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  • An electrical device, particularly for driving a motively and/or regeneratively operable electric machine, having at least one switching-element module, which may be for inverting and/or rectifying electric currents, the switching-element module. — “Electrical Device, Particularyl For Driving A Motively And/or”,
  • This model is used to design a regeneratively cooled rocket or other high temperature engine cooling jacket. A regeneratively cooled jacket comprising:a fluid-impermeable inner wall forming a contoured chamber;a fluid-impermeable outer wall;a porous media matrix between the. — “Regeneratively cooled porous media jacket - Patent application”,
  • Technical Glossary, Sunfuel, SunFuel is a synthetic fuel regeneratively manufactured from biomass. It is produced using natural photosynthesis. SunFuel is a synthetic fuel regeneratively manufactured from biomass. — “Technical Glossary > Technical Glossary > Innovation”,
  • New, More Powerful Engine to Launch Both Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 Rockets The regeneratively cooled Merlin 1C uses rocket propellant grade kerosene (RP-1), a refined form of jet fuel, to first cool the combustion chamber and nozzle before being combined with the liquid oxygen to create thrust. — “SpaceX Completes Development of Merlin Regeneratively Cooled”,
  • SpaceX Completes Qualification Testing of Merlin Regeneratively Cooled Engine for Falcon 1 Rocket - SpaceRef. — “SpaceX Completes Qualification Testing of Merlin”,
  • Definition of Regeneratively in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Regeneratively. Pronunciation of Regeneratively. Translations of Regeneratively. Regeneratively synonyms, Regeneratively antonyms. Information about Regeneratively in the free. — “Regeneratively - definition of Regeneratively by the Free”,
  • Note the oxygen gas inlet near the nozzle, which as in the OR-1 was used to regeneratively cool the combustion chamber. That was a nitric acid/kerosene engine with a nozzle cooled regeneratively by the flow of acid. — “GIRD”,
  • Robert's Rocket Project - 100 lbf Regeneratively Cooled Chamber Here are the specs for the regeneratively cooled engine: Fuel: Kerosene. Oxidizer: Liquid. — “Robert's Rocket Project - 100 lbf Regeneratively Cooled Chamber”,
  • regeneratively. Dictionary: Re·gen·er·a·tive·ly. Home > Library > Related Videos: regeneratively. Top. Click to Play. Where to Put Regenerative Algae Farms. — “regeneratively: Information from ”,
  • Spacex Completes Development Of Merlin Regeneratively Cooled Rocket Engine The regeneratively cooled Merlin 1C uses rocket propellant grade kerosene (RP-1), a refined form of jet fuel, to first cool the combustion chamber and nozzle before being combined with the liquid oxygen to create thrust. — “Spacex Completes Development Of Merlin Regeneratively Cooled”,
  • US5520894: Process for removing carbon dioxide regeneratively from gas streams Date Jan. 20, 1994.A process for removing carbon dioxide regeneratively from a hot gas stream, containing flue gases or fuel. — “Process for removing carbon dioxide regeneratively from gas”,
  • Regeneratively definition, of, pertaining to, or characterized by regeneration. See more. — “Regeneratively | Define Regeneratively at ”,
  • Definition of regeneratively from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of regeneratively. Pronunciation of regeneratively. Definition of the word regeneratively. Origin of the word regeneratively. — “regeneratively - Definition of regeneratively at”,
  • Supercontinuum Generation Using a Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fibre by a Regeneratively Amplified Ti:Sapphire Laser generated by injecting 250 kHz 200 fs optical pulses produced by a regeneratively amplified Ti:sapphire laser into a 2.5-m-long polarization-maintaining photonic crystal. — “Supercontinuum Generation Using a Polarization-Maintaining”,
  • See all of regeneratively cooled rocket, no other writeups in this node. A regeneratively cooled rocket is a rocket whose engine uses (usually cryogenic) rocket fuel to keep the combustion chamber, throat or nozzle from. — “regeneratively cooled rocket (thing)”,
  • The fluid and heat transfer theory for regenerative cooling of a rocket combustion chamber with a porous media coolant jacket is presented. This model is used to design a regeneratively cooled rocket. — “Regeneratively cooled porous media jacket - Patent”,
