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  • Republicanism is the ideology of governing a nation as a republic, where the head of state is appointed by means other than heredity, often elections. The exact meaning of republicanism varies depending on the cultural and historical context. — “Republicanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Aspects of the topic republicanism are discussed in the following places at Britannica. By completing the transition to republicanism, he humanized the presidency and made it a symbol not of the nation but of the people. — “republicanism (government) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Good Friday: The Death of Irish Republicanism. The Blanket. Anthony McIntyre. Former IRA volunteer and ex-prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh, 4 years on the blanket and no-wash/no work protests which led to the hunger strikes of the 80s. Completed PhD at Queens upon release from prison. — “The Pensive Quill: Republicanism ... Alive or Dying?”,
  • Freedom of speech; 2009-; Political corruption; Representative government and representation; Republicanism; Rich people; Suffrage; Wealth. PDF IMAGES. 63-69. January 2007. Article corruption; Powers and duties; Representative government and representation; Republicanism; United States. — “Republicanism (Harper's Magazine)”,
  • Definition of republicanism in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of republicanism. Pronunciation of republicanism. Translations of republicanism. republicanism synonyms, republicanism antonyms. Information about republicanism in the free online. — “republicanism - definition of republicanism by the Free”,
  • Tag: International,Republicanism,campaigns — RCN @ 7:17 pm When Irish socialist republicanism did emerge, the leadership of the struggle had already largely passed to others. — “Emancipation & Liberation " Republicanism”,
  • Republicanism is the political ideology of a nation as a republic, with an emphasis on liberty, rule by the people, and the civic virtue practised by citizens. Republicanism always stands in opposition to aristocracy, oligarchy and dictatorship. — “Republicanism - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • Republicanism and Liberalism in America and the German States represents the cooperative effort of a group of Republicanism and Liberalism in America and the German States represents the cooperative effort of a group of American and German. — “"REPUBLICANISM" (Subject) - Books, journals, articles @ The”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Republicanism - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition: Republicanism is the ideology embraced by members of a republic -- a form of government in which leaders are elected for a specific period by the preponderance of the citizenry, and laws are passed by leaders for the benefit of the entire republic, rather than a select aristocracy. — “Republicanism -- Definition of Republicanism”,
  • The Individualist Streak in Australian Republicanism. The history of Australian Republicanism has been dominated by the primary figures having a libertarian streak, and an individualistic stance that often placed the Republican movement on a back foot for lack of organisation. — “Republicanism”,
  • In political theory and philosophy, the term republicanism' is generally used in two different, but closely In the first sense, republicanism refers to a loose tradition or family of writers in the history of western political thought, including especially: Machiavelli and his fif***th-century. — “Republicanism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • Republicanism definition, republican government. See more. — “Republicanism | Define Republicanism at ”,
  • Republicanism is a philosophy that begins with Plato's Socratic dialogue, Republic. The modern variety of republicanism incorporates additional ideas, some derived from a belief in the old Republics of Rome and the philosophy of the Enlightenment. — “Republicanism - Definition”,
  • Republicanism summary with 83 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Republicanism Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Republicanism is a political ideology in opposition to monarchy and tyranny. Republicanism was revived during the Renaissance, especially by political thinkers who promoted Civic Humanism in Florence such as Niccolò. — “Republicanism - Conservapedia”,
  • Republicanism is the ideology of governing a nation as a republic, where the head of state is appointed by means other than heredity, often elections. The exact meaning of republicanism varies depending on the cultural and historical context. — “Republicanism - Reference”,
  • At the same time popular republicanism was spread by Charles Bradlaugh and the secularist movement; and a Americans in the 1780s were committed to republicanism, rather than a monarchy, aristocracy, or other non-republican form of. — “republican: Definition from ”,
  • Republicanism is the political theory that holds that the best form of government is a republic as opposed to a monarchy. Rather republicanism is generally a local political movement that argues for the abolition of the monarchy in a particular nation. — “Republicanism - Wikinfo”,
  • Republicanism was the ideology of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION, and as such, it still influences much of what Americans believe; in recent years it has had a renewed importance in American constitutional thought. Republicanism, however, was more than a form of government; it was. — “Republicanism”,

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  • Queen's Birthday should be abolished Channel Seven's Weekend Sunrise programme's look at the increasing irrelevance of the Queen's Birthday celebration in Australia, featuring comments from the Australian Republican Movement's Chair, Major General Michael Keating
  • An Adjunct on Republicanism Exactly what it says on the tin/in the title.
