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  • | Presiding Bishop | Regionary Bishop | Other Australian Bishops This was the induction of Bishop Graham as Regionary in September 2007. It took place at the Presentation. — “The Liberal Catholic Church Australia_”, .au
  • The clergy who had withdrawn reorganized, and on February 13, 1916, Willoughby consecrated James Ingall Wedgwood (1883-1951) as the regionary bishop for England. It is organized into a number of regionary provinces usually made up of one or two countries. — “Liberal Catholic Church”,
  • ecclesiastical order of the city of Rome and each region has its own regionary regionary defensores, the subdeacons and the second subdeacon, who has the pope's. — “Translation of the First Roman Ordo”,
  • : Lives of the Saints (9780831756345): Alban Butler: Books considerable cultus, diocese wisely, widespread cultus, early cultus, breviary lessons, regionary bishop, reputed relics, most austere life, ancient cultus, acta sincera, martyrologes historiques, popular. — “: Lives of the Saints (9780831756345): Alban Butler”,
  • Regionary Bishop for the Netherlands. My father was born May 22, 1919 in Pematang Siantar, Sumatra, in what was then the Dutch Børge Sjøgaard (Regionary. for Denmark, Norway and Iceland), André Lhote, Regionary for France and French. — “A WORD FROM THE REGIONARY Growing in size and maturity”,
  • The Regionary Bishop of the church is Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, who was consecrated to that office by the Duc de Palatine in 1967. The Regionary Bishop presides over the majority of these activities. — “Introduction to the Ecclesia Gnostica”,
  • He was consecrated a regionary Bishop at Rome and assumedly worked under St. Willibrord in Holland and Brabant. He was consecrated a regionary Bishop at Rome and assumedly worked under St. Willibrord in Holland and Brabant. — “Rombaut - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,
  • /western/index.htm · Cached page Message From the Regionary The News letter of the Liberal Catholic Church in the United States of America Spring 2004 Page: 1 Message From the Regionary Since June 9, 2003, when the new General Episcopal. — “Regionary”,
  • On October 22, 1945, The Most Reverend Frederick L. Pyman, was given Apostolic Mandate and Authority for: The Western States Regionary Diocese which included the states of: California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona and Washington. — “+Pyman as Bishop in the North American Old Roman Catholic Church”,
  • Here the list of buildings given by the regionary catalogues for Regio XIV indicates an area stretching from the sanctuary of Hercules Cubans, a The regionary catalogues and Frontinus are used properly for the first time, and postclassical sources such as the Liber Pontificalis, Symmachus,. — “Digital Roman Forum: Resource: Introduction to Roman Topography”,
  • The Old Roman Catholic Church in North America - a present day successor of the historic Catholic Church and its undivided Apostolic faith. States, The Western Regionary Diocese, The North American Old Roman Catholic Church and the Old Roman Catholic Church-Diocese of Florida within the. — “Council of Old Roman Catholic Bishops”,
  • Bishop Arnold Harris Matthew was then named Regionary Bishop (with jurisdiction) of the Old Catholic Church of Great Britain. He would be subject to the nominal oversight of the Regionary Bishop, and be a full member of the General Episcopal Synod. — “About Liberal Catholicism”, lcc-
  • Was the insula of the regionary catalogues, then, an apartment, a story, a freestanding AD 73. Coarelli obviously trusts in the fundamental veracity of the regionary catalogues. — “Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2000.02.08”,
  • Message from the Regionary Bishop. Christmas. Hail! The heav'n-born Prince of peace! Regionary Bishop for the USA. Back to The Liberal Catholic Church Home. — “Message from the Regionary Bishop”,
  • Imperial Rome's Regionary Catalogs: Memory, Mystery, and Melancholy One of the most valuable historical records left to modern topologists of Rome are the so-called Regionary Catalogs. — “eBooks - Imperial Rome's Regionary Catalogs: Memory, Mystery”,
  • Irving Steiger Cooper (1882-1935) Irving Steiger Cooper, the first regionary bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church in the United States and a leading. — “Irving Steiger Cooper: Information from ”,
  • Right Reverend Ernest W.Jackson had been the Regionary Bishop of The Liberal Catholic Church Province of Canada. left the Open Episcopal Church and has been appointed the regionary bishop for the British Province of the Liberal Catholic Church International. — “Liberal Catholic Movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Regionary Bishop, Province of the US. The Most Rev. James P. Roberts, email the regionary bishop. Regionary Bishop, Province of the UK. The Most Rev. Elizabeth. — “Contacts in the LCCI”,
  • The Regionary Bishop of the Province, the Right Reverend Lawrence Smith, reached the age of 75. The General Episcopal Synod The enthronement of Bishop van Beusekom was a solemn occasion, conducted by Bishop Smith, Regionary Emeritus, during the Whitsun celebrations in Ojai, California. — “The Liberal Catholic LXVII-2 1999: Official Notices”,

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  • “a legionary and a miles immunes -gromaciti (one who works a groma {surveying instrument) in the regionary catalogs of the fourth century ce. It was demolished by Pope. Hadrian I”
    — Forum Romanum,

  • “Often in the course of time the appearance of features may have changed, especially in a place as much frequented as the Forum Romanum. Here the list of buildings given by the regionary catalogues for Regio XIV indicates an area stretching from”
    — Digital Roman Forum: Resource: Introduction to Roman Topography,

  • “According to the second link in my post she is 'Regionary bishop for the UK' (why not 'regional' Co-Masonry is a whole other kettle of nutmeat, not appropriate to this forum”
    — Ship of Fools: Eccles: The Liturgy of the Liberal Catholic Church, forum.ship-of-

  • “Key Phrase page for Forum Rom***: Books containing the phrase Forum Rom***”
    — : "Forum Rom***": Key Phrase page,

  • “THE WHITE PATCH ON THE CHEST Died c. 775; feast day formerly June 24. Rumold, an Anglo-Saxon monk, became a regionary bishop and worked under Saint Willibrord in Holland and Brabant”

  • “Regionary Catalogue IX. Basilica Constantini. Aurelius Victor, The Caesars, 40.26. CIL, VI 1147. Templum Veneris et Romae. Historia Kentucky. Randy Thompson, Winston Churchill High School, San Antonio, Texas.”
    — literary references,

  • “In subsequent times, when the curiae had lost their importance, the accurate distinction between comitium and forum likewise ceased, and the comitia tribute were sometimes held in the Circus Flaminius; but towards the end of the republic the”
    — A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (1890), FORUM,

  • “Greetings. I wanted to provide an opportunity for folks to ask questions and comment on contemporary as well as ancient Gnosticism, both as philosop”
    — Just what is Gnosticism? - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion, unexplained-

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