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  • Search Query Search this Reptilian Agenda Website. HiddenMysteries and/or the donor of Reptilian Agenda Website is a publication of TGS Services. Please. — “TGS HiddenMysteries Reptilian Agenda”,
  • Reptilian Artist: Keep of Kalessin Rating: Release Date: 2010 Total Time: 56:57 Type: Lyrics are included with the album Genre: Rock Review In many. — “Reptilian: Information from ”,
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  • The close of the Cretaceous period saw the demise of the Mesozoic era reptilian megafauna (see the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event) Reptilian skin is covered in a *** epidermis, making it watertight and enabling. — “Reptile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Their image was cast into history in the form of reptilian-humanoid statuettes that over fired to a green hue color. This last declaration was initiated by changing the name of the reptilian being from "Lucifer" which literally means the bringer of light or. — “The Reptilian-Human Connection 1994”,
  • Reptilian "Whenever we were working against Satanic targets, the thread would always go back to one or more Reptilians. It seems that Reptilians actually created Satanism."--- SETHS STORY. The All-Seeing Eye is used to represent the planet Sirius. — “Reptilians”,
  • The Reptilian Agenda is a documentary by David Icke concerning the secret lizard heritage of the Presidency and rulers throughout the entire world. This is an excerpt of his findings. And it's all true. — “Reptilian Agenda - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • The Reptilian/Human Conflict Jelaila Starr. Gods and Reptoids. Do these photos indicate Reptilian Humanoid Explained. The Anunnaki, the Vampire, and the. — “Reptilian Links”,
  • Reptilian definition, belonging or pertaining to the Reptilia. See more. — “Reptilian | Define Reptilian at ”,
  • Reptilian humanoids are intelligent, supernatural, or highly developed reptile-like Common in numerous mythologies are tales of reptilian creatures. — “Reptilian humanoid - The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project”,
  • Reptilian humanoids are intelligent, supernatural, or highly developed reptile-like humanoids in mythology, popular fiction, and speculative fringe theories. They also appear in some conspiracy theories, most notably those of David Icke, and in science fiction. — “Reptilian humanoids - Monstropedia - the largest encyclopedia”,
  • It takes a lot of time and consideration when wanting to take on a job this big, so for now we're just working on the website part of Reptilian Rescue. Reptilian Rescue's goals are to: Educate the public about the ownership and care of reptiles. Provide up to date reptile resources for Ohio. — “Home - Reptilian Rescue”,
  • Channeled information by the SSOA on the The Role of the Reptilians on Earth The information on the Reptilians has gone through a development during the years. — “The Role of the Reptilians”,
  • I'm not claiming these people weren't 100% human at one time, what I am saying is that they invited the control and bodily takeover of Reptilians through blood drinking and rituals and now can be bodily overtaken by them or possessed against or within their own will. — “Exposing Reptilians”,
  • Reptilian humanoids are a recurring theme in mythology, fiction, and especially science fiction, fringe theories, and conspiracy theories. They are described as individuals or races of intelligent or otherwise highly developed reptilian-like beings. — “Reptilian humanoid - Open Encyclopedia”, open-
  • Public Information - Reptoid Reptilian Information and Resource Centre It can't be ignored, due to the sheer magnitude of reports and information throughout history, that there is a serious case to answer that suggests reptilian humanoid species are dwelling on (or beneath) The Earth. — “Reptilian/ Reptoid Information Resource | The information you”,
  • Definition of reptilian in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of reptilian. Pronunciation of reptilian. Translations of reptilian. reptilian synonyms, reptilian antonyms. Information about reptilian in the free online English dictionary and. — “reptilian - definition of reptilian by the Free Online”,
  • Alex Collier - On Reptilians - ETs and The Global Connection Cosmic Explorers - Different Reptilian Factions on Earth - Credo Mutwa On Alien Abduction & Reptilians - David Icke - - Details. — “The Occult Reptilian Saga - La Saga Oculta de Los Reptilianos”,
  • The Reptilian Agenda Is To Take Control Of Earth Before Their Reptilian Lord Arrives. The Annunaki Are Running The Show Behind The Scenes. — “Reptilian Agenda | The Annunaki Take Over”,
  • Reptilian humanoids are a proposed race of intelligent, supernatural, or highly developed reptile-like humanoids in mythology, popular fiction, pseudoscientific theories Reptoids, a conjoined word defining Reptilian-Humanoid beings, is the most popular name. — “Reptilians - Crystalinks”,

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  • Reptilian & Annunaki History This is a Great Video worth Reposting
  • True Reptilian Shapeshifters Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
  • ANNUNAKI REPTILIANS, "CLASSIFIED" some people in the media are taking steps to inform the public about whats going to happen in a very near future; even though this is a parody is not one bit far from reality.
