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  • Reality is a computer generated hologram in which the characters it creates are programmed to believe it is real. Reality began with a tone (horns, cones, harmonics, soul notes) and spiraling light (consciousness) which create ongoing and endless grids in which souls virtually. — “Reality - Crystalinks”,
  • reality n. , pl. , -ties . The quality or state of being actual or true. One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual: 'the weight. — “reality: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Reality, in everyday usage, means "the state of things as they actually exist." [1] [2] The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Reality in this sense may. — “Reality - Psychology Wiki”,
  • #1 Reality TV support casting agency for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & MTV. Shows like Survivor, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, Deal NO Deal, Big Brother, and The Bachelor. — “Reality TV Support Casting | HNE Reality”,
  • The reality TV news digest: daily ***ysis, reporting, and ***ing about the latest in reality television news and gossip, edited by Andy Dehnart. — “reality blurred + the reality TV news digest”,
  • : Reality TV, Game Show, Talk Show, Casting & News - All Things Unscripted Social Network Community. — “: Reality TV, Game Show, Talk Show, News”,
  • Reality TV News - offers reviews and guides for all of your favorite new reality TV shows. View our list of essential reality television shows that can help you find other great programs to watch. — “”,
  • Reality. However, fantasy is necessary! Fantasy allows us to stretch our comfort zones, our boundaries, our sense of adventure! Reality gives us a concrete foundation and fantasy gives us wings to see higher. Most people will tell you fantasy is. — “What's better? Fantasy or reality? What's better? Fantasy or”,
  • Watch the latest Music Video from your favorite artists. Get up to date Celebrity and Music News. See episodes of your favorite MTV Reality Show. Go into Overdrive to view featured Videos on . — “New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Top”,
  • Reality definition, the state or quality of being real. See more. — “Reality | Define Reality at ”,
  • TV: Drama Shows | Action Shows | Comedy Shows | Animated Shows | Reality Shows | Sci-Fi Shows | Children's Shows | Soaps | Talk Shows | Top TV Shows. Documentaries | Music Videos | Sports | Funny Video Clips. Facebook | Twitter | Contact Us | FAQ's | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Member Login. — “Reality Shows Online - Free TV Shows & Videos”,
  • Definition of reality in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of reality. Pronunciation of reality. Translations of reality. reality synonyms, reality antonyms. Information about reality in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. virtual. — “reality - definition of reality by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Official site for ABC's reality series The Bachelor, in which bachelorettes accompany an eligible bachelor on his pursuit to find love. — “The Bachelor”,
  • Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or may be thought to be.[1] In its widest definition, reality includes everything that is and has being, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. — “Reality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Adult film and website production crew known for reality *** websites such as 8th Street Latinas, Money Talks, and We Live Together. — “Reality Kings”,
  • Related: Reality | Cymbals | Illusion. The Realities of Pregnancy. By Rachel Hanlon October 30, 2007. When looking at a beautiful pregnant womens belly, knowing there is a little human inside living and breathing, have you ever thought what she lives with day and night?. — “Reality - Theme - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Offers free rules and setups for our play-by-mail (pbm) games: Duelmasters, Hyborian War, Forgotten Realms, and Next Empire. — “Reality Simulations, Inc”,
  • Definition of reality from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of reality. Pronunciation of reality. Definition of the word reality. Origin of the word reality. — “reality - Definition of reality at ”,
  • Reality cares. — “Reality cares”,
  • Definition of REALITY. 1 : the quality or state of being real. 2. a (1) : a real event, entity, or state of affairs (2) : the totality of real things and events b : something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily. — “Reality - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • A leading resource for news, information, episode summaries, games, and discussion of all your favorite reality TV shows!. — “”,
  • Reality is whether you know it or not - independent of whether you like it or not. — “Reality is - whether you know it or not - independent of”, unique-

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  • Second Reality by FUTURE CREW One of the best PC demos ever. Made by the Future Crew, music by Skaven and Purple Motion.
