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  • 4 is a drug rehab referral service offering information on drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and treatment programs. — “Drug Rehab | Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Referral Service”, 4
  • rehabilitation ( ′rēə′bilə′tāshən ) ( medicine ) The restoration to a disabled individual of maximum independence commensurate with his limitations by. — “Rehabilitation: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full”,
  • Directory of Rehabilitation hospitals, medical centers & health systems. Part of a United States hospital directory. Emphasis on, alcohol & chemical dependency, treatment & recovery.. Organized by state and/or locality. The Agape Link. — “Rehabilitation Hospitals & Medical Centers”,
  • Rehabilitation - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Rehabilitation”,
  • URL of this page: A younger person who has had a heart attack may go through cardiac rehabilitation to try to return to work and normal activities. After a serious injury, illness or surgery, you may recover slowly. — “Rehabilitation: MedlinePlus”,
  • Rehabilitation definition, to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work, or the like. See more. — “Rehabilitation | Define Rehabilitation at ”,
  • Definition of rehabilitation in the Medical Dictionary. rehabilitation explanation. Information about rehabilitation in Free online English dictionary. What is rehabilitation? Meaning of rehabilitation medical term. What does rehabilitation mean?. — “rehabilitation - definition of rehabilitation in the Medical”, medical-
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is Rehabilitation? As related to matters of physical and emotional well-being, rehabilitation refers to any process that seeks to restore the patient to a previous level of health. — “What is Rehabilitation?”,
  • There are many ways to improve the patient's function through rehabilitation. Rehabilitation refers to the process of helping the patient return to as much normal function as possible. — “Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation - Disaboom”,
  • Scientific Statement Topic List -- Rehabilitation. — “Rehabilitation”,
  • See US News reputational ratings for rehabilitation hospitals and centers for brain injury, post-accident care, and degenerative conditions. — “U.S. News Best Hospitals: Rehabilitation”,
  • Alcohol rehabilitation is a multi-phased process to help alcoholics find the path to sobriety and abstinence from further alcohol abuse.  Fo. — “Alcohol Rehabilitation”, treatment-
  • Rehabilitation or Rehab is treatment designed to restore peoples capacity to function in everyday life in terms of activities of daily living, self care skills. — “Rehabilitation - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Bridge rehabilitation involves structural or functional upgrades to an existing rehabilitation can range from relatively minor work such as replacement of curb. — “REHABILITATION”,
  • Definition of rehabilitation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of rehabilitation. Pronunciation of rehabilitation. Translations of rehabilitation. rehabilitation synonyms, rehabilitation antonyms. Information about rehabilitation in the free. — “rehabilitation - definition of rehabilitation by the Free”,
  • Rehabilitation (neuropsychology), therapy aimed at improving neurocognitive function that has been lost or diminished by disease or traumatic injury. Psychiatric rehabilitation, a branch of psychiatry dealing with restoration of mental health and life skills after mental illness. — “Rehabilitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Rehabilitation | - The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the world's leading professional organization representing physicians who treat people with cancer. ASCO's members set the standard for patient care worldwide, and. — “Rehabilitation | ”,
  • Rehabilitation of people with disabilities is a process aimed at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination. — “WHO | Rehabilitation”,
  • Source of rehabilitation care, research, education and advocacy for people with disabilities. — “Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago”,
  • To replace the Vocational REHABILITATION ACT, to extend and revise the authorization of grants to States for vocational REHABILITATION services, with special emphasis on services to those with the most severe handicaps, to expand special Federal. — “REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973”,
  • Find the right Rehabilitation Degree to advance your career. Explore online and campus programs in Rehabilitation. — “Rehabilitation Degree”,
  • Starting rehabilitation early can help you maintain function and increase your chances of Maintenance rehabilitation is less intense, with physical therapy or occupational therapy. — “AGS Aging in the Know”,
  • From initial management to final recovery, a physical therapy rehabilitation program must be flexible to adjust to the needs of each individual patient. — “Rehabilitation”,
  • Rehabilitation Manufacturers & Rehabilitation Suppliers Directory - Find a Rehabilitation Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Rehabilitation Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Rehabilitation-Rehabilitation Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,

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  • Devin Dearth - China Stroke Rehabilitation Documentary After suffering a devastating stroke, 40 year-old Devin Dearth travels to Tianjin, China, seeking an alternative to US health care.
  • Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehabilitation Center - Montreal Canada Montreal Canada Rehab Center:: Chatsworth Pavilion 22 Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment at a Reasonable Cost The uniqueness of our Closed Group residential addiction rehabilitation/recovery program is what allows us to offer a quality and effectiveness which simply cannot be duplicated in a traditional regular revolving admission door setting. Chatsworth is not your regular addiction treatment center offering your standard treatment program; rather, we are a unique rehabilitation center committed to providing a truly superior recovery program. 1-866-866-5021
  • Rehabilitation There are many different options available at Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh to help you rehabilitate from an injury. In this segment Ted Stefaniak is joined by Occupational Therapist Kim Berndt and Physical Therapist Lori McGinnis to discuss the many options available.
  • Stroke rehabilitation: Constraint Induced Movement Therapy As seen on KCAL9. An example of treatment of a chronic stroke patient with poor motor assessment. CIMT rehab protocol was used in this case.
  • Lumbar multifidis rehabilitation A physical therapist demonstrates the action of the isolated lumbar multifidis muscle. See all of the Physical Therapy Diagnosis and Treatment videos and downloads at www.Physical-Therapy- .
  • Coping with Brain Injury: Robots and Rehabilitation There are no silver bullets after brain injury, but new robotic technologies are effective in helping stroke victims regain function in their arms and legs. This cutting edge technology doesn't just assist by moving limbs; it fosters learning that actually rewires the brain. Robots are emerging as a promising new rehabilitation tool. Series: "Coping with Brain Injury" [10/2006] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 11538]
  • Noahs Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center (Noahs- / Locust Grove, GA) Lions, Tiger, and Bear living together. Watch as 3 three play and give each other affection. Please visit their website and help them raise money for the other animals to eat. Any size gift would be appreciated and is tax deductible, visit noahs-
  • Prison Rehabilitation
  • Pilates Rehabilitation : EP16 : Advanced Hanging Trapeze Work Brent shows us hanging exercises on the Trapeze Table targeted at clients who do gymnastics, martial arts or dance.
  • ***zer From the movie Idiocracy
  • Rehabilitation Medicine (Part 1) About the Video: Physical rehabilitation plays an important role in helping people recover from spinal cord injuries, stroke, and orthopaedic injuries. There are some new approaches to this type of medicine that are helping people regain function and have a better quality of life. In part one of this two-part interview with Ellen Beth Levitt, Dr. Peter Gorman discusses a variety of topics pertaining to rehabilitation medicine. Some of these topics include: Goals of rehabilitation Physical therapy/occupational therapy Connection between neurology and rehabilitation Robotic training and research for rehabilitation Stroke rehab using treadmills and robotic hand device Electrical stimulation and rehabilitation About the Expert: Dr. Peter Gorman is the chief of Rehabilitation Medicine at Kernan Hospital. He is also an associate professor of Neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Related Links: Dr. Peter Gorman Rehabilitation Medicine (Part 2) UMMC Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery UMMC Center for Neurorehabilitation Overview: Rehabilitation Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • ACL Rehabilitation - Phase 2 This is a video series aimed at informing the general population of techniques and procedures commonly used post ACL reconstructive surgery. This film is brought to you by the Human Kinetics department of the University of British Columbia, specifically HKIN 461 and Dr. Khan. Please note the students who created these films are not doctors so please always consult licensed physicians before beginning any rehabilitation program on your own. Thank you for watching. Links to other movies are as follows: Intro - Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3 - Phase 4 -
  • Scoliosis Non-Surgical Treatment: Reduction and Rehabilitation This is a story and interview of Kaylee, a 13 year old girl with scoliosis who has been receiving the CLEAR Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment Method. Janzen and Janzen Chiropractic, in Campbell, California (near San Jose) is a CLEAR Certified Scoliosis Treatment Center. Treatment involves exercise, traction, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and proprioceptive neuromuscular re-education. Conservative concepts from Schroth and CLEAR institute are applied. Every scoliosis case is different, and results vary widely from case to case. This story highlights just what is possible with conservative treatment, and the importance of pursuing conservative, early intervention for scoliosis. Find more information at or http www.clear-
