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  • These permit strongly typed configuration that can be changed without recompiling. It is common for an application to require some level of configurability without the requirement to recompile the software. — “Application Settings :: BlackWasp Software Development”,
  • Previous message: [Users] Error recompiling kernel FC4 patched win OVZ Thanks, >> Kirill >> >> >>> Hi, >>> >>> Im triting to recompile kernel-2.6.8 with OVZ patch. — “[Users] Error recompiling kernel FC4 patched win OVZ”,
  • Recompiling a kernel the Debian way. This is the way to compile a custom kernel against an existing debianized kernel package. I personally use my initials as well as an indication of the patches, kernel options and versions of my kernel recompile such as -smp-ajw1. — “”
  • Recompiling Virtualbox Kernel Module. July 7th, 2008. If after installing a new kernel you may get an error message when you try to start Virtualbox saying something like The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded '. If you then read the logs the solution is actually written there. — “bobpeers -> blog " Recompiling Virtualbox Kernel Module”,
  • Recompiling invalid Oracle objects. Whenever an oracle object is marked as invalid because of a table, that has been changed, the Oracle professional can change the object to valid by using a SQL*Plus script. Although invalid PL/SQL modules get automatically recompiled on use, it is useful to run. — “Recompiling invalid Oracle objects”,
  • http:///cdsoueModifying & Recompiling Source Characters with XSI, part of the Noesis Interactive™ MOD Your World™ training series, de. Watch Video about Noesis,Interactive,Trailers by . — “Noesis Interactive Trailer - Modifying and Recompiling Source”,
  • Stored procedures store their execution plans as metadata as well, and it is a good idea to recompile them if the underlying tables have changed. This script goes through all views/stored procedures and markes them for recompilation or refreshes them. — “Refreshing Views and Recompiling Stored Procs - SQLServerCentral”,
  • The Allegro Source code (Needed for Linux, or recompiling) The JPEG library Source code (Needed for recompiling) The Allegro OGG library (Optional, may be wanted for recompiling) Alexandre Pineau should be making Debian packages of 0.93, when I remember to ask him. — “IRE - Downloads”,
  • A resource center for IT professionals Recompiling the Linux Kernel: Submitted By: Jason Mullett. Date: 07/05/2004. Article: Print this article. Download article (PDF Format) E-mail article to a friend. E-mail the author. Step 1. Obtain the latest kernel from . — Recompiling the Linux Kernel”,
  • Let's see though, we talk about companies blocking social sites like twitter, using persisted tables as temp tables, recompiling and parameter sniffing, and much more. Right-click to download video. Others in Series: Recompiling and Parameter sniffing: 2 of 5. — “Recompiling and Parameter sniffing: 1 of 5 by MidnightDBA”,
  • Recompiling Invalid Schema Objects. Operations such as upgrades, patches and DDL changes For this reason it makes sense to recompile invalid objects in advance of user calls. — “ORACLE-BASE - Recompiling Invalid Schema Objects”, oracle-
  • Some months ago my boss asked me to recompile the Kernel in some of the servers which I was Is recompiling the kernel necessary? Hmm That depends on your situation (and who you. — “Recompiling the Linux Kernel”,
  • Recompiling the kernel on a Slackware system specifically for the Dell Precision M90. This section covers recompiling the kernel on a Slackware system specifically for the Dell Precision M90. — “Linux on Dell Precision M90 - Part III: Kernel Update”,
  • Use the ALTER PACKAGE statement to explicitly recompile a package specification, body, or both. Specify BODY to recompile only the package body regardless of whether it is invalid. — “SQL Statements: ALTER CLUSTER to ALTER SEQUENCE, 15 of 21”,
  • For legacy customers still requiring buildroot: If you want to recompile the linux kernel for your gumstix board, follow these steps. cd cd build_arm_nofpu cd linux-. — “Recompiling the Linux Kernel - GumstixDocsWiki”,
  • From a cached copy of the website, posted by: mark at catalyst dot net dot nzed ReCompiling PHP4 to have oracle 8 support (oci8) on Debian Linux,. — “PHP and Oracle 10g on Debian | AANDCP IT Solutions”,
  • Workshop: Query Plan Caching and Recompiling. Thursday, March 17, 2011, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. PST. This workshop, conducted by Microsoft SQL Server MVP Kalen Delaney, will provide information on basic plan cache management. Kalen will provide all. — “Workshop: Query Plan Caching and Recompiling”,
  • can anyone recompile MultiClipboard (notepad++ plugin) for me as i dont have any compiler installed at this computer. Re: help recompiling notepad++ plugin " Reply #5 on: January 28, 2008, 06:06:29 AM " it suppose to save the plugin settings to ini file when you quit. — “help recompiling notepad++ plugin - ”,
  • Why did you stop? Well, I was recompiling my kernel and got a segfault digg_url = 'http:///files/2009/11/mavizens-ttx02-electric-motorcycle-laptop-on-wheels-linux.php';Mavizen has decided to offer a new electric bike based on. — “Mavizen's 130 MPH TTX02 Electric Motorcycle Runs on Linux”,
  • Batch debugging with tvscript provides the ability to troubleshoot your code without recompiling. Try it for Free. — “Launch multiple debugging sessions without recompiling”,
  • [Vault Hub] VN Boards " Archived Boards " Anarchy Online General Discussion " Controller Recompiling Units Date Posted: 9/11/04 6:35am Subject: RE: Controller Recompiling Units =/ Do QL150 missions, the drop rate seems much better then the higher missions, easier to kill boss. — “VN Boards - Controller Recompiling Units =/”,
  • as distributed, then you do not have to recompile the system and The procedure for recompiling the commands and the library is similar to the. — “RECOMPILING MINIX”,
  • Definition of recompiling in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of recompiling. Pronunciation of recompiling. Translations of recompiling. recompiling synonyms, recompiling antonyms. Information about recompiling in the free online English. — “recompiling - definition of recompiling by the Free Online”,
  • Here is the > problem, am I correct that in recompiling the kernel I would lose > everything? Second, if you really think recompiling the module is necessary, you can probably do it without recompiling the whole kernel. — “[mythtv-users]Help approaching install....question”,

