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  • Definition of regionalizes in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of regionalizes. Pronunciation of regionalizes. Translations of regionalizes. regionalizes synonyms, regionalizes antonyms. Information about regionalizes in the free online English. — “regionalizes - definition of regionalizes by the Free Online”,
  • [edit] Verb. regionalizes. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of .org/wiki/regionalizes" Category: English third-person singular forms. — “regionalizes - Wiktionary”,
  • The Traffic Management Flight's busiest season, summer, is upon us and likely won't slow until fall. Due to the influx of business, the staff is currently working extended hours to ensure mission accomplishment. As customers, the. — “Commentary - TMO regionalizes”,
  • Regionalizes Online Advertising Regionalizes Online Advertising. Pressbox (Press Release) - On anyone can compile their own biography free of charge. To do so, users enter an event from their lives and upload a corresponding photo (if available). — Regionalizes Online Advertising”,
  • MARINE CORPS AIR STATION YUMA, Ariz. - Due to consolidation of the Marine Corps' civilian police academies into one West Coast and one East Coast location, the final class of station-trained civilian police cadets graduated at the theater here Corps regionalizes civilian police training. — “Corps regionalizes civilian police training”,
  • Even as Somerset struggles with structural deterioration at the high school and the news that the state won't pay for a new school or repairs to the old one unless the town regionalizes its school district with nearby Berkley, that town has begun courting other school districts. — “Berkley considers breaking with Somerset - Fall River, MA”,
  • CarGurus Regionalizes DealFinder Tool. October 27, 2010 | CAMBRIDGE, After calculating this value, DealFinder offers a comparison between the live market. — “Auto Remarketing | CarGurus Regionalizes DealFinder Tool”,
  • Metropolitan transit board endorsed a bill that shifts transit planning and construction authority to San Diego County's regional planning agency. [Link Corrected] San Diego Bill Regionalizes Transit Planning. — “San Diego Bill Regionalizes Transit Planning | Planetizen”,
  • Gannett Co. is regionalizing copy editing and page production operations for four New Jersey newspapers. The Asbury Park Press of Neptune will be home to the regional operation, which is to include the Home News Tribune of East Brunswick, the Gannett regionalizes editing for four N.J. newspapers. — “Gannett regionalizes editing for four N.J. newspapers | ”,
  • Youth Lacrosse Regionalizes to Support Explosive Growth. Submitted by walax on Fri, 2007-10-05 10:47. Headline News. The Boys Youth Lacrosse of Washington has changed the structure of the Youth programs in Washington in an effort to support regional. — “Youth Lacrosse Regionalizes to Support Explosive Growth | Walax”,
  • Inca Digital is expanding its regional technical support network to enhance its service to Inca users throughout Europe. Inca Digital Regionalizes European Technical Support Network. — “Inca Digital Regionalizes European Technical Support Network”, wide-
  • Provena Health Regionalizes Leadership of Ministries. 09/15/2006. Provena Health is fortunate to have six ministries who individually have strong areas of expertise and clinical leadership. To capitalize on the strengths of individual ministries,. — “Provena Health Regionalizes Leadership of Ministries”,
  • Hempel Paints, a world-class leader in marine, protective and decorative paint technology, are setting up a new regional Middle Eastern Head Office in Bahrain. Hempel regionalizes in the Middle East. — “Hempel regionalizes in the Middle East | Hempel | ”,
  • Illinois Governor Regionalizes ED Efforts. Report Highlights Principles to Guide North Carolina's New Economy Illinois Governor Regionalizes ED Efforts. In mid-September, Governor Rod R. Blagojevich unveiled a new approach to economic. — “October 10, 2003 -- SSTI Weekly Digest”,
  • Subprime lending and auto financing for independent and franchise dealers. Westlake Financial is the leading sub-prime financial company that enables car dealerships to offer auto loans for near-prime to their subprime customers. Enters ND, SD, MT Markets; Regionalizes Origination Operations. — “Press Release July 2008”,
  • Fox Sports Net is near completing a round of staff cuts, eliminating the jobs of several senior staff members and moving the in-house promotion function Fox Sports Net regionalizes, cuts staff. — “Fox Sports Net regionalizes, cuts staff”,
  • Navistar Engine Group, an operating unit of Navistar, has reorganized into three regional business units Home " Trucking News " Navistar Engine Group regionalizes operations. — “Navistar Engine Group regionalizes operations”,
  • Open Public Relations Portal - Publish Press Releases Free of Charge - Submit your PR for free Regionalizes Online Advertising. Business, Economy, Finances, Banking & Insurance. Press release from: annoknips. — “ - Press release - annoknips - ”,
  • This year is off to a rocky start for 3Com Corp., the Marlborough, Mass.-based networking vendor looking to recapture some of the luster it held decades ago. 3Com Cuts Global Channel Chief, Regionalizes Partner Program. — “3Com Cuts Global Channel Chief, Regionalizes Partner Program”,
  • Citing headaches for companies that have to distribute earned-income taxes to multiple municipalities, Gov. Ed Rendell signed into law on Wednesday a bill that regionalizes the collection of such taxes. — “State lauds tax switch from local to regional | The Times”,
  • Send "Logan-Todd regionalizes water treatment plant" to a friend. Every month in Water Technology Magazine, "Professor POU/POE" answers reader questions about point-of-use/point-of-entry water treatment. — “Water Technology Online :: Brought to you by Grand View Media”,
  • Regionalization Theory. Who regionalizes? Why regionalize? Regions are a form of spatial generalization Who Regionalizes? businesses (marketing, statistics, etc.) federal government (50 offices use regions) people. — “Regionalization Theory”,
  • The deed is done.By a 6-0 vote at a special meeting Wednesday night, Erie City Council approved its portion of an intergovernmental cooperation agreement that regionalizes the airport's board and allows the long-delayed runway expansion to. — “: Local News - Runway project moves forward”,
  • The book is part of a state-by-state series that regionalizes the classic countdown to Christmas in a format that is visually exciting and entertaining, as well as educational. The story's narrator is Emily, a young girl who goes to New York. — “The Day - Lisa Adams Has a New York-and Mystic-State of Mind”,

