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  • In use since at least 1873 (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, published 1985). [edit] Noun. recalescence (plural recalescences) an increase in temperature that occurs while cooling metal through a range of temperatures in which change in structure occurs. — “recalescence - Wiktionary”,
  • The points at which these changes occur are the decalescence and recalescence or critical points, and the effect of these molecular changes is as follows: When a piece The recalescence point is lower than the decalescence point by. — “Heat Treatment of Steel”, www7
  • Encyclopedia article about recalescence. Information about recalescence in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “recalescence definition of recalescence in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Data on recalescence indicated that only SiC, alone or mixed with 75% ferrosilicon, and When comparing the effects of metallurgical additions on recalescence versus nodule count, data showed that the nodule count generally increased as the recalescence decreased and vice-versa. — “Increasing nodule count through additives. - ”,
  • The recalescence behaviour of undercooled melts of binary Ti55Al45, Ti50Al50, Ti45Al55, and ternary Ti45Al50Nb5, Ti45Al45Nb10, Ti40Al50Nb10 alloys The time-temperature traces of the pyrometer exhibit steep single recalescence events for undercooling values of 300 K below the liquidus. — “Recalescence behaviour of binary Ti-Al and ternary Ti-Al-Nb”,
  • recalescence n. A sudden glowing in a cooling metal caused by liberation of the latent heat of transformation. — “recalescence: Definition from ”,
  • Recalescence and Negative and Positive Liberation. This post is about the doctrine of Recalescence, Negative and Positive Liberation as follows: So then, recalescence, in the spiritual sense, is about a rising again to the recall of one's deeper inner mode. — “Recalescence and Negative and Positive Liberation”,
  • All Metals & Forge has combined the best aspects of a metal service center and forge facility with information about alloys, stainless steel, tool steel, forging, heat treating, custom melting, ferrous and non ferrous materials, custom hand Recalescence. — “All Metals & Forge - Steel Forging Center, Alloy Information”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for recalescence in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “recalescence - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • A phenomenon, associated with the transformation of gamma iron to alpha iron on the cooling (supercooling) of iron or steel, revealed by the brightening (reglowing) of the metal surface owing to the sudden increase in temperature caused by fast. — “recalescence”,
  • Rapid solidification occurs when a liquid is brought to a temperature below its freezing point while still a liquid. There are certain kinds of This is called a recalescence. A double recalescence is caused by a second phase transformation, from one type of solid to another type of solid. — “Technology - Rapid Solidification Using Containerless Processing”,
  • recalescence. re·ca·les·cence [ r kə léss'nss ] noun. Definition: sudden glowing of metal: a sudden increase in the temperature and brightness of a cooling metal, caused by the release of latent heat as the metal undergoes a change in crystalline structure [Late 19th century. — “recalescence definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • We found 9 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word recalescence: the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "recalescence" is defined. — “Definitions of recalescence - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Recalescence definition, a brightening exhibited by cooling iron as latent heat of transformation is liberated. See more. — “Recalescence | Define Recalescence at ”,
  • Two recalescence events were observed (see Fig. 2): in the first, the temperature rose from 953K to 1058K, This i phase subsequently transforms within a few seconds to the stable C14 Laves phase during the second recalescence event from 1058 to 1083K, which is the equilibrium solidus temperature. — “Demonstration of the Influence of Local Icosahedral Order on”,
  • Definition of recalescence from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of recalescence. Pronunciation of recalescence. Definition of the word recalescence. Origin of the word recalescence. — “recalescence - Definition of recalescence at ”,
  • Definition of recalescence in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of recalescence. Pronunciation of recalescence. Translations of recalescence. recalescence synonyms, recalescence antonyms. Information about recalescence in the free online English. — “recalescence - definition of recalescence by the Free Online”,
  • Manufacturing Science and Engineering I: Description of Recalescence in Bulk Undercooled Alloys Assuming phenomenological thermal flow balance and solute conservation, a numerical model was proposed for recalescence in bulk undercooled alloy. — “Description of Recalescence in Bulk Undercooled Alloys”,
  • There are four stages of life; 1) You believe in Santa Claus. 2) You don't believe in Santa Claus. 3) You are Santa Claus. 4) You look like Santa Claus. amirite? missawesome loveashlynne Adrii Terraclara Tracie AustinRyan drewviddy EleanorYAAAAAAAH Super_Dawn Recalescence. — “There are four stages of life; 1) You believe in Santa Claus”,
  • Be the first to explore: recalescence upload. No video for this word, yet. We're a video dictionary, but we're new and there are many words in the English language. We're uploading new video definitions of words daily but we need your help. Does this word have a special meaning to you?. — “recalescence - wordia”,
  • 1 Comments | perpetual dawnne Tags:change, recalescence, time, trade. i live in a moment of barter which makes no sense, for nothing has been tangibly exchanged. somehow, over the years, i've managed to keep my own core malleable, workable, changeable, adaptable, and to keep that recalescence alive. — “recalescenceTag Archive for recalescence archive | until again”,
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  • alloy , atomising , droplet, hypercooled, latent heat , metal, rapid solidification, recalescence, soldidification As the front advances, however, latent heat is evolved and this 'recalescence' reduces the rate of solidification to a point where interfacial breakdown is possible and. — “DoITPoMS - Micrograph Library - Full Record”,
  • Term: Recalescence. Description: A phenomenon, associated with the transformation of gamma iron to alpha iron on the cooling (supercooling) of iron or steel, revealed by the brightening (reglowing) of the metal surface owing to the sudden increase. — “Recalescence”,

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  • Recalescense in W1 This is a short video showing the recalescence in steel during a normalization cycle. This is caused by the exothermic energy being released as the steel recrystallizes from being in its austenized state.
  • ESL @ ISU - 50-50 Co-Pd recalescence 50% Cobalt 50% Palladium alloy showing undercooling and recalescence phenomena at Iowa State University.
  • Recalescence Andrew Levick's beautiful thermal images of recalescence. This is the phenomenon in which a liquid which has been cooled below its equilibrium freezing point heats up when it begins to crystallise. The 'latent heat' of crystallisation causes the temperature to rise to the equilibrium freezing temperature. In these movies the dynamics of the recrystallistion cause several different crystal growth patterns including dendritic (needle-like) crystal growth. The music is Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring by Leo Kottke
  • .POW vs. |Z:G| - Recalescence - Part 2 .POW vs. |Z:G| From the perspective of Trizkit.POW
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