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  • “book chat community digital edition forum ftp home inetd ipkg irc leds lighttpd links forum/t-51391/recompiling-lighttpd-with-pcre-support#post”
    — My Book World Edition (blue rings): Recompiling lighttpd with,

  • “Recompiling kernel modules for EC2 instances. August 7, 2007 at 4:27 pm · Filed under EC2 ·Tagged EC2, kernel, Here's the list of changes to resolve the conflicts and have a successful compilation (This based only on the versions I mention on the blog)”
    Recompiling kernel modules for EC2 instances " RightScale Blog,

  • “Feature missed recompiling from sources [SOLVED] aMule Forum > English > aMule Help > Feature missed recompiling from sources [SOLVED] Pages: [1] " previous next " Print. Author. Topic: Feature missed recompiling from sources [SOLVED] (Read 741 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic”
    — Feature missed recompiling from sources [SOLVED],

  • “Rememebr when P4 came out? Tom's Hardware reviewed it, rane LAME on it, and the results were less than spectacular. Overnight they received a recompiled version of the program (from an Intel engineer,”
    — All this and SSE4/recompiling still to come..but no mention,

  • “lighttpd forum lighty > enable mod_rewrite: add pcre support without recompiling Re: enable mod_rewrite: add pcre support without recompiling”
    — lighttpd forum - enable mod_rewrite: add pcre support without,

  • “Greetings, Im completely new to Flash, so forgive any glaring mistakes. I recently received Webmaster rights to a guild site, which uses a flash .swf”
    recompiling .fla pieces into .swf,

  • “Recompiling roms”
    Recompiling roms,

  • “Forum List | Topic List | New Topic | Search | Register | User List Recompiling FPGA with Quartus 6.1 tool. Posted by Jim Murashige (Guest)”
    Recompiling FPGA with Quartus 6.1 tool - Ruby Forum, ruby-

  • “Recompiling Virtualbox Kernel Module. July 7th, 2008. If after installing a new kernel you VirtualBox kernel module [ OK ] Recompiling VirtualBox kernel module [ OK ] Starting”
    — bobpeers -> blog " Recompiling Virtualbox Kernel Module,

  • “Taylan Pince's personal site and blog where he writes about web and mobile development One issue that really caught me by surprise was recompiling Apache 2.2 with the proxy modules, so I thought I would jot down my notes here”
    — Taylan Pince | Recompiling Apache on FreeBSD,

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