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  • We run an ongoing series here on The Recommender called Remix Specials , where we select those artists, producers and DJs who that he works with to be perfectly on message with The Recommender. — “The Recommender - Brighton's essential guide to new music”,
  • Personalize your customer's experience from start to finish with the Strands Recommender. — “Strands Recommender”,
  • That is the basic idea of recommender systems. It can be used in many applications too. The Recommender API module provides a set of APIs to calculate similarities among the mice, and then predict. — “Recommender API -- Developer's Companion | Daniel Zhou 周晓丹”,
  • Definition of Recommender in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Recommender. Pronunciation of Recommender. Translations of Recommender. Recommender synonyms, Recommender antonyms. Information about Recommender in the free online English. — “Recommender - definition of Recommender by the Free Online”,
  • Recommender Systems Workshop at SIGIR 99 Has a nice summary and has several papers online. Alkindi, a now defunct company that did movie recommendations, as put their commercial strength recommender system software in the public domain. — “Recommender systems”,
  • Nor is the question really "What is the recommender market? In the longer term, recommender technology will increasingly enable business models, including advertising. — “Strands Blog " What is the Recommender Industry?”,
  • Practical Use of Recommender Systems, Algorithms, & Technology Jérôme Picault Dimitre Kostadinov Pablo Castells Alejandro. — “Workshops | ACM Recommender Systems 2010”,
  • Definition of recommender from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of recommender. Pronunciation of recommender. Definition of the word recommender. Origin of the word recommender. — “recommender - Definition of recommender at ”,
  • Recommender systems guide people to interesting materials based on information from other people. At the end of this course, a student should understand the design space of recommender systems and be able to provide design recommendations for a particular application domain, as well as. — “SI 583 - Recommender Systems | Open.Michigan”,
  • Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett Recommender Comments Off. Well, I've decided to refer to my SOM Recommender by the initialism SOMR (which for the sake of the argument, I pronounce "sommer" like "summer" but with an o), and I've been working on it for about a month. — “Huddled Masses " Recommender”,
  • Recommender systems, recommendation systems, recommendation engines, recommendation frameworks, recommendation platforms or simply recommender form or work from a specific type of information filtering system technique that Typically, a recommender system compares a user profile to some. — “Recommender system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Recommender systems have become an important part users' everyday interactions with Web based applications, particularly The ability of a recommender system to tailor its output to a. — “Recommender Systems”,
  • : Recommender Systems Handbook (9780387858197): Francesco Ricci, Lior Rokach, Bracha Shapira, Paul B. Kantor: Books. — “: Recommender Systems Handbook (9780387858197”,
  • Recommender systems use product knowledge – either hand-coded knowledge increase sales and ***yze the recommender systems at six market-leading sites. — “E-Commerce Recommender Applications”,
  • Understanding how the recommender works and why a product has been recommended builds trust and customer loyalty. Two types of explanations based on two personalization degrees can be given to build credibility: 1. Explanations Based On How The Recommendation Engine Works:. — “Strands Blog " Strands Recommender”,
  • Get the Folksemantic - OER Recommender widget. to easily insert "related resources" links into your website. Sign up for Folksemantic to get personalized recommendations and collaborate with others. Developed by Tatemae for the Center for Open. — “OER Recommender - Get open education resource recommendation”,
  • Home > Research > Recommender Systems. From Recommender systems by Paul Resnick and Hal R. Varian (CACM, Volume 40 , Issue 3, 1997) In a typical recommender system people provide recommendations as inputs, which the system then aggregates and directs to appropriate recipients. — “Research on Recommender Systems (by Michael Hahsler)”,
  • Recommender systems are software applications that aim to support users in their decision-making while interacting with large information spaces. — “ACM Recommender Systems 2010”,
  • On our current version of the recommender demo, we restrict our web surfing valid Recommender System Module. This module is implemented in C. You can download a copy of the source code for the recommender module. — “Web Recommender System”,
  • A rails prototype adaptation from the nice Ilya's blog post about SVD-based recommender systems. — “dlt's SVD-Recommender at master - GitHub”,
  • recommender use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with recommender. recommender in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. They also discovered that the music recommender they built from scratch could generate song playlists that human subjects thought. — “recommender - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Each survey simulated a "popular" movie recommender system over five "weeks." In other words, respondents would see week 1's recommendations, rate how much they liked them, and then click through buffer screens to get to the following week's recommendations. — “recommender systems " MobBlog”,
  • Recommender Systems. Recommender systems are a hot topic in this age of immense data and web marketing. The field of data mining has a developing field of research in recommender systems, which fits the bill. — “Recommendation Systems :: Carleton College Computer Science Comps”,

