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  • and REEF's Sriracha Remoulade is on the list. Accolades. Chef Bryan Caswell named. James REEF named #1 Seafood Restaurant in the U.S.. by Bon Appetit Magazine. — “REEF”,
  • Dedicated to global coral reef education, monitoring, and management. — “Reef Check”,
  • Reef Wholesale - North American Distributor of Quality Aquarium Gear from ATI, EcoTech Marine, ReefBrite, Phoenix and more. — “Reef Wholesale”,
  • Provides information about the #reefs chat channel, which hosts guest speaker meetings. Also offers a virtual library of articles and papers. — “”,
  • Marine aquarium supplies, sal***er aquarium in New Brunswick Canada - Reef Store fish dry good. — “Atlantic Reef Store - (Powered by CubeCart)”,
  • Your complete source for sal***er aquarium fish, corals, aquarium supplies, reef lighting, custom design and aquarium servicing. — “Sal***er aquariums, supplies, servicing, reef fish and”,
  • Reef pictures, videos and albums that take you on an armchair tour of the world we live in. — “reef pictures, videos and albums”,
  • Diver direct supplier of sal***er reef aquarium snails, anemone, live rock and sand, ricordea, gorgonians, algae control critters, crabs and more. Reef Aquarium items such as Turbo Snails, Cerith Snails, Nassarius Snails, Peppermint Shrimp, Sand Sifting Fighting Conch, Serpent Stars, Blue Leg. — “”,
  • Shoes - By Reef - 1,780 results like the Reef Fanning Sandal - Men's, Reef Women Fanning Thong, Reef Fanning Sandals - Black, Reef Fanning Leather Men Sandals, Reef Smoothy Sandal - Men, Reef Smoothy Leather Reef Sandals, and more. — “Shoes - By Reef - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag”,
  • All-Reef offers a wide variety of sal***er reef corals in store & on our online shopping WYSIWYG! Buy online: SPS corals, LPS corals, frags, soft corals, sal***er fish, zoanthids, clams, inverts!. — “All-Reef - SPS Corals, LPS Corals, Zoanthids for sale, buy online”, all-
  • Definition of reef in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of reef. Pronunciation of reef. Translations of reef. reef synonyms, reef antonyms. Information about reef in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. coral reef, great barrier. — “reef - definition of reef by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Online retailer of sal***er fish and corals for the home salt water reef aquarium. Based in Los Angeles. — “Reef Hot Spot”,
  • Your online resource for all things reef With so much focus placed nowadays on bigger reef tanks, it's always impressive to see what some people can accomplish in a nano reef tank. — “Reef Tools Live, Reef Blogs, Reef Chat, Reef Groups, Reef”,
  • Definition of reef from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of reef. Pronunciation of reef. Definition of the word reef. Origin of the word reef. — “reef - Definition of reef at ”,
  • Reef definition, a ridge of rocks or sand, often of coral debris, at or near the surface of the water. See more. — “Reef | Define Reef at ”,
  • Shop for REEF Sandals Online & Save with Free Shipping on Orders Over $50. — “Reef Sandals - Reef Sandals Sale - Reef Flip Flops”, reef-sandals-
  • Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) - Protecting Marine Life Through Education, Service, and Research. Making Dives That Count!. — “Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)”,
  • For other uses, see Reef (disambiguation). Pamalican island with surrounding reef, Sulu Sea, Philippines. A reef surrounding an islet. In nautical terminology, a reef is a rock, sandbar, or other feature lying beneath the surface of the water (six fathoms or less at low water). — “Reef - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • As a real estate finance company, we have built our business on the premise of providing choices and solutions which best suit the needs of our clients. We're here to offer you choices for mortgage financing, and to extend real estate finance Reef Signs Club Deal with Orchid Developers more. — “:: Reef ::”,
  • reef n. A strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water. — “reef: Definition from ”,
  • Reef At The Oregon Surf Shop with Free Shipping + No Sales Tax Reef has always blended the cool and casual attitude of the beach with a commitment to nurturing the lifestyle that follows. — “Reef Sandals - Flip Flops - Reef Clothing & Board Shorts”,
  • Reef, the world's leader in authentic surf-inspired footwear, specializing in guys, womens, and kids sandals, shoes and apparel. — “Reef”,

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  • Sonic & Knuckles Music: Lava Reef Zone Act 1 [extended] This is the music for act 1 of the Lava Reef zone in Sonic and Knuckles. IT'S BEEN EXTENDED!!!!!
