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  • Picture Resize or Picture Shrink without downloading software. Resize pictures free, and it works right in your browser. Resize a picture or photo online to make it smaller or bigger for mySpace, facebook, livejournal. — “Picture resize, picture shrink. Shrink or enlarge a GIF, JPG”,
  • You can resize picture in multi formats, including JPG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, EMF etc. Compressing pictures by settting a fixed file size and resizing images by setting a special width and herght, or resetting the percent of original picture is supported too. — “Resize Shareware”,
  • Online image resize utility to resize pictures or photos and images quickly for free. Resize jpg, png or gif pictures and Digital Photos. We make it easy to resize photos without installing any software. — “Resize Images online”,
  • resize change the size of; make the size more appropriate. — “resize: Information from ”,
  • Download batch resize shareware, freeware. Bat Images Batch Image Conversion Batch Image Converter Batch Image Resize Batch Image Resizer. — “Batch Resize Downloads - Picture Resize Genius (Lonking”,
  • batch image resize, batch resize, batch image resizer, batch resizing, batch image converter, batch resize images, batch watermark, batch resizer, bat images, image batch. iRedSoft Image Resizer 4.04. Batch Image Resizer which resize and converts JPG, BMP, PNG, Photoshop, PCX, Targa images. — “Free Resize software: Download Resize”,
  • Resize Downloads. Picture Resize Genius - Picture Resize Genius includes the ability to batch resize pictures, batch resize photos, and perform batch image resize functions. Picture Resize - You need this photo resizer tool to easily convert,. — “Resize Software - Picture Resize Genius by Lonking Software”,
  • Resize 2 Mail is an online resize, shrink and crop website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a web site!. — “Online Image Resizer - Resize digital photo, images or”, resize2
  • Free online tool to optimize images for websites and email. Crop, resize, add a border and sharpen your photos easily. — “Web Resizer - Crop & Resize Images Free Online - Optimize”,
  • All-in-one software AVI, MPEG (MPG), WMV video editor (including video resize), converter, burner. — “Resize Video (AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV Files) Software”,
  • Resize your photo. is a fast and free, simple-to-use online image resizing tool. With the increase of megapixels in today's newest digital Resize your image to a custom size by height, width, or both. Select. — “ - Free Web Image Resizer”,
  • Just another simple PNG resizing. Batch resize add watermark for graphics files. Picture Resize Software Tool batch resize,add watermark and rename for photos,pictrures and images. — “Resize Software: Png Resize, Picture Resize Genius, Picture”,
  • resize Software - Free Download resize - Top 4 Download - Free Download Software The software Image Resize is a tool to increase or decrease the. — “resize Software - Free Download resize - Top 4 Download”, top4
  • Resize, shrink, and crop your pictures online for free at . Resize photos before posting them on your MySpace, Xanga, Facebook, and blog!. — “Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos, images”,
  • Batch resize add watermark for graphics files. Easily resize convert your digital photos. Smart Rule based resizer activex without code. — “Resize Software: Picture Resize Genius, Photo Resize Magic”,
  • This site is here for one simple purpose, to let you resize pictures. If you have an image in gif, jpg or png format which you'd like to resize, simply use the form below. — “Resize Images Online at ResizePic”,
  • Learn about Image Resize on . Find info and videos including: How to Resize an Image, How to Resize GIF Images, How to Resize Images in iPhoto and much more. — “Image Resize - ”,
  • Examples: Explore examples of the Resize Utility in action. API Documentation: View the full API documentation for the Resize Utility. Release Notes: Detailed change log for the Resize Utility. License: The YUI Library is issued under a BSD license. — “YUI 2: Resize Utility”,
  • CSS3 offers the solution in it's CSS3 User interface section: the resize property. Now it supports resize: both; like the box above, but also resize: horizontal; and resize: vertical;. — “The resize property in CSS3 - CSS3 . Info”,
  • An online image resize, crop, rotate, grayscale, sketch and blur utility to edit your pictures, photos or images quickly online for free. — “Resize, Shrink, Sketch, Blur, Grayscale and Crop Images or”,
  • Picture Resize 5.8.1. Shareware by Bidgood Svcs. 14 x 6211Kb downloads You need this photo resizer tool to easily convert, resize and optimize images .Use Picture Resize 5 to quickly resize photos then easily copy paste the resized image processor such as Microsoft Word. — “Search results for : free vista resize files (page 1”,

