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  • granularity at which protection resources are reprovisioned. Alternatively, under CLR, unprotected connections are. reprovisioned first on the logical. — “Multiple link failures survivability of optical networks with”,
  • Hi all, I recently had to reprovision my server to "upgrade" according to GoDaddy. So I backed up my database in phpmyadmin and also backed Store Backed Up - Reprovisioned Server. — “Store Backed Up - Reprovisioned Server... Now What”,
  • TBB user Erik has provided the following useful information for those whose account has been reprovisioned for some reason or another. This may be of value to you in the future if your account is reprovisioned for any reason. — “How to recover from a complete reprovisioning of your TBB”,
  • Revol Wireless provides unlimited anytime minutes and unlimited text messaging for one flat monthly rate. Talk and text as much as you want with no contracts and no overage charges on an all digital wireless network. able to be successfully reprovisioned to the Revol Wireless network. — “Use Your Phone On The Revol Network • Revol Flash • revol”,
  • Phones that are reprovisioned to work on Pocket's network, but that are not sold directly from Pocket Communications corporate retail locations are not supported should you choose to subscribe to the unlimited Mobile Web service. Can I have mobile web on my phone?. — “FAQ - Pocket Communications”,
  • According to Homer, the Greek fleet on its way to Troy, in the generation after the Argo quest, was reprovisioned and victualled at Euneus' orders. In Greek mythology, Euneus (Εὔνοιος) was a son of Jason and Queen Hypsipyle of Lemnos; he later became King of Lemnos. — “Euneus facts - ”,
  • They reprovisioned my line thru Covad, and since then speed has been BAD. This is something more than just needing to be reprovisioned as you where loosing sync. — “What's with reprovisioning that doesn't work? - Covad / covad”,
  • When the example Extra Website Storage 2G offer is provisioned, the example base website component 310 is reprovisioned by inserting the property sets of the add-on component into the property set of the base component, storage, the user\'s website is reprovisioned to remove the add-on website storage. — “Online Services Offer Management invention”,
  • PremiumDNN offers premium cloud hosting solutions for DotNetNuke. When upgrading or downgrading, the instance will be shut down and reprovisioned for the requested resources. — “PremiumDNN Private Platform Hosting”,
  • They were forced to shelter at Kinsale in Ireland for a time and here Sir Walter was generously entertained and his ships reprovisioned by Lord Boyle, to whom he had sold Lismore Castle some years before. Raleigh reprovisioned on the Island of Gomera in the Canary Isles, helped by the half. — “Britannia Biographies: Sir Walter Raleigh Part 17”,
  • These are development constraints to the Competition which shall not be reprovisioned and must be taken as given at the conceptual proposal stage. to be reprovisioned in the vicinity of the Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station for operational reason; provision of exclusive vehicular access from the pier. — “WKR Concept Plan Competition”,
  • It would not be reprovisioned at KTD. WSD is carrying out a risk assessment for the The SEKD CFS suggested that the passenger ferry pier should not be reprovisioned in view of their low usage. — “Chapter 7 Marine Uses”,
  • A study of food aboard Christopher Columbus' ships His flagship, the Santa Maria had 52 men aboard while his other two ships, the Nina and Pinta were crewed by 18 men each. — “Food aboard Christopher Columbus' ships”, christopher-
  • Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition is a complete cloud in a box solution, enabling telcos and hosting providers to deliver revenue-generating Infrastructure-on-demand (IaaS) cloud computing services to their customers, quickly and easily, with. — “Enomaly: Elastic / Cloud Computing Platform: Cloud Service”,
  • reprovisioned. Repsac. Repsarko. repsect. repsected. repsi. repsychedeli. rept. REPTABLE. Reptar reprovisioned isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their. — “Urban Dictionary: reprovisioned”,
  • You have a web error. You need to go to setting-power vision-update profile. If this does not work you need to have the phone reprovisioned for web access. You can call cutomer care and they should be able to resolve the issue. — “My cell phone can't send pictures? I have a Razr, so I can”,
  • The Explorer has morphed into a Taurus-based crossover in its latest generation. Find out more about the 2011 Ford Explorer from the automotive experts at Motor Trend. SUM UP: Reprovisioned for a new expedition. — “2011 Ford Explorer - 2011-2012 Truck, SUV, and Van Buyers”,
  • [0056]If the provisioning manager server determines that a new node should be reprovisioned, the provisioning manager server executes a workflow to add or configure the new node to the H/A cluster (step 814) detected as new nodes are reprovisioned or as existing nodes are. — “Method and Apparatus for Expressing High Availability Cluster”,
  • Non-geographic telephone numbers, or NGNs, have been with us for years. The two that we know best are 0800 (freephone) and 0845 (local-rate) numbers, but what are they? to divert the calls to a different number in an emergency, your NGN can be reprovisioned quickly before your callers even notice. — “The Cost Of Calls - Freephone and Friends”,
  • World Class Supplier of Reprovisioned Surgical Supplies. Agora Medical is a revolutionary medical marketplace which re-provisions expired surgical supplies to under-developed countries. — “Welcome to Agora-”, agora-
  • In Greek mythology, Euneus (Εὔνοιος) was a son of Jason and Queen Hypsipyle of Lemnos; he later became King of Lemnos. According to Homer, the Greek fleet on its way to Troy, in the generation after the Argo quest, was reprovisioned and victualled at Euneus' orders. v • d • e. — “Euneus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Ardence Dekstop Edition This video show ardence desktop edition being used to provision over 250 dell workstations with 4 different Operating Systems being streamed and restreamed and reprovisioned in just seconds. WOW

