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  • The reasoner API supports the notion of specializing a reasoner by Finding a reasoner. For each type of reasoner there is a factory class (which conforms to the interface ReasonerFactory) an instance of which can be used to create instances of the associated Reasoner. — “Jena 2 Inference Support”,
  • Posted by Reasoner Aug. 29, 2010 @ 3:32 PM EDT. Morning Everyone! If you'd like to hear a preview of this little project of mine that I've been working on for the past year, check out my facebook page HERE. I've included a SoundCloud link there that allows you to listen and download the mp3. — “Reasoner”,
  • Today The Reasoner shall discuss with you the follow-me-back obsession trend that has rarely been discussed before in the online world. Money can't buy you happiness!" Well, today The Reasoner is here to tell you that in our current world, such a saying may be a. — “The Reasoner - ***ysis of Reason - by BesZ”,
  • Well at least, world's craziest globe that actually purports to be fully accurate. Search. Pages. Dear Reasoner, Archives. January 2007. September 2006. — “Reasoner”,
  • Official site of artist Rocky Reasoner. — “Rocky Reasoner - Official Site”,
  • . This domain name is available for use! It is part of an exclusive collection of "shared" personal names that allows multiple users to have simple, memorable, personalized email addresses, such as [email protected], all sharing the same domain name. — “”
  • Definition of reasoner in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is reasoner? Meaning of reasoner as a legal term. What does reasoner mean in law?. — “reasoner legal definition of reasoner. reasoner synonyms by”, legal-
  • A semantic reasoner, reasoning engine, rules engine, or simply a reasoner, is a piece of software able to infer logical consequences from a set of asserted facts or The notion of a semantic reasoner generalizes that of an inference engine, by providing a richer set of. — “Semantic reasoner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Posted by James Reasoner at 9:15 AM 1 comments. Labels: Dust Devils, writing. Monday, November 22, 2010. The Karate Kid. I remember watching and enjoying the original version of THE KARATE KID, but not being a kid myself in the Eighties, I never. — “Rough Edges”,
  • James Reasoner has been a professional writer for the past twenty-five years. This mystery is set in Fort Worth, Texas, an area that Reasoner knows well. It features a private investigator known only as Cody. — “James Reasoner”,
  • IRIS Reasoner. IRIS - Integrated Rule Inference System is an extensible reasoning engine for expressive rule-based languages. To learn more about the theoretical results that the reasoner is based upon have a look at the theoretical results. — “IRIS Reasoner”, iris-
  • View Joshua Reasoner's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Joshua Reasoner discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business. — “Joshua Reasoner - LinkedIn”,
  • The Reasoner is a monthly digest highlighting exciting new research on reasoning, inference and method broadly construed. The Reasoner welcomes submissions: Submitted articles should concern some exciting new reasoning-related research or argument, or a new perspective. — “The Reasoner”,
  • Definition of Reasoner in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Reasoner. Pronunciation of Reasoner. Translations of Reasoner. Reasoner synonyms, Reasoner antonyms. Information about Reasoner in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Reasoner - definition of Reasoner by the Free Online”,
  • Eric "Reasoner" Riesenberger is an underground artist who's caused a stir in the select What may initially seem like a lack of originality in fact reveals tremendous creativity in Reasoner's talent for blending his own uniquely flavored vocals and melodies into the music. It's his vocals that. — “Reggae Reviews: Reasoner”, reggae-
  • Spur Award nominee James Reasoner is one of the most prolific and in—demand Western writers working today, with more than 200 books to his credit, both under his own name and under various pen-names. He was a contributor to Bantam's New York Times bestselling Wagons West series. — “James Reasoner”,
  • USS REASONER was one of the KNOX - class frigates. Decommissioned on Frank Stanley Reasoner was born 16 September 1937 in Spokane, Wash. Enlisted in the. — “USS Reasoner (FF 1063)”,
  • Harry Reasoner Born: Apr 17, 1923 in Dakota City, Iowa Died: 1991 Occupation: Actor Active: '60s, '80s Major Genres: History Biography For over 40 For over 40 years, commentator and telejournalist Harry Reasoner was one of American network television's most respected and trusted figures. — “Harry Reasoner: Information from ”,
  • Reasoner definition, a basis or cause, as for some belief, action, fact, event, etc.: See more. — “Reasoner | Define Reasoner at ”,
  • The Firm's principal, Paul A. Reasoner, is a Trial Attorney who specializes in Personal Injury Litigation and Business Litigation. As Mr. Reasoner's numerous satisfied clients will attest, Mr. Reasoner goes above and beyond the excellent legal services he provides, and truly fulfills his role as. — “Paul Reasoner : Attorney at Law”,
  • This original system, a SHIQ ABox reasoner implemented in Prolog, can be downloaded from SourceForge. Particularly, DLog performs query-driven execution whereby the terminological part of the description logic knowledge base is converted into. — “DLog 2 - a scalable DL ABox reasoner”, dlog-

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  • The truth about Hairy reasoner A look at a controversial youtube atheist ? through the eyes of a theist see also the anthropic principle for context
  • Marty and Adam Reasoner at Madison Square Garden With the Panthers down a goalie because of an injury to Scott Clemmensen, Panthers center Marty Reasoner told the team he had a guy who could fill in at practice. Adam Reasoner, a former Boston College goalie now working on Wall Street, grabbed his gear from the gym and hopped in a cab. Adam Reasoner made his NHL 'debut' on March 22, 2011, at the Panthers morning skate.
