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  • regiment n. A military unit of ground troops consisting of at least two battalions, usually commanded by a colonel. — “regiment: Definition from ”,
  • 101st Indiana Infantry Regiment. Infantry. 3 years. Sep 7 1862. Jun 24 1865. Yes. Yes. Union 105th Indiana Infantry Regiment. Infantry. Jul 10 1863. Jul 18 1863. Yes. Yes. Union. Indiana. — “Regiments”,
  • The story of the 39th & 54th Regiments of Foot. The 39th Regiment of Foot were the first British Regiment to serve in India hence their motto "Primus in Indis." The 54th Regiment of Foot arrived in India in 1822 and served in India until the end of the Second World War. Regimental Museum:. — “Regiments”,
  • French army regiments - 59 results from 30 stores, including Army Units and Formations of France: Battalions of France, Regiments of France, List of French Army Regiments, Napoleon's Regiments Battle Histories of the Regiments of the French Army. — “French army regiments - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Find, shop and buy products on Regiments at , where anyone can publish and sell products on Regiments. — “Regiments - ”,
  • A regiment is a military unit, composed of variable numbers of battalions, commanded by a Colonel or, as in the case of the modern British Army where colonels more often serve as staff officers rather than field commanders, a Lieutenant Colonel. — “Regiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The following tables list all AGRAs, and all types of field artillery and anti-tank regiments of the Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery, and the Air OP squadrons. The tables show the theatres they were in, major actions in those theatres and the formations that commanded them. — “British Artillery Regiments”,
  • During its history the 7th Armoured Division many different Armoured Regiments served with the Division and its Brigades. Armoured Regiments. For the following units, please read the information provided against. — “Armour Regiments Page”,
  • Ultimately the regiment was destroyed in the fighting and the survivors folded into the other 3 regiments of the 30th line korps(262nd; 263rd; 269th regiments). Colonel Tyborc was promoted to a position on the army staff and the The regiments attack was aimed at the Under croft, hoping to open the. — “Notable Death Korps Regiments - Lexicanum”, wh40
  • See also: European regiments. Three units were raised between 1652 and 1765 which became regiments of the British Army in 1861. Three further regiments were formed in 1858 with officers from Native Regiments which had mutinied but these were disbanded after the Indian Mutiny. — “Bengal Infantry Regiments - FIBIwiki”,
  • Encyclopedia article about regiments. Information about regiments in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “regiments definition of regiments in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Classroom planning tutorial toolkits and resources that produce paybacks in time saved, stress-relief and successful learning outcomes. Creative, unique and original materials that were invented here. — “regiments&®iments in revolutionary war&&4 regiments mods”,
  • [[Image:P6060065 (RLH-DWR-3YR).JPG|thumb|British regiment]]A regiment is a military unit, consisting of a variable number of battalions - commanded by a colonel. Depending on the nation of origin and mission, a modern regiment may be similar to a. — “Regiment | ”,
  • The focus of this Expédition Particulière webpage is on the regiments that accompanied Rochambeau to American, in 1780, and those that joined him at Yorktown in 1781. This page is under continued development, and contains links to other sponsored websites relating to the main topic. — “French Regiments”,
  • 2nd Corps, with 4 Divisions totalling 8 Brigades, with a total of 18 Regiments in the Corps. 3rd Corps, with 2 Divisions with 4 Brigades, with a total of 9 regular and 2 "guerrilla" Regiments in the Corps. — “Regiments of the Cuban Army of Liberation 1895-1898”,
  • Until 1751 British regiments were designated by the name of their colonels, and regimental names changed accordingly with the colonels. This can be a major source of confusion in identifying regiments: (1) colonels changed regiments, (2) regiments. — “Regiments”,
  • British Army Role of Regiments 15th The King's Hussars Sherwood Foresters – Notts Australian Regiments in the Second World War, 1939-1945 King's Royal Rifle Corps 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Royal. — “Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth”,
  • REGIMENTS. Partial list of British and French garrisons or detachments that served in Grenada, West Indies, 1649-1851. Inital list 25th Foot, Sus*** Regiment. 1796. 26th Foot, The Cameronians. 1796. 27th Foot, Enniskillin/Inniskilling. — “Regiments in Grenada”,
  • Articles on Regiments serving in the War of 1812 along with some notes on uniforms. — “Regiments serving in the War of 1812”,
  • A "Regiment" in some armies means a military formation the size of a brigade. These regiments are not tactical formations, but rather recruitment and training units. — “Regiments”,
  • IT is not claimed that these are the Three Hundred Fighting Regiments of the Army; but, that they are three hundred regiments which evidently did considerable fighting. It includes every regiment in the Union Armies which lost over 130 in. — “Fox's 300 Fighting Regiments”,
  • A list of all known Loyalist regiments that served in the American Revolution. The list is sorted alphabetically by regiment name and provides the dates of service and type of each regiment. — “Loyalist Institute: List of Loyalist Regiments”,

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  • Flags for Polish regiments - France 1940 - Ceremonia wręczenia flag 02.04.1940 President Raczkiewicz, accompanied by prime minister General Sikorski presides over the ceremony. After mass has been said by Archbishop Józef Gawlina, Sikorski presents the flags. Then, after the swearing ceremony, there is a march past.
