version) 3. King Nothing (Tepid Mix)
  • INTERNET RESTRICTIONS - MCR RENTAL SOLUTIONS - MCR RENTAL SOLUTIONS - Computer and Technology Rentals in Toronto Business Computer Rental Company Computer Rentals Toronto, Canada & Worldwide. MCR Rental Solutions is a leading computer rental company since 1988. We provide cost-effective business-to-business computer equipment rentals to business owners, trade show managers and special events coordinators. Business owners can add value and save money by renting MCR top-grade, brand name computer, office and audio visual equipment or arranging service contracts including live remote technical support from skilled MCR in-house technicians on a wide range of computer, presentation and trade show display units. We plan, install, deliver, manage and maintain all your technology requirements on-site 24/7. CR Rental Solutions 24 Torlake Crescent Toronto, Ontario Canada M8Z 1B3 (416) 251-6396 phone (800) 813-9629 toll-free (416) 251-9845 fax HOURS OF OPERATION: MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:30AM - 5:30PM EST MCR RENTALS SOLUTIONS, Audio Visual, Canada, Computer, Computer Rentals, Computer Support, Cogeco, Displays, Internet Card, Internet Cafe, Internet Sticks, Kiosk, Laptops, LCD, Photocopiers, Plasma, Printers, Projector, Projector Screens, Rogers Rocket, Scanner, Sympatico, Tablet PC, Touch Screen, Trade Show, Tradeshow Booths, Toronto, Mike Pernokis, Kevin Jackal Johnston
  • Cataclysm Beta - Graphics Restrictions? Has blizzard decided to restrict graphics on World of Warcraft Cataclysm?
  • Civilization! - *Some Restrictions Apply In Tucson's own Loft Cinema, during October's First Friday Film Shorts contest, this is the video I think SHOULD have won. It is witty and right on the mark. It comes from IrreverentFilms (here on YouTube) and I think it's pure genius.
  • KH2FM - Larxene Data No Damage/More Restrictions (LV1 CM) Now for the no Reaction Command and magic challenge. It's a little trickier to deal with the clones without the RC, but for me the only complication was the first form. After that it wasn't too bad. But the whole Larxene getting through Guard thing was still a huge problem as it happens randomly. Here are the rules: No Damage No Magic/Reflect! No Drive No Limit No Item No Summons No using stat boosts No Armor No Accessories No Reaction Command Only have any of the following abilities equipped: Guard Horizontal Slash/Air Side Slash Finisher Rise/Leap Flash Step Slide Dash Guard Break Explosion Aerial Spiral Aerial Sweep Aerial Dive Aerial Finish Counterguard High Jump LV3 Quick Run Lv3 Dodge Roll Lv3 Aerial Dodge LV3 Glide LV3 Scan Combo Master Combo Plus (if you want, not recommended) Finishing Plus (only can be obtained in FM at LV1) ---- The thing that makes this different from Apul's other than the tiny differences in strategy is no magic at all. In the no Reflega videos we used Blizzaga to stop her from doing her Endless Thundaga combo. Without it, there's a chance she will do it after 3.7 or so bars of HP damage. You can either do insane timed Dodge Rolls and Quick Runs (it's possible I've done it, but only at about 50% success rate), or you can stop it by hitting her. Just like at the beginning she's open. I'll explain how to dodge it. You'll know she's about to do her endless thundaga attack if she starts running towards you in single mode. If this happens let her ...
