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  • An exploration of the wars, looking at violence, gender and different forms of resistance. It details the media's portrayal of state violence, a process integral to the way in which the West wages modern war. It calls for a reconceptualization of. — “Frames of War: When is Life Grievable? : Judith Butler”,
  • Horizontality is an attempt to decentralize power by allowing everyone to become active Autonomy is constructed through mutual agreements and voluntary commitments that respect. — “Horizontalidad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • After discussing Habermas's reconceptualization of modern society as comprising a distinguishable life-world and system, the article then directs attention to the function of law or a legal system in his unique reconceptualization of modern society. — “"The Function of Law in Habermas' Modern Society" by M. Ulric”,
  • Rowland, R. C. and Jerome, A. M. (2004), On Organizational Apologia: A Reconceptualization. This article confronts these difficulties by proposing a reconceptualization of organizational apologia. — “On Organizational Apologia: A Reconceptualization - Rowland”,
  • During the 1970s, the curriculum field underwent a so-called reconceptualization that was characterized by a shift in priority away from a This "reconceptualization" relied on narrow interpretations of the early 20th century. — “Journal of Curriculum and Supervision: Abstract”,
  • The INVENT framework: Examining the role of information visualization in the reconceptualization of digital libraries. — “Fast”,
  • Essays, Nawlins:, an, Afrofuturistic, reconceptualization,. — “Nawlins: an Afrofuturistic reconceptualization (article) by”,
  • Reinventing the Double Helix: A Novel and Nonobvious Reconceptualization of the Biotechnology Patent. — “RAND | Reprints | Reinventing the Double Helix: A Novel and”,
  • Brzezinski, Obama and Foreign Policy Reconceptualization But in almost all respects the reconceptualization attributed to Obama is either wrong, misguided or based on a set of false assumptions. — “Israpundit " Blog Archive " Brzezinski, Obama and Foreign”,
  • SSRN-Reinventing the Double Helix: A Novel and Nonobvious Reconceptualization of the Biotechnology Patent by Aaron Xavier Fellmeth, Linda Demaine. — “SSRN-Reinventing the Double Helix: A Novel and Nonobvious”,
  • A test and reconceptualization of a theoretical model of non-traditional student A test and reconceptualization of a theoretical model of non-traditional student. — “A test and reconceptualization of a theoretical model of non”,
  • 2. Reconceptualizing the role of MNEs in development: a. resource complementarity In this section, we introduce our reconceptualization of. the role of MNEs in development,. — “MNEs and development: a review and reconceptualization”,
  • Dieguez, Antonio (2010) KITCHER'S MODEST REALISM: THE RECONCEPTUALIZATION OF SCIENTIFIC OBJECTIVITY. If our knowledge of the world is mediated by our categories and concepts; if the selection of these categories and concepts may vary according to our interests, and they are not the consequence of the. — “KITCHER'S MODEST REALISM: THE RECONCEPTUALIZATION OF”,
  • "Reconceptualization" prompted by William Pinar in 1970's is divided two dimensions: one is the macro-social structure, another is the micro-self-consciousness and individuality. The tenet of reconceptualization has been suggested that we must insist on the. — “The Development and Controversy of Reconceptualization: the”,
  • Leaders as policy mediators: the reconceptualization of accountability from Theory Into Practice provided by Find Articles at BNET. — “Leaders as policy mediators: the reconceptualization of”,
  • Watling, Christopher N. and Palk, Gavan R. and Freeman, James E. and Davey, Jeremy D. (2010) Applying Stafford and Warr's Reconceptualization of Deterrence Theory to drug driving : can it predict those likely to offend? Accident ***ysis and. — “Applying Stafford and Warr's Reconceptualization of”,
  • Intelligence: Reconceptualization and Measurement Book by Helga A. H. Rowe; 1991. Read Intelligence: Reconceptualization and Measurement at Questia library. — “Intelligence: Reconceptualization and Measurement”,
  • This title calls not only for improvement in our health care systems but for a complete reconceptualization of health and social policy, starting with expanded, interrelated roles for health care providers, consumers, and but for a complete reconceptualization of health and social policy,. — “9780387798752: Policy Innovation for Health - AbeBooks”,
  • Abstract: Factitious disorder has been given little attention in the preparation of the DSM-V. This paper rejects a published reformulation of the disorder and offers a reconceptualization of the diagnosis. — “The A, B, C's of Factitious Disorder: A Response to Turner”,
  • An Evolutionary Reconceptualization of Kohlberg's Model of Moral Development this reconceptualization gives rise to a more valid model of moral development. — “Evolutionary reconceptualization of Kohlberg 1”,
  • What is curriculum reconceptualization? Reconceptualization is a process of. transforming Reconceptualized "Standard": Acquire a good or service and in your response, identify the. — “Making sense of content standards through”,
  • Absorptive capacity: A review, reconceptualization, and extension In this article we review the literature to identify key dimensions of absorptive capacity and offer a reconceptualization of this construct. — “Absorptive capacity: A review, reconceptualization, and extension”,