  • This is the regeneratively-cooled liquid fuel rocket motor designed and built in 1942 by James H. Wyld of the American Rocket Society (ARS) for the Navy. It is a copy of the original Wyld motor, built in 1937 and successfully tested in 1938 and 1941. — “Rocket Motor, Liquid Fuel, Regeneratively-Cooled, James H”,
  • Previous studies have shown that fetal skin and cartilage heal regeneratively, without scar. We hypothesized that injured fetal tendons would heal regeneratively, whereas adult tendons would heal reparatively with scar formation. — “Regeneration vs. Repair in Tendon”,
  • 160-gb/s optical clock recovery using a regeneratively mode-locked laser diode Line rate optical clock recovery at 160-Gb/s has been demonstrated based on injection-locking and optical time-division multiplexing of a 40-GHz regeneratively mode-locked laser diode (RML-LD). — “IEEE Xplore - 160-gb/s optical clock recovery using a”,
  • SpaceX Completes Qualification Testing Of Falcon 1 Merlin Regeneratively Cooled Engine The regeneratively cooled Merlin 1C uses rocket propellant grade kerosene (RP-1), a refined form of jet fuel,. — “SpaceX Completes Qualification Testing Of Falcon 1 Merlin”,
  • Ultramet engineers, develops, and manufactures refractory metals, platinum group metals, and ceramics for demanding applications that meet the needs of the aerospace, defense, biomedical, and energy industries. Cross-section of regeneratively cooled foam core combustion chamber showing rhenium foam. — “ULTRAMET - Propulsion System Components”,
  • regeneratively (comparative more regeneratively, superlative most regeneratively) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/regeneratively". — “regeneratively - Wiktionary”,
  • This design burned liquid oxygen and gasoline and was one of the first engines to be regeneratively cooled by the liquid oxygen, which flowed around the inner wall of the combustion chamber before entering it. and kerosene with its nozzle regeneratively cooled by the flow of. — “Group for the Study of Reactive Motion - Wikipedia, the free”,

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  • SpaceX Conducts First Three-Engine Firing of Falcon 9 Rocket Close up view of the three Merlin 1C rocket engines as observed by an engineering test camera in the engine bay at the top of the SpaceX test stand in McGregor, Texas.
  • Ares Quarterly Progress Report # 16 This Ares Quarterly Progress Report, originally released to the public June 24, 2010, includes progress updates on: -Drogue parachute drop tests -First stage avionics -Upper stage manufacturing facilities -J-2X nozzle assembly -J-2X subsystem component manufacturing For a closed-captioned version of the video, please visit us on the Web at
  • Liquid Rocket engine 2007-07-22 A test of a regeneratively cooled nos and petrol rocket engine.
  • Sanger Orbital Bomber Sanger Orbital Bomber - In June 1935 and February 1936, Dr. Eugen Sänger published articles in the Austrian aviation publication Flug on rocket-powered aircraft. This led to his being asked by the German High Command to build a secret aerospace research institute in Trauen to research and build his "Silverbird", a manned, winged vehicle that could reach orbit. Dr. Sänger had been working on this concept for several years, and in fact he had began developing liquid-fuel rocket engines. From 1930 to 1935, he had perfected (through countless static tests) a 'regeneratively cooled' liquid-fueled rocket engine that was cooled by its own fuel, which circulated around the combustion chamber. This engine produced an astounding 3048 meters/second (10000 feet/second) exhaust velocity, as compared to the later V-2 rocket's 2000 meters/second (6560 feet/second). Dr. Sänger, along with his staff, continued work at Trauen on the "Silverbird" under the Amerika Bomber program. The Sänger Amerika Bomber (or Orbital Bomber, Antipodal Bomber or Atmosphere Skipper) was designed for supersonic, stratospheric flight. The fuselage was flattened, which helped create lift and the wings were short and wedge shaped. There was a horizontal tail surface located at the extreme aft end of the fuselage, which had a small fin on each end. The fuel was carried in two large tanks, one on each side of the fuselage, running from the wings aft. Oxygen tanks were located one on each side of the fuselage ...
