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  • recurrence relation ( ri′kərəns ri′lāshən ) ( mathematics ) An equation relating a term in a sequence to one or more of its predecessors in the. — “Recurrence relation: Definition from ”,
  • The answer to this depends on how the diagnosis of recurrence was made and how long after the end of initial treatment this happened. Generally, there are three separate categories which carry three different prognoses and usually lead to three general different treatment plans. — “Treatment of Ovarian Cancer Recurrence - Treating Ovarian”,
  • Recurrence definition, an act or instance of recurring. See more. — “Recurrence | Define Recurrence at ”,
  • Poincaré recurrence theorem, Henri Poincaré's theorem on dynamical systems Recurrence period density entropy, an information-theoretic method for summarising the recurrence properties of a dynamical. — “Recurrence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Recurrence after Treatment of Cervical Cancer. One of the most asked questions from women after treatment for cervical cancer is "What is the likelihood that it will come back? Recurrence can be either localized or metastatic. Localized means the cancer cells are confined to the pelvic organs near the. — “Recurrence Rates of Cervical Cancer”,
  • Definition of recurrence in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of recurrence. Pronunciation of recurrence. Translations of recurrence. recurrence synonyms, recurrence antonyms. Information about recurrence in the free online English dictionary and. — “recurrence - definition of recurrence by the Free Online”,
  • Information about a prostate cancer recurrence which is when the cancer returns after initial treatment. — “Prostate Cancer Recurrence - WebMD”,
  • return or reversion to a certain state. French: récurrence fr(fr) f. the instance of recurring; frequent occurrence. French: récurrence fr(fr) f. German: Rekurrenz de(de) f. recourse. a return of symptoms as part of the natural progress of a disease. — “recurrence - Wiktionary”,
  • Find local Breast Cancer Recurrence resources for the top U.S. cities - includes physician directory, list of local hospitals, and emergency contacts. — “Local U.S. City Resources for Breast Cancer Recurrence on”,
  • Local breast cancer recurrence is not considered to be a spread of the cancer but rather due to failure of the initial treatment. Rather, it is women treated with breast-conserving therapy and radiation who are at slightly higher risk of this type of recurrence. — “Breast Cancer Recurrence”,
  • Answers to questions about the risk of recurrence of cervical cancer after treatment has been completed. — “Treatment Recurrence of Cervical Cancer”,
  • If Breast Cancer Returns PDF, 124KB The main goal of treating breast cancer is to keep the cancer from returning (recurrence). Because treatment can be a very difficult and draining process, if it fai. — “Susan G. Komen for the Cure | Understanding Breast Cancer”, ww5
  • Definition of recurrence from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of recurrence. Pronunciation of recurrence. Definition of the word recurrence. Origin of the word recurrence. — “recurrence - Definition of recurrence at ”,
  • recurrence (ree-KER-ents) Cancer that has recurred (come back), usually after a period of time during which the cancer could not be detected. The cancer may come back to the same place as the original (primary) tumor or to another place in the body. Also called recurrent cancer. — “Definition of recurrence - NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms”,
  • The most critical thing to keep in mind is that a recurrence does not necessarily mean death is imminent. What is a recurrence? The most common type of recurrence is when our cancer returns after we've been treated. — “Coping with recurrence - wikiCancer”,
  • Yale; 2005 ( PMID 16199315 -- "Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence after breast conservation therapy: outcomes of salvage mastectomy vs. salvage breast-conserving surgery and prognostic factors for salvage breast preservation. 118 pts treated with BCS+RT for breast cancer developed local recurrence. — “Radiation Oncology/Breast/Recurrence - Wikibooks, collection”,
  • Local recurrence: Cancerous tumor cells remain in the original site, and over time, grow Most physicians do not consider local breast cancer recurrence to be the spread of breast cancer, but rather, failure of the. — “Breast Cancer Recurrence | Breast Health Resource Center”,
  • Recurrence: The return of a sign, symptom or disease after a remission. A recurrence or relapse occur after some weeks or months of remission. — “Recurrence definition - Cancer Information (Cancers, Symptoms”,
  • Definition of recurrence in the Medical Dictionary. recurrence explanation. Information about recurrence in Free online English dictionary. What is recurrence? Meaning of recurrence medical term. What does recurrence mean?. — “recurrence - definition of recurrence in the Medical”, medical-
  • Recurrence information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Recurrence - ”,
  • Recurrence. A Shift in Perceptions About Ovarian Cancer. If you are newly diagnosed with advanced-stage ovarian cancer, you may have difficulty learning that despite your best efforts with standard treatment, the disease may recur (come back). — “Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance :: MOCA - Recurrence”,

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  • Is there eternal recurrence? saMsaara संसार - Cycles of worldly existence Wheels of material pleasure are always spinning from high to low, from shiny, new, and beloved into rusty, old and detested. When shall we all come full circle and realize their futility?