  • Manu Kalia - Knee Rehabilitation Strength Exercises www.Ayurvedic- Manu Kalia (Physical Therapist and Clinical Ayurvedic Herbalist) lectures on knee rehabilitation and basic strengthening exercises. Contact: 510.508.4586 [email protected] Manu Kalia is a Clinical Ayurvedic Herbalist, California State Licensed Physical Therapist with a Master of Physical Therapy degree. He is also a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. He is an experienced health care practitioner and educator who has helped thousands of patients over the past 13 years of practice. He integrates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga with western medicine concepts of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science. He has taught an integrated approach to health and wellness to people of all backgrounds and age groups with various health problems. He specializes in recovery and rehabilitation after injuries - knee problems, low back and sacro-liac joint pain, sciatica, shoulder and hip dysfunctions, etc. Emphasis is on Ayurvedic massage, customized herbs and herbal oils for detoxification, rejuvenation and healing the injured tissues. Physical Therapy treatments such as joint mobilization, soft tissue techniques, strength, mobility, balance and coordination exercises, body mechanics and posture education are combined with the Ayurvedic treatments. He also specializes in weight loss, detox/rejuvenation therapies and improving energy and strength. His focus is in helping people determine their Prakruti or unique mind body ...
  • Pediatric rehabilitation Signe goes shopping! Using real life items, such as a shopping cart, are an important part of medical rehabilitation. In this case, a pediatric patient uses a child-sized shopping cart donated by Hy-Vee, to practice her coordination, gait and cognitive skills.
  • Supraspinatus Strengthening and Rehabilitation More info at
  • Dharavi Slum Rehabilitation From the Online NewsHour
  • Rehabilitation Project Force: Scientology's Prison Camp Pt.1 Part 1 of "Missing in Happy Valley", a documentary on the disappearance of a German scientologist into Scientology's prison camp system, the Rehabilitation Project Force. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:
  • AWARD WINNING JUVENILE REHABILITATION FACILITY Grade A industry standard Jailbreak rules and regulations: rule 1 - do not look within 90 degrees of an officer rule 2 - do not get within 6 feet of an officer rule 3 - nobody but the warden (me) may make the rules rule 4 - i am invincible rule 5 - you must leave your cell rule 6 - do not possess any weapon, primary or secondary rule 7 - do not go in the showers rule 8 - does not exist rule 9 - do not go in the kitchen rule 10 - prisoners may not speak without the warden's permission rule 11 - any and all subsequent rules will take effect immediately regardless of round time if you violate any these laws you are subject to immediate execution.
  • Intestinal Rehabilitation - The Nebraska Medical Center The Nebraska Medical Center is home the United States' busiest intestinal transplant program. But intestinal failure does not always mean a transplant is necessary. The Nebraska Medical Center also houses the Intestinal Rehabilitation Program. The doctors, nurses and coordinators who run the program take a close, personal interest in every patient, and believe once you are part of the intestinal rehab program, you are family. With a reputation for excellence, innovation and extraordinary patient care, The Nebraska Medical Center has earned JD Power and Associates Hospital of Distinction award for inpatient services for three consecutive years. It is a US News & World Report 2008 Best Hospital for Cancer, Neurology and Neurosurgery. It also received the 2007 Consumer Choice Award, a mark of patient satisfaction as selected by healthcare consumers and has achieved Magnet recognition status for nursing excellence, Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals Performance Improvement Leader recognition, as well as the Award of Progress from the state of Nebraskas Edgerton Quality Awards Program. As the teaching hospital for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, this 689 licensed bed academic medical center has an international reputation for providing solid organ and bone marrow transplantation services and is well known nationally and regionally for its oncology, neurology and cardiology programs. The Nebraska Medical Center can be found online at
  • Ontario SPCA Remarkable Rehabilitation Program: Lucky dog Lucky, a seven month old lab-cross, was surrendered to the Ontario SPCA on November 19, 2007. Lucky was diagnosed with three cervical (neck) fractures and spinal trauma. He was also malnourished, dehydrated and suffered from bed sores. An animal cruelty investigation is ongoing and charges are currently pending against a Scarborough resident. Lucky's initial prognosis was very guarded and he was sent to Guelph University for immediate, specialized care. He was placed in a half-body cast to promote healing, reduce swelling and to prevent further injury. Lucky's progress was slow, but his survivor's spirit assured veterinarians and the Ontario SPCA's staff that he was committed to his recovery. Lucky was transferred to the 404 Veterinary Hospital for specialized rehabilitation. Under their care, Lucky's recovery excelled. Lucky has benefited from a multi-faceted physiotherapy program, including specialized exercises and hydrotherapy. Contact the Ontario SPCA Provincial Office to help fund Lucky's remarkable rehabilitation. 1 888 ONT-SPCA (688-7722) • • [email protected] Charitable Business Number 88969 1044 RR0002
  • Understanding Pulmonary Rehabilitation Part 2 Video made by King's College Hospital, London, UK, to encourage patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other lung problems to participate in the pulmonary rehabilitation programme. This programme emphasises exercise as an efffective way of reducing symptoms, and improving health generally.