  • The Reasoner A song and video about reasoning...
  • UJ Puckett/Harry Reasoner on 60 Minutes Old-time hustler, Texan, Utley Puckett regales Harry Reasoner with the techniques of a lifetime pool hustler. part 1
  • Headline News - Death of Harry Reasoner, 1991 From mid-1991, here is a Headline News story on the death of newsman Harry Reasoner.
  • Champions Green - Reasoner "Well it's been over a month since I finished a new song. I've had a lot of ideas on my hard drive, but nothing substantial until now. I wrote the melody to this months ago when I had first moved into my apartment. It's finally taken shape into what you hear now, but for a while I wasn't sure if it would end up being a finished piece. Just to give you an idea of how undecided I am, this track has three seperate piano samples,,,, an upright Stenway, Steinway Grand, and Yamaha Grand. -Ryan" Disclaimer: All material used in this video is not mine and belongs to their respective owners
  • Marty Reasoner Scoring to give Oilers win in the shootout Marty Reasoner scoring to give Oilers first win in 17 games
  • Reasoner - Instrumental #4 Artist: Reasoner Song: Instrumental #4 Site:
  • Reasoner - Living Transparent (Piano Solo) My first video of me playing piano.
  • Marty Reasoner Mic'd Up Marty's got the mic on at the Nov. 21st game vs Calgary.
  • A Walk Down The Trail - Reasoner "When I found this song again, I hadn't listened to it in years. I won't lie, I really wish I could go back and redo this one with a better sampled piano and some livelier strings and percussion. But, there's something about it that always hits a chord inside me and hopefully it will rub off on you as well when you listen to it. I know it's a pretty long piece, so if you don't have time right now, come back when you do. I remember writing this for a close friend of mine who was leaving that summer to go back to her home in Germany. Enjoy everyone. I'm still working on new material over here. -Reasoner" Disclaimer: All material used in this video is not mine and belongs to their respective owners
  • Marty Reasoner Mic'ed up Marty Reasoner wears a mic for Sportsnet
  • 8/91 The Death of Harry Reasoner The death of newsman Harry Reasoner begins with an "ABC News Brief"--then reported by CNN's "World News" with Bernard Shaw...then Philadelphia's "Channel 10 News" report from Jane Robelot...then "CBS Morning News" with Larry Kane and Victoria Corderi...and finally Mike Schneider from "Good Morning America" with a report from ABC News' Morton Dean
  • Final Thoughts - Reasoner "To quote MaestroRage for a sec...."This month's contest is about that feeling you get at New Years, that desire to do better, to make change, to set a goal and achieve it." I read that and knew I needed to write something, for my own sake. I've been going through some personal struggles lately with my own life, both mentally and spiritually. If I could write a theme that would instantly encourage me to look ahead, achieve my dreams, and admit my own faults....well what would it sound like? This was my answer. It's a bit short, and it borrows some themes and ideas from some of my previous tracks. But it speaks to me, and I hope it does to some of you. I wish everyone a beautiful Christmas this year, and may you and your family be blessed with each other." -Reasoner Disclaimer: All material used in this video is not mine and belongs to their respective owners
  • Marty Reasoner Mic'd up Part Two marty reasoner is a funny guy
  • Take a Ride to Camp Reasoner, Da Nang Vietnam mpeg2video Take a ride past Freedom Hill to Camp Reasoner. The old camp stone sign is still there as well as an EGA over the guard shack door. The camp is in the hands of the army making it dangerous to go through it for a full tour of the area. It is believed the rock quarrying operation is an Army business. The Army runs a number of business including a cell phone network, hotels and other public works services.