  • Irish Regiments of the British Army - A Tribute A tribute I put together for the fallen and the standing, for the past and the present. The brave men of Northern Ireland & Ireland fought for their freedom, and for the freedom of the world. These men will never be forgotten, for at the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. I would appreciate it if everyone could keep the comments section free from bigoted or hateful remarks. I hope this video can unite all Irish and Northern Irish people in a celebration of our historic honour on the battlefield; serving with our fellow irishmen, ulstermen, scotsmen, englishmen and welshmen. These men fought for your right to live how you want and say what you wish. Please, do not abuse this privelege by slandering the name of these brave warriors. "All gave some, but some gave all." "Lest we Forget" "Faugh A Ballagh" "Quis Separabit" Clear the way lads. *If you have ANY questions regarding the video I will be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability.* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tags: somme, battle, irish, eire, regiment, ulster, royal, military, army, scots, scottish, english, england, scotland, wales, ireland, british, welsh, UVF, trbiute, heroes, 36th, division, sacrifice, freedom, brave, irishmen, ulstermen, soldiers, WWI, WWII, Afghanistan, Iraq, RIR, rangers, UDR, rifles, inniskilling, fusiliers, belfast, antrim, londonderry, armagh, down, fermanagh, tyrone.
  • Regimental Slow Marches of the Foot Guards Video is not amazing, the music is main thing. If someone asks why I put Figaro at last in this video it's because of Regimental Motto of the Coldstream Guards - Nulli Secundus. 1. Grenadier Guards - Scipio 2. Scots Guards - The Garb of the Old Gaul 3. Irish Guards - Let Erin Remember 4. Welsh Guards - Men of Harlech 5. Coldstream Guards - Figaro
  • Royal Regiment of Scotland Pipes & Drums Majestically, the Pipes & Drums make their way towards the barracks' court. The Pipers and Drummers close to the camera, with "X" badge on the glengarry, being from the Royal Regiment of Scotland (created in 2006 by amalgamation of several Scottish regiments, the single battalions are now to uphold the traditions of the previous). In the background, wearing light blue Tartan, the Pipes & Drums of the Royal air Force. (Basel Tattoo 2008)
  • The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers parades through Warwick town centre On Friday, November 27, at 11.30am, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers paraded through Warwick town centre to mark their arrival home from Iraq and Afghanistan. This was an extra special homecoming for the Fusiliers, who have a special link with Warwick as the The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers (The 6th of Foot) was one of four regiments to make up the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The regiment has the freedom of the town and this enables them to march with drums beating, colours flying and bayonets fixed. The parade ended at St John's Museum where the regiment's museum is housed (). The parade involved 200 troops, including a colour party, Corps of Drums and Minden Band. The route took Northgate Street, Church Street, High Street, Swan Street and Market Place, with a collective salute at Shire Hall from Warwickshire County Council Chairman Cllr Peter Barnes, Warwick District Council Chairman Cllr Norman Pratt, the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire Martin Dunne, High Sheriff of Warwickshire the Lady Kilmaine, Colonel of the Regiment Brigadier TJ Minter OBE DL, and Warwick Town Mayor Cllr Peggy Bennett, before continuing down Jury Street, Smith Street and to St John's Museum.
