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  • Response: In Iraq, medics may have colluded in mistreatment of prisoners. We must speak out, says Frank Arnold. — “Response: We doctors must protect all victims of torture and”,
  • US, S.Korea to coordinate response to N.Korea attack. This picture taken by a South Korean tourist shows huge The United States and South Korea have agreed to "coordinate" any response to North Korea after Pyongyang's deadly artillery attack on a South Korean island provoked global condemnation. — “France24 - US, S.Korea to coordinate response to N.Korea attack”,
  • The United States said on Tuesday it was too early to consider a military response to North Korea's attack on a South Korean island, while President Barack Obama was "outraged" by the deadly assault. — “US says too early for military response to North Korea's”,
  • The Kansas Child Abduction Response Team achieved certification from the U.S. Dept. of Justice. — “KS Child Abduction Response Team Earns Certification”,
  • The FDA reins in caffeinated alcoholic drinks such as Four Loko and Joose. A sane response. The FDA reins in caffeinated alcoholic drinks such as Four Loko and Joose. — “A sane response - JSOnline”,
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he would consult with South Korea's president on a response to North Korea's artillery attack and declined to speculate on possible military. — “Obama to consult with Seoul on response to North Korea | Reuters”,
  • Pentagon officials wonder if and when North Korean aggression will require a US military response. It's 'premature' to say that is being considered after the North Korean attack on South Korea Tuesday, says a Pentagon spokesman. — “When would a North Korean attack provoke US military response”,
  • A Pentagon spokesman said the U.S. military is not working on any specific response to North Korea's attack on a South Korean island Tuesday, but is consulting with South Korea's military about steps that could ease tensions rather than increase. — “VOA | Pentagon: No Plan for Military Response to North Korean”,
  • Steady-state response. Stimulus-response model in statistics. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. — “Response - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Source: Reuters (Adds quotes) WASHINGTON, Nov 23 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he would consult with South Korea's president on a response to North Korea's artillery attack and declined to. — “Reuters AlertNet - Obama to consult with Seoul on response to”,
  • Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn on Tuesday promised a "hard look" at the city's snow response after plummeting temperatures snarled traffic on some main roads the night before. — “Big storm 'overwhelmed' city's snow response”,
  • The United States has pledged a "measured and unified" response to a North Korean artillery attack that rained shells on a South Korean island, killing two South Korean soldiers, dpa reported. — “US vows "measured, unified" response to North Korea | Other”,
  • Dramatic pictures from across Seattle rolled into the KIRO 7 newsroom during the last 24 hours and on Tuesday, we got Mayor Mike McGinn's first reaction to how he thought Seattle's new snow plan was working out. Tuesday, November 23,. — “Mayor McGinn, Seattleites Reacts To City's Snow Response”,
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he would consult with South Korea's president on a response to North Korea's artillery attack and declined to speculate on possible U.S. military action. — “Obama to consult with Seoul on response to N.Korea - Yahoo!7”,
  • The United States urged restraint on Tuesday following a North Korean artillery attack on South Korea and vowed to forge a "measured and unified" response with major powers, including China. — “U.S. vows unified response to North Korea - Yahoo! News”,
  • The United States and South Korea have agreed to "coordinate" any response to North Korea after Pyongyang's deadly artillery attack on a South Korean island provoked. — “US, S.Korea to coordinate response to N.Korea attack - Yahoo!”,
  • Definition of response in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of response. Pronunciation of response. Translations of response. response synonyms, response antonyms. Information about response in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “response - definition of response by the Free Online”,
  • SEOUL: The impact of North Korea launching an artillery attack on Yeonpyeong island in the Yellow Sea is being acutely felt both economically, with Asian markets falling sharply Wednesday, and politically as an appropriate response is sought by the international community. — “UN, US pondering North Korea response -”,
  • The United States denounced North Korea on Tuesday for what it called an outrageous attack on its close ally South Korea but sought a diplomatic rather than military response to one of the most serious military clashes between the Koreas in. — “US sees diplomatic, not military response to Korea | AP | 11”,