  • The incredible world of Diminished Reality The most recent research project in the area of Diminished Reality by Jan Herling and Wolfgang Broll, Ilmenau University of Technology, Department of Virtual Worlds / Digital Games, 2010.
  • Richard Sanderson - Reality (Soundtrack 1987) "Fashion"
  • What is reality? There is a strange and mysterious world that surrounds us, a world largely hidden from our senses. The quest to explain the true nature of reality is one of the great scientific detective stories. Clues have been pieced together from deep within the atom, from the event horizon of black holes, and from the far reaches of the cosmos. It may be that that we are part of a cosmic hologram, projected from the edge of the universe. Or that we exist in an infinity of parallel worlds. Your reality may never look quite the same again.
  • VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill Clean-up crews are hard at work after a VH1 bus carrying reality show contestants overturned, spilling 2000 pounds of highly concentrated slut.
  • Raphael Gualazzi - Reality and Fantasy (Gilles Peterson Remix) Extract From "Don't Stop" EP / Sugar Music / 2010
  • Tour Through Reality A short tour through the visible universe that we can see so far.
  • 9/11 The Myth and The Reality - David Ray Griffin - Full Length Feature A DEVASTATING EXPOS'E OF THE MYTHS AND LIES IN THE OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY THEORY ABOUT 9/11. Griffin scrutinizes the timeline and physical evidence of September 11 for unresolved inconsistencies. - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. Youtube Movie Rentals may not be available in all countries world wide. Check with Youtube for a list of available countries. Also ON DVD - Full Version with Bonus Features 220 mins. On 2-DVDs. LOADED with Bonus Features, Cat. #U667. Go to . This shocking film brings together an account of the 9 tragedy that is far more logical than the one we've been asked to believe. Gathering stories from the mainstream press, reports from other countries, the work of other researchers, and the contradictory words of US government officials, David Ray Griffin presents a case that leaves very little doubt that the attacks of 9/11 need to be further investigated. Disturbing facts emerge that put into serious question the official story and reveal an enormous deception. Packed with bonus features, expert ***ysis, in-depth commentary and unforgettable conclusions about this tragic event in American history.
  • Emmy Noether and The Fabric of Reality Google Tech Talk June 16, 2010 ABSTRACT: Emmy Noether made perhaps the most significant discovery of the 20th century. A female Jewish intellectual in *** Germany (you can do that math), Emmy's was a special approach to life. Noether's Theorem ties the laws of nature -- from Newton's laws to thermodynamics to charge conservation -- directly to the geometry of space and time, the very fabric of reality. It is the basis for the standard model of particle physics, quantum electrodynamics, and grand unified theories including supersymmetry and superstrings. As usual in physics, it gets really interesting when the theorem is violated: answers to the origin of mass and the matter-antimatter asymmetry problems emerge when Noether's theorem is violated. Two things should bother you about Noether's Theorem: (1) how come so few people have heard of Emmy Noether? and (2) why isn't her theorem well known to lovers of science? With the help of a bunch of straw, Ransom Stephens solves these problems on June 16, 2010. Speaker Info: Ransom Stephens, Ph.D. Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., is a professor of particle physics turned writer and speaker. He has worked on experiments at SLAC, Fermilab, CERN, and Cornell; discovered a new type of matter formed by the fusion of two photons, made the most precise measurements of rare bottom quark decays in the world, and was on the team that discovered the top quark. His new novel, The God Patent (), is set in the battle between ...
  • Create Your Reality This is 1 of the 10 videos found on the "freedom" DVD at . Come visit, see more samples, and sign up to receive free 'thoughtscape" videos. May your life be filled with joy and abundance! To freedom!!!
