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  • A PWM repurified by PMB-coupled beads no longer induced the expression of proinflammatory cytokines, TLR4 activation, or However, the repurified PWM remained able to induce proliferation of human lymphocytes, which is a representative characteristic. — “Endotoxin Contamination in Commercially Available Pokeweed”,
  • Repurified definition, to make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates: See more. — “Repurified | Define Repurified at ”,
  • The dried residue was taken up in water to 5 to 10 mg/ml and ultracentrifuged at 300,000 x g for 45 min at 4°C. The lyophilized pellet corresponding to the LPS repurified by the heat-detergent-promoted method was recovered and tested. (iii) Heat-promoted repurification procedure. — “Simple Method for Repurification of Endotoxins for Biological”,
  • Those polled were less enthusiastic about repurified water. "While more people find repurified water acceptable than unacceptable, it still lags behind in acceptability, as well as perceived. — “Enviro-Net - News Stories”, enviro-
  • With the use of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-repurified ovalbumin and ovomucoid in assay procedures, monoclonal antibodies generated by commercially purified ovalbumin were found to be repurified ovomucoid were significantly greater than that to DEAE-repurified ovalbumin. — “Medline ® Abstract for Reference 20 of 'Egg allergy: Clinical”,
  • Geundert White Paper: Comparing MR/RO Performance on Secondary and Tertiary Effluents in Municipal Water Reclamation/Repurification This is an important factor in determining the marketability of the repurified water. — “Geundert White Paper: Comparing MR/RO Performance on”,
  • Nevertheless, when the cells were stimulated with a low concentration of repurified LPS from E. coli (5 ng/ml), the addition of LPS from P. gingivalis or C. ochracea (10 and 100 ng/ml) inhibited the IL-1ß production from PBMC dose dependently. — “Lipopolysaccharides from Periodontopathic Bacteria”,
  • Definition of repurified in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of repurified. Pronunciation of repurified. Translations of repurified. repurified synonyms, repurified antonyms. Information about repurified in the free online English dictionary and. — “repurified - definition of repurified by the Free Online”,
  • f. Determines the availability of water, repurified water and sewer to specific subdivisions and/or lots. h. Coordinates surveys to establish control for line and grade for the construction of water and repurified water lines and sanitary sewers. — “Project Manager (Team Leader) | Jobs in Doha, Qatar by”,
  • The percentage of CD34+ cells present after expansion culture was 1.2 ± 0.85%. When these cells were repurified on the MiniMACS column, the MACS positive fraction only contained 40.3 ± 13.4% of the eluted CD34+ cells which was in the clinical setting if cultured cells were repurified for purging. — “IngentaConnect Different behaviour of fresh and cultured CD34”,
  • Valves shall be installed in the repurified waterline at the locations shown on the Plans or All repurified water line taps, for repurified water service, will be. — “SECTION 02642 VALVES AND BLOW-OFF HYDRANTS FOR REPURIFIED”,
  • Frustrated by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders' opposition to replenishing city reservoirs with repurified wastewater, representatives from several government agencies yesterday asked him to reconsider. See full story. San Diego Union-Tribune. Leak from legal bills is fixed, Otay says. — “San Diego County Water Authority - Today's News Clips”,
  • After incubation for 10 min at room temperature, intact chloroplasts were repurified, lysed hypotonically, and the chloroplastic membranes were resuspended in buffer containing decylmaltoside. After a 10 min incubation, intact chloroplasts were repurified, import was initiated by addition of 4 mM ATP. — “Stable association of chloroplastic precursors with protein”,
  • Advanced Water Treatment Technologies May Bring Repurified Water to San Diego A plan to mix "repurified water" with the City's raw drinking water reservoir could become a reality, thanks to the wonders of water treatment. — “Advanced Water Treatment Technologies May Bring Repurified”,
  • We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word repurified: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "repurified" is defined. — “Definitions of repurified - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Frustrated by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders' opposition to replenishing city reservoirs with repurified The authority supports putting repurified water into the city's San Vicente Reservoir near Lakeside. — “Mayor urged to amend repurified-water stand”,
  • Murfreesboro's repurified water is the final product of a multiple-stage advanced treatment process that cleans and disinfects domestic wastewater. Although the repurified water produced by Murfreesboro meets most federal and state water. — “MWSD - MWSD Repurified Water”,
  • In 2009, the Center for the Management, Utilization and Protection of Water Resources and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) distributed the fourth annual survey of According to Kirchner, repurified water can be supplied to customers for irrigation purposes at only $0.05. — “Water Reuse Survey | Tennessee Tech University”,
  • 'Repurified' wastewater backed for home use. Citizens panel forwards proposal to S.D. He opposes drinking "repurified" wastewater because of the. — “'Repurified' wastewater backed for home use | The San Diego”,
  • ERL offers the two chain Kinin-free form of Kininogen. This is prepared by Kallikrein digestion of Kininogen which is then repurified to remove traces of Kallikrein. — “Two Chain High Molecular Wt. Kininogen”,
  • These were the use of repurified (> 95% of the monoclonal antibodies [mAbs] have 1 phycoerythrin [PE] molecule per mAb) CD38-PE for both methods and use of repurified CD4-PE to calculate the relative fluorescence intensity multiplier for the CD4 biological calibration method. — “Quantitation of CD38 expression using QuantiBRITE beads”,