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  • Will Brownsberger on regionalization During a public discussion on the state budget on April 21, 2009, Will Brownsberger explains regionalization of healthcare and schools and the steps that would be necessary to achieve regionalization. View the full forum on the state budget at (Part 1) and (Part 2)
  • Regionalizing Public Safety -- 1/27/11
  • Memorial Presents: The Regionalization of Public Services and Economic Development in Rural NL Community leaders, residents and senior government officials alike look to the region as an appropriate scale for organizing public services and local development. For some, this is driven by financial realities or increasing service standards that individual communities are no longer able to meet on their own. For others, regionalization is seen as a way to respond to a current or impending shortage of human resources, or simply as a reflection of the geographic patterns of resident's lives. Still others recognize the benefits of pooling their assets to attract residents and business investment. Despite all of these potential benefits, working regionally also comes with challenges. Common concerns include equity in decision-making and in sharing both the costs and benefits of regional services. The success of regional approaches to planning and service delivery requires open dialogue about the pros and cons of these efforts, openness to change, learning from others and creative solutions that foster a sustainable future for rural regions and communities. Our presenters explore key questions and lessons for regionalization of public services and economic development: • Dr. Kelly Vodden of Memorial University's Environmental Policy Institute has more than a decade of related research in Newfoundland and Labrador and rural regions across Canada • Churence Rogers is President of Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador as well as a long-serving councillor and mayor. • Stan ...
  • State of Affairs: Regionalization, Part 2 Part 2: Regionalization: Municipal partnering; economies of scale; limits
  • Lt. Governor Murray Addresses the Regionalization Conference - 9/3/2009 September 3, 2009 - Lt. Governor Murray gave the opening address at the 2009 Statewide Regionalization Conference at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester.Please note that we have enabled comments so visitors can discuss videos with each other. All comments are moderated in accordance with our YouTube comment policy (please see for details). If you have any feedback, questions or comments for the governor's office, please contact us at
  • Regionalize, or Demise: A Failed State Regionalize, or Demise: A Failed State With the dawn of 2009, the sun rose upon the Great Lakes and our residents added a new term to their vocabulary: Economic Depression. On Friday March 13, -Finance reported that the State of Michigan is leading the United States jobless rate at 11.6%. In addition, the sobering news we reluctantly absorb every day, continues to forecast a distractingly grim future for Michigan. With the Automotive Capital of the World deteriorating right before our eyes, it has become hard for us to remain optimistic about where we are going. Michigan is currently on the verge of a radical transformation from Industrial Giant, to Pathetic Street Beggar. Witnessing the Auto Executives and our Governor extend their fat hands toward Washington for financial support, should be viewed as a tremendous incompetence of the business and political elite. We could blame the economy or the financial sector for Michigans catastrophe; however, the reality is that the obstacles impeding the growth of Michigan were in clear view for those driving our future. Furthermore, the persistent political discord (with a stench of rotten egg) lurks throughout the prestigious halls of Lansing and presents an accurate depiction of an unbalanced, and ineffective government. That said, the State of Michigan lacks the political legitimacy and the necessary resources to effectively revitalize the Region of Detroit. Moreover, the Federal Government with a widespread focus and ...
  • CMSA Regionalization RVSD Jan 3,2006 Regionalization & Minutes
  • 05-30-12 Police Regionalization Committee (PRC)
  • The Commonwealth Report: Regionalization On Aug. 26, 2009, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray interviewed Mayor Rob Dolan of Melrose and Mayor Joe Sullivan of Braintree on the topic of regionalization for Tim's monthly cable show: The Commonwealth Report.
  • CoolSign® Regionalization & Scheduling from Bally Technologies Bally CoolSign® provides one of the gaming industry's leading scheduling platforms, allowing for highly customizable playback. It also lets you dynamically change your content remotely. The CoolSign scheduler and content distribution are the most advanced and intuitive of their kind available today. CoolSign provides great flexibility in how to regionalize and schedule content to appear on the CoolSign players. By using CoolSign channels and playlists, it is easy to create schedules ranging from simple in-order playback to complicated nested schedules with weighted frequency and dynamic enabling expressions. Channels are the primary tool for scheduling how content will play back on players. Channels are programmed with schedule items that define when and how content will be played back. Schedule individual content items to play in the channel or, for more complicated scheduling, add playlists, which are sub-schedules of content. Once the channel is programmed, tune as many players as desired to the channel and all the necessary content will automatically be downloaded to the player before the channel starts playing. A great advantage of channels is that if the operator needs to change what is playing on the players, just edit the channel once and all players tuned to that channel will automatically be updated. There is no limit to the number of channels that can be created.