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States urged restraint on Tuesday following a North Korean artillery attack on South Korea and vowed to forge a "measured and unified" response with major powers, including China. — “U.S. vows unified response to NKorea, eyes restraint - Yahoo!”,
  • Oil spill clean-up response criticised The investigation found that federal regulations and market forces had "disincentivised" oil companies from improving spill response technology. — “Oil spill clean-up response criticised - Yahoo! UK & Ireland”,
  • The United States urged restraint on Tuesday following a North Korean artillery attack on South Korea and vowed to forge a "measured and unified" response with major powers, including China. — “US vows unified response to North Korea, eyes restraint | ABS”, abs-
  • A TransCanada spokesman said that while the company had not yet completely digested the report, its emergency response plans meet all federal requirements and have adequate equipment to handle any spills in remote areas crossed by their pipelines. — “Pipeline spill response plans faulted - ”,
  • But he won't say whether U.S. troops will play a role. The administration must find a delicate balance between defusing tensions in the highly volatile region while determining an appropriate, measured response to North Korea – an unstable nation that has been intent on developing a nuclear weapon. — “Obama condemns N. Korea and plots a response - Matt Negrin”,

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  • The Red Shirt Guy Speaks Out! Hello, I've made this video to clarify on some things from the Blizzcon 2010 - The Red Shirt Guy video uploaded by TheGameCavern. Thank you for your support and taking your time to listen to this. Also, as I have a feeling people will ask for spelling, my guild is Carpe Imperium on Malfurion (US).
  • Ching Chong! Asians in the Library Song (Response to UCLA's Alexandra Wallace) Buy my songs! 100% goes to charity!! Ringtone! Click to Facebook: Click to Tweet: Special thanks to Ethan Tsai for the Chinese captioning! TAB: CAPO2 Intro: Emin Verse: Emin, Gmaj, Cmaj, Amin Emin, Gmaj, Amin, Cmaj Prechorus: Dmaj, Amin, Cmaj, Amin (2x) Chorus: Gmaj, Dmaj, Amin, Cmaj (2x) Watch the original Vlog that kicked it all off here: Hi Alexandra Wallace! I think you left your intelligence somewhere in the library. Perhaps you could call its number and see if you can find it? Also I'd be lying if I didn't say that Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords is a CHIEF inspiration for this song. ----- Twitter: Facebook:
  • Michael Jordan's Response To Lebron James What Should I Do Commercial! Lebron james commercial what should i do
  • Learning English - Lesson Four (Response to 'Please'/'Thank You') In this lesson we look at responding (Replying) to 'Please' and 'Thank You'. Thank you to those who pointed out the slight 'typo'... It should be 'Definitely'.
  • How To Get Amazing Looking Worlds in Minecraft Biome Mod if tiny link doesnt work here is the full link Music By BananaPieLord
  • Paramedics - Glasam Control: 999 Response This hard hitting series looks into the world of paramedics. Tonight we see what goes on inside the control room where calls to the ambulance service are received and how difficult it can be to get vital information from upset and frightened callers. We also find out the important role the ambulance service plays in safety at large-scale events such as concerts and football matches.
  • KERI HILSON HAS LOST HER MIND Keri Hilson looking like a whore in "The Way You Love Me" music video: Vote for Crowley Brothers at
  • QandA May 25th - response to question on Ryan Commission Report A question is asked about the Ryan Commission report on child abuse within institutions run by the religious orders in Ireland. After the panel had spoken the questioner responded and his response...well see for yourself. Just a note, but my apologies for the ragged nature of the end of the piece. Editing wasn't very good with the late hour. You can read a transcript here.
  • Bob Thunder Response!!! Bob Thunder responds to some of your videos. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR RESPONSES! They were AWeSomEe! SUBSCRIBE THUMBS UP FAVORITE COMMENT Make sure to watch the YOUTUBE ASSASSIN series! Start Here: **Sub to my 2nd Channel! **WRITE or SEND ME SOMETHING!!! Joe Nation PO Box #3842 Los Angeles, CA 90078 **BOB THUNDER T-SHIRTS!!! **Follow me on Twitter! JNTV iPhone APP **FACEBOOK DAILYBOOTH --FEATURED VIDEOS-- Jayminesco: JnAStudios: tylertvvideos: tunaki93: drlobster72: Haraku121: ERICandChrisTV: LaughingLeaf: OnTargetProductionz: Colariboo: exoticjess: heywhatupsarah: Ester Goldberg:
  • Chee Soon Juan responds to V Balakrishnan Dr Chee Soon Juan responds to Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on the SDP's position on the gay cause.
