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  • Defibrillators that still have significant battery life can be successfully removed from patients who no longer need them and reimplanted in other patients, researchers found. AHA: Resterilized Defibrillators Can Be Reimplanted. — “Resterilized Defibrillators Can Be Reimplanted, AHA Says”,
  • We estimate that there's a billion dollars' (annual) savings represented in these newly opened but never-used devices that could easily be resterilized and retested. that had been resterilized by medical reprocessing companies. — “BC Hydro - Hospitals can resterilize some devices for reuse”,
  • Only 25 percent of hospitals use resterilized open-but-unused, single-use devices (OBU None of the hospitals responding to the survey indicated adverse patient outcomes by using resterilized OBU SUDs, according to the Special Hospital Survey: Practices Associated with Opened-But-Unused, Single. — “Department^Infection Control^Open findings”,
  • Open mesh repairs are commonly used and the feasibility of using a resterilized mesh, which is a general practice in certain countries, has not been STUDY DESIGN: In this randomized prospective study, original and resterilized meshes were used in two groups of patients with unilateral inguinal. — “Medline ® Abstracts for References 3,4 of 'Infection in mesh”,
  • These normally come in separate vials. After removing the top from the vial, it is sterile until someone touches it. If someone touches the top of the vial, it can be resterilized by cleaning it with an alcohol wipe. Each person receives the. — “Intromuscular Injection Advice Tetnus Diptheria Poilo?”,
  • OBJECTIVE: To assess the success, complications and cost of endoscopic endoprosthesis placement for palliation of obstructive jaundice caused by malignancy. Endoscopic palliation of malignant obstructive jaundice using resterilized accessories: an audit of success, complications, mortality and cost. — “Endoscopic palliation of malignant obstructive jaundice using”,
  • Defibrillators that still have significant battery life can be successfully removed from patients who no longer need them and reimplanted in other patients, researchers found. AHA: Resterilized Defibrillators Can Be Reimplanted. — “Medical News: AHA: Resterilized Defibrillators Can Be”,
  • They then embarked on a double-blinded, randomized study, placing either "virgin" or divided and resterilized polypropylene mesh in patients undergoing first-time inguinal hernia repair. No differences were noted in either group (total 184 patients) with a median follow-up of two years. — “Aggravated DocSurg: Reheating the Leftovers”,
  • To ensure that all outdated sterile supplies with an expiration date are returned to Central Material Service (CMS) to be resterilized or to Material Distribution Service (MDS) to be exchanged. To ensure such supplies are not used until they have bee resterilized or exchanged. Procedure:. — “Welcome to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center - Outdated”,
  • Latest health care news for healthcare industry professionals & ***ysts. Breaking health, insurance, regulation, drugs, nutrition & aging news. Resterilized Defibrillators Can Be Reimplanted, AHA Says [22 Nov 2010 - 13:00]. — “Health Care News - Healthcare Industry Today”,
  • MAXIFLO™ (unsealed) grafts with Unity™ Construction can be resterilized by steam or ethylene oxide per instructions provided by the manufacturer of the sterilization equipment and established hospital procedures, where this is permissible under national legislation. — “Vascutek: Products:ePTFE: Unity Construction™: Frequently”,
  • GOVERNMENT & LEGAL AFFAIRS Throughout the healthcare community, the reuse of medical products designated by original equipment manufacturers as single-use devices (SUDs) remains a controversial topic. In the reprocessing practice SUDs are refurbished, resterilized, or reprocessed for additional. — “Reprocessed Liability | MDDI Magazine”,
  • Learn about the prescription medication Nesacaine (Chloroprocaine), drug uses, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, reviews and patient labeling. Nesacaine and Nesacaine-MPF Injections should not be resterilized by autoclaving. — “Nesacaine (Chloroprocaine) Drug Information: User Reviews”,
  • Laser ablation catheter treatment versatility for peripheral interventions above and below-the knee. The device is designated and intended for SINGLE USE ONLY and must not be resterilized and/or reused. — “Spectranetics - Products - Vascular Intervention - Peripheral”,
  • "We estimate that there's a billion dollars' [annual] savings represented in these newly-opened but never used devices that could easily be resterilized and retested," he remarked. And, he suggested, there appears to be no danger to patients. that had been resterilized by medical reprocessing companies. — “Hospitals can resterilize some devices for reuse | Fort”,
  • eSutures sells discounted, brand name sutures, suture material and endomechanicals. Harmonic Ace curved shears with pistol handle and hand control 36cm length, 5.5mm diameter, 15mm active blade (RESTERILIZED). — “eSutures - The Suture Superstore - Ethicon Endo - Harmonic”,
  • Using Maple Syrup Unopened syrup stores easily, unrefrigerated. However, prolonged storage may cause the color of maple syrup to darken and the flavor may deteriorate. of syrup, it can safely be peeled off and the syrup resterilized by bringing it briefly to 180° (a brief, light boil) and then. — “Organic Maple Syrup, Maple Grove Farms Organics Foods”,
  • What types of single use devices are resterilized because they are opened-but-unused. some or all devices resterilized/reprocessed within my hospital. — “October xx, 2002”,
  • Proper storage of the resterilized transmitter is necessary to assure that the unit will Following explantation, each transmitter should be thoroughly cleaned and resterilized according to DSI's resterilization procedure (please see the Technical Note on. — “Data Sciences International - Tech Notes - Storage of Your”,
  • Clean, unused, and undamaged portions of the GORE PRECLUDE® MVP® Dura Substitute may be resterilized up to three times using methods and parameters described in the Instructions for Use. Are there any special handling or storage requirements for GORE PRECLUDE® PDX Dura Substitute?. — “Gore Medical”,

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  • “And an infant who for months gagged and retched on a resterilized tracheal tube now can take food only from a tube attached to his stomach. Via Make Magazine's blog, and yet another reason why I love that”
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  • “A: Carbon steel is harder, starts out sharper and cannot be resterilized. Stainless steel can be resterilized. Q: Can I use a regular #8 handle”
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  • “green polyethylene and chemical resistance testing? Hot Runner Tip Insulator Cap. View Is it to be reused and resterilized by autoclave or chemical methods? If you are a”
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  • “MedZilla Discussion Groups Forums; Check the MedZilla Forums to see what others are saying about the pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Science and Healthcare industries Everything on the table needed to be reprocessed / resterilized. Another thing to consider is the type of anesthesia being used”
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  • “We made it to Phuket today after a mad day in Bangkok yesterday. We left Chiang Mai the night before last, racing to the station in a tuk-tuk after spending most of the day setting up a blog report on the scam b”
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  • “ I must also point out that there are differences between probes, and there are multi-use probes made, that can be resterilized I just said above are actually reusing single use probes, that are not designed to be resterilized and reused”
    — state regulations - HairTell Hair Removal Forums,

  • “ - Discussions for the Regulated Industry waste bin uncleaned and not resterilize in between (the sterilizing filter in the beginning is cleaned and resterilized), and perform a second batch”
    — process simulation aseptic production - s Community,

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