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  • Avi Peled, MD : Neuro***ysis and CBP - Part III (final) The 3rd and final part of Dr. Avi Peled fascinating presentation of his theory, Neuro***ysis and Clinical Brain Profiling- Bridging the gap between neuroscience, psycho***ysis and psychiatry. Dr. Peled suggests a diagnostic substitution to the DSM with CBP (Clinical Brain Profiling), a brain related reconceptualization of mental disorders, by converting clinical phenomenology into perturbations to dynamic brain organizations. CBP is a testable-prediction, thus formulated as a basis for empirical Neuro***ysts research. Selecting patients, and ***yzing their imaging data, according to CBP, hold the promise for finding the etiology of mental disorders. This talk has been given in several major hospitals in New York and Los Angeles.
  • Killer 7 "in 5 seconds" Inspired by the 5 Second movies, it's a satirical look at Killer 7. Don't worry, I don't know what's going on either. And as anyone who's familiar with these kinds of vids will tell you, YES, it is longer than 5 seconds. If you like, leave some comment love.
  • A Lecture by Dr. Hans Günter Brauch (Chairman of AFES PRESS) Cultural Diplomacy Lecture Video: A World Without Walls - 10 November 2010 - Response to the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Reconceptualization of Security- The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
  • Beyond the Benchmark - Meet the Thought Provoker: executive leadership coach Beyond the Benchmark and Ron Kranz are talking. Who's asking you the challenging questions? Meet Ron Kranz and inquire about sharing a thought provoking conversation. Do you want to share a thought provoking conversation?
  • Avi Peled, MD : Neuro***ysis and CBP- Part II Part II of of Three. Avi Peled, MD gives a fascinating presentation of his theory, Neuro***ysis and Clinical Brain Profiling: Bridging the gap between neuroscience, psycho***ysis and psychiatry. Dr. Peled suggests a diagnostic substitution to the DSM with CBP (Clinical Brain Profiling), a brain related reconceptualization of mental disorders, by converting clinical phenomenology into perturbations to dynamic brain organizations. CBP is a testable-prediction, thus formulated as a basis for empirical Neuro***ysts research. Selecting patients, and ***yzing their imaging data, according to CBP, hold the promise for finding the etiology of mental disorders. Presented at numerous hospitals in New York and Los Angeles.
  • Un peu deconstruction (la dérivée deuxième) ©2010 Digital video animation of an altered book scored to original score by composer Objector Snark, revealing the text page-by-page (with an embedded flipbook section) interspersed with gestural acting by Lo Rain Frisby and Roberta M. Carrow-Jackson (the altered-book's creator). This is a reconceptualization, based on a previous Objector Snark animation of the altered-book project by visual artist Roberta M. Carrow-Jackson, remade with an all-original musical score. This "second derivative" combines the ideas of basing a conceit on the original text (an engineering textbook on thermodynamics) with the three-movement "Rauschkatzchendoppelwalz" suite to create three visual movements inspired by the Three Laws of Thermodynamics. Delving deeper, the concept of deconstruction committed upon "A Textbook of Heat" by Carrow-Jackson has an added layer of meaning, with how Shannon's entropic theories of information transmission could be played upon by literal and visual puns on the literary theories of deconstructionists like Derrida or Foucault. The quick-scrolling blocks of text in the second movement are excerpted from a monograph on Shannon entropy, run through multiple language iterations of a translator program finally translated back into English, as seen in movement three.
  • Beyond the Benchmark Client Appreciation- a thank you Beyond the Benchmark success comes from the people who support us. Expressed appreciation to loyal clients who have supported me and have become my friends. Have you expressed your appreciation to those who have contributed to your success?
  • Beyond the Benchmark - Beyond the Recession: How to create strategies for the recovery Beyond the Benchmark and Ron Kranz inspire you to move beyond the economic downturn and create strategies to maximize your position in the recovery. What are your strategies to ensure financial business success?
  • Beyond the Benchmark BizEnrich Testimonial Beyond the Benchmark and Ron Kranz is one of the best that make up the membership of BizEnrich. Hear what Ron and others are saying about the organization.
  • Introduction to Learning Theories An introduction to major learning theories in education
  • The Global Achievement Gap Dr Tony Wagner Harvard GSE Dr. Tony Wagner is one of the leading thinkers on how America needs to completely re-design its K-12 education system to prepare US children from the global competition of the 21st century. Learn more about Tony's vision -
  • Mediation in Criminal Matters (1/4)
