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  • Unlike with ReAssert, we do not offer a complete, ready-to- use symbolic test repair tool (primarily because ReAssert is. for Java [14] and Pex is for. We determine which failures ReAssert and ideal literal re- placement. — “On Test Repair Using Symbolic Execution”,
  • ntv_novosti: President Obama will have to figure out the right blend of conciliation and confrontation to Reassert authority. JamieCooper91: @RyanWemyss The mighty CSKA are waiting any time you want to Reassert yourself. — “Reassert - Define Reassert at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Russia n President Vladimir Putin was holding talks yesterday with his counterpart Thabo Mbeki at the start of an historic visit to South Africa as Moscow bids to reassert its superpower status. Putin, the first Kremlin leader to visit South. — “People's Daily Online -- Putin tries to reassert influence in”,
  • Reassert definition, to state with assurance, confidence, or force; state strongly or positively; affirm; aver: See more. — “Reassert | Define Reassert at ”,
  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Regulators, whose authority over broadband was put in doubt by a recent court ruling, will announce on Thursday that it will reassert its powers but will refrain from imposing strict. — “U.S. regulators to reassert powers over broadband | Reuters”,
  • ReAsserting ReAssert. Tests break when the system under test evolves in ways that invalidate the assumptions encoded in the tests. Like any other complex piece of software, ReAssert itself has evolved, making it susceptible to the same problem that it attempts to solve. — “ - ReAssert”,
  • We present ReAssert, a novel technique and tool that. suggests repairs to failing tests' ReAssert differs. from refactoring tools in that its transformations require. ***ysis of a. — “ReAssert: Suggesting Repairs for Broken Unit Tests*”,
  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone app. Verb: reassert ,ree-u'surt. Strengthen or make more confirm. Derived forms: reasserting, reasserted, reasserts. Type of:. — “reassert, reasserting, reasserted, reasserts- WordWeb”,
  • Wallpapers of Goddesses Durga on our desktops is a way to reassert Devi Durga's subtle presence in our day to day life. If you want your loved one to feel the spirit of festivity send them these beautiful wallpapers of Goddesses Durga. — “Durga Wallpaper, Wallpapers of Goddess Durga, Durga Puja”,
  • Central Bankers Back Bernanke Whose Critics Haven't Been There, Done That Bernanke defends Fed action, calls for unity CNNMoney. Fed's actions were needed to boost. — “Oil erases gains as Asian stocks pull back - Reuters”,
  • Definition of reassert in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of reassert. Pronunciation of reassert. Translations of reassert. reassert synonyms, reassert antonyms. Information about reassert in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “reassert - definition of reassert by the Free Online”,
  • reassert commented on Stevegadd(drum solo)83 (1 week ago) reassert commented on Richard Tee, Eric Galle,Sadao Watanabe - I'm Still around (3 weeks ago). — “YouTube - reassert's Channel”,
  • to reassert (third-person singular simple present reasserts, present participle reasserting, simple past and past participle reasserted) assert again They were tied to a revived religious class that took advantage of the end of anticlerical despotism to reassert Islamic views. — “reassert - Wiktionary”,
  • reassert - definition, usage, synonyms, thesaurus Portuguese English English Portuguese German English English German Dutch English English Dutch. — “reassert (definition)”,
  • Take Back Control!. — “REASSERT”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Reassert - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The verb reassert has one meaning: Meaning #1 : strengthen or make more. — “reassert: Information from ”,
  • IT is a tale of two cities, Belfast and Dublin, and of two assemblies. One is a true quasi-parliament and the other claims to be the full fig; one It is time for the Oireachtas to reassert its role, to take back sovereignty, and to pass a realistic Budget before the IMF does it for them. — “Maurice Hayes: It's time for Oireachtas to reassert our”,
  • To guarantee that we can fuel the armed forces for tomorrow's challenges, the Defense TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION for its confused and confusing response to court actions. — “ARMED FORCES JOURNAL”,
  • English Translation for reassert - German-English Dictionary. — “ | reassert | English Dictionary”,
  • McDonald out to reassert home rule. The European ambitions of Celtic FC may be over for another season, but striker Scott McDonald says there is still plenty to play for as they look to uphold their proud home record in the competition against Villarreal CF. Read more. — “McDonald out to reassert home rule on ”,

