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  • Recumbent Bikes. By John Andersen. You've probably seen them, those odd shaped bicycles having more in common with lawn furniture than typical bicycles. Perhaps you're wondering what they are all about and why are there starting to be more of them around. — “Recumbent Bikes”,
  • Recumbent and Human Powered Vehicle Information Center Performer recumbents have been around for since 1999, and until now they have been content to build recumbent bikes to be sold in the US by distributors like Actionbent and Performance XPR. — “Recumbent Bicycle Information Supersite”,
  • recumbent mountain ride - off road on AZUB recumbent. We have spent some very nice hours in the nature close to Czech/Slovakia borders on recumbents. Some steep uphills and some beautiful off-road downhills in Tags: recumbent, AZUB, Hard, Core, off-road, mountain, MTB, downhill,. — “VĂ­deos de recumbent - ViuVideos - The best videos of Youtube!”,
  • We've been at our present location since 1994, providing recumbent bikes, recumbent trikes and recumbent tandems to people all over the world. Most of the time one of them rides a standard bike; the other recumbent. — “People Movers”,
  • At Local Bicycle Trader you can find recumbent bicycles with other types of used bikes for sale as well. List any bicycles that you want to sell or trade for free. — “Recumbent Bikes for Sale”,
  • We got a great email tonight: Hi Rob, Enjoy the Recumbent blog. Nice to see a Canadian take it over. I live in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario so also a flag waver. I have a RANS Stratus XP long wheelbase, a Cycle Genius Sparrow medium wheelbase and a Bacchetta Giro 20 short wheelbase recumbent. — “The Recumbent Blog " Search Results " crap”,
  • Recumbent bags. Not only are you using all available space which gives up to a 100 liters of pannier contents, moreover the point of gravity of the bike is lowered, so its stability actually improves. The adjustment system makes the panniers suitable for almost any recumbent. — “”,
  • Recumbent definition, lying down; reclining; leaning. See more. recumbent - 5 dictionary results. 40% off Recumbent Coupon. Get 40% off at Mercantila + Rewards & More & Free Shipping! /Mercantila. fast recumbent bikes. easy to use and comfortable Prepare to get ahead of the crowd!. — “Recumbent | Define Recumbent at ”,
  • Buy recumbent, Sporting Goods items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Toys Hobbies items and get what you want now!. — “recumbent items - Get great deals on Sporting Goods”,
  • A recumbent bicycle is a bicycle that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. Most recumbent riders choose this type of design for ergonomic reasons; the rider's weight is distributed comfortably over a larger area, supported by back and buttocks. — “Recumbent bicycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of recumbent in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of recumbent. Pronunciation of recumbent. Translations of recumbent. recumbent synonyms, recumbent antonyms. Information about recumbent in the free online English dictionary and. — “recumbent - definition of recumbent by the Free Online”,
  • Offering recumbent bicycles, accessories, and parts. — “Hostel Shoppe, Ltd”,
  • FAQs for recumbent bikes - Frequently Asked Questions about Recumbent bikes from the Recumbent Bike & Trike Professionals at The Bicycle Man shop in Alfred Station, New York. — “Recumbent Bike FAQ | Recumbent Bicycle FAQ | Frequently Asked”,
  • An article written by a cyclist with 23000 touring miles that discusses the differences between touring with an upright bike and a recumbent during a bicycle touring adventure. — “Bicycle Touring 101: Upright versus recumbent bicycle for touring”,
  • Examples of RECUMBENT. The Egyptian sphinx has the body of a recumbent lion. the psychiatrist's popular image remains that of a little bearded figure with a Central European accent, scribbling away in a notebook behind his recumbent patient. — “Recumbent - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine is the world's only magazine dedicated to riders and enthusiasts of tandem bicycles and recumbent bicycles. Find bike and equipment reviews, riding tips, travel stories, advice, and maintenance ideas from the. — “Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine”,
  • Goals for 2011: Dos/RAS Extreme ultramarathon cycling race around Slovenia (1230km) & Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), with 1200km oldest bicycling event in the world!. — “Recumbent Videos :: Recumbent TV”,
  • A Recumbent Trike with amazing versility and highest overall quality offers the most comfortable, efficient ride possible along with maximum stability and accurate handling. — “The Recumbent Trike Rider”,
  • Recumbent Manufacturers & Recumbent Suppliers Directory - Find a Recumbent Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Recumbent Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Recumbent-Recumbent Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • RBR is a dealer of recumbent bikes (bicycles) and trikes (tricycles) for Bacchetta, Cycle Genius, Edge, HP Velotechnik, Optima, RANS, Challenge, Catrike, Hase, ICE, Tri-Sled, TerraTrike, and Greenspeed. — “Recumbent Bike Riders, Inc”,
  • recumbent adj. Lying down, especially in a position of comfort or rest; reclining. A recumbent bicycle is a bicycle that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. — “recumbent: Definition, Synonyms from ”,