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  • “Forum discussion: Well ive read mixed reviews with some people saying theres a 40gb a month DL limit and some people saying there is no limit. I was away in the army for a couple of years and ive been downloading my tv shows i missed while i was”
    — Road Runner Monthly DL limits? - Road Runner | DSLReports Forums,

  • “We stayed two days in Southport NC. From there we moved north to Hammock Bay, then Wrightsville Beach NC, then Beaufort NC. Sept 19 & 20th we are in Oriental NC which claims to be the sailing will make a good blog. We reprovisioned in Beaufort and did laundry”
    — Oriental NC,

  • “ after a fast overnight sail from Barbados It was noisy , hot and far from idyllic - but we cleaned and reprovisioned the boat , hopefully sorted the charging and batteries for the final time, went through the mind blowingly boring immigration”
    — The Flying Lentil " Blog Archive " Getting used to not being,

  • “Re: Incompatible Forced Firmware Upgrade Fail! - forum topic Once you are reprovisioned your modem will download the correct firmware image of mbefcmu10v2_107 and it will solve your crashing problem”
    — Re: Incompatible Forced Firmware Upgrade Fail! - ,

  • “Welcome to the SciBlog at DW-TV and DW-WORLD, where our web reporters help keep you up to date on the latest hot topics in the sciences. It has to be unloaded, reprovisioned, and maintenance checks have to be run before it casts off on its next voyage of discovery to the deep”
    — Tomorrow Today SciBlog | Deutsche Welle, blogs.dw-

  • “With no time to release a newer, updated OS, the Storm's that made the stores for today's launch were simply a limited number of units that were reprovisioned with an older OS, version Yada, yada, yada. to an official Round Robin blog post or forum thread on , you automatically”
    — Blogs | ,

  • “Rep. Larry McDonald on the New World Order for an hour and a half during which it was refueled, reprovisioned, cleaned and serviced.[6] The passengers were given the option of leaving”
    — Rep. Larry McDonald on the New World Order,

  • “Click here to add your comments on our web site and blog So we have not reprovisioned our food supplies in all of that time, except for the wahoo”
    — Sabbatical3 Blog,

  • “A5 Reprovisioned Cooked Food Market and Covered Cycle Parking Area. Under this topic, all I have been to both of the Mui Wo forum and would like to voice my opinion/ideas and hope”
    — Facelift of Mui Wo, facelift-

  • “Barbee & Larry's space's Blog - Windows Live Here we reprovisioned and had a nice dinner in the gourmet restaurant that is usually not open when we are here”
    — Barbee & Larry's space's Blog - Windows Live,

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