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  • has a point: Members should not lie, or even give the appearance of lying, to qualify for offering a motion to recommit a bill. Hoyer might be correct in saying Members occasionally change from opposition to support after losing their motion to recommit. — “Congress Project : Publications : Bimonthly Column on”,
  • recommit commit again; 'It was recommitted into her custody'. — “recommit: Information from ”,
  • Seller: arussellx2 Feedback: 50676 (100.0%) (ship $3.99) 0 bids $11.97 (US) 23h 26m Kit -Teeth Whitening 22% (3 Syringes) Tooth Bleaching. Seller: wesjack95 Feedback: 4580. — “Oral Care”,
  • Services, history, staff, message, Sunday school, choir, *** center, missions and contact. We would like to invite you to join us this fall as we Rethink, Renew, and Recommit ourselves as a church and as individuals. — “index810”,
  • Definition of recommit from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of recommit. Pronunciation of recommit. Definition of the word recommit. Origin of the word recommit. — “recommit - Definition of recommit at ”,
  • THE MOTION TO RECOMMIT. After the third reading of a bill (or resolution), but before the Speaker orders the vote on final passage of the bill (or resolution), a motion to recommit the bill, either with or without instructions, to the committee which originally reported it is in order. — “THE MOTION TO RECOMMIT”,
  • For the second time in a week, Republicans in the House won a surprise victory on the House floor, using a parliamentary maneuver to make changes in a bill backed by Democratic leaders. — “Motion To Recommit | Jamie Dupree Washington Insider”,
  • The Bahamas and US recommit to fighting illicit drug trade Nov 9, 2010 - 12:56:08 PM. Email this article. Printer friendly page. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration the Hon Brent Symonette, addressing a Counter-Narcotics and Illegal Migration Joint Drug. — “ - The Bahamas and US recommit to”,
  • Recommit definition, to commit again. See more. — “Recommit | Define Recommit at ”,
  • RecommIT have taken on this problem and become a market leader in the disposal of IT equipment by providing a cost-effective, secure and environmentally acceptable solution for surplus and waste IT equipment. RecommIT is the UK market leader in the large-scale disposal, through refurbishment and. — “Small Business Journey”,
  • Recommit Ourselves to Freedom. Two hundred and thirty one years ago our founding fathers dissolved their political bands with the British Crown and gave us the gift of self-government. A government governed of the people, for the people and by the people. — “State Representative Susan Lynn: Recommit Ourselves to Freedom”, susan-
  • Definition of recommit in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of recommit. Pronunciation of recommit. Translations of recommit. recommit synonyms, recommit antonyms. Information about recommit in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “recommit - definition of recommit by the Free Online”,
  • is to Recommit every day to your goals. In working with our representatives. around the every day recommit to your goal. Every. day, rededicate yourself to your purpose. Every. — “Recommit Every Day”, lmi-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Recommit - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MOTION TO RECOMMIT: This provision amends clause 2(b) of rule XIX to provide that a motion to recommit a bill or joint resolution may include instructions only in the form of a direction to report a textual amendment or amendments back to the House forthwith. — “House Rule XIX - Motions following the amendment stage”,
  • Definition of recommit in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is recommit? Meaning of recommit as a legal term. What does recommit mean in law?. — “recommit legal definition of recommit. recommit synonyms by”, legal-
  • recommit. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search to recommit (third-person singular simple present recommits, present participle. — “recommit - Wiktionary”,
  • Watch breaking news videos and read news updates about Motion To Recommit on . — “Motion To Recommit News and Video - FOX News Topics - ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for recommit in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “recommit - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Bush: 'Recommit To Free Bush: 'Recommit To Free Markets' World leaders have vowed to overhaul the global financial system - but George Bush wants nations to "recommit" to free markets despite a looming recession. Click here to read the rest of this article. — “Bush: 'Recommit To Free Markets' - Top stories - Search and Go”,
  • THE MOTION TO RECOMMIT. After the third reading of a bill (or resolution), but before the Speaker orders the vote on final passage of the bill (or resolution), a motion to recommit the bill, either with or without instructions, to the committee which originally reported it is in order. — “Motion to ReCommit being Worked on Now”,
  • We found 21 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word recommit: recommit: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info] Recommit,. — “Definitions of recommit - OneLook Dictionary Search”,