  • Dr. Marimba Ani: Afrikan Rebirth (Question and Answers) Marimba Ani was brought to the Department of Africana and Puerto Rican Studies by Dr. John Henrik Clarke in 1974 as she was completing her PhD dissertation at the Graduate Faculty of New School University. She had worked as a field organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in Mississippi from 1963 to 1966, and had acted as Director of Freedom Registration for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party in 1964 which challenged the all-white Mississippi delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City that summer. Dr. Clarke became her Jegna ("warrior- teacher, intellectual father, ideological influence") as she moved back to New York and into graduate school. It was through his influence that she became committed to Pan Afrikan liberation. After having traveled in Afrika, Marimba Ani (born "Dona Richards") began formal study of the nature of Afrikan Civilization, focusing on the "deep thought" which underlies its fundamental common cultural themes and the varying constructs of Afrikan social organization. She has done extensive work on Afrikan spiritual conceptions and systems. She is using her articulation of the Afrikan world view as a frame of reference from which to critique European cultural thought, and to construct paradigms for Pan-Afrikan reconstruction. Marimba Ani has developed the concepts of Maafa, Asili, Utamawazo, and Utamaroho as part of the on-going process of Afrikan-centered reconceptualization in which ...
  • 3. Credible Employment Milton (ENGL 220) This lecture examines the role and meanings of the word vocation in Milton's life-long meditation on (and concern for) what it means to be chosen by God. Milton's profound anxiety in the years following his graduation from Cambridge regarding his poetic career and, more specifically, his status as a Christian poet selected by God for greatness is outlined. The topic is traced through Milton's polemical treatise The Reason of Church Government, the poem "Ad Patrem," and the author's correspondence. Particular emphasis is placed on Milton's interpretations of the parable of the talents and the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Substantial context on the nature of election and salvation is supplied from the writings of John Calvin and Max Weber. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Milton's Poems as an Autobiography 20:47 - Chapter 2. Milton: A Man Inspired by his Father 32:28 - Chapter 3. Milton's Dilemma: Two Parables Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: This course was recorded in Fall 2007.
  • Resistance in Counseling and Psychotherapy Jeffrey T. Guterman describes the progressive reconceptualization of the concept of resistance in counseling and psychotherapy.
  • Homage to Marina Abramovic Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful ... an audacious reconceptualization of a well-known work of art. Bold and bald at the same time :)
  • Beyond the Benchmark - Peer Leadership Exchange: CEO advisory groups Beyond the Benchmark and Ron Kranz offer... Increase performance. Enhance leadership. Grow value. Where do you learn what you don't know? The Peer Leadership Exchange is the sharing of business knowledge and thought leadership fpr the purpose of creating value. These peer advisory groups are strengthened by the expertise and experience of participating members who share ideas and perspectives that you would not get otherwise. The result...a wiser CEO/business owner/executive who operates more efficiently, who leads more effectively, and who builds business value. Contact Ron Kranz at to determine your eligibility for a peer leadership group.
  • Kevin's Korner - Remakes, Reboots & Retreads Originality or Familiarity: Which is more important? That is the question. In this vlog I talk about the overwhelming craze of remakes, reboots, retreads (call them what you will) going on in the entertainment industry. Is it because there are no more original ideas? Or is it simply that studios are such money grubbing vultures they'd rather greenlight a remake of a movie (that doesn't need one) knowing it's bound to turn even a slight profit? You be the judge.
  • "Hey Feller!" - Show Boat (1929) Another very rare clip of the original Broadway production of Show Boat at the Ziegfeld Theatre. In this scene, Queenie (Italian American blackface actress Tess Gardella, aka: Aunt Jemima), now much older and wiser, embraces the passage of time in her new fancy flapper dress and offers advice on how to catch a man. This number was kind of random and it is said that it was added in order to make time for scene changes. The number, although very catchy, serves little purpose and hasn't been included in any production of the show since. This was recorded late in the show's 2 year run and was to be part of a sound prologue to a film version of Edna Ferber's novel of the same name, on which the musical is based. Producers of the silent film only became aware of the musical adaptation after it had already become a popular success. They wanted to capitalize on the musical's success by turning their silent adaptation of the original novel into an adaptation of both. The result was a very fragmented film mixing audio overlays of musical numbers with moving imagery and incorporating select scenes they had re-shot with sound especially for the last minute reconceptualization. Having purchased the film rights of the musical, Universal planned to eventually produce a proper film version of the musical. This plan came to fruition several years later when the studio finally went into production and released, what is considered by many critics and film enthusiasts, to be the definitive ...
  • Avi Peled, MD-Neuro***ysis and Clinical Brain Profiling A short introduction to Dr. Avi Peled theory, Neuro***ysis: Bridging the gap between neuroscience, psycho***ysis and psychiatry - this is an ambitious and daring attempt to substitute the DSM with CBP (Clinical Brain Profiling) which is a brain related reconceptualization of mental disorders.
  • Moonlight in Vermont Reconceptualization of the Karl Suessdorf standard, c2009
  • Keep it locked down. A reconceptualization of the instant classic Love Lockdown, by Kanye West, off of the stunning "808s & Heartbreak," available today at a record store near you.