  • NASA Response to Crazy 2012 Claims NASA JPL "Reality Check" on all those wacky ideas surrounding the upcoming shift in the ancient Mayan calendar. Our favorite is the planet "Nibiru" that's said to be hurtling into the solar system on its way to Earth.
  • wales haka response
  • Jessica Alba The Stare Response on ibeatyou Jessica's official ibeatyou profile: Here is Jessica's entry for the ibeatyou stare competition. She was called out and had to respond. See if you can beat her on ibeatyou! Follow us on Twitter:
  • Barack Obama's response to Bush's final State of the Union Barack Obama responds to George W. Bush's final State of the Union address.
  • Video response - Beatbox squirrel
  • Penn Point - Penn's RESPONSE to Tea Party's Dana Loesch! Plus: Learn a Free Magic Trick - Penn Point Dana Loesch responded to a Penn Point on her own show a week ago -- and here's Penn's reply! BE SOCIAL! Share this video! Never Miss The Point - Subscribe for Free! Penn Point Homepage Twitter Facebook Penn on Twitter ABOUT PENN POINT Penn Point is no ordinary vlog. It's a virtual conversation about today's hottest topics. Penn Point brings you a front row seat to Penn Jillette's unique and passionate point of view in a compact vlog, four times a week!
  • Tiger Woods 09 - Walk on Water As a response to a fan video from Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08, Tiger Woods and EA SPORTS demonstrate that the "glitch" Levinator25 thought he found in the game, is not a glitch at all.
  • Paul Ryan's GOP Response to State of the Union 2011 On behalf of the Republican Party, US Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) provided a rebuttal to President Obama's 2011 State of the Union address. Ryan criticized Obama's economic policies.
  • The Chemical Brothers Music Response song by the The Chemical Brothers set to the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Justin Bieber "Favorite Girl" Response Hey guys its me Justin. I saw Taylor Swift used my song in her last video and was singing it with all her friends having fun and being silly, so I decided to have some fun of my own and make this as a response. This is one of my alter egos Bieber Cash...haha...(johnny cash get it? No? ok :P) The song is "Favorite Girl" off my upcoming album My World. Hope you guys like it. Spread the word. Thanks -Justin More on Justin Bieber: One of the fastest growing artists in the world today, make sure to check out Justin's other videos and his chart rising single ONE TIME. Be on the lookout for Justin's debut album "My World" this fall. Follow Justin Bieber on twitter: @justinbieber facebook - myspace - Official Site Coming Soon!! Call Justin at 404.665.3410 and let him know what you think of this video & where he should stop next! Subscribe and check back for new videos and updates!
  • Seananners Response from The Creatures Thumb up our submission! Pretty much took us all day yesterday to put this together. We took a different approach with our submission and did a good ol fashion machinima. The end result is a true story that will bring a tear to your eye. Help us get into the livestream, so we can have a new home. Seananners Vid: PS - Now you guys can poop.
  • Jizz In My Pants response: "Puke In My Mouth" - - this is a ladies' response to "Jizz In My Pants" by Lonely Island. we (the pantless knights) got approached by a gal who had an idea for a fake engagement ring to ward off douchebags. we thought the whole thing was hilarious and told her we wanted to make a music video for it. a few months later, here it is and we hope you like it! also, peep our cameos FTW!!! big ups to the girls puking in their mouths! -beau, peter and david http support us and go get the fake engagement ring + keychain fob and douchebag playing cards at . it's now only $30 bucks! and here's a link to download the free mp3! http CREDITS: Created by Pantless Knights Directed by David Fine Produced by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia Camera by Peter Furia Lyrics by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia Beat by Ranidu Starring Michelle Nunes & Kate Siegel LYRICS: Douchebags all across the club / Ladies' night straight poppin the bub Stalker eyes right above his drink / Cheese-d**k style, with a shoot and wink Snatch the ring from its hiding place / Flip the bird right in your face Leave the bar, to escape your glance / Cross the room, now its time to dance You sneak behind, dont mind, I guess / Until your d**g's on my ***tail dress Cold as ice, yet you advance / And say you might, jizz in your pants and I PUKE IN MY MOUTH Swallow it back, I need some room / Plus I said I've got a groom I turn away, you start to pout AND I PUKE IN MY MOUTH You ruined my night, esophagus hurts / Take a hint, Im not here ...
