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  • A) Job reassignment to vacant po- sitions is accepted as a mandated evaluating claims for reassignment: 1) Finding an ADA-reasonable ac- commodation is. — “Reassigning Disabled Employees”,
  • The decision by the Bellevue School District to reassign all secondary librarians to classroom positions for the 09/10 school However, this is exactly what will happen if the teacher-librarians are reassigned as recently proposed," he stated. — “School district criticized for reassigning librarians”,
  • DETROIT (AP) - General Motors Corp. will furlough entire shifts of workers at some truck factories and may move them to nearby car plants as it restructures to adjust to a rapidly changing U.S. market brought on by $4 per gallon gasoline. GM plan considers reassigning workers. — “GM plan considers reassigning workers - Washington Times”,
  • Reassigning Hot Keys. On the Windows Start menu, click Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click the Keyboard icon, and then click the Hot Keys tab. Under Select a Hot Key, click on the Hot Key you want to customize, and then change its assignment in the box below. — “Documentation”,
  • on the PS3. whenever i turn off controller 1 and leave controller 2 on, it stays 2. is there any way of reassigning it to controller 1 without turning it off and on again?? i know there is because once i did it accidentally, but i didn't notice. — “reassigning controllers on the PS3? on the PS3. whenever i”,
  • Reassigning definition, to give or allocate; allot: See more. — “Reassigning | Define Reassigning at ”,
  • Definition of reassigning in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of reassigning. Pronunciation of reassigning. Translations of reassigning. reassigning synonyms, reassigning antonyms. Information about reassigning in the free online English. — “reassigning - definition of reassigning by the Free Online”,
  • Intel Corp. is reconstructing the company management by reassigning five top executives in different positions. The company is making reassignment to save company's $1 billion in annual costs by rooting out inefficiencies and underperforming businesses. — “Intel Is Reassigning Top Five Executives - CIO Central”,
  • "Out of the Box" Behavior when Records are Reassigned. By default, Dynamics CRM does a lot more than people For example, if you reassign an account record from one CRM user A to user B, the default behavior is for all child records of the reassigned account to also be reassigned to user B. This. — “Record Ownership and Assignment”,
  • Re: No Auto Reassigning Workers " Reply #2 on: 2006 April 16, 02:25:01 " Forget reassigning (although this is undeniably an awsome hack ), is there a they won't get reassigned to anything, which eliminates the random chance that they MIGHT. — “No Auto Reassigning Workers”,
  • LAKELAND | In part because of mandates from Florida's class-size amendment, Polk County School District officials are reassigning 43 teaching positions, with most of the changes occurring at elementary schools. — “Polk Schools Shuffling 43 Teachers | ”,
  • Some churches that use envelope numbers like to reassign / renumber them annually or periodically. N.B. This option for reassigning envelope numbers is not available with the free Lite version of DONATION. — “Reassigning Envelope Numbers”, software4
  • Reassigning is used to transfer troops between cities. Reassigned troops desert instead of going back to their home city when there is not enough food. — “Reassigning - Kingdoms of Camelot Wiki - Knights, Buildings”,
  • NEW YORK PepsiCo's Quaker Oats is reviewing the last of its business at Omnicom Group's Element 79, five months after reassigning Gatorade and Tropicana to sisters shops TBWA\Chiat\Day and Arnell Group, respectively. — “Last Quaker Oats Biz at Element 79 in Play”,
  • Modifies a table definition by altering, adding, or dropping columns and constraints, reassigning partitions, or disabling or enabling constraints and triggers. — “ALTER TABLE (Transact-SQL)”,
  • Tom's Hardware: Topic Reassigning a key on msmultimedia keyboard Tom's Hardware > Forum > Windows XP > General Discussion > Reassigning a key on msmultimedia keyboard. — “Reassigning a key on msmultimedia keyboard - Windows-XP”,
  • Definition of reassigning in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is reassigning? Meaning of reassigning as a legal term. What does reassigning mean in law?. — “reassigning legal definition of reassigning. reassigning”, legal-
  • PPL Gas Utilities Reassigning Employees Temporarily in Tioga, Potter Counties to Repair Flood Damage Among the employees who will be reassigned are those who normally read gas meters in the area, he added. — “08/28/2003 PPL Gas Utilities Reassigning Employees”,
  • Implications of Reassigning Patients for the Medical Home: A Case Study CONCLUSIONS Informational and managerial continuity may mitigate deleterious effects of reassignment, but more must be done to actively bind reassigned patients to the medical home to improve relational continuity with younger,. — “Implications of Reassigning Patients for the Medical Home: A”,
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has begun to reassign low-income subsidy-eligible beneficiaries for 2008 Medicare Part D programs. — “CMS begins reassigning LIS beneficiaries - The Centers for”,
  • Reassignment is automatically invoked with a user is to be removed Users can be reassigned from either the Organization Administration. or the Workspace. — “Reassigning Users”,
  • Query the account list as described in Querying Accounts. Click the Edit hyperlink next to the desired account to open the Edit Account page (ADM1003). From the Reassign Account field drop-down list, select the user name to which the account will be reassigned. — “Reassigning Accounts”,
  • 4. Enter the last name of the person that you want to reassign your document approvals to in the Reassign to text box Click the link of the person that you want to reassign your notifications to. — “Reassigning Parnassus Approval Notifications”,
  • Keystone Mercy Health Plan mailed letters to 5,000 subscribers in Delaware County, PA, that assigned them to new primary-care doctors in the wake of a Keystone Mercy Health Plan reassigning primary doctors. — “Keystone Mercy Health Plan reassigning primary doctors”,

