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  • Crumplebottom Unlocked +10. Apt.Life-Maxis Door Recolors X13. Maxis/EA crib recolors X 4 Apt Doors for Apt Life x 13 - Maxis Recolors. Retro Pinks - Tile Wall Set. — “Laure's Blog”,
  • Sims Objects. — “Piggi's Sims...Stuff for your Sims”, piggis-
  • This is the fail i love to call recolors c:sorry, had to reupload it due to audio claims =/forgot disturbed isn't covered on youtube :. — “YouTube - Anti Recolors Video”,
  • Definition of Recolors with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Recolors: Definition with Recolors Pictures and Photos”,
  • It appears clothing & hair recolors (as well as accessories) made with the PETS EP installed may not work if you don't have that EP. Because of this, I will not be making any clothing or hair recolors on my machine with Pets installed, so all of mine should work fine. — “Free Hair, Makeup, Accessories Downloads for Sims 2”, personal-computer-
  • Holy Simoly - The best quality free downloads for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. A huge selection of free objects, meshes, walls, floors and for all your sims funiture needs Download Recolors. — “Holy Simoly - best quality free Sims 2 downloads”,
  • [edit] Verb. recolors. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of recolor. /wiki/recolors" Category: English third-person singular. — “recolors - Wiktionary”,
  • Use of my Meshes and Recolors: All my objects and sets are recolorable. For those who want to check our more of my recolors check out: MTS2 http:///member.php?u=1079. Also check out The Sims Resource. — “Welcome”,
  • These recolors share the same name as the original Digimon. These Digimon are like complex Random Recolors, in that they were probably done unintentionally and have no unique information. — “DMA + Digi-Dex”, dma.wtw-
  • Futonesque Fantastic- 10 Recolors of the Futonesque Fantasy Sofa - download at 4shared. Futonesque Fantastic- 10 Recolors of the Futonesque Fantasy Sofa is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free. — “Futonesque Fantastic- 10 Recolors of the Futonesque Fantasy”, 4
  • This comeback from Marimkekko® of Finland recolors a 1962 original botanical in muted gold and copper on lustrous, creamy cotton sa***. 100% cottonMachine washMade in Portugal. — “Marimekko® Tamburiini Ivory Napkin | Crate&Barrel”,
  • Mini Skate Shop. 2 meshes, 10 Recolors. Produce Aisle. 13 meshes, 14 EB Sims. 8 meshes, 22 Recolors. Ice Cream Shop. 10 meshes, 28 Recolors. Sports Galore. — “Open For Business Ready Shops”,
  • There are a dozen or so recolors of the iron bed (including the old recolors) and a recolor set for the wooden bed, armoire and endtable. and I probably would not have bothered sharing my recolors on a wide scale if the response of the members there hadn't convinced me that there. — “Elegant Decay”,
  • Another set of recolors for counters by Piggy. I would totally go for going to love this update – 16 new recolors for females of various meshes (some not. — “Spring4Sims " recolors”, spring4
  • Helga and Peggy hair recolors by rissa styles. Filed under: Finds, Maxis Chair recolors Buggybooz basic kitc No Comments " No comments yet. This is a. — “Helga and Peggy hair recolors by rissa styles | Finds | Sims 2”,
  • Sims 2 and Sims 3 downloads for free at Anno . This includes houses, simmies, clothes, objects, build items, sets, meshes, pattern etc Really nice recolors of my shutters, door and windows!. — “Still more recolors of Sophi's Summerhouse set”,
  • offers The Sims 2, sims 2, Sim File Maid, and Sim Rescue. Owaiz - your number one choice for Sim Aquarium and Free Sim Games. — “ - Owaiz and The Sims 2”,
  • Are you looking for good sims fashioned clothes? Come in to the Fashion Boy World, finally a place for your male sims. — “ [ This site is for SIMS 2 only. ]”,
  • 4 wood texture recolors plus matching bedding and quilts. Wood recolors work for both Maxis' Evil Witch Throne as well as all my match items. — “simaddict99's Claws of Darkness Recolors”,
  • Christa sBoutique , Downloads for the Sims2 updated daily, How to extract and save a messages, contacts, task, appointments and other objects from corrupted PST (Personal Store Folders) of Microsoft Outlook and OST files of Microsoft Exchange. — “ChristasBoutique | Sims2 Recolors&Downloads”,

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  • Blitz The Hedgehog's Crappy Sonic Recolors Worst Sonic Recolors Evar!