  • Koernke - Regionalization of US Sovietization, Rise of Red Terror HERE, Chicago Police State, Chekist Rahm Emanuel, Chinese Army in a Box (Costco Shipping Containers from Mexico) - Trojan Horse?
  • Somerset Regionalization vote postponed Severed audio cable causes crowded Town Meeting to be postponed for a week
  • 06- 27-12 Police Regionalization Committee (PRC)
  • Somerset regionalization town meeting June 21, 2010 movie
  • Paul Brown for Regionalization Paul Brown was a first time candidate who placed 5th in the overall standings for the by election. He broke through the 1000 vote 'barrier', taking 6.9% of the vote. He was supportive of Regionalization (different from Almagamation)
  • PT 7 Regionalization Meeting -03-04-10 Recorded on March 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • 09 19 12 Police Regionalization Meeting
  • The regionalization of the Arctic by Heather The regionalization of the Arctic By Heather Exner-Pirot Abstract #525 to be presented at the IPY Montreal Conference FrostBytes -- 'Soundbytes of Cool Research' is a concept developed by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS: to share interesting information about the Polar Regions. These 30-60 second audio or video recordings are designed to help researchers easily share their latest findings to a broad audience.
  • What Regionalization Means - Saving America's Cities David McDonald reveals his definition of Regionalization and how it relates to Saving America's Cities. Learn More at: Connect with David at Purchase your own copy of Saving America's Cities here:
  • PT 5 Regionalization Meeting -03-04-10 Recorded on March 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • 1480 WSAR - Somerset/Berkley Regionalization Vote 6-21-10 Video coverage of the town meeting set to determine regionalization for Somerset and Berkley high schools.
  • Sh*t Bethlehem People Say The Downtown Bethlehem Association released "Sh*t Bethlehem People Say," a new online promotional video in the vein of the popular "Sh*t People Say" Internet meme. The video was produced by Milestone Media, and features a young couple exchanging one-liners about the Christmas City. "A sense of humor is important whether you're an individual, a group or a business," DBA Manager Samantha Schwartz said. "This video is another way for the DBA to show that Bethlehem is a fun city." The "Sh*t People Say" meme began in December 2011 with "Sh*t Girls Say -- Episode 1," a minute-long video created by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard and featuring actress Juliette Lewis. The video has gone viral with over 15 million views on YouTube. In the past two months, the meme has spawned dozens of copycats and responses. Videos in the meme cover what people of nearly every conceivable race and gender say as well as what people from cities like New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC say. "The Internet is a great platform to reach a new and bigger audience," Schwartz said. "Bethlehem is a small city but by capitalizing on social media, we can change people's perspectives and get them to visit, shop and dine here." "Sh*t Bethlehem People Say" is the second video the DBA has produced this year. The first was a response to FourSquare's ranking of Bethlehem as the second least romantic city in the country. Both videos can be viewed on the DBA website
  • NATO after Chicago: Struggling for Capabilities, Enlarge or Regionalize? Recently, the US Administration outlined its new US defence strategy to strengthen its military presence in the Asia-Pacific. Will this cause implications to overall NATO capabilities in the future? Americans have a reason to see the Trans-Atlantic relationship with diminished relevance especially in the security policy area where burden sharing constantly turns into burden reduction. Is the new concept of smart defence NATO's answer to current financial problems? What is NATO's response to risk of growing political turmoil in Europe and in its neighborhood, and risk of re-nationalization of European defence efforts? The range of policy choices is wide open, including further enlargement vs. regionalization. Dr. Artis Pabriks, Minister of Defence of Latvia Mr. Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Defence of Norway Adm. Giampaolo Di Paola, Minister of Defence of Italy Amb. Alexander Vershbow, Deputy Secretary General of NATO Prof. Julian Lindley-French, Member of the Atlantic Council of the United States Moderator: Dr. Hans Binnendijk, SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University
  • PT 9 Regionalization Meeting -03-04-10 Recorded on March 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • PT 8 Regionalization Meeting -03-04-10 Recorded on March 4, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • ROMANIA REGIONALIZATION AMERICA DREAM Seymour D. Reich (empire) of B `nai is memebru rtih b 'and together with other members of these terrible terrorist criminal organization, that Prescott Bush (father of Bush senior and Bush Jr's grandfather) have supported and funded Hitler to in 1933 to establish the Third Reich (third empire), which bears his name. Prescott Bush and Skull & Bones wing of B `nai B`rith those who called for officers SS to wear the cap skull. Prescott Bush, B `nai B` member rith was a *** collaborator who funded Hitler through the Union Bank, when provoked HOLOCAUST of fascist mass murder and even after the war, Bush continued to wash and *** assets in 1950