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  • 20 + States Declaring Sovereignty Under the 10th Amendment!!! Pennsylvania State Rep Sam Rohrer Pennsylvania State Represenative Sam Rohrer on the 10th Amendment...Pennsylvania needs our help! CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND STATE SENATOR!!! The Problem: States Under Seige Most Americans - by simply reading the text - understand the nature of the 10th Amendment. It ensures that any powers not granted to the federal government through the Constitution are reserved to the states and the people. However, through various expansions of federal authority, the government in Washington, DC, has impeded on the powers reserved to the states and the people. This significant transfer of powers from the individual states to the national government came not through revolution, but through ongoing and unchecked encroachments. Now, this federal intrusion on state sovereignty has reached a breaking point. Below are some examples where national government has or could infringe on state sovereignty: * By collecting taxes from state residents and then using that money to compel sovereign state governments - through the use of "strings" attached to federal funding - to implement programs and provide services in accordance with the desires of federal authorities. * By pushing states toward financial distress by providing financial incentives to implement programs and services without supplying adequate federal funding. * By enacting national laws that go far beyond the federal powers enumerated in the US Constitution. * By potentially providing federal funds to fill state budget ...
  • Were the post-Soviet oligarchs thieves? Is Putin right to reassert the authority of the state? Full video: Mikhail Khodorkovsky's second trial has just ended. He will be sentenced in Moscow on December 27th. But Prime Minister Putin, in his annual question and answers session with the Russian public did not leave much doubt what that would be: "as for Khodorkovsky ... a thief should be in prison". Khodorkovsky's transformation into political martyr, a Russian Mandela, seems to be going to plan. By the time Khodorkovsky was 40, in 2003, he was the world's 16th wealthiest man and the largest shareholder in Russia's largest oil company, Yukos. His fall was rapid: he has spent the rest of the decade in Siberian labour camp, in prison, in court. His critics accuse him of fleecing Russia's wealth, evading taxes, money laundering and embezzlement. It did not help he wanted Yukos to enter a massive joint venture with the American oil major, ExxonMobil and he that he had no respect for the authoritarian and nationalist tendencies of Vladimir Putin. Were the oligarchs no better than thieves who should not ask for the protection of law when they profited so handsomely from lawlessness? Has Khodorkovsky succeeded in transforming himself into everyman defending his human rights?
  • Sister, Sister: 2x9 (It's a Party Thang) part 3 [2/15/1995] In an effort to reassert themselves socially, the twins plan the party to end all parties; and, when their guests are late, Lisa, Ray and Roger round up some replacement guests so the twins don't feel bad.
  • Warnings of more violence in western Libya Armed rebels have set up checkpoints to control access to Nalut in western Libya. They overran the town on Monday and want to stop it falling back into the hands of forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. The Libyan leader has reportedly deployed his army to the area in an attempt to reassert control of the region. "Read our news file ! ...
  • G. Edward Griffin_ On The Alex Jones Show pt1 Alex Jones is joined by legendary conspiracy author and lecturer G. Edward Griffin to discuss the banking system, the credit crunch and the collapse of the dollar and US sovereignty. Griffin lucidly explains how we need to re-assert our own power to fight the corrupt institutions of power that have taken control over our lives in this fascinating in-depth interview which offers real answers and solutions.
  • The New Nobility After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the KGB, Russia's notorious intelligence service, was dissolved, but a new security service was created, with powerful backers and ever-increasing authority-the FSB. In this new book, authors Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, who have covered Russia's security services for more than a decade, penetrate the secret world of the FSB. They illustrate how, abetted by their most famous alumnus (Vladimir Putin, first as president and later as prime minister), the security services were given unprecedented rein, and emerged a more shadowy and powerful force than the Soviet KGB. In recent years, the Kremlin has deployed the FSB to intimidate the political opposition, reassert the power of the state, and carry out assassinations overseas. And unlike its predecessor, Russia's modern security service operates independent of parliamentary oversight, beyond public accountability.