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  • Home-built Recumbent Bicycle My bike is a clone of Easy Racer's Tour Easy. I found full PDF plans on the internet in 2004. It required two road bike frames, brazing rod, an oxy-acetylene torch, and miscellaneous hardware. Riding a recumbent eliminates neck strain and wrist pain that come with a road bike. Quite fun!
  • My ride behind a fast recumbent bike I met a nice guy on my ride tonight, he was the fastest recumbent rider I have ever ridden with. He is an interesting guy, here is his website
  • Vanguard Recumbent Bicycle A short video explaining the advantages of the Vanguard Recumbent Bicycle.
  • Specter Trike recumbent racer James Schroeder pedals the Specter recumbent trike to over 50 miles per hour at the World Human Powered Speed Championships in Battle Mountain NV September 2008
  • Recumbent: Ligfietsopstapdag 2009 Lots of 'bents and newbies. Known faces and new experiences. A free event in which everybody gets to try a recumbent. My photo's of this event:
  • How to Use an Exercise Bike : The Recumbent Exercise Bike Learn all about the recumbent exercise bike, including how to ride, in this free instructional video about using exercise bikes. Expert: Brian Lange Contact: Bio: Brian Lange, MA, CSCS, is the owner and director of On The Road Personal Training and Athleticism Training and Performance. Filmmaker: James HECK
  • SUN EZ 3 RECUMBENT TRIKE The EZ-3 is very comfortable with a large cushy seat. It is a good trike for someone who needs exercise and local transportation but doesn't think they have the strength or co-ordination to ride a two wheeled traditional bike or recumbent. It is slow and heavy but stable at lower speeds.
  • The Tomahawk recumbent Lowracer The Tomahawk Lowracer is all about the speed! The extremely laid back seating position means that you will always be able to deliver your full energy to the cranks, as well as cheat the wind in ways that are impossible on a standard upright bike. The short wheelbase configuration offers agile and responsive handling characteristics that make it feel as though you are piloting a jet fighter.
  • Dutch recumbent competition: Groningen 2009 Scenes from the individual starts. The bike at 0:41 is a M5 Nadir L'espada. Quest or Mango race-hoods aren't sold by a manufacturer. Results: (click 'ronde' or 'criterium') Photos: The opening photo is from xl-
  • Downhill Col de Braus to Sospel with Recumbent Downhill with recumbent, 73,6 km/h at 5m 38s Partially wet. z53-11
  • 12-Hour UMCA record on Cruzbike Silvio recumbent bicycle Maria Parker, 46, sets the UMCA women's world record for the 100 mile, 200 mile, and 12-hour ride (241 miles / 387 km), surpassing Nancy Raposo's 1992 distance set with a road bike. Records are now certified by the UMCA. Public road 20 mile loop course, no drafting. 100 mile: 4:47:56. 200 mile: 9:55:34.
  • How to Ride a Recumbent Bike This is a quick look at riding a recumbent bike.
  • Recumbent Trike An ICE Trice recumbent trike from the vantage point of another one.
  • recumbent mountain ride - off road on AZUB recumbent We have spent some very nice hours in the nature close to Czech/Slovakia borders on recumbents. Some steep uphills and some beautiful off-road downhills in high speed. Simply great ride!
  • Recumbent FWDRWS A one of a kind Front Wheel Drive Rear Wheel Steering recumbent bicycle. It has 700c wheels, The frame is chromoly nickel silver brazed. The bikes weight is 23lbs. The componate set is full Ultegra
  • ProForm GR 80 Recumbent Exercise Bike This is a pretty good bike overall. the magnets gave us some problems but it still works well enough for me.
  • recumbent sailbike bamboo, clear vinyl & duct tape. Surprisingly stable. Wingsail planned. contact [email protected] Also see "homemade moped, front wheel drive", "engine powered bike trailer = moped", "motor skater"
  • Recumbent Offroad Singletrack - older low-res version Here's my first attempt at helmetcam in Albion Hills forest singletrack. The 09 edits are better.
  • Recumbent Bikes Brian Bumpers explains the advantages of the recumbent bikes SouthFit TV.
  • Peregrine Carbon Recumbent.mpg Homebulit composite recumbent -front wheel drive ,moving bottom bracket. Weighs about 23.5 lbs (10.7 kg) without pedals or seatpad. 26" front wheel,700c rear. Has integrated Duotrap for Bontrager Node 2 computer
  • The Recumbent Experience Filmed over a very chilly January day in North East Scotland. The Bike is a 2007 Nazca Fuego purchased from Laid Back Cycles in Edinburgh. This is my first attempt at filming and editing a "proper" video.
  • Convertible recumbent bicycle!! What looks to be a surprisingly practical design demo'd by its inventors, Dutch bike designers Vic Aguilar aka UpBeatnik Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Bike E Recumbent with Ecpospeed Mid Drive electric motor Bike E Recumbent EcoSpeed Mid Drive
  • Viking Recumbent Tandem Trike First Test Ride Just a quick steering and transmission test. No seats, no brakes, no chain tensioners, and a few places only tack welded together!
  • Pashley PDQ recumbent bicycle PDQ Review: I've owned a Pashley PDQ from 1999 until the present day (January 2008). It's a superbly comfortable bike and has been on many adventures. This video was taken in the UK in 2006 when I was preparing to ride from Land's End to John o'Groats on the bike. Interested in the basket on the back of the bike ? I make these: There are also more pictures on the bike review page.
