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  • Definition of rebus from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of rebus. Pronunciation of rebus. Definition of the word rebus. Origin of the word rebus. — “rebus - Definition of rebus at ”,
  • Rebus definition, a representation of a word or phrase by pictures, symbols, etc., that suggest that word or phrase or its syllables: See more. — “Rebus | Define Rebus at ”,
  • exceptio probat regulam de rebus non exceptis (foreign term) Definition of REBUS : a representation of words or syllables by pictures of objects or by symbols whose names resemble the intended words or syllables in sound; also : a riddle made up of such pictures or. — “Rebus - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • A rebus (Latin: "by things") is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words, for example: The term rebus also refers to the use of a pictogram to represent a syllabic sound. — “Rebus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A quality educational site offering 5000+ FREE printable theme units, word puzzles, writing forms, book report forms,math, ideas, lessons and much more. Great for new teachers, student teachers , homeschooling and teachers who like creative ways. — “Rebus”,
  • NIEHS Kids Brainteasers, Rebus Pages, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, to introduce kids to science and research interests. — “Brainteasers -- Rebus Puzzles (Word Picture Puzzles), NIEHS”,
  • Answer – More rebus puzzles. Answer – More rebus puzzles. Answer – More rebus puzzles. Several of the rebus puzzles on are used with the kind permission of Terry Stickels whose Frame Games© appear weekly in USA WEEKEND magazine as well as several published books. — “Rebus Puzzles (Pictogram Puzzles)”, fun-with-
  • We talked about a rebus with rings, and soon landed on the idea of a rebus with I DO. THURSDAY'S PUZZLE — Whodathunk the rebus word used in today's theme would have worked so well, and provided so many examples?. — “REBUS - Wordplay Blog - ”,
  • Of all Enigma puzzles, the rebus and anagram offer the most play to the composer's imagination. The joke plural of suber - a rebus in reverse - is iber.) Some information may not be completely clear until you've been solving for a few months;. — “Rebus”,
  • Rebus Works. Contact information. 301-2 Kinsey Street / Raleigh, NC / 27603 / PH (919) 754 - 8452 Send us your images or video. RSS: Subscribe to the daily image here. Looking for last year's Daily Image. — “Rebus Works”,
  • rebus (writing principle), representation of a word or syllable by a picture of an object the name of which resembles in sound the represented word or syllable. Several rebuses may be combined—in a single device or successively—to make a phrase. — “rebus (writing principle) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • rebus n. , pl. , -buses . A representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols, often presented as a puzzle In the US, a rebus was used on the Continental Congress Patterns minted in 1776 and later on the Fugio Cent, the first federal coin, minted in 1787. — “rebus: Definition from ”,
  • From French rébus, from Latin rebus (ablative plural of res thing'), as taken from the phrase de rebus quae geruntur concerning the things that are taking place', used in six***th-century Picardie as the name for satirical pieces containing picture-riddles. — “rebus - Wiktionary”,
  • Rebus Episodes - Read the latest episode guides from Rebus 2009 from BBC America, Find Cast and Listings Information and More. — “Rebus Episodes - Rebus 2009 Episode Guides - Watch Rebus”,
  • The term rebus refers to the use of a pictogram to represent a syllabic sound. This adapts pictograms into phonograms. A precursor to the development of the alphabet, this process represents one of the most important developments of writing. — “Rebus - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Visit related products for rebus, including CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVDs, Books and other rebus-related products when you use the quick search function at . — “rebus Related Products at ”,
  • Definition of rebus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of rebus. Pronunciation of rebus. Translations of rebus. rebus synonyms, rebus antonyms. Information about rebus in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “rebus - definition of rebus by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definitions of rebus, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of rebus, ***ogical dictionary of rebus (English). — “rebus : definition of rebus and synonym of rebus (English)”,