  • Premiership -- Saints reassert ambition The big story of this Premiership rugby weekend comes courtesy of Northampton's four-try defeat of London Wasps
  • About Belvedere Belvedere Vodka is 80 proof, 40% alcohol volume First introduced to North America in 1996, Belvedere Vodka was the first to create a new standard for excellence in the vodka category and is credited with creating the luxury vodka segment. Today, Belvederes distinctive character and uncompromising integrity are recognized internationally by discriminating vodka enthusiasts. Made entirely from Dankowskie Gold Rye and blended with water from its own pristine source, Belvederes taste profile is distinctively soft with a subtle sweetness and smooth, clean finish. With each new product and campaign Belvedere Vodka continues to reassert the brands key message: Luxury Reborn. Consistently working with figures of cultural significance such as graffiti artist Andre and avant-garde photographer Terry Richardson, Belvedere maintains a spirit of true authentic artistry and unique creativity. Belvedere Vodka hails from Poland the birthplace of vodka and follows centuries of vodka-making traditions dating back over 600 years. Distilled four times and handcrafted in small batches, Belvedere guarantees the superior quality that is required of the worlds first luxury vodka.
  • Eurabia? Islam & the West - Daniel Pipes The Middle East with Daniel Pipes: Chapter 5 of 5 Daniel Pipes talks the odds. The chance that immigrant Muslims and indigenous Europeans find a way to live in harmony? Five percent, says Pipes. The chance that Europe becomes Eurabian, part of the Muslim world? Forty-seven-and-a-half percent. The chance that Europeans reassert control over the continent? Forty-seven-and-a-half percent, once more — and Pipes says it wont be pretty. "An excellent primer on what remains one of the most important issues of our time." The Vorthos Forum Daniel Pipes is the director of the Middle East Forum, a Philadelphia-based think tank. Currently the Taube/Diller distinguished fellow at the Hoover Institution, he earned a doctorate in early Islamic history from Harvard in 1978. He is the author of 12 books, including Militant Islam Reaches America and Miniatures: Views of Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics. He writes a weekly column for the Jerusalem Post. Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson © Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University
  • Ruth Brown - Always On My Mind Classic song.
  • G. Edward Griffin_ On The Alex Jones Show pt2 Alex Jones is joined by legendary conspiracy author and lecturer G. Edward Griffin to discuss the banking system, the credit crunch and the collapse of the dollar and US sovereignty. Griffin lucidly explains how we need to re-assert our own power to fight the corrupt institutions of power that have taken control over our lives in this fascinating in-depth interview which offers real answers and solutions.
  • Bruce Director on the Death of the Second Law of Thermodynam -- Bruce Director opens with a history of the development of the dogma of the empire (which they present in the name of science), the emphasis being on a universe of no change, and that the development of the second law of thermodynamics came out of the attempt to re-assert this degenerate view of no change. Then he gets into more detail on the investigations of the relation of heat and light, and Plank's work on black body radiation. In this he demonstrates that even within the fundamental basis of the second law of thermodynamics, the anti-entropic nature of the universe expresses itself!
  • Cheney and Presidential Power Did Cheney enter office determined to reassert executive power? Has this administration used the courts in service of this goal? Veteran Supreme Court Reporter Lyle Denniston says yes. Professor Connie Rudnick interviews Kent Greenfield, Professor of Law at Boston College Law School and Veteran supreme court reporter Lyle Denniston, in this episode of The Massachusetts School of Law Educational Forum The Courts vs The president The full interview is available at . TheMassachusetts School of Law also presents information on important current affairs to the general public in television and radio broadcasts, an intellectual journal, conferences, author appearances, blogs and books. For more information visit mslawledu. MSLAW podcasts are available on itunes (just search for mslaw) and at MSLAW videos can also be found on Google.
  • Obama Had To Fire Gen McChrystal To Reassert Civilian Leadership & Mission Success Follow on Twitter: Website: President Obama displayed his spine today. His swift action showed deterministic leadership. It was imperative that General McChrystal was relieved of duty to assert · Civilian leadership of the military · That mission is bigger than any one person · Unit cohesion
  • Inside Story - Iran: Dictating new conditions Iran may be ready to resume talks with the West, but under new conditions. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, set out new criteria for Western nations, highlighting what he called the Western hypocrisy. What has triggered Iran to re-assert itself? Is Tehran in a position to dictate new conditions? Or are the latest sanctions already biting?