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  • PHP Image Resize Function Tutorial jpg gif png Size On the Fly Copy Paste Code: Master PHP Image Processing with Adam Khoury in this Video Textbook Series. In this video we learn how to script a universal PHP image resizing function that uses a handful of functions from the GD library in PHP. In our example the function will work for resizing JPG, GIF, and PNG type of images.
  • Dual Boot! Ep. 3: Resize Hard Disk for Second Operating System with EASEUS This video is brought to you by: Today's video will show you how to use EASEUS Partition Master to resize the partition of your hard drive for a new operating system installation. This is the first step necessary in the process of separating partitions of your system to configure a dual boot computer. Dual booting is essentially configuring two portions of your hard drive (or multiple hard drives) as "primary" partitions and utilizing a third piece of software to select which "primary" partition you wish to boot off of. Remember to size the partition appropriately, using partition resizing software is not something you want to do often.
  • Photoshop Tutorial: How to batch resize / save as jpg [In-Depth] Beginner A beginner tutorial showing you how to resize and resave a batch of images using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge More Tutorials:
  • Customize your blogger template - resize this tutorial basically explains how you can resize your blogger template. For more upcoming tutorials check out my blog . The link for the firebug plugin is https
  • Resize Photos with Shrink O'Matic - - BWOne has done several screencasts for us in the past, with great success. He's been busy uploading CES videos to his own channel lately, but took a break to create another screencast for all of you. Today, Bowman is going to show you how to easily reduce the size of your pictures using Adobe Air's Shrink O'Matic! - http
  • How-to: Resizing photos the easy way - How to resize photos from your digital camera the easy way, using either online or offline method.
  • How to Batch Resize Photos in Photoshop - Photoshop Samurai Using Photoshop's built-in Image Processor, I show you how to resize a folder full of photos in a batch. Save to the same location or export as smaller copies. Check out: for more tutorials.
  • Resizing images: Photoshop CS5 for Photographers from Watch the entire course at PhotoshopCS5 for Photographers provides comprehensive Photoshop training targeting the needs of photographers. In this course, author Chris Orwig demonstrates the fundamental skills used to enhance digital photos, including managing and correcting color, sharpening, making selections and adjustments, retouching, and printing from Photoshop. In addition to teaching the techniques that enable photographers to refine and publish their photos, the course includes live-action segments that encourage thinking photographically, and shoot with Photoshops capabilities in mind.
  • Hanwoori - Resizing Images How to properly resize images using adobe illustrator
  • SketchUp: Resizing everything with the Tape Measure tool This video accompanies Google SketchUp for Dummies, by Aidan Chopra. For more information about the book, please visit
  • Resizing Windows Partitions with GpartEd A free bootable CD that allows you to shrink a Windows partition to allow you to load Linux on the drive. Three easy steps, Backup, Defrag, and Resize. I perform it all on a laptop to prepare for Ubuntu.
  • Resizing a Hard Drive Partition with EASEUS Partition Manager When you're sizing a hard drive you may think that one drive needs a certain amount of space and another drive needs less. Then, when you get working with them you may find out you were wrong. Not to worry. Just use EASEUS Partition Manager to resize your drives with a few clicks. A Internet tutorial by .
  • Photoshop Tips - Image Resizing Photoshop tutorial shares how to resize an image. Easy photography instructions on how to use this photoshop technique for your image.
  • Resizing Pictures on Mac - Tutorial This video show how to resize pictures on the Mac. This tutorial uses iPhoto and Resize from KStudio. Resize is a free program that does batch file conversions of pictures (folders of pictures). Resize can be downloaded for free at and works with Windows, Mac X and Mac Classic (OS 9). The nice thing about Resize is that it leaves the original folders and files alone while making a new folder for the converted photos.
  • Photoshop - Action for Batch Resize and Emboss This tutorial will teach you to take a directory of images and automatically resize and put text anywhere you want to. This is great for any skill set of photgraphers and it beats doing it to images one-by-one.
  • Coding Tutorial: CSS Auto-Resizing Background Image Hey guys. Today I will be showing you how to create a very simple CSS background that will automatically resize according to the user's browser's height and width. I will also teach you how to add content to your page that changes position when the browser's size is altered in any way. It is a very cool and useful technique. Featuring Micah Allen
  • How To Partition / Resize Your Hard Drive - EASEUS Partition Master In this tutorial I show you how to partition and resize your hard drive / hard disk using EASEUS Partition Master www.partition-
  • Resize Your Watch Bracelet Do this with household items!
  • T-Shirt Reconstruction: How to resize your shirt and How to give it a braiding effect. This is one of my favorite tricks to do on a T-Shirt when I am going somewhere quick and I want something comfortable but still cool to wear! Why waste a shirt by just cutting it up? How about giving it some detail by braiding it. Guys braids aren't for chicks either. This would look soo neat on a black T and then wearing a red T underneath! Music: Banana Run by Chaz: Happy Place by Maverlyn: Twitter: /ricesushi02 Blogspot: Face Book Group: Disclaimer: Everything purchased with my own money .