  • XCOR Know How to do Rocketplanes! (Kieran Griffith) The XCOR EZ-Rocket is a test platform for the XCOR rocket propulsion system. The plane is a modified Rutan Long-EZ, with the propeller replaced by first one, then a pair of pressure-fed regeneratively cooled liquid-fueled rocket engines and an underslung rocket-fuel tank. The engines are restartable in flight, and are contained within Kevlar Armour shielding for safety reasons. The EZ-Rocket is registered as an Experimental Aircraft. - Wikipedia I tried to get a job with XCOR and Rocketship Tours but they weren't interested in me, but that is thier loss not mine, I'll just find something better.
  • Rocket On Rotor (1955) Helicopter Rocket Rotor Blade Tips Rocket On Rotor (1955) Helicopter Rocket Rotor Blade Tips
  • SpaceX Completes Development of Merlin Regeneratively Cooled A test firing of a Merlin 1C engine at the SpaceX test facility in McGregor Texas. Powered by liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene, the Merlin produces over 100000 pounds of thrust in vacuum, and is designed to be recovered and reused after each mission. (Video: SpaceX)
  • XCOR XR-5M15 LOX / Methane Rocket Engine This video features the XCOR XR-5M15 7500 lb-thrust LOX / Methane rocket engine in a series of short tests strung together in a compilation. This is the 'heat sink' nozzle version of the engine, which is used to characterize engine performance. The results were be used to determine the appropriate length of the rocket engine chamber for the flight-weight / regeneratively cooled version.
  • HALCYONE - Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement System Halcyone is an all-in-one-box fluorescence measurement system comprising Fluorescence Upconversion spectrometer and a Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting instrument. In the upconversion mode Halcyone has a time window of 3.3 ns and femtosecond time resolution. In the TCSPC regime the time window can be expanded up to 1 ms with 200 ps resolution. Switching between the upconversion and the TCSPC modes can be done very quickly without having to change the optical setup. A 2D camera is used to ensure highly precise delay stage alignment. The spectral range of Halcyone spans from VIS to NIR. Halcyone can work with either a mode locked Ti-sapphire oscillator or with a regeneratively amplified Ti-sapphire laser.
  • BMW ActiveE See More details at The next step towards emission-free mobility The BMW ActiveE. MCV. With the BMW ActiveE, the future of individual mobility combining driving pleasure with CO2-free driving is one step closer. Electric mobility as a supporting pillar of the EfficientDynamics development strategy. In the development of groundbreaking vehicle concepts and drive technologies within the framework of the EfficientDynamics strategy, the BMW Group attaches key importance to electric mobility. With EfficientDynamics the BMW Group has for some time now been very successful in reducing fuel consumption and emission levels through new and highly-efficient engine generations, enhancement of aerodynamics, the use of innovative lightweight construction and intelligent engine management -- and with better performance into the bargain. For instance, CO2 emissions of the entire vehicle fleet were reduced by around one third in the years 1995 to 2009. Thanks to EfficientDynamics, the company is now able to realise additional economy advantages through the further electrification of the drive train and hybridisation. In the medium term, the BMW Group is developing vehicle concepts for emission-free mobility in larger urban areas. In the long term, EfficientDynamics means the transition to emission-free mobility -- using both battery power and regeneratively produced hydrogen. On the way to sustainable, CO2-free mobility, the BMW Group now presents the next major milestone ...
  • Masten Space Systems 750lbf engine first fire The very first fire on a new line of engines, the first test was a five second run putting out approximately 780 pounds of force. This test is in the newly rebuilt mobile horizontal test stand. The engine is contained within a blast barrier. Fuel is isopropyl alcohol and oxidizer is liquid oxygen. The engine is throttlable and regeneratively cooled, for best performance.
  • MSS 750-1 30 second rocket fire A thirty second test firing of the Masten Space Systems XVT-750LIT-1 throttleable restartable regeneratively cooled LOX/IPA rocket engine. During the firing the engine reaches thermal steady state, meaning that the cooling was working well and it wasn't getting any warmer. If it can run for 30 seconds, it can run for an hour.
