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  • Careful thought or attention; heed: She gives little regard to her sister's teasing. Regard is the most general: "I once thought you had a kind of regard for her" (George Borrow). — “regard: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • In the Business Intelligence ("BI")space, REGARD is unique, as few competitors have mobility solutions expertise, and lack the leverage of REGARD's deep wireless industry alliances with Microsoft, RIM, Cingular Wireless, Verizon- Wireless, T -Mobile, Sprint / Nextel and others. — “:: REGARD - Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions ::”,
  • regard - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. in this (or that) regard in connection with the point previously mentioned. — “regard - Dictionary of English”,
  • Regard. Includes Quotation Marks, Candy Bar, Internal Link Led, Obama, Annual Report, Concern, Aspect, Manner, Respect and Implements information plus more related topics on . — “Regard (Esteem, Change, Punctuation) @ ”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define regard as NRegard \Re*gard'\ (r?*g?rd'), v. i.To look attentively; to consider; to notice. [Obs. — “Definition of Regard from ”,
  • Features online greetings and services including ecards, invitations, reminders, printing, and photos. Browse and send eCards for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, romance, friendship, and more. — “”,
  • Definition of regard in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is regard? Meaning of regard as a legal term. What does regard mean in law?. — “regard legal definition of regard. regard synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Regard definition, to look upon or think of with a particular feeling: See more. — “Regard | Define Regard at ”,
  • Definition of regard in the Dictionary. Meaning of regard. What does regard mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word regard. Information about regard in the dictionary,. — “What does regard mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • Regard (230 Occurrences) Matthew 5:28 But I tell you that whoever looks at a woman and cherishes lustful thoughts has already in his heart become guilty with regard to her. (WEY) Matthew 13:14 And in regard to them the prophecy of Isaiah is. — “Bible Concordance: Regard”,
  • Since 1985, Regard Resources has been providing gas processing equipment and services, offering processing upgrades and meeting pipeline specs. We have enjoyed international recognition as a reasonable, reliable, and responsive source of professional. — “Regard Resources - Welcome”,
  • Definition of regard from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of regard. Pronunciation of regard. Definition of the word regard. Origin of the word regard. — “regard - Definition of regard at ”,
  • a : the worth or estimation in which something or someone is held b (1) : a feeling of respect and affection : esteem (2) plural : friendly greetings implying such feeling 5 :. — “Regard - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • JOSEPH T. REGARD, LTD. (a professional law corporation) REGISTERED U.S. PATENT ATTORNEY Joseph T. Regard is an attorney registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and before the State Bars of. — “index”,
  • : The A to Z of Dictionary Definitions on the Net! 3. (verb) regard. to look closely at; to observe attentively; to pay attention to; to notice or remark particularly. — “What does regard mean?”,
  • For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. — “Romans 6:20 When you were slaves to sin, you were free from”,
  • 1. to look upon or think of with a particular feeling: to regard a person with favor. 8. with or in regard to, referring to; concerning: With regard to the new contract, we have some questions. — “regard: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Definition of regard in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of regard. Pronunciation of regard. Translations of regard. regard synonyms, regard antonyms. Information about regard in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. best regard, in. — “regard - definition of regard by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Synonyms for regard. Other words for regard. Different words for regard. Antonyms of regard. Regard is the most general: "I once thought you had a kind of regard for her" (George Borrow). — “regard - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • I regard his gift as an apology. 2. have feelings in relation to something: to have a At first they regarded the idea of early retirement with horror. — “regard definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Define regard in American English. What is regard? regard meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary. — “regard - definition. American English definition of regard by”,
  • This attempt will be made with every regard to the difficulty of the undertaking We are spending a lot of money trying to put this mine in shape; we are anxious to comply with the wishes of your office in every regard. — “regard - Wiktionary”,

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  • Paul McCartney's "Give My Regards To Broad Street" premiere Hollywood world premiere of Paul McCartney's new movie "Give My Regards To Broad Street" - 25.10.1984