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  • GraphLab Conference 2014 Train5: Chris Dubois - Recommender Systems and Text ***ysis Recommender Systems and Text ***ysis.
  • Real Time Recommender System Presenters: Rakesh Sharma and Daqing Zhao Description: Members of the Macy' engineering and ***ytics teams will present how they built a powerful perso...
  • Mahout User Recommender Tutorial with Eclipse and Maven Using the "Creating a User-Based Recommender in 5 Minutes" article from http://, the video goes through creating the recommender from scratc...
  • Recommender Problems for Web Applications, 4/26/2010 Please also see http:///?p=1579 for links to the presentation slides and other related documents. DESCRIPTION: Several web applications like ...
  • Recommenders Everywhere: The WikiLens Community-Maintained Recommender System Google Tech Talks November, 13 2007 Suppose you have a passion for items of a certain type, and you wish to start a recommender system around those items. Yo...
  • LARS An Efficient and Scalable Location Aware Recommender System We are ready to provide guidance to successfully complete your projects. IEEE 2014 Projects :
  • RecSys 2014 Session 3: Cold Start and Hybid Recommenders The ACM Recommender System conference (RecSys) is the premier international forum for the presentation of new research results, systems and techniques in the broad field of recommender systems.
  • easyrec - open source recommender system With the open source recommender system easyrec you can add recommendations to your website within minutes. This video gives a quick overview of how easyrec ...
  • What is a Recommender System? Why Let me again 1st go through the agenda so today's agenda will be what are the recommender systems and why we need them we will also see some examples, we wil...
  • Dial M For Movies Free Movie Recommender Specify exactly what you want in a movie and get top movies list accordingly. Say you want to watch an action movie which is unique, has good direction, scre...
  • Matrix Factorization Models in Recommender Systems 10701 - Machine Learning Extra Credit Assignment By Jiashi Cao.
  • Recommender Systems A quick introduction to recommender systems.
  • LARS*: An Efficient and Scalable Location-Aware Recommender System To get this project in ONLINE or through TRAINING Sessions, Contact:JP INFOTECH, Old No.31, New No.86, 1st Floor, 1st Avenue, Ashok Pillar, Chennai -83. Land...
  • Mahout Item Recommender Tutorial using Java and Eclipse A basic tutorial on developing your first recommender using the Apache Mahout library. Source code is available at: https:///RevBooyah/Static-mahou...
  • Recommender System at Scale Using HBase and Hadoop Recommender Systems play a crucial role in a variety of businesses in today`s world. From E-Commerce web sites to News Portals, companies are leveraging data...
  • Final Year Projects | A Hybrid Recommender System Using RuleBased and Case-Based Reasoning Final Year Projects | A Hybrid Recommender System Using RuleBased and Case-Based Reasoning More Details: Visit http:///a-secure-erasure-cod...
  • TasteWeights: A Visual Interactive Hybrid Recommender System Paper: http:///Content/publications/TasteWeights.pdf.
  • Be a Nominator or Recommender for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program Why be a Nominator or Recommender for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program?
  • Introduction to Apache Mahout: How to Build a Recommender
  • Get Started on Machine Learning Fast using GraphLab - Part 4 - Building Recommender Systems This is the fourth of four annotated videos where Carlos Guestrin, CEO of GraphLab, leads a workshop at the Strata Santa Clara conference. In this video, Car...
  • Recommender Systems http:///expert-speak/Recommender-Systems-243 In simple words, Recommender Systems are software tools and techniques, for suggesting items to a...
  • Sep 2012 Recommender Systems: The Power of Personalization September 20, 2012: "Recommender Systems: The Power of Personalization," presented by Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota, SIGCHI; moderated by Gary M...
  • Apache Mahout Recommender Introduction Introduction to the recommendation capability of Apache Mahout using an example of the engine recommending to users movies to buy based on their preferences ...
  • Strands Recommender Merchandising part 1 Here is a demonstration video of how a Strands Recommender customer can change how the recommendation engine performs by manipulating merchandising properties.
  • RecSys 2014 Keynote by Hector Garcia-Molina: The Future of Recommender Systems sponsored by Pandora The ACM Recommender System conference (RecSys) is the premier international forum for the presentation of new research results, systems and techniques in the broad field...
  • Utilizing Transfer Learning for Collaborative Recommender Systems This talk in Hebrew is an IBM Research - Haifa seminar presented on June 24, 2014 by Prof. Lior Rokach from the Dept. of Information System Engineering at th...
  • Star Guides | Recommender Computer Hardware | Star Citizen This Star Guide covers recommended computer hardware specs and what that means to you. Are you looking for an upgrade? Keep watching! Dogfighting Post - http...
  • Ph.D Defense - Enhanced Vector Space Models for Content-Based Recommender Systems A part of the defense of my PhD thesis - Bari, 8 June 2012
  • Advanced Business Intelligence Techniques 22: Recommender Systems and Matrix Factorization Advanced Business Intelligence Techniques 22nd lesson by professor Mauro Brunato at University of Trento.
  • Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series - Style Recommender Style Recommender allows you to quickly find a Style that suits the way you want to play. Just play a bar or two of a simple rhythm, and a list of Styles tha...
  • Lecture 12 -***yzing Big Data with Twitter: Recommender Systems by Alpa Jain Alpa Jain on Recommender Systems Course: Information 290. ***yzing Big Data with Twitter School of Informat...
  • Deepak Agarwal: Recommender Systems - The Art and Science of Matching Items to Users http:///techtalks.
  • #bbuzz: Zeno Gantner "Recommender Systems Experiments with MyMediaLite" Zeno Gantner http:///sessions/recommender-systems-experiments-mymedialite Recommendations based on collaborative filtering are a popular fe...
  • The Morales' Answer Questions about the Nutrilite Supplement Recommender Founders Executive Diamonds, Ivan and Beba Morales, answer questions about what using the Nutrilite® Supplement Recommender can mean to your business.
  • Introduction: Recommender Systems Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Techgig webinar series, our endeavor to empower techies. We believe that sharing of knowledge is the key to e...
  • Selecting the Right Recommender for your MBA Application Tuesday Tip videos provide tactical advice, guidance and inspiration throughout the MBA admissions process. This video discusses recommender selection.
  • bX article recommender plain and simple When researchers search for articles, they typically get results that reflect their prior knowledge. But these days, when interdisciplinary research is so co...
  • Strands Recommender Behavioral Tracking Implementation Here is a demonstration video of how a Strands Recommender customer can their users browsing behaviors. We use this catalog data with some behavioral data co...
  • Recommender Systems UDT-IA (IIIA-CSIC) A recommender system is an intelligent system that provides users series of personalized suggestions (recommendations) about a certain type of elements (item...
  • ieee projects-LARS: An Efficient and Scalable Location-Aware Recommender System Data Alcott System (http://) ieee projects,ns2 projects,ieee projects 2013,ieee project on networking,ieee project titles,ieee projec...