  • Obama Youth Regiment Republicans don't have this kind of thing. Who are the real fascists? This is scary. This was taken at the Urban Community Leadership Academy, a charter school for students in fifth through ninth grades in Kansas City, Mo. The teacher has been suspended as of OCT. 5th, 2008.
  • Royal Australian Regiment's 60th Anniversary Victoria Barracks Reviewing Officer: Governor-General Her Excellency - Ms Quentin Bryce AC Principal Guest Chief of Army - LTGEN KJ Gillespie AO DSC CSM Host Officer: MAJGEN BW Howard AO MC ESM Regimental Colonel - BRIG MD Bornholt AM Parade Commander: LTCOL AJ Egan Regimental Adjutant: CAPT RL Spackman Regimental Sergeant Major: WO1 KM Ryan OAM Royal Guard provided by 3 RAR Photographs by Maj Ben Morris, RFD (Retd) ex-5 RAR, 2 RAR, 1 RAR
  • Presentation of new Colours to the Royal Regiment of Scotland, 2nd July 2011 On 2nd July 2011 new colours were presented to six battalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland by Her Majesty the Queen. This is some footage I shot of some of the old colours of the antecedant regiments being marched off the parade.
  • Regiments of the Imperial Guard The Imperial Guard is the primary fighting force of the Imperium, so numerous in size that even the Departmento Munitorum cannot place a figure on the number of Guardsmen under arms at any one time; the daily lists of new recruits and toll of casualties can run into the millions in a single day. It would be infeasible trying to put any exact number on the strength of the Guard; however, it is believed that there must be many billions of Imperial Guardsmen, divided into millions of regiments. This absolute numeracy provides the Guard with its main power; their ability to deploy in numbers that, eventually, result in victory. Attacking in seemingly endless influxes across battle-zones, charging forth under the cover of massive barrages and delivering massed lasgun volleys, in the Guard the individual Human soldier may appear a lost thing, almost forgotten. Yet the actions of these anonymous soldiers daily decide the fate of worlds. Info on Regiments: Armageddon: wh40 Cadia: wh40 Catachan: wh40 Elysia: wh40 Mordia: wh40 Krieg: wh40 Tallarn: wh40 Vostroya: wh40 Valhalla: wh40 Music is : "To Glory" by Two Steps From Hell
  • Mercian Regiments tribute This is our tribute to our heroes of Mercian 1, 2, 3 &4.
  • REGIMENTAL STORIES - THE PARACHUTE REGIMENT - FULL Regimental Stories is a documentary series which tells the story of five different regiments.
  • The British Parachute Regiment Video on the British Army's Parachute Regiment. On the 22nd June 1940, Winston Churchill called for the formation of an elite Corps of troops.... the PARA'S Deploying by parachute, helicopter, sea or land, two battalions of The Parachute Regiment form part of 16 Air Assault Brigade and one battalion operates in direct support of UK Special Forces. The Regiments main job is to hit the enemy hard and fast, seizing airfields or bridges and knocking out weapon systems before the heavier main forces arrive. Disclaimer: I am no way affilliated with the group in this video nor am i taking credit for the audio or video footage in any way, shape or form and any parties affilliated with me are not taking it to be there own work or creation in anyway shape or form. The video is not intended for promotional purposes or to gain any financial, or any other benefit from others viewing it. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
  • The Parachute Regiment - British Army Website.flv The Parachute Regiment forms the Airborne Infantry element of 16 Air Assault Brigade. Its role requires its soldiers to operate with minimal or no support behind enemy lines and against numerically superior forces. Following Churchill's wishes for "a corps of at least 5000 parachute troops, suitably organised and equipped" a Parachute Training School was established at Ringway Airport near Manchester and No 2 Commando was chosen for the first training in parachute duties; the regiment quickly growing into the 11th Special Air Service Battalion and ultimately, on the 1st August 1942, the Parachute Regiment. By the end of WW2, the Regiment comprised of 17 battalions. Following an exceptional parachute raid in Southern Italy, the PARAS first successful raid came in 1942, with "C" Company of the 2nd Battalion's drop on an enemy radar station at Bruneval, France. The Regiment wore the maroon beret and the nickname"red devils" was bestowed by the enemy forces during fierce fighting in North Africa. Following many famous operations during the war, the Parachute Regiment went on to serve everywhere from Palestine to Northern Ireland to the Falklands, playing vital roles and winning numerous awards for gallantry. More recently the PARAS led the war in war-torn Kosovo and Sierra Leone - including rescue missions that were a precursor to 1 PARA's new fast - deploying roles as the Special Forces Support Group and in Iraq and Afghanistan. Deploying by parachute, helicopter, sea or ...
