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  • What FDA Regulates. FDA is the federal agency responsible for ensuring that foods are safe, wholesome and sanitary; human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices are safe and effective; cosmetics are safe; and electronic products that emit radiation are safe. — “What FDA Regulates”,
  • Cdc42 regulates bone modeling and remodeling in mice by modulating RANKL/M-CSF signaling and osteoclast polarization Cdc42 regulates osteoclast differentiation in vitro. ( A) TRAP staining of osteoclasts generated from WT and. — “Journal of Clinical Investigation -- Cdc42 regulates bone”,
  • Monitors and regulates both private and public dams in Texas. The Dam Safety Program monitors and regulates both private and public dams in Texas. — “Dam Safety Program - Texas Commission on Environmental”,
  • RacG Regulates Morphology, Phagocytosis, and Chemotaxis , Baggavalli P. Somesh ,1,, Georgia Vlahou,1, Miho Iijima,3 Robert H. Insall,2 Peter Devreotes,3 and Francisco Rivero1 RacG induces actin polymerization and regulates chemotaxis and phagocytosis probably through numerous. — “RacG Regulates Morphology, Phagocytosis, and Chemotaxis”,
  • GABA-cAMP Response Element-Binding Protein Signaling Regulates Maturation and Survival of Newly Generated Neurons in the Adult Hippocampus GABA-mediated depolarization regulates CREB phosphorylation, differentiation, and morphological maturation of. — “GABA-cAMP Response Element-Binding Protein Signaling”,
  • BioInfoBank Library :: Protein-kinase-C-mediated {beta}-catenin phosphorylation negatively regulates the Wnt/{beta}-catenin pathway. Calcium signaling in vertebrate embryonic patterning and morphogenesis. Phospho-regulation of {beta}-Catenin. — “Protein-kinase-C-mediated {beta}-catenin phosphorylation”,
  • Genes that control the timing of organ formation during development also control timing of aging and death, and provide evidence of a biological timing mechanism for aging, Yale researchers report in the journal Science. MicroRNA Gene That Regulates Lifespan Found By Yale Scientists. — “MicroRNA Gene That Regulates Lifespan Found By Yale Scientists”,
  • Definition of regulates in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of regulates. Pronunciation of regulates. Translations of regulates. regulates synonyms, regulates antonyms. Information about regulates in the free online English dictionary and. — “regulates - definition of regulates by the Free Online”,
  • COP9-Associated CSN5 Regulates Exosomal Protein Deubiquitination and Sorting We propose that COP9-associated CSN5 regulates exosomal protein sorting in both a deubiquitinating activity-dependent and -independent manner,. — “COP9-Associated CSN5 Regulates Exosomal Protein”,
  • We found 7 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word regulates: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "regulates" is defined. — “Definitions of regulates - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Regulate definition, to control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.: See more. to control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.: to regulate household expenses. — “Regulate | Define Regulate at ”,
  • NFAT regulates calcium-sensing receptor-mediated TNF production This mechanism likely regulates TNF gene transcription as U-73122, CsA, and VIVIT blocked CaR-dependent activity of a TNF promoter construct. — “NFAT regulates calcium-sensing receptor-mediated TNF”,
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of regulate. .It regulates and governs the Passions of the Mind, and brings them into due moderation and frame. — “regulates - Wiktionary”,
  • These comprise is a (is a subtype of); part of; and regulates, negatively regulates and positively regulates. The regulates relation has two sub-relations, positively regulates and negatively regulates, to represent. — “GO Ontology Relations”,
  • Small GTP-binding Protein TC10 Differentially Regulates Two Distinct Populations of Filamentous Actin in 3T3L1 Adipocytes In addition to the apparent adipocyte specificity, TC10 clearly differentially regulates two distinct compartmentalized actin populations that depend on TC10 localization. — “Small GTP-binding Protein TC10 Differentially Regulates Two”,
  • EGF regulates survivin stability through the Raf-1/ERK pathway in insulin-secreting pancreatic β-cells EGF regulates survivin protein expression in pancreatic β-cells. To begin to understand the mitogenic responsiveness of survivin. — “BioMed Central | Full text | EGF regulates survivin stability”,
  • The Hippo pathway regulates apical-domain size independently of its growth-control function The Hippo pathway, identified in Drosophila and conserved in vertebrates, regulates tissue growth by promoting cell cycle exit and apoptosis. — “The Hippo pathway regulates apical-domain size independently”,
  • Takusan: A Large Gene Family that Regulates Synaptic Activity Hence, α-takusan represents a large gene family that regulates synaptic activity. — “Neuron - Takusan: A Large Gene Family that Regulates Synaptic”,
  • autonomic nervous system n. The part of the vertebrate nervous system that regulates involuntary action, as of the intestines, heart, and glands, and. — “autonomic nervous system: Definition from ”,
  • The General Dental Council (GDC) is a United Kingdom organisation which regulates all dental professionals in the country. Established in 1956 by the Dentists Act 1984, it keeps an up-to-date register of all qualified dentists and other dental. — “General Dental Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pre–B-Cell Colony–Enhancing Factor Regulates NAD+-Dependent Protein Deacetylase Activity and Promotes Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Maturation. Eric van der Veer, Zengxuan Nong, Caroline O'Neil, Brad Urquhart, David Freeman, J. Geoffrey Pickering. — “Pre-B-Cell Colony-Enhancing Factor Regulates NAD+-Dependent”,

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