  • Lecture 32 - Recurrence Relations Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • QME: Cascading Recurrence Quantum Mechanical Explanations: Cascading Recurrence Choreography by: Genevieve Garcia in collaboration with dancers, Premiered at Cindy Brandle Company Works Concert, January 2010. Dancers: Karla Beltcheko, Alitra Cartman, Genevieve Garcia, Adam Gauzza, and Adriana Marcial Music: original composition by Jeffrey Krauss
  • SendLater - Set a schedule and recurrence for automatic e-mail with Microsoft Outlook SendLater software addon for Microsoft Outlook and automated e-mail scheduler and reminder tool even Outlook is close.
  • Breast Cancer Recurrence: Risk, Therapy and Surveillance The risk of recurrence for women after early stage breast cancer treatment. Plus, the protective benefits of endocrine and HER-2 therapies; what tests and imaging should be done for surveillance; and how to manage the anxiety of possible recurrence. From Antonio Wolff, MD, medical oncologist at the Johns Hopkins Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center in Baltimore, MD.
  • Miku Luka - Recurrence - VOCALOID Uploaded in Jan.10.2010 Made by Earth-P (Original title) "【初音ミク&巡音ルカ】Recurrence【オリジナル】" ([Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka] Recurrence [Original]) Earth-P is a producer uploading his own songs. However, the highlights of his works are the pictures which he draws. Because they are very cute, there are some cases that his pictures are used in the works of other authors. Earth-P's works; (Can be seen in YouTube) 1. "Lunchtime (Full Mick Version)"(Feb.13.2008) 2. "Response"(Mar.15.2008) 3. "Lunchtime (Afternoon Breaks Edit)"(May.28.2008) 4. "NeoNeko"(Sep.05.2008) 5. "True Happiness"(Nov.19.2008) 6. "Hold Me"(Jan.03.2009) 7. "Senba!"(Apr.18.2009) 8. " d"AI"sy "(Jul.18.2009) 9. "Twitter ☆ Twister"(Sep.22.2009) 10. "Emotional Breeze"(Oct.30.2009) 11. "Recurrence"(Jan.10.2010) 12. "Dirty Neko Tora-kku"(Mar.07.2010)
  • Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence A terrific presentation of eternal recurrence in a scene from Nietzsche Wept, which was an otherwise poor film.
  • Tales of Symphonia 2: Richter's Mystic Arte - Eternal Recurrence Richter's Mystic Arte to counter Emil's Ain Soph Aur. I don't own Tales of Symphonia or any of its characters, terms, etc.
  • Outlook 2003 Tutorial Setting Task Recurrence Microsoft Training Lesson 7.9 Learn how to set task recurrence in Microsoft Outlook at . A clip from Mastering Outlook Made Easy v. 2003. - the most comprehensive Outlook tutorial available. Visit us today!