  • Phantom Regiment Bass Line Technique Jen gets the inside scoop on Phantom Regiments bass line technique. Watch them go!
  • Phantom Regiment - June 7th, 2011 - "Juliet" Filmed in Rockford, IL. @ the Sinnissippi Band Shell, on a warm and humid 95 degree day, opening the season of "Music in the Park," as they do every year. We try not to miss this free annual show of world class talent. This song was an impromptu iPhone recording of the Regiments core competition piece for this year, entitled "Juliet," the story of Romeo and Juliet, being told from Juliet's perspective and which is an arrangement of the following pieces,: East of Eden, by Lee Holdridge Requiem, by Giuseppe Verdi Requiem, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet (A Time For Us), by Nino Rota Romeo & Juliet, by Sergei Prokofiev Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral (from Lohengrin), by Richard Wagner Read more: (Apologies for the camera shake.)
  • Phantom Regiment's "Rhapsody in Blue" & "An American in Paris" Drum Corps International's Phantom Regiment performs parts of George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and "An American in Paris" during their concert after the 2008 Drums Across the Tri-State event in Charleston, WV. These two songs made up their 2005 show entitled "Rhapsody."
  • toronto scottish regiment co-op graduation video taken during the toronto scottish regiment co-op programme graduation at moss park armoury, june 14 2007
  • Indian Army Parachute Regiment - Para Commandos The Parachute Regiment is the main airborne regiment of the Indian Army.The parachute units of the Indian Army are among the oldest airborne units in the world. The first such unit to be authorized was on 15 May 1941, and the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade was formed on 27 October 1941, comprising the 151st British Parachute Battalion , 152nd Indian Parachute Battalion & 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion. The Parachute regiment has a total of ten regular and two territorial battalions; of the regular bns, three are standard parachute infantry battalions, while seven are commando trained battalions. Formerly designated as "commando" units, they are now designated as special forces: 1st Battalion (Special Forces) - ex 1st Battalion, 2nd Punjab Regiment Raised 1761, conversion to Special Forces 1978 2nd Battalion (Special Forces) - ex 3rd Battalion, Maratha Light Infantry raised 1797, conversion to Special Forces 2000 3rd Battalion (Special Forces) - ex 1st Battalion, Kumaon Regiment raised 1813, conversion to Special Forces 2004 4th Battalion (Special Forces) raised 1961, conversion to Special Forces 2001 or 2003. It contributed to the Sri Lanka Indian Peace Keeping Force in the 1980s. The Battalion has the distinction of completing the Siachen Glacier tenure without suffering a single casualty on account of weather or enemy action. The battle honour of the battalion is Sadiqia earned during the 1971 war. 9th Battalion (Special Forces) raised 1966 as 9th Parachute Commando ...