  • STOP MAKING RETARDED SONIC RECOLORS These "Characters" took me 8 Minutes to "Draw" and make "back stories" COMBINED and they are better than most "original" Sonic characters! (Notice the over use of quotes) Stop submitting your gay Sonic X Screen Cap recolors to youtube. Oh yeah and the reason Crimson-Blood's monologue cuts off like that is because I started laughing at how stupid I sounded XD Also excuse me for blowing in the mic, I don't do that normally and know first hand how annoying it is, I was trying to pull off; as I like to call "The Angsty Whisper" so I was talking to close to the mic.
  • ~ My Sonic X Recolors Part 9 ~ { Long } ~ finally....yeah it's long thanx to ALOT of gifts....and now you see why i'm allways busy aswell....if you want any of the songs then ask cause i don't know where i got em from so yeah
  • Screamers Toy Blog: Transformers Recolors I still need to work on getting these better, but I did have fun with it.. This time as nurse Ratchet. (One of Tony's favorite outfits ;) But then it's only for fun and to talk about some of our favorite toys a love :)
  • The Hall of Epic Failures : Recolors Recolors Suck!
  • recolor rant I'm reuploading this because it seems to be very popular and I felt bad that it had no audio. I would've done this sooner, but windows movie maker was ***y and deleted the sound/pic files so I had to find them again on my computer. Enjoy lovlies ~ ♥ Original Video:
  • Blitz The Hedgehog's Crappy Sonic Recolors 2 Moar of Blitz's failtastic recolors.
  • Audition For Mechabowser1's Recolor Series HOPE I GET THE PART *crosses fingers*
  • My sonic x recolors Part 1 :333 I don't own the audio...
  • Re:Short Rant About Recolor Haters One of the rights accorded to the owner of copyright is the right to reproduce or to authorize others to reproduce the work in copies or phonorecords. This right is subject to certain limitations found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, US Code). One of the more important limitations is the doctrine of fair use. The doctrine of fair use has developed through a substantial number of court decisions over the years and has been codified in section 107 of the copyright law. Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair: The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes The nature of the copyrighted work The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole The effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work The distinction between fair use and infringement may be unclear and not easily defined. There is no specific number of words, lines, or notes that may safely be taken without permission. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission. The 1961 Report of the Register of ...
  • ERC - Revenge of the recolors part 1 The Fanfaggotry continues. Part 2
  • STOP MAKING RETARDED SONIC RECOLORS The Movie It's hereeeeeee -Voices- TheGoldCrow gamelordabd Animation TheGoldCrow All Characters, Game footage, screenshots belong to Sega...Besides Twinkles, Rocky, and Flowers... they are mine and Steve Hedgehog and his logo belongs to Sonicdude3 And this really is the last movie on recolors, no, Spax didn't sue me lol. I just don't want to keep beating a dead horse.
  • Sonic Recolor Rant A RYAN VIDEO This is just a quick rant on recolors mainly the ones in the Sonic series since theres THOUSANDS of sonic recolors for some reason and i really dont know why by the way check out these channels & their rants on recolors /randomdce /hellsing920
  • My Sonic X Recolors Here's my frist video here's my charaters in order Frost the ice hedgehog Icetia the ice seedrin Frosty the water ice rabbit Seeta the alchemy seedrin Conscious the hedgehog Starla the moon rabbit Joy the ???? Dark the gloom hedgehog Rain the rainbow lynx Felt the emontional rabbit Neta the paint fox Holy the angel seedrin Celandine the hedgehog Peace the guradain seedrin Green the plant bunny Minta the peppermint seedrin Starwberryan the starwbrurts seedrin Loppi the lollypop seedrin Join the ally hedgehog La and Le the yin and yang rabbits Fren the plant fox Glaxlay the space seedrin Sadie the cool cat and last but least .... Miki the fashsion rabbit Kumiko,Nora and Arua belong to Noratheangelseedrin The little touhou charaters belong to ZUN incluing Byakuren the rest belong to me.
