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  • ***ual reconviction in a sample of child ***ual abusers completing residential treatment for reconviction, ***ual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 14, 153-165. Publication:. — “Professor AR Beech Publications for 01-JAN-2001 to 31-DEC”,
  • The relationship between the length of time in the job and subsequent reconviction was indicated by the 80 percent reconviction rate for the 44 men who left their jobs within 3 months. However, as many as one-third delayed their reconviction to the latter 5 years of the 10-year followup period. — “NCJRS Abstract - National Criminal Justice Reference Service”,
  • The key findings - Long-term trends in reconviction rates The Reoffending of Adults in England and Wales National Statistics publication measures the percentage of adults who are discharged from custody or start a court order under probation. — “Statistics - Compendium of Reoffending Statistics and”,
  • YJB’s response to the reconviction data published by the Home Office today “Today’s publication shows that reconviction rates for young people have fallen over the past five years. — “Youth Justice Board - Reconviction Data”,
  • The reconviction rates for individual prisons published for the first time show that Dorchester, in Dorset, has the highest at 74.7% for adult male prisoners and New Hall, in Yorkshire, has the highest reconviction rates for female prisoners at 76. — “UTV News - Reoffending rates top 70% in some prisons, figures”,
  • The Reconviction Rate of Federal Offenders 2003-02 The reconviction rate for the first fiscal year release cohort was 44.0%, 42.8% for the second release cohort and 40.6% for the third cohort. — “The Reconviction Rate of Federal Offenders 2003-02”,
  • a *** reoffense (i.e. rearrest, reconviction, or reincarceration), the time that offenders rearrest, reconviction, or reincarceration), the time that offenders spent in prison for. — “Restorative Justice gained momentum in America through the”,
  • *** offenders emerging from long-term imprisonment: A study of their long-term reconviction rates and parole For offences committed against adults, the reconviction rates at four and six years were,. — “JustResearch Edition no. 8”,
  • Reconviction rates ranged from 40.6 percent to 44.0 percent. James Bonta, Tanya Rugge, and Mia Dauvergne, The Reconviction Rate of Federal Offenders 2003-02 (Public Works and Government Services Canada, June 27,. — “Recidivism - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Does restorative justice affect reconviction? The fourth report from the evaluation. of What expectations can one have for changes in reconviction?. — “Does restorative justice affect reconviction? The fourth”,
  • To date there has been an over-reliance on reconviction data as the sole measure of treatment efficacy. A rigorous reconviction study requires an adequate comparison group but few papers describe with transparency how this has been achieved. — “ingentaconnect Measuring the real impact of accredited”,
  • Reconviction ***ysis of Programme Data using Interim Accredited Programmes Software (IAPS) Overall, the reconviction ***ysis on the 2004 adult cohort results showed a statistically. — “Reconviction ***ysis and IAPS Report”,
  • Criminal Justice Minister David Hanson MP has welcomed the news that Northern Ireland is on target to reduce reconviction rates by five per cent. David Hanson said, "These results are evidence that our investment in criminal justice services is helping to turn offenders away from crime. — “Hanson welcomes reduced reconviction rates // Northern”,
  • Dr. Tyre scored Brainard a 4 on the RRASOR, which was associated with a 32.7% rate of rearrest or reconviction after five years and a 48.6% rate of rearrest or reconviction after 10 years. He scored him a plus 11 on the MnSOST-R, which was associated with a 59% reconviction rate after 6 years. — “Wisconsin Court of Appeals Docket No. 04-0622”,
  • This year, it includes an ***ysis of reconviction rates by sentence 1.2 Current figures confirm that two year reconviction rates have stabilised at about. — “Statistical Bulletin Crime and Justice Series: Reconviction”,
  • Then the reconviction rate for treated *** offenders was a statistically significant 4.6 per cent, compared A review published in 2001 by the US government's Centre for *** Offender Management reported rape reconviction rates within four to five years of between 11 and 28 per cent for rapists. — “Times Higher Education - ***, lies and electronic tags”,
  • The predictive validity of the LSI-R with respect to reconviction showed reconvicted offenders to have elevated LSI-R subscales scores and total scores and to be in higher security bands. Multivariate ***yses showed reconviction and time to. — “The Level of Service Inventory— Revised With English Women”,
  • Reconviction patterns of released prisoners: A 48-months follow-up ***ysis Reconviction probability refers to the probability an offender will be reconvicted for any type of offence. — “Reconviction - Corrections Department NZ”,
  • Reconviction Among youth Court and Comparison Cases. Description. Pilot Youth Courts were established at Hamilton Sheriff Court in June 2003 and at Airdrie Sheriff Court in June 2004. An ***ysis of reconviction data was also undertaken by SCCJR's Gill McIvor. — “Reconviction Among youth Court and Comparison Cases”,