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  • Logic Pro: How To Reassign A Track | WinkSound In some situations you may want to reassign an existing track to a different channel strip; for example, reassigning the output of a software instrument track to another instrument channel strip in which case the MIDI regions on the track will be played back through the inserted software instrument plug-in of the second channel strip. In this tutorial we've loaded a Logic Pro song template from to demonstrate how to quickly reassign any given track within the arrange window. Beatelite template featured in this tutorial: Progressive House Vol.1 Logic Pro Template offers downloadable Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Reason templates for electronic music production covering genres such as House, Trance, Dubstep and Hip Hop. Learn more about Beatelite's song templates and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook: Website - Twitter - @beatelitedotcom Facebook - http
  • CP-L5-05 Reassigning Takeoff Items with Paint Mode in Vico Office.wmv During our model and quantity QA check, we might notice that a quantity is not assigned correctly to an element. Without the hassle of going back to the model author, we can quickly correct the problem using the Paintbrush. In Paint Mode we can add or remove elements from a selected Takeoff Item. This video illustrates how we can remove and add elements by "painting" them in the 3D view. We can also change the element type and review the quantity options available. Overall, we see that there are flexible work-arounds for working with a less-than-perfect BIM model. To learn more about the 3D-4D-5D workflow in Vico Office, watch all the training videos at
  • Paul Penna 12 Reassigning resources to prioritize writing
  • Partrick & Robin ~ You Were Right ~ 9/13/11 Patrick admits to Robin that she was right in reassigning Kristina's surgery.
  • Kim Possible Episode 44 Partners part 1 Kim, hoping not to be landed with Ron as her science project partner, instead gets a brainiac who won't let her do anything at all. Monique gets Ron and quickly becomes exasperated by his trademark laziness. Meanwhile Drakken charms DNAmy into creating a vicious komodo dragon.
  • Taking, stealing, assigning, and reassigning tasks in the RT ticket system.
  • Job Losses in US Probably Slowed; GM Reassigning Lutz: Video Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Jane King summarizes the top stories this morning on the Bloomberg Business Report. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • ZoomText Tech Support Tip #8 - How to reassign feature keys on the ZoomText keyboard In this week's ZoomText Tip, Gus shows you how to reassign feature keys on the ZoomText keyboard to perform multimedia, windows functions, or launch an application, document, or webpage. Tony will walk you through the process and show you what to do!
  • Elizabeth Scenes ~ Back To Work ~ 4/9/10 Elizabeth goes back to work at GH, and makes a small mistake. Steven tells her he is reassigning her because of this.
  • Reassigning the Broadcast Spectrum Former Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR), now Pres. of the Nat'l Association of Broadcasters, discusses the FCC's efforts to reassign the broadcast spectrum and the technology behind digital television technology. Program from Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010.
  • FTP Software Lesson Tutorial FTP Software Lesson Tutorial - Discusses the ftp software port 20 and 21 assignments and how the passive mode side steps the firewall by reassigning the port numbers.
  • Dragon Age: Origins "Stat Reassignment Glitch" UPDATE: It works even if the stat is 0. I discovered this glitch while lurking in the Gamespot forums and promptly made a video of it. In case you don't understand, here's a quick summary. Add points to the stat you don't need (i suggest all of the points) and then click "reset". This will return the stats back to what they were before you added points. Because of the glitch, you can deduct the same amount of points you recently added from the stat you're changing. Example: Available points/AP: 6 Strength/STR: 20 20 + 6 = 26 ---) RESET ---) AP: 6 and STR: 20 Because of glitch ---) STR: 20 - 6 = 14 ---) AP: 12 Then ---) STR 14 + 12 = 26 ---) RESET ---) AP: 18 Got it? If not then tough luck. Try it yourself.
  • Reassigning an Extra Vegetables License Video showing how to reassign a license to a new Control4 controller. This process is now dealer controlled and solves problems due to system upgrades or RMA
  • *** priest just go on raping the sheeple's kids Will the people wake up in time? I think it's 50/50.
  • Must a company give a reason for not hiring, reassigning, failing to promote, or firing me? Paul Boggs, Wallace Boggs, PLLC, - (859) 578-5410. Kentucky Employment Law FAQs: Disclaimer:
  • Numark NS7FX - Filter Junkie - SuperFilter This Easter Egg effectively turns your three band EQ into a 2 band EQ, while reassigning the former low-end EQ (bass) knob to be LPF/HPF knob instead. This is a great hack for using two other filters, while still having access to a powerful filter. To turn it off, simply press ALT + "," once more, or restart the NS7 as it does not save this feature each time. **Background loop made on my Kaossilator PRO synth/sequencer. GREAT toy! -dirty
  • Vibe Audio LiteBox Car Amplifiers at CES 2011 Vibe Audio Introduced their updated line of Lite Box car amplifiers to Sonic Electronix at the CES 2011 show in Las Vegas. The new amp features a black finish instead of the silver finish of the previous models. They also improved the amplifier by reassigning the positions of the terminals, fans, and adjustments. Main page: Knowledge Base Sonic Blog Sonic Forums
  • LA School Reopens Amid *** Abuse Scandal Three days after reassigning the entire staff at Miramonte Elementary, students returned to class with new teachers. Many parents say the district's move is causing further disruption to their children's education. (Feb. 9)
  • Reassigning the Axiom 61 Pro Pads to QWERTY in Reason 6 This video demonstrates how to reassign the Axiom 61 Pro drum pads to QWERTY keyboard commands and using them in Reason 6.
  • Reassigning Performers in Field Artist Short video demonstrates how to reassign and reorder performers easily using the mouse in Field Artist. Please view in 720p HD.
  • Team Reassigning Contacts How does a Team Leader reassign contacts?
  • Reassigning Quizzes Decision Points and Reassigning Quizzes and tests in Compass Learning
  • City of Miami - Miami Police Initiatives Press Conference Chief Manuel Orosa, along with Mayor Tomas Regalado, and Commission Chairman Wifredo "Willy" Gort announce four Miami Police Initiatives to guarantee more police presence on the streets, safe operations to fight crime by reassigning more officers to Patrol, and deploying additional officers to the areas identified as targets of crime.
  • CWO - 87 Hetfield w/ lyrics Lyrics: Hey Hey "Wrestle not the apes who guard the gates of Hell, for there lies Paradise, and Anubis is the Opener of the Way. And we speak with the tongues of serpents, and the baying of the Hounds, and the great bell sound that cracks the barrier-and great are we who rule, and small are ye who suffer" - from The Satanic Rituals by Anton Lavey The father of lies Has opened my eyes The light to the Christ Had left me blind Starting to unwind Starting to unwind Eyes of fire On a throne of blood apostate consequence requitted love Fear of repremand Freedom reigns Diabolic decadence Compensates Reassigning the will to choose My own condemnation From self abuse Absolution Void of all shame Praise his name For everything he gave Starting to unwind Starting to unwind Sacrilige enshrined Starting to unwind Starting to unwind It's all starting to fall Starting to fall by the wayside It's all starting to fall Starting to fall by the wayside The blinding light of Christ The sacrilige enshrined All starting to unwind Eyes of fire On a throne of blood apostate consequence requitted love No fear of repremand Freedom reigns Diabolic decadence Compensates Reassigning the will to choose My own condemnation From self abuse Absolution Void of all shame Curse his name For everything he gave
  • Ives: "Three Places In New England" 1/3 Charles Ives: "Three Places In New England" (1930 version for small orchestra) I. The "Saint-Gaudens" in Boston Common. The full score for large orchestra was completed by Ives in 1914 and lay untouched for decades. In 1929 Nicolas Slonimsky asked Ives for a work that his Boston Chamber Orchestra could play. Ives passed over other pieces that would be suited to Slonimsky's small group and instead reorchestrated "Three Places in New England". In the process or reassigning parts to fewer players, Ives created a new a quite difficult piano part. Slonimsky conducted the premiere on January 10, 1931 at Town Hall in New York with Ives in attendance.