  • 2009-12-1 Copenhagen derailed China, India, South Africa & Brazil promising to walk out InterPlanetary Climate Change exposes Global Warming Scam "BRIC Countries solve Dollar Collapse using National Currency" NWO Stand-off & US dollar Gold backed-Benjamin Fulford" .au Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Media Release 1st of December 2009 Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058 Phone: 03 9354 0544 Fax: 03 9354 0166 Email: [email protected] Website: .au Queen flexes muscle to demand Copenhagen genocide treaty Just as the climate change hoax is about to derail completely, Her Britannic Majesty herself, Queen Elizabeth II, whose family spawned the modern green genocide movement*, has pulled rank on the Commonwealth group of nations—her repackaged Empah—to demand they deliver a treaty at Copenhagen. *(Royal Consort HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, founded the World Wide Fund for Nature [WWF] in 1961, as a charity vehicle for his fellow European aristocrats and their corporations to finance green movements around the world to stop economic development and reduce human population.) The Queens extraordinary intervention smacks of real desperation—she knows her familys long-term survival as modern feudal monarchs depends on her carefully-cultivated image as a powerless, quaint figurehead, so the stakes must be high for her to feel the need to flex her considerable muscle, which is derived from her royal Prerogative Powers, which include the powers * to ...
  • Killing Floor at The Spoon Lubbock, TX musicians reassert dominance on Willie Dixon classic, 12/23/07
  • Freedom: My Anti-Gov "[M]an is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics As government expands, liberty contracts." "The problem is that democracy is not freedom... Yet how many Americans know that the word "democracy" is found neither in the Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence, our very founding documents?" "Simply put, freedom is the absence of government coercion...Few Americans understand that all government action is inherently coercive." "We must reassert that America is a republic, not a democracy, and remind ourselves that the Constitution places limits on government that no majority can overrule. We must resist any use of the word "freedom" to describe state action. We must reject the current meaningless designations of "liberals" and "conservatives," in favor of an accurate term for both: statists."
  • Robert Burns: the man, the legend. In which I discuss the Scottish poet Robert Burns, Burns' Night, and REASSERT MY SCOTTISH ACCENT. Apologies for my trickery. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. See the rest of "Address To A Haggis" (and the translation) at:
  • Collapse of the Dollar (Pt 2 of 7): Testimony in Support of the Montana Sound Money Bill Please help us reach a wider audience by donating at On March 12, 2009, the Montana House State Administration Committee held a hearing on HB 639, the Sound Money Bill. The purpose of this bill is to begin to reassert Article I Section 10 of the United States Constitution, which states that, "No State shall... coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts. This is the expert testimony of Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Parks at that hearing. Dr. Parks is the Executive Director of (), whose Board of Advisors includes Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Edwin Vieira, and other heavy-hitters who advocate sound money. Visit http for more information on the Montana Sound Money Bill.
  • Why is religion in politics so important today? Berlinerblau says the simple answer is the resurgence of the Christian Right post-Roe v. Wade. This very well organized, astonishingly dynamic and industrious Christian evangelicalism has created something rather new. There is an organized mass constituency that wants to reassert values into society. Jackson counters that the Christian Right is not as organized as he thinks, and that the real key to organization is shared values, not good leadership. Lynn says he shares much of Jackson's faith, but what scares him is how the Christian Right wants to control every minute of life from conception to death, and everything in between. Religious freedom of conscience is not allowed by the Christian Right unless one shares their reading of Scripture. Jackson says the Biblical anchor to questions of life is very clear. Colson adds that Christians don't want to control life from conception to death, but they want to give people the right to live from conception to death. Lynn concludes by saying the Bible doesn't mention abortion and has a varying set of principles about when life can be taken. He does not say Christians cannot talk about policy, but policymakers must use secular reasons to justify their policies.