  • Day 7 Men's Highlights - 2010 Reef Hawaiian Pro Above: The famous Fanning fantail. Photo: Kelly Cestari FANNING FIRES AT REEF HAWAIIAN PRO HALEIWA, Oahu, Hawaii - (Nov. 18, 2010) -- Mick Fanning, two-time world champion and current world No.3, showed how you take it to the top at the Reef Hawaiian Pro today... Watch more at:
  • Awesome Blacktip Reef Shark Attack on Fish Shoal at Kuredu Island Maldives ... Epic Heron Fail Taken while on honeymoon at Kuredu Island Resort in the Maldives. Blacktip reef sharks attack in a group. We weren't expecting that to happen, thus the gasp! Love the squadron-like attack!! Then the heron fails to catch a stunned fish. Well worth a replay - keep eyes at top of video!
  • Reef Tank DIY Sump part 1 Please support these videos by visiting: Part 1 of a video showing you how you can build a sump for your marine aquarium including how to drill aquarium glass.
  • Old 97s - Barrier Reef at Pleasantry Lane Studio, Dallas TX
  • The Reef - Official Trailer A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef.
  • India's First Multi-Purpose Reef Goes Off! Working in conjunction with the Indian government, ASR Ltd completed construction of India's first Multi-Purpose Reef in February, 2010. The primary purpose of the reef is to mitigate coastal erosion from monsoon waves in the small town of Kovalam. The Aritifical Reef also creates an excellent habitat for marine species. Finally, as this video shows, the reef has helped create a great surf spot.
  • Blacktip Reef Sharks in Huge Shoal of Fish at Kuredu Maldives Not as action filled as my other Maldives video (see here: but still amazing to watch. Note how the shoal of fish give a bigger berth for the reef sharks!
  • Australia's Great Barrier Reef Shane O takes a dive into one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
  • Marine Reef Aquarium DVD available at Visit to discover more about Wayne Shang Marine Aquariums.
  • The Reef - Trailer Trailer for Australian adventure thriller THE REEF, represented internationally by Lightning Entertainment. Synopsis: For three British backpackers it seemed like a dream come true. A Week cruising the world's most beautiful coral reef on their own yacht. But when their boat capsizes leaving them stranded on an overturned hull the dream turns into a nightmare. What should they do? Stay with a damaged hull that could sink at any moment or try to swim for land? Finally deciding to swim the three friends take to the water. As they close in on land a fin surfaces and with it the realization that they are being stalked by a deadly fif*** foot white pointer shark. Will any of them make the swim or will the sea take what it wants? The Reef walks the line between horror and psychological thriller! From the director and producer of BLACK WATER.
  • Reef - Consideration "Consideration" by Reef (1997)
  • Barren Reef Ten Year Destruction of the Sea of Cortez
  • Reef LIfe - The Best HD Underwater Video from Koh Tao, Gulf of Thailand A selection of HD Underwater Video clips filmed during Liquid Media Videography courses from around various dive sites, Chumpon Pinnacles, Southwest Pinnacles, Sail Rock, White Rock, Twin Peaks, Japanese Gardens, Ao Leuk, King Kong Rock and many more. If you are planning a dive trip to Koh Tao, this is just some of what you might see, this HD Underwater Video footage has been filmed on Underwater Videography Training Courses and internships with Liquid Media. Filmed by Alan Tansey Music by Alexander Blu or check out our facebook fan page for the latest in video news from Koh tao.
  • Coral Reefs In Danger (CBS) Coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate, four times faster than the rainforest. Daniel Sieberg reports on one man's fight to save this precious resource. ()
  • Exploring Oceans: Great Barrier Reef The largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef spans more than 1200 miles (2000 km) of islands and submerged reefs.
  • Reef Check Australia: The Reef Needs You.....Tube As part of our Dive into Earth Day activities this is Reef Check Australia's underwater promotional video featuring John Butler's "Ocean" and footage by Digital Dimensions. If you care about the future of these natural wonders please sign Reef Check's International Declaration of Reef Rights and join our global network who are committed to the conservation of our coral reefs!!! Divers: get trained as a volunteer Snorkellers: Use our underwater guides Reef lovers: donate or purchase merchandise The Reef Needs You..... Special Thanks to the John Bulter Trio who generously who gifted this sound track and the Australasian Natural History Unit who donated the stunning visuals..... Sit back relax and enjoy
  • The Reef (2010) - Official Trailer The Reef is a great sharks horror movie - coming from Australia. Think JAWS in open water.... A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef. Starring: Adrienne Pickering, Zoe Naylor, Gyton Grantley, Kieran Darcy-Smith, Damian Walshe-Howling
  • Reef Tank DIY Sump part 2 Please support these videos by visiting: Part 2 of a video that shows how to build your own sump for a marine aquarium.