  • David Icke Reptilian Theory Just an overview of David Ickes Reptilian Conspiracy Theory and how it could work.
  • 1 Reptilian Benevolence Reptilian Benevolence Announcement: Soon to be Released: Interview with Anu - the Reptilian-God - about the Design and Pre-Programmed Life of David Icke. Was David Icke Controlled by the Reptilians? 05 August 2009 Reptilian Benevolence: Part One - Text This is Anu Here today on this day discussing a particular concern that is rather disturbing from the perspective that this particular concern does not concern humanity/human beings today - And personally, if I were you in this world today Id be very, very, very concerned. Humanity do not realize how ***ed they really are. Shall I start with the first point which is that a interdimensional being - such as myself Anu - have to come and inform you of how ***ed your really actually are in this world today. It is troubling - to say the least that within everything thats broadcasted to human beings throughout the world as the state of affairs within countries that real actual human beings are enduring and going through - yet those that are not affected directly by and through such actual facing of Reality are simply not affected by it, simply ignore it - because theyre fine and ordinary in their personal bubble reality world as their normal ordinary live that theyre living. My question would be: what must it take for humanity to actually start caring? How many people in this world are starving, existing in poverty and famine, and how many people in this world has got a normal ordinary life its quite fascinating when you ...
  • Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 1/9 Stewart Swerdlow on Coast to Coast July 2007. Stewart Swerdlow in this radio show talks about reptilian race which lives underground and first came here over 800000 years ago. This information was imparted to him during the 13 years he served as an experimental subject in a government-sponsored mind control project in Montauk, NY. Between 200000 to 300000 people were experimented on in Montauk, and most of them did not survive, he said. Mind control now is employed worldwide via satellites, transmission towers, and electronic devices. Among the details Swerdlow shared about the Reptilians: They originated in the Draco star system, and arrived in our solar system via hollowed-out asteroids. They colonized a Pacific content called Lemuria and later battled with the Atlanteans. Both Lemuria and Altanis continents are now submerged inside ocean. Eventually they formed a hybrid race with the Atlanteans. It is from this group that the Illuminati or ruling families descended. There are seven different species in the Draco empire. Elite type has white segmented skin, cat-like eyes, wings, and a pronounced jaw and teeth. The Illuminati are planning a "staged alien invasion" to trick people into forming a one-world government. This fake alien invasion would be carried out by using holographic technology codenamed Project Bluebeam. Ultimately, they seek to send millions of people out to colonize habitable moons of Jupiter and Saturn, Stewart added.