  • The Icon iDj Pocket Sized Midi Controller The ICON iDJ Digital DJ Midi Controller offers a format that all digital DJs will feel instantly at home with in an ultra compact package which you can take anywhere. All you need to start mixing is a laptop and some inspiration, the high resolution optic and touch sensitive sensors in the iDJ's scratch wheels give a great ***ogue feel and are sensitivity adjustable. Vital mixer controls are all there including crossfader, channel EQ and vertical faders for volume and tempo. Essential transport controls are on backlit buttons and there are even a further 8 assignable backlit buttons so you can tailor the iDJ to the way you work. The ICON iDJ Midi Controller, Black, Main Features Include: Touch sensitive scratch wheels with high resolution pulse sensor Touch wheels sensitivity adjustable Vertical volume control faders Vertical tempo control faders Horizontal cross fader control 2x 3-band EQ control knobs - Hi, Mid and Low (reassignable) Balance control knobs (reassignable) Gain control knobs (reassignable) 8 backlit buttons for "Vinyl Mode", "Sync", "Loop ", "Loop ", "Out", "In" & "Cue". 4 extra assignable knobs for effect control 8 extra assignable backlit buttons iMapTM midi mapping software included for reassigning midi mapping Class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) and Mac OS X Extremely compact and a perfect match for the MacBookTM USB bus-powered
  • 3. Reassigning Invoices - FAST Accounts Receivable v3.6 FAST Accounts Receivable - v3.6 - Reassigning Invoices
  • Bugzi, the Android Client for Bugzilla Bugzi is the result of mixing Android and Bugzilla. His duty is to give a hand to developers in remote work. If you use Bugzilla and have an Android device check out the app! You can sort and filter bugs, or you can file a new one while being away. Maybe reassigning is the fastest way to solve a problem, when you are not there with your team. Stay in flow, be an efficient developer!
  • I've Got Issues: ERO #41 - Reorganizing State Agencies in Kansas Gov. Brownback recently issued an executive reorganization order (ERO #41) that will realign the services provided by several state agencies, including the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, the Department on Aging and the Department of Health and Environment. Unless the legislature acts to disapprove this order, it will go into effect on July 1st, changing the names of two of these departments as well as reassigning responsibilities. On the March edition of KTWU's I'VE GOT ISSUES, premiering Tuesday, March 27, 2012 on KTWU-HD, the program reflects on the genesis of SRS with Robert Harder, who was the first person appointed to lead that department. He's joined by Jim McLean, vice president for public affairs with the Kansas Health Institute. Also appearing is the current Secretary of SRS, Phyllis Gilmore, as well as the Secretary on Aging, Shawn Sullivan, who explains the changes that are due to take place in their departments. The program is hosted by Maureen Mahoney. Further resources are available online at under the I'VE GOT ISSUES button on the homepage.
  • Video 12 Reassigning Nations
  • USB Reassigning When you plug a USB device into your computer and you can not find it. I will show you using camtasia how to find and reassign a drive letter.
  • MI cop suspended after he's caught on tape beating *** -KellyHound A Kalamazoo police officer is suspended without pay for ten days and reassigned, for allegedly roughing up a ***age suspect during an arrest. On May 22 a 16-year-old was arrested for violating rules outside the Kalamazoo Transportation Center. The incident report stated Officer Derek Nugent applied a level of force, slamming the ***ager's head against the wall while escorting the *** in the hallway that leads to the booking room at the police department. The *** suffered facial injuries and damage to three of his teeth. The incident was captured on in-house police video. Acting Police Chief Jim Mallery addressed the city commission Monday night. "As the interim chief of Public Safety and the father of three young men, I found the video of this incident to be troubling," said Chief Mallery. After reviewing the case, Chief Mallery handed down the discipline, reassigning Officer Nugent out of transportation to the operations division. The ***'s family has filed an official complaint against the department and has retained legal counsel. According to Chief Mallery, the police officers' union has filed a grievance on behalf of Officer Nugent. The ***ager still faces charges for the original incident outside the transportation center.
  • CP-L5-06 Reassigning Takeoff Surfaces with Paint Mode in Vico Office.wmv Still in the QA process for our model and quantity takeoff we recognize a surface of an element that we do not want included in the quantity calculation. Again in Paint Mode, we can quickly "unpaint" that surface so it is not included in the quantity calculation. In another example, we illustrate how easy it is to create additional takeoff items and apply surfaces to its quantity calculation. Our example highlights some special formwork. Again we see that thorough interrogation and QA checks contribute to a good quantity takeoff which will, in turn, power more precise estimates and schedules. To learn more about the 3D-4D-5D workflow in Vico Office, watch all the training videos at