  • Discover Eritrea's Coral Reef Eritrea Travel: Massawa, Dahlak Islands - the Pearl of the Red Sea. Asmara, Africa's Beautiful Modernist City. Eritrea is located in NE. Africa. (Africa Travel) Silver bubbles pop to the surface as a snorkeler glides over a colourful coral reef, bright fish speeding to safety in its protective fronds. Experts say this small Horn of Africa nation has some of the most pristine coral reefs left anywhere worldwide, a "global hotspot" for marine diversity supporting thousands of species. Known also as Green Island for its thick cover of mangroves, Sheikh Seid is only one of 354 largely uninhabited islands scattered along Eritrea's southern Red Sea desert coast, many part of Eritrea's Dahlak archipelago. The remote reefs are exciting scientists, who see in Eritrea's waters a chance of hope amidst increasingly bleak predictions for the future of coral reefs -- if sea temperatures rise as forecast due to global climate change. Unlike the deeper, cooler waters elsewhere in the Red Sea, Eritrea's large expanses of shallow -- and therefore hotter -- waters have created corals uniquely capable of coping with extremes of heat, scientists say. "Eritrea has the most temperature tolerant corals in the world," said marine expert Dr John 'Charlie' Veron, dubbed the "king of coral" for his discovery of more than a fifth of all coral species. "That bodes well, for climate change is set to decimate coral reefs." Leading scientists warn that most reefs -- vital for the massive ...
  • Aquariums - David Saxby's Reef Aquarium (extended version) A 9 minute version of the video of David Saxby's Reef Aquarium. This is regarded as one of the best private marine aquariums in the world. There is a higher resolution version available on our web site. For full specification details on this aquarium visit see the excellent write up on the Ultimate Reef forum Stuart
  • 750 gal soft coral reef Anderson Family Reef
  • Great Barrier Reef - Travel Video Said to be the worlds largest living structure and the only one visible from outer space, the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2000 kilometres and is home to tens of thousands of species of brilliantly coloured fish, coral and other marine life including whales, dolphins and turtles.
  • Coral reef wonderland - Wild Indonesia - BBC The spectacular coral reefs of Indonesia are one of the worlds natural wonders. In its underwater wonderland, a huge array of filter feeders use ingenious ways to trap tiny particles of plankton which the flow of water brings. Stunning footage from the natural history series Wild Indonesia. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here
  • Vintage PBh - Coral Reefs One of the most amazing habitats on earth is found in warm, clear, shallow waters of tropical oceans worldwide. Tiny cup-shaped animals, called polyps, live in colonies, and when they die, their skeletons form a hard, stony, branching structure made of limestone. In our first episode we examine coral -- the growing, living, incredible, under-the-sea structures that provide shelter and food for many marine animals.
  • Reefs of Malaysia - Marine Heritage Malaysia is fast becoming one of the leading dive destinations of the world with the richest marine environment in the Indo-Pacific Basin. The incredible bio-diversity of marine life coupled with beautiful islands with white sandy beaches and clear warm waters keep the divers coming back for more. From schooling hammerhead sharks, huge schools of barracudas and various turtles to the bizarre frogfish or ghost pipefish, there is always something to fascinate the diver. In Malaysia, the coral reef ecosystem is reported to support aquatic organism numbering more than 50 genera of coral and more than 200 species of fish. Each time a marine bio-diversity survey is conducted in the Malaysian tropical sea, the species list increases. Dive centres in Malaysia are well equipped and are certified by relevant agencies for maintaining their standards of safety and professionalism. Scuba diving courses endorsed by certifying agencies like PADI, NAUI, SSI, and BSAC. Some of the courses available include the initial 'Openwater Course', 'Diving Instructor Course' or even a 'Re-breather Course'. Upon completion of your scuba course you can be outfitted with the latest scuba equipment of most international brands available from dive centres in Malaysia.
  • The 2011 Miss Reef Calendar Reef is proud to release the second installment of a five-year series of Miss Reef Calendars shot entirely in Latin America. The 2011 Miss Reef Calendar was photographed throughout the Pacific side of Panama, capturing Reef's most treasured subjects: Exotic beach locations and the beautiful mysterious and sensual Miss Reef
  • Fantastically Diverse Reef Aquarium at Greenwich Aquaria is the source for all your reef aquarium news. This 600 gallon reef tank on display at Greenwich Aquaria in CT has it all. The fish, the inverts, and of course the corals.
  • Reef - Waster Reef - possibly the best band ever?