  • Lawful Rebellion - Its Time To Reassert Our National Sovereignty By: Rogers Hayes & The British Constitution Group Mirrored By: On the 15th June 1215 the Great Charter of Liberties ('magna carta communium libertatum Angliae') was agreed between King John and the rebellious Barons of England. This Charter effectively ratified the supreme constitutional principles of: firstly, that the State exercised governance only with the full consent of those it governed; secondly, the right of the governed to invoke lawful rebellion was conceded formally by the State; and thirdly, that these fundamental rights extended for all time to us all (the 'communa tocius terre'). The Great Charter, codified by us, the people, gave the principles upon which the Resistance may be pursued. Article 61 of the Charter provides for the action of lawful rebellion. It refers to "communa tocius terre" (all the people of the land) - and does so in terms of Article 1 of the document, with specific reference to "all freemen of the realm". This Charter is still Law. It has not been repealed since it is not within the power of Parliament to set aside agreements between the people and the Monarchy. Our present system of government (of Parliament) is the consequence of this ancient and exemplary act of lawful rebellion. Parliament cannot therefore undo or deny to us our Customs and Constitution without committing the ultimate act of treason and betrayal. Not only must The Great Treason be opposed and stopped - it must also be undone. The United Kingdom ...
  • Re-Assert Your Value Jean Gatz explains how reasserting your value can guide you in your quest to stand out from the crowd. Here are ways to assert your value: * Determine what is expected of you. * Develop and execute a plan to use your strengths to exceed expectations. * Document your accomplishments. * Share your accomplishments with the people who matter.
  • G. Edward Griffin_ On The Alex Jones Show pt3 Alex Jones is joined by legendary conspiracy author and lecturer G. Edward Griffin to discuss the banking system, the credit crunch and the collapse of the dollar and US sovereignty. Griffin lucidly explains how we need to re-assert our own power to fight the corrupt institutions of power that have taken control over our lives in this fascinating in-depth interview which offers real answers and solutions.
  • Obama Tries to Reassert His Christian Bona Fides, With Words and Deeds and other stuff........... hello Angel.............
  • G. Edward Griffin_ On The Alex Jones Show pt4 Alex Jones is joined by legendary conspiracy author and lecturer G. Edward Griffin to discuss the banking system, the credit crunch and the collapse of the dollar and US sovereignty. Griffin lucidly explains how we need to re-assert our own power to fight the corrupt institutions of power that have taken control over our lives in this fascinating in-depth interview which offers real answers and solutions.
  • Success Strategy #6: RE-ASSERT Your VALUE-Connie Podesta Everyone has VALUE. But HAVING value and BRINGING value are not always one in the same. In terms of being perceived as VITAL, NECESSARY, and VALUABLE in your relationships, your job and your life -- How do YOU measure up? Do YOU and those around you believe that your unique contribution is important to the overall growth and success of an organization or relationship? When it comes right down to ADDING VALUE, EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS is a surefire way to set yourself apart from the crowd and be recognized as an essential part of the team. Do you simply do what's expected or do you strive to go the extra mile? "Good enough" won't be enough if your goal is to achieve outstanding, long-lasting results. There has never been a more crucial time to STAND OUT from the crowd in a positive way. Best STANDOUT Tip Ask yourself: What added value do you bring to your job that directly contributes to your organization's financial growth, customer satisfaction (internal or external) and future success? Successful people have the confidence, passion, creativity, and desire to go beyond expectations and deliver outstanding results.
  • Jolly Tambourine Man Apple Strudel Man This is a high quality rip of the Jolly Tambourine Man Video which I found it mispelt on YouTube. This is odd because I didn't have a complete version myself. I would sue if I were famous. But since I am a small fry fly by night rock and roll star I will merely re-assert my rights to the copyright by re-posting with the misspellings corrected. It is odd where you find your fans and your influences. BTW, there is no earlier example of the film of TV tube in dark and dusky room with flipping horizontals in rock video. Hence, this is the original.... a very influential video indeed!