  • Ben Hewitt - Regionalizing Food Systems: A Call to Action Using the story of Hardwick, Vermont as an example, this lively presentation discusses both the challenges and myriad benefits inherent to relocalizing food systems. Can regionalized agriculture be a driver of durable economic development, as well as improved health and community vitality? Ben Hewitt's keynote answers these questions in ways that are by turns amusing, sobering, and inspiring. Ben Hewitt is a best-selling author and farmer whose book The Town That Food Saved, published by Chelsea Green publishing, chronicles a rural Vermont town's attempts to implement a local food system. Hewitt speaks frequently on the subjects of regionalized agriculture, relocalizing economies, and reframing America's values to promote positive change and a durable prosperity that is not dependent on extractive industry. With his wife and two sons, he operates a diversified 40-acre livestock, dairy, berry, and vegetable farm in Northern Vermont. He lives in a self-built, off-the-grid home that is powered by wind and solar energy. To help offset his renewable energy footprint, Ben drives a really big truck.
  • Regionalization Town Hall Meeting Part 2
  • Capabilities and Challenges of Regionalization: The Case for Water. Part 1 of 2. A presentation by Stephan Pfister at LCA Boston 2009. Stephan's work focuses on regionalized assessment of freshwater consumption.
  • State of Affairs: Regionalization, Part 1 Part 1: A discussion of community regionalization in Massachusetts. Overview of regionalization.
  • Regionalization Town Hall Meeting Part 1
  • Mayors to Province: Regionalize Police or Pay Up http VICTORIA - The mayors of Victoria and Esquimalt are putting the province on notice to regionalize policing, or pay up. The call comes as Esquimalt releases two proposals to police its town, one from VicPD, the other from the RCMP. "It was painstaking work by the Esquimalt Police and Law Enforcement Advisory Panel that led to these documents being released," Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins told reporters Friday. Esquimalt chose the RCMP's bid, saying it was a better fit for the community and $2 million a year cheaper. The province rejected that choice, forcing the township to stay with Victoria. But the RCMP proposal did not include such "a la carte items" such as the Vancouver Island Major Crime Unit, which investigates suspicious deaths and homicides, the Regional Crime Unit, which investigates property crimes, or the Domestic Violence Unit. And yet after a year of looking at these proposals the Mayor of Esquimalt cannot say which of these 'a la carte' items she wanted to serve up for her community or which one she wanted to leave on the table. "I honestly cannot answer that at this time," Desjardins responds when asked about what she wanted. "It was part of a review process that we did a year ago. I would have to go back." Victoria Police Chief Jamie Graham defends his department's proposal. "You will find the quote all in cost estimates between the RCMP and VicPD are comparable. When I say all in, I mean all the costs associated with ...
  • DOR Annual Regionalization Conference 2012 Commissioner Pitter Addresses Regionalization Conference Commissioner Amy Pitter spoke at the annual Regionalization Conference on Monday, September 10. The event was held at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. This year's conference featured a series of morning workshops and afternoon roundtable discussions, including panelists sharing their insights and experiences on regionalizing municipal services and best practices.
  • Regionalization of Liver Transplantation Abstracts AHPBA 2009 DVD 17 by medicaldtv: Free Papers: Transplant-Abstracts 25-31. Featured video preview: Regonalization of Liver Transplantation to high Volume Centers Is Associated with Diminished Volume-Outcomes Relationship and Underutilization of High Volume Centers By Minority Patients by Kyla M Bennett, Emiline M Aviki, Theodore Pappas, Bradley H Collins, Janet E. Tuttle-newhall, Carlos E. Marroquin, Paul C Kuo, John E. Scarborough from Duke University Durham. Length of DVD 17 is 1:22:44 .. details at medicaldtv com, look for AHPBA 2009.
  • Avon and Holbrook Board of Selectmen School Regionalization meeting On August 8, 2012 the Holbrook And Avon Boards of Selectmen meet in Avon to discuss regional school districts. Thanks to Avon Community Access and Media for providing coverage of the event. This highllight has been edit to be provided to news outlets that with to embed this into their stories.
  • Regionalization & Privitization How will the candidates make use of regionalization and privitization to save taxpayer dollars?
  • YouTube Response - Regionalization Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray answers Ben's question about regionalization.Please note that we have enabled comments so visitors can discuss videos with each other. All comments are moderated in accordance with our YouTube comment policy (please see for details). If you have any feedback, questions or comments for the governor's office, please contact us at
  • Regionalization, a Presentation by UUA Staff In September 2011, the Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley, UUA Director for Congregational Life, gave a presentation to UUA staff on her office's shift from organizing their work through 19 districts to 5 regions. The video also includes an introduction from the UUA Vice President for Ministries and Congregational Support, Harlan Limpert and a series of questions from UUA staff answered by Rev. Cooley.
  • Regionalization of Social Media Lone Wolf CEO Eric Rice talks about the upcoming trends in social media, localization or regionalization.
  • Slammin' Salmon - Regionalization 1996 Government bureaucrats are actively selling the regionalization of the BPA at request of Deputy Administrator Jack.