  • Peter Doherty - Arcady (Grace/Wastelands Version) HD another great track from the of my favourite.. here's the lyrics: In Arcady, your life trips along It's pure and simple as the shepherd's song Seraphic pipes along the way in Arcady In Arcady Never saw I such a scene Such maids upon such a molten green They employ their holiday with dance and game And things I may never name In Arcady You said he was your teacher Taught you so true and so wise But now you know more than your teacher I see nothing but cool self-regard in your eyes In Arcady So you see how twisted it becomes See how quickly twisted it becomes When the cat gut binds my ankles to your bedstead That ain't love, no that ain't love Said he was your teacher Taught you so true and so wise Now you know more than your teacher I see nothing but cool self-regard in your eyes In Arcady, your life trips along Pure and simple as the shepherd's song
  • Willard Grant Conspiracy - The Ghost Of The Girl In The Well From the CD Regard The End I'm the ghost of the girl in the well Killed by a man who owned my family It's been many years since I fell Still no one has found me I was four*** years old when I died The earth had just turned and the field were alive So alive Mister called out to me and I ran I didn't want to be under him Anymore I'm the ghost of the girl in the well I was trying to hide when my fingers slipped In the darkness I cried and I cried All my tears Taken by the water I'm the ghost of the girl in the well Killed by a man who owned my family
  • Gamzee: Fondly regard rainbow. Fan-animation for Original Double Rainbow Song : Download this video for iPod:
  • Dramatic Look i've made some merch for you to spend your hard earned dollars on... i'm wearing a prairie dog thong right now... ewwwww Original description: take a bit of footage from a bit of sound from a scary movie... I think i found the original source. I got it off cuteoverload, but this chap has it it's from a Japanese show called Mini Moni Chiccha...It was a show about this Jpop subgroup of Morning Musume and they spent the entire time goofing off. I never expected this much success, This thing has gotten way out of control (in a good way), Thanks for all your comments!
  • The Regard of Flight 20' -- The Rise of the Actor as Poet "The Regard of Flight" (1983) is a wonderful 45 minute comedy play with three performers: Bill Irwin, Michael O'Connor, and Doug Skinner. In this clip, Doug Skinner (narrator/musician) mentions the decline of the role of the playwright, the rise of the actor as poet, dramaturgical vetriliquism, and the empty polish of conventional theater. This is followed by Bill Irwin (The Actor) and Michael O'Connor (The Critic) discussing the symbolism used in the play to that point.
  • Salvador - Trailer Daniel Brühl's new Spanish film Salvador which was nominated in the Cannes Film Festival as one of the Un Certain Regard selections. This trailer is taken from the original movie site Join my new Daniel Brühl yahoo group at Enjoy!
  • Thintuition practice # 5. I regard food as fuel FREE BOOK @ . Pleasure is a byproduct of eating, and an important one. But there's a big difference between a byproduct and a purpose. The only purpose of eating is to replenish the nutrients and energy your body uses up. As a naturally thin person, you understand that food is just fuel. Any other meanings food has acquired for you are incidental. These meanings may enhance your pleasure in consuming what your body needs. But you recognize that they would become harmful if they led you to consume food it doesn't need. Because you get that food is just fuel, you are struck by the weirdness of the contrary messages that constantly bombard you via the media. You notice how advertisers keep trying to entice you to equate foods with irrelevant emotions and conditions—fun, togetherness, self-reward, prosperity, relaxation, economy, strength, health or athletic prowess. You see how medical science, as reported by the media, assails you with equally irrelevant hopes and fears, promising that certain foods will enhance your longevity, lower your cholesterol or improve your memory, while warning that other foods will give you everything from zits to cancer. You notice, too, how sometimes your own mind proposes food as a solution to problems that have nothing to do with hunger. But you're not taken in. You are clear that hunger is the only problem food has ever solved for you.
  • Matt Arroyo's TUF 6 Audition video TUF 6's Matt no regard arroyo used this video to help secure his spot on the show. very creative
  • Terminator - Short Circuit Trailer Skynet's getting desperate! Edited in Adobe Premiere Elements Titles and effects done with 3ds MAX and After Effects
  • Dj Cam Quartet - New York New York Dj Cam Quartet - New York New York - on Rebirth Of Cool (2008). Dj Cam (Production), Alexandre Tassel (Trumpet), Christian Brun (Guitar) and Jérôme Regard (Bass). Peace
  • Dog Auctions Go inside the legal, but inhumane world of dog auctions. Rare footage from multiple dog auctions shows how dogs are treated like livestock and are passed around from one kennel to another, with no regard for their health or well-being, and certainly no regard for the emotional trauma they endure.