  • "Forbidden Journey into Iraqi Kurdistan" On March 16, 1988, the Kurdish town of Halabja was attacked by the Iraqi Army with a mixture of mustard gas and nerve agents, killing 5000 civilians, and maiming, disfiguring, or seriously debilitating 10000 more. The attack occurred in conjunction with the 1988 al-Anfal campaign designed to reassert central control of the mostly Kurdish population of areas of northern Iraq and defeat the Kurdish peshmerga rebel forces. Dr. Patrick Treacy heard rumours about the gas attack when patients from the surrounding area started appearing into the Ibn Al Bitar Hospital in Baghdad with aplastic anaemia. He ventured into the area and for a period became a prisoner of Saddam Hussein. His story made front page headlines in some newspapers in Ireland
  • ReAssert Introduction and Demonstration Website: From the University of Illinois, we present to you ReAssert, an Eclipse plugin or command-line tool that suggests repairs for broken JUnit 3 and 4 tests. It helps developers save time and effort updating unit tests when there is a requirements change in the system under test. For more details, see the website listed above and read the ASE 2009 or ISSTA 2010 conference papers, or download the tool to try it out for yourself.
  • Breakfast with Immanuel Wallerstein - On Latin America On April 9th, 2010, I sat down for toast and coffee with Immanuel Wallerstein in the San Francisco apartment of his daughter Kathy. As always he a provided a sharp and sobering insight into global politics, and I have edited the conversation into short films based on the different topics we discussed. In this piece I asked him the following question: "The US appears to be making moves toward a more aggressive position in Latin America. Do you think they will succeed in their ambitions, to reassert US dominance in the region?"
  • Debt Free Debt Free The return to what Lyndon LaRouche describes as the "Glass-Steagall standard" is an essential component of any successful effort to pull the United States out of its second Great Depression, and avoid a collapse into a global New Dark Age. The term "Glass-Steagall standard" refers both to the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which created a legal firewall between commercial banking and speculative "investment" banking, and its founding principles. The Glass-Steagall Act was one of a series of reforms initiated by President Franklin Roosevelt, designed to break the grip of the Anglo-American financiers led by JP Morgan over our nation's economy, and reassert national sovereignty ... by John Hoefle See link below for entire paper. The Banking Act of 1933, or Glass-Steagall Act, was crucial in enabling Franklin Roosevelt to rein in the usurious powers of Wall Street and establish a sound foundation upon which a sovereign economic recovery could be brought about. The act formally and legally split commercial and deposit banking from so-called investment banking, in order to protect legitimate and productive functions of banking, from, among other things, speculation. • It is Tantamount to War! Sink the Inter-Alpha Group By Lyndon LaRouche outlines several key steps immediately requisite to saving the world economy, now. The Original Banking Act of 1933 Understand the 25th Amendment Section 4 LaRouche on the Subject of Strategic ...
  • G-20 Economic Summit Preview: Will the US Lead, Follow or Stay on the Sidelines? On April 2, leaders of the world's twenty largest economies will meet in London to work to restore stability, confidence and craft a path forward for the world's financial system. This meeting represents a prime opportunity for President Obama to demonstrate that he understands what is at stake globally in this financial crisis. Can Obama translate his popularity into a new US relationship with the world? Will the US approach this summit with a willingness to take a realistic approach to global financial issues and their root causes? Will the US work cooperatively with others in taking action to tackle those issues and simultaneously re-assert leadership in crafting solutions? Or will the April meeting result in more talk, financial protectionism and a further shift of global intellectual and ideological direction away from the US and towards the European Union, Asia -- or elsewhere? In either case, it is likely that significant structural changes to the global financial system will be proposed, discussed and debated. The big question is whether the Obama administration recognizes how fragile the US seat at the head of the world's financial table has become and re-asserts US leadership on the way forward. If not, the next G-20 meeting could deteriorate into a "G-19 plus one".
  • Lessons of Ron Paul Campaign, Part 2, Left Vs. Right, Texans for Accountable Government Lessons of Ron Paul Campaign, Part 2, Left Vs. Right, Texans for Accountable Government Chuck Youngs intro to politics was as a volunteer coordinator for the Ron Paul Campaign. He founded TAG (Texans For Accountable Government) to reassert his libertarian leanings. This series of videos discusses the Ron Paul presidential campaign and how it relates to the left and right of the political spectrum. Visit the Website for Texans For Accountable Government Visit Chuck Youngs Blog http This video was produced by Psychetruth Music by Jimmy Gelhaar Copyright © Target Public Media LLC, 2010. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • Water Crisis Central Asia In Central Asia, low rainfall has led to real concerns of drought this summer. The stability of Central Asian nations depends in large part on a steady supply to feed major industries like cotton agriculture. And many ***ysts think there is real potential for conflict over such an important resource. It is here that Russia is looking to extend its energy monopoly. If it gains control of the mountain dams it could reassert control over the entire region. Report filmed by Robin Forestier-Walker in Kyrgyzstan for Al Jazeera broadcast 19th March 2009.