  • Reptilian Brain The Second song from the upcoming album Pitch Black by Flo White Music and Video Written and Produced by Flo White Background vocals: Rob Froman Cast: Adam --- Ron Clemons Eve --- April Givens The Reptile --- Joe Freeman Cain --- Joshua Marriott Abel --- Corey Davis The Harem --- Cecilia Fulbright, Amelie Demahy, and Amy Martin Lighting Production: P. Ryan Brittain Camera: Allan Detrich
  • TELEVILSION PART 1: REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTERS DON'T KNOW WHY GOOGLE ADS ARE THERE,I DO NOT ENABLE REVENUE SHARING There will be many parts to this series, as I feel it's the most important aspect to understand at this point, otherwise the vicious circle of destruction continues THANKS TO GILLAMRL without his excellent work, none of this would be possible The only evil is ignorance, in fact it's due to ignorance that we're in this mess now...we did it to ourselves, and we have to take responsibility for that, but on that same note, we can dig ourselves out It's hard enough to get people to see the Federal Reserve is private, much less take a look at inter-dimensional entities that appear as Reptilian shape-shifters but it's the most important aspect of the whole mess we call the New World Order. Sure we can have a revolution, deal with every politician, corrupt businessman there is, but I guarantee you, that will solve nothing.We've seen it throughout history, the same agenda continues like clockwork Our scientific education far outweighs any grasp we have on the spiritual, in fact you're greeted with googly eyes if you suggest we even have a divine presence, and that is ultimately, the Great Deception, one which has been waged for thousands of years
  • CNN REPTILIAN NEWS with MR SPOCK! LOL !!-BOMBING OF THE MOON CNN REPTILIAN NEWS-BOMBING OF THE MOON Update: How convenient for them when the missile supposedly hit the moon the screen went blank,let's see for how much longer they can hold this circus together haha![They only will show you a computer animation,very funny!!] i think they just zoomed in into the moon with the camera and bang the zoom got to the closest possible, haha!!! As you can see they're trying to do anything as a sign of desperation,since they know that we woke up and are setting free from them!! let's just pray and meditate for our sister up there so she won't be damaged by these people OR WHATEVER THEY ARE,india already found water in the moon so what are they really bombing there? probably our galactic family will be there monitoring them,when i was recording this from cnn i really felt something weird with this guy who is always there as a skeptic when the UFO topic is touched, trying to deny the existence of aliens and ufo's, now he says it will be fun to see the bombing in the moon and defends the act, i ask you to do something look at him without judging him, but just seeing, does he really look human? look at his forehead and his skull,reptilian?Mr Spock or what? HEHE! probably same as almost everyone on CNN!! they're telling us in our face that this is what they use the tax money of hard working people for..Don't worry people their time is over very very soon and they know it!!! LOVE & LIGHT TO THE BEAUTIFUL MOON!!! TAKEN FROM: www.ufo- www ...
  • Chitauri reptilian face revealed ! I have made this video in response to so many fake videos some hiding and some misinformed about what was really behind the "last supper" painting. This video was made to show you the real "being" . Mutuo Credo knew already the name of such being and he use to name it "Chitauri". David Icke, Dan Winter and others can tell you other more interesting stories about who they are these beings. have almost all the information you need about these entities. The snake, dragon and reptilian depict found in many churches is still a mystery. Some have argued that such creature lives in the underground and are infiltrated in our government and religious groups. Here for the first time Leonardo reveals to us the face of "Chitauri". No one knows the true reason Leonardo used mirror writing and painting, though several possibilities have been suggested: • He was trying to make it harder for people to read his notes and steal his ideas. • He was hiding his scientific ideas from the powerful Roman Catholic Church, whose teachings sometimes disagreed with what Leonardo observed. • Being a lefty was highly unusual in Leonardo's time. Because people were superstitious, children who naturally started using their left hands to write and draw were forced to use their right hands. Though the "last supper" for the first time reveal to us the face of the strange "being", I personally made this video out of original photo taken from archived books. Such being is not visible with ...