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  • Appendix 2 Counts of offenders and reconvicted in each sub group
  • In other words prisoners aged under 20 have double the likelihood of returning to prison than do those aged over 40 Graph 2 Reconviction and re imprisonment rate by age at release Survival ***ysis under the age 20 at release In the previous section re imprisonment rates of prisoners by age group were examined and it was found that the risk of re imprisonment
  • Graph 6 Re imprisonment rates by offence type
  • reimprisonment report Table 1 Released Prisoners by Offence Group and Re imprisioned Prisoners by Offence Group 60 month follow up Prison releases from 01 April 2002 to 31 March 2003
  • intimidation and threats receiving and fraud have significant differences under both classifications Table 2 Re imprisonment rate by Most Serious Offence type and Lead Offence type Summary The central finding of this study is that amongst offenders released from New Zealand prisons in 2002 03 52 percent were convicted of a new offence and received a further prison
  • Annual Report 2005 06 2006 Department of Corrections Appendix 1 Counts of offenders and re imprisoned in each sub group Appendix 2 Counts of offenders and reconvicted in each sub group
  • which should give confidence in its use within the various contexts in which it is currently employed Appendix 1 The Distribution of Age at Release 2002 03 NZ Maori vs Non NZ Maori Appendix 2 Counts of offenders in each sub group
  • Graph 5 Re imprisonment rates by offence group Graph 6 Re imprisonment rates by offence type
  • less than that of the very large numbers of young Maori entering the criminal justice system for the first time each year Graph 4 Reconviction and re imprisonment rates by ethnicity Re imprisonment rates by offence group and type for the original sentence In this section we explore re imprisonment rates on the basis of the offence committed by prisoners for their
  • ≪교정논설≫가석방자 재입소율 조사분석정유철 법무부 교정국 교정감<目 次>Ⅰ 서언Ⅱ 선행조사 검토 및 3차 조사의 특징Ⅲ 조사과정Ⅳ 외국의 조사례Ⅳ 분석결과Ⅴ 종합분석Ⅵ 정책적 제언Ⅰ 서언가석방은 자유형의 집행을 받고 있는 자가 행장이 양호하여 개전의 정이 현저하다고 인정되는 경우에 일정한 조건하에서 형기종료 전에 석방하고 이후 석방조건을 위반하여 석방이 실효 또는 취소됨이 없이 잔여형기가 종료되었을 때 형집행이 종료된 것과 같은 효과를 가져오게 하는 행형상의 처분으로써 수형자의 재사회화를 목표로 하는 특별예방적 제도이다 교정처우에 있어서 가석방은 여러가지 중요한 기능을 수행하고 있다고 할 수 있다 즉 조기석방의 가능성을 담보로 하여 수형자 스스로의 개선노력을 촉구하는 유인작용을 할 뿐만 아니라 일정한 조건하에 사회에 재적응하는 기간을 갖도록 함으로써 사회로 복귀를 용이하게 하고 그 결과 재범을 방지할 수 있다는 적극적인 기능을 갖는다 또한 가석방은 교도소내 질서를 유지할 수 있게 하고 개선이 된 수형자를 미리 석방함으로써 행형비용을 절감할 수 있으며 교도소의 과밀화를 방지할 수 있는 부수적인 기능도 가지고 있다 가석방 연혁을 살펴보면 1791년 영국의 식민지 호주의 노포크섬에서 처음 실시되어 영국의 