  • M&G ***ysis of Zuma's NGC speech President Jacob Zuma's main address at the ANC national general council was a crucial moment for him, as he set out to reassert his authority, show his detractors who's boss and give hope to those who want to see him succeed. M&G political reporter Mandy Rossouw has a look at how it went.
  • Libya no-fly zone is cosmetics to hide re-assertion of Western control in the Middle East Lindsey German, national convenor of Stop the War Coalition, explaining on the BBC Jeremy Vine Show, why Western intervention in Libya under the cloak of the United Nations should be opposed. A no-fly zone will have little impact on the civil war and is really intended to re-assert Western power in the region. It follows two months when the peoples of the Middle East have risen against the despots and dictators who have subjugated them for decades, with the support, aid and armaments supplied by the very Western powers now trying to re-invent themselves as humanitarians.
  • Gay Marriage Debate heats up on hot day in Trenton When the anti-gay goons at National Organization for (opposite) Marriage arrived in Trenton, they were greeted with heat, humidity and little else. Meanwhile gay rights groups and their allies were cool as a cucumber and ready to reassert ourselves for the long march towards marriage equality in America.
  • Govt to reassert authority in Maoist areas: Chidambaram Raipur, January 22(ANI): Maoist affected Indian states have decided to coordinate actions to reassert authority over the rebel hit regions, Home minister P Chidambaram said on Friday. Chidambaram, who chaired a meeting with top officials of Orissa, Maharashtra Chhattisgarh along with officials of paramilitary forces in Raipur, said that their objective is not to wage a battle against the rebels but just to reassert civil administration in the areas. Chidambaram reaffirmed that the government is open to talks only if the Maoists abjure violence.
  • Pirates Online: Episode 004 "War Galleon Destruction, Part 1" I am going to be explaining the awesomeness of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, through this multi-part walkthrough series. In this episode I go on a rampage with the War Galleon, the greatest, and most sought-after of all the player owned ships. I also face a bit of a mutiny and attempt to re-assert myself as king of the sea after my long time away. Click here to watch Episode 3: Please Subscribe, and leave a comment telling me what you would like to see from this series! PrimeP Blog: sten4sw- My Twitter: Prime Productions Facebook page:
  • Carol Browner - Reassert Position of Independent Science The current administration has greatly undermined scientists, at both the EPA and across the federal government, so it is very important for the next administration to restore the role and independence of science in decision-making.
  • 1/7 Collapse of the Dollar Testimony in Support of the Montana Sound Money Bill On March 12, 2009, the Montana House State Administration Committee held a hearing on HB 639, the Sound Money Bill. The purpose of this bill is to begin to reassert Article I Section 10 of the United States Constitution, which states that, "No State shall... coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts. This is the expert testimony of Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Parks at that hearing. Dr. Parks is the Executive Director of (), whose Board of Advisors includes Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Edwin Vieira, and other heavy-hitters who advocate sound money. Visit http for more information on the Montana Sound Money Bill. Please help us reach a wider audience by donating at Please Comment, Rate, Subscribe. Please Share!

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    — Next-Generation Acura RL to Reassert Flagship Position Within,

  • “Nuclear Weapons Reassert Russian Might, Sort Of. Hans Kristensen, Kremlin appears to be attempting to reassert its nuclear strength after years of decline”
    — Nuclear Weapons Reassert Russian Might, Sort Of " FAS,

  • “Ideas for Jewelry & Accessory Businesses Wholesale Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Blog. Ideas for Jewelry & Accessory Businesses. Brooches Reassert Themselves as Strong Sales-Getters. Filed under Brooches. RUNWAY MAGIC: The House of Fendi sent one of its top models down the runway in”
    — " Brooches Reassert Themselves as Strong Sales-Getters,

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