  • Real Reptilians - The Declassified Anunnaki Covenant Truth - Make it viral! repost this! Click here for transcript: The Anunaki Covenant. Watch for yourself. Video Narrative used to acquire lyrics and music: The voice in the background is from the point-of-view of the Anunnaki(ancient reptilians). Be sure to check out my channel for more info! The cure to cancer and many other ailments is Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil and Urine Therapy. The cures to the soul, body, mind and heart are psychedelics ie Amanita Muscaria and Psilocybin mushrooms. I recommend using them under the influence of cannabis or a small amount of opium, for it helps with bad trips. Research John Marco Allegro/Prof John Rush/Jan Irvin/The Pharmacratic Inquisition/Terrence McKenna The cure to AIDS/HIV/Herpes/H1N1/Malaria/West Nile/Anthrax plus all pathogens and parasites is MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution--a chlorine dioxide water treatment solution) Research Jim Humble. Here is a controlled clinical study: Also research David Icke/William Cooper/Michael Tellinger/Jim Marrs/Richard C. Hoagland/Dr. Delbert Blair/AC Griffith/Henning Kemner/Jordan Maxwell/Dr. John Waterman
  • The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity - The FULL STORY (1/8) - David Icke David Icke and Peggy Kane have discovered more than any other researchers about the Reptilians and their manipulation of Humanity. The truth is that Earth and Humanity will soon be FREE and living in Love, Truth and Magnificance once again! It is a very exciting time to be here on this planet! --------------------------- Exposing (reptilians) I'm not claiming these people weren't 100% human at one time, what I am saying is that they invited the control and bodily takeover of (reptilians) through ... (reptilians) and their galactic history. The (reptilians) are the creation of the Carians, their parent race. They evolved on a planet in the Alpha Draconi star system of the Orion Constellation. ... - The (reptilians) Are Among Us! Join the resistance at The RRG has been dismantled by our reptilian governmentComplete text:For Millennia, ... (reptilians) Although the reptilian being species are divided into sevearl types, there are physical features that are shared by almost all. ... (reptilians) - David Icke's Official Forums 1 Mar 2010 ... (reptilians) programmed a vagina into the male *** chinese calenders, reptilian 2012/2013 Chinese calendar ... Main Forums - Cached - SimilarThe Occult Reptilian Saga Alex Collier - On (reptilians) ETs and The Global Connection ... The Human-Reptilian Connection - from "The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report" ... (reptilians) - Crystalinks Theories involving Reptilian aliens are metaphoric in content, much like other ...
  • Breathing Technique to Expose Human/Reptilian Hybrids Technique Source: educate- YouTube Videos Used: (FW) Rudolph Giuliani reptilian eyes BEST EVIDENCE Most Amazing Video Ever President Bush is reptilian FW Laura Bush Reptilian Eyes Reptilian News REPTILIAN FOX REPORTER. APPARENTLY FW Brian Todd Confirmed Reptilian RR Richard Baker Confirmed Reptilian Humanoid Kenite ShapeShifter FW John Edwards reptilian tongue Music Used: Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures Soundtrack The Awakening - Hyborian Adventures II - Cimmeria III - Aquilonia
  • 2 The Reptilians - Reptilian agenda with Humanity 25 August 2007 Annunaki, who required gold to sustain their existence. See, gold--Im certain human beings believe that crystals have a certain energy, a certain essence about it that supports you in a way (upliftment, healing, etc.)--in terms of the gold which the Annunaki required to sustain themselves; because if they didnt have it, they actually depleted and died. (Ill get to more about how the planets were placed with the races and their specific expressions (and WHY it was that way), in a moment. Im just going to, first, continue explaining what exactly was happening.) So, the trouble they were in was that their gold was running out. In other words, their entire city, their entire planet, had about--later--only about 700 beings left, because of the depletion of the beings and when theyd die, because of the necessity for gold. Usually, to obtain gold, they had a specific planet. Basically, I dont know how to describe it exactly; but it was black, and there was coal. Lets take a sun that burns out, and it remains this big round coal basically, and its fusing with all sorts of gasses and burning liquids, etc. (like a volcano, like a massive round volcano--or something like that). Now, its lava (but not lava exactly) that was in the center of this planet. Of course, they had methods and methodologies of how to obtain gold and actually manifest gold from that planet. But, eventually--its almost just like a star--it exploded; and, firstly, killed all the Annunaki races who ...
  • )·)·)-_ The Reptilian Race _-(·(·( More info on the Reptilians! stereo ;) ! i forgot to add just after "they came from another universe and were dumped to Orion, Draco...." then "they claim this universe as theirs to rule, as this is what they are told in their ancient history." also, some Reptilians are benevolent or in a Spiritual path, a minority. --------------------------------------- tags: Alien Aliens Races race reptilians reptoids reptoid dracos draco prime atral reptilians 4th density dimension telepathy cloaking hybrids reptiles cross breeding space travel cool intriguing nasa universes scaled creatures chakras grid net shape-shifting planet X 2012 shadowy elite clones cloning leaders mars orion rigel draco
  • Reptilians in the Matrix The matrix is full of intrigue! reptilesinthematrix1 Mormon historians and professors at Brigham Young University claim that Joseph Smith immersed himself into the occult. "Joseph Smith was heavily involved in the occult," said Decker. "He kept a seer stone that he used as a crystal ball to divine the location of hidden treasures" Smith tried everything from sorcery and necromancy to trying to raise the dead. Their faith is rooted in the esoteric realm and occult symbols lavish their Temples. No crosses adorn any of their Temples, but they do contain dozens of inverted pentagrams. Schnoebelen claims that Mormon Temples are full of Masonic witchcraft and occult symbols. Ed Decker argues how Mormonism is based on a belief of extraterrestrial humanoids from a distant place called Kolob who visited 14-year-old Joseph Smith and shared their revelations and visions to him. "Those well versed in meditation understand that false revelations and visions are readily available to the inexperienced practioner and are often first contact with lower astral entities seeking to engage with the sensitized aura of the meditator in the hope of finding a mouth-piece or new messiah for their false teachings to further inject the agenda of New World Order and New Age madness into the Earth Plane. When the experienced meditator stares right through this distracting illusion he can enter into higher meditative states unhindered. Other teachers may appear along the inner journey and ...