  • SPACEX SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHES FALCON 1 TO ORBIT September 28, 2008 Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) announces that Flight 4 of the Falcon 1 launch vehicle has successfully launched and achieved Earth orbit. With this key milestone, Falcon 1 becomes the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to orbit the Earth. "This is a great day for SpaceX and the culmination of an enormous amount of work by a great team," said Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX. "The data shows we achieved a super precise orbit insertion—middle of the bull's-eye — and then went on to coast and restart the second stage, which was icing on the cake." Falcon 1, designed from the ground up by SpaceX, lifted off at 4:15 pm (PDT) / 23:15 (UTC) from the Reagan Test Site (RTS) on Omelek Island at the US Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) in the Central Pacific, about 2500 miles southwest of Hawaii. Preliminary data indicates that Falcon 1 achieved an elliptical orbit of 500 km by 700 km, 9.2 degrees inclination—exactly as targeted. Falcon 1 carried into orbit a payload mass simulator of approximately 165 kg (364 lbs), designed and built by SpaceX, specifically for this mission. Consisting of a hexagonal aluminum alloy chamber 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall, the payload remains attached to the second stage as it orbits Earth. This was the fourth launch of the Falcon 1 launch vehicle and second flight for the new SpaceX-developed Merlin 1C regeneratively-cooled engine. A "hold before liftoff" system was used to enhance reliability by permitting all ...
  • SpaceX Completes Development of Merlin Rocket Engine A test firing of a Merlin 1C engine at the SpaceX test facility in McGregor Texas. Powered by liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene, the Merlin produces over 100000 pounds of thrust in vacuum, and is designed to be recovered and reused after each mission. (Video: Business Wire)
  • 750lbf rocket engine first test high speed High speed video of the first test of the 750lbf engine, at roughly 105% throttle level. The engine runs on liquid oxygen and isopropyl alcohol, and is regeneratively cooled and throttlable. The engine will be used on the Masten Space Systems XA-0.1D and XA-0.2 VTVL rocket vehicles. This video is taken at 600 frames per second, played back at 1/20th speed
  • optomechanical resonator Optomechanical GHz Oscillator and Spectroscopy. Just like the spectral signature of materials originates from molecular vibrations, photonic devices have many spectral lines originating from their different mechanical modes. Our group has excited these modes using the radiation pressure produced by light circulating within the device (1, 2, 3) which oscillate regeneratively at controllable mechanical eigen-frequencies up to microwave rates. There is no feedback or externally-applied modulation in the experiment and the optical input is continuous. Microwave-rate oscillations build-up from an inherent parametric process. This is therefore both a spectroscopic technique and a micro-mechanical device. As reported by Carmon, T. and Vahala, K. in PRL

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  • “The cost of education will be funded regeneratively right out of earnings of the technology, the industrial equation, because we side of my life, so I thought it was time to start a blog with a more general purview”
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  • “propelled by twin 400-pound thrust, regeneratively cooled rocket engines and fueled by "propelled by twin 400-pound thrust, regeneratively cooled rocket engines and fueled by”

  • “butyrousness regeneratively arrisways brangler unsectarianism spizzerinctum valhall unindustrial. http://" rel overview | attorneys | practice areas | results | legal blog | charitable funds | contact | articles | resources | link exchange”
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  • “The Space Fellowship is an international news and information network dedicated to the development of the space industry. gone on the back burner while we finished the regeneratively cooled Merlin 1C engine, got the Falcon 9 first”
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  • “A South Korean company has developed and ground-tested a regeneratively-cooled, liquid oxygen/methane rocket engine that produces 20,000-30,000 gas generator and regeneratively-cooled combustion chamber--at”
    — Stealth capability for next gen fighter(KFX) - Asia Finest,

  • “Blog. login | register. Search: Archive: Recent: Masten Space Systems and Space Florida Sign Letter of Intent. Popular Science's Xombie's propulsion system is a proprietary regeneratively cooled isopropyl alcohol and liquid oxygen rocket engine. The engine”
    — Masten Space Systems blog " Masten Space Systems Successfully, masten-

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