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  • Nonprofit legal advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and defending women's reproductive rights worldwide. — “Center for Reproductive Rights”,
  • Definition of reproductive in the Medical Dictionary. reproductive explanation. Information about reproductive in Free online English dictionary. What is reproductive? Meaning of reproductive medical term. What does reproductive mean?. — “reproductive - definition of reproductive in the Medical”, medical-
  • Health and function of the male and female reproductive systems. More information on many of these issues is provided below. What is the menstrual cycle? The menstrual cycle is the process by which a woman's body gets ready for the chance of a pregnancy each month. — “Reproductive Health”,
  • The concept of "individual" is obviously stretched by this a***ual reproductive process. Populations of these organisms increase exponentially via a***ual reproductive strategies to take full advantage of the rich supply resources. When food sources have been depleted, the. — “Reproduction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Reproductive Possibilities, LLC is a surrogate mother agency owned by Melissa Brisman. Our tradition of superior knowledge and customer service has allowed us to locate and manage surrogate mother arrangements, resulting in the birth of almost two hundred babies each year. — “Surrogate Mother Agency. Become A Surrogate | Reproductive”,
  • reproductive system n. The bodily system of gonads, associated ducts, and external genitals concerned with ***ual. — “reproductive system: Definition from ”,
  • Both the male and female reproductive systems play a role in pregnancy. Reproductive health problems can also be harmful to overall health and impair a person's ability to enjoy a ***ual relationship.Your reproductive health is influenced by many factors. — “Reproductive Health”,
  • Reproductive Technologies Can Enhance Fertility. About 1 in 6 couples is infertile due to physical or physiological conditions preventing gamete production, implantation, or fertilization. Blocked oviducts (often from untreated STDs) are the leading cause of infertility in females. — “The Reproductive System - On-Line Biology Book”,
  • The reproductive system is a group of organs whose purpose is to allow procreation (the process which allows two living beings to produce a third, separate being). Reproduction is necessary for the continuation of a species. — “Reproductive System - Medpedia”,
  • Reproductive system. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. A pictorial illustration of the human female reproductive system. — “Reproductive system - wikidoc”,
  • ***ual and reproductive health. WHO. Main content. Clarifying WHO position on misoprostol The WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL) No. 12. RHL is an Internet-based electronic. — “WHO | World Health Organization”,
  • Headlines in Reproductive Medicine. 35 is the Best-Before Date for ASRM publications designed to help you learn more about your Reproductive Health. — “The American Society for Reproductive Medicine patient site”,
  • "The differences in reproductive health between the rich and the poor-both between and Reproductive health problems are the leading cause of women's ill health and death worldwide. — “UNFPA State of World Population 2005”,
  • Pacific Reproductive Center is a leading California IVF center with high pregnancy success rate providing male and female infertility treatment by Board Certified specialists offering egg donor program. — “pacificreproduction”,
  • Pronunciation of reproductive. Translations of reproductive. reproductive synonyms, reproductive antonyms. Information about reproductive in the free online English reproductive - producing new life or offspring; "the reproductive potential of a species is its relative capacity to reproduce. — “reproductive - definition of reproductive by the Free Online”,
  • Learn about Reproductive Health on . Find info and videos including: What Is Reproductive Health?, Reproductive Health History, Reproductive Health Problems and much more. — “Reproductive Health - ”,
  • Nonprofit, professional medical organization devoted to advancing knowledge in reproductive medicine and infertility. Formerly The American Fertility Society. — “American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)”,
  • Provides treatment for hormonal disorders, ovulation induction, infertility surgery, male infertility, and assisted reproductive technologies. — “Center for Reproductive Health and Gynecology (CRH&G)”,
  • CDC's Division of Reproductive Health is the focal point for issues related to women's and men's reproductive concerns. International Health Surveys, Reproductive Health in Crises, Refugee Populations, Maternal and Infant Morbidity and Mortality. — “CDC - Home - Reproductive Health”,
  • Revolution Health is a trusted source for infertility information, covering symptoms, causes, risks, treatments and types. Discuss infertility issues with others in forums, blogs, personal stories and recommendations. Infertility should have keys. — “The Female Reproductive System - The female reproductive system -”,
  • ASRM is devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine, including reproduction, male and female infertility, andrology, menopausal medicine, infertility diagnosis, treatment, and research. — “Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies”,

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  • MOVIE: Female reproductive system Click to add a description...