  • Lorimer Moseley on What is pain How the brain make sense of pain
  • SBS2011 - Conferência: Margareth Archer - Socialization as reflexive engagement XV Congresso Brasileiro de Sociologia Realizado de 26 a 29 de julho de 2011, em Curitiba-PR. Conferência: Margareth Archer (UK) Socialization as reflexive engagement: Shaping a life Current sociological theories of socialization cannot grasp the dynamics of the identity building processes in the nascent morphogenetic society. In fact, they are heavily biased by an orientation to the structural and cultural features characterizing Modern society, which do not hold in the new societal context. Building on the insights of the realist-morphogenetic approach and of relational social theory, the paper goes on to provide a reconceptualization of socialization as reflexive engagement, which meets the two basic challenges presented by the morphogenetic society for young people to develop a full personal and social identity: 'the necessity of selection' and the need 'to shape a life'. This is therefore an account of how young people come to decide about their own set of concerns, prioritizing and dovetailing them, and investing their time and energies in a life project. Such an approach is also critical of all theories which reduce socialization to linguistically mediated relations, and articulates the relational condition of human subjects with respect to the natural, practical, and social order. It also maintains that the time of socialization by the internalization of habits or habitus is over.
  • Media Management of Civil Society Organizations Online Course Online Course taught by Peter Lemish in the Graduate Studies Program of the College of Mass Communication & Media Arts at Southern Illinois University. Dr. Peter Lemish is currently a faculty member appointed to the Global Media Research Center at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, Illinois, USA). Formerly, he was a faculty member, department chair, and academic director in various higher education institutions in Israel. An active volunteer with NGOs throughout his life, Peter has served in a variety of roles in the different CSOs: Director, Board Chair and member, Communication Committee Chair, and Development Officer. His research focuses on civil society organizations' media use, social epistemology, and the roles of the media in social change and conflict transformation. Recent publications related to this course include: The Civil Society Organization Media Manager as Critical Communicator [with Kelly Caringer]; Notes toward a Reconceptualization of Civil Society Media Management [with Kelly Caringer].
  • Beyond the Benchmark - Beyond the Status Quo: How to manage change Beyond the Benchmark and Ron Kranz highlight how to move beyond the status quo and create, manage, and implement change in your organization. What changes are you facing in your business?
  • The Monolith Video.mp4 The Monolithic Two-dimensional Keyboard (Monolith for short), invented by Jacob Duringer, allows a composer or musician to perform all the parts or arrangements of instruments simultaneously strictly by skill. This paradigm shift in thinking required the reconceptualization of the one-dimensional piano keyboard that controlled pitch only into a two-dimensional keyboard that controls both pitch and timbre in any combination at any given moment. Jacob Duringer's album "The Fruit of the Spirit" is available on itunes.
  • Killer 7 - Garcian Smith vs Benjamin Keane in Russian Roulette Garcian Smith is sick
  • Solve for X: Michael Crow on higher education impact Solve for X is a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork. G+ Moonshot thinking is great, but where does it come from? Academia and entrepreneurship are both fields it can come from, but quite often does not. What would it take to create a moonshot factory? A place that was dedicated not to publications or patents or profits but directly to the idea of radical thinking, radical problem solving, and driving radical levels of positive impact. Now try to imagine taking one of the world's largest universities and turning it into such a place. Michael Crow is president of Arizona State University. He is designing the transformation of ASU into a new highly innovative, high speed adaptive knowledge enterprise which combines academic excellence, inclusiveness, and societal impact - a model he terms the "New American University."
  • Avi Peled, MD : Neuro***ysis and CBP - Part I Avi Peled, MD gives a fascinating presentation of his theory, Neuro***ysis and Clinical Brain Profiling: Bridging the gap between neuroscience, psycho***ysis and psychiatry. Dr. Peled suggests a diagnostic substitution to the DSM with CBP (Clinical Brain Profiling), a brain related reconceptualization of mental disorders, by converting clinical phenomenology into perturbations to dynamic brain organizations. CBP is a testable-prediction, thus formulated as a basis for empirical Neuro***ysts research. Selecting patients, and ***yzing their imaging data, according to CBP, hold the promise for finding the etiology of mental disorders. Presented at several major hospitals in NYC and Los Angeles, last June 2008. This is PART I of three parts.
  • Beyond the Benchmark - Beyond Busy: How to stop fighting fires Beyond the Benchmark and Ron Kranz inspires you how to move beyond your busy-ness to be more effective in your business. It's not about time, its about choice. What choices are you making?
  • A reconceptualization of a scene from Killer7 Presented by Cameron King, Andrew Rosenblum and Terry Torres. Cinematography by Ken Parry. Special thanks to Suda 51, Shinji Mikami, Masafumi Takada, Grasshopper Studio and Capcom.