필립주지사가 1822년경부터 조건부 특사형식으로 누진제와 결합하여 시행하였고 1840년경 마코노키 소장에 의해 더욱 발전되었다 미국은 1876년 뉴욕의 엘마이라 감화원에서 처음으로 채택하여 1944년경 미국 전역에 보급되었다 우리나라에서는 1908년 형법대전에서 처음으로 가석방제도를 규정한 후 변화와 발전을 거쳐 현재에 이르고 있다 이러한 가석방은 현대에 이르러 보호관찰 probation 과 결합하거나 미국의 일부 州에서 시행되고 있는 감독하의 석방 등 변형된 형태로 운영되고 있다 가석방은 교정당국의 교정교화활동과 수형자 스스로의 개선노력으로 과오를 반성한 자에 대하여 조기 석방함으로써 사회에 복귀시키는 시설내 처우의 최종 단계이며 사회내 처우로 연결되는 교량적 역할을 한다고 할 수 있다 이러한 가석방제도가 과연 수형자의 재범방지와 성공적인 사회복귀에 얼마나 효과가 있는지를 측정하기 위해서 각국에서는 출소자에 대한 재범 및 재입소율을 조사하고 있으며 그 일환으로 가석방자에 대한 재범율과 재입소율이 조사되고 있다 이러한 조사분석에 앞서 먼저 재범자와 재입소자의 개념정립을 분명히 할 필요가 있다 재범자란 전체 출소자 중에서 다시 범법행위를 하여 수사기관에 적발된 자를 말하며 재입소자란 위 재범자 중에서 실제로 교정시설에 재수용된 자를 의미한다 실제로 가석방자의 사회복귀 성공여부를 판단하는 형사정책적인 의의는 재범율을 조사하는 것이 훨씬 유용하고 필요하다고 하겠으나 이는 교정국에서 조사파악하기에는 현실적으로 한계가 있다 1 따라서 법무부 교정국에서는 가석방자 재입소율을 조사하고 있으며 각 나라마다 형사사법체계나 형행제도에 따라 재범재입소율 조사가 약간씩 차이를 보이고 있다 2 Ⅱ 선행조사 검토 및 3차 조사의 특징법무부 교정국에서는 1994년에 처음으로 1986년~1990년까지 5년간 가석방자에 대한 출소후 5년 이내의 가석방자 재입소율 조사와 제1차 조사 1991년~1995년까지 5년간 가석방자에 대한 출소후 5년 이내의 가석방자 재입소율 조사 제2차 조사 에 이어 이번에 세 번째로 1996년~2000년까지 5년간 가석방 자에 대한 출소후 5년 이내의 가석방자 재입소율을 조사하였다 제3차 조사 특히 이번 3차 조사에서는 교정국 통합교정행정정보시스템 보라미 시스템 의 자료를 활용하여 조사기간을 단축할 수 있었으며 전산자료에서 빠진 항목들에 대하여는 수용자신분기록카드를 직접 조사하는 수작업을 병행함으로써 자료의 정확도를 높였다는 점에 특징이 있다 Ⅲ 조사과정1 조사목적가석방자 재입소율을 조사하는 목적으로는 재입소자의 과거 행형성적을 다각적으로 조사분석하여 그 결과를 향후 가석방심사 등에 적극 활용하여 가석방심사의 효율성을 제고하고 재입소한 가석방자의 가석방당시 누진계급 및 기능자격 취득기능경기대회 입상각종 고시합격 여부 등을 파악하여 이들 요소의 교정교화 효과를
  • published reconviction rates for England Wales and Northern Ireland 1 2 Detailed technical and other background notes on the ***ysis presented in the bulletin are given in the Annex
  • reconviction z = 6 094 p < 0001 with the FBMC clients demonstrating asignificantly lower re occurrence of ***ual offending behaviour post treatmentthan the comparison group CONCLUSION This project sought to explore the profiles of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal menwho participated in treatment at FBMC between 1987 1999 and to identifydifferences that
  • and commenced a community sentence over the same period This left only 56 offenders of the original 463 who were not convicted for a new offence Graph 3 Survival curve Youth Re imprisonment rates by ethnicity The re imprisonment rate over 60 months for Maori offenders 58 is considerably higher than the rate for both NZ Europeans 47 or Pacific offenders 40
  • education programs have substantially lower rates of re arrest reconviction and re incarceration than individuals who reenter the free community without educational intervention The majority of the 18 874 students enrolled were under age 35 and within 5 years of projected release

