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  • The tail of the Six-lined Racerunner is keeled above and smooth below. The Six-lined Racerunner is found along the east coast from Maryland to the Florida Keys, southwest through eastern Texas and north through southeastern Missouri (US distribution map; Midwest distribution map). — “SIX-LINED RACERUNNER”, herpcenter.ipfw.edu
  • Racerunner definition, a whiptail lizard, Cnemidophorus ***lineatus, common in the eastern and central U.S., that runs with great speed. See more. — “Racerunner | Define Racerunner at ”,
  • Find your Racerunner pictures at ! We have over a billion indexed images in our directory, and it continually expands. — “Racerunner Pictures”,
  • RaceRunner is a small piece of software, born from a need for a finish line system that It use off the shelf hardware (Canon cameras and a windows PC) and the RaceRunner software. — “Welcome - RaceRunner”,
  • WhipTail's Racerunner is a patent pending solid state storage appliance (SSD) that solves most business-critical disk contention and latency challenges in database and virtualization storage performance. — “Whiptail Tech -”,
  • New this year are Race Runner high performance coilover suspensions for the Toyota 4X4 Tacoma. Up front use the hi-tech Race Runner adjustable coilover shock (listed on top of this page). — “Toyota Tacoma Truck Suspension System - Coilover Shocks”,
  • These shocks are ideal for off-road buggies, long travel sand cars, prerunners, and performance street vehicles. RaceRunner 2.5" shocks have all the high performance racing attributes as our 2.0" line with added capacity for greater performance. — “: Sway-A-Way RaceRunner 2.5 Series: 18”,
  • From our early days working with VW buggies to today's powerful trophy trucks, sophisticatd buggies and high-tech rock crawlers, RaceRunner shocks are setting new standards for performance. RaceRunner shocks offer a wide variety of models and performance features. — “RaceRunner Sway-A-Way Shocks”,
  • The prairie racerunner is a small, fast-moving lizard, that will attain adult sizes of Yet, anyone who has seen a racerunner knows that they are not particularly quiet when. — “prairieracerunner”,
  • Classification: The Six-Lined Racerunner belongs to the Family Teiidae which is purely a family of Whiptail lizards. Also, the Six-Lined Racerunner is ***ually dimorphic: females have a light ventral surface while males have a pale blue belly and a pale green throat. — “Six-Lined Racerunner”, www1.broward.edu
  • Six-Lined Racerunner. Cnemidophorus ***lineatus. Description: They are long and slender with a dark brown or black background and six yellow stripes. Two subspecies live in Missouri: the six-lined racerunner in the eastern edge of the state and the prairie racerunner in the rest of the state. — “Racerunner | MDC”, mdc.mo.gov
  • The Six-lined Racerunner is typically dark green, brown or black in color, with six Prairie Racerunner, Cnemidophorus ***lineatus viridis (Lowe, 1966). — “Six-lined Racerunner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • racerunner n. Any of several fast-moving New World lizards of the genus Cnemidophorus. — “racerunner: Definition from ”,
  • Suspension - quality shocks - and driveline components are manufactured by Sway-A-Way, located in southern California, for off road, street, truck, lifted trucks, dune buggies, and circle track applications. — “Sway-A-Way”,
  • Definition of racerunner in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of racerunner. Pronunciation of racerunner. Translations of racerunner. racerunner synonyms, racerunner antonyms. Information about racerunner in the free online English dictionary and. — “racerunner - definition of racerunner by the Free Online”,
  • racerunner (lizard), any of about 56 species of lizards in the family Teiidae. The genus is common in North America, particularly in the southwestern deserts, and its range extends through Central America and across South America to Argentina. — “racerunner (lizard) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of racerunner from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of racerunner. Pronunciation of racerunner. Definition of the word racerunner. Origin of the word racerunner. — “racerunner - Definition of racerunner at ”,
  • Buy and sell Race Runner, Parts Accessories items on eBay Motors online auction. — “Race Runner items - Get great deals on Parts Accessories”,
  • The premier list of 1000 of the UK road running races along with online registration and trainging log Race Runner - 1000 Running Races from around the UK. — “Race Runner - 1000 Running races from throughout the UK”,
  • RACERUNNER Shocks. Shocks > RACERUNNER Shocks. RACERUNNER-2.0-Bump Stop RACERUNNER Shock Parts. HOME. Photo Gallery. ABOUT US. Tech Articles. News. — “Race Ready > Racerunner Shocks”,

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  • South Ayrshire's International Race Runner An inspirational South Ayrshire schoolboy is Great Britain's only representative in the European RaceRunning 2010 Championship in Denmark. Gavin Drysdale (9), a pupil from Ayr Grammar Primary, has been involved in RaceRunning -- a disability sport where riders race on a three-wheeled bike by running rather than pedalling -- since the age of 5. Gavin, who has cerebral palsy, trains at South Ayrshire Council's Dam Park Stadium and recently recorded personal bests at the Scottish Disability Sport Open Junior Athletics Championships.