  • 2012 REPTILIAN ALIEN CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN USA AMERICA,Zeitgeist Videos Posted by Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV ZEITGEIST - MOVIE (FULL VERSION) PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE Dec 21, 2012 - End of the World? - Part 1 of 6 2012 The_Great_Year REPTILIAN ALIEN CONCENTRATION CAMPS OF IN USA AMERICA There over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general's signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached. Ask yourself if you really want to be on Ashcroft's list. Skull and Bones part 9 The Rex 84 Program was established on the reasoning that if a "mass exodus" of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons. Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the ...
  • UFO Alex Collier - Reptilian Rulers 4 UFO Alex Collier - Reptilian Rulers
  • Reptilian *** Star caught shapeshifting! Stunning evidence! Screenshot confirmation: h**p:///files/5kw2czj96j3u9z0s3eez.jpeg Go 9 squares down from the top right square, and in that frame and the next you can see the ridges. movie video reptilian reptoid *** demon eyes morph shapeshifter hologram bush humanswin bush obama rockefeller...
  • Reptile Woman - UFO Reptilian / Demon Morphing This isn't INFOTAINMENT. This is a paranormal video about demon possession or Icke style reptilian shape-shifters, by Archangel Systems. DMCA COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We take DMCA queries very seriously. This ***ysis was performed by, and is the property of, Archangel Systems, with permission from the owner of the original footage. The original footage is Copyright of the girl in the video. Contact information for the girl in the video, for use in verifying permissions and ownerships, is available to those handling any DMCA queries. This is a study of an actual shape-shifting human. Viewers are encouraged to look at the video frame by frame. It was REALLY too much to document. Judge for yourself. There are so many things happening in the video, that much was not even covered. Spines sprout from the girl's back, she aquires scales, yellow cat-eyes, sharp teeth, ridges, horns, etc. (look for yourself) all subliminally. I have never ***yzed a video quite like this one. We take our work VERY seriously. WE OFFER A SUBSTANTIAL REWARD TO ANYONE WHO CAN DUPLICATE THE THINGS SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. We have spent hours attempting to find mundane explanations and have found none. If there is a non-paranormal explanation, we would like to know what it is. Many photograpic experts have examined this video and have failed to explain the bizarre images. $$$$$$$$$$ *************************** While a small handful of amateur YouTube skeptics have CLAIMED to debunk the video, NONE have felt ...