  • Republicanism - Thusia SDA 1 of 2.flv Thusia SDA church presents and exposition and celebration of the beauty of Republican government.
  • Irish Ways (part 2) 2nd part of the internationally acclaimed documentary examining the conflict in the six counties until 1988. Directed by Arthur MacCaig
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, 33rd President Bringing to the Presidency his prestige as commanding general of the victorious forces in Europe during World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower obtained a truce in Korea and worked incessantly during his two terms to ease the tensions of the Cold War. He pursued the moderate policies of "Modern Republicanism," pointing out as he left office, "America is today the strongest, most influential, and most productive nation in the world."
  • Irish Ways/Irish Republican Web Ring Documentary on the violence in Ireland, told from the perspective of those who are deeply involved full version
  • Independent hungerstrike march (Aug 1st 2011) West Belfast. This is the second of the Independent hungerstrike marches in west Belfast. Organised by a group of independent republicans the march went from Dunville park to the Busy Bee shopping complex in west Belfast.
  • IRA Rebel Song/Music - One Shot Paddy Irish Rebel Forum: - I set the forum up to have intellectual debates with both Irish and British users for their views. Hope to see you there.. My username is "BennyDalton" IRA Rebel Song - One Shot Paddy. Irish Republican/Republicanism IRA Terrorism/Freedom Fighters IRA IRA IRA IRA PIRA CIRA CATHOLIC
  • fenian record player a great rebel song by the irish brigade along with random and republican pics
  • Mr.L: The Folly Of Big Tent Republicanism The GOP establishment is on the offensive lately pushing the idea of "Big Tent" liberal republicanism to the low information voters via the media. I told you a few weeks ago that we are now in a war for the heart and soul of the republican party in America. It's Sarah Palin grassroots conservatives vs. Rove Bush Family Republicans. Big tent republicanism is nothing more than a euphemism for big government, socialism and one party rule. My predictions about Dr. Ben Carson are slowly coming true. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul hang "for sale" signs on themselves and go to Wall Street. Paul Ryan and others will soon follow. Sarah Palin still speaks for average middle class working Americans who are fed up with Obama's lies and big government statism. Once again, the great lady of Alaska has the balls to call out the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Stupidity for stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition. What is chilling about Palin's recent prediction is that most of her predictions have come true.
  • The Protestant Boys A video that tells the story of the United Irishmen. Many of the United men were northern Protestants. This a weird quirk of Irish history, considering so many Protestants in the North view Irish Republicanism with distain and deny their Republican heritage.
  • The CNN-Tea Party Express Debate Showcased The Sick, Inhuman Sadism of Republicanism (P1) Death Penalty & Healthcare: Sick, Sadistic, Bigoted, Vicious & Inhuman Tea-Party Republicans Cheer For 'Hanging'!:
  • Music: Liberalism/Republicanism Medley (for COMM 3625) Here's a two-part song about communication ethics. Note: this isn't modern day interpretations of liberalism and republicanism. Hopefully my song explains further. LYRICS: I wanna tell you about liberalism. It's all about economic and personal freedom. John Locke was influenced by this. He was an empiricist meaning knowledge comes from one's own experience. He was opposed to authoritarianism. He didn't like the monarchy slash paternalism. Call him crazy, but he preferred reason, didn't blindly accept the opinions of the authorities. But there was another guy named John Stuart Mill. He believed the government should only police the public realm. He talked about the public versus the individual. Things like religion were individual and you kept it to yourself. Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, was a great liberal philosopher and an anti-federalist. He thought that government could not create liberty but it could sure as hell violate it. He had no tolerance for large national debt in a letter to Madison he wrote extensively about that. And you can argue that such small government beliefs led to the modern day Republican Party. That's a consequence that I see, at least. If I was to sum liberalism up I'd say it's all about the individual - that's what the emphasis is on. But that's not the only way to think. I'm gonna tell you about another belief. Republicanism. Republicanism. The public good over the individual. The public good over the individual. An obligation to ...