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  • Six-lined Racerunner (Cnemidophorus ***lineatus) Six-lined Racerunner (Cnemidophorus ***lineatus) * Family: Teiidae, * Genus: Cnemidophorus, * Species: C. ***lineatus, * Phylum: Chordata, * Class: Reptilia, * Order: Squamata, * Suborder: Sauria, * Type: Reptile, * Diet: Carnivore, * Average life span in the wild: no data, * Size: reaching a length of 9 1/2 inches, * Weight: 7.1 oz, ** Cnemidophorus ***lineatus is is typically dark green, brown or black in color, with six yellow or green-yellow stripes that extend down the body from head to tail. More info: or
  • MCD Race Runner RRV4 Introduction Race Runner V4 Introduction Movie BUILT TO WIN! A masterpiece from the pioneer of the segment. Being champions in 6 countries in 2010, The RR V4 proved that it is peerless in the 4WD large scale off-road market. This fantastic machine is a result of MCD's commitment on constant development throughout the MCD history. At the first drive you will immediately get the impression that the RRV4 represents a step up, both in design and engineering commitment
  • TM - Bash number 8,for 09 MCD RaceRunner ESP 30.5 Champ ported eng. this is my MCD Race Runner with its new engine having its first outing,at the TM Bash,number 8 for 09 at Horbury,in wakefield,UK its running :- O'neils brothers crank case,,, +2 mm stuffed an stroker crank,,, 30.5 ESP Championship ported head kit (awesome bit of kit),,, copper gaskets,,, ADA billet manifold,,, 668b carb,,, HPI baja air filter set up,,, MSG ignition lead,,, NGK 7 plug,,, DDM Dominator exhurst (cut an re-made to fit the MCD),,, FG 4 shoe off-road clutch,,, gearing is currently 30/33/23/26 just running out of fuel at the end of the vid lol,,, but its a fantastic piece of kit,an the head kit from ESP is fantastc,a real 'animal' of an engine.
  • MCD 1/5 4X4 Race Runner II Finland Mellilä
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  • MCD RaceRunner 4x4 in Snow Large Scale RC has video of the MCD RaceRunner buggy in 2 inches of snow.
  • RaceRunner Lizard and bipedal capabilities bipedal locamotion Could the Cnemidophorus ***lineatus evolve back into it primitive relative, the dinosaur?
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  • - Gola Race Runner Men's Shoes These shoes are meant to show off, and that won't be hard, thanks to the sweet nylon, suede and leather upper and comfortable fit of the Gola Race Runner men's athletic inspired shoes. These casual kicks are great for just about anything, and feature an EVA midsole that absorbs shock and cushions each step. Lace up your new favorite runners-- er, everyday wonder shoes today!