  • Asians In The Library - BEST Response, Official Music Video (UCLA Girl Alexandra Wallace rant) iTUNES DOWNLOAD! All proceeds go to a Japan relief fund. My () response to this http I'm not mad at her like a lot of other people. I thought it was funny/ironic she was so socially dumb and inappropriate BUT was studying POLITICAL SCIENCE! Haha! I liked how she said "I'm about to reach an epiphany," like she knows one is about to happen. Don't epiphanies just suddenly strike you out of nowhere, by definition? It's not like you can feel them coming! Hahahahaha... I also thought it was funny that her video was edited. So, those were the good takes? What the hell did she leave out?! Haha, anyways... I thought I would have fun with my response, in an "embracing it" kinda way. (The last line of the song is just a joke for those of you who can't tell) Lyrics: When I wake up in the morning I'm so confused Got dirty clothes everywhere, don't know what to do! Put on a shirt, from the bookshelf 'Cause I've never been taught, how to fend for myself I'm kinda hungry but I can't cook Do I even have food? I don't know where to look! Then I hear a ring, who could that be? So I open the door, it's my extended family! (Ohhhh!) Ching chong, ling long, ting tong (Ohhh?) Ching chong, ling long, ting tong (Ohhh...) They all look the same but they can't get along, singing Ching chong, ling long, ting tong (Ohhh!) I go to school with hordes of Asians That don't know manners for any occasion It's finals week, so I hit the library ...What rhymes with library ...
  • ASIANS: The Asian Response to Asian Responders Why we shouldn't play the race card. PS It was my BIRTHDAY when I made this (March 1st), so I thought I'd share this little bit of 4am video making with you!
  • Peter Wolf Crier - In Response
  • Rebecca Black "Friday" (Response Remix Spoof) - NO SENSE Facebook Download this song Rebecca's new song inspired this song. Probably the quickest song ive put together :) I had to spoof this video (New Beat making video coming soon btw and also producer contest video is coming :) . Had to make certain changes My Iphone/Ipad App Retweet this video Twitter Website My albums on Itunes http Extra Tags Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video Rebecca Black friday spoof instrumental official video
  • Bunning Grills Bernanke, With Response Longer form of the other one, intended for my Ticker.....
  • Vlog #4: Asians in the Library - UCLA Girl (Alexandra Wallace) going wild on Asians DISCLAIMER: What I say is for comedic purposes and in NO way should anyone harm another person no matter HOW STUPID their opinions are ok? I came by this when a friend of mine posted this on facebook.. and I HAD TO DO SOMETHING ON THIS... check this ISH OUT!... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.... WARNING MILD CURSING IN THIS ONE! FBOOK FAN PAGE:
  • I LOVE PENNIES!!!! (Vlogbrothers Video Response) 2ND CHANNEL: - This is a video response to John Green from the Vlogbrothers. SPECIAL OFFERS TO SUPPORT WILSONTECH1: Netflix Free Trial: Gamefly Free Trial: Godaddy $7.49 .com Special: WEBSITE & SOCIAL LINKS: Website: Facebook Twitter: Dailybooth: SPECIAL THANKS: Charlie Puth (Outro Music):
  • Wings Response to Hutch and Woody
  • Wedding Dress - TaeYang (Female Response) It's been requested many times that I do an english cover of this song. So I decided if I was going to, might as well rewrite it to the girl's perspective. A bit different than the original, inspired by J.Reyez and Tommy C , check theirs out if you haven't yet: no download...
