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  • Recognition is identification of something already known or acknowledgement of something as valid. Diplomatic recognition, acceptance of the sovereign status of a political entity by other sovereign governments. — “Recognition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • the act of recognizing or the condition of being recognized. He looked at her for ten full minutes before recognition dawned. an awareness that something observed has been observed before The law was a recognition of their civil rights. 1992, Rudolf M. Schuster, The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of. — “recognition - Wiktionary”,
  • the sensing and encoding of printed or written data by a machine Examples of RECOGNITION. The procedure is gaining recognition as the latest advance in organ transplant surgery. — “Recognition - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Employee recognition is the application of a scientifically confirmed behavioral psychology principle, employee performance and retention are strongly linked to consistent, appropriate positive reinforcement of behaviors that promote the. — “Recognition Professionals International”,
  • Definition of recognition from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of recognition. Pronunciation of recognition. Definition of the word recognition. Origin of the word recognition. — “recognition - Definition of recognition at ”,
  • Face recognition for the masses. scans all of your facebook photos, recognizes all of the faces in them, and then automatically tags them. — “”,
  • Employee recognition is not just a nice thing to do for people. Employee recognition is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes people create for your business. When you recognize people effectively, you. — “Five Tips for Effective Employee Recognition: How to Reward”,
  • Definition of recognition in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of recognition. Pronunciation of recognition. Translations of recognition. recognition synonyms, recognition antonyms. Information about recognition in the free online English. — “recognition - definition of recognition by the Free Online”,
  • recognition n. The act of recognizing or condition of being recognized. An awareness that something perceived has been perceived before. — “recognition: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full”,
  • MTM Recognition is the leader in the design and manufacturing of jewelry, medals and awards for world-class events including the Olympics, Super Bowl, World Series and NCAA Championships. MTM Recognition creates and implements programs to. — “MTM Recognition”,
  • Employee recognition is sometimes a tricky thing to deal with for managers. Having the right amount of employee recognition all depends on the actual employee that is to be recognized. — “Employee Recognition | HR-”, hr-
  • Definition of recognition in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is recognition? Meaning of recognition as a legal term. What does recognition mean in law?. — “recognition legal definition of recognition. recognition”, legal-
  • Recognition Manufacturers & Recognition Suppliers Directory - Find a Recognition Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Recognition Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Recognition-Recognition Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • Find recognition synonyms and recognition antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Recognition Synonyms, Recognition Antonyms | ”,
  • Recognition" is the result of that partnership. The project grew out of a discussion at a about two of the purposes of the Roundtable: 1) recognizing public. — “RECOGNITION”,
  • Terryberry provides employee recognition award programs service awards. We help organizations worldwide develop cost-effective recognition programs. — “Terryberry”,
  • Helping companies effectively recognize, reward and motivate their employees through programs and services that reinforce positive behavior. We believe well-designed programs encompass many recognition elements. — “CS Recognition Solutions, LLC”,
  • Recognition definition, an act of recognizing or the state of being recognized. See more. acknowledgment of right to be heard or given attention: The chairman refused recognition to any delegate until order could be restored. — “Recognition | Define Recognition at ”,
  • recognition Software - Free Download recognition - Top 4 Download - Free Download Software A comprehensive voice and speech recognition program to use your voice for command & control of your computer and dictation. — “recognition Software - Free Download recognition - Top 4 Download”, top4
  • The word recognition is most often used in conflict resolution to mean acknowledging and empathizing with another. The hallmark of recognition is letting go---however briefly or partially---of one's focus on self and becoming interested in the perspective of the. — “recognition”,
  • Definitions of recognition, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of recognition, ***ogical dictionary of recognition (English). — “recognition : definition of recognition and synonym of”,

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  • Recognition of the 17th Karmapa The Gyalwa Karmapas have been the spiritual heads of the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism since the 12th century and have worked tirelessly for the benefit of all sentient beings. The 17th Karmapa was born in Tibet in May 6, 1983. He is the son of Mipham Rinpoche, a renowned scholar and master of the Nyingma Lineage and Dechen Wangmo, a direct descendant of the legendary King Gesar of Ling. In keeping with the tradition of the Karmapas recognizing themselves, as a very young child Thaye Dorje repeatedly proclaimed he was the Karmapa. This message along with other clear indications reached the 14th Kunzig Shamarpa who is second in rank to the Gyalwa Karmapas. The Shamarpa therefore examined the boy in accordance with the centuries-old spiritual tradition of the Karma Kagyu School and confirmed that Thaye Dorje was the authentic Karmapa reincarnation. On March 17, 1994 an official ceremony took place in New Delhi and Trinley Thaye Dorje was formally recognized and enthroned as the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, the genuine Holder of the Black Crown. The 17th Karmapa has embraced the modern world -- he speaks fluent English, has studied many Western academic subjects and is proficient with computer and communication technologies. The Karmapa mainly resides at his headquarters in Kalimpong, India and at his European seat in Dordogne, France. This video was sponsored by Siddhartha Foundation International, a 501c3 non-profit organization founded to support the activities of the ...