  • Nietzsche's Myth of Eternal Recurrence Nietzsche's myth of eternal recurrence, narrated by Jeff Cooper
  • Do Vegetables and Fruits prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence? I made this video because I think the media headlines did a disservice to the public by oversimplifying the complex considerations behind a study looking at fruits and vegetables. The study called the Women's Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) Randomized Trial was published in JAMA last week: Influence of a diet very high in vegetables, fruit, and fiber and low in fat on prognosis following treatment for breast cancer: the Women's Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) randomized trial. JAMA. 2007 Jul 18;298(3):289-98. There was, however, an editorial that went along with the study, that tries to address some key questions about the study (such as, did the women who were on the intervention actually follow through on the intervention -- the answer which seems to be unclear). Please see: Fat, fruits, vegetables, and breast cancer survivorship. JAMA. 2007 Jul 18;298(3):335-6. In the upcoming weeks, there should be more editorials published in specialty nutrition journals addressing the different methodological considerations about the study, as well as address the broader picture of the effects of eating healthy extra fruits and vegetables. I will try to keep this video description updated. In the meantime, please know that eating extra fruits and vegetables will almost certainly bring good benefits to your health.
  • 5 - The Eternal Recurrence 1of4 Rick Roderick - Nietzsche and the Post-Modern Condition
  • Relentless Recurrence "Relentless Recurrence" by ChthoniC from the album "Relentless Recurrence."
  • Eternal Reccurence Secret Of Mana OST. Enjoy! One of the legendary action RPGs that made an impact on our lives and that changed our way of looking at games... People still talk about that game and some of us still play it (I do). It never died, its legacy lives on and will be until the end. This describes well Secret Of Mana^^. It's a game where you can play with 2 of your friends,you gain levels by cumulating EXP, but the innovative feature of SoM is that you can also gain levels with your spells and weapons. The music is beyond beautiful and artistic... it's so good that many people created compositions based on the original music of the game either on the piano or on Mario Paint Composer, which are both extraordinary^^. I should stop writing about how great it is(even though it's hard:P) and let you hear the soundtrack I brought you. Listen well^^ Remember Secret Of Mana...
  • Re: 2012 : Nietzsche's "Eternal Recurrence" and the I-Ching Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Brahman-ETERNAL RECURRENCE Tour 2009 New Sentiment,Roots Of Tree,Causation,Great Help
  • Cryoscience and Cryomedicine: Breast Recurrence Cryosurgery Professor Dr. Nikolai N. Korpan;; Theoretical, experimental and clinical research since 1995; International Institute for Cryosurgery, Rudolfinerhaus, Vienna, Austria
  • Breast Cancer: Preventing Recurrence While most early-stage tumours can be removed by surgery, this does not necessarily mean that the patient is 'cured'. Preventing recurrence is often the primary goal in breast cancer management.
  • Famotidine Is Inferior to Pantoprazole in Preventing Recurrence of Aspirin... Drs. Fook-Hong Ng and Wai-Ming Chu discuss their m***cript Famotidine Is Inferior to Pantoprazole in Preventing Recurrence of Aspirin-Related Peptic Ulcers or Erosions. To view the print version of this abstract, go to:
  • Recurrence Relations introduction tutorial.MP4
  • Secret of Mana OST - Eternal Recurrence ~ Undine's Cave Theme Stereo quality: Music from the soundtrack of Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2). Title: Eternal Recurrence (aka Repeating Eternity) Composer: Hiroki Kikuta Check my playlists for more songs of Secret of Mana and other game music:
  • Insidermedicine In Depth - March 4, 2010 - Breast Cancer Recurrence The longer women with breast cancer wait to receive radiation therapy after having surgery, the greater their risk of experiencing a recurrence, according to research published online ahead of print in the British Medial Journal. Here is some information about radiation therapy: • It involves using ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors • Radiation energy attacks genetic material in targeted cells, making it impossible for them to grow and reproduce • Radiation therapy damages both cancer cells and healthy cells, but healthy cells are better able to recover from the damage Researchers from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston looked at the relationship between wait times for radiation therapy and recurrence rates among over 18000 US women with breast cancer who were aged 65 or older. All the women received breast conserving surgery and radiation therapy but not chemotherapy. On average, the women waited just over a month to start radiation therapy after their surgery, but nearly one-third waited six weeks or more. Waiting that long was associated with a 19% increased risk of having a cancer recurrence. Women were more likely to have to wait six weeks or longer for radiation therapy if they had early signs of cancer spread, other medical conditions, or a history of low income. Longer waits also occurred more commonly in Black and Hispanic women, among those who were diagnosed later, and among those living outside the southern US We spoke with Dr. Rinaa ...