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  • Winx Club 312: Le Lacrime del Salice Nero Part 1/2 The Winx fly off to Flora's home realm of Linphea to find a cure for Ms. Faragonda. There, they meet Flora's little sister, Miele. To cure Ms. Faragonda, they have to collect the "tears" from a tree called the "Black Willow", but they can't touch the water! The clock is ticking before Ms. Faragonda is permanently in the tree, and to make matters worse the Trix show up and ruin their chances of turning Ms. Faragonda back to normal by poisoning the Black Willow tree. Flora becomes upset and attacks Darcy only to be knocked down by her and have a huge watt of power head toward her way but is saved by her stowaway sister Miele who is then knocked into the poisoned water. Flora jumps in after sacrificing herself by taking Miele place and sending her back to the surface. This great act of utter sacrifice and sheer selflessness earns Flora her Enchantix! and with that Flora becomes the 4th Winx Club member to earn her Enchantix. She arises out of the re-purified water and uses her fairydust on the tree who then grabs the Trix and dumps them into the time reversing waters of the Black Willow tree turning them into children. The girls head back to the site where Ms. Faragonda was turned into a tree and spill a few drops on it breaking the spell and bringing Ms. Faragonda back to normal again! Then it is later revealed that Aisha has a new secret follower who has been searching for her.
  • Power Rangers: Wrath of Lord Zedd - Mini-Episode 9 The final part in a Power Rangers fan movie created entirely by using clips and sound bites from the television show, and also employing a fair bit of editing adeptness on my part. The rangers have at last achieved victory, with all the villians under Lord Zedd either destroyed, fleeing or re-purified by a feedback of energy caused by Locar's destruction. However, as Angel Grove erupts in celebration, Tommy Oliver must face one final epic showdown within the surreal plane of his own mind against a seemingly unstoppable foe. SPOILERS: When you're limited by footage like this, there is only so many ways to get you point across, so I'll just clarify some things here just in case. First, the purified versions of Thrax and Finster are no one important, just people who looked the part in several videos I had lying around(If you are one of them and want credit, just let me know). Secondly, the morphing grid is maintained by the struggle of power between Zedd and Zordon, as mentioned in the episode White Light. My film therefore attempts to explain why the morphing grid still existed after Zordon was destroyed and Zedd was purified. This is because Zordon's spirit still "Lives on in all that is good", giving the morphing grid power as long as their is good in the world. Zedd attempts to possess Tommy through the morphing grid, but as Tommy conjures up memories of the good things he is fighting for, the latent energy of Zordon in these memories is enough to finally destroy him for ...
  • Pixies Monkey Gone To Heaven Bass Expert Time to give the subwoofer a workout with bass expert. The song mainly deals with man's destruction of the ocean and "confusion of man's place in the universe". "On one hand, it's [the ocean] this big organic toilet. Things get flushed and repurified or decomposed and it's this big, dark, mysterious place", Black later said, "It's also a very mythological place where there are octopus's gardens, the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, and mermaids."
  • Opening of the Mouth by Charles Bryant THE OPENING OF THE MOUTH A Poem written & read by Charles Bryant (The ceremony of the Opening of the Mouth was an ancient Egyptian ritual for the animation of an effigy or mummy.) Corrupt, contagious, Death's aroma lingers. Car and carriage, the coffin where he lay. Framed photo of his wife a decade dead smiling at the camera, posed, assured in monochrome, loosely held between his waxlike hands. Pink nails painted by the undertaker - how he would have spurned those painted nails! Three weeks gone, awaiting the last rites, he whom I had known in his decline, sad fag-end of his days, surrounded by despair and acrid ash in smoke-browned rooms; cigarettes and drink and black eclipse of hope. Better that I should die before my death, be differently cleansed before my end of all the gift and blight of this sole life, become a living corpse beyond corruption, renovated body freed of mind, sensation, mere animal preservation. I'll rise, a second Lazarus, from the tomb, kick the folds of the shroud from off my feet and in imagination (this is all pure symbol) stride away with clarified perception, restored vision succinct, translucent, diamond; and gradually fade into the dawn, incorporated into crystal light, merged in the chirping wonder of new day. Purged by the living fire, nature's corpse lies like clear glass in water, light in light, so easily we're purified by flame. Focussed to a pinprick's point, my vision is contracted into nothing, blinks, is blown. So goes sense ...
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  • “Angels are all about love. Love, love, love. As it says in the Tao, "Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself." By Susan Gregg @ October 8, 2009 12:00 AM won't go willingly back to the light, use the Father's light and blast them into a million pieces to be repurified in the ether”
    — Evil and angels - Comments - Angels on Your Shoulder,