  • Male Reproductive System by Dr. Fabian
  • Alien Nation - Birth Scene From the Episode "Real Men"
  • Human Body: Reproductive System (2nd Ed. Rev.) (clip) From the moment when the female human body is first readied for gestation by hormones through the birth of a child, explore the complex events and genetic contributions required by both male and female reproductive systems in the reproductive process. Grades 7 though adult. 16 minutes, color. Direct link to purchase the DVD:
  • Sec. Hillary Clinton Defends Reproductive Rights and Family Planning Sec. Hillary Clinton responds to a question about the role of US government supporting access to safe abortion, contraception, maternal health care and education abroad with a vigorous defense of reproductive rights and family planning.
  • Robin Williams - Reproductive signed by
  • Reproductive Health Issues at the Sotomayor Hearing Several reproductive health related questions on privacy rights, judicial precedent and settled law were asked of Judge Sonia Sotomayor at her confirmation hearing on Tuesday, July 14, 2009.
  • NCLEX® EXCEL! - Maternity & Female Reproductive Nursing NCLEX® EXCEL is the only accredited university based NCLEX-RN® program that offers courses nationally. Our courses and materials are superior to others because they are developed by educators who are experts in NCLEX-RN® preparation. All NCLEX® EXCEL! materials are continually reviewed to ensure that they are up-to-date and on target with the most recent changes to the NCLEX-RN® exam.
  • Maafa 21 The History of Eugenics In America Part 1 of 13 A documentation of the modern eugenic movement in America.From the assertion of Darwin's Theory of Evolution,coupled with his cousin Francis Galton's correlation between genealogy,and the inheritance of intelligence. Insisting that human beings are predisposed genetically to be unfit for society. Nature versus Nurture. This film follows the trail from its beginnings, in post slavery America,to its influence upon the Third Reich and its implementation of its Final Solution. After the exposure this brought upon the movement,The eugenics movement morphed into what we know today as Planned Parenthood. You will be astonished to learn that Planned Parenthood kills more African American people every year through abortions,than are killed from every other cause,Combined. Truly horrifying! An eye opener
  • Reproductive Health Effects of Pesticides Dr. Stephen McCurdy of the UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences, Division of Environmental and Occupational Health, Western Center of Agricultural Health and Safety presents the third part of an update on pesticides and health. The focus of this program is the effects of pesticides on reproductive health. Series: UC Grand Rounds [7/2008] [Health and Medicine] [Agriculture] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 14821]
  • Play a game with me 4 reproductive purposes to request words Guess the Word Game 14 - 2 prizes to two winners
  • Male Infertility Treatment - Georgia Reproductive Specialist Approximately a third of the time, male infertility is the cause of a couple's inability to conceive. Before any treatment to the woman takes place, a full evaluation of the male is carried out. We examine the health and volume of sperm. If abnormal sperm are found, our doctors take additional steps to diagnose male infertility. The doctors at Georgia Reproductive Specialists are experienced in treating various types of male infertility and may be able to retrieve sperm from the testes for use in IVF or other treatments. For more information about treatment for male infertility,please visit us at Georgia Reproductive Specialists Atlanta, GA Phone 404-975-0466 Fax: 404-843-0812 2 Office Locations: 5445 Meridian Mark Road Suite 270 Atlanta, GA 30342 3400-C Old Milton Parkway Suite 475 Alpharetta, GA 30005
  • Regional Training on ***uality, ***ual and Reproductive Health and Rights The training held in Manesar (Haryana), India, 11th -16th Feb, 2008 was aimed at understanding aspects related to ***uality, ***ual and reproductive health and rights. The focus of the training was to clarify some of the issues, and to encourage the participants to incorporate concepts of ***uality and rights in their day-to-day work. For example: research, making Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials, conducting ***uality education in schools, policy interventions, etc. There were 30 participants including individuals who have been working on issues of gender, reproductive health, HIV, development, education, etc. They were from Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
  • REPRODUCTION The male and female reproductive systems are designed to create life. Deep inside the woman, in her ovaries, one egg develops each month. From the man's testes, through his penis, millions of sperm enter the woman's vagina. Here, they begin their travel toward the egg. Only one sperm can enter an egg. When one does, fertilization occurs. Genetic material from the male and from the female combine, to create the first cell of an offspring. The fertilized egg migrates to the uterus where it develops into a fully formed fetus over a period of about 40 weeks. Then, a baby is born.