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  • Ban urges world to recommit to Millennium development goals UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon kicked off a summit on Monday urging world leaders to commit to the ambitious Millenium Development targets -- now deeply behind schedule -- to cut poverty, millions of avoidable deaths and improve equality. Some 140 heads of state and government are expected to attend the three-day summit, where Ban is expected to seek tens of billions of dollars in new commitments toward the development goals.Duration: 00:34
  • Rep. Frank on Executive Compensation Motion to Recommit The House debates a motion to recommit on the Shareholder Vote on Executive Compensation Act, which was introduced by Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank in March. The bill, introduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), will require that public companies ensure that shareholders have an annual nonbinding vote on their company's executive compensation plans. The Republican motion was an effort to derail the bill at the last moment, and Chairman Frank denounced the effort.
  • Recommit to Weight Loss and Health
  • Rep. Obey on Iraq Motion to Recommit House Republicans make one last attempt to strip the timeline from the Iraq Accountability Act before it goes to conference committee for reconciliation with the Senate version of the emergency supplemental. The Republicans offered a motion to recommit the bill reasserting the timelines, which the Republicans overwhelmingly voted against, hoping that Democrats would join them. The motion failed. Appropriations Chairman David Obey spoke on the floor:
  • Re-Commit To Change Jean Gatz gives a brief overview for how re-committing to change can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • felons over 40 seldom recommit crimes SEE OUR WEB SITE EXFELON.BIZ
  • Re-commit to 80-10-10 with Claire I am back to 80-10-10 after another break. Bad mistake. Thanks to support and others like you who comment and watch these videos, I am updating you all on my new commitment to the diet.
  • UCLA's Rick Neuheisel talks about commits and decommits UCLA football coach had a big signing class in 2009, but it wasn't always easy. He explains what coaches go through with players who waiver in their decisions.
  • Lily and Cane recommit themselves to one another Cane and Lily are in the church they got married in and talk about their wedding vows and that day and they recommit themselves to one another. Aired 10/15/09
  • Rep. Frank - Mortgage Reform Motion to Recommit The House debates the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2007. The bill is aimed at curbing predatory lending, which has been a major factor in the highest home foreclosure rate in the nation in at least 25 years. A key element of the legislation ensures that lenders will be responsible for underwriting loans that consumers have a reasonable ability to repay while prohibiting practices that increase the risk of foreclosure for consumers. The bill also mandates that all mortgage lenders are licensed and registered under state or federal law. The legislation also protects consumers from being steered into loans that aren't in their best interest, and if they refinance there must be a tangible benefit to the consumer. Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank mocks the Republican Motion to Recommit the bill.
  • IGAD summit urges parties to re-commit to deal The dispute in Sudan is about an impending election and referendum. Heads of state from the regional body IGAD, gave the country until May to resolve differences that are threatening its fragile peace.
  • Congressman Rogers on the Motion to Recommit and Keeping Terrorists Off Our Soil Today Congressman Rogers offered a motion to recommit on the FY2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill so that terrorists would be banned from American soil.
  • Re: Commit to Be Fit Challenge Entry This is my official CTBF challenge entry. I'm so excited to start this. Hopefully this will give me the motivation I need to haul ass and lose those extra pounds! Starting weight: 147lbs Height: 5'4" and a half Age: 29 Location: Portland, OR
  • Barney Frank on Motions to Recommit Barney Frank describes the GOP screw-up on the motion to recommit on the Jubilee Act.
  • Step #3 of Nia Peeples Fitness Challenge: Recommit Join the challenge at
  • Re-Commit Yourself & Make Disciples for Jesus Christ !!! MISBA 2010 Inspirational Message Minister Michael Petty President The Mighty In Scripture Bible Association (MISBA) Where we are Teaching a Generation....One Verse at a Time!!!!
  • NASA Motion to Recommit House Floor: 6/18/2008
  • Motion to Recommit, HR 4173 Congressman Dent offers an alternative proposal to HR 4173, a banking regulatory bill, on the House floor. The Congressman's motion to recommit would have ended the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and returned repaid TARP funds to the Treasury for deficit reduction. Additionally, the proposal would have reduced the national debt limit by the amount of money saved by ending TARP.
  • RECOMMIT band # 1 RECOMMIT band in Mag3 video mode performing at the Dreamworld Phoenix Music Complex in Arlington Texas at the Grain cd release on Sept 02, 2006. Mike Galich Director & Producer
  • Business Strategy: RE-COMMIT to Change | Connie Podesta Life as you knew it is transforming before your very eyes. To survive and thrive requires the ability and willingness to adapt to CHANGE at the click of a mouse. You can no longer keep doing what you've always done and expect STANDOUT results! The good news? Successfully dealing with change is in your DNA! The bad news? So is the temptation to resist anything that's uncomfortable, stressful or requires extra WORK. To go from safe and predictable to amazing and adventurous, you've got to view change as an Opportunity for Continuous Growth.
  • Hawaii Legislators Recommit Campaign Spending Bill Hawaii House of Representatives bows to public pressure (and to a DailyKos article!) and moves to recommit this bad bill to committee. Usually that kills it, but you never know.
  • Rep. Miller - College Opportunity, Motion to Recommit The House debates the College Opportunity and Affordability Act, which will continue this Congress' effort to make college more affordable and accessible. This bill would reform our higher education system so that it operates in the best interests of students and families, while boosting our competitiveness and strengthening our future. The legislation would: encourage colleges to rein in price increases and provide consumers with helpful information; restore integrity and accountability to the student loan programs; simplify the federal student aid application process; make textbook costs more manageable; expand college access and support for low-income and minority students; increase college aid and support for veterans and military families; ensure equal college opportunities for students with disabilities; boost campus safety and disaster readiness plans; encourage colleges to adopt sustainable and energy-efficient practices; and strengthen our workforce and our competitiveness. Chairman George Miller of the Education and Labor Committee speaks against the Republican Motion to Recommit and in favor of the bill.