  • Photoshop Elements 7 Tutorial Video - Resizing Photos and Images Visit to view this and all the other Photoshop Element 7 videos in high quality. This Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorial shows how to resize photos and images within photoshop elements 7
  • DIY: Resize Your Convention T-Shirts Ever gone to a convention and walked away with a bunch of swag that doesn't fit? I'm here to help...hopefully.
  • Image resize Shai Avidan, Ariel Shamir. Original and larger version can be found here Update 2008.10.23 - This feature is now part of CS4. I haven't seen it in action myself yet, but the future is now :)
  • Adobe Flash Tutorial- Resizing a Bunch of Keyframes In this quick Flash Tutorial I show you a method on how to resize a bunch of keyframes at once.
  • Crop/Resize & Retouch In IrfanView IrfanView video tutorial. We look at some editing capabilities inside of the freeware image viewing app. IrfanView.
  • Adobe Photoshop using move tool, layers, and resizing photo This video explains how to complete a starter matt using Photoshop 7.0. For more information and to buy Digital Scrapbooking Memory kits, e-mail me at [email protected] or visit (copy and paste this address)
  • Resizing Text on Web Pages - A visual guide IE and Firefox don't make it obvious how you can change text size by hiding these controls. This video shows how you can get to the controls and make them easy to find in the future.
  • How to Resize a Partition in Windows 7 or Vista by Britec How to Resize a Partition in Windows 7 or Vista by Windows 7 and Vista include a built-in functionality in Disk Management to shrink and expand partitions. No more 3rd party utilities needed! want more tutorials? then go to my tech forum ----------------------------- http
  • Tutorial: resize and rename multiple images using IrfanView Tutorial: How to resize and rename multiple images using IrfanView 1. download irfanview 2. install and setup irfanview 3. open irfanview and set batch processing options: size, name, folder 4. start batch 5. show result (size, quality)
  • How To Resize Your Digital Photos How many of you are unsure how to resize your images to a specific pixel size? Honestly for the longest time when I started out I was unsure as well. I sat down with three programs to show how easy it can be to resize your images in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Apple IPhoto
  • How to resize/ make a ring fit smaller using tape For outfit photos, visit: My facebook: Tweet me:
  • How To Resize Photos Using IrfanView shows you how to prepare your photos for your blog, by making them smaller using Irfanview.
  • How to Open, Crop and Resize Pictures in Adobe Photoshop [Beginners] In this video for Beginners I show you how to do the most basic Photoshop Tasks, opening an image, then cropping or resizing it. Even if you are experianced, you may find a quicker way of doing things here!
  • Mac OS X Lion's Fancy New Window Resizing Tricks Shift and option are good keys to know when resizing your windows in Lion.
  • GIMP Basics 4 - How to Crop and resize an image This Gimp tutorial teaches you how to do simple cropping and resizing inside of GIMP. Using the crop tool in GIMP and resize or scale in GIMP. Easy when you know how.
  • Windows 7 How To: Resize a Partition Computertv host Bauer shows you some helpful tips on Windows' latest operating system. In this how to, Bauer shows you how to resize a partition. Windows 7 makes it easier than ever to add, change or remove partitions on your hard drive. Bauer shows you step by step what you need to do in order to get the most out of your hard drive and the partitions within it on this tutorial.
  • Gimp Tutorial: Importing and resizing paths (Vector Art 4) Please comment and rate videos - this will help other people find them by ranking them takes a second :) -- If you are struggling with the paths tool and drawing vector art, you can import other people's paths and manipulate them for your purposes! Part four of the Vector Art series. Shortcut keys: b = paths tool m = move tool ctrl + , = fill selection using foreground colour ctrl + . = fill selection using background colour shift+v = convert path to selection Links: Martin Gillette's profile Check it out! The SVG file used in the tutorial:
  • Photoshop - resizing multiple photos. How to create an action and running a batch to resize multiple photos (10-100 photos) at the same time. *For whatever reason the actions palette is not displaying*
  • Resizing Windows Partition And Making A New Drive - Sub Q Have a problem? Ask in the forum: www.mob3 or the live chat: www.mob3 Here I answer a question submitted by "Andrew" (you didnt provide a username!) who asks how to make a local D disk. This is just one way to do it Sorry the screen recorder didnt follow me in the Virtual Machine :-( Parted Magic:
  • Photoshop Resize Images This video is a quick tutorial on sizing images in photoshop with respect to pixel depth, dots per inch, and printable size. This is a take 2 on an earlier video shot at a better resolution with enlarged menus for better readability. Not perfect, but good enough for now!
  • Gimp Tutorial - Resizing and Cropping Images for your website The Gimp is a great free tool at that can be used to re-size and crop images to put them on your MLDS website. Smaller images download faster and most images right out of a digital camera or scanner are much to large. This video will show how you can use the gimp to make those images ready More tutorials at www.mlds-