  • My 3 recolors of Amy just 3 random charas i made up I like the first one My friend gave me the remix Thankie!~
  • ERC - Revenge of the recolors part 2 Part 1 This girl isn't helping her case. And to those wondering why this was taking down, it's because I forgot a bit near the end.
  • Sonic X recolor - Amy to ... a recolor I made in my free time.
  • Your Generic Sonic Recolor Speaks! And gets ass raped by Drew Pickles! I'm back to making Drew Pickles/Barney Bunch videos after the hiatus from those videos after I made the Strider Hiryu video. also, please read the warning screen at the beginning of the video. thank you. =)
  • my fastest recolor ever O_O total time: 4:28, i cut out the parts where i was talking to either mysterio or bludshot, i forgot who. XD i KNOW people can't beat my time because all they do is just take the polygon tool and make sonic purple or make amy yellow or green. what i did was i made a completely new character! he is a bat, and he is recolored from rouge. i made him red, but i got rid of rouge's hair and put bangs on him. i gave him a jacket, shorts, new colored eyes, got rid of the lipstick, AND SHADED IT ALL IN THE TIME IT TOOK ME TO RECOLOR THIS PICTURE! now how many people can do THAT? how many people can recolor a sonic character into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT character in LESS than my time?? i'll tell ya who: NO ONE. the fastest recolor anyone could do is make amy yellow with photoshop and maybe stretch her hair out a little and maybe, just maybe change the color of her eyes. but i do my recolors on paint! ...except when i feel like making a 3D gift for someone, then i use paint shop. anyway, the point it, i made a different character and i shaded him everywhere! HOW MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD CAN DO THAT!? I'M ONE OF THE VEEEERY FEW. the character is gonna be on my ONE AND ONLY fc adoption. eh, scratch that. i hate sonic fan character adoptions. they're boring.
  • YB Rants: Sonic Recolors This will be a controversial rant. Some people who are friends of mine on YT may have already done recolors and therefore I risk offending them. If you are offended, send me a PM, and we can discuss this. Or send me a Skype message. Or something. And yeah, I'm totally trying to be an attention whore. Anywho, this video describes how Sonic recolors are uncreative and downright devoid of any effort. Make your OWN pictures of your fan characters, for God's sake! Thank you for watching and please comment.
  • Listen To The Mawnkay- Anti-Recolor Special Part 2 This part includes a disorganized video response to a person (not mentioning any names... *cough* vaporeontrainer *cough*) who can't understand why recolors suck. Several more facts and flaws about recolors are being explored.
  • Fry Recolor Requested by SonicSpeed She is one of my best friends. I DO NOT LIKE RECOLORS! IT WAS A REQUEST SO I HAD TO DO IT!! ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST OF THE ORIGINAL PICTURE!! Fry belongs to SonicSpeed ofcourse!
  • Pokemon/Digimon Sprites-Fusions, Sharpens, Recolors I fused some sprites and made a video of them. Song is In The End, exept it's a remix. This does NOT contain any sprites that I didn't make other than one (it's an orange-and-red rayquaza that's a ho-oh color) as it was an accident and is appropriate for people of any age XD. No stealing! I do not own Pokemon or Linkin park :)
  • Recolor Rant and Art Thieves Pt.2 If you don't know what vid this is, GO LOOK FOR IT!! :D This is a rant about BAD RECOLORS, DA THIEVES, AND DA RECOLORS. I repeat, BAD RECOLORS, DA THIEVES, AND DA RECOLORS!!! OK!! I don't want people complaining about every character they made or anything. I'm just tired of people stealing desings, stealing artwork, and people doing horrible recolors and posting them up on DA or showing them off on YT. Pt.1: Xepher's channel:
  • BludshotTheHedgehog Fails At Defending Sonic Recolors Sonic Recolors Are Serious Business!
