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  • Stephanie Cormier: The Reconceptualized Universe of the Anti-Logo League Girls The "Reconceptualized Universe" of Cormier's Anti-Logo League Girls is occupied by prints and assembled objects made from digital montages composed of repurposed packaging and recycled materials. — “Stephanie Cormier: The Reconceptualized Universe of the Anti”,
  • Grassroots leadership reconceptualized: Chicana oral histories and the 1968 East Los Angeles school blowouts from Frontiers provided by Find Articles at BNET. — “Grassroots leadership reconceptualized: Chicana oral”,
  • Economic forces and educational equity issues have combined to heighten calls for improved education for all students. Systemic reform calls for education to be reconceptualized from the ground. — “Systemic Education Reform. ERIC Digest”,
  • The man who came to dinner in the Chichester Festival Theatre's aggressively reconceptualized Macbeth — which made a surprise, 11th-hour landing at the Lyceum April 8 — is the fresh-killed Banquo, a bloody spectacle only the guilty can see. — “PLAYBILL ON OPENING NIGHT: Macbeth — Indeed, Is He Dead”,
  • COMPARATIVE THEORY RECONCEPTUALIZED: FROM ENTITIES AND STATES TO PROCESSES AND DYNAMICS Comparative theory reconceptualized: From entities and states to processes and dynamics. — “Dervin (1991): Comparative Theory Reconceptualized”,
  • Shu-mei Shih inaugurates the field of Sinophone studies in this vanguard excursion into sophisticated cultural criticism situated at the intersections of Chinese studies, Asian American studies, diaspora studies, and transnational studies. the world needs to be reconceptualized in terms of vibrant or. — “ - Visuality and Identity: Sinophone Articulations”,
  • Find hotel discounts, photos, reviews and amenities at Adriana Hotel Marina & Spa Hvar in Hvar, . Book hotel reservations with Cheaptickets today! Completely renovated and reconceptualized as a stylish luxury hotel and spa, Adriana's amenities are as diverse as its viewmaking it a perfect place. — “Adriana Hotel Marina & Spa Hvar in Hvar | CheapTickets Hotel”,
  • Title: Planning for Understanding: A Reconceptualized View of the Music Curriculum , By: Barrett, Janet R., Music Educators Journal, 00274321, Mar2005, Vol. 91, Issue 4 Planning for Understanding: A Reconceptualized View of the Music Curriculum. — “EBSCOhost”,
  • :For the song sometimes known as "Pretty Woman", see Oh, Pretty Woman. Pretty Woman is a 1990 American romantic comedy motion picture. The film 'Pretty Woman'' was initially intended to be a dark drama about prostitution in Los Angeles but was reconceptualized into a romantic comedy. — “Pretty Woman | ”,
  • These changes are not only a product of technological innovation, but also a result of new and reconceptualized values of higher education, and so we must reexamine what changes to faculty role, position and perspectives best support these new values. — “Supporting Online Faculty - Revisiting the Seven Principles”,
  • The Protestant work ethic - less commonly the Puritan work ethic - is a Calvinist value emphasizing the necessity of constant labor in one's calling as a sign of personal salvation. Protestants beginning with Martin Luther had reconceptualized. — “Protestant work ethic - Psychology Wiki”,
  • This exhaustive update of the bestselling textbook for introductory psychology incorporates the largest number of new research citations of any revision to date, as well as new inquiry-based pedagogy, a reconceptualized art program, and the next generation of media and supplements. — “Worth Publishers: Psychology: 1429215976”,
  • is radically reconceptualized to embrace technology, and unless teaching is continuously redefined within. the changing context A crucial area that needs to be reconceptualized. concerns the boundaries traditionally imposed on. schooling—boundaries between. — “Highly Mobile Devices, Pedagogical Possibilities, and How”,
  • Obama's Brzezinski Plan, Obama "has comprehensively reconceptualized U.S. foreign policy with respect to several centrally important geopolitical issues. — “Obama's Brzezinski Plan”,
  • It is this reconceptualization that allows for a confirmation of the assumption that not On the other hand, starting from the reconceptualized framework, newly introduced HRO constructs like Team. — “Two Cases in High Reliability Organizing: A Hermeneutic”,
  • A reconceptualized rationale for elementary social studies How could this reconceptualization of the rationale for social studies curriculum decisions play out in light of the new state content. — “Education Research Reports > 2007 > A Reconceptualized”,
  • Variables used in previous studies are re-examined and reconceptualized to reflect a richer construct of ethnicity: subcultural identity. Variables used in previous studies are re-examined and reconceptualized to reflect a richer construct of ethnicity: subcultural identity. — “Tounsm o he Ho Community James Murdy Andrew Ynnakis a Josh h”,
  • A novel in which Rousseau reconceptualized the relationship of the individual to the collective and articulated a new moral paradigm. In it, Rousseau reconceptualized the relationship of the individual to the collective and articulated a new moral paradigm. — “UPNE - Julie, or the New Heloise: Jean-Jacques Rousseau”,
  • The chapters ahead provide detailed instructions on how to reconceptualize education in your Reconceptualizing education involves looking at education explicitly from the point. — “Leaders at CEC say they have reconceptualizedŽ education”,
  • Cannella, Gaile S. and Grieshaber, Susan J. and Hatch, J. Amos (2001) Personal Stories: Early Childhood Educators and Reconceptualized Identities. In: Grieshaber, Susan J. and Cannella, Gaile S. (Eds.) Embracing identities in early childhood. — “Personal Stories: Early Childhood Educators and”,
  • Reconceptualizing scholarship in. this way greatly facilitates the measurement and Scholarship Reconceptualized: An Evaluative Perspective. Raoul A. — “Scholarship Reconceptualized: An Evaluative Perspective”,
  • Anthem Arizona Dining - Shanghai Club: Chinese food that hasn't been fused, reconceptualized or deconstructed. Lots of appealing old favorites: shrimp. — “Shanghai Club - Anthem, Arizona - Restaurants - Dining Guide”,
  • The electric bass guitar was another Leo Fender invention that changed sound of 20th century popular music. It supplanted the upright bass fiddle in rock, country and many other genres. Essentially, Leo reconceptualized the bass fiddle as a low. — “Leo Fender Precision Bass invention 1951 | GEAR-VAULT - Rock”, gear-