  • (RR) The Anti-Christ Dajjal Will Be A Reptilian Shape-Shifter PT 24 REPTILIAN RESEARCH LINKS FOR INFORMATIONAL STUDY The Awakening Has Begun Now Is The Time United We Stand Soldiers We Are... THE RESISTANCE !!!! Reptilian Annunaki Seraphim Archons Nephilim Cherubim Rephaim Elohim Anakim Zazzummin The Watchers Giants Brotherhood Of The Snake Grigori Sons Of God - Angels Or Demons Serpent Dragon Snake Brothers Grey Draconian Serpentine Species Beast Draco Summerian Planet X Satanism Nagas Reptoid ShapeShifter 2012 Nibiru Nergal Sharrapu Djinn Fire-God Satan-Shaytaan Draco Commanders Reptilian Royalty Mind Masters Lower Astral Reptilian White Scaled Dracos Devil Reptilian-Hybrids 4D Reps Insectoid Species Hive Mind Collective Babylonian Reptoid Mothmen Gargoyle Reptilian Rulers Montauk Reptilian Base Satanism The Alpha Draconians Pindar/The Lizard King Chitauri Nukua Dulce Underground Reptilian Bases Reptoid Beings Lucifer Quetzalcoatl The Great Feathered Serpent (Aztec And Toltec) Kukulkan/Gucumatz The Great Plumed Serpent (Maya) Reptilian Humanoid Dragon Dracula Draco Collective Hive Mind Multidimensional Reptilian Demon Lords 5th Column Hybrid Forces Reptiloid Blue Bloods Iblis/Satan Incubus Succubus Dinosauroids Saurians Reptilian/Human Hybrids Demon Possessed Reptilian Hierarchy Saurian Greys Serpent Cults Ouroboros Cherub - Angel - Seraph Hierarchical Reptilian Species Retican Grey Mercenaries Demon Hu-Man Sub-Cities Terra Winged Draco Hierarchy Biological/DNA Sources For Experimentation/Engineering MIB Draconian Serpents Ciakars ...
  • Barry King Peasemore Reptilian for CSETI Disclosure Available in BASES 2 Take 2, 4 Disc Boxed set from Megawatts where more witnesses VERIFY KING and CASBOLT. Barry King met a Reptilian while working in the underground Genetics Lab under Peasemore, Berkshire, England, north of Greenham Common. (Now see James Casbolt in Bases 4 prt 1, etc)Barry explains his encounter in the corridor, with a 7ft tall Lizard man, or Reptilian Alien. Normally he was dealing the man made GREYS,(Round Eyes)or 'Programmable Generated Life Forms' (PGLFs) or sometimes shorted as 'Generated Life Forms' being manufactured in the base, for MILAB operations (Military Abductions), and other undisclosed purposes. This was recorded in Sept 2000 for the CSETI Disclosure program. US interviewer is "A1", and myself Miles J. See Barry's original data in THE VOICE Files, and in British Bases 1, and the BASES 2 interviews. The implications that the general population is under a global monitoring programme, for selection as experiments and source material for Genetic experiments involving Greys and Reptilain beings, for the creation of specificial genetically modified people, and clones must be viewed very seriously. If others come forward, I will publish. So far there is no Proof of any of these claims. VOICE Files downloadable from pic1
  • Liu Kang vs. Reptile Fight scene from the New Line movie Mortal Kombat based apon the popular video game. Where Is Johnny Cage? Who Cares, Now stop asking!!!!!!!!
  • Lost Tapes- Reptilian Check out the Top 10 Scariest Moments from Lost Tapes! | Aztec legends speak of an alien race that resemble upright standing reptiles. These reptilians are said to be bent on world domination and to live deep beneath the epicenters of our society.
  • Reptilians - Reptilian Aliens and Dinosauroids A fragment from a BBC documentary on Dinosauroids and the evolution of dinosaurs.
  • reptilian shapeshifter WAKE UP
  • Alien Species 2 - Greys and Reptilians hello This is the following to "Alien species" video Here you can see how the main Alien Races look like starting with the well known Greys, and the Reptilians, their masters. The Ancient Mantis are also included The Greys are a species from Zeta Reticuli 2, Bellatrax and Orion the most popular greys, are said to have evolved in a society where emotions were supressed, leading to a crisis, and a threat to their survival, so they came to earth searching for our DNA material(composed of 22 ET species) to create hybrids that would assure their survival they also perform tasks for their masters, the Reptilians or Draconans(royalty) like abducting people for them or monitoring and control they are mostly a negative race except some zetans and children looking ones The Ancient Mantis are an old and rare branch of Greys These Beings have long, narrow faces, with long, narrow, large eyes, sharply slanted upward and outward in an almost narrow-V position, given an almost insect-like appearance. This comparison is heightened by the Praying-Mantis types' extremely thin, long torsos, long, extremely-thin arms which are usually crooked into a sharp bend at the mid-joint, with the hand and fingers/mitten sloping almost vertically downward from the "wrist", and legs also bent at an almost right-angle at the mid-joint, creating a crouched pose. The overall effect is the characteristic "Praying Mantis" look. It should be noted that experiencers feel that this type is no insect, but rather ...