  • Phantom Regiment Hornline 2010 DCI Finals warm-up (Mahler's 2nd symphony) Phantom Regiments Hornline ending their warm-up session with a piece from Mahler's 2nd Symphony at the 2010 DCI Finals in Indianapolis
  • Reggimento San Marco - San Marco Regiment Il Reggimento "San Marco" è un'unità militare di fucilieri di marina in forza alla Marina Militare Italiana. Costituisce, insieme al Reggimento Lagunari "Serenissima", in forza all'Esercito Italiano, la componente anfibia delle Forze Armate Italiane. Per la loro divisa e le tipologie di impiego, questo reparto potrebbe essere erroneamente definito in forza all'Esercito: in realtà il Battaglione San Marco non ha mai fatto parte dell'Esercito ed è appunto una delle più gloriose unità della Marina Militare oggi e lo fu della Regia Marina ieri. Il loro motto fu adottato anche dai Royal Marines. Nel corso dei decenni gli uomini del San Marco sono stati di volta in volta organizzati come Battaglione San Marco, Reggimento San Marco o Brigata San Marco. The San Marco Regiment (Italian: Reggimento San Marco), located in Brindisi, are the Marines of the Italian Navy. Until the middle of the 1990s the unit was known as the "San Marco Battalion" (Battaglione San Marco), until it was expanded beyond battalion size because of the new geopolitical situation after the end of the Cold War and an increasing number of international missions. The San Marco Regiment traces its history back to the La Marina Regiment, formed in 1713. During the Wars of Italian Independence the Italian Marines were known as the Fanteria Real Marina, units of specially selected sailors who were skilled marksmen. The Regiment also played an important role in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion and in the Italo ...
  • Sri lanka Army Commando Regiment.wmv The Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment (CR) (කොමාන්ඩෝ රෙජිමේන්තුව) is an elite special operations unit which is a Regiment of the Sri Lanka army. Within one of the four Army Commando Regiments there is a 140-man counter-terrorist unit that provides the primary Counter-Terrorism response for Sri Lanka. This unit was created in 1980 and is based in Ganemulla, a suburb of Colombo.
  • Lebanese Army Armoured Regiments Join Us @ Lebanese Army Armoured Regiments Tanks include: M60, M48A5, T54/55, Panhard. Past use: M48A3, AMX 13, M41 Bulldog Awaiting: More M60, Leopard 1 & T72
  • Regimental quick marches of the Foot Guards The Foot Guards are the infantry regiments of the Household Division of the British Army. There are currently five regiments of foot guards: - Grenadier Guards (March: "British Grenadiers") - Scots Guards (March: "Highland Laddie") - Welsh Guards (March: "Rising of the Lark") - Irish Guards (March: "St. Patrick's Day") - Coldstream Guards (March: "Milanollo") Performed by The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards.
  • 77y Regiment: Mount&Musket - 84e Siege Event (08-03-2012) The first video i've been able to record since joining the 77y Regiment. We fight as the French army, defending a fort against the British played by opposing regiments.... Channel: Playlist: Google+:
  • XI Gorkha Regiment XI Gorkha Regiment, India
  • Dutch regimental march: Guards Regiment Grenadiers and Rifles Garderegiment Grenadiers en Jagers (Grenadiers and Rifles Guards Regiment) is a regiment of the Royal Netherlands Army; it is one of two, along with the Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene that is classed as 'Guards'. The regiment was formed in 1995 by the amalgamation of two antecedent regiments: Garderegiment Grenadiers - Grenadiers' Guard Regiment Garderegiment Jagers - Rifles Guard Regiment These two regiments were formed in 1829 following the withdrawal of the regiments of Swiss mercenaries from Dutch service. Willem I ordered that two regiments would be formed to replace the Swiss, to serve as his guards. Both served with distinction, especially during the Second World War in the defence of The Hague. The regiment's single battalion currently serves in the airmobile role as part of 11 Luchtmobiele (Airmobile) Brigade. It is organised with an HQ Company (Stafcompagnie), an anti-tank company (Antitankcompagnie) and three infantry companies (Infanteriecompagnie). The three infantry companies perpetuate the two antecedent regiments, with 'A' (Koningscompagnie) Company being classed as Grenadiers and 'B' (Stiercompagnie) and 'C' (Tijgercompagnie) Companies being classed as Jagers (Rifles).
  • Royal Tank Regiment (Quick March) The Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) is an armoured regiment of the British Army. It was formerly known as the Tank Corps and the Royal Tank Corps. It is part of the Royal Armoured Corps and is made up of two operational regiments, the 1st Royal Tank Regiment (1RTR) and the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (2RTR). Their quick march is "My Boy Willie". Performed by the Band of the Royal Corps of Signals.