  • BQ? 2: The Nature of Reality How Do You Define Reality? How many other dimensions are there beyond the four-dimensions of time and space? What is consciousness? What is the soul? For thousands of years humans have asked these basic existential questions. With the advent of quantum mechanics and the emerging fields of string and membrane theories to explain reality, science finds itself at an exciting crossroads and a new level of understanding. The Nature of Reality - Features the top scientists in the field of theoretical physics, consciousness studies, parapsychology and psychology. These brilliant minds ponder important questions and present elegant answers to the most complex questions ever asked by humankind. The Nature of Reality takes you beyond "What the Bleep?" and asks even Bigger Questions about the true nature of this wondrous multiverse we live in and provides further cutting-edge understanding of our undeniable connection to the cosmos. Featuring: Amit Goswami PhD, Charles Tart PhD, William Tiller PhD, Dean Radin PhD, John Hagelin PhD, Russell Targ PhD, Brian O'Leary PhD. Also Featuring: Peter Russell DCS, Huston Smith PhD, Dorothy Sisk PhD, Paul Pearsall PhD. NOW on DVD - Go to . Bigger Questions? - The Psychic Matrix, Cat# U772 Bigger Questions? - The Nature of Reality, Cat# U773 Bigger Questions? - The Fusion of Science and Spirit, Cat# U774
  • From Legend to Reality - UFOs, ET and Human Origins EBE Award Winner! - International UFO Congress. This film explores the origins of life on earth from the beginning of recorded history, reveals how we view and define reality and how extraterrestrial influences continue to shape the outcome of human history. Includes a fantastic collection of interviews from top scientists and researchers from around the world, stunning computer graphics and incredable photos and video of UFOs in flight. UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions - The Series: Prepare to embark on a mind bending journey through the worlds of science, spirituality, ancient alien cultures and the future of our modern technological age. Along this journey you will visit the most dramatic sacred sites, explore the worlds greatest alien mysteries, and see the future of life on Earth. Now drawing on shocking discoveries from the world's greatest scientific minds, The UFOs and Cosmic Dimension Series presents factual proof of UFO and Alien influences today that have shaped history and human evolution for thousands of years. Includes shocking eyewitness accounts, stunning film of UFOs, explosive classified information, incredible statements from major scientists and international experts and is to this day, one of the most complete profiles on UFOs and Exopolitics ever released to the public. UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions - The Series: NOW on DVD in a New 3-DVD Special Edition - Cat# U427 - Go to .
  • Augmented Reality Magic 1.0 Here is the preview version of my augmented reality card trick. Have fun watching and let me know what you think. More information about my magic can be found at ALL THE GRAPHICS ON THIS VIDEO ARE GENERATED IN REAL TIME WHILE I AM PERFORMING THIS TRICK. NO POST-PRODUCTION, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD SEE ON THE COMPUTER SCREEN AS I AM PERFORMING. Special Thanks to Lieberman and Theo Watson for augmented card wizardry and creating OpenFrameworks, Animation Cell for bringing the Jokers to life, Jillene Luce and Dominic FBI for the soundtrack, Matthew Holtzclaw for adding the magic of words, Robert Eaton for the 3D models and to all people creating amazing free tools available to artists everywhere: OpenFrameworks, ARToolkit, OpenCV, MacCam
  • Girly Berry - Reality Thai Music (Mv)from Girly Berry - Reality from the Compilation album "Climax" เกิร์ลลี่ เบอรรี่ ความเป็นจริง
  • Reality touchscreen University of Groningen This is the curved (!) screen in our reality center of the University of Groningen. We just finished building our own touch detection for it. We used six Optitrack v120 slim camera's which have a good sensitivity for infrared light. We used 16 cheap infrared emitters (the kind used for security systems) with a total of 1000 LED's. The touch detection software runs on three old computers each with two camera's connected. One extra computer combines the output from the detection computers and send event data to our main visualization system. This way we have (even using the old computers) enough processing power to be able to run the detection software at 60Hz and with a latency between 30 ms and 50 ms. It can detect without any problem 100 different touches at any time (more is possible, but it becomes slower) We used a modified version of Community Core Vision (CCV) 1.4 () (modified so it can do two camera's on one computer). The communication protocol is preferable TUIO () and we did install Multi-touch Vista (), which translates TUIO events to WM_TOUCH events for windows 7. The demos you see in the video are from Multitouch for Java(tm) MT4J (mt4/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page). The part where the wizards are throwing fireballs at each other is using msafluid (project home is at /msafluid ). The curved screen itself is consist of a 3 mm dark acrylic layer, coated with a diffuser on the front. Illumination ...