  • Know Your Meme: Reaction & Piggyback Memes Know Your Meme Charlie the Unicorn http Britney Spears on MTV 2007 Chris Crocker Leave Britney Alone reaction video Seth Green Leave Chris Crocker Alone video Parez Hilton Leave me alone video Britney Spears impersonator responds to leave Chris Crocker Alone video Two girls and one cup reaction videos: Jmoraski8 Kermit Roots Grandma
  • White girls in the library Original Video: Ohhhhh Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong. Honestly if you don't get that this is a are about as dumb as the original girl... Also in making this video, I did not mean to hurt anybody's feelings especially Alexandra Wallace. Watching the video again I'm fairly certain I actually never say anything that negative about her either or target her specifically...It's meant to be funny and purely that...
  • Black Nerd Comedy - BLACK NERD vs. CHARLES BARKLEY (Response to SNL Comment) @BlackNerdComedy Charles Barkley jokes on Saturday Night Live that there is "nothing sadder than a black nerd." As a Black Nerd, I argue that there is something sadder... being Charles Barkley. NOTE This is a COMEDIC RESPONSE to Charles Barkley's SNL monologue. Don't use this to start...
  • Froghoppin' with Gatsby To vote for Shawn, go to then click "vote." Click on Shawn's video, "A Message to Davos," and then thumb it up! You can vote once every day! In which John discusses the deified eyes of TJ Eckleburg, other facets of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, the unfathomably horrible earthquake in Haiti, theology, the liberal arts, and a few other things. Oh, and he takes on the froghopper. Our community lives at
  • Lebron James "Rise" Commercial & Cleveland's Response Cleveland's response to Nike's recent "Rise" Commercial: just more "narcissistic, self-promotional build-up" from a guy who's actions speak louder than his words. "This is about the difference between the expectations others may have of him versus the expectations he has of himself."? Yes, we expected greatness. Note: Footage shown from the original Nike Production ( is copyrighted and owned exclusively by Nike. Produced and Directed by Dan Wantz.
  • ACUTE INFLAMMATION 2009 Acute Inflammation
  • Iron Sport Gym's Planet Fitness response Visit Come to OUR planet! Video by Mike Pulcinella Video Productions http
  • ICT MxR Lab's Response to Google's Gmail Motion This morning, Google introduced Gmail Motion, allowing users to control Gmail using gestures and body movement. However, for whatever reason, their application doesn't appear to work. So, we demonstrate our solution - the Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving (SLOOW) - and show how it can be used with a Microsoft Kinect sensor to control Gmail using the gestures described by Google. This project uses OpenNI coupled with FAAST and was made by Evan Suma and the folks at Mark Bolas' MxR Lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. Download FAAST for free and try it at Learn more about USC ICT at
  • Angry Kid - Wee Wee Angry Kid is trying to have a wee, but his sister keeps putting him off.
  • Response To Opinions Of Our Uninformed Viewers Viewer Voices: The Onion News Network's Brandon Armstrong responds to viewers' emails, texts, and chats--no matter how inane. More coverage at:
  • Kobe Bryant [HD] GAY SLUR "***ing Faggot" COURT MICROPHONE 2011 Kobe Bryant says I believe to be ***ing Faggot. This is an isolated Court Microphone, So you can hear Kobe actually say it!

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  • “Quite simply, Gilbert Arenas is the first "blog superstar." Beginning in October 2006, Gilbert started to entertain fans with His Agent Zero Blog File was there for his scoring predictions, his 25th birthday bash and his All-Star”
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  • “The VerticalResponse Email Marketing blog is jam-packed with information and tips on how to use Email Marketing and other forms of marketing to grow your business”
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  • “Direct Response Forum - Payments News archive The Direct Response Forum (DRF) has released survey results from this years annual event held in Memphis in August. The merchant survey showed interchange fees the #1 concern of payment professionals (57% of the respondents), CNP Chargeback”
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  • “"Visit Florida" Visits Global Response. David Dodd, VP of Visitor Service for Visit Florida, the leading for Florida tourism, knew when he visited the Global Response headquarters in Margate, just outside Fort Lauderdale, that he had”
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