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  • Nothing new from APRC; President's proposal rearticulated He said that APRC recommended to implement Provincial Councils to north and east on the President's request as an interim measure. — “ | Nothing new from APRC; President's”,
  • In Behind the Postcolonial Abidin Kusno shows how colonial representations have been revived and rearticulated in postcolonial Indonesia. The book shows how architecture and urban space can be seen, both historically and theoretically, as. — “Behind the Postcolonial”,
  • A 36-foot dead gray whale washed ashore in Pasagshak Bay on Kodiak Island in 2000. It was buried and the skeleton excavated in 2004. This site chronicles the phases of the burial to excavation. The bones of both flippers were rearticulated with metal rods and epoxy. — “Kodiak Gray Whale Project - Bare Bones Education”,
  • Rearticulated images with Sara Bareilles 'Gravity'. Gravity - Sara Bareilles by Pamela. Watch it on Myspace Videos. Reartic­u­lat­ed im­ages with Sara Bareilles 'Grav­i­ty'. — “Gravity - Sara Bareilles Video by Pamela - Myspace Video”,
  • He doggedly pursued evidence until he was no longer able to shortly before his death in 2002. To be rearticulated after his death is an unusual request, and I am thrilled he got his dying wish. — “North American Bigfoot: Dr. Krantz's Final Wish Granted”,
  • This book examines the biopolitical ***isation of technology in contemporary practices of war, and thus explores how masculinity is being rearticulated within the context of US militarism. More specifically, it explores the ethico-political. — “Militarism, Gender and (In)Security: Biopolitical”,
  • This dissertation explores the interrelationship between desire and the creative process in Louise Labe's Oeuvres Completes. Through a close textual ***ysis of Labe's dynamics of desire, as its generative force is detoured, rerouted, and rearticulated within the framework of poetic expression. — “"Passion and poetry: A study of desire in Louise Labe's”,
  • New Bedford Whaling Museum, America's Premier Whaling Museum featuring blue whales, sperm whales, whaling history and education. The skeleton has been carefully rearticulated by a team from the Museum working with faculty, researchers, and students from the marine biology department at Roger. — “New Bedford Whaling Museum - Whale History Education Research”,
  • About the Book :In its attempt to look for an alternative aesthetic, the monograph initially exists today, taking note of the recent incursion new theories from the West in our academia and the various critical strategies now available for Indian. — “TOWARD AN ALTERNATIVE CRITICAL DISCOURSE”,
  • For starters, Obama could dust off that 1979 State Department ruling that Israeli settlements are "inconsistent with international law." Never revoked, it peeps through the verbiage every now and then. Now it needs to be rearticulated. — “How Obama Must Deal With Israeli Avoidance Methods - Care2”,
  • The work of San Francisco artist Jennifer Locke examines power structures in relation to voyeurism, the body, and technological mediation. Working in performance, short-form video, and digital photography, which Desire is rearticulated, disciplined, and delivered through. — “Jennifer Locke - Actions - 1/17/09 - Hallwalls”,
  • John McCain dug his heels even further into the proverbial Iraqi soil Wednesday morning when he rearticulated his commitment to the U.S. staying in Iraq, claiming that a time frame for withdrawal is "not too important." - 2008/06/11. — “McCain Pooh-Poohs a Time Frame for Withdrawal - Truthdig”,
  • Oprah Winfrey's Book Club 24 Book Club together rearticulated these received categories into a highly sophisticated – and markedly different – economy of cultural value in which proximity and pertinence to everyday life superceded what. — “(Page 24 of 32) - A Dialectic With the Everyday”,
  • [edit] Verb. rearticulated. Simple past tense and past participle of rearticulate. Retrieved rearticulated" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “rearticulated - Wiktionary”,
  • In Behind the Postcolonial Abidin Kusno shows how colonial representations have been revived and rearticulated in postcolonial Indonesia. This book shows how colonial representations have been revived and rearticulated in postcolonial Indonesia. — “0415236150 - AbeBooks”,
  • Thus Empire Strikes Back rearticulated what was at the time a r Sandy Stone A Meatgrinder Call Thus Empire Strikes Back rearticulated what was at the time a r. — “Political action = political power. - - Medicine”,
  • Two adjacent identical short vowels are always rearticulated, as are combinations of any two long vowels or a short and a long vowel; two adjacent different short vowels may be rearticulated or form a diphthong, and this has to be determined from the morphology or history of the word. — “Niuean language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Contemporary Chinese landscape painting in the style of old masters. Classical Chinese cultural and artistic traditions reinterpreted. — “Chinese Painting, Chinese Landscape Paintings, Beautiful”,
  • Constituent Information or Function Template, DC Government "At GW we are excited that the Revised and. Rearticulated Science Standards are up to date,. — “District of Columbia: State Board of Education”,

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  • “When you are sure that the trill is not rearticulated in each measure, and you use the tie in braille when The question actually belongs in the Literary Braillr forum, so please kindly post the question again over in Literary Braille”
    — Recent Messages - National Braille Forums,

  • “America is the national Catholic Weekly magazine published by the Jesuits. Still, there are babies we definitetly did throw out with the bathwater when we rearticulated our faith at the Council”
    — America Magazine,

  • “Gibberish rearticulated as gibberish. You gotta love the Internet sometimes, for providing inanity, erudition breathed through giggling lips, lucidity rearticulated as gibberish”
    — Ground and Sky " Blog Archive " Gibberish rearticulated as,

  • “FORUM remarks will, in most cases, be excerpted if included and will be chosen with an cyberspace, how may the act of writing and reading be rearticulated?”
    — FORUM,

  • “Blog proposal meeting minutes, 5/30/06. Blog update to DS, 8/2007 session and we can finalize our rearticulated goals & objectives and move on to”
    — Sheridan Libraries Blog Working Group - Web Advisory Council,

  • “The enormous consequence of the American presidency makes aspirants to the office the the dream need to be revised or rearticulated? Is the vagueness of the image good, bad,”
    — Pius XI Faculty and Staff Blogs,

  • “Nick_Tan's Blog - Game Authorship: Who Takes The Credit For A Game? Now this message needs to be rearticulated in terms in which other art forms can relate without underplaying any of the many facets which make video”
    — Nick_Tan's Blog - Game Authorship: Who Takes The Credit For A,

  • “Lazy rascals, spending their substance, and more, in riotous living Mouffe defines a hegemonic project as a process of dearticulation and rearticulation, but note that what gets dearticulated and rearticulated are elements of an already existing hegemony”
    — Chantal Mouffe: Stickle-​brick pol­i­tics " Voyou Desoeuvre,

  • “ÎÒÊÇ£¬ÕâÊÇÎҵIJ©¿Í£¬ÕâÀïÓеÄÉú"î ̧ÐÎò£¬¹¤×÷ÈÕÖ¾£¬¾­Ñé½"Á÷£¬ÅóÓÑ£¬¼ÒÈË£¬³É¹¦¹Êʵȣ¬¼Ç¼ÎÒÉú"îºÍ¹¤×÷ÖеĵãµãµÎµÎ,ÏëÖªµÀµÄ×î½ü¶ ̬̄£¬¾ÍÀ'chloe8stqxµÄ²©¿Í”
    — chloe8stqxµÄ²©¿Í-°¢Àï°Í°Í²©¿Í, chloe8

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