  • Reality/Go On Forever - Richard Sanderson [La Boum] Reality/Go On Forever Richard Sanderson (Vladmir Cosma) Director: Claude Pinoteau Cast: Sophie Marceau Movie: La Boum Release: 1980
  • Natural Black - Far from Reality Ok So I created the video, 1st time doing so. Love the song! Big up Guyana! Keep them coming Natural Black! The purpose of posting this video is to highlight Guyanese talent. I do not claim any copyright and do not benefit from this posting. The music and/or video is copyrighted to the artist.
  • What is the real reality? Message to Viewers: I did not make this vid and got it from someone else with his permission before he closed his channel. I long ago bowed out of discussion regarding this vid. It was intended for prompting thought, not for forcing a belief system. Is how things appear to our 5 senses the way they really are? Welcome to the Matrix. Consciousness, concept of solidity and matter, space
  • ! Astrix - Scientific Reality (LIVE GOA PARTY) Live!
  • SNFU - "Reality Is a Ride on the Bus" Epitaph Records Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely diy punk, ***, indie and alternative music video site, ! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube! Free! Uncensored! Retarded! !
  • "Horizon" - What Is Reality? - Part 1 of 4
  • Binary Star - Reality Check Masters of The Universe
  • Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe - Reality TV Editing An absolutely brilliant clip from his BBC show about how "unreal" reality TV really is...
  • Reality TV on PS3 & Life After Halo Reach: 2/13/2010 (Video Game News) S06E11 Click here to watch Inside Gaming from 02/10/10! Inside Gaming: Reality TV on PS3 & Life After Halo Reach: 2/13/2010 (Video Game News) S06E11 Reality TV on your Playstation 3, Darksiders gets another go, and life after Halo Reach with a sequel perhaps? This is Inside Gaming for February 13th, 2010. ----------------------------------- Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Inside Gaming IG news machinima dead pixel video games trailer twitter inside gaming awards youtube yt:quality=high wii xbox ps3 pc tester Sony Playstation Home PS3 BioWare Unreal Mass Effect Halo 3 Halo Forerunner Legends Master Chief JFK Oliver Stone THQ Red Faction Darksiders Saints Row Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Kingsmouth Metro 2033 Fallout 3 Sonic The Hedgehog waffles Killcam host dropbox Mecha Death Squad Symposium Spasmodic UPC 014633159820 2000003143122 014633192216 2000003125036
  • Oxymoron - "Run from Reality" - GMM Records Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely diy punk, ***, indie and alternative music video site, ! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube! Free! Uncensored! Retarded! ! Director: Free! Uncensored! Retarded!
  • THE REALITY DETACHED AMERICAN : a SGTbull micro-doc The signs are everywhere for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. But precious few will heed the call. Now Liberty breathes its last gasp. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Music credit to Kevin MacLeod: 'Organic Meditations Three' FAIR USE NOTICE: The material on this channel is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. It may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Infringement of copyright is not intended. The material is made available to help educate people about health related issues. It is believed that this constitutes a 'FAIR USE' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17, section 107 of the US Copyright Law. The material is distributed without profit to those who would like to use such material for research and educational purposes.
  • Reality Anorexia. The worst problem is that people who have suffer from it, don't see it. Spot was on the air on 2005.