  • Recurrence of adrenal cancer Why does adrenal cancer recur (come back)?
  • Recurrence Entry for the S(f)FFFF
  • Eternal Recurrence Nietzsche's notion of eternal recurrence. Music - Massive Attack Car Clips - Radiohead
  • Breast Cancer Recurrence Test Dr. Jennifer Ashton discussed a new breast cancer test that helps to determine risk of recurrence.
  • Radiation After Lumpectomy Reduced Mortality, Recurrence Risk Adding radiation therapy after lumpectomy reduced the risk of dying of recurrent breast cancer within 15 years by nearly 4%, Sarah C. Darby, Ph.D., reports.
  • Sequences : Recurrence Relations : ExamSolutions : A-level Maths In this video you are shown what a sequence is and how to define a recurrence relationship for the terms in the sequence. To see this and other videos in a clearer view goto or to see the complete revision guide on sequences go to
  • Chthonic - Live - 19 - Relentless Recurrence Taken from Chthonic's - 'A Decade On The Throne' DVD (10th Anniversary Concert, Huashan Culture Park, Taipei, Taiwan. February 3rd, 2006)
  • Psychic Letters of Nietzsche & Emerson | Eternal Recurrence, Deja Vu & 2012 | Nietzsche Messiah First mention of the letters: From Nietzsche's "The Joyful Wisdom" "Storms are my danger." TRANSIT:1883--- Ur*** oppose Jupiter (productive gambling, freedom) Nietzsche's Letters to Overbeck----- February 11, 1883 [day after my bday] "I, with my physical style of thinking, now see myself as the victim of a terrestrial and climatic disturbance, to which Europe is exposed. How can I help having an extra sense organ and a new source of suffering!" TRANSIT: 1881--- Saturn conjunct Pluto (structure of life changes without warning) Mars conjunct Saturn (difficult days, be aware of easy injury) October 28, 1881 "[Could you send me the book on medical meteorology by Foissac] on account of the terrible effects of atmospheric electricity on me- they will yet drive me over the earth; there MUST be better living conditions for my nature. Eg, in the high plateaus of Mexico, on the Pacific side. Very, very much tormented day after day. " September 18, 1881 "I shall say what I wanted not to say but cannot withhold. I am desperate. Pain is vanquishing my life and my will. What months, what a summer I have had! My physical agonies were as many and various as the changes I have seen in the sky. In every cloud there is some form of electric charge which grips me suddenly and reduces me to complete misery." November 18, 1881 "I should have been at the electricity exhibition in Paris, partly to learn the latest findings, partly as the exhibition; for as one who senses ...
  • Facing Recurrence Types of breast cancer recurrence and how providers can help patients cope with metastatic disease.