  • A rebus is a kind of word puzzle which uses pictures to represent words. Enter your message in the box below, click "create", and your rebus will popup. — “myRebus”,
  • For the television adaptation, see Rebus (TV series). For the fictional detective, see Detective Inspector John Rebus. Three rebus-style "escort cards" from the 1860s or 1870s. A rebus (Latin: "by things") is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words. — “Wikipedia:Rebus - Global Warming Art”,
  • ShopWiki has 576 results for Rebus, including Anon Rebus Beanie - White, Fendi Sunglasses 5010l 207 Brown Fendi Rebus, Burton Rebus Beanie (Men's), and Burton Rebus Beanie. — “Rebus”,
  • Shop for Rebus. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Rebus - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,

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  • Rebus - trailer Ken Stott (Shallow Grave, The Vice, Messiah) brings the brooding Inspector John Rebus to life on screen, straight off the pages of Edgar®-winning Ian Rankin's crime novels. Haunted by his own failings and the human tragedies that he faces every day, Rebus relentlessly pursues truth under the leaden skies of modern-day Edinburgh. His eager young sidekick, DS Siobhan Clarke (Claire Price, Poirot: The Hollow, The Whistle-Blower) resents Rebus's condescending manner at first, but grudgingly comes to respect her gruff partner's abilities. Together, they conduct their investigations under the watchful and sometimes jealous eye of their boss, Chief Super Gill Templar (Jennifer Black, Local Hero)—Rebus's former flame. With its sardonic, hard-drinking hero, twisting plots, and atmospherics as dense as fog off the firth, Rebus serves up engrossing mysteries in the best film noir tradition. Series 1 - 3 available. To purchase, go to
  • Artery: The Making of Inspector Rebus - Artery - The Making of Inspector Rebus Documentary following the production of Inspector Rebus' first TV outing, Black and Blue, starring John Hannah. Features interviews with author Ian Rankin, the cast and the crew as they film on the streets of Edinburgh.
  • DIKTAT & BOEZEM DIKTAT in Breda, NL. Sunday, September 30, 2007. Commando Anti-Bruit, with the kind help of Marinus Boezem Recordings of this performance with much better audio quality: A more detailed report:
  • Ian Rankin talks about the new Rebus novel There's more information about Ian Rankin here... The year 2007 marks Detective Inspector John Rebus's last year in the Scottish police force. Forced to retire by both the law and his - relieved - superiors, Rebus knows that his time in the blue ranks must now come to an end. But how will the irascible detective deal with this grim terminus? Particularly with his nemesis, Ger Cafferty, still walking the streets of Edinburgh. And how will John's protege and friend Siobhan Clarke move forward with the old relic finally gone? Ian Rankin: Born in the Kingdom of Fife in 1960, Ian Rankin graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1982, and then spent three years writing novels when he was supposed to be working towards a PhD in Scottish Literature. His first Rebus novel was published in 1987, and the Rebus books are now translated into twenty-two languages and are bestsellers on several continents. Ian Rankin has been elected a Hawthornden Fellow, and is also a past winner of the Chandler-Fulbright Award, as well as receiving two Dagger Awards for the year's best short story and the Gold Dagger for Fiction. Ian Rankin is also the recipient of honorary degrees from the universities of Abertay, St Andrews and Edinburgh. A contributor to BBC2's 'Newsnight Review', he also presented his own TV series, 'Ian Rankin's Evil Thoughts', on Channel 4 in 2002. He recently received the OBE for services to literature, opting to receive the prize in his home city of ...
  • Rebus #2 - Please Stand Up Music:Thatched Villagers by Kevin MacLeod () This rebus is from
  • I Love You: A Rebus Poem
  • Puzzletacular (rebus time!) BumptiousBob made a rebus video and inspired me to do the same! are you new to rebuses? if so, they are visual puzzles that represent some word or phrase. can you figure out all 9 before the solutions are shown? music: kevin macleod ()
  • Malaysian Vegan Mee Rebus(Potato Gravy Noodles) (In Malay)-2 We are from Malaysia. Our recipe for today is Mee Rebus. Let me introduce the ingredients for Mee Rebus now. Sugar, salt, mushroom seasoning, fried shallots, thinly sliced ginger, sliced garlic, potatoes, curry powder, wheat flour, baking powder, bean sprouts, sliced green chili, calamansi, fried tofu, corn starch, oil for cooking and frying. Lastly, cooked fresh noodles and bean sprouts