  • Royal Green Jackets County Regiments 3 - 1 Light Division Music
  • The parachute regiment in Afghanistan paratroop regiments in afghanistan
  • Britain's Most Massacred Regiments (18th and 19th Centuries) A little slide show i made of British Regiments massacred in battle during the 18th and 19th Centuries. Set to the Theme "Men of Honor" by Randy Edelman from the movie Gettysburg. Pride of place must go to the 44th Foot, later the Es*** Regiment and now the Royal Anglian Regiment, massacred on three occasions. The 44th, as Lees Regiment, formed part of Sir John Copes army annihilated at the battle of Prestonpans on 21st September 1745 by Prince Charles Edward Stuarts highlanders. Almost all the infantry were killed, wounded or captured. The other regiments massacred by the highlanders at Prestonpans were the 6th (now the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers), 46th (now the Light Infantry) and 47th (now the Queens Lancashire Regiment). Almost exactly 10 years later on 9th July 1755, the 44th, commanded by Colonel Sir John Halkett, who as lieutenant colonel had commanded the regiment and been taken prisoner at Prestonpans, was part of Major General Edward Braddocks force massacred by the Indians fighting for France on the Monongahela River, in what is now Western Pennsylvania. Halkett and his son died in the battle with many of his officers and soldiers. The other regiment massacred in the battle was the 48th (now also the Royal Anglian Regiment). Braddock was killed by the Indians In August 1840, the 44th was part of General Sales ill-fated army in the First Afghan War. The army was forced to retreat from Kabul pursued by the Afghans in strength. At Gandamak in the Afghan mountains ...
  • Pakistan Army - Frontier Force Regiment (FF) Song " hum log PIFFER kehlatay hain" The PIFFERs are a tight knit brotherhood of soldiers, bound by a distinguished military history, a long tradition of soldiering and a strong foundation of regimental traditions. They are disciplined, hard fellows, full of natural military instincts. They are a special breed, purified in the inferno of objective realities, demanding courage, loyalty and steadfastness. During 59 years of Pakistan's history, not a battle has been fought without PIFFERs. Frontier Force Regiments have invariably contributed to the success of every major undertaking: from Chamb-Jaurian to Hilli, from Dinajpur to Sulemanki, from Siachen to Rann of Kutch; Frontier Force Regiments have always been in the eye of the storm. From the turmoil in the wake of Partition to the floods and earthquakes in the most inhospitable terrain, Frontier Force Regiments have assisted the civil administration in an unflinching manner. In over one hundred and fifty years of its existence, the Frontier Force has kept pace with the changing times. It has developed to meet the requirements of the Army and the Nation, and to absorb various fundamental changes in the battlefield environment, encompassing induction of new weapons and equipment. Join PakArmyChannel Facebook Page: Pakistan Zindabad Pak Army Paindabad.
  • Scots Homecoming Parade Royal Regiment Forfar Scotland April 19th Tour Scotland video of the Homecoming Parade for soldiers from three Scottish regiments who marched through Forfar on April 19th. The parade, including the Pipes and Drums and Royal Regiment Band, marked the homecoming of 3 SCOTS following their recent tour of duty in Afghanistan and recognised the battalion's strong links with the area. After the parade, Prince Charles, HRH The Duke of Rothesay, who is the Royal Honorary Colonel of The Queen's Own Yeomanry and Royal Colonel of The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, 3 SCOTS, and 51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, 7 SCOTS, met the public who had gathered in the streets.
  • Tarantula Feeding Regiments I talk about what to feed your Ts, and upcoming Feeding video 26
  • Story of the Bosnian Regiments of WW1 The most decorated Regiments in the Austro Hungarian Army
  • Regimental Pipes and Drums of the Calgary Highlanders This is a slide show from our Nov 1st, 2008 photo shoot. Unfortunately only 2/3rds of the band were available for this shoot, but the pictures were pretty good none the less! The Calgary Highlanders is a Volunteer band in the Canadian Army Reserves. We are made up of both civilian and serving members. We actively compete at the grade 3 level and perform for a wide variety of events in and around Calgary and North America. The Music used for this slide show is not us, it is the Royal Scot's Dragoon Guards. We will be releasing our own CD in the Spring of 2010 to commemorate our Regiments 100th Anniversary!