  • Prophets Of Islam Science & Reason on Facebook: "Prophets of Islam" by The forum of the Council of ex-Muslims of Britain: --- Please subscribe to Science & Reason • • • • --- Muslims regard as prophets of Islam those non-divine humans chosen by Allah as prophets. Each prophet brought the same basic ideas of Islam, including belief in a single God and the avoidance of idolatry and sin. Each came to preach Islam and told of the coming of the final law-bearing prophet and messenger of God: Muhammad. Each prophet directed a message to a different group and each prophet taught minor variations in sharia (or the practice of religion) to a different target-audience. These variations constitute applications of Islam: mainstream Muslims do not consider them discrete versions of Islam. Islamic tradition holds that God sent messengers to every nation. Muslims believe that God sent only Muhammad to convey the divine message to the whole world, whereas he sent other messengers (rasuls) to convey their messages to a specific group of people or to an individual nation. Unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam distinguishes between a direct messenger of God (rasul) and a prophet (nabi). Both function as divinely inspired recipients of God's revelation. However, in addition, rasuls receive a divine message or revelation for a community in book form. Thus the rasul category forms a subset of ...
  • OST - 'Rouge' From Krzysztof Kieślowski's masterpiece. Music composed by Zbigniew Preisner.
  • Supporting Scalable Online Statistical Processing Google Tech Talks April, 28 2008 ABSTRACT Christopher Jermaine - RESEARCH SCIENTIST Query processing for ***ytic, statistical, and exploratory database queries has been an active area of database research and development for nearly two decades. Many experts now consider this problem to be "solved", especially with regard to performance. However, an argument can be made that users and databases have simply reached an uneasy truce with regard to ***ytic processing. If users avoid ad-hoc, exploratory queries that might take days to execute, then of course the database performs just fine. In this talk, I will describe query processing in a database system called DBO that is designed from the ground up to support interactive ***ytic processing. DBO can run database queries from start to finish and produce exact answers in a scalable fashion. However, unlike any existing research or production system, DBO is able to produce statistically meaningful approximate answers at all times throughout query execution. These answers are continuously updated from start to finish, even for "huge" queries requiring arbitrary quantities of temporary secondary storage. Thus, a user can stop execution whenever satisfied with the query accuracy, which may translate to dramatic time savings during exploratory processing. Speaker: Christopher M. Jermaine - Research Scientist Chris Jermaine is an assistant professor in the CISE Department at the University of Florida, where he studies databases ...
  • Nessbeal - Princesse Au Regard Triste jenny-07
  • Old School- Hedley (lyrics) my frist lyrics vid :) subscribe if you like i will try again in the future :) Don't believe everything happiness says Nothing feels better than hiding these days We bury our fears in the drinks, in these tears For the days we believed we could fly Call up your brothers and sisters and friends We'll go back to the place where the night never ends We'll remember the fires, the burning car tires Boy how in the hell did we get here? So why don't you meet me, down behind the old school We'll waste away the weekend, with perfect regard for how Cavalier we used to be, that beautiful insanity The apathy's surrounding me Don't close your eyes or we'll fade away Over and over and over again We sat down for a minute, grew up into men Now we're putting out fires and changing car tires Man how in hell did we get here? So why don't you meet me, down behind the old school We'll waste away the weekend, with perfect regard for how Cavalier we used to be, that beautiful insanity The apathy's surrounding me Don't close your eyes or we'll fade away this time And we'll never get back what we Gave away, when we still have that fire in our eyes Don't believe everything happiness says Nothings as real as our old reckless ways When we drink by the fires The burning car tires Bad girls and good liars The dreams we'd conspire The days we went crazy The nights wild and hazy Man how in the hell did we get here? So why don't you meet me, down behind the old school We'll waste away the weekend, with ...
  • Warning - Ciné-regard (1981) Heavy Metal band Warning on French TV.