  • Im Still Here - Reasoner "It was just another one of those slow going Saturdays when I felt I should write something simple, something to help me relax. I promise you guys that I do have something much more complex that I'm trying to finish. However, it's music like this that will always be a part of me, and a part that I have to express somehow every now and then." -Reasoner Disclaimer: All material used in this video is not mine and belongs to their respective owners
  • Dear World - Reasoner "About a month ago, a close friend of mine sent me a short story she had written through email. At the time, I was going through a bit of a downer. No new music to hit the inspiration.....nothing but bunches and bunches of lifeless bars of music plaguing my hard drive. I read through her email, and unfortunately there's absolutely no way for me to express in writing the amount of talent this girl has with words. It was a story that involved someone going through the pain of heartbreak, but within the same moment, finding themselves again. Finding the person buried beneath for so long. Feelings that I could relate to instantly. I tried to capture that story within this melody. It's melodic and progressive without needing to go out of its way to try to grab your attention. Just a simple, 4 bar melody that attempts to convey what Sarah already did in her writing. If you'd like to contact her, PM her at galaxirose. Perhaps if she gets enough of your requests, she might post the story :P Enjoy it, and as always....thank you for listening." -Reasoner Disclaimer: All material used in this video is not mine and belongs to their respective owners
  • Nilson vs Reasoner Jan 20, 2007 Marcus Nilson vs Marty Reasoner from the Flames at Oilers game on Jan 20, 2007. via
  • Reasoner - Coming Home I've heard this Song first time in a Flash Game, and was totally amazed :D Song made by: Reasoner 'Video' made by: Myself ^^ I don't own this Song, it is the property of his respective owners.
  • Reasoner & Bjra - Diffuse It Artist: Reasoner & Bjra Song: Diffuse It Site: Image:
  • Reasoner - Ticking Away Artist: Reasoner Song: Ticking Away Site: Image:
  • Reasoner - Living Transparent Download Link: The prettiest piano music I've ever heard in my life. -Dave Pic: images2
  • Reasoner - An End To The Universe Artist: Reasoner Title: An End To The Universe Images: Song @
  • Reasoner - Morning Light Artist: Reasoner Song: Morning Light Higher Quality:
  • Reasoner - I'm Still Here Artist: Reasoner Song: I'm Still Here Higher Quality: Image: Site:
  • Steve Downie nails Marty Reasoner and Clark MacArthur nails Marty St. Louis 2 punishing hits in a game between the Atlanta Thrashers and Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday, March 6th, 2010 at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida.
  • Marty Reasoner draft 1996 The St. Louis Blues select Marty Reasoner 14th overall in the 1996 NHL entry draft (in St. Louis, which is why he gets such a big cheer). Sorry the commentators' sound is lousy on this, that's just how it was broadcast.
  • Haiti in the 70's (ABC's Harry Reasoner 1975) part 1 of 2 From ABC's Time Tunnel, Harry Reasoner reporting from Haiti back in 1975. This report was aired in March of that year.
  • Marty Reasoner vs Derek Morris Oct 26, 2006 Marty Reasoner vs Derek Morris from the Edmonton Oilers at Phoenix Coyotes game on Oct 26, 2006. via
  • Marty Reasoner/Oiler Autograph Session Marty Reasoner/Oilers feature.
  • Marty Reasoner Mic'd up part three
  • Reasoner- The Last Flight Newgrounds Audio Portal
  • ABC News Harry Reasoner commentary 1975 Harry Reasoner provides a commentary at the end of this May 1 1974 ABC News broadcast (on Nashville's WNGE), followed by several vintage commercials.
  • UJ Puckett/Harry Reasoner on 60 Minutes p.ll famous oldtime pool hustler, Utley Puckett on CBS 60 minutes with Harry Reasoner. part ll
  • Reasoner Mic'd Up Marty's got the mic on for the Feb. 22nd game vs the BJs.
  • Reasoner - Living Transparent Artist: Reasoner Song: Living Transparent Site: Image: Bad video quality at first second, couldnt get rid of it without the video file being over a few hundred MB, audios fine though, thats all that matters :D
  • Reasoner - Lost Artist: Reasoner Song: Lost Site:
  • Barbara Walters on working with Harry Reasoner on ABC News Barbara Walters on working with Harry Reasoner on ABC News. For more on this and over 600 interviews, please visit
  • Matt Greene Funny Interview about Marty Reasoner Matt Greene talking about the Oilers natural goal scorer Marty Reasoner during the Oilers annual superskills competition. Very funny interview from the 08 superskills
  • Haiti in the 70's (ABC's Harry Reasoner 1975) part 2 of 2 From ABC's Time Tunnel, Harry Reasoner reporting from Haiti back in 1975. This report was aired in March of that year.

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  • “And, of course, to James Reasoner for allowing me to put this article on his blog. This post has been removed by a blog administrator. 4:27 AM, May 30, 2009. James Reasoner said I deleted the spam comment just above, but I”
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