  • GTF Rants on Republicanism UK - OK! i love this country, truly and dearly. every country has its good points and bad points. with election season upon us now, i'll be making a few videos discussing my take on a few domestic issues. this one isn't really an election issue, as republicanism does not currently make up ANY of the platforms of the 3 main parties. that the monarcy is taken as a given - the fact that the public in general aren't clamouring to get rid of it - baffles me. nevertheless, before discussing specific policy issues, i thought it worth talking about my BIGGEST pet peeve about the way this country is run. the monarchy serves no useful democratic purpose. its a relic, a leftover from feudalism which should have been consigned to the scrapheap of bad ideas decades ago.
  • 21st republicanism.wmv meeting in connolly house
  • The Wolfe Tones - Protestant Men British propaganda paints the conflict in the north of Ireland to the world as a religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants. This is false. The British occupation of Ireland is the root cause of the conflict, not religion. This video details some of the many Protestant Irish republicans who founded Irish Republicansim and fought against British rule in Ireland. This song is about the United Irishmen rebellion in 1798 when Protestants and Catholics joined forces to try to free Ireland from British rule. Many Protestants throught the centuries have played important roles in the Republican movment, right from its foundation. The Orange in the Irish tricolour represents Protestants, The founding father of Irish Republicanism, Wolfe Tone was a Protestant. Pics also include some of the many protestant republicans throughout the centuries. Pics of Protestant Republicans (in order) - James Napper Tandy- United Irishmen Robert Erskine Childers- Sinn Féin Henry Joy McCracken- United Irishmen Theobald Wolfe Tone- United Irishmen (and founder of Irish republicanism) John Mitchell - Young Irelanders Charles Stewart Parnell - Irish Parlimentary Party Noel Lyttle- INLA Jack White - IRA George Plant- IRA Ronnie Bunting - INLA John Martin - Young Irelanders Lord Edward FitzGerald - United Irishmen Robert Emmet - United Irishmen The IRA had many protestant members. The IRA in Belfast had Protestant commanders nicknamed 'The Prod Squad' This included Billy Smith, Rex Thompson and ...
  • BRENDAN HUGHES 1948 - 2008 Brendan Hughes, political activist: born in Belfast 1948, died in Belfast 16 February 2008. Brendan Hughes was an IRA fighter who for much of his life pitted himself against the British presence in Northern Ireland but latterly became a bitter critic of the republican movement's political direction. Once a close colleague of the Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, he played a pivotal role first in the fierce Belfast IRA gun-battles of the 1970s and then later in the lethal confrontations behind bars in Long Kesh. But while Adams and others went on to re-fashion, gradually but radically, the IRA and Sinn Fein into the grouping which today shares power at Stormont, Hughes was left stranded in traditional republicanism. Even after he came to feel betrayed by the evolution of modern republicanism, he remained nostalgically attached to the spirit of the most intense days of the IRA's "armed struggle". A small swarthy man nicknamed "the Dark", Brendan Hughes was born in Belfast in 1948 into a republican family in the Falls Road, joining the IRA on the outbreak of the troubles in 1969. But as the situation rapidly deteriorated Hughes joined the IRA. He excelled in the street-fighting which took many British military lives, his unit carrying out five or six attacks in a day. He was also involved in the arms-smuggling which gave the IRA an edge in many encounters with troops, helping to bring in the light but deadly Armalite rifles from America. By 1973, high on the Army's most ...