  • Beyond the Mind's Eye - 01 Virtual Reality Beyond the Mind's Eye followed Odyssey/Miramar's successful Mind's Eye video in 1993. Like the earlier release, it was made from many animation shorts, demo reels and special effects sequences. This time Jan Hammer of Miami Vice fame was brought in to compose an original soundtrack. Eventually some of these shorts would be licensed by YTV in Canada to be aired as "Short Circutz" in place of commercials. Beyond the Mind's Eye was the first in the series to be released on DVD in addition to Laserdisc and VHS. This upload was taken from the DVD release.
  • Antoine Dufour - Reality - CD "Existence" available at , Amazon, and iTunes TABS from Antoine Dufour available at http Visit Antoine Dufour at and
  • Perception - The reality beyond matter Science is a story written by installments over time, and since so much information gets updated these days, I one day found myself wondering... What is "reality"? Is matter all that is real? One thing is for sure - change. That might seem like a silly question given how we use our senses to interact with 'reality' everyday, but I have since arrived at ideas which I am comfortable with regarding these questions (although Im still curious). So heres some questions to play with - play nicely :-) If I had to point to where my idea or concept of reality is maintained, Id be pointing to my head - how about you? Is all this environmental information just vibrational energies which are presented to our body and then decoded to form a perception in the brain according to our programs and patterns? ie: Do we subconsciously 'read' or filter this data then build an experience that seems real? Can I get outside of my experience to prove anything is fact or real, or is reality bound to ones experience like the fabric to the shirt? What of the realities I have when I dream, - my body still responds as if they are real, so what is reality? If I am not the cause (creator) of my experience; the director of my focus of attention on some level whether awake or asleep, am I controlled by something else? And if I am completely controlled by something other than me, what then is the purpose of my life? I wish you all - many pleasant realities. Pete.
  • Reality? **still got a few audio sync problem but it should sort itself out a couple of minutes into the video** Click here for Part II: This is my first proper "full-length" episode, if you can call 6 minutes full-length. Could you not use the words 'High School Musical', 'HSM' or any variant on it in your comments, please. This is its own thing. Thank you. As usual, there are lots of HIDDEN THINGS. Kudos to anyone who spots them all (highly unlikely :P). Before anyone says anything, I'm not trying to be better than the shows in this video. I think the writers and animators of those shows are geniuses :) This is another cartoon I would do a commentary on sometime, so tell me if you want it. LOL at the credit music. It happened by accident, but I think it's funny :) Like Beth's song from 'Everyday', if you want the mp3, just message me :P Honours: Most Discussed (Today) 18/04/08 #3 Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation 18/04/08 Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Global 18/04/08 Most Discussed (This Week) 18/04/08 - 25/04/08 #4 Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation 18/04/08 - 25/04/08 Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation - Global 18/04/08 - 25/04/08 #7 Most Discussed (This Month) - Film & Animation April - May 2008 Most Discussed (This Month) - Film & Animation - Global April - May 2008 #3 - Premium Most Viewed (This Month) - Film & Animation April - May 2008 Most Viewed (This Month) - Film & Animation April - May 2008 Premium Most ...
  • *Quantum Physics* The Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist For more information go to these websites:
  • Spiritual Reality: Near Death Experiences (2010) - FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY in5d www.in5 UPDATED DAILY! The Internet's largest Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database! There is a spiritual awakening going on right now in mass proportions and is growing exponentially. By the end of this video, you'll have no doubts about our true, divine reason for being here. You'll feel uplifted and re-energized! Please share this with others! For more on spirituality, near death experiences, 2012 and meditation, please visit www.in5 and http There are many commonalities amongst virtually every person who has had a near death experience. This video encompasses these commonalities to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is so much more to our existence than what we can perceive on a third dimensional reality. Honors for this video (12) #74 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Science & Technology #81 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology - Australia #72 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology - Canada #73 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology - United Kingdom #92 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology - India #27 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology - New Zealand #96 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology #15 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology - South Africa #56 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Science & Technology - Sweden #7 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Science & Technology #37 - Top Favorited (This Week)) - Science & Technology #31 - Top Rated (Today)) - Science & Technology in5d www.in5 ...
  • Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks? Our panelists debate whether TV programs like A Double Shot At Love and The Bad Girls Club depict unattainable levels of skankiness.
  • Schneider TM - "Reality Check" City Slang Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely diy punk, ***, indie and alternative music video site, ! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube! Free! Uncensored! Retarded! ! Director:
  • Perceiving Reality
  • 100 Reality Spoilers in 2 Minutes! Spoiler Alert! No reality show is safe from TheFineBros! Share with your friends and SPOIL THE PLANET! Our Main Channel: Our 2nd Channel: Our Twitter: Our Facebook: Written by Benny & Rafi Fine: Reality TV Shows Spoiled Survivor, American Idol, The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, Big Brother, The Apprentice, The Celebrity Apprentiice MORE SPOILER VIDS! TV Spoilers: 100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes: Movie Spoilers: Oscars Edition TAGS: thefinebros spoilers one take movie TV reality spoiler video funny reality tv finale winner survivor american idol the bachelor amazing race hells kitchen so you think you can dance sytycd dancing with stars big brother apprentice celebrity
  • Symphony of Science - The Poetry of Reality (An Anthem for Science) mp3: The Poetry of Reality is the fifth installment in the Symphony of Science music video series. It features 12 scientists and science enthusiasts, including Michael Shermer, Jacob Bronowski, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Jill Tarter, Lawrence Krauss, Richard Feynman, Brian Greene, Stephen Hawking, Carolyn Porco, and PZ Myers, promoting science through words of wisdom. Special thanks are due to The Sagan Appreciation Society and Connie Barlow: for their huge help in finding source materials. Check out their Youtube pages! Thanks also to all of you who suggested footage that I have not mentioned, I really appreciate it. Check out for more science music videos! And my other website for more original electronic music Now available in HD for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! John [email protected] Lyrics [Michael Shermer] Science is the best tool ever devised For understanding how the world works [Jacob Bronowski] Science is a very human form of knowledge We are always at the brink of the known [Carl Sagan] Science is a collaborative enterprise Spanning the generations We remember those who prepared the way Seeing for them also [Neil deGrasse Tyson] If you're scientifically literate, The world looks very different to you And that understanding empowers you Refrain: [Richard Dawkins] There's real poetry in the real world Science is the poetry of ...
  • *NEW* Smosh Reality TV Show! MORE CLIPS FROM OUR SHOW: We debut our new reality TV show! ----------------------------------- Hey it's our very own website: Oh and our Facebook page Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can:
  • autism reality critically acclaimed documentary film about autism by an autistic film director. 'autism reality' is a moving interview-based piece that shows a new and refreshing side of the issue. thank you Dr. Temple Grandin! don't press play unless you have 10 minutes to spare (you'll want to watch the whole thing)
  • Augmented Reality by Hitlab Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real world and computer generated data. Want to make your own Augmented reality projects? Check out ARToolKit
  • Augmented Reality on Tablets While tablet computing may in future transform the whole computer industry, it is already changing the way we look at augmented reality. And this is not only because of the big display. More and more different devices for multiple OS platforms are expected to appear on the market, equipped with advanced sensors such as high-resolution cameras. The cost of data roaming is likely to drop and considering the millions of people expected to buy such a device in the next few years, there are incentives enough for optimizing augmented reality (AR) tablet software and to start creating really useful and fascinating applications taking full advantage of the promising, new capabilities. metaio, with its junaio 2.6 release, a junaio plug-in for third party app integration, and the revised mobile AR SDK Unifeye 2.5, is well prepared and ready to go for the next generation of AR applications. We would like to especially thank and www.kreativagentur- for their great support on the groundbreaking demos and applications. More information can be found here:

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