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  • “Here is the updated OER Recommender White Paper. Yesterday we released the OER Recommender system that I have worked on. There Recommender systems approach the problem by helping bringing resources to peoples' attention without having”
    — undesigned " OER Recommender Released,

  • “Read the latest information on recommendation technology and more on the Strands Recommender blog”
    — Blog | Strands Recommender,

  • “Joe McCarthy's ruminations on inspiration, aspiration and perspiration. Here are the details (from the MyStrands blog announcement, Looking for the best early-stage recommender start-ups)”
    — Gumption: Recommender Systems,

  • “Perhaps the most interesting thing about google as a content recommendation engine is that it leads directly to the internet echo chamber effect - and all of these recommender solutions suffer from a practical problem known as cold start: whether it's a physical product, a personal blog, or an”
    — Thinking about recommenders | ZDNet,

  • “The Recommender " music blog. THE GIG LIST – Number 1”
    — The Recommender " music blog,

  • “Most comprehensive music blog aggregator - search and browse hundreds of thousands of music posts and music videos”
    — THE RECOMMENDER > Elbows Music Blog Aggregator,

  • “by Trevor Legwinski - November 23, 2009 at 3:57 pm · Filed under Strands Recommender. Winner Outstanding Website, WebAward 2009 by Strands - October 23, 2009 at 4:14 pm · Filed under Strands Recommender”
    — Strands Blog " Strands Recommender,

  • “For this purpose, he built a very nice looking Web-based location recommender system called spotting. Common Web-based recommender systems require information about the users' past to generate suitable recommendations for them”
    Recommender system " Amancio Bouza's Research Blog,

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