  • Philosophical Republicanism (response to graaaaaagh) Links to lectures and essays about philosophy and democracy: footnotes2 footnotes2 footnotes2 footnotes2
  • A breif look at irish republicanism
  • Explanation of Australia's Constitution Part 1: Our Constitutional Monarchy Vs Republicanism Author Leonard Teale describing Australia's Constitutional Monarchy and why it is a very fair system. In part 1 The Australian Constitution is compared to other Republics around the world. This explanation gives you a good background of why a republic is being pushed in Australia by the Controlled media and dodgey politicians who relise how limited their power is under this fair system.
  • George Washington: America's First Progressive Why is it proper to think of George Washington as the founder of progressivism? WB Allen will discuss the central premise of his new book, "George Washington: America's First Progressive," in a presentation for the Ryan Center for the Study of Free Institutions and the Public Good. George Washington defined the moral and political content of the republicanism that was made possible by the American Revolution. Moreover, he provided the essential inspiration that made the Revolution a revolution in the name of republicanism. His generalship and his statesmanship were uniformly shaped by his focus on establishing and defending the regime of self-government, and his ability to articulate this vision provided the necessary momentum that directed the Revolution toward its consummation in the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
  • Tony Benn on Irish Republicanism "I like Gerry Adams, I think he is a genuine guy, I think he genuinely wants peace. "
  • Irish Republican Women A video dedicated to all Republican Women past and present who put up with harassment, cruelty and hate at the hands of the State. They stand tall and stand up for their men who have been kidnapped by the British state. We stand behind them and honour them and their strenght.
  • The ultimate sacrifice - Irish Republican Funerals The ultimate sacrifice - Irish Republican Join this forum for discussions about irish republicanism events and history and other things, it just opened very few members so join and help make the community better,heres the address, spread the word
  • Past Peak Republicanism Gil Smart says the GOP philosophy of "if you can't win, change the game" betrays existential panic - Republicans know they're doomed demographically, so instead of appealing to a new generation of voters, they've decided instead to cheat.
  • Elvis Costello - Oliver's Army (w/lyrics) A video for Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Oliver's Army of the Armed Forces album. Don't start me talking I could talk all night My mind goes sleepwalking While I'm putting the world to right Called careers information Have you got yourself an occupation? [Chorus:] Oliver's army is here to stay Oliver's army are on their way And I would rather be anywhere else But here today There was a checkpoint Charlie He didn't crack a smile But it's no laughing party When you've been on the murder mile Only takes one itchy trigger One more widow, one less white nigger [Chorus] Hong Kong is up for grabs London is full of Arabs We could be in Palestine Overrun by a Chinese line With the boys from the Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne But there's no danger It's a professional career Though it could be arranged With just a word in Mr. Churchill's ear If you're out of luck or out of work We could send you to Johannesburg [Chorus]
  • Comedians Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Poke Fun at Newton Leroy Gingrich Banana Republicanism and Electoral Corruption:
  • James Madison and the Spirit of Republicanism Colleen Sheehan, Villanova University (April 26, 2006 at Princeton University, James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions)
  • Privatize Profits and Socialize Failure - REPUBLICANISM FOR AGGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVES: See the Republican Base UPDATE: Barack Obama is a ***ing corporate tool and the democratic party is infected from the top down with corporate butt babies. Let's take it back! The system must be reformed. Corporate money buys and runs public governance and we have to be smart and kick their asses out! Republicans are social retards, we all know that, but the truth is that they too are a bunch of corporate livestock used to further enrich the multi-national corporate scum in trade for social policy that brings back the dark ages. George Carlin was right, it's a big club and our asses aren't in it, except to clean their toilets and change their diapers.