  • The Human Reproductive Cycle A short movie describing the reproductive cycle in humans. For males; quick and too the point. For females, a complex interplay of hormones that defines the intricacies possible with the endocrine system. As my daughter would say, girls rule and boys drool. I would have to agree with her when it comes to the reproductive cycles. A copy of this diagram can be obtained at
  • Female Reproductive System Female Reproductive System by Dr. Fabian
  • Improving Quality of Reproductive Health Care - Viet Nam In 1994, Pathfinder International became one of the first American NGOs to work in Viet Nam following the normalization of US-Viet Nam relations. As the Vietnamese government embarked on Doi moi, economic reforms to move toward a market economy, Pathfinder focused on partnering with the government to improve the quality and range of reproductive health services throughout the country. Earlier this year T. Cody Swift, a Pathfinder supporter, traveled to Viet Nam to document Pathfinder's work in the country. You may also learn more at /programs_vietnam
  • Human Nature - ***ual Behavior & Reproductive Strategies This video reveals the "dark side" of each gender's innate nature. Society cannot find a realistic solution to improve itself if it neglects dealing with our evolutionary genetic inheritance. If you want to acquire a more solid understanding of human nature, here is my recommended initial list of books: 1) BIOLOGY 6th Edition - Raven&Johnson's ( very good book for beginners in biology ) 2) Introducing Evolutionary Psychology - Dylan Evans and Oscar Zarate 3) Evolutionary Psychology, A New Paradigm - Buss, David M. 4) The Red Queen, *** & The Evolution Of Human Nature (1993) - Matt Ridley 5) The Adapted Mind - Tooby & Cosmides 6) Sperm Wars - Robin Baker 7) Evolutionary Biology of Rape - Thornhill et al (2000-01)
  • Biology 1A - Lecture 30: Reproductive system-Part I General Biology Lecture
  • Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines Family planning is widely practised in Asia, but it remains controversial in the Philippines. The Congress there is debating a bill that would make contraceptives available to people who can't afford them. The Catholic Church opposes the measure. Supporters however say it would save lives and give poor women more options, like the chance to go to school instead of having more babies.
  • JANETTE GARIN debate on Reproductive health"part2 JANETTE GARIN debate on Reproductive health
  • PEARSON EDUCATION/ CBOLD MEDIA REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM This is a fun way to learn the body systems. has several of these songs to help you learn everything from anatomy to the periodic table.
  • Human Reproductive System MRI Images MRI images of human reproductive system from the show "Anatomy of ***" (I claim Fair Use) MRI reproductive system science imaging
  • The Female Reproductive System The is a brief overview of the main structures and functions of the female reproductive system.
  • Human Reproduction - Male 1947 film about the male reproduction system courtesy of for the whole film, visit
  • Reproductive Organs Model for A&P II An overview of the reproductive system on a model
  • Rat dissection-- reproductive & excretory system This high school lab explores the reproductive and excretory systems of the white rat. Resources related to this labcast available at /labcast. This video is also available for download via iTunes U, K-12, search for "John Sowash" through the iTunes music store.
  • Philippines Considers Expanding Women's Reproductive Choices Filipino lawmakers debate a reproductive health bill that would require the government to distribute modern contraceptives. More than half of the 3.4 million pregnancies happening in the Philippines each year are unintended.
  • 5 Women Talk About the Reproductive Health Act A new video about the Reproductive Health Act. This bill will strengthen New York's laws and ensures that no matter what happens at the federal level, our rights will be protected. Not enough people know the truth about this important state bill, and opponents have been spreading blatant misinformation about what it does. Watch this to get the truth.
  • Seattle Reproductive Medicine, IVF Success Story Lucinda Stewart, with her doctor from Seattle Reproductive Medicine, shares her success story of in vitro fertilization.