  • The Squirrels of Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation This video showcases some of the eastern gray, flying, and fox squirrels which have passed through our facility on their way to being released back to the wild. Some are orphans, others injured, but they have all been given a second chance. As part of our public education, we teach children and adults how to live in harmony with squirrels, and inform them of the reasons why squirrels cannot, and should not, be kept as pets. TWRC is an urban wildlife emergency and rehabilitative care facility serving the Greater Houston area. Established in 1979, TWRC focuses on conservation, public education, and wildlife rehabilitation, and is operated by part-time staff and volunteers who are permitted rehabilitators and animal lovers. TWRC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which receives no federal or state funding. Because of this, we rely on individual, corporate, and foundation contributions to continue our efforts in preserving and caring for Texas wildlife. Visit us at www.twrc- or call 713-468-8972 for more information, to learn how you can become a volunteer, or to donate to our organization.
  • Brain injury rehabilitation using Wii recreational therapy Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital features the Wii and similar games as part of its CARF accredited brain injury program. In conjunction with other rehabilitation methods, the Wii games help improve balance, coordination, visual and motor skills. In addition, the games help "re-wire" the brain as patients with brain injury improve cognitive skills involved with problem solving, following directions and social interaction.
  • Cerebellar Hypoplasia Rehabilitation - Holly's Story Well done on your amazing progress Holly! This video shows Holly's progress over a two year period while she carried out her exercise program to reduce the symptoms of Cerebellar Hypoplasia. If you have any difficulties with balance contact us for a free Information Pack. [email protected]
  • Stroke Paralysis Rehabilitation This high technology apparatus for the forearm is helping to restore hand movement in stroke patients. ~ Detroit Medical Center
  • Rehabilitation road for Sri Lanka's child soldiers - Feb 14 The United Nations has accused the Sri Lankan military and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) of recruiting child soliders. The international body says thousands have been kidnapped from their villages and forced into the 25-year conflict. The government says it has been taking steps to help child soldiers who were captured or surrendered on the battlefield. David Hawkins reports from a rehabilitation centre in Ambepussa in central Sri Lanka.
  • The Adam Taliaferro, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Story This is the story of Adam Taliaferro and his road to recovery. From his injury playing for Penn State, to his discharge from rehab, to his triumphant return to Penn State, Adam talks about what this experience. Adam also talks about the role Jerry Segal played in his recovery.
  • Vignette: Child Soldier Recruitment & Rehabilitation in Chad The conflict in Sudan's Darfur region has forced some 250000 refugees across the border into Chad, where they are housed in 12 refugee camps. Rebel groups from Darfur and Chad -- as well as the Chadian Army itself -- often use the camps to help fill their ranks, including the recruitment of children. Freelance journalist David Axe traveled to Chad this summer, where he visited a refugee camp and looked at this issue. He also toured a school set up to help former child soldiers.
  • Rehabilitation Exercises following your Hip Operation McMinn Centre Physio Brian demonstrates the exercises recommended following your Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, Birmingham Mid Head Resection or Large Headed Total Hip Replacement operation. *NOTE: These exercises are NOT suitable for patients who have had small headed total hip replacements.