  • Meridian Long Wheel Base Recumbent Bike Because the Meridian is a fusion of a lowracer and a touring recumbent, it's a bicycle for all occasions. It's great for those wanting a stable, easy-to-ride and comfortable bicycle for city commuting or long leisurely rides, but it also jumps into action when you want that all out fast and furious blast around the track or neighborhood. Because of the higher seat, you can look most traffic "in the eyes", so safety in crowded city traffic is greatly enhanced. Music by Brad, Atomic Zombie
  • recumbent bike E Red recumbent Bike ES small frame, hard-tail, factory AHEAD neck bearings and seal, SCRAM 3.0 with right and left grip shift, high pressure tires with good tread, great condition, high strength yet light-weight solid aluminum frame, 3 speed hub shifter and 8 speed rear derailer mean 21 speeds and wide range of gearing, low, low to high, front and rear center pull brakes, under 200 miles. Blue recumbent Bike E, rear air suspension, Cane Creek ADS 5.0 adjustable air shock, SCRAM 5.0 with eight and left grip shift, 3speed hub and 8 speed rear derailer mean 21 speeds, low,low gearing to high speed, 110 PSI upgraded WORM technology tires front and rear, durable factory AHEAD neck bearing, fork, and seal setup, light in weight but very high strength solid aluminum frame, front and rear center pull brakes. M Medium frame, upgraded seat, no-tool, detatchable water-resistant factory ballistic nylon with reflective tape seam side bags and brackets available but not installed in video so you can see the rear wheel better, under 200 miles. shortly both bikes are going on ebay for sale with the side bags as an option. Solution Host Productions 2008
  • Anzob Tunnel, Tajikistan - recumbent style Cycling through the recently opened tunnel through the mountains of central Asia on a recumbent. At 5km long, it was a big undertaking. Or should that be 'is' a big undertaking. It is still under construction, and even though cars are being let through, it is a mess. Water, mud, rock fall... www.14
  • Roadie meets Recumbent A typical (almost) conversation between a recumbent rider and a roadie.
  • tadpole recumbent one of the trikes i've made
  • french recumbent ride Short clip of me overtaking some friends on a Recumbent ride through France
  • s17 Semi-Recumbent Bike : DigInfo DigInfo - Biking in the rain is hard and especially if you want to stay dry, so why not build a bike with a roof? That's Toast's 17 bicycle department's plan with their s17 semi-recumbent bike. Adding a roof to a regular bike would make it too tall and inconvenient so 17 Bicycle chose to design a semi-recumbent bike. With a lower bike the roof wouldn't cause problems when parking. Unlike regular recumbent bikes which recline too far for most every day cyclists making balance and control difficult the s17 is semi-recumbent with the handles around the waist to provide better control and balance than other semi-recumbent bikes with the handle bars in the front. This is a 6 speed bike with grip shifts and a steel frame though an aluminum frame is intended for release in the USA. The front wheel is 14 inches and the rear wheel is 24 inches with v-brakes on both wheels. The bike is planned to be released in October around the world.
  • Riding The Reynolds T-bone Recumbent Bike Riding the Reynolds T-bone recumbent bike on the American River bike trail, Sacramento, CA.
  • Raptor Recumbent trike Human powered recumbent trike
  • Midwest Recumbent Rally 2008 My first bike rally of any type (and my first video on the 'net. Shot Saturday morning, 8/9/2008, with Panasonic SDR-S7. Rode the short route on my Rans Fusion. Had a lot of fun, and hope to attend again next year (with a trike I hope to purchase between now and then).
  • Streamlined Recumbent Bicycle Race - Northbrook 2009 Streamlined Recumbent Bicycles race at speeds of 25 to 35 mph around a velodrome in Northbrook, Illinois June 13, 2009. Racers include 1) Dennis Grelk, white and green, avg speed 34 mph 2) Tony Levand, yellow bike, avg speed 33.26 mph 3) Rich Myers, white and red bike 4) Tracy Thompson, orange velomobile 5) Tyger Johnson, yellow nose, pink fabric 6) Jeff Hunn, white bike, light blue bottom 7) Dan Glatch, Pirahna, silver white # 21 8) Andrew Bomar, white Rose-Hulman bike # 8 9) Rick Gritters, white streamliner, trike wheels 10) Danny Sing, black Rose-Hulman Mark IV 11) Tim Hicks, SuperStock bike with tailbox , yellow jersey 12) Richard Nicodemus, all red bike, fabric body 13) Earl Russel, American flag 14) Jim Iwaskow lowracer with carbon tailbox, white red shirt 15) Dave Pearson, white bike, red helmet, 101 16) Frank Lindley, white tailbox
  • Transformable while riding high-low Recumbent Bike Transformable recumbent bike Features a low efficient position for long journeys, more manageable upright position for in town and off road.
  • San Juan Capistrano to Oceanside - Recumbent Trike and Bike ride the BEST OC Cycling Group does something different and takes a 64 mile round trip down the southern California Coast from San Juan Capistrano's historic district to the Oceanside, CA Pier. Recumbent trikes shown in the video are Terra Trike models ("Tour" and "Cruiser") and a Catrike "Trail". http
  • Building a Recumbent Mountain Bike Building a Recumbent Mountain Bike. Shown here at the Old Post Trails in Russellville, Arkansas. Check out my Blog at:
  • The Viking Recumbent Tandem Trike The Viking is a very unique tandem trike that includes an independent transmission system that allows one rider to stop pedaling without affecting the other. The Viking Tandem Trike uses commonly available 20mm disc brake hubs, so there are no hard-to-find or overly expensive components needed.
  • The Ultimate in Productivity: Recumbent Bike + Laptop Stand Learn how I fabricated a laptop stand for my recumbent exercise bicycle, allowing me to use my laptop while pedaling away!
  • Slowest recumbent bike of all Martin Anderseck on my Fuego wins Snail Race