  • Left 4 Dead - The Team Spirit A 5 weeks in-the-making compilation of some team & individual actions promoting teamplay, which is the most necessary ability in Left 4 Dead. Thank you for watching. NOTE: This is a very old video, people sucked back then and scrims/pcws were a retard fest from today's perspective. I hope you can give a rest to content quality in this regard. Most of the material is from early ESL matches and PCWs with just a few public games, which were in some manner interesting or fun. It is entirely not meant as a competitive video either. For a competitive L4D fragvideo including our later established DRUCKWELLE team, see My best regards to all the great players and teams involved: hVn Atomic Jesus We eat pancakes TDS clan ECSC and many more... Audio: Sigur Ross - Hoppipolla Pulvius Aestivus - Pain of Salvation
  • Tunisiano repondez-moi Chanson repondez-moi de Tunisiano
  • Funny Pictures Around The World Just a bunch of pictures of funny moments
  • Willard Grant Conspiracy - The Suffering Song From the CD Regard The End
  • UnderOATH In Regards to Myself
  • Dragons Den on CBC - Medical Marijuana Business in Victoria BC An entrepreneur from Victoria BC pitches his medical marijuana business to the dragons and their uneducated and brainwashed minds can't cope. Only one dragon is sensible in regard to this mans huge opportunity yet because of most peoples biases he is afraid to invest because of what those biased people may do in regard to his other businesses. ie: stop frequenting them. Sad.
  • High Regard-SOLD SOLD Devon 2007 This was both of our first times at Devon. I was 13 years old and a little nervous. I pulled him too much to the third jump, that wasn't his fault . I was also very happy to have made it around so I kind of forgot about my change at the end :). High Regard Reggie is a 17.0 ½ 11 year old bay Oldenburg/Thoroughbred gelding. Perfect horse for someone to move up to the 3 or 36 on. Veteran in all three rings. Has been to Medal, Maclay and Marshall and Sterling finals. Easily does childrens jumpers and is competitive in the childrens/junior hunters at B and C rated shows. He is very forgiving, adjustable and patient and takes care of whoever is on him. He can take a joke and knows how to get himself out of trouble. Loves to work and will pack a child at 3 or 36 in all three rings. •2005: good ribbons at Zone II hunter finals in the childrens hunters, went to M&S finals for the childrens medal •2006: Ninth in the Marshall and Sterling 36 Junior Medal in 2006 •2007-2008: Qualified rider for Medal finals, Maclay finals, USET Finals, M&S Finals More Pictures available: email [email protected]
  • Lara Fabian - "Aime" (Live) Lara Fabian - "Aime" Night of the Proms (France, 2007)
  • Lara Fabian - Broken Vow @ Concert "Un Regard 9" 2006 Lara Fabian sang her greatest hit "Broken Vow" in Neuf Tour, wonderful singing voice and deeply emotional touching all audiences once again. So beautiful.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo A few pics of Cristiano Ronaldo.Its my first one so dont be harsh.
  • В.Путин.Интервью ведущему CNN,Ларри Кингу. 08.09.00 Part 3 Interview with CNNs Larry King Live Part 3 September 8, 2000 New York. Интервью ведущему телеканала Си-эн-эн Ларри Кингу 8 сентября 2000 года Нью-Йорк. Now as regards the reasons as to why it happened, coming back to that issue, I might say that since 1967, we have a whole set, a whole number of 19 collisions of our submarines with other underwater objects. Therefore, nothing extraordinary has happened in that regard. The question is, however, like I said, to ***yze it thoroughly is an imperative. And maybe jointly, with our partners, to work out a more efficient rule of conduct at the high seas so that we would be able to join our scientific and research potential and rescue operations experience when it is needed beyond the territorial waters. Sailors find themselves there in a hostile environment , and it can be only dealt with jointly. KING: Did you discuss that with President Clinton, the possibility of jointly looking at submarines and underwater activities? PUTIN (through translator): We sure did. Usually, President Clinton and I discuss a broad range of issues, and I'm very thankful to him that he responded quickly to this tragedy, expressed his condolences, proposed his assistance in our very first conversation on the phone, which testifies to the fact that this issue will be on our constant agenda in future. KING: Concerning that, you know Vice President Gore, do you not? PUTIN (through translator): I have met him only once, and it was in passing when he ...