  • Marsch des Infanterie-Regiments Jung Bornstedt German military march
  • WW1 Cavalry Regimental Uniforms Art Horses Lancers Cossacks John Player Cigarette Cards 1914 Do you have a relative who served in WW1? Please feel free to leave a comment, thank you :) I review the following WW1 cigarette card set in this video: Title: Regimental Uniforms (extra large cards) Name of Manufacturer: John Player and Son Year of Issue: 1914 Number of Cards in Set: 10 cards Card Titles Include: Belgian Army, 4th Regiment of Lancers; French Army, Artillery; Belgian Army, 2nd Chasseurs a Cheval; French Army, Spahi; French Army, Chasseurs a Cheval; Indian Army, 26th King George's Own Light Cavalry, Late 1st Madras Lancers; 13th Duke of Connaught's Lancers Watson's Horse, Late 13th Duke of Connaught's Bengal Lancers; Indian Army, Imperial Cadet Corps; Russian Army, Officer of Hussars; Russian Army, Trumpeter Cossack of the Guard If you'd like to find out more about these cards please visit my website at: For more WW1 card videos please click the link below: The huge revolution in firepower was not matched by similar advances in mobility. That's why horses were still widely used in WW1. The first standard issue military tanks did not join the war effort till quite late, and even those were very experimental and caused almost as much damage to the exhaust fume poisoned operatives as they did to the enemy. John Player and Sons issued a number of beautifully illustrated military card sets leading up to and towards the beginning of WW1. This particular set is devoted to cavalry regiments and, judging by the unusual large ...
  • GarryOwen - Original Lyrics~7th Cavalry Regimental March "Garryowen" is an old Irish quick-step that can be traced back to the early 1860's. In 1867, "Garryowen" was adopted by the 7th Cavalry Regiment as the official Air (tune) of the Regiment, and the historical nickname given to the 7th Cavalry Regiment and Troopers. It became the Official tune of the 1st Cavalry Division in 1981. "Garryowen" has become undoubtedly the most famous of all the regimental marches in the Army. The word garryowen is derived from Irish, the proper name Eóghan ("born of the yew tree") and the word for garden garrai - thus "Eóghan's Garden". The term refers to an area of the town of Limerick, Ireland. "Garryowen" is known to have been used by Irish regiments as a drinking song. As the story goes, one of the Irish "melting pot" Troopers of the 7th Cavalry, under the influence of "spirits", was singing the song. By chance Custer heard the melody, liked the cadence, and soon began to hum the tune to himself. The tune has a lively beat, that accentuates the cadence of marching horses, and for that reason was adopted as the regimental song soon after Custer arrived at Fort Riley, Kansas to take over command of the 7th Cavalry Regiment. It was the last song played for Custer's men as they left General Terry's column at the Powder River and rode into history. The tune became the official "Air" of the Regiment in 1867 and actually became the official tune of the entire 1st Cavalry Division in 1981. The significance of the tune in the Regiment's history led ...
  • Phantom Regiment 2010 Finals Warm Up - Lord's Prayer Stellar Performance of "Lord's Prayer", from Phantom Regiments' 2003 show, A Harmonic Journey
  • Royal Regiment of Scotland (Quick March) The Royal Regiment of Scotland is the senior and only Scottish line infantry regiment of the British Army Infantry. It consists of five regular and two territorial battalions, each formerly an individual regiment (with the exception of the first battalion, which is an amalgamation of two regiments). The quick march is "Scotland the Brave". Performed by The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards.
  • REGIMENTAL STORIES - THE ROYAL WELSH -FULL Regimental Stories is a documentary series which tells the story of five different regiments.
  • Yorkshire Regiment (Quick March) The Yorkshire Regiment is one of the largest infantry regiments of the British Army. The quick march is, "Ça Ira". Performed by The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards.

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