  • Bonobos: Language Recognition, Play Kanzi the bonobo demonstrates language recognition, and shows his understanding of intentions while playing with the narrator. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and noted linguist and all-around smart guy Steven Pinker disagree on the nature and depth of Kanzi's (and apes in general) language abilities, but it would seem to warrant further study. Kanzi, and his compatriots Matata and Panbanisha, have demonstrated remarkable intelligence throughout their lives. Check out the Wikipedia link for more. From the BBC Documentary "Chimps are People, Too". More Information:
  • Self-Recognition in Apes Researchers set up tests to show that great apes can recognize themselves in the mirror. Human Ape : MON MARCH 17 8P et/pt :
  • Weapons Recognition Guide - Rainbow Six Vegas (2) - SMG - Part 1 Top-Gunna goes form a unique casino environment to... a generic dusty one?
  • Scratches-Recognition
  • Episode 61, Recognition & Repair, LA Fishguys Come with us in the sixtieth first episode of LA Fishguys as Jim Stime of Aquarium Design in Thousand Oaks CALIF., talks about where the show has gone and where its going.
  • Susie Suh - Recognition *LYRICS* Lyrics for "Recognition" from the begining of One Tree Hill Season 4 Episode 10 (When Keith guides Lucas through the hospital after the accident) No copyright infringement intended
  • Episode 16: Robots Most Likely To Rise Up Against Humanity If you like the series, subscribe or check out our sketches on our YT channel!
  • New R&B Recognition Recogniton Give Her To Me feat J-Money
  • Vital Ethics ACLS ECG Recognition Sacramento - "acls sacramento ekg ecg test tutorials reading rhythms" "acls training video course" "acls mega code" "acls 2007 2008" "acls code blue" "vfib" "vtach" "paramedic" "paramedic training""paramedic megacode" "ventricular fibrillation" "tachycardia" "advanced cardiac life support" "first degree heart block" "second degree heart block" "third degree heart block" "svt" "supraventricular tachycardia" "bradycardia" "pea pulseless electrical activity" "weckenbach" "mobitz 1" "acls test"
  • Miss May I - In Recognition Miss May I - In Recognition new album 2010 Monument this is an awesome band!! :D!
  • Ant & Dec - Special Recognition Award Ant and Dec won special recognition award on NTA 2002
  • Quantum Computing Day 2: Image Recognition with an Adiabatic Quantum Computer Google Tech Talks December, 13 2007 ABSTRACT This tech talk series explores the enormous opportunities afforded by the emerging field of quantum computing. The exploitation of quantum phenomena not only offers tremendous speed-ups for important algorithms but may also prove key to achieving genuine synthetic intelligence. We argue that understanding higher brain function requires references to quantum mechanics as well. These talks look at the topic of quantum computing from mathematical, engineering and neurobiological perspectives, and we attempt to present the material so that the base concepts can be understood by listeners with no background in quantum physics. In this second talk, we make the case that machine learning and pattern recognition are problem domains well-suited to be handled by quantum routines. We introduce the adiabatic model of quantum computing and discuss how it deals more favorably with decoherence than the gate model. Adiabatic quantum computing can be understood as an annealing process that outperforms classical approaches to optimization by taking advantage of quantum tunneling. We also discuss the only large-scale adiabatic quantum hardware that exists today, built by D-Wave. We present detailed theoretical and experimental evidence showing that the D-Wave chip does indeed operate in a quantum regime. We report about an object recognition system we designed using the adiabatic quantum computer. Our system uses a combination of processing steps ...