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  • “The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is pleased to announce an open call for individual research paper submissions from researchers in any world region, to participate in a 4-day thematic workshop at an international conference on Inter”
    — Call for Papers: Inter-Asian Connections - ISA Blog,

  • “Back to Today's Edition. Search Zagat Buzz Philadelphia Edition. Zagat Buzz. Apr 21. 2009 ' crowd, the setting has been reconceptualized with spare, roadhouse-style atmospherics”
    — 'Cue Ball - Philadelphia Buzz - Zagat Survey,

  • “ novel Sick Soldier at Your Door—which was later reconceptualized by Hannah as a book of short stories (or so Welcome to the Fictionaut Blog. Fictionaut brings the social web to literary fiction, connecting readers and writers through a”
    — Luna Digest, 3/9 - Fictionaut Blog,

  • “Shirari Industries :: Blog :: Adventures in making art and living sustainably. and had to be totally redone several times as we reconceptualized what on earth it is we're doing here”
    — Shirari Industries :: Blog :: meta Archives,

  • “This category on innovation provides for a wide ranging forum of dialogue on the concepts, principles, process, and applications (if they ever were) and must be reconceptualized, redefined, reconfigured, and reapplied within an entirely”
    — myBlog " Healthcare Needs Innovation,

  • “In solidarity with the striking screenwriters there will be no laugh lines in this blog, no stunning metaphors, and not many adjectives. Also, in solidarity with the striking Broadway stage-hands, no theatrics, special effects or sing-along”
    — Barbara's Blog: Writers Strike, Silence Falls,

  • “Read and comment on the full post at The Digital Journalist. Andrew's blog. Add new comment. C4FCM heading to Amman for "Mobile Data Collection for Social Action" workshop The Computer Clubhouse also reconceptualized the role of the coordinator. We conducted many interviews with coordinators,”
    — C4FCM Blog | MIT Center for Future Civic Media,

  • “Since that time, we have completely reconceptualized BOMB's entire web presence to include a radically restructured website Built into the fabric of the blog is an option to comment on and discuss articles so as to encourage”
    — LitTAP Blog,

  • “In light of the reconceptualized notion of privileges or immunities we present in this article, the Glucksberg framework can Easterbrook, like Posner, does not read financial disclosure documents on ACS Live Blog- Regulation in the Age of Obama #ACS10”
    — Josh Blackman's Blog ",

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