  • “The amines will finally break down, chemically, and will need to be repurified. Remember that the host of this marvellous blog is based in Scotland, which is part of the”
    — - Bishop Hill blog - Carbon dioxide capture and cancer. Full,

  • “I went ahead and repurified the pcDNA and started the entire process from scratch..same Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests”
    — Ligation and expression trouble - Biology-Online, biology-

  • “Okay, well, this is sorta weird for me to ask.. but if you're a christian and you slip up and have *** before marriage, can you still be pure? What if think you can be ''repurified'' but you can be forgiven. I mean you can't go back and have never had premaritial ***.repurified isn't even a word O”
    — Pre-marital *** - Christian Chat Rooms & Forums,

  • “DNA recombination in B cell to produce antibody. Each B cell produces a unique V. H. and V. L Repurified from pass through. In 1/20/2010. PX44GFP pc:1/20/2010 from PT. y = 61.809x + 21”
    — Targeted therapy of, and with Pemphigus Antibodies,

  • “Folks, I've had to freeze comments and delete the most inflammatory/libellous – by using this blog, and certainly writing commnets, you've read the AUP, and agreed to it. It states that the with a few thousand gallons of water, which then needs to be repurified before its used again or dumped”
    — " Blog Archive " Welwitindolinone,

  • “lhenslee's blog. Week 10. Submitted by lhenslee on August 15, 2008 - 11:19am. Well, I think I repurified two of my proteins and repeated a bunch of my experiments (results pending)”
    — lhenslee's blog | Center for Coastal Margin Observation,

  • “hollow that is killed by shinigami will be cleansed, and their soul will be repurified and they will go to soul society as plus Subscribe to this forum. Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board”
    — Bleach v3,

  • “本版精華 個人最愛 回覆通知. 您是本文章第 4663 個閱讀者 重新整理 * 文章主題..[討論]Gira con Me (伴我流浪) 回覆主題. Admin. Admin. 來自: my spirit and soul must be repurified many times,and waited for no abolishment because of”
    — 人文語言學習論壇,

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