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  • Stevos mcd ultimate racerunner at the nook raceway 09,8,09 First part of the A final at the nook raceway 09,8,09 Mcd ultimate with 26cc evo tuned engine, samba pipe, elcon clutch,locked centre diff, elcon wheels with astro tyres, elcon cleon modified shocks driven by Stevo from evo tuning and rossendale models
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  • MCD Race Runner & RC8T Brushless Fridays bash
  • Mcd Racerunner evo 3 , 30.5 reedcase Mcd Racerunner evo 3 , 30.5 reedcase. 813 carburator. Victory Propipe.
  • Racerunner Lizard with prickly caterpillar, Manu, Amazonia Any ideas as to the species herpetologists? I think it's the Amazon Racerunner (Ameiva ameiva). But perhaps it's Kentropyx pelviceps - The Forest Whiptail - instead?
  • MCD Racerunner Evo3 Comp -09 JetPro Just a vid of my MCD RR with the new Jetpro pipe. Makes a big diff in performance and in sound. I have no silencer on it and it sounds loud but i like it :) The microphone has a "sock" on it so doesnt sound so loud in the video as it does in real life. Now i am waiting for 27.2 kit and Monster tires and gears :)
  • MCD Racing EVOIII Racerunner Durability testing
  • Nimrif RC Models MCD Race Runner V4 doing the Triples MCD Race Runner V4 run by Nimrif RC Models at the Plymouth RC Racing Off Road Track doing the triples. If you know the weight of one of these cars you will understand how impressive it is doing this jump. MCD RR V4 with Magic Bullet Exhaust available from - 01752 511999
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  • "MrHerper"- Six-Lined Racerunner I was Herping with Dj (herpboy252) when we caught a race runner, we had scooter problems and while waiting for my uncle to come help us, we started herping in a area that i sometimes herp at. The guy on the scooter driving away, really earned his nick name "Doshbag"... He started talking *** for no reason about how cool his scooter was, and started trying to show off by burning out and trying to attempt to do donuts.
  • RaceRunners Camp Movie - 2003 part 2 Movie from the RaceRunners Camp in Denmark 2003. Danish speech and english subtitles
  • MCD 1/5 4X4 Race Runner + Fg Marder Finland Turku Oriketo 22.6.08
  • Six-lined Racerunner (Halverson) Rare video capturing the six lined racerunner
  • HPI Baja Versus MCD Race Runner V4 A quick race between my HPI Baja 5b, and Craigs MCD Race Runner V4. My Baja is running a stock 23cc CY engine with a Bartolone Afterburner pipe, and a Rhino Digi 4 on the steering. Craigs MCD is running a stock Zenoah 26cc with a CPI Side Exit pipe, twin Rhino Digi 4's on the steering and a HiTec HS5755 on the steering. Check out our website for info on our full astro track
  • MCD Race Runner Thrashing a course MCD Race Runner, Handling so well around a make-shift course
  • MCD Racerunner & Co. Video
  • MCD Race Runner V4 Craigs MCD V4 doing a few practice laps of our full astro turf track near Kilwinning, Scotland. It's a V4 Comp, 26cc, CPI side pipe, twin Rhino Digi 4's on the steering and a Hitec HS5755 on the throttle and brake. Check out our website and forum at

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  • “I was looking for the spec for new Race Runner and all i could find was what is improved and new etc but That was the page i saw after i read in a forum about the new size, why didn't i believe what i read on this”
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  • “As title, Need a new set of long shock bodys and shafts. New or used but not totally wrecked! Send me a pm and a picture if possible and we can”
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  • “[Archive] Six-lined Racerunner USA Native Lizards If we were there during lunchbreak I would go across the street to a sandy lot that stretched about five acres or so to watch the racerunner lizards which were very common there”
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  • “Help running event directors obtain the information and training needed to produce high quality running events”
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  • “Forum rules. Help. Search. Members. Calendar. Classifieds. Blog. Arcade. Gallery. Search this Livefood UK Forum > Help and advice > Care sheets and herp book reviews”
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