  • Knee Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation - Paul Wright .au Includes a detailed ***ysis of knee function anatomy, common injuries, potentially dangerous exercises and causes of pain, useful rehab exercises and protocols. For more information go to: .au
  • Understanding Pulmonary Rehabilitation Part 1 Video made by King's College Hospital, London, UK, to encourage patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other lung problems to participate in the pulmonary rehabilitation programme. This programme emphasises exercise as an efffective way of reducing symptoms, and improving health generally.
  • Cardiac Stress Test as Part of Cardiac Rehabilitation - Fletcher Allen Health Care, Vermont - Cardiac stress testing is a critical tool in both diagnosis and rehabilitation. Here it is demonstrated by Fletcher Allen cardiac rehabilitation specialists offers extensive exercise stress testing in Burlington, VT.Contact Fletcher Allen Cardiology at (802) 847-4600. As a university hospital, Fletcher Allen's team of more than 20 cardiologists and heart surgeons are providing nationally recognized treatment that is virtually unsurpassed -- from prevention to cardiac catheterization, from heart rhythm disorders to bypass surgery.
  • Pilates Rehabilitation : EP1 : Treatment of Low Back Pain Balanced Body Pilates Podcast for Rehabilitation : This episode features Brent Anderson PhD giving us tip on how to treat lower back pain, using the Pilates Reformer.
  • Sven van Hees - Emotional Rehabilitation [Live on my MC-909] This is me jamming on my new Roland MC-909. I reproduced the melodies from the great (old) track from Sven van Hees, Emotional Rehabilitation. The band-pass filtering sounds very similar i think. Don't expect too much of it.. it's not much more than some jammin' ;-)
  • ACL Rehabilitation - Phase 3 This is a video series aimed at informing the general population of techniques and procedures commonly used post ACL reconstructive surgery. This film is brought to you by the Human Kinetics department of the University of British Columbia, specifically HKIN 461 and Dr. Khan. Please note the students who created these films are not doctors so please always consult licensed physicians before beginning any rehabilitation program on your own. Thank you for watching. Links to other movies are as follows: Intro - Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3 - Phase 4 -
  • Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center We are recovering addicts with over 17 years of experience
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises This video is produced in order to educate proper rehabilitation exercises for people who have suffered a stroke. There are annotations throughout the video which should help explain what is going on throughout the exercises. The annotations are color coordinated. The green notes are directed towards the exercising individual, and the blue notes are directed towards both the trainer and the client. This video is to explain in detail the exercises discussed in the associated brochure handout for stroke patients in their later rehabilitation phase. This video is property of the University of British Columbia and the students with which it was created. If you would like to reproduce or distribute this video please contact us first. Special thanks to all the students in Hkin 471 and Dr Khan.
  • What is Rehabilitation Medicine? This video is a finalist in the What the heck is rehab? video contest at the University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine: Video submitted by Brownwen Black and Kristi Gurski, MSc Occupational Therapy students at the U of A. All original, including music. To view the other finalist in the contest, go to:
  • Spinal Cord Injury Chicago Rehabilitation Lokomat HyperMED NeuroRecovery Australia continues to pioneer the principles of neuroplasticity through the application of Hyperbaric Oxygenation, Lokomat (Robotic Gait Assisted Walking) and assertive supportive therapies in the treatment and management of chronic brain and spinal injury.
  • What If... Brain Injury Rehabilitation What if you woke up one day and you didn't know who or where you were? Or seemed to have half the body you had before? And what if you couldn't even tell people about it? Informational video about brain injury. Univ. Texas Medical Branch School of Allied Health Sciences Transitional Learning Center http
  • Pilates Rehabilitation : EP4 : Working with the Hip Brent Anderson demonstrates some Pilates exercises specifically geared towards working and strengthening the hip.

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  • “Rehabilitation has much to offer cancer patients with physical functioning issues related Rehabilitation outcomes can be measured with standardised assessments, including Barthel”
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  • “Forum Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital is a rehabilitation hospital located in Warren, OH, with 65 beds. It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). According to the most recent survey data, a total”
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