  • UWN S2E5 Ubuntu 12.10 Mockup | DVD Film To ISO | Canonical To End Kubuntu | Ubuntu Business Remix Adwaita Cupertino Theme with icons for Ubuntu 12.04/11.10. Like Mac OS Theme and icons. Linux Action Show is out: ArchBang Review with Chris and Bryan: Clean Up the Unity Launcher with Category Quick-lists Download Here: SDG Launch 'Military Grade' Tough Tablet Running Ubuntu. How To Use A Launchpad PPA (Add, Remove, Purge, Disable) In Ubuntu. Unity Concept Mockup for Ubuntu 12.10 Done Right. How to customize Linux Mint 12 KDE. Raspberry Pi's $35 Linux computer on track to launch later this month. Five Reasons why Windows 8 will be dead on arrival. Rocking the multi-monitor setup in Ubuntu 12.04. Video HERE: Organizing an Ubuntu Global Jam Events 2nd to 4th March. Canonical ending support for Kubuntu, reassigning lead developer. Kubuntu To Become A Community-Only Ubuntu Flavor. Fuduntu 2012.1 review Mount a DVD movie ISO file FreeNAS updated to 8.0.4-BETA1. introducing Comice OS 4 Mac Like Linux. Unity 5.2 arrives with great wares for Ubuntu 12.04. Boomerang GTK 3.0 Theme + Faience GNOME Shell Theme & Icons. Mark Shuttleworth Explains Dodge Ditch Decision in Precise. Install Unity 5.2 and HUD on Ubuntu ...
  • VI High 5: Reassign Connector Pane Terminals in LabVIEW 2010 In this short episode, we learn about a handy new features in LabVIEW 2010: switching connector pane terminals with a few quick clicks. This video is a brief, direct excerpt from the LabVIEW Fundamentals Course offered by Sixclear. To find out more visit . Experience Level Basic
  • Reassigning a Group of Records in OpenCRM It happens from time to time, someone leaves your organisation, someone new steps in. This video shows you how to reassign a group of records to a particular User in OpenCRM. For more details and information about our cloud-based CRM solution please visit
  • Must a company give a reason for not hiring, reassigning, failing to promote, or firing me? Kevin Murray, Kevin Murray, LLC, (713) 636-5456. Texas Employment Law FAQs: Disclaimer:
  • delmia acting strange 1 demo i tried to simulate a manipulation in Delmia, but after saving and reopening the same file some strange errors appeared.couldn't fix them by reassigning the grabbing device and the picked/dropped part.the only solution was to delete all tasks then make new ones.
  • zipForm® 6 Brokerage Edition: Reassigning Transactions Learn how to reassign your agents transactions in the zipForm® 6 Brokerage Edition with this short step-by-step tutorial.
  • Community Activists Differ Over Reassigning Officers Cincinnati police will begin reassigning officers to areas where more crimes are reported.
  • Video Response: วู้ดดี ผู้หญิงข้ามเพศ My point is if you want equal rights we all should fight for it together regardless of what gender you claim to be. EVERYONE NEEDS EQUAL RIGHTS, NOT JUST TRANS! The rights SHOULDN'T be based on ONLY BECAUSE YOU'RE EMBARRASSED OF USING MR.!! DON'T BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! Be proud! Don't let anyone hurt you just because of the pronoun! I'm mistaken for a guy all the time and people look at me weird too sometimes AND I DON'T CARE. THERE ARE MORE EYES LOOKING AT ME WITH APPRECIATION BECAUSE THEY LOOK AT ME PASS MY GENDER! I don't want people to look at me and spend time just thinking am I a man or a woman. They look at me for my talent! That's what you should do too! MAKE PEOPLE LOOK PASS YOUR GENDER!!! GENDER IS ***NOT*** IMPORTANT! **EDIT** I explained a little wrong. Transgendered means people who their gender identity conflict with their physical body. คนที่เป็น trans คือคนที่ การรู้จัก เพศของตัวเอง ต่างไปจากเพศที่ร่างกายเป็น แต่จะไปแปลแบบมักง่ายไม่ได้ว่าเป็นผู้หญิงที่เกิดมาในร่างผู้ชาย มันไม่ใช่ แต่ใช้คำว่า trans female จริงๆ คือคนที่เชื่อว่าตัวเองเป็นผู้หญิงแต่เกิดมาในร่างกายผู้ชายค่ะ แต่ต้องไม่ลืมคำว่า "เชื่อ" ค่ะ (Ref: wikipedia) The term transgender (TG) was popularised in the 1970s[5] (but implied in the 1960s[6][7]) describing people who wanted to live cross-gender without *** reassignment surgery. The term trans man refers to female-to-male (FtM or F2M) transgender people, and trans woman refers to male-to-female (MtF or M2F) transgender people. Trans***ual people ...
  • Manage Engine Service Desk Plus 8 - Request Management Training - Part 1 This a training video for the Request Management module with Manage Engine Service Desk Plus 8. For more information please visit . The video covers the following topics • The data flow process for requests on the system. • The interface layout and how best to manage requests. • Creating requests via Incident templates and Service catalogs. • Working with and processing requests. o Reassigning requests. o Edits. o Emails. o Tasks. o Work logs. o Resolution.