  • Lifeline playthrough (abridged) This is just a sample of what goes on almost daily on my streams at either livestream or Joining me on this video was my very own Ed MacMahon, guest commentator Mowtendoo. This is the abridged version, the actually clip is on both sites and is roughly an hour long. Hopefully this explains what i've been doing lately. This video isn't suitable for minors! Probably.
  • E3 2010 Coverage - Machinima - Microsoft Kinect - Motion Tracking / Voice Recognition (Microsoft E3 Press Conference) Microsoft Kinect - Motion Tracking / Voice Recognition (Microsoft E3 Press Conference) Full coverage of the Microsoft E3 conference. Microsoft speaks candidly about the interactive controller-less entertainment bundle Kinect. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Microsoft E3 Press Conference Kinectimals virtual pet animals Xbox 360 Live creatures Microsoft Kinect Video Kinect Natal Project Natal motion tracking controller voice recognition software Halo Reach UPC 882224729741 Bungie detects movement speech commands justin bieber
  • Mr. T & mr. t (Japanese) Konnichiha! Don't gimme no talk back, sucka, because this is the Mr. T episode. For reasons unclear, the "A-Team" is filming in Mr. Drummond's apartment. Awestruck, Arnold emulates Mr. T to impress a girl. You just can't help but pity the fool. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TWITTER TAGS: watch free streaming television tv video Minisode diff'rent Different Strokes Mr. Gary Coleman Arnold Willis a-team sitcom 80s crush Japan Japanese language
  • Jim & Nancy Dornan 50 FAA Points Recognition Join and celebrate with the Dornans and see what drives them to achieve all they have accomplished.
  • Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested - Perl Scripting I'll stick to the keyboard
  • Free Face Recognition ***PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER IN THE LINK BELOW BEFORE TRYING THIS SOFTWARE*** This video shows how to use facial recognition software to lock/unlock your computer using your computers webcam and your face. While the current version of the software is 20 USD (found at ), you can download a previous freeware version from here:
  • Sonic Youth- Pattern Recognition (live) Sonic Youth playing Pattern Recognition off of their album Sonic Nurse. 2004
  • Burnistoun S1E1 - Voice Recognition Elevator - ELEVEN! "You're from the same part of England as Dick Van Dyke?" *LOL* Official site for the guys:
  • Teaching Kinect to recognize objects on the PC using OpenKinect (drivers) + OpenCV (image processing and recognition) + FestVox (speech synthesis) + CMU Sphinx (speech recognition). Proof of concept. I'm wearing a headset because OpenKinect does not yet support audio input. All of the processing and recognition occurs in real time.
  • RecognitioN - Last Song Music video by RecognitioN performing Last Song.
  • American Sign Language Recognition using Kinect Skeleton features This a video presentation of the ongoing effort in American Sign Language recognition using the Kinect by researchers at the College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology. For inquiries contact: ZAHOOR ZAFRULLA ([email protected]) Dr. Helene Brashear ([email protected]) Peter Presti ([email protected]) Dr. Harley Hamilton ([email protected]) Dr. Thad Starner ([email protected]) Important Links: Copycat Game: Signing Made Easy: NSF special report Georgia Tech Gesture Toolkit: Hidden Markov Model Toolkit: OpenNI framework PrimeSense NITE Middleware
  • Automated License Plate Recognition Automated License Plate Recognition currently being used in Central Florida.