  • REBUS TAPE LIVE at BSN!! 1st Anniversary 2007.8.31[fri] BSN!!1st Anniversary @Nakano heavy sick ZERO VJ cyclo
  • HT 1441 ~ Volvo B10M mk.I ~ Aabenraa ReBus
  • Rebus #4 - NME Music: "Constancy Part Two" by Kevin MacLeod () This rebus is from
  • Mee Rebus Sungai Dua (Sungai Dua Gravy Noodles) Umi showing how she prepares Mee Rebus Sungai Dua (Sungai Dua Noodles). For full recipes please visit Here's the recipe: Ingredients: Gravy 5 pcs large sweet potatoes (boiled and mashed) 5 pcs potatoes (boiled,peeled and cut into small pieces/cubed) 3/4 kg meat (with some fats,boil and set aside with some of the stock) 1 cup meat curry powder 20 pcs dried chillies (boiled and blend with half cup water) 1 cup dried shrimp (pounded) 1 large onion (pounded) 10 cloves garlic (pounded) 2in ginger (pounded) 2 pcs. lemon grass (bruised) 1/2 cup oil 2 bulbs of spring onions salt to taste enough water for gravy Method: 1) Heat oil and fry onions,garlic,ginger and lemon grass until brown. 2) Add in the chilli paste until its cooked (the oil will starts to bubble and separates) 3) Add in the meat curry powder and some water. Fry until the curry powder starts to boil. 4) Add in the meat and the stock and the shrimps. 5) Keep stirring until boiling. 6) Add in some more water as much as you want the gravy to be. Put in the mashed sweet potatoes. 7) Keep stirring until boiling. Add in the boiled potatoes and more water if necessary. Add in also the spring onions bulbs. 8) Salt to taste and remove from stove when it has boiled. The Noodles: 1) 1 packet spaghetti or yellow noodles (boil the spaghetti) 2) 1/2 kg. bean sprouts (blanch) 3) For garnishing: a) 3 pcs taufu/bean curd(fry and slice thinly) b) 3 pcs. fresh red chillies (slice thinly) c) 1 stalk of spring ...
  • Kostya Rebus - The Girl Of My Dreams (Original Mix) Release Date: Dec 15th, 2010 On Audio Bite Records [BITE0065] Buy Audio Bite from
  • mi rebus tapah
  • Rebus Film Nr. 1 (1925, Paul Leni) Rebus Film Nr. 1 (1925, Paul Leni) An "extra" shown in two parts at the movie theater, before and after a feature: part one gives the clues to six words in a crossword puzzle, part two gives the answers. In addition to the visual clues, which are clips of a party, an Asian country, a European city, table games, winter, and bullfighting, there are montages of street scenes and spinning objects. A simple cartoon character, Mr. Rebus, walks the audience through the clues, and title cards encourage the participation of the theatergoers. Director: Paul Leni Writers: Hans Brennert (titles), Paul Leni (idea)
  • DI Rebus & DS Clark's Edinburgh DI Rebus and DS Clark show us their town Edinburgh
  • Archibald & Rebus: Minor Lords Do you want two decent, honorable, trustworthy lords to look after your castle while you head off on a crusade or hide out for a while because everyone thinks your wife is a witch? Well, look no further than Archibald & Rebus: Minor Lords: the best bloody castle defenders in the whole of England. Don't believe us? Well, then how about this, if you let us stay at your castle we will do all this FOR FREE: Defend it from wild animals and potentially smelly squatters -- seriously, there is nothing worse than coming back to your castle to find a squatter cooking a goat in your fireplace. We will ABSOLUTELY stop them doing this. Build powerful towers along the path to your castle -- yep, we're good with tools and blueprints so can build a range of weapons that will crush those pesky enemies into the ground. We're so brilliant at military tactics that we'll even build them in strategic positions. How good is that? Answer: it's INCREDIBLE! Upgrade the towers -- what's that? You want your towers to have more crushingness (check if that's a word Archibald before you post this)? Well, we will totally upgrade those defenses using the cash we get from destroying bad guys -- and robbing merchants - so you don't even have to worry about being out of pocket. Decorate the place -- yeah, you read that right. Archibald is handy with a paintbrush, so he will definitely customize your castle with new windows, a different colored door, turrets... you name it, Archibald will whip out his paint ...
  • Kidstreet - Part 5 (1989) Kidstreet - the kids game show where the teams race for those incredible prizes. This game show is a cross between The Newlywed Game, Concentration, and I'm Telling.
  • Rebus #6 - Give... Music: Brandenburg No4-1 BWV1049" by Kevin MacLeod()
  • Rebus #1 - Dead Breakfast Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases. This rebus is from
  • Ekoplekz - Pro Rebus track taken from 'Volume 2' - release date: September 2010.
