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  • Republicanism is the ideology of governing a nation as a republic, where the head of state is appointed by means other than heredity, often elections. The exact meaning of republicanism varies depending on the cultural and historical context. — “Republicanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition: Republicanism is the ideology embraced by members of a republic -- a form of government in which leaders are elected for a specific period by the preponderance of the citizenry, and laws are passed by leaders for the benefit of the entire republic, rather than a select aristocracy. — “Republicanism -- Definition of Republicanism”,
  • Republicanism is the political theory that holds that the best form of government is a republic as opposed to a monarchy. Rather republicanism is generally a local political movement that argues for the abolition of the monarchy in a particular nation. — “Republicanism - Wikinfo”,
  • The belief in conformity as the only way for society to function. Expresses everyone has the same opportunities. Of course only if you are white, E A republicanism is when you state something as true to get people to believe it even though you know it is false. — “Urban Dictionary: republicanism”,
  • It has always been the political craft of courtiers and court government to abuse something which they call republicanism but what that republicanism is or was they never attempt to explain – Thomas Paine: The Rights of Man. Anthony McIntyre • Fourthwrite, Winter 2007. — “fenian32: Republicanism...Alive or Dying?”, fenian32
  • Republicanism is the political ideology of a nation as a republic, with an emphasis on liberty, rule by the people, and the civic virtue practised by citizens. Republicanism always stands in opposition to aristocracy, oligarchy and dictatorship. — “Republicanism - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • Republicanism is a political ideology in opposition to monarchy and tyranny. Republicanism was revived during the Renaissance, especially by political thinkers who promoted Civic Humanism in Florence such as Niccolò. — “Republicanism - Conservapedia”,
  • Definition of republicanism from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of republicanism. Pronunciation of republicanism. Definition of the word republicanism. Origin of the word republicanism. — “republicanism - Definition of republicanism at ”,
  • The Individualist Streak in Australian Republicanism. The history of Australian Republicanism has been dominated by the primary figures having a libertarian streak, and an individualistic stance that often placed the Republican movement on a back foot for lack of organisation. — “Republicanism”,
  • : Republicanism: Volume 1, Republicanism and Constitutionalism in Early Modern Europe: A Shared European Heritage (9780521802031): Martin van Gelderen, Quentin Skinner: Books. — “: Republicanism: Volume 1, Republicanism and”,
  • Aspects of the topic republicanism are discussed in the following places at Britannica. By completing the transition to republicanism, he humanized the presidency and made it a symbol not of the nation but of the people. — “republicanism (government) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Republicanism and Liberalism in America and the German States represents the cooperative effort of a group of Republicanism and Liberalism in America and the German States represents the cooperative effort of a group of American and German. — “"REPUBLICANISM" (Subject) - Books, journals, articles @ The”,
  • In political theory and philosophy, the term republicanism' is generally used in two different, but closely In the first sense, republicanism refers to a loose tradition or family of writers in the history of western political thought, including especially: Machiavelli and his fif***th-century. — “Republicanism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • Good Friday: The Death of Irish Republicanism. The Blanket. Anthony McIntyre. Former IRA volunteer and ex-prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh, 4 years on the blanket and no-wash/no work protests which led to the hunger strikes of the 80s. Completed PhD at Queens upon release from prison. — “The Pensive Quill: Republicanism ... Alive or Dying?”,
  • Republicanism is a philosophy that begins with Plato's Socratic dialogue, Republic. The modern variety of republicanism incorporates additional ideas, some derived from a belief in the old Republics of Rome and the philosophy of the Enlightenment. — “Republicanism - Definition”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Republicanism - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of republicanism in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of republicanism. Pronunciation of republicanism. Translations of republicanism. republicanism synonyms, republicanism antonyms. Information about republicanism in the free online. — “republicanism - definition of republicanism by the Free”,
  • Republicanism is the ideology of governing a nation as a republic, where the head of state is appointed by means other than heredity, often elections. The exact meaning of republicanism varies depending on the cultural and historical context. — “Republicanism - Reference”,
  • At the same time popular republicanism was spread by Charles Bradlaugh and the secularist movement; and a Americans in the 1780s were committed to republicanism, rather than a monarchy, aristocracy, or other non-republican form of. — “republican: Definition from ”,
  • Republicanism summary with 83 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Republicanism Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Republicanism was the ideology of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION, and as such, it still influences much of what Americans believe; in recent years it has had a renewed importance in American constitutional thought. Republicanism, however, was more than a form of government; it was. — “Republicanism”,

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