  • Opposing Republican efforts to recommit NFIP Congresswoman Waters speaks in opposition to the Republican motion to recommit her bill, HR 5114, the Flood Insurance Reform Priorities Act of 2010. The Republican motion was defeated, and the House went on to pass the Congresswoman's bill. July 15, 2010
  • Majority Leader Hoyer Blasts the Republican Motion to Recommit on Health Care "My colleagues on the other side of the aisle demanded 72 hours notice for the bill and they've gotten four or five months notice. They gave us 72 seconds to consider this amendment..."
  • Day 236 - Recommit to his Victory --Today's Readings-- 2 Chronicles 21:4-23:21 1 Corinthians 15:50-16:4 Proverbs 20:25-21:4 --Day 237-- 2 Chronicles 24:1-25:28 1 Corinthians 16:5-24 Psalm 102:18-28 --Day 238-- 2 Chronicles 26:1-28:27 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 Psalm 102:1-12 --Day 239-- 2 Chronicles 29:1-31:1 2 Corinthians 1:12-22 Psalm 103:13-22 --Follow me On Twitter-- /alistairheath (@alistairheath)
  • Rep. Rob Andrews Against Republican Motion to Recommit to Repeal Affordable Care Act Provision This afternoon, House Republicans offered a "Motion to Recommit" on unrelated small business lending legislation to repeal the shared responsibility provision in the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act ensures that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care coverage through shared responsibility among individuals, businesses, and the government. Individuals are responsible for purchasing health insurance coverage, and most employers will be responsible for offering coverage.
  • Senate - Recommit Rising Song: Recommit Rising Artist: Senate Album: The Great Northern Scenekill
  • Sensenbrenner's Response to the Democrats Motion to Recommit on the PATRIOT Act Rep. Sensenbrenner speaks on the House floor on February 14 in response to the Democrats Motion to Recommit.
  • Camp offers Motion to Recommit to Ensure Taxpayer Funds DO NOT go to pay for abortions
  • Rep. Barney Frank on ENDA Motion to Recommit The House debates the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), HR 3685, to be followed by debate on the bill itself. In 30 states, it is currently legal to fire someone simply because of his or her ***ual orientation. This bill will prohibit employers, employment agencies and labor unions from using an individual's ***ual orientation as the basis for employment decisions, such as hiring, firing, promotion or compensation. The bill extends federal employment protections to gay, lesbian, and bi***ual workers similar to those already provided to a person based on race, religion, ***, national origin, age or disability. Rep. Barney Frank speaks against the motion to recommit from the Republicans, which contains redundant language but would intentionally kill the bill by delay.
  • #53 Recommit Oh soccer injuries... gotta love them. Never thought I'd be doing research on myself. Didn't know I'd ever forget so much of who I was. There is so much I blocked out of my life. Didn't realize how much I suffered. I didn't want to remember my relationships, and looking back I can see why... I didn't want to be wrong.
  • Democrats Denounce GOP Motion to Recommit on RESTORE Act The House debates the RESTORE Act of 2007 (Responsible Electronic Surveillance That is Overseen, Reviewed, and Effective). This bill provides the Intelligence Community with effective tools to conduct surveillance of foreign targets outside the United States but restores Constitutional checks and balances that were not contained in President Bush's bill, the Protect America Act (PAA). Democrats denounce a Republican Motion to Recommit containing redundant language with the intent of "effectively killing the measure by delay" as the Washington Post recently described it.
  • Jeb Hensarling Motion To Recommit stop spending right here right now - 7-15-10 1_55 PM.mp4 Congressman Hensarling offers motion to recommit to remove spending on duplicative outreach program from National Flood Insurance program
  • Recommit Band in Mag3 video mode 2 RECOMMIT band in Mag3 video mode performing at the Dreamworld Phoenix Music Complex in Arlington Texas at the Grain cd release on Sept 02, 2006. Mike Galich Director & Producer
  • Congressman Campbell introduces a motion to recommit restricting funding for the John Murtha Airport Congressman Campbell introduces a 'Motion to Recommit' in the House of Representatives which would effectively prohibit taxpayer funds from the John Murtha Johnston-Cambria County Airport in Johnstown, PA. It subsequently was voted down.
  • senate recommit jam 1 11
  • Recommit Rising Senate @ City Lights March 18th 2011
  • Rep. Van Hollen Speaks on the House Floor in Support of the Motion to Recommit on HR 359 Congressman Chris Van hollen speaks on the House Floor on January 26, 2011 in support of the Motion to Recommit on HR 359, a bill which would terminate public financing of presidential campaigns and party conventions. The Motion to Recommit would preserve the public financing option for presidential candidates and will require disclosure of foreign countries, companies, or individuals donating to presidential campaigns, as well as donors spending over $100000 on these contests.
  • Barton, Latta offer Republican Motion to Recommit on HR 5019 House Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Joe Barton (R-TX) and Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) offer the Republican Motion to Recommit on the Home Star Energy Retrofit bill.
  • DAY 20 - 100 Pushups, 100 Days Challenge! ("Re-Commit") MY FACEBOOK: TWITTER: BLOG: 100Pushups a Day for 100 Days Straight! Start Date November 9th, 2009 Finish Date: February 17th, 2010 "It all started from one idea I had late one evening as I was sitting in front of my computer updating my status on Facebook... A challenge to lead, inspire, and encourage people all over the world to take a stand for themselves to build muscle, lose fat, and have a whole lot of FUN! Meanwhile I release DAILY videos to help hold everyone accountable while also sharing valuable tips, techniques, and strategies for assisting in making a LONG TERM change in a healthy direction. No matter if you're a veteran of fitness or just getting started, we're all traveling this journey together. You're one decision away from changing your entire life. Are you ready?!" "Be true to yourself, believe in who you are." Love, Kyle
  • Business Strategy: RE-EXAMINE Your Leadership | Connie Podesta Leadership 101 No matter what your title, you are a leader. At every given moment, YOU have the POWER to influence the thoughts, behaviors, ideas and attitudes of the people around you in either a positive or negative way. How you ultimately wield that power will determine whether you STANDOUT and model the kind of life others would CHOOSE to imitate, follow and respect, personally and professionally. Good leaders are good role models who align their actions with their values.
  • Don Rankey on Recommitting to Ohio Business Donald E. Rankey, Jr., candidate for State Representative in Ohio's 2nd district, discusses his plans to recommit to Ohio businesses.