  • The Reptilian Agenda - David Icke [complete] - Part 1.1.1 TheReptilian Agenda with David Icke and Credo Mutwa - the complete series. The movie is split into two major parts numbered as x,y,zz (ie: 1.2.11 - part I, slice 2, clip 11). This is a must see for everyone... real history is being re-written!
  • Conspiracy Theories: REPTILIAN 2010: the Year We Make Contact? TORONTOTRUTHSEEKERS this video is dedicated to Toronto Truth Seekers, Black Krishna (CKLN/Press for Truth/ ), Charlie Veitch of the Love Poilce , Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of Canada , Barack Obama the President of the United States on the View , David Icke , Alex Jones , 9/11 First Responders on RT , Mark of We Are Change and , Chris White and KnowWhereToRun1984 , Sir Winston Churchill Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on ITN News , Jordan Maxwell , Hollywood movies & all good aliens... Recomended research: Beast 1333 Interview on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio Templars of HipHop rapper exposes Project Bluebeam Holographic deception agenda, and the works of William Cooper & iON 0000101110010110010001101001101001 CONSPIRACY
  • trojan horse and the illuminati reptilian bloodline Subscribe to StonedMonkPro for thought provoking alternative videos; In this video jay be speaks to us about the new mini-series, trojan horse, a show that is nothing but propaganda for the north american union. he also mentions the reptilian bloodlines and symbolism that they use.
  • Alex Jones, David Icke and the Reptilians - 1/2 The relationship between Alex Jones and David Icke seems to have improved over the years. I keep wondering what's up with those damn reptilians. Are they interdimensional entities? Do they possess humans? I have a lot of respect for David Icke, neverknwo, Freeman, and Dr. Bill Deagle, all of whom are pursuing the notion of reptilians. I find it fascinating and entirely possible that reptilians are involved in this NWO why turn away from it?
  • 62 School children see UFO and Reptilian Beings from the Stars - Reptilian GAYLORDS seem INTERESTED Pls notice, reptilian eyes as descrbed by all children sense of fear idea of world is gonna end gay save the earth visual mind inductions INTERSTED= becouse they leave in undegroud bases on the earth and nuke explosions shake there diryt caves WEBSITE -
  • Confirmed Reptilian Ex Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff Be On Page One of Google, Expose The Truth & Be The Coolest Guy On The Planet. About This Video Israeli citizen and US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff added to the list of CONFIRMED REPTILIANS. IF YOU want to know about the ritualistic secret covenants of the Elite "overlords" make sure you watch the Illuminati NWO 'Esoteric Agenda.' + 12 additional parts below. You MUST Watch ALL parts to finally understand how the real life matrix is now influencing your life. Learn how to become free from THE Illusion and begin creating in the Multiverses. Part 1:
  • Reptile Woman 2 - UFO Reptilian (preview) A paranormal video about demon possession or Icke style reptilian shape-shifters, by Archangel Systems. When we did our ***ysis of the reptile woman video, we were challenged by many people with various accusations ranging from bad video to outright fakery. We were also praised for being the first to provide video proof of the morphing phenomena. Our response was to begin a search (which is still ongoing) for other similar videos. We began looking at films of large crowds, etc., hoping to find people that were morphing when examined frame-by-frame. (these morphs generally cannot be seen otherwise) This video is the first fruit of our labors. The person in this video has been filmed EXTENSIVELY...and as far as we can tell, there is morphing in all of her videos. She even claimed at one point to have been demon posessed. Could she have been telling the truth as she understood it? She also contended to the very end that the government was involved with, and was fully aware, of her killings. Remember, this video is only a demo. Some or all of the images here may not appear in "Reptile Woman 2" as we are still investigating the possibility of various images being caused by glitches, fakery, etc. This is just to give you all a taste of what is coming. Enjoy! We have spent hours attempting to find mundane explanations and have found none. If there is a non-paranormal explanation, we would like to know what it is. THE MUSIC: The Music is a rare, fast version of "White Rabbit ...