  • Einmusik - Altered Beyond Recognition (Official Video) [HQ] "Altered Beyond Recognition" is taken from the "Altered Beyond Recognition EP" on Einmusika Rec. (Einmusika 005). Release date Nov 13th, 2009. info[at]. . Video by Videoking. vj-
  • Windows7 Speech Recognition Windows 7 Ultimate Voice Commands Futuristic ! Follow me on twitter: My blog: e3
  • Voice / Speech Recognition On The HTC Desire Google Android Phone Here's the links to add voice and speech recognition to your HTC Desire Google Android smart-phone: Cheers, Rob
  • R&R Records Artist RecognitioN Single Last Song Last Song Recongition R&R Records
  • Face Recognition Demo Face Recognition Demo: This demo was developed by the Computational Biology and Cognitive Science Laboratory at The Ohio State University (
  • Girl Like You-Presidential Playas Ft. RecognitioN This song go so hard by Girl Like You-Presidential Playas Ft. Recognition Please leave comment wut u think of it
  • Pathogen Recognition in a Macrophage Cell This 3D medical animation shows a generic pathogen approaching the surface of a macrophage. The receptors on the surface of the macrophage recognize the pathogen's surface molecules, allowing the macrophage to bind to and recognize the pathogen as an invasive substance. Nucleus Medical Art is a leading creator and licensor of medical illustrations, 3D medical animations and interactive multimedia for medical devices, pharmaceutical companies, education, biotechnology, marketing agencies, lawyers, and more. Online at ANC00120
  • MyFord Touch - Faster, Friendlier Voice Recognition Control •With the introduction of MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology, Ford makes it easier to control in-car systems with fewer steps and more natural language; customers can now speak more than 10000 first-level commands, up from only 100 in first-generation SYNC® • Working with voice control leader Nuance, SYNC will recognize more direct voice commands such as "Call John Smith," "Find ice cream" and "Add a phone," allowing users to do more with fewer steps • Innovative features boost recognition accuracy and provide "Samantha," the voice of SYNC, with smoother, more natural speech patterns • Consumer acceptance of voice control is increasing; the Harris Interactive® 2010 AutoTECHCAST survey found an 8 point year-over-year improvement, and industry ***ysts predict continued segment growth
  • Fifth Gear - Voice Recognition- Redd Pepper 15x04 2009-01-26. Voice Recognition for slightly better audio
  • Fedor Emelianenko : the recognition of his peers an highlight of fedor all along his career in Pride FC.
  • Miss May I - In Recognition
  • etnies Recognition Tour video: Sangria Nights, part 2 Last May etnies toured through Spain and the UK with Sean Malto, Tyler Bledsoe, Mikey Taylor, Kyle Leeper, Ryan Sheckler, Jose Rojo, Davis Torgerson, Willow, Charles Collet, Julian Furones and Tuukka Korhonen. Check the tour report Sangria Nights.
  • Quizcraft - Aircraft Recognition Training Film There are apparently several films in the "Quizcraft" series, but I was only able to find volume 4 which features the Martin Maryland, Messerschmitt ME109E, Short Sunderland flying boat, Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley and Douglas Boston MK III
  • McCain's Early Recognition of Fannie/Freddie Crisis Bret Baier looks at how Sen. McCain and the Republicans recognized the Fannie/Freddie crisis with time to spare. Democrats like Barney Frank blocked the increased oversight, calling action unnecessary. Barney Frank: "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not in a crisis situation." "The more people in my judgment exaggerate the threat of safety and soundness, the more people conjure up the possibility of serious financial losses to the treasury, which i do not see. I think we see entities that are fundamentally sound financially and withstand some of the disaster scenarios. Even if there were a problem, the federal government does not bail them out. But the more pressure there is, the less we see in terms of affordable housing."
  • etnies Recognition Tour video: Sangria Nights, part 1 Last May etnies toured through Spain and the UK with Sean Malto, Tyler Bledsoe, Mikey Taylor, Kyle Leeper, Ryan Sheckler, Jose Rojo, Davis Torgerson, Willow, Charles Collet, Julian Furones and Tuukka Korhonen. Check the tour report Sangria Nights.

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