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  • “I'd love feedback from users (in the brand new Gallery Resize forum) as to whether the plugin approach works for you — that is, do you like the convenience or would you prefer the additional convenience of a utility that automatically handled the wrapping of images and textareas?”
    — YUI 3 Gallery " Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog),

  • “Home > Blog > Cinch is on MacUpdate for Today 35% Off, Resize ANY App Window. Cinch is on MacUpdate for Today 35% Off, Resize ANY App Window”
    — Cinch is on MacUpdate for Today 35% Off, Resize ANY App,

  • “A bulletin board system written in Kooboo Forum " General " Best practice " Image Resize. Forum Jump. You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot edit”
    — Image Resize - Best practice - Kooboo Forum,

  • “Comm100 Forum " Comm100 Knowledge Base forum " auto resize image Live Chat Software | Forum Software | Knowledge Base Software | Live Support | Live Help | Free Forum Software | Free Email Tracking”
    — auto resize image - Comm100 Forum - Comm100,

  • “PhotoPressPro:The Blog - PhotoPressPro is the best WordPress photoblog available today. Free Web Resize Actions. March 16, 2009. Posting large images is easy with PhotoPressPro, but too many large, slow files can really start bogging down”
    — Tag Archive for "resize" - PhotoPressPro:The Blog,

  • “Resizing Firefox screen to specific size with bookmarklet couldn't be easier. I've mentioned about how you can create your own bookmarklet earlier, and here's”
    — Firefox Resize Bookmarklet: Now With Re-positioning,

  • “Can one resize a scan of let's say 2000kB easily into a scan of 500kB, (without having the paper documents) by anyone who has the knowledge to do”
    Resize A Scan Possible ? - Thailand Forum,

  • “I have a table in PowerPoint with several rows and columns of data. I would like to resize selected columns so the width of the column does not exceed”
    — Resize-to-fit Table Columns (PowerPoint),

  • “I was running Vista 64 on my Media Machine and could adjust for over scan but after upgrading to W7 RC1 I can't anymore. I have the latest Nvidia drives on. Does anyone know how to fix this?”
    — [Solved] Resize HDTV Desktop - windows-7,