  • Rebus-Evda BOM Televizija
  • REBUS-Ziv me izede grupa REBUS od Prilep
  • Rebus in Peace 2008 From New York City's Live Trivia Spectacular: Figure out these rebus puzzles to identify the celebrity who passed on in 2008. Need help? E-mail [email protected]
  • Jakarta street food 64 modest seafood ( kerang rebus) Indonesia , modest seafood only cost Rp.3.000 (32cents USD) . taste is good
  • Rebus's Scotland A movie featuring photographs from Rebus's Scotland by crime novelist Ian Rankin
  • Malaysian Vegan Mee Rebus (Potato Gravy Noodles) Malaysian Vegan Mee Rebus (Potato Gravy Noodles) (In Malay) . Episode 1083, Air Date: 1 September 2009
  • Rebus #7 - PETS... Music: Sonatina in c Minor by Kevin MacLeod ()
  • rebus the hibee which boozer is this scene set in ?
  • argine - luctamina in rebus This accomplished album has a very full sound, and is characteristic of the best of Italian neofolk, whilst betraying other influences and styles. It has a gothic-industrial opening 'Luctamina Rerum Naturum Alunt' and soon demonstrates the group's classical abilities with 'De Versa Rosa'. On other tracks the choppy, frenetic violin playing shares the excitement of Matt Howden's style, so the instrumentation is sometimes reminiscent of Sol Invictus. I particularly enjoyed 'Urla (Frammenti D'Infinito)', a neofolk track featuring alternate male and female vocals, the furious violin and drum rolls. I also liked the nostalgic trumpet sound on 'Arm' which reminded me of early Death In June. My restaurant Italian is not up to translating the songs but we are told that Luctamina In Rebus is "a concept album about the conflicts between Nature and Man, between Man and Man and between Nature and Nature." The album comes in a beautifully produced gatefold digipak with a booklet featuring the lyrics and illustrated with Roman stucco paintings. Two members of Argine also belong to Anima in Fiamme whose latest CD album is also reviewed this month. fonte:
  • Ian Rankin - Deuchars IPA and Rebus Ale Ian Rankin, author of the Rebus crime novels says a few words about the Rebus Ale Caledonian produced for the 20th anniversary of the first Rebus book. This was first released in 2007.
  • Trigga #17 @ Batcave 013 tilburg 18.12.2010 DMDN DYZZ & REBUS DUBJUNK GHOSRYDA 18.12.2010 Trigga # 17 dubstep Batcave party @ the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Due to heavy snowfall, there was no air transport. Headliner EDDIE K was therefore canceled. But despite that the Netherlands was beaten down because of snow, we made it a party :P Line up: GHOSRYDA, DYZZ & REBUS, DMDN, DUBJUNK. Thanks to Ivo (Glow Den Bosch) for the footage. Music by: Goli & Ashburner - The Circus Must Die.
  • James Jean Interview at Rebus Exhibition for Santosh Oommen interviews James Jean about his new work exhibited at the Martha Otero Gallery in Hollywood.
  • Rebus Cruel (chris montana remix) Wicked dance tune played by Tiesto
  • Atlus - Rebus for PlayStation. 1998 [Stereo]
  • Rebus #5 - Der Der Der.... Music: Ranz Des Vaches by Kevin MacLeod() This rebus is from
  • Rebus #3 - Celebrity Challenge Music: "Whiskey on the Mississippi" by Kevin MacLeod () This rebus is from
  • Rebus-Ferman dojde od Stambola BOM Televizija
  • The Electric Company | Rebus Puzzle | PBS KIDS GO! The Electric Company solves a mysterious rebus, only to find that they've been duped by the Pranksters. The Electric Company is back! Turn it on Fridays, starting January 23rd, only on PBS KIDS GO! Check out more at
  • ANN-MARGRET IN 'REBUS' FROM 1968! Ann-Margret doing one of her best songs ever, 'Take a Chance' from the film 'Rebus' from 1968. More on am here: www.ann-margret-from-
  • When Rebus met Taggart. Directed by Michael Hines, starring Ken Stott and Alex Norton with Clare Price, Katrina Bryan and Laura Harvey and Pudsey, this famous meeting of Scottish detectives was a one off for Children in Need 2009.
  • THE ELECTRIC COMPANY: Prankster Cam: Danny: Hard & Soft 'G' Danny has trouble with hard and soft 'G.' For more clips and games go to: Watch The Electric Company on PBS KIDS GO!

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