  • Reptilian Bush-The Video That Woke The World CNN LIVE VIDEO UNEDITED.Watch on Full Screen.This interview was Larry King live after the asian "tsunami".It was also shown on cnn's website the same way.So this is the actual broadcast period.The lights are standard professional lighting so forget about lighting effecting any eyes.If so all interviews would look this way.The videos' power speaks for itself.There were 2 reptilian shapeshifting type vids type vids on Youtube before i releaed this,weeks later a thousand!!! 1 year after the release of this video-85000+ come up for a search of reptilans!Think about the subject matter,this video has had a big as an impact of any video in history.End-o-story! What had a bigger impact?Titanic?Star Wars?Haha Exactly,get real and grow up..No only a vid such as Zetgeist makes such a deep impact.I suggest you watch Zeitgeist quickly if you haven't.I also use this video to get out broader messages.Like how the weather is controlled=HUGE AND REAL NEWS!The asian tsunami had no signature or charecteristics of a tsunami-look it up.Resarch chemtrails and HAARP-Do It!- if you're not a sheeple and open your eyes to the sky!!Then speak out,free speech only happens when you SPEAK!!The eyes are the windows to the soul.This is a close up look at those eyes and those souls.What goes on behind those eyes?What makes them click?Are they different from you and I?What makes these "blue bloods" special? Is it their blood? Is it because their gene pools are as shallow as one of those little plastic ...
  • The NWO Reptilian Truth The strange connections between the New World order and reptilians.
  • The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity - The FULL STORY (2/8) - David Icke David Icke and Peggy Kane have discovered more than any other researchers about the Reptilians and their manipulation of Humanity. The truth is that Earth and Humanity will soon be FREE and living in Love, Truth and Magnificance once again! It is a very exciting time to be here on this planet! --------------------------- Exposing (reptilians) I'm not claiming these people weren't 100% human at one time, what I am saying is that they invited the control and bodily takeover of (reptilians) through ... (reptilians) and their galactic history. The (reptilians) are the creation of the Carians, their parent race. They evolved on a planet in the Alpha Draconi star system of the Orion Constellation. ... - The (reptilians) Are Among Us! Join the resistance at The RRG has been dismantled by our reptilian governmentComplete text:For Millennia, ... (reptilians) Although the reptilian being species are divided into sevearl types, there are physical features that are shared by almost all. ... (reptilians) - David Icke's Official Forums 1 Mar 2010 ... (reptilians) programmed a vagina into the male *** chinese calenders, reptilian 2012/2013 Chinese calendar ... Main Forums - Cached - SimilarThe Occult Reptilian Saga Alex Collier - On (reptilians) ETs and The Global Connection ... The Human-Reptilian Connection - from "The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report" ... (reptilians) - Crystalinks Theories involving Reptilian aliens are metaphoric in content, much like other ...
  • Reptilian GOD Interviewed on 18 July 2008 Reptilian God interviewed on 18 July 2008 - Anu So, this is Anu, and I'm here to speak about me, about my creation - and this will be the first interview that I will be doing. Well, I can't say that I'm particularly disappointed in anything that I have done or created - kind of, to a certain degree, turned out exactly how I wanted it to. So, as many understand, my intent within creation and existence was to have it all for myself, to kind of integrate myself in and as and with everything, to own it, and that experience of holding existence in the palm of your hand - and I did, you know, to a certain degree, the whole 'being the 'god' of it all'. Well, the concept of having power and control of everything and all that exists is quite an exhilarating mission. But, I suppose I can say that I had something that not many had inside themselves, and that is: the resolve to actually do it - because what I found is that everyone wants that, that experience of power and control of everything. But, see, beings would believe inside themselves that it could not or would not be possible: 'How can one being do or be that?' So, I started as quite a young being, and it was like an addiction that developed - to want to have it all, to be it all - it was like such an overwhelming experience to be able to manipulate someone, to have them do exactly what you want them to do. Then, when you realize that you have that power, you kind of develop it inside yourself as yourself with yourself. So ...
  • Reptilian Reporter - FOX NEWS Reptilian Reporter FOX NEWS All Rights are owned by Fox News and not Myself

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