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  • Boris Johnson visits 'pioneering prison' cutting re-offending rates The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and the Policing and Criminal Justice Minister, Nick Herbert MP, visited a pioneering young offenders unit that boasts one of the lowest rates of re-offending in the UK. Launched by the Mayor one year ago as part of his Time for Action programme to tackle youth violence, the Heron Unit, at Feltham Young Offenders Institution is the UK's first dedicated resettlement unit for 15 -17 year olds and has a low re-conviction rate of 14 per cent, compared to the 78 per cent re-offending rates for young offenders nationally. In the past year two ex- Heron boys have secured university places and over the last 6 months 70 per cent have gone on to further employment, education, or training. This model has proved so successful that the Mayor is now rolling it out across London for young offenders.
  • Operation Javier - Il ritorno (sub-ITA) [HQ] [email protected]

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  • “On Wednesday, renown medical cannabis activist Ed Rosenthal went to Appeals Court for oral arguments in his "reconviction" for charges for which he was originally convicted, and sentenced to one day in prison – time already " Blog Archive " Is Harris the Next CA AG?”
    — Medical Cannabis: Voices from the Frontlines " Blog Archive,

  • “Her blog for the ConservativeHome website refers specifically to the Independent Commission's proposals for Click read more for a link to the blog, which includes comments from theCommission's Secretary, David Utting. Julie Iles: Why Britain needs a”
    — Youth bench chair urges shift to restorative justice,

  • “In one, psychopaths who underwent social-skills and anger-management training before release had an 82 percent reconviction rate. take the program had a 59 percent reconviction rate. Conventional psychotherapy starts with the assumption”
    — Psychopaths Among Us, page 1,

  • “Research magazine Forum on Corrections Research Both groups did have low ***ual reconviction rates, but there was no statistical advantage for treated offenders”
    — Correctional Service of Canada - FORUM on Corrections Research,

  • “Alaska Justice Forum Reprints presents selected articles originally published in the For other”
    — Recidivism of Alaska *** Offenders,

  • “The three Islamic judges who tried him in 1998 split 2-1, with one, Abdul Waheed, issuing a 60-page dissenting opinion that described his reconviction as a 'miscarriage of justice' Track this topic · Email this topic · Print this topic · Subscribe to this forum”
    — Britain Pleads With Musharraf To Spare Tourist Condemned To,

  • “Eight out of every 10 offenders given one of the government's Drug Testing and Treatment Orders are reconvicted within two years. A report by the Na”
    — Drug programme's high conviction rate - Forum,

  • “scottish equalities news, resources and events Blog Search. RSS Feed. All posts. All comments. What is RSS? RSS in Plain English. RSS Readers. a few links. ENF. ENF Youtube. Glasgow Forum of Faiths. GWVSN. Infobase. Mainstreaming Equalities Handbook. Archives. Home”
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