  • recolor rant 3/3 if you think his recolors couldn't get any more stupid and lazy oh you have another thing coming. oh and he end his rant in the most dumbest way possible. trust me you'll be slapping yourself.
  • Listen To The Mawnkay- Anti-Recolor Special Watch as I mindlessly ramble my way through several topics which point out the flaws and retardation that we've come to know as the 'recolor'. My printer wouldn't print the fricken script so I have no organization in this video, sorry! URL: look at section 6
  • Timewarp1 Watching Stupid Videos 36: A Recolor's Rage Part 1 Beware of Sonic Recolors.
  • My Sonic Character Recolors Part 1 *Game!: Okay, so far only one person knows this, or if more know they didn't bother to bring it up. Can you guess Yuuki's secret? Put your guesses in the comments. All of the recolors I have done so far. Yuuki- belongs to me (teleports) Chikara- belongs to me Chie- belongs to me (influences emotions) Kisetsu- belongs to me (in tune with nature) Kyashana- belongs to me (magical songs) Yokusei- belongs to DarionMars (telekinesis) Ovyru- belongs to ZeaProductions Tanyalee- belongs to emmaheelys33 Mito- this version currently belongs to me, but Mito himself belongs to emmaheelys33 Hope you like it! If you want me to color one of your characters, please send me either a picture or a description. If a description is sent, please make it very accurate, down to the little details. I also make new characters for people, so tell me the animal and the gender and I will do it. When making a request, please specify whether you want a Sonic X screenshot or official artwork. Official artwork tends to take longer, but it looks better.
  • Recolors Rant Part 1 this is an issue that needs to be discussed
  • Ashendis Commentary - "Wahh wahh recolors wahh wahh" I don't believe I've ever heard a kid cry mid-rant. It was both funny and damn pathetic at the same time. ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** This is just a test of my trying out a new kind of commentary. My icon is Lugia and my style is very similar to that of Boomstick545. If anyone, including Boomstick, is offended then let me know. All other comments or criticism is appreciated and welcome. If you come to bash the video because you're a recolor fan, be my guest, but your argument better be good.
  • Recolors Strike Again! Drawing was made by: destiny- Lately our front page has been just a cluster*** of comments from one specific user
  • How To Recolor Sprites "Magic Eraser" Method Hey Guys This Is My First Ever Tutorial! :D Its On How To Recolor Sprites You Guys Can Request Tutorials Too. Don't Request Any Thing On Flash Or Fireworks Though Well Have Fun Recoloring Sprites.
  • RECOLORS ARE ORIGINAL!!! Darknessthecurse closed his account... His new account: Original description: "RANDOMDCE!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!"
  • ERC - Everyone hates recolors I can't stand someone who recolors.
  • sonic recolors part 1 sonic recolors part 1........
  • sonic kills recolors preview well just wanted to show off my menu and let you what i have so far
  • Momoca Recolor For my friend ShadowFan Momoca belongs to ShadowFan Requested by SonicSpeed She is one of my best friends. I DO NOT LIKE RECOLORS! IT WAS A REQUEST SO I HAD TO DO IT!! ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST OF THE ORIGINAL PICTURE!!
  • Recolor Rant. I did this because I wanted to do a rant on something, and I had been looking into recolors, a thing I was into when I was a pre*** and have noticed how ***ty it is, so I did a rant. Also I uploaded it because Tom asked me, sorry if its ***ty, its unscripted, I know, I'll do a better job if critique reccomendation is given. I also have a new rant up....wahooo. Check it out.
  • A Sane Discussion Ep. 1: About the recolors and the children... TheSaneRevelation (formerly Darknessthecurse) just closed his account today. PROOF: So this means I'll be re-uploading almost all of his videos from that account and adding them to the archive. When Josh creates a new account, I will link to it here... Originally uploaded: October 15, 2009
  • another fail recolor hater rant part 1 just another video I found of another retarded recolor saying the same arguement as always just a diffrent way of saying it
  • Darkgomugomu Rants - Sonic Recolors Time to jump on the bandwagon!!

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