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  • “Blog - Articles Tagged 'Motion to Recommit' or Login with your OpenID Rules Committee Nancy Pelosi Paygo Motion to Recommit Previous Question Point of Order”
    — Blog - Articles Tagged 'Motion to Recommit' - OpenCongress,

  • “World leaders recommit to poverty goals (Ironic Headline) PrisonPlanet Forum > ***THE MAIN BOARDS - Welcome to the Prison Planet Educational Forum and Library*** > General Discussion for the Prison Planet Educational Forum and”
    — World leaders recommit to poverty goals (Ironic Headline)!,

  • “I think I've hit my bottom. Without getting into the details, let's just say I need tons and tons of support. Anyone in the us want to be my accountab”
    recommit | Bulimia Help,

  • “This Labor Day and Labor Sunday, we need to recommit ourselves to the principles that have energized the labor movement over the centuries. Heartland Labor Forum. The AFL-CIO is a voluntary federation of 57 national and international labor unions and”
    — AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | Labor Day: Recommit to Full Employment,

  • “ is an online community of Christian Bloggers. Join today and start your own free Christian blog!”
    — A renewed call to recommit, renounce, resolve and restore,

  • “Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich. http:///blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/88205-stupak-speaks-out-against-gop-motion-to-recommit. The contents of this site are © 2010 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc. Comments (45)”
    — Stupak speaks out against GOP motion to recommit on abortion,

  • “Home of World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific, a full service creative services production facility and ministry of the Church of the Nazarene”
    — WMC-AP " Blog " Youth Recommit Their Lives To Christ At Samoa, wmc-

  • “South Carolina Stonewall Democrats - Time to Recommit while we remember world AIDS day Home " Blogs " lpecikonis's blog " Time to Recommit while we remember world AIDS day”
    — Time to Recommit while we remember world AIDS day | Stonewall,

  • “Recommit. Memorial Day weekend has become the traditional summer kick BLOG ARCHIVE. November 2010. October 2010. September 2010. August 2010. July 2010. June 2010”
    — Relax. Recreate. Remember. Recommit. | Blog | Servicemembers,

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