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  • “Forum Index " Credit Issues. Author. Message. 07/22/2009. Subject: doubling of interest rates and reassigning new credit balances The bank said because of my recent credit trend they were reassigning my credit limit from 11,000 to 6,000. After all this work”
    — doubling of interest rates and reassigning new credit balances,

  • “Home " Blogs " shajifiroz's blog. Reassigning Public Folder Rights using PFDavAdmin how useful was this PFDavAdmin utility when it comes to reassigning Public Folder rights”
    Reassigning Public Folder Rights using PFDavAdmin utility,

  • “Influence future versions of LiquidPlanner project management software with your feature requests and feedback”
    Reassigning Scrolling Requested (DONE) - Wish List Forum,

  • “Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) i've been having problems with my new soundcard, m-audio revolution 5.1, and the m-audio tech support said that i should t”
    reassigning IRQs - Windows-XP-General-Discussion - Windows-XP,

  • “Forum General InDesign Topics Reassigning page numbers for different Reassigning page numbers for different pages. Page: 1. User. Post. 7:14 pm. November 24, 2009”
    Reassigning page numbers for different pages | General,

  • “I think that reassigning skill points is a great idea!! I have used I think that the skill reassigning skill point thing should cost less”
    Reassigning Skill Points (closed) : Grog Blog,

  • “ReAssigning”
    — ReAssigning,

  • “Currently, I have: C: Main drive D: CD ROM E: 2nd Drive F: 3rd Drive I want: C: Main drive D: 2nd Drive E: 3rd”
    Reassigning Drive Letters,

  • “Forum and Blog " Product Discussions " SmarterMail " reassigning the Primary Administrator Re: reassigning the Primary Administrator. Locked Reply. For anyone who cares. Ultimately after days and days of frustration and despite what I am sure were the best intentions of forum participants here, I”
    reassigning the Primary Administrator - Forum and Blog,

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