  • Republican Sinn Féin 2012 - Ruairí Óg Ó Brádaigh Ruairí Óg Ó Brádaigh, the editor of SAOIRSE: Irish Freedom, The Voice of the Republican Movement speaking at the Republican Sinn Féin organised event, Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week on April 21st, 2012. This is a very insightful account of 1916 from a different angle and greatly tied in with the circumstances modern Irish Republicanism finds itself in today.
  • Republicanism Event on Eve of Royal Wedding - Speech by Bill Bonnar On the eve of the royal wedding, a Glasgow event on Republicanism was held. There were speakers with discussion and entertainment afterwards. It was a way of marking the royal event with some opposition and rebellion. Bill Bonnar speaks in this video. He begins by humorously mentioning the various ways in which those opposed to the monarchy or just plain bored by it could avoid being bombarded with information about the royal wedding on TV such as getting drunk, going on holiday, preferably to a republic, closing yourself in a darkened room, or simply doing what his mother-in-law would do: to watch the proceedings but shout at the telly all afternoon. But it is also an opportunity for those opposed to the monarchy to mark the day with some events expressing and promoting their republicanism. For the aristocratic establishment, royal weddings are important because they want to demonstrate and legitimise inherited wealth and privilege and is about demonstrating that the concerns of ordinary working people like cuts and poverty and unemployment are really not their concerns. For the government it is a distraction from all the bad news about the economy which helps to divert people's attention away from how badly the government are performing. It is almost certain that the government will have had a major role in the timing of the event. For the media it is just another opportunity to use celebrities for a media circus, not much different from if it was Madonna or any other ...
  • American Studies C132B - Lecture 2: Republicanism, liberalis Intellectual History of the United States since 1865
  • Jake Diliberto: "Obama doesn't qualify to be President" As the vastly unpopular wages on in Afghanistan, many have been wondering who to blame for the apparently never ending war. RT Blogger Jake Diliberto says President Obama cannot control the Pentagon, making him unfit for office. Follow Lucy on Twitter:
  • Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness The Leaders of modern Irish Republicanism.
  • The Current State of Irish Republicanism The Current State of Irish Republicanism. Is it alive or dead? You decide!
  • Mr.L: Faux Polls, Barbara Bush & Folly of Moderate Republicanism Zogby poll featured on Drudge most likely a fake. Barbara Bush believes 2012 campaign is the worst & dirtiest she's seen in her life. The folly of moderate Republicanism. Calls for GOP party unity. Let's all get behind Romney they say. Would the moderate wing unify around a conservative candidate is push came to shove?
  • Irish Republican Army (IRA): The Truth This video depicts some of the most heinous crimes carried out by Republican 'freedom fighters' during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Irish Republicans murdered over 2000 people during the conflict, ruining the lives of countless others. The main group responsible was the IRA and its splinter groups (INLA, RIRA etc)
  • Tony Abbott on Opposing Australian Republicanism Q&A, April 5th 2010.
  • Irish Republicanism on the rise in the North of Ireland. Interviews with both republican sinn fein and 32csm who are politically linked with The Continuity IRA & Real IRA respectively.however both groups deny this.
  • Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. "Conservative vs. Progressive Republicanism" Taped on Oct 24, 1969 . "A couple of years ago," WFB recalls, "Vice President Humphrey accosted Senator Javits amiably and remarked, 'If you get any more forward than you are, you'll be head of the Democratic Party.'" Senator Javits fluently defends his breed of Republicans as distinct from liberal Democrats. JJ: "[The Democratic Party] seeks immediately to find a choice in government for any public ill; any, that runs the wide gamut from poverty to the necessity to encourage small business.... I believe that one can be a liberal-and I accept that designation, not because in the Republican Party we use the term particularly; we always use the term progressive,... but I accept it because it defines a way of thinking, an outlook, and I think that outlook, Bill,... is that if the people have to have something done for them, then it's got to be done, and you can't be doctrinaire about the method. I prefer, as a Republican, the private-enterprise method, either as a sole reliance or as a supplement. However, I do not go with the conservatives in refraining from doing it, or rejecting it, because I can't do it through private enterprise."

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