  • KH2FM - Terra No Damage/More Restrictions (No Loop, LV1 CM) Download: Well I had a nice few days off from uploading videos. Let's start off video #501 with a new restricted fight. You're probably wondering what I restricted on this fight. Only a couple things. But they're big. The first is, no looping. This means I can't keep doing the same combo and can't keep making him counter attack more than a couple times in a row (the exception is for his 3rd form, else he'll loop his DM move and it'll be too easy). Read more on the whole looping thing later in the description. The other is no magic, which means you have to time his forced counters perfectly or you're getting killed by the Key Whip move. No Damage No Looping Terra No Magic No Drive No Limit No Item No Summons No Armor No Accessories No using stat boosts Only have any of the following abilities equipped: Guard Horizontal Slash Finishing Rise/Leap Dodge Slash Slap Shot Flash Step Slide Dash Guard Break Explosion Aerial Spiral Aerial Dive Aerial Finish Counterguard High Jump LV3 Quick Run Lv3 Dodge Roll LV3 Aerial Dodge LV3 Glide LV3 Scan Combo Master Combo Plus Air Combo Plus Finishing Plus I had Aerial Recovery on by accident, but obviously you won't get to use it anyway, since Terra will OHKO you with basically everything. ---- So more on the non-looping. As people who have faught Terra know, he randomly picks an attack pattern at the beginning of the fight. Each attack pattern comes with a couple attacks, and he doesn't change his pattern until he goes ...
  • News 12: Legislator Abrahams unveils *** offender restrictions
  • KH2FM - Marluxia No Damage/Limit/Magic/Drive/etc (LV1 CM) Finally, I got to fight Marluxia in my LV1 challenge. If you haven't figured it out already, I love fighting this guy. He's just too fun. But I beat him pretty easy at LV 18, and getting no damage in his data version at LV 18. So of course, I'm going to put some restrictions on to challenge myself further this time around. But then again, it's not like I'm allowed to get hit anyway, since one hit of anything = dead. So I came up with a challenge that has even more restrictions than Apul's Marluxia restriction fight. Here are the rules: No Damage No Magic No Drives No Limits No Items No Summons No Guardian Soul Keyblade No using stat boosts Must be LV1 Must be Critical Mode Must do this before completing Beast's Castle the second time, and before Port Royal and Olympus You CAN equip any ability you currently have, though I had a lot on that I didn't need, I'm just too lazy to take some off. Yes, wow. This means no Reflect or Limits to save you. Using no Magic means you can't stop his thorn move. So how do you avoid getting hit with it? Well I remember watching during my Marluxia & Larxene video that if you Guard while getting attacked while the thorn thing is around you, it explodes without damaging you. So I wanted to try that out in this fight. And what do you know, it works perfectly. Other than that move, the rest should be simple to figure out. The hardest part is by far his Desperation Move. The Dodge Roll method works but it makes it risky if you're in the middle of ...
  • Ayahuasca Visions Ayahuasca is used largely as a religious sacrament. Those whose usage of ayahuasca is performed in non-traditional contexts often align themselves with the philosophies and cosmologies associated with ayahuasca shamanism, as practiced among indigenous peoples like the Urarina of Peruvian Amazonia. The religion Santo Daime uses it. While non-native users know of the spiritual applications of ayahuasca, a less well-known traditional usage focuses on the medicinal properties of ayahuasca. Its purgative properties are highly important (many refer to it as la purga, "the purge"). The intense vomiting and occasional diarrhea it induces can clear the body of worms and other tropical parasites,[7] and harmala alkaloids themselves have been shown to be anthelmintic[8] Thus, this action is twofold; a direct action on the parasites by these harmala alkaloids (particularly harmine in ayahuasca) works to kill the parasites, and parasites are expelled through the increased intestinal motility that is caused by these alkaloids. Dietary taboos are almost always associated with the use of Ayahuasca; in the rainforest, these tend towards the purification of one's self - abstaining from spicy and heavily seasoned foods, fat, salt, caffeine, acidic foods (such as citrus) and *** before, after, or both before and after a ceremony. A diet low in foods containing tyramine has been recommended, as the speculative interaction of tyramine and MAOIs could lead to a hypertensive crisis. However ...