  • 1200 gallon reef at 9000 feet is the source for all your reef aquarium news. This is a video of Stephen Hurlock's 1200 gallon reef aquarium about 2 months after setup. The new tank is 10' long by 5' wide by 3' tall. This is an upgrade of the previous 600 gallon reef which was in it's place. Much of the livestock is from that previous tank as well as harvested from the local Denver CO reef aquarium community. The water is circulated within the aquarium exclusively with 8 Vortech pumps, with only four on at one time working to spin the entire water mass in a gyre-like motion. The vortechs are placed inside a custom designed dry cavity next to the overflow box. There is over 5000 watts of lights, mostly halides with a few VHO actinics.
  • Sonic & Knuckles Music: Lava Reef Zone Act 1 This is the music for act 1 of the Lava Reef zone in Sonic and Knuckles.
  • Swimming with wild reef sharks - Shark Therapy - BBC Animals World freediving champion Tanya Streeter dives with a pack of reef sharks in an attempt to overcome her fear of these wild predators. Beautiful underwater video from BBC show 'Shark Therapy'.
  • Moonshadow Tubbataha Reefs Diving Dive with The Tubbataha reefs, in the center of the Sulu Sea, are one of the richest areas of marine bio-diversity in the world. This reef has one of the largest assemblages of marine life Per unit area in the world. The reef has been declared a National Marine Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Reef The Lost Cauze "The Sound of Philadelphia" Hit single off Reef The Lost Cauze's sophomore LP, Feast or Famine, released in 2005. Track 2. Rate, Comment & Subscribe!
  • Jerry Byrd and Marty Robbins Beyond the Reef The First Part of this show
  • Snowgoons ft Reef The Lost Cauze - Never (OFFICIAL VIDEO) From the album "GERMAN LUGERS"! iTunes: 2007 kicks off with a bang...with the debut album, "German Lugers," from renowned German production team, Snowgoons, featuring YOURS TRULY, and many other of our fellow artists (Sean Price, OC, Edo G., Living Legends, Rasco, Chief Kamachi, Last Emperor, Jus Allah, El Da Sensei, Wise Intelligent, Reef The Lost Cauze, Doujah Raze, MED, Craig G., Celph Titled, Baby Blak, Pumpkinhead, Afu Ra, Wordsworth, Breez Evahflowin, Majik Most, Kreators, Born Unique, Mitchell Hennessey, Virtuoso & more) WE KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE!
  • Quicksilver Cruises Great Barrier Reef Tours Port Douglas The world's best known Outer Great Barrier Reef cruise experience. Quicksilver Cruises takes you to the renowned Agincourt Reef at the very outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Here, special reefs known as 'ribbons' run parallel to the Continental Shelf. www.quicksilver-
  • Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef Australia by Neil Parris Learning to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, back in the year 2000. We had a 1 week training course including 9 dives on a liveaboard which moved between different reefs. Video includes parts of the PADI open water certification including navigation, removing mask. Lots of fish, turtles, corals and other amazing underwater life. Fran is wearing pink fins, and Neil has odd blue and green fins. The last two minutes show some library footage from Cairns Dive Centre.
  • Miss Reef 2005 Eh eh!! colale!!!
  • World Miss Reef Final - 2010 Reef Hawaiian Pro First Ever World Miss Reef to be Crowned this Saturday at the 2010 Reef Hawaiian Pro LIVE WEBCAST STARTING AT 3:30pm Nov 13th (Hawaii time) Watch more at:
  • Fort Lauderdale Coral reef Coral Reef in Fort Lauderdale. Protect our reefs , and please don't anchor on them. Save the reefs
  • Sustainable Reefs: A Gift for the Future This short film about coral reefs is part of Ocean Futures Society's Sustainable Reefs program that works to inspire Island nations to understand and protect their coral reefs. David Hannan generously donated video for portions of this film. You can reach him at .

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  • “A video of KPMG, one of Reef Check Malaysia's corporate sponsor doing their survey on their adopted reef, Soyak Island Read the Rest About Reef Check Reef Check – A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Empowering People to”
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  • “Cayman Blog from The Reef Resort in Grand Cayman. November 8, 2010. Reef Staff Honored at Are you a friend of The Reef Resort? If you said yes, this is the deal for you! If not,”
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  • “THE REEF BLOG. Hitting the World. Monday, September 13, 2010. Been busy on some other projects The Reef" will be ready tomorrow morning after months of post-production. I am on a plane at 2pm to head to the Cannes Film”

  • “The Reef Tank - Community of reef and salt water aquarists”
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