  • Blue Aqua themed eyes.....(Entry for StillGlamorus Contest) Hey Everyone!! Here's a Blue look I did for the StillGLAMORUS contest. It was a bit lazy cuz I made it up as I went along but it turned out ok. Music; The Blacknote Project - Fully reclined at 35000 feet. Alice in Chains (During the tutorial) Base; Face 2 Moisturising Base in Linen, Vichy Dermablend camouflage in G12, MuFe FullCover No.4, Mac Select MoistureCover Nw15, MuFe Super Matte Loose Power No.10. Cheeks; Mac Satin Blush Well Dressed, Bourjois Suivez mon Regard Eye dust 08 . Eyes; Bourjois Eyeshadow in Beige Rose, Sephora all over colour Cream Colour (Silver/Blue), Bourjois Suivez mon Regard Dusts No's 08 & 15, Mac Matte Eyeshadow Clarity, BarryM Dazzle Dust 68, MuFe Aqua Eyes 7L (Blue) & 0L (Black), Rimmel Black Liquid Liner, No7 Dream Lash Mascara and Revlon Lash Jewels. Lips; Mac's Lip Pencil in Subculture, Gosh Lipstick in Darling, Lancome Juicy tubes in POP. Some of my Video's can also be found at ! It's a great new Make-up site. Check it out guys!!!
  • [HD] Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place (Live @ Saitama Super Arena - Oct 5, 08 - Tokyo, Japan) Make sure you click "watch in HD" or use this link: radiohead - jigsaw falling into place just as you take my hand just as you write my number down just as the drinks arrive just as they play your favorite song as your bad day disappears no longer wound up like...
  • Applications of the Force of Healing. Part One Miraculous Prayers and Mantras The Divine Creative Force manifests in many forms. One of the most useful forms of its manifestation is that of sound. For thousands of years, mystics, shamans, and holy men have conceived of ways to preserve and pass on the secrets of the force of the miraculous through sound. In this regard, they have created prayers, songs, mantras, and a host of other sound modalities that serve this purpose. Most people do not understand the reason that prayer and mantras are used so commonly in spiritual and religious practice. For most people, a prayer is a series of words that are spoken to express a need, nothing more. In this regard, the masses are truly missing out on the full power and scope of the potential of prayer and mantra. Words and sound can be made to carry the force of the miraculous. In the same way that a poet or songwriter can fashion a song to express and emotion or sentiment, holy men have crafted words of power, prayer and mantras that preserve the awesome power of the Force of the Miraculous. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words. Mantras and prayers start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form. Over time, the mantra/prayer ...
  • Jigoku Shoujo OST - Kakugo Performed by Yasuharu Takanashi & Hiromi Mizutani *Pure Music Lovers Only
  • FOQ 307 pt. 2 w/ Eng Subs
  • Chicken-Boo - General Boo-Regard After some time, I bring you another chicken-boo episode for your enjoyment.
  • ESPN: Floyd Mayweather interview with regard to Marquez, Pacquiao, himself... and more ...
  • The Regard of Flight 07' -- Free Association Segment "The Regard of Flight" (1983) is a wonderful 45 minute comedy play with three performers: Bill Irwin, Michael O'Connor, and Doug Skinner. In this clip, Doug Skinner (narrator/musician) introduces the free association segment. Later, we have dance segments and a stark kinetic energy segment. Bill Irwin (The Actor) and Michael O'Connor (The Critic) discuss hat tricks (or "hat moves" as we prefer to call them) and theatrical devices. (The video is pixelated from the beginning until about the 1:08 mark.)
  • Tunisiano : Marlich ! ...
  • ある眼差し - Un Regard (trailer) "ARU MANAZASHI" ("Un regard") - a ***ed-poetic-experimental love (?) story Film not suitable for minors. A student in Tokyo. His camera. His world of loneliness. And then, a classmate he likes. In his own way. Filming her. Secretly... Forgetting about privacy. Shot in a POV subjective camera (Cloverfield, Rec, Paranormal Activity etc.), "Un Regard" is a weird experimental film set in Tokyo - about the lack of privacy and the sentimental misery in our modern society.
  • The ghost of 2005 Some trends I identified between 2002-2005 are now in full play. The trends, in the process of unwinding, provide a starting point for anticipating where we are going to be in the near future. In 2005 there was political risk in "truth telling" and in that regard not much has changed. What has changed is that I have identified five high priority events and circumstances that are at this moment very close to triggering the next leg of worldwide crisis. In this regard, symbols and symbology provide very important indicators of where things are going.

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