  • Déjà Vu as Eternal Recurrence | Scholars Aren't Free Spirits | Nietzsche's Archetypal Face 384 = lines in I-Ching, days in one full lunation 144000= days in Mayan baktun, elect in Bible to survive End Days, stones in Giza Pyramid? 360 = degrees in circle 7200 = days in Mayan katun 52 = years in calendar round, weeks in a 365 year 65 = corresponds to Venus cycles 819 = 9 + 9 x 9 + 9 x 9 x 9, or, 9(Lords of the Underworld) x 13(Lords of Heaven) x 7(Lords of Earth?). There are 13 numbered days in the Tzolk'in, and the number is always 1 on the first day of an 819 cycle. Days remaining until 2012 from Nietzsche's birth = 61428 / 360 = 170.6333333 / 144 = 426.5833333333 / 7200 = 8.531666666 / 819 = 75.003663003663003663003663004. / 18 = 3412.666666666 / 13 / 20 / 13 = 18.17 / 65 = 945.0461 / 384 / 13 = 12.30 52 884615 384 62
  • On Recurrences for Sums of Powers of Binomial Coefficients Full Text Article Available at: Authors: Jin Yuan*, Zhi-Juan Lu*, Schmidt Asmus** *Department of Mathematics, Northwest University, Xi'an 710127, People's Republic of China **Matematisk Institut, Universitetsparken5, Copenhagen DK-2100,Denmark. Email:[email protected] M***cript Number: JNT-D-07-00302R1
  • Recurrence of polyps of the cervix. Radical removal of polyps. In early 2010, steel mill worker, 49 of age was removed polyp of the cervix by scraping the walls of the cervical c***. Histological examination revealed fragments of scraping glandular fibrous and glandular polyps have delivered the material. During regular preventive gynecological examination 6 months later the woman showed recurrent polyps of the cervix. The patient was sent to outpatient polypectomy by endoscopic method. At endoscopy the cervical c*** there were revealed two polyps. Glandular-fibrous polyp was located in the lower third of the cervical c*** and the glandular polyp - in the middle third of the channel. Both polyps were removed by electrosurgical endoscopic method using a loop. Eschar whitish-yellowish after removal remained on the location of each polyp.
  • Arthrogryposis : Serial Casting for Clubbed Foot Recurrence Dr. Harold van Bosse & Jason casts Abby (Ponseti Method) This is the last round of serial casting for treatment of clubbed foot recurrence Abby has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita
  • Herpes Zoster Recurrences More Frequent Than Previously Reported-Mayo Clinic Proceedings Dr. Barbara Yawn, full-time clinical researcher and director of the Department of Research at Olmsted Medical Center, Rochester, MN, discusses her article appearing in Mayo Clinic Proceedings February 2011 issue (Available at: ) on the recurrence of Herpes Zoster.
  • |Absence/Recurrence | Absence/Recurrence October 31 -- November 13, 2010 Gallery VER 194, Tanao Road Bovonnivet, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok Tue -- Sat 1pm -- 7pm Opening Reception: October 31, Sunday, 3 - 6 pm. Gallery VER is pleased to present the one-week installation "Absence/Recurrence" by Bangkok-based artist Sathit Sattarasart, whose works focus on public/private issues, ambiguity of languages, communication, and uncertainties in social and political conditions. "Absence/Recurrence" is an investigation of knowledge formulation distributed in Thai social institutions. It questions the process of recurrence of absent knowledge and the possibility of the absence of recurrent knowledge or repeated history. Just like facts and truths, history exists, but not in words. Not only with the points of view, backgrounds and ideologies of the historians, historiography will always be the matter of languages used. And as it seems to be a work in progress, what does it reflect on? Is it about nations, civilizations, cultures, or the whole human race? And why are some of the histories meant to be truer than others? History is nothing but a truth by consensus, but in the end, learning is more significant than memorizing. This project aims to make a temporal disappearance to stimulate and nurture ourseeds of ideas to instead grow in the blank space. "This collaborative project is somehow unprocessed data even if some elements were selected. Anyway, absence of recurrence is not recurrence of ...
  • The Recurrence - Help Us Pope The Recurrence Live @ Totem - Resistenza Rock Contest
  • Lecture 34-Recurrence Relations(contd..) Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • Lecture 33 - Recurrence Relations Discrete Mathematical Structures, Recurrence Relations, Lecture 33

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