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  • “The Recumbent Blog " Blog Archive " "Easy Street Recumbents Rob In truth, it is the latest recumbent blog I've discovered by the good folks at Easy”
    Recumbent blog " ,

  • “Recumbent and Human Powered Vehicle Information Center I see no entries in the Recumbent Trike forum. What's up with that? (edit - the forum defaults to entries in the last 30 days - changed to a year and there are trike”
    — The Recumbent Bicycle and Human Powered Vehicle Information,

  • “The Recumbent Blog. The Travels of the Fast Red Bike. TreeHugger. Up in Long Distance Forum. Bike Forums - Long Distance Forum. Checkpoint Recumbent Audax Article”
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  • “Bicycle Tours and Mountain Biking is dedicated in providing you with resources on your bicycle touring and mountain biking experiences”
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  • “The Recumbent Blog : Celebrating the Recumbent Bicycle Bob Bryant of Recumbent Cyclist News (RCN) recently launched his Recumbent Cyclist Blog. Considering Bob's unique place in the industry, and his wealth of knowledge and experience, this is likely to grow into a fantastic resource”
    — The Recumbent Blog " Blog Archive " RCN Blog,

  • “At some point along the way, my focus changed from recreational to transportational cycling, which led to my decision to close down The Recumbent Blog and create EcoVelo in 2008: I would like to thank Alan for all of the work the put into the Recumbent Blog, and subsequently into Ecovelo”
    — EcoVelo " Blog Archive " The Recumbent Blog,

  • “The Recumbent Blog " Blog Archive " Optima Baron Folding Bike Please use this link to visit the best recumbent shop in the USA. Tell Dana that JV sent”
    — JV's Cycling Blog: The Recumbent Blog, jv-

  • “TerraTrike is currently offering a Black Friday sale of 15% off all accessories purchased directly from them via their online store or called orders. Granted, we're posting this on a Saturday, but”
    — Journal Blog | Recumbent Journal,

  • “Question We're looking to lose weight and shrinking our midsection. What is your feeling on a treadmill vs a recumbent exercise bike for weight loss and burning calories?”
    — Treadmill vs. Recumbent Exercise Bike | Exercise Equipment Expert,

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