  • JetBlue - Cab Jam Montage - Airline Legroom Restrictions JetBlue knows New Yorkers are used to small spaces, but this is ridiculous. Watch what happens when the ground rules change. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter Watch more ground rules videos: JetBlue Glass Half Full (Joker) JetBlue Cancelled Game JetBlue Taken for a Ride Montage JetBlue Glass Half Full Montage JetBlue The Local JetBlue Cab Jam (Girl) JetBlue Taken for a Ride (Girl) JetBlue Glass Half Full (Girl) JetBlue Glass Half Full (Guy)
  • Updated Brick Ranch w/ NO restrictions! This home is located in Raleigh, NC. Contact Amanda Bunch for more information. HomeTowne Realty 919-868-1067 Hard to find Updated Brick Ranch with NO restrictions and NO city taxes! Must See Inside!Updated siding, kitchen cabinets,counters,stove,micro &water purification.FP in cozy living room.Large kitchen features island and stainless appliances. Bright and open sunroom with French doors that open to patio and large fenced yard. Detached storage building. Great price for value/location!
  • No need for travel restrictions over swine flu: EU The European Union's top health official said on Tuesday that "precautionary measures" were advisable for those travelling to Mexico but that the swine flu outbreak did not yet merit imposing bloc-wide travel restrictions. Three cases of the new strain of flu have been confirmed in the EU thus far -- one in Spain and two in Britain -- and investigations on other cases are under way in seven other countries.
  • The 3rd birthday genocide mode EP6 rank AAA with restrictions Get rank A in clear time,your deaths,soldier's deaths,and difficulty. Total rank AAA. No retry No special weapon Don't let protective gear break. Don't let any soldier and citizen die. Don't use those weapons you haven't get in the first round of genocide mode. No cheat code is impossible because "No Clock Up","LIFE Hold",and "Friendly Fire" turn on automatically in the genocide mode,but they won't decrease your rank.
  • ASOS Brigade - Web-Only Episode C - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to upload ALL the extras from DVD. Please buy the DVDs if you want to support Haruhi and see more anime in the future! http ASOS C - The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade - Web-Only Episode C - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is being released in North America by Kadokawa Pictures USA and distributed by Bandai Entertainment. http
  • How to Unlock a RIM Blackberry 8/9 series Part 2 of 2 How to SIM Unlock any Blackberry from the 8 or 9 series using software
  • Creating Simple Forms in MS Word 2007 with Protection Restrictions This short tutorial describes how to make a simple form in Word 2007 with enforced protection restrictions. Also, check out my 2nd tutorial entitled: Creating Simple Forms in MS Word 2007 Part 2 for a demonstration on a simple table using cells with character limitation and a drop down form field. To see the video, click on this link:
  • FEAR Playthrough -Interval 01-Inception(Point of origin) damn Youtube has restrictions on the title length. anyway, yep, the first Vid for FEAR Again, done on my QX6700 and 8800GTX at max details @ 1680 X 1050. Obviously its pointless ding it on any difficulty level except 'Extreme Difficulty'
  • TD Jakes- Living With Restrictions
  • JetBlue - The Local - Airline Layover Rules and Restrictions JetBlue knows people hate making unnecessary stops. A lot. Watch what happens when the ground rules change. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter Watch more ground rules videos: JetBlue Glass Half Full (Joker) JetBlue Cancelled Game JetBlue Taken for a Ride Montage JetBlue Glass Half Full Montage JetBlue Cab Jam Montage JetBlue Cab Jam (Girl) JetBlue Taken for a Ride (Girl) JetBlue Glass Half Full (Girl) JetBlue Glass Half Full (Guy)
  • Pokemon Platinum - Wi-Fi Battle #3: Friend Match vs Bill (No Restrictions) Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN GAMEFREAK, THE POKEMON COMPANY, NINTENDO OR ANY OF THEIR CHARACTERS OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THEM. THEY ALL BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!!! My Review: Me and my friend Bill decided to have an uber battle with no restrictions. I decided to test out the true power of my Giratina and new Salamence. Giratina is a true uber and that's all I can say. In the end the battle was quick and fun. And then we had another rematch after this and he won that but I couldn't record it because I already had this battle on my DS and hadn't recorded yet on my computer. Don't forget to add &fmt=18 for High Quality, if your computer is slow, or &fmt=22 in the url for High Definition if your computer is fast. I actually recommend you do that instead of watching it normally, or click the "Watch in HD" link under the video.

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