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  • “He is currently writing a reconceptualization of the nature of compassion. About this Blog. CAVEAT: How the Lightman Group spots lies is largely based on findings”
    — Dr. Paul Ekman,

  • “Blog / post. Categories " academici Reviews " Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law Reviews " Arts, Humanities, Social Finally, the proposed requirement for reconceptualization and application of intellectual styles' hypothesis”

  • “Posted: 08 Dec 2007 at 3:41pm. 第一篇 【标题】Person-Environment Fit Models: A Reconceptualization and Empirical Test your posts in this forum. You cannot create polls in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Bulletin Board Software by”
    — IACMR Forum: 求助四篇有关P-E fit文章,

  • “SHoP's proposal for the area includes a reconceptualization of Pier 17 as an open public more explicitly dedicated to the reconceptualization of open space and the relationship”
    — Design Blog | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum,

  • “Program Management, Microsoft, Software plus Service, Developer platform and more just wrote this blog post using Live Writer Beta which of course is a rich Windows client app used to write blog posts that are”
    — A.r.a.s.h's World - Program Management, Microsoft, Software,

  • “But there has been less discussion about how virtualization, now known mainly for its that we're using to drive the reconceptualization of our software so as to embrace”
    — Transitioning From The Enterprise To The Cloud " Xen,

  • “Cannabis amotivational syndrome and personality trait absorption: A review and reconceptualization: journal article Cannabis amotivational syndrome and personality trait absorption: A review and reconceptualization journal article Rate Topic:”
    — Cannabis amotivational syndrome and personality trait, shaman-

  • “Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, Department of Art and Public Policy suburban, to name a reconceptualization of the city that takes into account the necessary”
    — Come, Armageddon! Come! Queer Nihilism and the Margin of the,

  • “drastic reconceptualization of the forms and structures responsible The Forum on the Future of Public Education will marshal the UIUC capacity to inform”
    — Forum on the Future DRAFT 1 College of Education at the,

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