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  • Regardless of base, a prime number is a prime number, but if in a given base it is a repunit, then it is called a repunit prime in that base. Repunit primes in base 10 appear to be fewer, with only seven known. — “PlanetMath: repunit”,
  • 111 is the smallest repunit composite number. 111 is the smallest palindromic number such that the sum of its digits is one of its prime factors. 111 would be the magic constant for the smallest magic square composed only of prime numbers if 1 were counted as a prime. — “Number Gossip: 111”,
  • The base-10 repunit probable primes occur for , 19, 23, 317, and 1031, Yates (1982) published all the repunit factors for , a portion of which are reproduced in. — “Repunit -- from Wolfram MathWorld”,
  • Missouri State > Mathematics > Old Math News > The Repunit R49081 is Probably Prime The Repunit R49081 is Probably Prime. The number R49081 = (1049081 - 1)/9 = 111 111 (written with 49081 1's) is probably prime. Harvey Dubner announced this in the April 2002 issue of Mathematics of Computation. — “The Repunit R49081 is Probably Prime - Mathematics - Missouri”,
  • What does REPUNIT stand for? Definition of REPUNIT in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “REPUNIT - What does REPUNIT stand for? Acronyms and”,
  • 11 11 (Repunit) | 100 001 | Phi_n(10) Download: Phin10.txt 2009 December November October September August July June May April March February January. — “Factorizations of 11...11 (Repunit)”, homepage2
  • Method 1: Multiply any prime-Repunit (*) greater than 11 by 3304. This way of generating Smith numbers (**) is described by Paul Hoffman in his book " This represents the point where the "overlapping" of the generator by the repunit stabilizes and stops adding ten onto the digital sum of the product,. — “Puzzle 108. Methods for generating Smith numbers”,
  • A repunit is a number which is a series of ones (such as 11 or 11111) In base 10, a repunit of n ones, called Rn, is equal to (10n-1)/9. Such numbers might seem to be a good source of prime numbers. — “Repunit Primes”,
  • In recreational mathematics, a repunit is a number like 11, 111, or 1111 that contains only the digit 1. The term stands for rep eated unit and was coined in 1966 by A.H. Beiler. A repunit prime is a repunit that is also a prime number. — “repunits, repunit, divisible, Repunit, recreational, project”,
  • The first not yet factored repunit seems to be R269 with a composite of 233 digits. Some repunits prime factor lists on the web OEIS Sequence A067063 - Smallest prime factor of repunit(n) = (10^n-1)/9. — “All the prime factors of the repunits”,
  • Any repdigit is a multiple of a repunit. For example, the repdigit 999 is equal to 9 times the repunit 111. The repunits are denoted by Rn, where n indicates the number of repeated units. The value of a repunit depends on the base in which is it written because it is defined in terms of its digits. — “Repdigits and the Holographic Generating Set”,
  • repunit The meaning of repunit. What repunit stands for. The definition of repunit. — “What does repunit stand for? repunit meaning and definition”,
  • But, because I like the math words even though I don't understand them, I can tell you here that 111 is a nonagonal number, a perfect totient number, and the "second repunit". Actually, I can take a crack at repunits: "Repunit" is made up of repeated units, or ones. — “The Friday Fillip — Slaw”,
  • repunit (plural repunits) A number consisting entirely of the digit 1. [edit] Verb. repunit. third-person singular present indicative of repunir. third-person. — “repunit - Wiktionary”,
  • The numbers 11 and 1111111111111111111 are examples of repunit primes. The number of ones in such a repunit primes can be 2, 19, 23, 317, 1031, 49081, 86453, or 109297. An almost repunit number repeats a digit but one digit is different, for example, 222222922. — “Almost Repunit Primes - Wolfram Demonstrations Project”,
  • Repunit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. In recreational mathematics, a repunit is a number like 11, 111, or 1111 that contains only the digit 1. The term stands for repeated unit and was coined in 1966 by Albert H. Beiler. — “Repunit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Welcome to the Prime Glossary: a collection of definitions, information and facts all related to prime numbers. This pages contains the entry titled 'repunit.' Come explore a new prime term today!. — “The Prime Glossary: repunit”,
  • A prime number that has a decimal (or other base, of course) representation consisting entirely of 1's (i.e. is a "repunit" Easy fact about repunit primes. If q is not a prime, then R(q) is not a prime either. — “repunit prime (thing)”,
  • By systematically working through increasing length repunits we can see that the 6-digit number, 111111, is the smallest repunit that divides by 7; that is, 111111/7 = 15873. As 7 divides into a block of six ones, it must divide into any repunit that contains a multiple of six ones. — “”
  • In Chris Caldwell's sense, a legal generalized repunit prime is a prime number of the Andy Steward maintains a list of all known legal generalized repunit primes. — “Generalized repunit probable primes”,
  • In recreational mathematics, a repunit is a number like 11, 111, or 1111 that contains only the digit 1. The term stands for repeated unit and was. — “Urban Dictionary: repunit”,
  • The repunit primes are prime numbers composed of only the digit 1. Repunit comes from "repeated unit" There are also near-repunit prime numbers composed of all the same digit except one. E.g. — “The Repunit Primes”,
  • In 1999 I found the PRP repunit > R(49081), and in 2000 Lew Baxter found the PRP repunit R(86453). > I plan to try to raise the test limit to 200000. My continued > interest in repunits is due primarily to the fact that my > first project on a home computer (1980) was searching for >. — “primeform : Message: RE: New Repunit R(109297)”,

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  • Números Repunit's - Prof. Adriano Carneiro.flv The definition of repunits was motivated by recreational mathematicians looking for prime factors of such numbers. It is easy to show that if n is divisible by a, then Rn is divisible by Ra: R_n=\frac{1}{9}\prod_{d|n}\Phi_d(10)
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  • Opus 111 Still don't believe in Magic? Ok, don't take this one too seriously, it's entirely meant to be playful and highlight the occurrence of some number peculiarities. I am not advocating anything in this video except awareness of some of the connections that can be made. Make of it what you will...and thanks for watching! BTW, this music is not Beethoven's Opus 111 (Sonata32), which I wanted to use but couldn't get, but the substitute works pretty well.

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  • “一些常用网址 - Windows Live It has been conjectured that there are infinitely many repunit primes. The base-10 repunit probable primes occur for , 19, 23, 317, and 1031, 49081,”
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  • “Subject: Problem in FactorsInt. Dear Gap Forum, I use Gap on SVR4/386 version) with intel 80486/60MHz. I tried factoring the 17-th repunit as follows. But Gap”
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  • “Looking at the forum, there seems to be numbers of way to solve them. 投稿者 Tsuchiya Problem 133: Third problem on repunit for me. One more to go , 132. Same idea with 129”
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  • “The New English Review - A monthly political/cultural magazine with a literary slant. The Iconoclast is a group blog featuring Hugh Fitzgerald, Mary Jackson, Rebecca Bynum, Theodore Dalrymple, Jerry Gordon, Norman Berdichevsky, Artemis Gordon It is a repunit prime in hexadecimal (11)”
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