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  • “The Forum. In his opening remarks about the forum that was held in Casper and the one Report on Riverton WYGOP Forum" Grizzly Groundswell " Blog Archive " Wyoming Has A”
    — Wyoming Vote Tracker " 2nd Firsthand Report on Riverton WYGOP,

  • “TN FFs Let Home Burn Down Because Family Didn't Pay Protection/Extortion Fee one that appears to be exaggerated, which has a very local cause -- then the story regionalizes it for political points”
    — TN FFs Let Home Burn Down Because Family Didn't Pay,

  • “At the sight of this very cover art for the forthcoming Night of the Hunter Blu-ray edition, I wish I could gototally out like "Oh lord almighty" or "time to save on food" BUT, as of today, Criterion Hébergé par OverBlog”
    — The Night of the downloader - Le blog média pop de Sylvain Thuret,

  • “by Matt Jones @ 1:11 am. Filed under Blue Blooded Opinions. With all the excitement around ESPN never regionalizes! Any idea how much of that 150,000,000.00 a year UK will see? At”
    — Kentucky Sports Radio " Blog Archive " A Big Day for the,

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    — Prednisone 30 Pills X 10 Mg FDA Approved Pills Online, .au

  • “The Kamal Haasan Blog. Home. Kamal A2Z: Ananda Jothi. by Prabhu Ram | September 26th, 2007 inasmuch as it takes a "national" icon and "regionalizes" her in a very direct way”
    — " The Kamal Haasan Blog,

  • “Husband & wife team, Terence Carter & Lara Duston are on a 1 year global tour, Grantourismo. I asked Terence some questions, mainly about the European leg of their tour. Welcome to my blog, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Husband and wife team, Terence Carter and Lara”
    — Grantourismo Interview with Terence Carter,

  • “Register now for free, or sign in with any of these services: Lakewood Hospital as the Cleveland Clinic regionalizes some of its many services on”
    — April, 2010 Monthly News Archives | West Shore Sun - Page 7,

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