  • 7. THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM To Purchase the FULL DVD, please go to: THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM The program provides a colorful description of the both the male and female reproductive systems. It describes the anatomy and physiology of each as well as information on fertilization, pregnancy, labor, and lactation. Release Date: 2006 Time: 16:00 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Kelghe D'cruz 416 538 9898 [email protected]
  • Scientific Quran Miracles, Backbone Ribs Miracle معجزات القرآن الكريم Reproduction, Scientific Miracles in the Quran, Islam for Dummies ( full text and references available at ) معجزات القرآن الكريم Today, we will be talking about a scientific fact, mentioned in the Quran, regarding the male reproductive system. It is important to point out that while the Quran is not a science textbook, many of the latest scientific discoveries that were revealed in Quranic passages 1400 years ago. This is in stark contrast with the Bible, which contains numerous scientific errors. For example, regarding genetics, in Genesis 30:37-42, Jacob changes the characteristics of animal offspring by having their parents look at white stripes while mating. FIRST We will examine the Quranic verse that describes the location of seminal fluid prior to being discharged. Literal translation of Quran 86:6-7: {(Man is) created from gushing water (which) comes out from between the backbone and the ribs.} In other words, just prior to gushing or coming out of the body, seminal fluid is located between the backbone and the ribs. At first glance, a layman might think that SEMEN comes out from the testicles. Firstly, the verse specifies a fluid, and not just the sperm component. Firstly, while SPERM is produced in the testicles, sperm are nowhere near the testicles prior to ejaculation. Secondly, the verse mentions a fluid, and semen is comprised mostly of seminal fluids which are essential for natural fertilization. While SPERM is produced in ...
  • Fertility Drugs? Natural Way To Increase Fertility How to overcome infertility using natural herbal remedies.
  • Outsourcing Pregnancy: Reproductive Tourism New TYT Network channels: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana's blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews If you've read much science-fiction, you're probably familiar with the idea that, at some scary point in the future, the various aspects of mothering will be separated, enabling wealthy women to farm out the component tasks to less privileged women. The Globalization of Motherhood Deconstructions and reconstructions of biology and care (Routledge, 2010) makes it clear that that day has already come. With a focus on cross-border movement in the areas of domestic labor, adoption, and assisted reproduction, the book shows that the individual tasks that used to be bundled as motherhood have been dispersed to women scattered throughout the world and stratified by race and class. The dismantling of motherhood as we once knew it is no longer a paranoid futuristic fantasy, but rather a mostly dystopic reality. The collection of academic essays edited by Wendy Chavkin and JaneMaree Maher, professors, respectively, of public health and women's studies, lays out a big, breathtaking picture that's most startling in its details. Take the Indian town of Anand, once ...
  • Rachel Maddow: Bush Rolling Back Reproductive Rights Rachel talks to Mellisa Harris-Lacewell about the Bush administration's latest roll back on protections for women's reproductive rights.
  • Integrative Biology 131 - Lecture 39: Male Reproductive... Integrative Biology 131: General Human Anatomy. Fall 2005. Professor Marian Diamond. The functional anatomy of the human body as revealed by gross and microscopic examination. The Department of Integrative Biology offers a program of instruction that focuses on the integration of structure and function in the evolution of diverse biological systems. It investigates integration at all levels of organization from molecules to the biosphere, and in all taxa of organisms from viruses to higher plants and animals. The department uses many traditional fields and levels of complexity in forging new research directions, asking new questions, and answering traditional questions in new ways. The various...
  • Male Reproductive Model - Upright Model - Scrotum & Inguinal C***.avi This video was produced to help students of human anatomy at Modesto Junior College study our anatomical models.
  • Human Reproduction - Female 1947 film about the female reproduction system courtesy of for the whole film, visit
  • Reproduction is not "ethical-by-default" Choosing to reproduce has a greater potential for ethical issues than not reproducing. The music is
  • RESEARCH: Are environmental contaminants disrupting human reproduction? In this 10-minute video, three scientists explain their NIH-funded research aimed at answering whether environmental contaminants might be causing widespread human reproductive diseases in industrialized countries. Their study model is the stickleback fish, which has a hormone system very similar to humans. In sticklebacks, unregulated compounds like perchlorate -- widespread in US water systems -- are modifying the fish's reproductive capacities and turning females into hermaphrodites producing both sperm and eggs. It is over-masculinizing the male fish so they produce enlarged testes. How is this happening? What are the implications for humans? Listen to aquatic ecotoxicologist Frank von Hippel and endocrinologist Loren Buck from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and Bill Cresko from the University of Oregon describe their collaborative effort. Their work is funded by a prestigious RO1 grant from the NIH.

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